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Last Updated: July 16, 2008  623 views

How to find the name behind the Gmail Id

in: Google

Gmail_Google.JPGToday I found a very interesting security loophole in gmail. Thanks to SecuriTeam. They have found a way to obtain the name behind any Gmail Id. This loophole is present in Google calender. This is one of the common problems with internet users that what name they want for their email Id is already taken by other. So using this method, at least you can find the name of the person who is the owner of that Id. Just follow these steps.

  1. First login into Google Calender. For this you have to use your gmail Id.
  2. Click on “settings” link on top right corner.
  3. Google_Calender.JPG
Now click calenders link on tabbed menu.
Then click “Shared:Edit settings”.
Now add the email id of the person. I added and then click save button. Repeat all these steps and see the name of the person who is the owner of the email Id. Here, I have found that googler googler is the name behind I think one can use this idea to trace the name of the person who is sending spams and fake emails.
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  • 1

    that’s a real good tip

    Ajay Pathak on July 17th, 2008
  • 2

    Does not work

    Kamini on November 5th, 2008
  • 3

    dsnt wrk if d othr person does not have a guugl calndr.

    RAJBIR on August 29th, 2009
  • 4

    doesnt work yaar..

    jen on January 7th, 2011
  • 5

    It doesnt work…

    Avanti on March 7th, 2011
  • 6

    it doesn’t work. please update your blog.

    Rez on April 23rd, 2011
  • 7

    it doesn’t work dear….plz update dis

    chiki on January 4th, 2012