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Last Updated: September 8, 2009  158 views

Would you like to eat Kareena pizza?

in: Hot Shot

Kareena KapoorHot and sexy Kareena Kapoor is more known for her size-zero figure than anything else. Our Indian girls have already idolized Bebo (nickname of Kareena) and are aspiring for Kareena type figure but it seems that corporate world is also mesmerized, as an International pizza chain has recently minted its new pizza as size zero pizza inspired by none other than our ravishing Bebo. This cheesy pizza will have a delicious thin crust but will not contain high calories thats why it is named as size zero pizza. Although she doesn’t have that size-zero figure anymore due to the requirement of her curves for her new film but she is more than happy to hear this news and said “I’m flattered that a pizza has been named after me.” She was out of country when this announcement was made and got to know this only by her sister Karishma Kapoor.

She herself follows a stern regime of dieting instructed by her dietician, she still doesn’t miss any chance to savor pizza whenever she has time and some spare calories. She once even argued that “it’s a misconception that cheese is unhealthy.” According to the sources Bebo has been a pizza fan for a long time. She was even on cheese diet for some time. It was revealed that once her mother had to fly to her shoot of film carrying pizza as she wasn’t getting them locally. So friends don’t forget to try this new size zero Kareena Pizza.