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Last Updated: August 8, 2015  22,332 views

Beware of Chain Marketing

in: Ideas and Thoughts

Recently I have been approached by some of my close friends to join some chain marketing company. Normally, chain marketing companies works on the principle of Pyramid Scheme. A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal in many countries, including the United States, Great Britain, France, Canada, Malaysia, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Iran. Normally, 99.99% of the people lost their money in any MLM or pyramid scheme. 

First see the dictionary of Chain Marketing ::

According to the dictionary of Chain Marketing members world is divided into two types of people, one is Prospect and other one chain marketing members.(CMM)

C.A.P. stands for Contacts, Appointments and Presentations. This will serve as “tracker” when they start in the business and treat each day as a business day. They keep with them, a list of all the names that they will call or contact, all the schedules appointments for the day and planned business presentations held during the day. For weekend, they have some special plans, that is called weekend plan.

Inviting is the first and one of the most important skills you will need to master in order to be successful in this business. Master the art if inviting with this following techniques
a) curiosity is the key to inviting, create one and not satisfy it. (DO)
b) It’s a major no-no to present the business over the phone. (DON’T)
c) The members always review the names in their memory builder. (DO)
d) When contacting the prospects, they behave as if they are not soliciting but offering an opportunity to discover a business idea that could literally change the life of the prospect. (DO)

The information packet of chain Marketing Members normally contain
a) Company Profile and then MLM AND RM.
b) Business Model
c) Company brochures.
d) Teamwork all over INDIA (how they are working)
e) Fake Cheques.

Follow Up:
Most people are not ready to commit instantly or just after one meeting. Actually it is difficult to make some people fool easily . So follow-up comes next. At this time, all the chain marketing members talk with that person and go over with any questions that he might have. In this follow up, the members act like Hollywood actors and show that they are very happy, making so much money etc.

What these chain marketing members do to make their friends fool ::

  • They never explain the business to anybody by them self before going through the training session and getting sufficient experience. Normally in 2-3 months, they get full experience in cheating persons so after loaded with all the guns they target their innocent friends.
  • Normally they do not approach their friend and tell him everything about chain marketing. They only tell that they are into an business and earning. They try to make their friend curious about what business they are into. What business, no clue. They show their friend as if they are earning a lot and happy with how the business is going. Then when the innocent person insists a lot, then they will tell him to come and discuss the business. Remember, they never tell anything like its networking or chain marketing. Just they use the word BUSINESS. That is it. Their aim is to get the presentation done. The presentation is actually a mind was session.
  • They will show full confidence on the system and the team work is excellent. But normally it will be all fake, you would know all these things after becoming member of the chain marketing.
  • When the friend insists on telling what business they are doing, they ask him to meet them and discuss the business along with their business associates. They will never use the word presentation. These day, these cheaters are using the word “meeting” for this.
  • When friend might ask you that is it networking. They Say NO. They tell him its not network marketing and they are not selling toothpaste, gold coin and all. They are doing a business and not salesman job. They tell him that if he is interested then come for a meeting. They show as if they are least bothered if he does not turn up. But you know all these things when you will become members. Normally they spend many days and nights for a single person and try to act that they don’t care.
  • When after all frauds and lies friend becomes ready to come for a meeting, they tell him that the guy with whom he would be meeting a guy who is master of the business. He has earned this this amount (all false data, full of lies, they never give the correct data). The chain marketing members call this method of attracting the attention of the friend as “Edification”
  • After the presentation Follow up takes place. It is the most important thing in the business of making people fool. As soon as the presentation is done, the chain marketing members ask their friend “CHALE LOGIN KARNE”. If the innocent friend says I would think, would ask mummy, would ask friends, etc., then these chain marketing members try everything to get those things out of his mind.

What these people will tell when the friend will talk about money problem ::

Money problem : Arrange 5-6k and then take 2-3 from your friends. Or else shop from friends credit card and then apply for a loan and give back. I also did the same. What u think, did I had 8k with me when I joined. I also had the same case but I managed.
A and B problem : Everyone is so helpful and we would definitely get our common friends under you. If you wont grow, do u think I would grow. So I would have to help u. I have no other option. Rest you’re my friend, do you think I would have contacted you just for your 30k. You have such a good friend circle and I want that all of them should come under you only.
Would ask my parents, brothers, sisters, friends : Don’t tell about the business to anyone. You would just misguide them. What u would tell. You got the clear picture in 1.5 hrs and what u think u can tell your friends and relatives in 15 or maximum ½ hr. Its just not possible. Its better you don’t ask them. I can tell their response , i.e a BIG NO. Network marketing has got a very negative image because of Amway and all…ml concepts.
I would tell them nicely that its not ml and very good business model : What u will tell. Then tell him the flaws. Your relatives and friends would ask for cheques and all. I have got a personal experience.
I would think and tell You in two days. If you would think in that sense u can never succeed in any business. If u want to open a restaurant, u first hire cooks and all. You don’t go out for customers first and then cook the food. Anyways, it is your personal wish, if u would contact anyone u would spoil your own business. I would advice you to start with the business right now and have your do’s and don’ts session and start with the business. If you still want to think, you can but don’t discuss or try to take advice from anyone because you would get a negative reply only. That is my personal experience.

Once again I would like to reiterate

Chain Marketing or MLM is not good way to earn money. Please stay away from it. It will ruin you, your friends and your country. Don’t become a victim. Protect other innocent people from chain marketing. Please don’t ruin your family and friends. Don’t even attend the chain marketing presentations and seminars.

Therefor I request all Indians not to join chain marketing, MLM or chain marketing are draining foreign exchange from our country without doing any development and invest. IT Professionals are soft targets so Beware !!!

Remember Wealth is only gained through honest and hard work, so LIVE WITH IT !

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    Guys, please share your views.

    Abhishek Kumar on February 3rd, 2008
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    Pyramid schemes are inherently injurious to consumers because as a mathematical certainty, they are doomed to collapse. As in the case of chain letters that require a payment, only the people at the very top make any money. The only way anybody can make money through a pyramid scheme or chain letter is if participants in levels below them are defrauded into giving money based upon a rapidly diminishing promise of eventually getting something in return. Eventually they must break down because the pool of possible recruits becomes exhausted and recruitment stops. Those at the bottom of the pyramid, the vast majority of the participants, lose money because there is no one below them.
    Most pyramid schemes seem intent on exploiting people with limited means and limited knowledge of business such as individuals who have little experience in direct sales, distributorships, or franchise enterprises or who have limited money or credit with which to establish their own businesses. They rely on widespread ignorance of basic mathematics. Participants are promised large rewards for putting up a certain amount of money and then recruiting the next level of members. But the schemes always collapse because the supply of potential recruits quickly runs out, making many participants both victims and perpetrators.

    Sandhya on February 3rd, 2008
  • 3


    read this news here..

    Rohan Sharma on February 3rd, 2008
  • 4

    Dato’ Vijay invited by the Indian government to speak at Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas

    Prathap on February 4th, 2008
  • 5

    Questnet is a company which even don’t know how to do work in business. I had ordered a coin there 4 months back and still i m waiting for it. how much time one should take for delivering coin. Now i am asking for my refund, then there is no responce from there side. and it this is the behaviour of a MNC…??

    From last more than one month, i am giving call to there chennai center and trying to cancel out my order but…. 🙁

    well, now i am going in consumer court for my refund. if you know the responsible person for all there thing. then let me know……..

    Dinesh garg on February 4th, 2008
  • 6

    I dont understand ,What QuestNet members are doing ??? are they going to the supremarkets,offices,standing at ATM’s etc and marketing this business and trying to make some money,or grow their business??? NO NO NO….what they start doing is trying to convince their FRIENDS,RELATIVES,CO EMPLOYEES to join this business.Because they are the once who TRUST u ,you work on that trust and make them invest.if u contact others they will KICK YOUR ASS…. yes it is correct ,YES u earn money ,they also earn money ,BUT whose money is it???? that u are getting???…..its your FRIENDS money…so since u invested 30k u make 6 of your friends invest(180k) and get a 11k cheque….and the rest goes to ???few upper levels and most of it to quest net… what will quest net do with this money….???ENJOY….so u make ppl U KNOW to invest say 100k….30-40K is taken by Questnet and rest to u and ur upper chains….isnt that cheating…on part of quest net ????

    Kiran on February 4th, 2008
  • 7

    if u want to loose ur friends and start looking at everyone (friends,relatives,co-workers) as targets for you to make more money….then this is the best buisness….
    it will kill ur relationships with everyone around you and thats worth more than money….
    No matter how much u make u need ppl and time to share it to be happy….

    Arpit Mishra on February 4th, 2008
  • 8

    Put an end to all these statements above…..
    being a biologist (PhD), who entered the business and successfully earning money as a part time income from questnet, i am herewith mentioning that the plan is designed by IIM india, where the equicommission principle and many other advantages (not like any MLMs) plays successful moment for ever.
    The above stated new and quoted messages from web and press sources have strong background story, WHICH IS NOT RELATED QUESTNET (as it started in 2003 in India). Certain explanations and formalities were taken place and few of the competetors and half-knowledge people take this an advantage to give bad impression on this beautiful opportunity giving company….. friends, its goin on WIN_WIN scenario….based on WORKING TOGETHER principle for redefining your life
    GOOD LUCK and njoy the fruits of Questnet. for more queries, contact me any time….

    Ramjee Pallela on February 5th, 2008
  • 9

    for few of the facts look at the link

    Ramjee Pallela on February 5th, 2008
  • 10

    for your more queries and discussion, contact me at

    Ramjee Pallela on February 5th, 2008
  • 11

    you r right. For your information i am the president of united states of shut the hell up.

    citizen on February 5th, 2008
  • 12


    SALEEM on February 14th, 2008
  • 13

    Starting a blog doesnot mean that the person knows everything and what he/she is writing is correct. So consider these entries are from ignorant people who just wanted to become fame by opposing something (which is the easiest way to get noticed).

    Arnold on February 15th, 2008
  • 14

    Hey i have been associated with Questnet for last 4 years. For your information a pyramid is the most stable structure. Each one of ur organisation is also a pyramid….Starting from MD to Managers to Assistant Managers…to fellow workers….etc. The problem of those to speak against it is they didnot earn….Either they did it in a wrong way (or) not ready to put in their effort. No probs. Work for another 60 years in your JOB (Journey of the Broke) and retire broke. Good Luck

    Mahesh K. G. on February 16th, 2008
  • 15

    I dont know much, but all I can understand is that if this company has more than couple of million people as customers and keeps growing for past 10 years then for sure we cant blame the plan. If there is a person to be blamed it is the person who had given u wrong information. U work it works, u dont it doesnt!!!

    Raj on February 20th, 2008
  • 16

    Who was that ? the President of US ?
    You keep ur mouth shut first. Learn about the business and then bring in your comments.

    You Guys who are opposing QN’s plan started it almost as soon as the company launched in India. Now it’s around 5-6 years and there is no changes in the company’s plan of paying out commissions.

    Start moving your Ass around instead of just bringigng in idiotic comments.

    All the bst for your JOB
    journey of broke

    Kallu Mash on February 21st, 2008
  • 17

    what the hell man..questnet is true bizness am a member since 2 years,questnet really works..and i love this bizness..i left my job and am networking full time!! isnt it a dream come true?? i get enough money to live a luxury life..but i work for it everyday..the advantage is that i get as much as i work and not only 25 percent as in the jobs in my country!!

    Ravi Mathur on February 21st, 2008
  • 18

    My dear friend, it’s not a business of cheating. I can say you that, it is a 100% legal and real business and it’s spreading all over world. but, this business requires lots of skill and patient to carry on. Tell me any one point regarding the questnet business that looks you like fraud.

    Satyen Gosai on February 21st, 2008
  • 19

    guys this business will turn u around the world like anything cos this is such a genuine business which no company can make….this business has made more than 500 millionares and so…if u know any business were u can invest 30k and earn crores of rupees pls let me know….i will join thr….am sureshot thr is no such business were u can earn crores with the low investment…

    ashu on February 22nd, 2008
  • 20

    People who does not understand business, please don’t put your comments here and there.
    Before blamming go through these sites.

    Chitta on February 23rd, 2008
  • 21

    Mr. Chitta

    very good business indeed

    ## asking your friends to invest 32k for 7k coin as a price of your friendship.

    ## pushing foreign exchange from India to HongKong.

    Good business yaar.. 🙂

    Keep it up..

    Persons engaged in questnet are all cheaters, so beware of these money thirsty people.

    “In Ireland it is a crime to induce someone else to join a pyramid selling scheme. Under current legislation, anyone who promotes such schemes can be fined up to €12,500 or jailed for up to two years.”

    Jitendra Gupta on February 23rd, 2008
  • 22

    Mr. Arnold see the latest news about quest from Deccan Herald..

    Jitendra Gupta on February 24th, 2008
  • 23


    Talk about India first then talk about Ireland. Who told you that money is going to Hongkong? Did they made you the Chief Financial officer of the company? Please try to understand the business about the company and they talk.

    Please do not bluff.

    Arnold on February 24th, 2008
  • 24

    Gold quest is one of the best and fast growing direct marketing companies in the country as well as worldwide and people are flocking in because money is guarenteed in this business. I consider it as an investment opportunity with a proof for a good financial future ahead . Upto 6,00,000 a week is possible if u r dedicated and guarentee that u can put a bit of ur time in this.

    John Drek on February 24th, 2008
  • 25

    Gold Quest is the best and fastest growing Networking Mkt co. It has very good tie Ups with very good organization. There is no way you can say that you have made a wrong decision by getting into it unless U Quit or don’t like Helping and Raising Mankind.

    According to my I have earned lot of confidence and Ideas other than money. I say it is the Best. I know that there will be people who say that these MKT is not good one, buy for them I will say thet this business is only for people who have “Dreams” and have the “ZEAL” to make tham true. U will be pushing yourself into higher steps by pulling UR friends and believrs higher..

    If U are looking for a small investment and bigger profits this is a better oppurtunity….

    Chitima on February 24th, 2008
  • 26

    Hey Abhishek,

    What u said about Goldquest way of marketing is 100% true.It is not just an unfair business illegal too.It has been banned in several countries incoluding Sri Lanka, Indonesia,Iran,Ethiopia,Nepal,bhutan etc…Their basic business concept is is based on fruad.We all know that the ‘profit’ they distribute is not made out of genuine business transaction.The principle of revenue recognision is completely ignored in this non-sustainable form of fraud business.

    Supriya Ghosh on February 24th, 2008
  • 27

    I live in afghanistan and I am very happy
    about quest international network marketing in afghanistn
    by this work we can do evry think
    we are unhappy to be fight in our country
    we dont fight we are want to devlop our country
    M.yaseen sadozi
    from afghanistan

    yaseen sadozi on February 24th, 2008
  • 28



    Mr Abhishek on February 25th, 2008
  • 29

    Mr. Gupta, with reference to your article in Deccan Herald, if someone hack a website using a computer powered with Windows Operating system, does that make microsoft an illegal company?

    I too am successful in QN and enjoying the business.

    One more thing, were you born with the knowledge of how to use the computer or did you learn it over time? I guess you learnt it over time like all of us. And now we use this knowledge in our day-2day lives and to carry out our business or work as servants for some big-shots.
    After joining the business you also need to learn the how to do the business. If you don’t learn you are sure to fail.
    The ethics and discipline that networking brings into you turn you into a much better human being.

    In your own interest may I suggest that you speak facts and please go understand the business model.

    flash on February 26th, 2008
  • 30

    Lots of stuff out here. Some against the Questnet and some for it. I would say, this business is for those who really want to earn the extra income out of many necessecity. People join for earning that extra buck.

    Every body here is for earning money. No business will sustain if doesn’t earning money. This system pays out by passing the money to all his joined partners through some predesigned formula.

    Every body who joins should know about the associated risk and responsibility to get system work for them. who do it they get benefitted and who dont they simply loose out.

    Those who loose they badmouth about the business and those who gain they feel it secure.

    Simply putting it is just people’s reaction of what they get. Fact is people are earning from it and they who are not earning should try to learn from others who are earning. Some will always go wrong with somebody. That is excepted and must be taken as oppurtunity to make the business know to improve it better.

    Satish on February 26th, 2008
  • 31

    Hi My dear friends,

    First should understand each person, we not qualify to blame something ok… Think why we blame something we cant able do, our mind not set to doing these kind of business or questnet so we r ready to blame something. wherever you go, anything you do it, there also available negative thinking, negative person ok… when our negative thinking stop in my life, work, relationship we will analyze and understand then we r ready to stop ok…, somebody write questnet was illegal hey see this is changing life not only money spiritual behavior, attitude and etc., company arrested some illegal case is there, see which top companies not available case in court check but govt should not close becuz every month govt get taxes around crores ok every questnet representative remuneration deduct tax, we are proud of tax paying, if i got salary i can able to stop the tax deduction if i invest something ok… see u r ready see positive thinking come and join with me definitely our team assure u r become milliners. whoever took it this business seriously these person understand what is money value, what is people value, what god going to do, what is spiritual, what is social activities, what is helping others, where we are, what is vision/dream, what is commitment, what is leadership, what is changing life to others, we really proud of questnet mission RYTHM – Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. Anyway these kind of negative comments, positive comments our company reach all online people thanks negative people. others problem others opportunities. think

    Questnet representative.

    Mariyadoss on March 1st, 2008
  • 32

    Hi Mariyadoss
    can you comment on the below link…

    vomesh nashith on March 3rd, 2008
  • 33

    Hi Mariyadoss,

    I have joined this company three months back. And have not succeded since i dont wanna cheat fellow indian including my friends, fmily & relative. You have succeded coz you have got power to do so. If you wanna do, do it y are u forcing other to do the same. And also there are lots of false things to say about this business which u wont be able to answer as well.

    RIZWANA on March 4th, 2008
  • 34

    All people who are saying QN is not fraud i have only one question for them Are you all human been? Cheating your own people and blaming others for it. I challenge all the quest net people if yo really raise yourself to help mankind then refund the money to the people who dont wanna do this business by selling there position and giving them the appropriate amount. I know it will be difficult now because you’ll can only say but can do . You’ll only think about yourselves (Selfish People).

    RIZWANA on March 4th, 2008
  • 35


    anjum on March 6th, 2008
  • 36


    anjum on March 6th, 2008
  • 37

    Hi Rizwana, h r u? we dont have sourch compare with you, pls think why u join in this business, you give 32k questnet through your friend am i correct, pls discuss with your friend and send me mail

    Dont worry this business not for alll whoever need then only we will give ok…

    i am not force my friend ok this is giving business not taking business.

    Thanks & REgards

    Mariyadoss on March 6th, 2008
  • 38

    Dear Mariyadoss,

    I think before commenting you need to learn english coz i could not understand wht you acutally want to communicate. And also if you really want to save quest net then buy all our products at same cost from me & my 4 people who has invested in the same. You’ll give a very wrong presentation to the people & i m a proof for it. If u really wanna know then my E – mail

    rizwana on March 7th, 2008
  • 39

    Grievances against QuestNET Business
    After getting disappointment from all my efforts I am here to seek your help .
    I joined the so called QuestNET Business 6 months back .
    The business is based on MultiLevel marketing in which they sell their product which are said to be German made Mayer’s Mint Gold Coin.
    I ordered these coins and paid Rs.29,900 . They claimed to deliver the coins in 2 months time frame.
    But they haven’t delivered till date.
    There is no option of cancelling order on their website which is the unique feature I saw in a shopping site.

    I called their call centre many a times but they ask me to wait for some time and are not giving any concrete reply.
    They are not cooperating after taking money from me.

    I request you to bring up my case to them and get my money refunded.

    I want to file a case againt them for the mental harassment I went thorough. Please let me know how I can do it.

    I am attaching below the details of my membership and the purchase order.

    Membership ID Number: NF228058

    Order No: DN06765879
    Receipt No: RC02544086

    Address of Questnet office in Chennai and the toll free number.

    QuestNet Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. “The Rain Tree Place” ,9th & 10th Floor, B-Wing

    #7 McNichols Road,Chetpet, Chennai 600031

    TollFree No. 18004251116

    Name of Business Development Head : Hari Prabhakar.

    Kirtesh on March 8th, 2008
  • 40

    One of my friend has explained about this plan. I have done simple calculation to show that how much money you will be investing and how much return you and your friends/ team/ group members will be getting. See the bellow example.

    Initially you will be investing Rs. 30,000- 50, 0000 to buy one coin and its atual worth based on the gold and diamond weight is Rs. 4000- 6000(approx).

    That means the QN will make a profit of Rs. 25,000 – Rs.35, 000 on each coin.

    You will be getting Rs. 2300 once A & B members joins under you. and Rs.11, 500 you will be getting only once A1, A2 & B1, B2 joins under A & B members respectively.
    Total amount QN company paying to you and the members under you is Rs. 18, 400 ( Rs. 2300 when A & B joins under you and Rs. 11, 500 to you and Rs. 2300 each of A & B when A1 , A2 & B1, B2 joins under them) and QN making profit of Rs.160,000 (Approx) i.e. Total profit from the 7 members is Rs. 180,000 less Rs. 18, 400.

    As of now most of the members of QN are well qualified people. I don’t under stand how they are joining with QN without having minimum common sense.

    Chandra on March 8th, 2008
  • 41

    Hi chandra,

    U accept qualify person doing this business ok… ask them how it has possible.

    first learn somthing about this u cant directly study 10th or degree so slowly ask them and write words okk

    Mariyadoss on March 8th, 2008
  • 42

    Just want to bring to your notice that several ladies from my apartment building have taken Rs.35000/- from a few ‘trusted’ friends and made speeches about how they have broken even and are making money and so can they. Well, two of my friends have not received a single rupee and it has been a year. Their ‘gold coin’? It is worth only Rs.7000 ..if someone buys it. So, 35k -7k = 28k loss. Where is this money going? Don’t tell me that some of you are making money. You should be responsible for getting the money for those you hounded in the first place to pay 35k. Some Ladies are shamelessly lending their friends the money to invest, so that they don’t have to tell their husbands!! This is really sick!

    Mythili Nair on March 10th, 2008
  • 43


    anjum on March 10th, 2008
  • 44


    anjum on March 10th, 2008
  • 45

    Dear Friends,
    Ecommerce is Growing up even you like it or not.
    quest net is a ecommerce based business portal which people can buy products or services using Visa or master cards. So in a way its same like which we can purchase books and etc..
    But still very few people know about products and services in website… so companies like amazon, etc… have to advertise again… and again…
    Anyway Ecommerce web business module has cut down Whole sale dealers and retail shops and Physical Showroom expences… so online marketing companies save big portion of traditional marketing method…
    (Traditiona Marketing Chanel = Product/services from Factory or Service Provider (material Cost+labour+Profits for manufacturer) —> Marketing Manager/area manager/research officers/etc salary —> Wholesalers Profits and Overheads —> retailers Profits and Overheads —> Advertsing Budgets for superstars and media—>Selling Price (normal 3 times than the Production cost…

    Now…. What is the difference of Questnet..?

    They cutdown all the middle man.. and just put the products and services in a webisite..
    Consumers can go and Buy from website…
    But the selling price still same like other traditional Marketing companies…
    Company has a big profit now… right? Yes…

    But as company wants more sales… they pay out commissions when the consumers Reffrer more consumers to the website… Its refferal Marketing…

    Now when the Ecoomerce+refferal Marketing concept combined together its more powerfull and profitable than spending Billions of Dollars for Media and supestars… (superstand always LIE about many products and services…Ex: Sachin Tendulcar never rides Motorcycle on the road… but he cheat people by showing Motorcycle… its also Illegal Pyramiding…. in my opinion every customer who buy this Motorcycle pay some amount for this Marketing Gimmic of Sachin tendulcar.. or other superstars..)

    Now What is Pyramiding?

    If without any Product or a service if any chain systems is growing..thats illegal pyramid..
    Also Even any product /service is involved if the company canot pay out accoding to the Plan… may be its pyramiding… Also if there are no Ploicies and procedures to get some money… back It can be a pyramiding.. also… if the late comers canot earn more than Earlier refferers… Its pyramiding…

    ButQuestnet business plan.. is a sustainable BINARY compensation Plan + Unilevl compensation Plan …

    If some one wants to calculate the material cost+company profits and also + commision payout they must understand each and every aspect of the PLAN…
    Without knowing the indetail PLAN… please dont just type things in web…
    Its a MORONIC action…

    First meet some one who knows about network Marketing… or read from website and then meet some one who knows the Questnet business Plan properly… (im sure all customers of questnet do not know the detail plan… as most of them buy products because of their Friends/relatives reffrence or because of the product beneifits… but when they simply reffer more people they start to earn commissions even they donot know the plan…
    Its like how we use Light from Electricity… we donot understand how electricity works… but we see the Effect of Light and we use it…

    so before you type things in websites against a new concept of marketing… or any thing…
    please please educate yourself first… with many parties…

    If not you are avoiding an opportunity for some one who really can change their lives with a new marketing trend like Questnet…
    and waste whole life to make money for BOSS or wholesale dealers and superstars and media…

    Nalak on March 12th, 2008
  • 46

    And also when some of you are typing the Material cost of Gold coins… and comparing with the selling price… theres no logic on it…
    As and ex: if some one calcualate the material value of Plastics and Rubber with metals in a NOKIA phone and how much you pay to buy it? is it possible to tell you send money to FINLAND and get only small amount of plastics and metals… No logic right…?
    You have to calculate the Marketing overheads and also must understand the Tangible values…

    So what about GOLD COINS…
    If questnet is selling PURE ROUGH MATEREAL GOLD BARS… your point is correct… can compare the gold value..

    But all the coins of questnet are NUMISMATIC products which has many Tangible values… If some one donot understand what is NUMISMATIC learn first…

    All the products and services in questnet has a Real value for the selling price which no other competitor can give in the market…
    vacation Packages… please calculate… 3 year validity period and cost per a person..

    Also the numismatic coins.. etc…

    Even some one not reffer any body to questnet… the consumer has a product or service for the price which he paid…

    Understand the Vision of the Company… Understand the Value of the products… Understand the Commission Plan properly with Network Marketing concepts… Undertand the Trainings (product Trainings/Network building Trainings) from the company…

    A new way of distributing products and services … is here… its too early to many people to undertand and accept… what it is… But… even you like or not questnet is growing… manypeople get quality products and business opportunities…+ trainings about business and Life…
    Anyway every body will not join with questnet… because some one must be there for clean the roads, cook in resturants, work in hospitals, schools, banks.. etc.. so many people will reject our concept…
    but atleast 1% will clearly understand and learn and grow with questnet…

    Nalak on March 12th, 2008
  • 47

    Heloo, Salam and Namasty!

    Love you all Networkers and Questers. Be Smart and Coool fresh…? Negative thinkers and lasy people always against you all. I am Zakaria Farzad from Afghanistan. And proudly a Quester too. I admit myself in QUEST University 6 months ago. I studied many things and a good business mangement for my financial works. How can I have a team works. And I have very good friends in my downlines…?

    ANY ONE WANNA HELP…Feel free to email me


    Zakaria Farzad on March 14th, 2008
  • 48

    hey i too joined quest 4 months back.. i still did not get my product.. does any of these quest fans have any reply for this….
    i have decided to press consumer rights charges against quest. and anyone else who did not get their product and are willing to combine and press charges please let me know at … ok??
    lets take them down….

    ninja on March 16th, 2008
  • 49

    Dear Ninja,
    Please answer these questions.
    Which country are you from?
    Did you purchase the product or service directly from or did u pay money to any One else?
    Do u know your questnet IR ID and password?
    Do you know which product or service you purchased?
    Have you seen your Online receipt for this purchase?
    If u have IR ID and Password.. and also if you have the Online receipt, and if your ordered product was not received.. visit, Login with IR ID and Password and you will see a column as Customer Request Form (CRF) there you will see a sub column as Product Dilivery concerns.. type your case in that column..
    you will get a reply withing 72 hours.. from questnet.

    If you are in India… if you have paid your payment to Bank you should have your Bank Draft.. please forward it to a Representative office and check whats happening with your product…

    If you pay to anyone else… make sure.. he purchase your product from questnet or he cheat you?

    Many cases that people collect money… and keep it with them and finaly questnet get the blame…
    Questnet company has no responsibility on such cases…

    please be patient enough and find out a way to get your product..
    same time find out your Upline leaders who can support you to understand properly what is questnet business is all about..
    If you dont know anyone with proper knowledge… write me.. / i can give some ideas from my last 2 years experience… with questnet.

    Good luck…

    nalak on March 20th, 2008
  • 50

    well for your 1st paragraph.. yes to all questions.. i know my id and pass, i have reciept, i have e bill, i know the product.. i did send the customer request form, i did contact my upline, i did contact the rep offices and also the hong kong office.. and i do have the bill.. ok?? is that all???


    btw i paid directly thru credit card.. ok??

    now is there any answer to the prob???

    ninja on March 20th, 2008
  • 51

    So don’t join quest.

    Put your own intelligence before getting elude by some one. Please for God’s sake don’t join Quest

    Abhishek Kumar on March 21st, 2008
  • 52

    I’m writing this article as more than 2000 associates from my company has been cheated by this firm. How would you like to know about one of the greatest scams taking place around you? Nah… Each one of us thinks that he / she has had their own fair share of scams from the decades-old Bofors scams to the Harshad Mehta scam to one of the latest ones – the fake passport scam. What if I told you that this one was taking place right under your nose and that in all probability, you too would be nothing more that another figure among the tens of thousands of people all over the world who have been duped and that too because of some of their friends who may also be just disposable pawns in the whole game.
    I guess that made you sit up and take notice. Well friends, I wanted to talk about a ” business opportunity” called Questnet . Many of my friends, batch mates and all my seniors are also among the countless numbers who have been lured by the tantalizing promises of a rosy future being made by the promoters of this firm. I did some research on this company and unearthed some astounding facts about this company.
    Check them out:

    1. The founder of this company Mr. Vijayeswaran S. Vijayaratnam is a master scammer himself. He was arrested in Indonasia on the 3rd of May 2007 on charges of fraud and conspiracy. He was later released because Indonesian law does not have any punishment for these kind of scams.
    What can one say about the company if the founder itself a crook???

    2. We need to doubt that there is no such company physically exists in the world. The only Quest International was a fragrance producing company in Netherlands. Even this no longer exists as they have merged with their rival company Givaudan in 2006 ). This Quest International exists only in websites. They are saying that Quest international is business conglomerate having businesses ranging from Retailing, Manufacturing, Aviation, Technology, Business Consultancy, Hospitality, Automobile, and Numismatics. Even though a billion dollar company, no one has ever seen the photograph of their Quest International. They have numerous websites (more than 20). Just think of it in this way. Just how many websites would a legitimate company be needing to run their business? What if you haven’t heard the Questnet of any of its associated names? Consider yourself to be among the lucky ones and be fore-warned if someone approaches you with this scheme. For that you have to know what it exactly is.

    All one has to do join this scheme is to buy a silver/gold coin for around Rs. 30,000. The market value of the same coin is around Rs. 5000. The rest of your money is in their parlance, ’invested’ into the business. You then need to introduce / influence two people to join under you again by purchasing coins. These two will have to introduce another two each and so on and so forth spawning a binary tree right under you. As soon as you have at least three people under each leg of the binary, you will supposedly be receiving a cheque for Rs. 11,500 ( after taxation the amount you get will be around Rs. 10,500 ) Thus you get more money as the tree under you grows. They claim to be a billion-dollar business conglomerate with businesses ranging from aviation, hospitality, automobile, technology, retailing, travel and leisure, luxury products, interactive marketing, telecom and technology products, financial services, corporate investments, media, training, education and business consulting. The lion’s share of their revenue coming from their subsidiary named Gold Quest or Questnet . They are listed in one of the world famous tax havens – British Virgin Islands. Most of the people who attend their presentation will fall for their lies as they are well-versed in the act of convincing people. This company has bankrupted tens of thousands of people in Nepal (1.5 lack people, most of them sold their land properties to join this biz), Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Brunei, Philippines, Iran (6 lack people). This business is basically a pyramid structure where nearly 99% people losing the money and only 1% are making money. All kind of pyramid structures are banned most of the economies.

    CONNECTION BETWEEN Nalini Chidambarm and QuestNet
    In their “presentations” to trap innocent people, and to make their business more credible, they using Our Hon. Finance Ministers Wife name. These crooks saying that, Mrs. Nalini Chidambaram is their legal advisor. They have nothing to do with Mrs. Chidambaram. When they started their operations in India, they got a signed letter stating that the programme does not coming within the mischief of the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes(Banning) Act, 1978. (Act No.43 of 1998). Other than, they have absolutely not have any connection with her. But they still using her, saying that she is their legal advisor.

    Connection between British Virgin Island and Questnet
    In the “presentations” taken by the people who are working in Questnet saying that they are a listed company in British virgin island (BVI), a offshore tax haven. This add more credibility to their presentation as they told those victims who attending it, that even infosys is trying get an office in BVI. But, we can easily find that, they have no connection with BVI, even their parent company Quest International is not listed there.

    In most of the developed world, multi level marketing and such pyramid schemes also known as ponzi schemes are even considered evil cultism and not merely bad business practice. Be that as it may in India it is considered detrimental to the floundering economy and a scam aimed at rural youth from low income families who would easily get enticed into these schemes. This is not the first company cheating people, there are many, but no one learning from the past. (You can details from these wikipedia links for pyramid scheme, Ponzi scheme, multi level marketing ).

    The illegal pyramid scheme originating in America has been described by American experts as a financial tsunami for developing nations and is rendered illegal under the Banking Amendment Act of 2005.

    The way these culprits use our friends to get at our hard-earned money is pathetic. A pick-pocket is doing a respectable job if compared to these crooks because after all he is looting only a single person whereas these vicious villains are looting people in hordes. Another fact is that a lot of this money is being pumped abroad which is harming our Indian economy in numerous ways. So friends, if you yourself have been a victim of this scam please let it stop with you and also pass on the message to everyone you know so that you do a bit a community service and prevent our friends from being looted as well.

    RadheySham on March 21st, 2008
  • 53

    Regarding the Value of the Coins…. Please donot just calculate the Material Value. Questnet is Not selling Blank Gold. Its a Numismatic Product.
    To be a NUmismatic Product there are some requirements should be meet.
    01. It should manufatucre from a reputed company. Most of the Coins and medallions of Questnet is manufactured by B.H.Mayer Mint in Germany which started in 1871.(137 years old reputed company in Germany.
    02. Only Limited number of pieces should be issued with one by one numbered. Ex: if some one buy this Numismatics he is one out of the limited owners who owns that coin or medallion. Ex: Olympic Coins, Fifa coins ditributed by Questnet.
    03. There should be a Purpose for issue a coin or a medallion. (to commomarate a famous Personality, famous Place or an Event)
    04. A government or an Organization should Endorse theMedallions. if its a Legal tender coin it should issue by a Government. (Ex: Athans Olimpic coins were issued by Greece government and distributed by Questnet)
    05.All teh coins should be equel in QUality, Size and weight and Designs.

    So theres an NUMISMATIC Value for this coins or Medallion.

    The best example is There was a Meddalion set with Thailand King’s Image whihc was issued by Food And Agriculture organization of United Nation. Manufatcured by B.H.Mayer Mint and Issued by FAO – UN to raise funds for FAO-UN and Royal Chai Pattana Foundtaion of Thai King.
    Questnet was distributing this meddalion Sets and Thai people purchased it as they Love their King very much as a God and also they a re contributing some money from this purchase to UN and Royal Chai Pattana Foundation.
    Ultimately the Purchaser has a limited edition Medallion Set which is 1 out of 9999 sets in the world now.
    After finish this Sets the people who wanted to buy more now canot buy as company donot issue more.
    So the earlier buyers who have this meddalion sets can sell it a higher price than they baught as its the official coin set to commorate Thai King’s 60th Aniiversary of Throne with UN-FAO.

    So from the Selling price Questnet has to pay some Royalty for UN-FAO, Chai Pattana Foundation, Manufacturer’s Profits, Distributor’s commission.
    It was not a Blank GOLD BAR of Material. Its piece of ART with Tangible values.

    Without Understanding the real product values and the Network marketing and ecommerce business basics please dont just type things in blogs…

    anyway i wish GOD will give you vision to see what Questnet is doing by creating opportunities to many people in the Planet earth.

    nalak on March 21st, 2008
  • 54

    Dear Ninja,
    Still you didnt answer which country you belongs to.
    If its not India… i can support you to receive your product.
    If it is in india I can help you to find some one support you to inquire about your product.
    Other than the product dilivery delay do u have any COncerns?
    Did you purchase that product with the intention of starting a business or You jut wanted to buy a product?
    If your intention was starting a business you must find an upliner who can guide you and teach you how to do this business in a ethical way.
    There are many people mislead people by just showing income plans with Hyper and donot understand anything about Networking or selling products and services.

    Its like this. World Cup Cricket Match is played with legal ethics. But some of cricket Fans BET and do many gamblings using cricket Match Results. It doesnt mean that Cricket is Illegal.
    Its how the people take it. How they use it.

    Anyway I do understand if your product didnt dilivered properly.. some thing wrong somewhere.
    But there are many reasons for that.
    Incorrect Shipping addresses or custom clearance procedures or some other technical delays can cause this.
    If you file a CRF properly Im sure Questnet has reply with the solution.
    If not send me the CRF number and i will help to follow up with Rep offices.

    Even im not beneifiting anything from your sale i m more than willing to give my time to anyone related to questnet because im financially free and i have enough time to do anything now.. because of questnet…
    Thats what we say RAISE YOURSELF To HELP MANKIND..
    belive me its not just a marketing Gimmic.. If you work closley with Directors and all questnet leaders you will realize what we mean…

    email me for more help…

    nalak on March 21st, 2008
  • 55

    […] Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and other big cities of India. You may have read my one of the articles of QuestNet. On 9th Feb, I was emotionally blackmailed to become its member. I will never forget that rainy day […]

    Questnet :: The graveyard of Friendship–Abhishek Kumar on March 21st, 2008
  • 56

    thank you David for reading and posting comments.

    Abhishek Kumar on March 22nd, 2008
  • 57

    dear friends,

    david on March 22nd, 2008
  • 58

    Y DOESNT ANYONE ANSWER RADHEY SHYAM?? HUH??? he has some really nice points there..
    welll i am in india.. and i joined this thing because of pressure from friends.. and that friend does not even talk to me…

    but since i have spend the money i need atleast the product… ok?? and secondly i did raise the complaint.. but there isno reply at all.. trust me..

    ninja on March 22nd, 2008
  • 59

    Dear Ninja,
    Please visit your questnet website and see the CRF column.
    There will be an reply for your Filed request.
    COmpany is sending replys to the CRF column. Not for your Email.

    ANyway if u send me the CRF number may be i can support you to check about your product dilivery.

    If you joined to questnet because of the Pressure of a friend… and if that friend now not even talk to you… its a personal problem.. of him or you…
    Its nothing wrong with questnet… Anyway im sure that your friend didnt grab your money and put in to bank or paid in website…
    if he reffred you to questnet you are the one who register and purchased.. a product…
    any way as he is a friend and a refferer he must have some ethics to support to get your product… as you are new…
    If he is not doing it now.. as a refferer he has no business ethics and as a friend he has no responsibility…
    this is a problem…
    QI company will not runaway..
    but people who join they run away without any responsibilities and patiency to build a business…

    Questnet has trainings and many events to improve the quality of the people lives.. they teach us what is responsbility…

    But unfortunatley many people come with the Hype and mislead others using questnet system…
    and then they runaway… without facing the process…

    Dear Ninja,
    Send me an email with your IR id and CRF number which i can follow up.. with some friends who can support you in india..

    nalak on March 23rd, 2008
  • 60

    ir id is nf341780…… no reply at site also… its ok… coz i have already given cas… so… i’ll tll…

    ninja on March 23rd, 2008
  • 61

    nalak It is indeed great to know about “Numismatic”. what price is these so called quest gold coin sorry…Numismatic coin fetch in ebay ..if i want to sell????

    Vomesh Nashith on March 24th, 2008
  • 62

    Dear Vomesh,
    01. Why do you set Ebay as your valuation officer?
    02. The Numismatics are collected by some people.. who has a value for it… ex: Austria there are many coin shows… if u have a collection of Numismatic coins.. you can sell there for the people who come for looking numismatics.. also same time if you realy want to sell a Numismatic coin you can look for coin collectors…
    Also if u have a coin with purticular famous person.. you have to find the people who really like that person..
    Same like the events and places,,,
    Ex: Now I have Thailand King’s meddallion sets (i bought 3 sets)…
    i bought it for 450 us$/each… 1 year ago … during Thailand king’s 60th annivesary of the Throne..
    Now this meddalion set is no more in questnet.
    now im presneting this coin set (with the serial Numbers, certificate of UN) so the rich people who really love thailand king.. they can pay me any price what i ask.. its my skills to create a demand and find the real needy people..
    Why dont you try that? instead of typing things in BLOGS and wasting your valueble time..

    I have enough time to waste in internet as im getting a passive income from questnet… so my hobby is to argue and give information with people who have no vision to see what questnet is doing…

    nalak on March 24th, 2008
  • 63

    i don’t set Ebay as my valuation officer..but its the people ie “IR” who show the numismatics coin posted in the ebay site. And BLOGS are never waste of valueble time. Since your hobby is to argue and give information..give yuor useful tips to the IR that “ebay is not where u value the Quest Numismatic coins”

    Vomesh Nashith on March 24th, 2008
  • 64

    To the people who are against questnet system.
    01. Who questioned about the Material cost of your mobile phone or Tv set?
    02. Who asked the Portion which was taken by superstars in advertising from the price you paid for the things you bought from retail shops?
    03. Who calculated how much the company’s profit and how much they share with wholesale dealers and retail dealers when u purchase some thing like Tv, Mobile phone, etc… etc..
    04. Why you are jelous when some one of your friends making loads of money from questnet system.. or when some one is trying to make money…
    05. Take the Bottle of Coke… Is it valubale for the amount you pay…? is it really needed to the life.. But how they have created a need in market..?
    same like that QUestnet and it’s represnetatives are creating a need in the market… and they are get paid commissions for that…

    And the best part is You too can do it…
    come and smell the coffee..
    lets be the superstar for questnet…
    and make loads of money… no matter who comes first or later.. equal commission pay out…
    up to your effectiveness…
    (if u dont understand the commission plan email me.. let get educated… first.. then decide how to do or not to do…

    nalak on March 24th, 2008
  • 65

    To Vomesh,
    01. Do you know about Questnet properly?
    02. Are you in questnet or are you against questnte?
    03. Have you listen to a detail professional presenatation about questnet products and business opportunity?
    04. Are you agains Network marketing or not?
    lets clear ourselves first…

    nalak on March 24th, 2008
  • 66

    Mr. Abhishek,
    (The smartest Economist and the advisor for all Indians)
    Dear sir,
    01. How do justify the Superstars (Sports Stars/Movie STars) Taking Billions of Rupees to promote some products and services inside India?
    Ex: Pepsi… how much money going out of country to import Material Spirit of Pepsi?
    These superstars are telling lies in TV and media that they Drink Pepsi? Dod u belive they really drink Pespsi?

    Ulitimately the Poor guy who buy the pepsi what they get after finish the Bottle of this Carbonated water?

    Istn’t is a Scam or a fraud which has been so legalized.

    01. Material cost is very less.
    02. SUpestars telling lies.
    03. SO much of Dollars going outside of India as profits for Pepsi.
    Can the End user make any Cent after he finish his Drink of this Carbonated water which is bad for health and not importnat for living?
    Its a FRAUD… SCAM.. isnt it?

    Look in the other angle..
    01.QUestnet also have a product. But the material is Gold. After they buy atleast they have some material GOLDS + tangible values.
    02. The person who come and promote is really has one Gold product or some product from questnet. Not just telling lies as supestars.
    03. After some one buy some thing from questnet he is a entitled to get some portion of the Marketing Process of QUetsnet products.

    04. Yes its true 600 $ going outside india on the begining. But the material Value (may be 225$) + tangible values comes inside and also later on as commission 50% of the selling price of any product will come back in to india for refferers.
    So QUestnet’s profits only going outside. but if you and other indians are smart enough promote questnet products and services in outside countries and get more foriegn income to india.

    If india imports a BENZ car or SONY TV or Nikia Phone… do u calculate Iron, Plasitics, Glass, Rubber, Material cost..?

    Also are you complaining Indian rupees going outside country?

    Dont try to be Oversmart. Then whole world will see your reality….

    Just understand the vision of questnet which has been started from Great Indian DATO VIJAY ESWARAN to create and opportunity for normal people to enter to the Global Marketing areana. Not only for few superstars and Big Buisness Tycoons…

    I wish God will give you vision and soon you will stop misleading people to stop their opportunity to become and international enterprenure with QUestnet.

    nalak on March 26th, 2008
  • 67

    i dont care what the bullshit its all about… i’ve given a criminal case against questnet.. and soon you’ll hear it from the media… they are going down… bloody irresponsible SOBs…

    ninja on March 26th, 2008
  • 68

    10 years old Multi million Dollar turn over QI GROUP of companies and 2-3 million networkers all around the world will Shut down by, mr. NINJA…?

    Funny.. joke…
    Dear friends,, here’s the SUPERMAN RETURNS… NINJA

    Lets wait for the FREE Publicity… from NINJA for Questnet…

    Sorry… i will stop this useless conversation…
    instead of typing here better to build another Team… with 2-3 thousand visionary people.. who can see the vision of QI group..

    nalak on April 2nd, 2008
  • 69

    hey nalak… say all you want… coz your so called chain has cheated a lot of them… and ya its all one person that need to stand to take out a giant of bloody fucking bastards… moths who drink the blood of the poor… assholes.. dont worry… and in case you think i am a single entity please do not assume such things unless you are sure of something.. ok? i have already filed a criminal case against QI and you will be knowing about it soon.. got it?? in like say 10-15 days.. not from me but from a lot of media.. but you may not find the term ninja there.. you may find the victim as a whole company… ok?? and trust me.. that will be the end of your superscalar cheating that you bastards feed on… down with you all…. beggers…

    ninja on April 5th, 2008
  • 70

    Dear Mr. Ninja,
    (Real name NELVIN JOSEPH am i correct?)

    Thank you very much for the beauitiful words and the courage to fight against Billion Dollar QI gorup.

    Your court case and media reports will be a FREE publicity for QUESNET and we will become more stronger and stronger day by day.

    Thank you for the job….

    after 10-20 years Your chidlren will say that their father was a “………” who fought and got nothing from questnet and the childeren of successfull people from questnet will hire your children to work under them…

    Trust me… this will happen during your life time…

    May the god give vision for these people…

    nalak on April 6th, 2008
  • 71

    that is exactly what is quest doing.. they have a feeling that a corporate which has like a billion dollor worth can do whatever they want with their customers.. but times change.. and i will be a proof for that.. and about my stuff becoming a publicity for quest… well well well.. lets see about that… it will become a publicity alright.. but a as a beware of quest publicity…

    ninja on April 6th, 2008
  • 72

    QI is not a company just have a Billion DOllar Turn over.
    Its a company with Millions of Hearts who raised up to help others…
    unfortunatley you and your people didnt see the real picture.. and didnt feel the real core values in questnet…

    You may be challenge QI group legally. But you can shut it down or you canot stop the spirit of millions of people who changed their lives and changing other’s lives with a Great vision…

    Even for JESUS there were enimies… Even for Buddha there were enimies…

    Even GOD is a universal truth still many people do not believe… so what is QUestnet and its Vision…

    So its good to have people like you to balance the world.. if not.. if everybody starts to do questnet business no TOILET cleaners, Drivers, Cooks, Doctors, etc etc…

    But I wish the GOD will give you all vision to see what is the VISION of questnet…

    nalak on April 7th, 2008
  • 73

    Hi NALAK…! Really good work…! Hat’s of to you. People who are always be in the world of jealous and negativity will suffer later. They will realize it later. So, my friend I will give full support to all the people who does and encourage QUEST NET. It really changed the lives of the people financially….!

    Shashank on April 9th, 2008
  • 74

    Dear Shasank,
    Thanks for being with us for stand for questnet.
    Anyway typing in these blogs is a waste of time. In this time we can build our networks and help new people.

    But one thing if some one search about questnet in google.. there are few negative people (like this abhishek)typing things without proper idea about questnet.

    So as a help to new prospects who google about questnet… take some of your time to feed some real positive information about questnet…
    how to do questenet business in an Ethical way…

    nalak on April 11th, 2008
  • 75

    Dear Mr. Balaji,
    01.All the People who were arrested regarding Questnet were released after invistigations. There was nothing wrong to prove about them. Anyone can complain and any one can be arrested. But if they were not sentenced or punished… it means nothing wrong about Questnet.
    02.Why Questnet do not do any advertising?
    Questnet is a Network Marketing company. Network Marketing companies donot advestise about their Products or services. That money company give back as commissions to the customers who reffer more customers to questnet. Thats how this commissions are paid.
    Anyway QI group and Questnet is Doing some Promotional campaigns to create a global BRAND name…
    See this links.
    also QI group (Parent company of QUestnet) was the Sponsor for World Badminton CHampionship in UK..

    In the future you will QI and QUESTNET as a global Brand name…

    Open your mind and understand what is QUestnet is creating for the global Market.

    nalak on April 12th, 2008
  • 76

    then y the bloody questnet people were arrested y there is no advertisement for this so called business..all the frauds done by this gold quest are been lead by mostly the educated fools

    balaji on April 12th, 2008
  • 77

    Hi.. questnet was real and not scam, questnet changed the life saya. I was 38 years old, and was found by me myself without the work ,was difficult to look for the work in Indonesia moreover without the scholar’s certificate.I did not have money completely to gather in quesnet, because I the poor person, but by capital of the determination and the conviction to change the life.. I the debt to the bank 700$ to buy produck quesnet.
    Further.. I studied and followed the method leader that was successful… was done by me as hard as possible and all time day and night. anything his sacrifice must be successful and the success

    If not how could settle the bank’s debt..?
    And now.. the hard work gave results, every week I received the level commission level 250$ until 500$ in fact 1000$.
    None was easy in the business anything, needed perseverance and the hard work to suCCESS. THERE WAS NO FREE LUNCH , all had the price that must we paid . and the success was only for the brave person to pay the price of a SUCCESS.

    arman (indonesia ir) on April 12th, 2008
  • 78


    arman (indonesia ir) on April 12th, 2008
  • 79

    Dear Arman, Theres no matter about your English knowledge. Knwoledge or the skills is not important to become sucessfull in anything.
    Its only about the Attitude.
    Attitude + Skills = Success
    If Success is 100%
    Attitude contributes 85% for that Success.
    Skills or knowledge shares only 15%
    So Attitude 85% + Skills 15% = Success 100%

    So you have the Right attitude.

    Many of the people who are negative and jelous and Not opening their minds about Network marketing or Questnet has many skills and knowledge. But they do not have the right attitude to become successfull in any thing in their life.

    If you look at their lives… Im sure not only about questnet they are complaining about many things…
    Thet are trying to prove many things… with their knowledge and skills.

    But They donot take any practical postive action with belive….They donot believe anything… not only questent… even they donot believe thier Wives… parents…
    Ultimatley they donot believe them self…

    They are creating negative vibrations and attracting negative circumstances to their lives…

    They have the courage to type blogs…
    But they have no courage to listen to some one who is really successful in questnet and learn how to do it…

    They have their EGO…. They have Fear…. They have their Complains… Logics…. Not to do this…

    Oh my God… Please Give Vision to these negative people…

    nalak on April 13th, 2008
  • 80

    Dear Nalak, how much money you have made in Questnet. Why are you supporting this evil thing..
    How bad you are ???
    If you continue to support Quest, in the end you will find yourself all alone..
    So for God sake leave this scam, don’t do fraud with your friends and well wishers..
    I request you..

    Priya on April 13th, 2008
  • 81

    Dear Priya,
    How much i earned is not a matter.

    Learn from some one really know about questnet.

    You donot have to do this business with friends and welwishers if they donot want to do it…

    Learn and find the correct people who really want to a busiess.

    COmpany is there… Products and services are there…
    Commission plan is there… Trainings are there…
    Website is there to handle all the transactions…
    System is there to calculate the commissions and payout…

    So its a buiness.. if you learn it and find a target market…

    Either for the products or for the business opportunity…

    be open mind and Learn….

    if you like you can do… if you dont like.. dont do.. thats it…

    nalak on April 13th, 2008
  • 82

    Dear Nalak, everyone is used to say like this only, but no one will help the people who are in quest network, if there are in more than one year also they dont want to improve there sibblings…
    so its an time waste and money waste product…
    pls dont support for quest anymore…

    Balaji on April 14th, 2008
  • 83

    Questnet Ethical Marketing

    1. Prohibited Practices
    Independent Representatives shall not use false, misleading, deceptive or unfair sales practices. Independent Representatives shall take all necessary and reasonable steps to ensure that they and their down lines do not knowingly make, or cause or permit to be made, any representation relating to the business, company and the offered products which is false or misleading. No omissions of material particulars relating to the business, company and offered products shall be made or engaged in, knowingly or otherwise.

    2. Explanation and Demonstration
    Presentation and demonstration of the product offered shall be accurate and complete, in particular with regard to product description and benefits.
    Independent Representatives shall avoid providing any misleading product claims and benefits in any of their promotional materials in any format whatsoever.
    All promotional and advertising materials need to be strictly compliant with the company¡¦s policy and its official approved materials.

    3. Verbal Promises
    Independent Representatives shall not make verbal or other representations concerning the product except in compliance with No.2 above.

    4. Answers to Questions
    Independent Representatives shall give accurate and reasonable answers to all questions from customers and prospects concerning the products and their benefits.

    5. Literature
    Promotional literature and advertisements shall not contain any product description, claims or illustrations which are deceptive or misleading, and shall contain name, address, Independent Representative¡¦s title, phone number and Representative Identification Number .

    6. Testimonials
    Independent Representatives shall not refer to any testimonial or endorsement which is not authorized, not true, or otherwise no longer applicable, or used in any way likely to mislead the customer.

    7. Disclaimer and Limitation
    Independent Representatives are advised to read and take note of the disclaimer and limitation at our website which is applicable.

    8. Policy and Procedures
    Independent Representatives shall act and comply at all times with the company¡¦s policies and procedures which apply to them.

    9. Comparison and Denigration
    Independent Representatives shall refrain from using comparisons which are likely to mislead and which are incompatible with principles of fair competition. Points of comparison shall not be unfairly selected and shall be based on facts which can be substantiated. Independent Representatives shall not unfairly denigrate any firm or product directly or by implication. Independent Representatives shall not take unfair advantage of the goodwill attached to the trade name and symbol of another firm or product.

    10. Respect of Privacy
    Personal or telephone contact shall be made in a reasonable manner and during reasonable hours to avoid intrusiveness. Independent Representatives shall discontinue a demonstration or sales presentation upon the request of the consumer.

    11. Fairness
    Independent Representatives shall not abuse the trust of individual consumers, shall respect the lack of commercial experience of consumers and shall not exploit a consumer’s age, illness, lack of understanding or lack of language knowledge.

    nalak on April 14th, 2008
  • 84

    These are the guidelines from Company.
    In any business some people do some unethical practises. Its their personal attitude.
    Nothing to do with the questent company.

    In many cases few people who donot come for any trainings of the company, starts to do some own style presnetatations with Hype… and false information.

    Even in insuarance industry we have exerienced many Agents mislead customers and get their money.. but some times they donot even pay for the Insurance company..
    It doesnt mean that Insurance system is a scam or that insurance company is doing a fraud.

    Its the individual.

    No company had 100% successrate in their practices…
    Speically involving with network marketing industry people do many mistakes…
    Anyway if they are in the system… there are many trainings to correct them…

    Ultimatlely… its a business…
    As Network Marketing is very new… just 50-60 years old and also ecommerce is just 10-15 years old.. this industry is so young.

    So its reasonable many people have doubts.

    But the people who do mistakes and learn from the mistakes will be the pioneer players. While the people who do nothing will be the spectators…comenetators…
    Its easy to comment in the Commentry box… than playing in the gorunds…

    but ultimatley man of the match will be a Player who played in the ground…

    We need both for a real game…

    nalak on April 14th, 2008
  • 85

    Please don’t put any more comments here….

    This blogger has started the same useless topic which several others are doing it.

    Instead of cribbing and misguiding people, you better go
    and do some right stuff for the people.

    M in this business only for making people financially free(it may sound funny for u) and it will give me an immense pleasure once I achieve it.

    So u better cut ur crap…

    Pravin M on April 14th, 2008
  • 86

    Hey Nalak I am the author of this blog.. I don’t know anything, I have lost my money in quest as my friends cheated me so I am writing this article to beware other..

    You are wasting your time..

    Already 18000 people have already read this article… they will never join the quest.. you know this very well.

    Don’t try to misguide the innocent people.. I am member of questnet.. I know everything about it..

    Abhishek Kumar on April 14th, 2008
  • 87

    I hve been in the business of networking with quest net fo the past 1.5 yrs, it is bizzare tht sm ppl think this company is a cheat…let m ask those ppl a question, which business in this world has a 100 % success rate, i think it is your capability that comes into play when u do any business..too bad u guys didnt earn any money..dont blame the business….blame yourselves!!!..for ur informations quest net is not a pyramid or a multi level marketing…it works on a binary concept…which inculcates the spirit of teamwork..which some of us totally dont have and dont want to learn. today i have a team size of 700 people frm all walks of life…right from vvs laxman the cricketer…ceos of companies…business’s…to office boys…i make 1.5 lacs/month & i dont do this full time…i have a great jb which pays me enuf to live in luxury…but i bel in THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE.. i shop every day today…can you please shut up when you have little or no knowledge about quest net…bingo…I PITY YOU GUYS…

    ANUPAM SEHGAL on April 15th, 2008
  • 88

    thats the most dangerous word…
    “I KNOW”

    It means your High Ego…

    Its ok.. this is your blog… u can say anything…

    But ask yourself… what do you really know about questnet?

    Have you ever met a director of this company?
    Have you ever participated any Proper training from a Leader or a director?

    have you learn anything about Network Marketing industry?

    have you heared about Professor CHarles King who teachs NWM in University of Illionise… (Professor CHarles King is a Harverd University PHD about Marketing)

    You know everything….

    But What you dont know is “WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW”

    Sorry about you… sir…

    nalak on April 15th, 2008
  • 89

    …nalak totally agree with u, lets meet all these people who r aginst quest net, i’m ready to take this as a challenge that if they do this business profssinally..the way we do…i will ensure they make money…what say nalak…lts call these people for a tea & trainin program…i’l sponsor it..

    ANUPAM SEHGAL on April 15th, 2008
  • 90

    guess what i got the product.. and now i firmly believe that it was better if i did not get it… i got two phones which is total waste.. i could buy better phones here for less than 5000 bucks… is this what your stupid multi billion dollor company makes?? huh??? that phone is shitface… have you even seen it?? huh??? and about the so called nmeumatic value of the coin.. i purchased a mother theresa coin from a famous jweller and i got it for 13500… the weight was 8 grams.. and the cost of coin here is 9200 per 8 grams… and its pure gold… how come your dumb company is sellin it for 32000 bucks?? which is more than double that amount?? huh?? now please tell me that its not a trick…

    i have ween many network marketting companies.. i am a member of another one too.. its called RMP.. i have not got any income from it (as i did not work) but i am not worried.. coz the product i took is worthwhile fully.. i paid 12000 for an insurence.. and its done by allianze.. if i take it from outside (ie not thru rmp) i have to pay the same amount… now that is called network marketting.. not selling 3000 rupees thing for 30000 and cheating others… and reason??? mneumonics… what fucking mneumonics??? and where is the mneumonics in that phone?? huh???

    trust me guys.. a nokia phone (base models) have more features… most of you must be knowing about the chinese phones (duplicates of other brands) available in the local markets nowadays… well this one is worse than that… trust…

    i went to a shop to try sell that phones.. and guess how much i was offered.. i was offered 3000 for both together… when i said i took it for 35000.. they laughed and showed me the same phone (name was different.. everythin else same) and told me that they will give it to me for 1/3 of the price… and even then they would make double profit… (the cost was only 6500)… now mr nalak and team.. the changers of lives… the budda and jesus comparers.. can you fucking answer to this?? huh???

    ninja on April 15th, 2008
  • 91

    01. I m happy you got the product. It means questnet works… right?
    02. regarding the phones… you bought in questnet… What is the phone you bought? there are many telecom systems and hardwares in questnet. i can give you and idea if u mention which one you bought..
    03. Regarding the Mother Theresa coin you bought for 13,500 rupees… please tell me these things
    i) who is the Manufacturer?
    ii) which gorenment or organization Issue it? The issuing authority?
    iii) How many pieces in the world?
    iv) Is there any serial number on the coin? what is it?
    v) Is there any Certifiate come with the coin to certify that its a NUMISMATIC coin?

    Aprat of that.. ask this question from you..
    Afetr you purchase that 13,500 coin are you entitled to get any busines profits from that Famous Jeweller or are you just an enduser?

    Next thing Please use a nice language without VULGAR words.. if you like to continue this conversation…
    First be a Good human being before you become a businessman….

    Good luck…

    nalak on April 15th, 2008
  • 92

    Hi Guys,

    Like many others even I’m going to say that this business NOT WORTH DOING. I’m not going to say that the company is fraud or anything, they are doing their business correctly.

    But what you have to actually see is that this Business plan is totally flawed. The company is making enormous amount of money and paying us peanuts!

    1. As someone pointed out earlier, for the 1st cheque u receive, the company pockets approximately 1.8 lacs. No business in this world makes such enormous profits.

    2. I was given the following breakup by one of the guys who has joined QN:

    Company’s turnover: $1.7 billion
    Gross Profit: 70% of the turnover

    out of the 70%, 55 % of the money goes in comissions to the members.
    7% goes to RHYTHM. 8% is the company’s annual profit.

    They also tell you that value of numismatic coins goes up by 3 to 15 times in the timespan of 4 years.

    If this is really true, why can’t the company sell the numismatic coins directly to the market?? By doing this they can they will get much higher profits and much much higher sum could be contributed to RYTHM.

    So, stop that bullshit about – “They are changing lives”, “Helping Mankind” etc.

    3. You have to agree with me there FINITE number of people in this world who can afford 33, 000 bucks. One day, lets say every such person has joined. What will happen to the people who joined late? Lose their money

    You can be successful in this business only if you joined early. This is the reason malaysians would be making the most money in this business. It started there you see. No wonder it increased the incomes for the people there. This could be the reason as well why “DATO” was awarded to this Vijay eeshawaran.

    4. In their presentations they tell you that this plan was shared with grads from Harvard and even they couldn’t find a loophole. Do you think thats true? You have to be dumb to believe that. Hell, even I have found flaws, why do u need Harvard students.

    Its all a showbiz. By using such carefully crafted dialogues, all they want is you to be fooled.

    5. I was even told that zaheer khan, gauri khan, dino morea etc. have joined the business. I couldn’t stop laughing.

    6. I really get pissed when ppl quote the mineral water and aerated drinks example. They tell you that it costs the company 1 rupee but you pay 12 bucks. even there the company is making huge profits.

    Now now…lets get this straight. do these mineral water and cola companies force their drinks into my mouth??? NO. I get thirsty and i buy to quench my thirst. There is a demand and there is a supply! get that?

    Is there such a high demand for bio disks or numismatic coins? imagine so many ppl joining QN one day. There will tons and tons of numismatic coins in the world. Do you think it will have any value then? even though the coins are of limited edition, it will lose value.

    If it were to retain its high value, why isn’t the company selling it themselves???

    afterall they are here to help mankind right. make high profits by selling it in the market and then help the poor. why are they getting ppl like us in the loop???

    They are just reaping the benefits from human greed! instead of waiting for 4 years for coins to gain value, they want to make a qucik buck. Thats the whole plan.

    7. The system that they are following is called binary tree. if you are mathematician you will know that. In any binary tree, only 12% of the nodes can gain whereas the other 88% of nodes will lose. Check you maths. What i’m saying is true. You don’t have to go to a Harvard student to find a flaw!

    Siddharth on April 16th, 2008
  • 93

    hey mr sidhart
    do u knw how much money ambani makes by sellin vegetables
    or hw much money mittal makes by sellin steeel
    thn y r u bothered abt company
    tell me how much money u save in a month
    dnt tell me hw much u earn bt tel me hw much u save mr sidhart
    trust me beggar is managin to save more thn wht u r doin ….
    jus think abt ur self
    raise ur self frst thn help mankind
    i was stock broker by professsion and whn i saw this plan i knew tht i can make more money in this biz
    if nt nw bt sure ly aftr year ends
    i alrdy earnin more thn 3 4 lacks a month left tht biz and strted this 5 months back i evn read all this few months back bt i had trust in myself tht i can make it
    u r bloody jobbie or NAUKAR
    so be like one
    there is a seventeen yr old guy in my team who makes more thn 1000 USD every weeek
    and many others tooo includin me
    and u r goin to work for ever and we r not
    and u talkin abt wht will happen if one day whole world joins
    arey idiot , idiots like u will never join and we dont want them to join because we want slaves like u to take care of us na

    and let the person who sees the plan decide wether he wants to do
    r u goin to feed his family or r u his descion maker
    jus shut up and start workin we dont want ppl like u or who believe in u wt us
    jus get lost
    and all ppl who ritin negative abt quest tht u r blloooody naukars and think abt the loans u hav on ur head u idiots frst think abt clearin them thn come and write here

    SAM on April 16th, 2008
  • 94

    hey mr abhishek u and ur 18000 readers go to hell we dont want u wit us
    if u dont make money in this or n e business is it ur fault or its the fault of biz
    trust me evn if u show this plan to small kid or any teen ager he will understand tht in this busines ur sucess totally depends on ur smart work
    u made 18000 ppl negative
    jus imagine evn if 10 per cent ppl would hav read positve things abt quest and wud hav joined u hw much money u wud hav made
    u need strategies to make money so mr abhishek pls ensure u make more and more ppl negative we do need slaves like u to work for us for ever

    and we wil still make it big
    come wht may
    wht say frnds
    coz one day u will hav to join us u hav no choice in life
    u wil beg infact
    pls let us b the part of it

    SAM on April 16th, 2008
  • 95

    Dear siddharth…

    please meet some one who really knows about questnet and clear yourself… your points are really good.. if you get cleared with a perosn who know each and every angle of questnet plan…
    i was like you 3 -4 years before about questnet…

    But one thing i would like to mention here…
    I was cretaive diretor for an advertising company and worked with COKE and CALTEX.. etc…

    We know how they create the DEMAND in your mindset…
    you think you are thirsty… and you buy coke..
    for you its natural demand and supply…
    Sorry sir… 21st century’s Marketing and advertsing is do advance than your knowledge..

    COKE creates a INTENT of purchase from their ads, colours, even shape of their bottle..
    When u go to a supermarket.. the lights, music and the colours phsycologically designed to create the INTENT of Purchase even you donot want…
    but after you come out… you even donot know.. what you really bought was real needed things or not…

    Yes…Questnet also creating a demand for their products and services in the market with WOrd of Mouth adversting and showing business benifits with commission plan… for us.. its very reasonable and fare than cheating you with physcolgical effects and using supesrstars who never drink pepsi…

    COme to Bangkok Thailand with a QUESTNET vacation package with your family… and i will spend some time to give you some more ideas about next generation’s marketing method and questnet…
    you will see more products and services in questnet…
    DATO Vijay has a 25 year plan still its only 10 years… and sure after that 25 years… questnet will be THE MARKETING METHOD IN THE WORLD…

    Your choice.. either you partcipate or Be a spectator…

    nalak on April 16th, 2008
  • 96

    Dear SMART GUYS WHO ARE AGAINST questnet with your Logics.. ( THE REAL REAL REASON IS FEAR TO FAIL to do some thing new for the society… and you guys are covering up with LOGICS and facts with super EGO)

    Read this books..
    Wave 4: Network Marketing in the 21st Century by Richard Poe

    Who Stole the American Dream By BURKE HEDGES

    The Parable of the Pipeline: How Anyone Can Build a Pipeline of Ongoing Residual Income in the New Economy by Burke Hedges

    The Parable of the Pipeline: How Anyone Can Build a Pipeline of Ongoing Residual Income in the New Economy by Burke Hedges

    Copycat Marketing 101: How to Copycat Your Way to Wealth by Burke Hedges and Steve Price

    Your First Year in Network Marketing: Overcome Your Fears, Experience Success, and Achieve Your Dreams! by Mark Yarnell and Rene Reid Yarnell

    The New Professionals: The Rise of Network Marketing As the Next Major Profession by James W. Robinson

    WHY WE WANT YOU TO BECOME RICH – Donland Trumph and Robert Kiyosaki (speacially read Chapter 27)

    nalak on April 16th, 2008
  • 97

    To, Mr. Abhishek,
    thats the most dangerous word…
    “I KNOW”

    It means your High Ego…

    Its ok.. this is your blog… u can say anything…

    But ask yourself… what do you really know about questnet?

    Have you ever met a director of this company?
    Have you ever participated any Proper training from a Leader or a director?

    have you learn anything about Network Marketing industry?

    have you heared about Professor CHarles King who teachs NWM in University of Illionise… (Professor CHarles King is a Harverd University PHD about Marketing)

    You know everything….

    But What you dont know is “WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW”

    Sorry about you… sir…

    nalak on April 16th, 2008
  • 98

    Some of you may be thinking why im typing in this blog…

    I have enough spare time to do this… as im earning passive income …
    My hobby is to argue and and give… information for the people who real in DARK…

    As the new comers google these FREE CONSULTANT ADVISORS like ABIHISHEK.. trying to teach those new comers without any practical knowledge about questnet..

    So for the sake of the new comers who google to learn about questnet i type these things…

    My only wish is PLEASE GOD…. GIVE vision to these people who are in the DARK….

    nalak on April 16th, 2008
  • 99

    Hi Nalak,

    I have read all your replies given to the querries. I can assure you that the majority of questnet members are agrieved. QuestNet does not have a customer service base. In case QUESTNET is not a FRAUD then why doesn’t it offer solutions to the members griviances. I am in the defence forces and can assure everybody that 90% of questnet members have been cheated into getting the membership. THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD AND THE SOONER IT IS CLOSED DOWN IN INDIA THE BETTER IT WOULD BE. I am presently pre occupied in some proffessional work but can assure th QUESTNET that i will get behind the company with a vengence as it is trying to dupe innocent citizens of their hard earned money.

    A piece of advice for all :

    If you are an agrieved member then start a drive against the questnet. FORM A YAHOOgroup or something akin to it.

    If you are lucky and fortunate to be safe the STAY OUT as it is a SCAM.

    ASk me for any details. FOR quest net representatives also

    Rajat on April 17th, 2008
  • 100

    Sorry for a few typing mistakes.

    Rajat on April 17th, 2008
  • 101


    “A man is not finished when he is defeated, He is finished when he quits – Richard Nixon

    “Success is like a ladder and no one has ever climbed a ladder with their hands in their pockets”

    You can learn from stone by Vijay Eswaran

    A great Italian sculptor was brought by the Bishop of Florence to create a statue.

    One tonne of marble was brought and put up in the front of the chapel. The sculptor was told: “They have the Sistine Chapel, now I want something special here, in Florence. I want it to be the best ever.” He commissioned him and asked: “How long do you need?” He said: “I need a year.” He said, “Ok, take a year”.

    The bishop went on a small tour and when he came back, he walked straight into the chapel to see what had been done…half expecting a half-finished piece of work.

    It had been three months…and the stone was completely left untouched. Not a single scratch, not a mark. All the tools were brand new, still lying on the side…nothing had moved, nothing had happened.

    So he called one of the lay brothers and said “Where is my statue?”

    He was told: “Every single day, the sculptor is here. He comes at the crack of dawn and he sits in front of that statue. Then he repositions himself and then he repositions himself again, as the light changes. And he just sits and stares at the stone.:

    “Does he take notes, does he draw sketches…what does he do?”

    “Nothing. He just stares and stares and stares. And when dusk falls, he leaves.”

    “This is going on for three months?

    “Yes, it is going on for 3 months.”

    “Oh well, he is a great sculptor, maybe he needs time.” So saying, the bishop took off for another tour. He came back 2 months later. He went into the chapel, and again not a single scratch. Again, when we he talked to the lay monks, they told him exactly the same story.

    So he called the abbot and said, “You are the abbot of the monastery. Go down to him tomorrow and tap him on the shoulder and ask him what is going on”. So he went, and there he was—the sculptor—staring intently at the white square marble.

    He leaned over very gingerly and tapped him on the shoulder. At first, the sculptor didn’t react. So, he tapped him a little bit more…again there was no reaction. So he gave him a light shout and there was a massive eruption.

    The sculptor turned around and immediately snapped at the abbot, cursing him vehemently, demanding that he get out of the chapel, and not darken the threshold of the chapel ever again for as along as he was there. If he ever took a breath, made a squeak of a noise again, or interrupted the sculptor, the sculptor would actually complain to the archbishop.

    The abbot just slunk away. The archbishop, on hearing this, thought “Let us leave him for a little while and see what happens. I am coming back next month. By then, he should be finished. Again, he went into the chapel…there was nothing waiting for him to see. Seven months of the year had gone by.

    The archbishop decided to talk to him the next day. At the crack of dawn, the archbishop sat in front of the marble, waiting. The doors opened. The sculptor strode right in. He did not even see the archbishop.

    He went straight up, picked up his tools and started hammering. The archbishop quietly left. Four months later, one month short of the year, La Peitra David was born. It is considered to be the finest sculpture ever done.

    Now the question would be: What was he doing for 7 months? The lay monks asked the archbishop this when it was unveiled.

    The archbishop replied: “The question is what has happened to my other 200 Davids.”

    “What 200 Davids?”

    The archbishop said: “Seven months of 30 days, makes is 210 days. Each day, he sat there and as he walked around and he has finished an entire sculpture in his mind, and then chosen to reject it. Can you imagine, I just missed 210 Davids.”

    The sculptor had studied the grain of the stone, the colour, the lighting and everything. You cannot remove it after it has been sculpted, and the sculptor learnt from the stone.

    If you can learn from stone, then the question even for an agnostic is, why can’t you learn from the person in front of you? Why would you need to asses him?

    The question is: How receptive are you? That is studentship.

    arman (indonesia ir) on April 17th, 2008
  • 102


    I salute you…

    May god give the vision to understand the vision of questnet for the people in Dark…

    Oh my god, Please release those who are in negative vibrations….
    Those who are cttracting negative circusmtances in to their life… without looking the sunny side of the word with Questnet Opportunity…

    My dear GOD, Bless the people who take the challenge to build questnet business… all around the world..

    Let all the people who beleive them self.. to become finnacially free… an enjoy their lives…

    Please give vision to the people in dark…

    nalak on April 17th, 2008
  • 103

    Dear Friends who type negative things about questnet…,

    please see the DVD “THE SECRET”

    learn about Negative Vibs and Positive vibs… which you can create from your own mind…

    What r u doing?

    The law of attraction works… The people who belive and imagine that questnet will be the biggest network markrting company in the planet earth are now repeating the same MANTRA… every day.. they belive they can become financially free with time freedom…

    You guy.. donot belive it or donot believe your selevs and creating negative vibrations.. with fear and doubts…

    Science has found our that a Postive vibe is more powerfull than a negative vibe,…

    So … no matter how you talk, type, blame about questnet… or any thing new to the society…


    2-3 million people who are involve postively including the founding directors… each and every day.. we release positive Vibes about our beleive,,,

    You guys.. in Negative worlds.. with full of fear and doubt with OBJECTIONS…

    We are more power full in our mind and soul…
    your blogs,,, your negaitive logics…. theories… will be in your minds…
    but questnet and the people who do it.. will progres in their lives…

    come and smell the coffeee..

    nalak on April 17th, 2008
  • 104

    Hey Nalak is it possible to transfer the fucking membership of questnet.. Is anyone there to buy my membership and vacation package..
    But the main thing is that everybody knows the naked truth of quest.. Noone will buy this..

    what about you Nalak.. are you interested ?

    Sumeet on April 18th, 2008
  • 105

    Is this the way you try to resel something you bought?
    Using a language like this with such a mindset?

    Yes.. its possible to transfer the ownership of your questnet Tracking centre and also can transfer the vacation package.

    For that you have to learn how to resell it and have to find a prospective buyer…

    Dont forget all around the world… more than 20,000 people by products and services per 1 week from questnet.
    All those sales are happenning thorugh refferals…

    Its yuor problem if you canot find any one to buy anything…

    LEARN… how to sell or do networking..

    Its a profession…

    Dont complaint to others about your Weakness…

    Ask the question Why did you Buy some thing from questnet…?


    If it is so.. its your problem…

    Questnet is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme…

    Its a business…

    You have to Learn how to do.. it…
    Same like any business..

    You have to learn about Products if you want to sell them…to retail customers…
    You have to learn about the business opportunity if you want to bring people to do the business

    I have both Very happy retail customers in more than 18 countries… who just buy the products and services and use them as endusers.. telecom/Vacations/coins/watches/wellness products

    Also same time i have People in 4-5 countries who came for the business opprtunity to be a distributore to make money… and get other benifits…
    Those people came for the business opportinity.. and i have ZERO complains from my total team… as i learned the business and did in a correct way…

    Any business people FAIL… but questnet you canot fail… because theres no time limit.. if you learn and do it in the correct way you can become successful…

    nalak on April 19th, 2008
  • 106

    Dear friends,
    You know that there are many beiefs and attitudes regarding money in our minds.. Those are rooting from our PAST… experiences, education, culture, family background,religion, etc… etc..

    The truth is that many of these beliefs and attitudes that some people hold have about
    money are nothing but inaccurate generalizations and excuses that keep them from living
    a truly a happy and wealthy life. In order to truly align your mind to wealth creation, you must debunk these negative myths and really look at the facts…
    Myth: Having a lot of money will change you (into a bad person).
    Fact: Money is a personality magnifier. It brings out the true person within you. If you are
    a selfish and nasty person by nature, having money will make you even more nasty and
    selfish. However, if you are a kind, generous and loving person deep down inside, money
    will magnify your goodness.
    Myth: Money isn’t everything.
    Fact: This is the top excuse given by poor people who are in denial. The truth is that
    everything is money. Without money, you cannot maximize other important values such
    as family, career, health, spirituality and relationships.
    Myth: Money will make you less spiritual
    Fact: If you are by nature a spiritual person, having money will allow you to touch more
    lives and help you do more of god’s work. In fact, the wealthiest people in the world are
    extremely spiritual. Not having to worry about money anymore allows many of the rich
    to focus on the more important things in life. Many truly wealthy people believe they
    don’t own their money. They are just custodians of God’s wealth.
    Myth: Rich people are materialistic. They worship money.
    Fact: It is the people who lack money who worship it. Who works all day, year after year
    in a job which they hate, just for the money? Who are those who constantly sacrifice their
    health and family to make more money?
    In fact, the rich rarely work because of money. They work because of passion and a sense
    of personal mission. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, George Lucas, Michael Jordan & Steve Jobs
    certainly don’t work for money…they don’t need to.
    Myth: To have more money, I will be depriving others of it.
    Fact: When you become rich, you actually create more wealth for other people. Wealth
    multiplies into more wealth. Bill Gates is the richest man in the world because he has created
    the most value in people’s lives through the creation of Microsoft and Windows. Because of
    his invention, so many more millionaires have been created as a result. Think about it, if
    Microsoft Windows, Word and Excel did not exist, would you have been able to create as
    much wealth as you have today?
    Myth: Money is the ‘root of all evil’.
    Fact: The lack of money is the root of all evil. The number one cause of murder, cheating,
    stealing, lying is poverty (the lack of money)

    nalak on April 19th, 2008
  • 107

    then Nalak why don’t you buy my membership in only 15k half of the price plus vacation package..

    Sumeet on April 19th, 2008
  • 108

    Dear Sumeet,
    Do you know what is “Cross Lining” In network Marketing?
    According to the Policies and procedure i canot buy you Questnet Tracking centre. And also i have purchased a Vacation from questnet. So i dont want another one.

    But dear friend,
    Instead of trying to sell me your vacation and the Questnet Tracking centre.. why dont you learn how to sell some thing for a prospective buyer. If you learn… im sure you can sell your vacation or a new product or a service which you can get commisions…

    Have you every calculate the benefit of the vacation Package what you have now?
    How many days you can stay with 4 people with your vacation package?

    As a help to you i will give some tips which can help you to sell vacation package…

    Ex: Questnet’s SAMPAI JUMPA Package is for 4 people to stay in a 4 star resort in Thailand… for 8days 7 nights..
    Its only 650 US $.
    calculate 4 people x 7nights = 28nights = 650$

    It means for one person for 1 night = 650$ /28 = 24 US$

    Can u please find me a 4 star resort room in Thailand for 24 US$…
    Im living in Thailand for last 5 years and i know the rates…
    And also this vacation package is valid for 3 years…
    It means even the normal hotel rates increased you are still entitled to get the same 24 $ rate…within 3 years…

    Now I challenge you all.. come up with this rate in any 4 star reasort in Thailand…

    (Dont forget not only the vacation package in this cheap rate… but also the Business value of reffereing and earning from Questnet… which you can earn up to 15,000 US$ per week… if you know how to build a network of retail customers and Distributors Network…)

    nalak on April 19th, 2008
  • 109


    01. I m happy you got the product. It means questnet works… right?
    i got the product after i warned my uplines of giving criminal case against them for misguiding me and for breach of trust.. ok????

    02. regarding the phones… you bought in questnet… What is the phone you bought? there are many telecom systems and hardwares in questnet. i can give you and idea if u mention which one you bought..

    i brought the q-fone combo 2… and what ‘IDEA’ can you give me about that… the stupid phone does not even have the features promised… it is a plain old stupid chinese phone.. you want features?? search mt6227 on the net.. it is the base of all chinese phones.. ranging from the dupes of nokia 3310 to nokia N95… and of course you amazing q-fone… now y would such a truly worthwhile, custome friendly, amazing, dear billion dollor company of yours give me a phone worth 3000 bucks for 35000 bucks??? is it nuimismatic too?? huh?? wow amazing… please answer that question instead of trying to side step it… and don’t even bother you preaching of ” but it comes with a amazing business oppurtunity to earn up to 6.9 lakh rupees…. ” forget it.. just understand that i could have brought 2 N82s and still have cash reserves with that money… what joke is this?? and what about the features…huh??? now tell me that the company id caring for everyone and is the most truthful company in the world…

    03. Regarding the Mother Theresa coin you bought for 13,500 rupees… please tell me these things
    i) who is the Manufacturer?
    the manufactures are the internationally trusted gold mint of allukkas..

    ii) which gorenment or organization Issue it? The issuing authority?
    issued by the mother theresa foundation for children..

    iii) How many pieces in the world?
    there would be pretty less than like 5000 pieces…

    iv) Is there any serial number on the coin? what is it?
    yes there is a seriel number and a BIS hallmark on it certifying its accecptance in all banks and jwellers.

    v) Is there any Certifiate come with the coin to certify that its a NUMISMATIC coin?
    oooohh.. the numismatic value… wow… well NO.. but there is a warrenty that the mint will take it back for the same amount as the cost of gold (which would be 9100 bucks) ANY day in the future.. and where is numismatism come in when there are tons of people who make the mother theresa coins?? huh??

    Aprat of that.. ask this question from you..
    Afetr you purchase that 13,500 coin are you entitled to get any busines profits from that Famous Jeweller or are you just an enduser?
    i dont get any business prospects.. but atleast i get my money back.. any day i feel that the coin might be dupe or not worth it.. i can just go there and give it back and take my money back… coz gold, like money is a asset which does not depreciate… got it???

    then again .. you were talking about the greatness of the company na.. well.. i was talking to my upline about the condition of the phone.. he is in bangalore.. when i told him about me planning to go to the court against quest.. you wanna know the great reply he gave me… please not my dear readers that this is the reply from a great leader of quest (name is masood) ” there are already like some 832 cases registered against quest in bangalore itself,.. what can you do again.. heh heh heh”.. wow man.. amazing spirit… and in the presentation it is said that there is only one case which was registered against quest.. that was by someone in coimbatore.. in 2002.. ya right.. can ya clear this great words of yours…

    also if i remember there is one post that all the great supporters failed to comment against.. one which is so very accurate that you migh have to really crawl you way against it… which one?? post no: 51 by RadheySham on March 21st, 2008… reply to that…

    and about my case thingy… i along with a few of my friends and a couple of advocates have started proceedings.. we are gonna go against quest bigtime.. anyone who wants to join hands in this strike please fo.. including rajan dutta.. as proof we have the products quest gave us and the same things we brought from outside… so the cases will be both criminal and consumer.. in terms of breach of trust, breach of contract, providing misguided information for profit, quality of product (consumer), and overpricing (consumer)… so my dear questies.. be prepared… time to end the game..

    and about quest being the next big thing… i dont think so.. i have joined another network marketting.. called RMP.. it pays for each pair rather than 3 pairs.. and the product?? well you can buy the SAME product from outside for the SAME price… and guess what nalak.. the company does provide the amazing business oppurtunity to make …… blah blah blah… and i got the product in 4 days flat… i have not worked for it.. so i did not get any commision.. but i’m least bothered.. coz the product unlike your so called numismatic and biodisky stuffs… is something that every common man can use.. like insurence, water purifier, vaccum cleaner, laptops, bikes.. etc etc.. and the cost.. well i already said that.. well now is there anything you wanna add you quest supporters?? huh???

    ninja on April 20th, 2008
  • 110

    and again to nalak and arman who suggested some good reading,…..

    where on earth in that book and quotes is ANYTHING related to quest.. TS ABOUT NETWORK MARKETTING… which by the way is NOT something that quest invented… and which quest does NOT have monopoly.. ok?? so FORGET THAT DUMB EXAMPLE… its like suggesting harry potter as a proof for that school of magic is a good place to do your schooling.. sheesh man..

    and that quotes by arman… what on earth was that… i too can say some good quotes and use it metaphorically to say QUEST SUCKS AND IS FRAUD… but i dont user it.. instead i say it openly.. and with facts… like all the ones against here… but you guys keep beating around and around the bush hoping that someday you will hit something.. common give us some real proof if possible… which i really would doubt if you might…

    anyway read my prev post (above) very carefully ok???

    ninja on April 20th, 2008
  • 111

    Network Marketing is next Boom for the coming decade. Do you know that Hindustan Lever are also in Network Marketing.

    The world Richest Man: Robert Kawasaki is owning a network company.

    Do you know that in global economy to meet the marketing challenges and CRM issues almost everything will be sold through Network Marketing.

    Opportunities will keep coming you need to grab it and remember in a class of 100 one three are the rank holder , those who really work hard .

    dudha on April 20th, 2008
  • 112

    I worked for a corporate for almost 10 years and because of recession they have lay offed more that 50% staffs from Indian operation without looking the loyalty of employees who have earned millions of dollar for them as well as all of us were competent enough.

    We need to survive with our family. Any other business that a Network marketing require huge capital(investment) but there is no gurantee of profit looking the huge competition as well as the repeated cost involve into any traditional business.

    I deed lots of research and concluded future is into Netwok marketing.

    Can anyone suggest which netwok marketing company is best to join.

    dudha on April 20th, 2008
  • 113

    what you said about network markettin is right.. BUT DONT JOIN QUEST.. its a scam not a network marketting.. read our posts above…

    also nalak and arman.. me waiting for your replies…

    ninja on April 20th, 2008
  • 114

    Dear Ninja,
    01. How do u say Questnet is not Network Marketing?
    why do u think so?
    02. Define us what is Network Marketing and Froud Scam?
    anyway please mention the Laws and regulations… for your definition…


    nalak on April 20th, 2008
  • 115

    Dear Dudha,
    Join to Questnet without any doubt….
    Questnet will be the biggest network marketing company in the world within next 3 years.
    Its your opportunity to take it or leave it…
    I can assure your success if you learn and follow the system…
    I ready to be your mentor if you really want to be .. financially free within next 2-3 years…
    Questnet is not a get rich quick scheme… and you have to work hard for first 2 years…

    Lots of rehections will be there… lots of challenges will be there..
    But if you facethem.. you will get the reward of financial freedom.

    But belive me… its much more freedom than.. working for a job and lving with a risk… of job security…

    If you want my support and guildlines… email me

    nalak on April 20th, 2008
  • 116

    Deat Ninja,
    First Read those books which we suggested…
    Then come up with your Objctions…
    Or come to bangkok and meet me personally…

    Binary plan is the most powerfull business plan and questnet has proven it to the NWM world… withing last 10 years…
    Many MLM GURUs predicted… questnet canot survive.. atleast 5 years… but Now QUestnet is 10 years..
    With you or without your.. questnet will be the Biggest NWM company in the world withing next 5 years… thats sure…

    What do u want to be…? its your choice…

    nalak on April 20th, 2008
  • 117

    I do understand you have change your focus from Questnet to that RPM stuff…
    im sorry.. to say.. you are a network marketing Prostitute.. who had No focus on one network Marketing company… and try one and again.. another one…
    So my convesation with you will be ninalized form now.. as i donot want to argue with NWM prostitutes….

    Sorry sir… you can do anything what you wish…

    nalak on April 20th, 2008
  • 118

    the person who wrote this is really now i think he/she should have understood how silly he/she was..
    you make me laugh..

    aditya on April 21st, 2008
  • 119

    Dear Negative thinkers,

    I have seen lot of posting about Questnet , negative and positive. The Postive people are achievers whereas as negative people are those who think that without putting efforts they must also earn in crores.

    All negative people : You are asking why 7k coin is sold for 32k? Did you ask the same q+uestion to Cold drinks company, 1 Rs cold drink cost 12 Rs?? What do you drink ? Pesticides.
    Do you have any answere to this?

    How much you are paid Monthly by ur employer? 1/5 amount. Is your employer not cheating giving PEANUTS?

    I think working like a Bull for 35-40 years is good for you? Keep it doing? W+e will be req+uiring servants, w+hich w+ill be difficult to get if everybody joins.

    Questnet Follow+er on April 21st, 2008
  • 120

    heh heh ehh…. great dialogue mr nalak.. and yet again nice attempt to change the topic… BUT ONCE AGAIN I TELL YOU TO ANSWER TO THE POST No 51… ok???

    about your verdit of me being a NWM prostitute… well well.. for starters.. i did not sign a clause with your stupid quest stating that i will spend my life with it.. and not join anything else… and secondly i am not interested in anything which cheats people and dupes them.. especially quest.. thirdly i joined it coz i needed the product.. and it did not matter if i took it from outside or from a nwm provided i get it for the SAME price unlike the triple pay of quest..

    then we may be paying this so call 12 times and stuff… but that is what is being done everywhere.. so you buy from outside or from a nwm the COST SHOULD BE SAME NA??? answer that… now.. i got the same coin as your quest for 13500… and you sell it for 32000… i got the same phone for 3000.. you sell it for 35000… show me the relation here… when i brought the coin or phone.. all the so called commission and stuff is taken and added into the price.. right.. that amount is the so called peanuts.. right??? well how come then the so called helpers of mankind – quest is taking not peanuts but watermelons??? three times the amount for the gold.. and 11 times the amount for phone.. wow.. and i dont know about the rest of the stuff..

    now you wanted defenition of network marketting.. right?? “Multi-level marketing (MLM), also known as Network Marketing is a business distribution model that allows a parent multi-level marketing company to market their products directly to consumers by means of relationship referral and direct selling.”… and the reason y i told you this is also to inform you that a NWM is supposed to give products at the market price not at some ______ prices.. ok???

    and ya please answer to the point rather than beating around the bush like you all do…

    i almost forgot.. about company giving peanuts… i have my own company… and i dont get peanuts.. if you decide to work under someone.. then you should probably learn to like the peanuts… if not go use your skills to do something of your own.. ok?? rather than cheat others..

    ninja on April 22nd, 2008
  • 121

    Goldquesters are BIG thugs…they have a good fate that they are still not banned in India..GoldQuest is not a legitimate business …I have been into it …Some one wrote on this blog Coca Cola is also a thief they sell a bottle for Rs 12 which costs Rs 1..I ask this gentleman..Coca Cola is not banned in any country like GoldQuest..Cola Cola is a legitimate company..Its wholesellers and distributers make a good money.What about Goldquesters? They keep begging for members ..they are not earning money ..they are begging money and looting people.How many GoldQuesters are proud to be in thier business..Not one…The ones who are proud are looters !

    Ajit on April 23rd, 2008
  • 122

    All Nwegative thinkers,

    It is simple that you don’t like QUESTNET because you are jeoulous of people w+ho are earning money.Everybody w+ho joins q+uestnet is proud except those w+ho joins and w+ants to earn money w+ith efforts and people w+ho are w+holesellers and dealers of Cold drinks company.

    Best of luck for your future for doing donkey w+ork for rest of your life.

    W+e need these kind of people because if everybody joins then w+ho w+ill be servant.

    Questnet Follower on April 26th, 2008
  • 123

    ya right…. heh heh.. amazing point of view… well… we are so jealous of you all.. and also of all the people who are rich… including all thieves and thugs… heh heh..

    dear follower,

    instead of such brilliant theories y not try to tell us answers to the questions asked previously… and nalak.. did you die or what??? huh???

    ninja on April 29th, 2008
  • 124

    Guys please understand something. company does not come behind u to buy the product. secondly there is no rule to decide about price of products set by company. As long as they pay the taxes they can sell the product at whichever price as they want.Only petroleum and other products can they check the price.what about cafe coffee day selling an 3rs worth coffee for 45 rs? can and give case against them??
    one more piece of information is that quest has problem only in iraq and u know the problems in iraq and the case is still being fought.recently there was a training here and i saw ppl from sri lanka . there is no prob there.please ask me if u need any more clarifications. will be more than happy to do it.

    questisthebest on April 30th, 2008
  • 125

    Instead of wasting my time to argue with a Network Marketing Prosptitute… better i concentrate to find another 10 people who are smart enough to understand the Questnet Business…
    If u want to know more Information about questnet business and get answers for your questions come to V conference in Penang Malaysia on May 21st to 25th.
    More than 4000 Independent Rpresentatives of questnet will be their including all our directors and successfull business builders in Questnet.
    Also Product exhibition will show you all the products of questnet and new products will be launched also.

    Welcome to the “V” 10th annivesary conference.

    visit for more information

    nalak on April 30th, 2008
  • 126

    If u are aware of pyramid scheme,you must be aware of the notation shown in here.and I guess u guys are not that dumb enough to figure how much money actually being circulated for its customers..
    and after seeing this,if u wanna say that this business is ethical and u r helping the manking with this business..then oxford people must pick u for redefing new meanings in english

    Level Left Right Total Sets Inflow You get
    1 1 1 2 0 60000 0
    2 2 2 6 1 180,000 11,500
    3 4 4 14 2 420,000 23,000
    4 8 8 30 5 900,000 57,500
    5 16 16 62 10 1,860,000 115,000
    6 32 32 126 21 3,780,000 241,500
    7 64 64 254 42 7,620,000 483,000
    8 128 128 510 85 15,300,000 977,500
    9 256 256 1022 170 30,660,000 1,955,000
    10 512 512 2046 341 61,380,000 3,921,500
    61,380,000 7,785,500
    87.32 12.68
    Company% Return%

    sun on April 30th, 2008
  • 127


    By Dato’ Vijay Eswaran

    Rejection is a central platform of all networking endeavour. Anyone who doesn’t understand why rejection is such a powerful and yet intricate tool of learning does not really understand networking. Take the word ‘networking’. Ultimately its about working a net. If you see a spider building a cobweb, in essence that’s where the term net/web originated from. It’s a concept we have pulled from nature per se.

    First the spider pulls one single thread from point A to Point B. And this is the most difficult, most strenuous, most daring, most imperilled venture by the staid spider. Because it is one thread and hanging by that single thread it generally it fails about 99 times before connecting. Because it’s so tenuous The actual percentage of success is about 1%.

    But the web itself upon completion can be an extremely powerful and extremely intricate construction. In nature, there is nothing that comes close. Man, despite all technological progress cannot match the intricacy and strength of a single cobweb even today. The strength of a single spider thread is still far stronger than the strongest steel cable known to man, if one were to measure it proportionately.

    Hence, it is the ideal example to use to describe networking.
    The first thread fails 99 times out of 100. But yet, this is the basis of the entire network that is yet to come and it will be the strongest thread that spans that space. Upon that single thread being achieved the spider goes back to its centre and then drops again to create another thread. Hence, you eventually see the entire cobweb over a period of time.

    Now how does this affect the term rejection?
    The spider has no ego, it has no pride. It has no intellect in terms of counting how many times it fails. It is focussed on the objective and keeps on striving and trying until it’s objective is reached. It can only focus on one thread at a time. But this is how the most complex, intricate, dynamic networks are built.

    Hence, you would find that some of the most successful networkers per se, who have been able to completely build huge networks, i.e. 50,000/80,000/ 120,000 people, have done so because they have never looked beyond the next thread/person that they are building upon. This so called simplistic approach is so powerful because there is no expectation, there is no pride in achievement, there is only the next step forward.

    So why this fear of rejection? Rejection does not demean you. It does not deride you. It does not deny you. It certainly doesn’t defeat you. It doesn’t even defy you. So why let a single rejection or a 100 rejections stop you.

    In the words of a good friend of mine, who is a great networker:

    “Rejection is just another gust of wind on my face. It cools my brow and is gone in the next instant. If I know it not, how can it affect me?”

    Through rejection though, there is so much to be learn’t. In every rejection there is a new lesson.

    A rejection teaches you what you should not do next. A rejection teaches you where you went wrong. And therefore teaches you if you care to learn from it, what you should do right. If you can only remove your expectation out of the way; if you can only remove your ego out of the way, then rejection becomes a gift divine. It becomes a true teaching tool.

    There is so much more to be derived from rejection than there is from success.

    Embrace it and it will guide you. Repel it and you will be forever entwined.

    For more networking wisdom from Dato’ Vijay Eswaran himself, please visit his blog on

    nalak on April 30th, 2008
  • 128

    yeah nalak. dont waste time on ppl who are negative. use ur energy for ppl who wanna be something in life…

    questisthebest on May 2nd, 2008
  • 129

    Dear Sun !!! You have just enlightened me and made me understood how stable the company is !!! wow company is havin such high gains and we are getting max of 5,75,000 out of it !!! by the way buddy u too work for some company with an employee mentality please compare ur companys annual income to urs.. eg is a guy workin in an 3 b dollar company gets around 20000 per month. please check for yur self the peanuts ur getting !!!
    Ciao buddy.

    questisthebest on May 2nd, 2008
  • 130

    any more questions to be answered?

    questisthebest on May 2nd, 2008
  • 131

    and yeah sun, we are paying 11.33% tds plus tax above 5 lac earnnings.. we are payin tax to the govt of india dammit.. wat else du wnt…

    questisthebest on May 2nd, 2008
  • 132

    Dear questisthebest..
    Have u ever thought of the people at the last two levels of ur chain.they are the people who ultimately gonna suffer.and u know what there will be more than 3/4 of the total people in this in this chain at the last two levels..

    There are no enough people in world to complete even 33 rungs of this chain. (May be they’ll try shooting up the world population some way and get the new borns registered. After all they need ‘manpower’ for their ‘business’. 😉

    AT THE BEST CASE, I repeat AT THE BEST CASE, there will be always 93.75% people precisly who will lose at least a part of their money and 50% will always end up with nothing in return. (That’s the magic of binary. You take any number of levels the count at the last level is always 1 more than the total of all above levels. Example, 1,2,4,8,16 sums to 31 and the next number is 32!).

    Mr.questisthebest..prove the above statement wrong LOGICALLY and STATISTICALLY! and belive me I am gonna join ur Questnet chain..

    and I know what I am paid by my company is a peanut out of its total gain.but you know why I am working here?
    It’s because I have a satisfaction that I not cheating anyone below me to make my bread and butter.

    sun on May 2nd, 2008
  • 133

    WoW Mr.questisthebest..I am glad ,u r paying the tax to government for this ..But where whats u r actual income source?
    U r child nodes..
    and what is the source of income for their child nodes?
    their child nodes.
    but what happens if every god damn person in this world is ur child node..
    u will be paying tax to the govt(I know u r loyal to govt)..government is appreciating u for ur sinciearity but more than 3/4 of the world is cursing u for robbing 30000 rupees from each of them

    sun on May 2nd, 2008
  • 134

    Dear All commentators who are not in the Field.
    you are standing on the the pavillion and imagine and thinking manythings and commenting.
    Your calculations are totaly wrong and questnet commission plan is very complex and not so simple as you are calculating.

    There are many other factors than the Company income and commsion Payout.
    The number of Direct refferals and the Maximum Pay out level for one Node in a Week and also Cycle product voucher system whould be taken in to consideration if you want to calculate the real figure how much Quesnt makes and how much Questnet payout for represnetatives.

    Im quite sure non of you the negative commentators know anything deeply about questnet Plan or products.

    Come to meet us in Thailand or Malaysia…
    Lets have a workshop to calculate and we will prove how questnet pay commsisons and how people can earn and how the retail customers can just buy products and stay without any lost.

    You guys see one blank side of questnet in your angle or the point of view.

    We were also like that before we see the wide angle and all corners of questnet bsuiness..

    Come.. and see the broad picture in Vconference Malaysia…
    May 21st to May 25th…

    nalak on May 2nd, 2008
  • 135

    Buddy Sun ur 93.75% people precisly makes me laugh my head off.. mathematically 2=3 [am sure u have got this mail] can be proved. let me ask u something, 3 birds are sitting on a tree and u shoot 1. how many birds are left.

    mathematically 2 but actually NONE !!!! Got it !!!!
    u talk about the bottom 2 rungs , what u must remember that even 1 or anyone who have earned from this biz was once its bottom most member and we worked up the ladder or rung.

    and precisely because of ur binary system company is able to sustain cuz in an binary system the number of ppl in the last is always atleast 1 more than the others !!![u actually made a good point there, thank you!!]!!

    not enough ppl in the world to complete 33 levels…not sure u know the world population. u are like frog in an well, u think the world is the well around u. get out of the well.

    well Sun when are u going to join quest 🙂 so i tink i made my point well !!!

    one more thing, everybody has an equal oppurtunity to do this business right… same level playing field.. jus play it hard u will earn… if u dont work u wil lose money.. whatever business u open its the same !!!i tink u agree on that.

    questisthebest on May 2nd, 2008
  • 136

    A situation will never reach when all ppl in the world join this cuz there are ppl like u and there are too many ppl in the world to cover…

    questisthebest on May 2nd, 2008
  • 137

    and as nalak said there are more things u shld know like the cap on the maximum u can earn etc cuz of which it is great… else person at the top wil earn a crore a week….

    questisthebest on May 2nd, 2008
  • 138

    i see that somebody from Indonesia has send a message but none replied to that. the great saviour of the world ninja also dint. and as far as the 51 post is concenrned i saw a post saying nobody has responded to it..the truth is that there is no need to respond. this is an ordinary mail which we get . i tink the heading was 2000 ppl cheated in cts. suprisingly after 2 months i got the mail saying 3000 cheated with same letters. wow atleast he cld change the letters.

    questisthebest on May 2nd, 2008
  • 139

    Mr Ninja or nelvin joseph, whoever u are… gold in aalukas does not fetch u the business and u saw it is 2 or 3 times the value. have yu ever visited a barista or a cafe coffee day. please please please file a case against them. i wil also join u.

    questisthebest on May 2nd, 2008
  • 140

    Hey, You all GoldQuest lovers, I am a member of quesnet (goldquest). Now I want to leave this fucking business. I want to sell the membership in only 10k rupees, is anyone there to buy this..

    So where are you all bloody questneters… have guts then buy this and prove that it is great business by making money out of it..

    saurabh patel on May 3rd, 2008
  • 141

    Mr. Saurath,
    Why we have to buy your Business centre or your product to to prove that this buisness works?
    We have already bought products and we are earning and you can come and see in V conference Malaysia to see and we can prove this business works.
    You guys have never learn anything about the Company, Products, Business Plan, How to explain to some one in a Professional way… it was your mistake… nothing wrong about questnet…
    So.. instead of trying to sell your Business and Product.. come and learn from some one who know how to do this business in a smart and Ethical way…

    People do mistakes… but people can learn from their mistakes or Other’s mistakes…

    If you remove the “EGO” and “EXPECTATIONS” out of the way… mistakes and failiures become Great Gifts…

    Learn from the mistakes….
    Questnet will be still there…
    Teacher will arrive when the student is ready…

    Winners will not quit… quitters will not win…

    Not only in questnet… any business… Thats the Theory…

    nalak on May 3rd, 2008
  • 142

    ooh.. nalak.. i will give a case against barista and cafe coffe day… oh wait.. i cant.. coz they did not promise me that they have all kinds of international certifications…. and ya they DID give me what i ordered… and oooh… they are ready to take back the thing i ordered and NOT take money for it if i am not satisfied with the thing they give me…. and ya ya ya… they ARE selling their stuffs at regulated prices… OK???

    now y dont you stop wasting your time jumping around topics… if you and your friends here are so questy… as i am tellin you again and again.. ANSWER TO POST 51… ok???? sheesh you guys do really know to cheat others and also to play angels after that… but unfortunately i happen to be a bit too persistant… i just need a few answers…

    TO all the guys here.. believers and the non believers… this so called agelic, billion dollor, truthful company quest had sent me a phone which they had priced for 34,960… and the features they advertised were 2 megapixel dual cameral with flash and digital zoom.. 512 Mb internal memory, dual bluetooth technology etc etc etc… but that amazing phone (amazing due to the fact that it must be the best brand in the world) had a camera worse than a VGA camera.. (if the blog permitted posting photos, i would have put a sample).. without flash or zoom… no bluetooth, less than 1 Mb of memory… no keypad lights, no screen brightness, no EDGE, no 3G, no PC suite, and worse of all NO support for JAVA files (which by the way is supported by 2000 range phones)… the phone is a 100% pure bread chinese one… the market cost of the same phone(oh sorry.. brand name is something else.. must be a quest dupe with EXACTLY the same hardware and software… wow) costs INR 3500… amazing na… now how come this company get this problem?? huh??? my dear questies answer me for this.. also tell me if this is enough to bring your billion dollor company’s name to the cheaters list???? huh??? answer this properly

    ninja on May 3rd, 2008
  • 143

    and also answer the post NO 51… which is a really nice one…

    each time i ask this all the questies like nalak and the team just waits for someone to change the topic or if that doesnt happen they do it themselves…

    so stop that and try answering to the point for a change.. ok???

    ninja on May 3rd, 2008
  • 144

    Ok Ninja,,,… lets Answer Post 51….

    1. Yes. Dato Vijay Esvaran and few other directors was arrested and kept in House arrest in Indonesia regarding a Court case in Phillippine in Year 2007.
    Later after the investigation the Phillipine courts orfdered to release them as the case was not True against QI Directors.
    In this world any one can go to courts against any one and anyone can be arrested. But untill the courts charge them and sentence them you canot say anything.

    In this case Philliphine courts clearly dismissed the case
    see link

    2. QI and Questnet are Hong Kong Based companies and here is the address…

    Address: 55th Floor Bank of China Tower
    1 Garden Road
    Tel: +852 2827 1889
    Fax: +852 2827 1833

    We have no idea about what you are talking about a Netherlands company… may be that netherlands company owned the quest net before we use the domain name..
    Now you can check WhoIs of the quest net and get confirmed its owned by Questnet in Hong Kong…

    If you want to see Hong Kong Office you can visit anytime and also visit the crime investigation beauro in Hong Kong and check about QI group of companies and Questnet….

    03. regarding Nalini Chithambaram… yes.. theres no Official connection with her to operations of questnet… But once she has issued a letter that Questnet India copmany is not vialting Money circulation rules in India… Thats it… some of the IRs have copies of this letter and they keep it as proof to show that Questnet is not violating Money circulation rules… Isn’t it wrong? as you negtaive guys use all negative newspaper articles to throw mud against Questnet… Questnet IRs also use some postive artciles and letters and etc.. to prove that we are not illegal…

    04.All Other things mentioned in POST 51.. is without understanding and calculating the real business plan…. so i canot waste my time on it…

    but additional to this I can put some thing regarding Sri Lanka Situation…

    Call to Central Bank of Sri Lanka and ask.. is QUESTNET company illegal in sri Lnaka or not?
    As Questnet is a hongkong based company.. no country can bann it locally…
    But according to the money circulation law.. if some one is misleading people by promising Returns in MONEY.. without proper explanation of company and Ecommerece transaction and Products… It can be a illegal action…
    So Sri Lanka situation is nothing about QUestnet company… central bank is warning people to understand clearly about what they are doing…
    Its Central Bank’s job…
    Nothing wrong with Central bank or nothing wrong with Questnet company…
    But if some one use his VIsa or master card and purchase some thing in any country and receive the product thourgh customs and Courier service its legal…
    But some peopel.. mislade people by promising wrong things by using questnet name..
    may be the one who gave you the information di like that..
    Its a personal problem…

    any one can use Ebay name and mislead some one.. to grab some money… its nothing wrong with Ebay..

    same like that we understand many people jum in to questnet and misuse the system as a gamble and mislead people…

    But its nothing to do with questnet…

    questnet is a ecommerece based marketing company with many products and services…
    people can visit and buy products and services for their personal usage…
    Theres nothing wrong in it…

    nalak on May 4th, 2008
  • 145

    Regarding POST 51… again..
    The number of websites which is linked to QI group…
    As QI is expanding and diversifying the business yes They have many websites…

    quest net is the ecommerce based marketing company which sells QI group’s products and services…

    nalak on May 4th, 2008
  • 146

    gold quest information seekers,

    any querries related to gold quest kindly ssend u r mail to .

    this is a kind of customer care for the gold quest information seekers developed by the set of gold quest leaders .

    kindly send the mail regarding only the doubts
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    send the mails reagrding the business tips.

    remember the gold quest customer care mail id is

    warning :- dont send stupid or absurd mails , which will inturn block or spam your mail ids

    raju on May 4th, 2008
  • 147

    If some one wants to know who is owning the quest net

    nalak on May 4th, 2008
  • 148

    Mr. Nelvin Joseph (NINJA)and other negative thinkers,

    Its ok if u dont want to do questnet business…
    Try to become successfull in any other thing which u like to do…

    After 5 years from now… if this Abhishek’s blog posts still there… come and share your success in your business and we will share our success in Questnet…

    One thing im sure Abhishek will be a Self Employee, SME who depends on his personal skills… and without any leaverage of time and skills as well as Money…

    you… Ninja,,, as you are doing some other network… its good… but remember FOCUS one thing…
    dont jump here and there like a prostitue…

    All other negative thinkers,,, do what you like to do… and watch what questnet is doing…

    Not Partcipating in Questnte is also another kind of partcipation….

    nalak on May 4th, 2008
  • 149

    Quest net is not good idea, if you are planning to make some money.

    Raja on May 5th, 2008
  • 150

    In a one line:

    A true Friend ship will broken when we entered in to the business

    Raja on May 5th, 2008
  • Raja on May 5th, 2008
  • 152

    Questnet people arrested by chennai police on Saturday …. for cheating peoples. They filed FIR such that grabbing the money of the customer who is unable to fill his tree ( If you joined, but failed to make referrals ). It is the second time. Just left this business. Its like finance companies, Teakwook business by anupav group or House Board by Yobu saravanan and some christian bishops in the earlier days. Chennai / Tn people will not join once again. Beware of this Frauds.

    Ezhil Arasu on May 5th, 2008
  • 153

    wow.. nalak… amazing answers but still jumping from the main points.. what happened to your BVI certification… is questnet even registered as a company in india??? and can you please send me a photo of the quest HQ?? and ya you yourself agreed about nalini chithambaram right.. so how come its publicised that she is quest’s legal advicor???

    and the most largely WHY IS THERE NO ANSWER ABOUT THE GREAT PHONE I GOT…?? huh?? isnt there a sight about q-fone??

    and your verdit of being a network prostitue… i never put any wedding woes with quest that i will be a loyal customer… if you call me a prostitute then i should probably call you a one man whore house… a white collered one that is… may i ask what is the mobile you are using?? what is the connection you are using??? what is the watch you are wearing… what is the chain you are wearing.. i am hopin all are made and purchased fro QUEST you faithful wife company.. right???

    nalak… understand that i have a very good job as the owner/worker of a company.. and i am just 23 years old.. i did it with sheer hardwork… there is no case where in 80% people i know would come and tell me that they got CHEATED due to them trusting me… and i know very well about customer satisfaction, customer loyalty etc etc.. dont preach about it to me…

    this passive income you are talking about.. i too will get it.. but to enjoy it.. i will have to put my blood and sweat into it.. which i was and i am… but its Mine.. my blood and sweat… not others.. which is what quest is doing… i WILL CALL IT CHEATING… and i will say it out loud and strong.. as i have proof with me.. solid proof… see dude.. if you are such a truthful and great person… y not buy the phone from me??? i will say openly.. that the phone is worth less than 3000 INR in the market… and it was sold to me for 34960 INR.. WITHOUT THE FEATURES ADVERTISED… if the company had given me the features they advertised and overpriced me then well you can tell me all kinds of crap starting from pepsi to barista.. right.. but what about when you are not give 80% of the features advertised?? huh??? please do answer… oh great faithfull slave of quest….

    ninja on May 5th, 2008
  • 154

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  • 155

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    raju on May 5th, 2008
  • 156

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    can we block this blog ,,, if yes mail to

    raju on May 5th, 2008
  • 157

    ok.. lets type again…
    To mr. Nelvin Joseph (Ninja)

    yes.. I’m using a PIRELLI WI-FI/GSM phone from Questnet… WIth the In-voice Service to make VoIP and call back phone calls.. (This is one of the world’s first WI-FI phone)
    Also Im wearing a Wrist Watch from Questnet Manufactured by B.H.Mayer Company In Germany and Cimier company in Switzerland (both are Subsidiaries of QI group)

    Also Yes im wearing a Chi Pendent from Questnet

    Also my all girlfriends (hah hah ha…not only one ok?)
    wearing Pearl studded pendents, Blue Tpaz pendents, USA Liberty coin Wrist watches, etc…

    And also I go for holidays with my girl firends…in QVI club resorts in Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok…

    Also i do my other hotel bookings and airticket bookings from bonvo which is also a subisdiary of QI group…

    very soon in the future.. we will get a fanstastic water filter from Germany.. through Questnet.. im know this as i have partciapted for Pre-Launch demo from questnet trainer..

    So.. what.. yes.. Im married to questnet… and im very loyal to questnet…

    Not only just buy products.. im full time earning my income and knowledge from Questnet…
    Also i have a customer base of products and services and also a distributor base in more than 18 countries..

    So… what?

    regarding BVI… as a company Questnet or QI group never gave any presnetations as BVI or Hon.Nalini chithambaram…oranything… may be some people are giving mis information… and using these names..
    Questnet company has nothing to do with those presnetations..

    regarding sending a Photo of QI head office…? do u belive if i send a Photo?
    U can say its not a real photo..

    so why should i send u a photo..
    if u really want go to HongKong and visit QI office..
    and take a photo with directors and also you.. stand in the office… hah hah ha…
    here is the address…

    55th Floor Bank of China Tower
    1 Garden Road
    Hong Kong
    Tel: +852 2827 1889
    Fax: +852 2827 1833

    if you come to Thailand … come to this address

    55 Wave Place Tower, 13th Floor,
    13.08 Room, Wireless Road, Lumpini,
    Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
    Tel: +66 2655 1526 to 28
    Fax: + 66 2655 1529

    Come and make an appointment with me.. i will treat you as a friend and share the wisdom of questnet…

    and lets take a photo…
    hah hah…

    You… Poor self employee.. try to do everythng with your Sweat and blood..

    Please read thse books as soon as possible before your waste your young life.. as you are 23 years old..

    01. Rich Dad Poor Dad -RObert Kiyosaki
    02. Why we want you to be rich – Robert Kiyosaki and DOnald Trumph(specially read chapter 27)
    03. Cash Flow Quaodrant – Robert Kiyosaki
    04. Think BIG and cick Ass – Donald Trumph

    Self Employees… think… MY Business, My Blood, My sweat, My Skills, My own way, My style… sorry about you… poor Ninja…

    regarding your phone..

    or go to one of these offices and complain officialy..
    without thretning in websites..

    QuestNet Enterprises India Private Ltd
    # 871, Solitaire Corporate Park
    Building No. 8, H-Wing, 7th Floor
    167, Guru Har Govindji Marg, Chakala
    Andheri (East)
    Mumbai – 400 021
    Phone: +91 22 2837 4084-86
    Fax: +91 22 2837 4087

    QuestNet Enterprises India Private Ltd
    “The Rain Tree Place” 9th & 10th Floor, B Wing
    #7, McNichols Road, Chetpet
    Chennai – 600 031
    Phone: +91 44 2836 5071/ 2836 2157
    Fax: +91 44 2836 0198

    QuestNet Enterprises India Private Ltd
    #7, Surya Towers, F-Block
    S.P. Road
    Secunderabad, India 500 003
    Phone: +91 40 66337891-93
    Fax: +91 40 6633 7894

    QuestNet Enterprises India Private Ltd
    #303, Prestige Centre Point
    3rd Floor, Cunningham Road
    Bangalore – 560 052
    Phone: +91 80 2228 2407
    Fax: +91 80 22370393

    QuestNet Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd
    Flat # UGF 112 (R-1)
    Upper Ground Floor
    “World Trade Centre”
    Babur Road, New Delhi – 110 001
    Phone: +91-11-2370 9077

    QuestNet Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd
    Building No. 27/2576C
    Yuvajana Samajam Road
    Cochin – 682 020
    Phone: +91 484 2310655

    nalak on May 5th, 2008
  • 158

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    (pen is 1 US$ and paper is free as i use oneside waste paper or Paper placements in Mc Donalds…)

    Qi group started in 1998.
    Head office in Hongkong.
    It’s Markting arm is quest net
    Now nearly 4 million customers has purchased products and serviced from questnet all around the world.
    Company has 25 offices all around the world to support to the growing network of customers and Inpendent represnetatives
    Even without offices more than 220countries questnet business is growing…

    in this quest net website you can see many products and services…
    Welness products with Nano technology, Watches and jewlry from germany and switzerland, Vacation Packages from resorts owned by QI gorup and Also telecom Products and services from Uk

    Now questnet is not a traditional marketing company.. We dont have Wholesale dealers, Retail Shops and We donot do Advertsing with media and superstars.. so company saves big profits when we sell online..

    But as company wants more sales.. questnet offers a commission plan for It;s customers to reffer more people to the website..
    Instead of paying for Ads and WHolesale dealers and retail shops QUestnet pay back commissions to existing customers… So Questnet custmers can reffer more people and get commsssions..
    To give out commission theres a business plan…
    You can register in questnet and When you purchase one product ora service for your self or when you reffer a retail customer to buy any prduct.. you are starting this business…
    If you dont want to reffer anyoneto earn monye you can just be a retail customer.
    If you dont want to buy anything for you.. you can find a retail customer and sell some thing and start the business..

    After you Qualify.. now you have your Business Centre and a personal web account to track the questnet business..
    It has 2 counters.. Left and Right..
    when you refer 2 direct referrals and when they purchased some thing from questnet website.. you get points to each counter..
    when you have your direct referrals you get Direct referral Profit margin… (ex; 500-700 $ products you get 30-50$ as D.R.Margin)
    After this step..of referring 2 direct referral in to your Left and Right Counters…
    weather done by you or them.. when ever 3 sales happen in your Lef Group and 3 sales happen in your Right group you get 250 US$
    Company pays out weekly…
    Ex: If first week you have 3 sales in Left and 3 sales in Right you get 250$ for the first week
    2nd week no sales.. in both counters,, you not get anything in that week..
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    If less than 3in any side.. you not get paid in that week.. but all the sales volume carried forward to the next week..

    when ever it completes a set of sales 3 and 3in left and right you get 250$
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    If you learn and put some time and effort you can reach this level by creating a team of distributors and customers…

    Now I have a network like this… (and draw my network…)
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    04. When you put some time and effort and help and create a team of more REFFERERS we can get a passive income…
    05. Even you die after building that team.. your Beneficiary will get the same income..

    There no .. monthly maintenance Quota, or target time limit and No stocks,, and no headaches of employees and accounts…
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    This activity can do Part time while you are doing your Job or own business…

    nalak on May 5th, 2008
  • 159

    wow… so we see the real face of quest in it supporters… bang him huh?? ya right… afterall that is what quest is all about… cheat others with blackmail (read emotional)… man you are sad.. i pity you… go on with your quest is the best… hope you all will be happy when even your parents leave you…

    and i am again asking the leader of the QIB group if you can answer my prev post…

    ninja on May 5th, 2008
  • 160

    I typed some comments.. and submit…but canot see in the blog…

    nalak on May 5th, 2008
  • 161

    Hi Nalak

    This is impossible, what you are saying is not correct, I never delete anyone’s opinions. May be if you post too many links in the comment, then it is treated spam and thus deleted..

    So once again, I would like to say, Your comment is not deleted. So don’t blame me..

    Abhishek Kumar on May 5th, 2008
  • 162

    Dear All,

    Every week 90+ people are joining my team and each of us are making good progress. Every month I am earning nearly 4 lacs which has changed my life and will continue even if I don’t work. After working for 10 years in IT earning 50K per month in India and even working abroad I was not able to save 5 Lacs from my JOB.
    Because of Questnet Now I will be able to enjoy my life by roaming across the world.

    Bye Bye to Job…….

    Abhi bhi Waqt hai… Sudhar Jao and Join Questnet.

    Even if you don’t want to join , don’t be obstacle in other people who want to grow.

    Questnet Follower.

    Questnet Follower on May 5th, 2008
  • 163

    I didnt blame to you,,,
    But i typed 2 times the same things and submit..
    but its not updated.

    nalak on May 5th, 2008
  • 164

    ok.. i type again without any links..
    01. Yes. NINJA…my watch from questnet… from cimier swiss watch company owned by QI group, also my mobile phone is from questnet brand name is Pirelli with WI-FI phone call facilityfrom qicomm in UK… also i wear a Chi energy pendent.. from Questnet come from germany.. under Amezcua wellness product line.. Not only me, my all girl friends (not one hah hah.. ha…) wears Blue Topaz pendants, Pearl pendents, USA minted Liberty Coin Watchs… etc..
    we go for vacations in QVI resorts in Phuket , pattaya, Ko Samui owned by QI group…
    also we book our Air tickets through owned by QI group…
    And i use aSolitaire Delux Discount card from QVI company to get discounts in Golf clubs, Spa, Restuarants, hospitals etc…

    For all this spendings i earn my income from Questnet…
    I have customer base for products and services of Questnet and also a network of distributors.. all aorund the world in 18 countries… and its expanding day by day…

    nalak on May 5th, 2008
  • 165

    before u waste your young life as a self employee.. who preach MY SWEAT, MY blood, My effort… My Money… My skill, my… my….. my,,,
    please read these books..

    01. Rich Dad Poor Dad – By Robert Kiyosaki
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    05. Parable of Pipeline – Burke Hedges
    06. Who stole the American Dream – Burke Hedges
    07. Wave 4 – Richard Poe

    nalak on May 5th, 2008
  • 166

    01. If i send you a Photo of QI head office do u beleive me and QI group? funny…
    If u want go to Hong Kong and take a photo.. with your face…

    02. BVI and Hon. Chthambaram’s name were not used by questnet company.. but may be some people misused… its a problem of individuals who misconduct their way… without learning questnet business…
    nothing to do with questnet…

    03. Why i should by your phone? If you want to sell try tp sell.. if you have any complain go to Questnet India office and do it…
    QuestNet Enterprises India Private Ltd
    # 871, Solitaire Corporate Park
    Building No. 8, H-Wing, 7th Floor
    167, Guru Har Govindji Marg, Chakala
    Andheri (East)
    Mumbai – 400 021
    Phone: +91 22 2837 4084-86
    Fax: +91 22 2837 4087

    QuestNet Enterprises India Private Ltd
    “The Rain Tree Place” 9th & 10th Floor, B Wing
    #7, McNichols Road, Chetpet
    Chennai – 600 031
    Phone: +91 44 2836 5071/ 2836 2157
    Fax: +91 44 2836 0198

    QuestNet Enterprises India Private Ltd
    #7, Surya Towers, F-Block
    S.P. Road
    Secunderabad, India 500 003
    Phone: +91 40 66337891-93
    Fax: +91 40 6633 7894

    QuestNet Enterprises India Private Ltd
    #303, Prestige Centre Point
    3rd Floor, Cunningham Road
    Bangalore – 560 052
    Phone: +91 80 2228 2407
    Fax: +91 80 22370393

    QuestNet Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd
    Flat # UGF 112 (R-1)
    Upper Ground Floor
    “World Trade Centre”
    Babur Road, New Delhi – 110 001
    Phone: +91-11-2370 9077

    QuestNet Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd
    Building No. 27/2576C
    Yuvajana Samajam Road
    Cochin – 682 020
    Phone: +91 484 2310655

    for more education come to VCON malaysia on May 21st…
    I will meet your there…

    nalak on May 5th, 2008
  • 167

    So.. sales are happenning.. with the 30 minutes presnetation…
    If the procpect wants to know about products,, differner websites are their to know more details..
    but people like not only the product but also the the income plan.. they simply slect one or few prducts and start questnet business..
    after they join.. if they want to be Just end user customers.. its their choice..
    but if they want to build the business for an income source..

    We have a proper training system..
    01.To keep people in the business.. As customers or RFERRERES
    02. Create more leadershipsout of reffreres
    03.Creat teams of Distributors.. for Leaders
    04. Create Leader’s Leaders

    This takes 2-3 years of effort..
    and have to face lots of rejections… and have to face to many stupid people who has no vision.. to see this business system…

    If you can spend that 2-3 years and do what im doing.. you can become successfull and earn a lot of money while helping more people to earn..and buy products and services…

    Thats how i earn money.. and enojoy my life with questnet…

    nalak on May 5th, 2008
  • 168

    Another update on GoldQuest aka QuestNet as on today from Times of India news paper Chennai edition. This is what it reads…. [link –

    Police reopen old Gold Quest case

    Chennai: The city police are having a tough time. They are being flooded with phone calls from senior officials and politicians of both Union and state government. All of them have just one request: Don’t pursue the case against Gold Quest International.

    The callers included senior bureaucrats from ministry of home affairs, state ministers, personal assistants of senior ministers and top IAS and IPS officers from different parts of the country. “We had to switch off our mobiles as the requests were many,” a senior police officer said. It was on Saturday that the city police cracked down on a chain marketing company and arrested seven persons including its director for fraudulent business practices and cheating.

    Earlier, a high court bench, comprising judges Elipe Dharma Rao and S R Singharavelu had set aside the earlier order passed by judge Kannadasan and ordered reopening of the case. In its order dated March 7, 2008, the bench instructed the city police “to file the final report for consideration of the concerned magistrate.” Appropriate action can be taken in accordance with law, it said.

    Following this, the central crime branch police, after five years, have reopened the case registered against the multi level marketing company. “We will soon send summons to the 172 persons who lodged complaints against Gold Quest company in 2003. But since the company had already paid investors their deposit amount, they are not likely to pursue the case,” a senior police officer said.

    The arrested were Pushpam Apala Naidu (45), managing director of the company in India, Augustine (37) and C S Dhandapani (33), both directors of the company, apart from Hariprabhakar (39), Sumesh (28), Chandrasekar Rao (40) and Vidya (30), employees of the company. Police were acting on a complaint from Dinesh Kumar (33) of Chetpet, who said he was cheated by the company. He had got himself enrolled by paying Rs 62,000 in the company’s multilevel marketing network.

    Sources said Pushpam and Augustine were arrested in a similar case in 2003. The Madras high court passed an order on April 19, 2005 and asked the company to repay the amount deposited by its 172 investors. If the company paid the amount to the victims, the case registered with the central crime branch can be quashed, the order read.

    A senior police officer said, “Pushpam, managing director of the company, had given a wrong address to the Registrar of Companies (RoC) while registering the firm in 2001. Pushpam had mentioned a lawyer’s address in Shanthi Colony in Anna Nagar as his. We are yet to verify the other addresses.”

    Kavitha on May 5th, 2008
  • 169

    Extracted from Chennai Edition of Times Of India dated 4th May 2008.
    [link –

    Seven of firm arrested for fraud
    Gold Coins Worth Rs 21 Crore Seized; Depositors, Agents Take To The Streets

    Chennai: The city police on Saturday cracked down on a ‘chain marketing company’ and arrested seven of its employees including its director on charges of fraudulent business practices and cheating.

    Tension prevailed in front of the commissioner’s office as police used force to disperse agents and depositors who protested against the arrests.

    Police said gold coins weighing 71 kg (worth more than Rs. 21 crore) were seized from Quest Net, headquartered in Hong Kong, in a surprise raid by a special team on Friday.

    Those arrested were Pushpam Apala Naidu (45), director of the company, Augustine (37), Hariprabhakar (39), Sumesh (28), C S Dhandapani (33), Chandrasekar Rao (40) and Vidya (30), employees of the company.

    They were booked under sections 406 (criminal breach of trust) , 420 (cheating), 323 (causing hurt), 341 (wrongful restraint) 120 (b) (conspiracy), 506 (1) (criminal intimidation) of IPC and and Sec 5 and 6 of the Prevention of Prize Chits and Money Circulation Scheme Banning Act.

    The police were acting on a complaint from Dinesh Kumar, 33, of Chetput. He had got himself enrolled by paying Rs 62,000 in the company’s network. As he got no returns, he had approached the man who had lured him into the business. He later met others in the company asking for his money back. However, he was allegedly assaulted and threatened with dire consequences if he demanded his money.

    Pushpam and Augustine had been arrested in a similar case in 2003 here. Quest Net officials have also been arrested in Nepal, where the scheme is banned. In Sri Lanka, Quest Net has issued statements repeatedly denying it is running a pyramid scheme. Indonesian police have arrested top operatives of the scheme, while its founder is also wanted by Interpol for his activities in the Philippines, reports say. The company’s head in Karnataka had been detained in Bangalore in February, police said.

    On Saturday, as news of the arrests spread, tension prevailed in front of the police commissioner’s office, where hundreds of people gathered to stage a demonstration against the police action against Quest Net. They claimed they were in the business for years and the police intervention would deprive lakhs of people of their investment.

    The police arrested a dozen people, including a few women, were taken into custody. However, they were released after an hour.

    Later, the agents and depositors gathered at a private hotel in Egmore to decide the future course of action. As the crowd started accumulating with placards on their hands, saying that ‘We love Quest Net’ and ‘We are happy customers’, the hotel authorities asked them to leave. Some of them, who were thrown out from the hotel, staged another agitation on the Pantheon road preventing the traffic. Once again, the police team arrived on the spot and chased them away.

    One more news paper Hindu too reported on the same. More info at

    Ha Nalak (Nalayak) bhaiya kaha ho, jawab to do..

    Kavitha on May 5th, 2008
  • 170

    quest is the best business..

    dsdfs on May 6th, 2008
  • 171

    Kavitha, what happened is correct but that is the routine followed by police. in that case even gandhiji was arrested. so does that mean that he is bad? no rite. u give a complaint and such a frivolous one and police did their duty. in 2 days this wil be cleared. this is only done by ppl who does not know how to do the business..

    questisthebest on May 6th, 2008
  • 172

    ninja i already mentioned that post 51 is like any other mail we have got. and nalaks has answered it i tink. what abt coffee day being regulated prices?? they decide the prices.. suddenly ur talkin abt certifications along with coffee.. i tot u were talking abt over pricing only. well coffee day or barista is also overpricing. the coins we get here is exactly like that and in case of ur mob go give a case instead of crying here. and ur blood and ur this and ur that is also involved in this also…. du think we get logins jus like that>? no we dont…

    questisthebest on May 6th, 2008
  • 173

    am sure there are guys in the blog who works for tcs. buddy du know how many cases are there against tata??? still u guys work for them…

    questisthebest on May 6th, 2008
  • 174

    i hope so i can sit a case against this owner of the site for giveing wrong information,without knowing the details.

    THAWFEEK on May 6th, 2008
  • 175

    Thanks for the Media and news papers and all negative guys and indian Police….
    Questnet is getteing free publicity…

    See the Movie GURU…. (from maniratnam)
    Dato vijay esvaran is the next Dirubhai

    nalak on May 6th, 2008
  • 176

    yeah the movie guru

    the first dialogue is applicable to us nalak

    “Log kehte hai sapna mat dekho[ppl say dont see dreams]

    par maine ek sapna dekha[but i saw a dream]” and i wil make sure i succeed in this dream. An dollar fall and al u guys will be in the streets. hope this blog is there for years to come so that we can share our success stories..

    questisthebest on May 6th, 2008
  • 177

    by the way in one newspaper its written mr dineesh was cheated with 61000 and in anther 33k and in another nearly a lakh!!!! wow sounds like weather forcast !!!

    questisthebest on May 6th, 2008
  • 178

    I found out some thing regaridng the case in India..

    One guy… has collected Money from Many people using the Questnet name and he has not reister them in Questnet… and Ran away…
    Many people were the Tri Show Drivers who has no idea about Interent or any doicumentry things..

    In many businesses CHEATERs are doing mispractices..
    We know many Insurance agents collect money monthly and didnt paid to the Insurance company..

    Like that Some guy has cheated some people.. in India..

    Its nothing to do with Questnet company..
    Its a personal Money Froud..

    You will see the result of Investigation soon…

    nalak on May 6th, 2008
  • 179

    (Wrongly typed last time)
    Dear QN promoters,
    Please talk something about the ethicality of this business. This business may be legal but NOT ethical. Analyse the money flow to QN and the return money to you. Then you will understand

    Nagarajan on May 6th, 2008
  • 180

    hah hah… when this Post 181 wrote? sure this content was copied from some old website and pasted here..
    There nothing to do.. with the figure of 10 people in questnet new business plan… 10was a number which was related to the old business plan with installment system 4-5 years ago…

    before your type some information.. get proper updates about questnet…
    dont just type or copy and paste..

    The real case now in india is ONE GUY has collected money using QUESTNET name and he has run away…with that money.. without paying to questnet …

    So its good Indian police can find him…

    Even Iran…few years before One Guy collected Money using Questnet name and Ran away…

    So how questnet can give products orcommissions to the people who paid money to some one else…

    If some one wants to buy anything from questent..
    or do business with Questnet..
    directly do transactions with the quest net website or Company’s Official bank accounts…

    nalak on May 6th, 2008
  • 181

    Now all of the guys who had many questions and doubts about Questnet Directors and officers…
    Now u see few Local director’s names in newspapers..
    Go to the courts and see them lively…

    And then wait for the results of the court case…
    Untill that… find some details about the questnet buisness plan from some one who knows it clearly..
    Then find some more details about the Products…

    During and After the court case im sure..Questnet network will grow with stable people… who are smart to unerstand the business..

    Be with this Wave….
    Dont be stupid to beaway and…people who take risk.. will get maximum benefit from this Challenge…

    Its the natute of agrowth of a Network

    nalak on May 6th, 2008
  • 182

    Tue, 06 May, 2008,03:17 PM

    The network members, who lost their money in the Quest Net, a multi-level marketing company, are continuing to storm the Chennai Police Commissioner’s office with complaints. According to sources, the police who sealed the company’s office is planning to freeze its bank accounts and arrest its founder Vijayeswaran who is in Hong Kong.

    The case is likely to be transferred to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for further investigation. Meanwhile, Quest Net officials forwarded SMS to the network members requesting them not to file their complaints against the company, as they were innocent. After losing the hope of getting their money back, the victims lined up at the Commissionerate for lodging their complaints.

    Unable to tackle the crowd, a separate counter was set up in front of Commissioner’s office to issue petition copies to be filled in by the affected persons. Meanwhile the complainants who reached the Commissionerate today had different tale of woes to reveal to the policemen. Many claimed that joining Quest Net was one of the worst decisions in their life.

    An auto driver, said that he pledged his wife’s jewellery to pay the amount in gold firm a couple of years ago. One of the network members convinced that he would be able to earn lakhs of rupees by just purchasing a gold coin and by putting little effort to sell their products to others. Another member Lakshmi alleged that only few have benefited from the scheme, ‘while a person like me had fallen prey to lofty claims made by representatives of the company.’

    The victims also alleged that they were asked to attend meetings in five-star hotels where senior men from the firm coached them how to market the products and enroll customers. Initially, the persons who attended the meetings were asked to sign a form and later the officials from the firm pressurised them to pay the money soon. For the Quest Net officials, the police action came like the bolt from the blue as they were yet to recover from the excitement of the attractive show in a star hotel. It may be noted, acting on a complaint from one of the company’s network member, the police arrested seven persons on the charges of fraudulent business practices.

    According to the complaint, Quest Net refused to give him the gold coin after paying Rs one lakh on the ground that he failed to enlist 10 more members.

    iarud on May 6th, 2008
  • 183

    Hey Abhishek,
    Because of Questnet… your website is getting more traffic…
    See the power of Network Marketing…

    Good or Bad.. word of mouth adverstising works….

    This blog has ranked as the most commented log post..

    So… Good for your…
    Get some google ads … near future more people will come to your website…

    May be after few years you can sell this site with many comments to QI group…

    Hah hah…good idea right????

    nalak on May 6th, 2008
  • 184

    hi viwers , what you say about this comments ,,

    banu on May 7th, 2008
  • 185

    also see this about the gold quest

    banu on May 7th, 2008
  • 186

    No Nalak, I don’t blog for making money. What I feel, I write here ? I make negligible money out of google adsense. So Nalak, believe me Money blogging is not my aim.

    Abhishek Kumar on May 7th, 2008
  • 187

    Great content.
    Its actually all real.
    Good effort to increase awareness among people.

    Gautam Dogra on May 7th, 2008
  • 188

    see the more details about gold quest at this site

    banu on May 7th, 2008
  • 189

    Dato’ Vijay invited by the Indian government to speak at Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas

    questisthebest on May 7th, 2008
  • 190

    abhi is making good money by using the quest net ,, good abhi , also this money will be unethical too

    banu on May 7th, 2008
  • 191

    some gold quest members will block u r site , carefulll…

    banu on May 7th, 2008
  • 192

    It is useless business.

    MARG-Srinivas on May 7th, 2008
  • 193

    hey nalak…

    thanks a lot… you might be thinking its for enlightening me.. well no.. it was for that link you sent me.. i did not have that page with me… so i was short of a proof for my complaint.. now that i have that, i can readily prove a lot more of things that is not there in the product…

    and ya watch out for a similar news event from cochin.. kerala… and to the list of charges against quest add in a couple more as breach of contract (unbailable.. as phone is a fuck up)… and mental harrasement.. which is due to the fact that i was short on money due to this.. so ciao man… and once again thanks a lot dudu..

    and btw i didnt know that being thrown in jail for public cheating and extortion could be a publicity for a company.. nice… maybe you should try it too.. heh heh heh… hey or y dont you invest around 1 crore in my company.. i will give you a bicycle which is having AI built into it… and a business oppurtunity to earn up to 50 crores per hour.. what say.. and please do give a case against us for cheating you.. so that we can be famous… heh heh heh… dude.. you are deligient.. ya dont worry.. we too have all the certifications quest has.. an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.. and a BVI too (just like quest) and guess what Dr Abdul Kalam azad’s cousins husbands brother is our legal advisor… so you in??? huh?? heh heh heh…

    get a life dude… ooooh… dato will be the next ambani.. ya he may be the next jail-vani… get a life and live dude… life is not all about money.. its about being proud of what you are doing… got it…??? which by the way should be something atleast the majority accepts as NON-CHEATING AND NON FRAUDULENT….

    ninja on May 7th, 2008
  • 194

    Mr Abhishek,

    You are doing a great job, i was approached by my friend to join Quest Net and searched about this in google.

    Yes they do emotional black mail. they tell all flase information and they show many fake cheques and videos and many stories (one guy got a house of 7 cores it seems 🙂 ). To all the readers my request is do not get cheated and cheat others. There are many ways to make money but you people cheat the poor and you are happy, living a luxory life.

    MR Nalak, gold quest is not getting media publicity, it is counting its last days. According to police source Interpol has release a red card alert to so called (Dato) Vijay Eswaran. And also the chennai police has taken steps to give gold coind back to the customers trough RBI.

    For more information people can contact chennai police commissner and give a written petision to get back the money.

    Yuvi on May 7th, 2008
  • 195

    nagarajan u analyse it.. even after the flow we are getting so much money which shows how stable company is. compare the money flow to ur company. ur salary is negligibile..
    sun , are u dead?? or afraid to join??
    ninja, i tot u have ur own business and was doin good.. what happ? suddenly short of money???
    nalak no use talkin to these ppl…ninja u can u that bicycle.. we have our cars to travel.. our hardearned quest cars… maybe 10 yrs down the line with ur hard earned money u can buy the wheel of my benz !!!

    questisthebest on May 7th, 2008
  • 196

    iarud , dude or duddette or somebody in betwen.. wake up !!! this is not 2002 this is2008 !!!! old stuff like u crying and whining[which is thepresent also] is over… putnew stuff

    questisthebest on May 7th, 2008
  • 197


    there are many ways to make money, PIMP Make money, prostitute make and they too travel in a good cars.

    Yuvi on May 7th, 2008
  • 198

    hii all,
    Is there any way of getting our money back, As i am also got cheated by one of friend :(.

    ravi on May 7th, 2008
  • 199


    i seen the link by you on vijay eswaran , really mind blowing ,, then why this stupid chennai police is creating problems,

    hi also i heard the grape wine that this tamilnadu government officials are asking bribe from gold quest , gold quest denied to give that as it is very much legal in this business,

    so the tamil nadu government got frustuated and made case against gold quest ,,

    what is this my friend,, really sad on this government officials,

    banu on May 7th, 2008
  • 200

    great comments,,,, , hi why dont you join in the group created by quest members – only for quest members ,, i think u need to send mail to them

    send the mail to and join inthe group , there the sharings about the current issue is very positive ,, i joined today morning , as i am a member in quest

    banu on May 7th, 2008
  • 201

    hi i am member in gold quest , nice to see this blog…with more informations that are eye opener ,

    rithu on May 7th, 2008
  • 202

    To all the people who think they are earning money from goldquest, just look into this. You are collecting money and taking some thing and donating to goldquest.

    if you work hard, sell skillfully, but are late to join, it’s practically impossible to make enough sales to make a profit.

    In my analysis I have the advantage of a computer science education which taught me about trees. One interesting property of binary trees is that the number of nodes with two children is always less than half the total number of nodes. Examples:

    We take the structure of 6 levels(level 0 – level 5) for explaining how money flows happens in this model… (Taking an example saying each person invests Rs.30,000 each.)

    Level 0 1

    Level 1 2

    Level 2 4

    Level 3 8

    Level 4 16

    Level 5 32


    6 levels 63


    If you see the calculation 7 out of 63 people gets the cheques for Rs.11,500 cheque. That means only 1/5 of the people are getting cheques(not the profits)

    level 0, one person gets the cheque for Rs.46,000(4 * 11,500)

    In level 1, two persons get the cheques for Rs 22,000(2*11,500) each. so it is Rs.46,000.

    In level 2, four persons get the first cheque of Rs. 11,500. each so it is also Rs.46,000.

    So here we go for the calculation,

    Totally 63 people invested Rs. 30,000 each. 63*30000 = Rs.18,90,000

    So 3 levels are getting the money as i mentioned earlier3*46000 = Rs.1,38,000

    So only Rs.1.38 Lakhs of money distributed to very few fellows and rest of the money Rs.17,52,000 of the money donated to Questnet, that means in a 6 level tree Questnet can able to block 17.52 Lakhs with them..If you take the coin cost into account.. for example coin costs around 5 Lakhs then 12.52 Lakhs of money donated to Questnet…

    So conclusion is.. If you are a questnet IR, You are not doing the marketing job, you are trying to collect the money from all the people and donates to the Questnet….>

    At anytime in this tree.. the higher level in the tree can earn the money, but that money comes from other people always…. in the tree only 15% of the people always in winner side….so they make more money.. but that money comes from other 85% of the losers. That means.. 15% of the people trying to steal 85% of the people’s money…

    Note: Here i have taken an endless tree… If anytime tree breaks i’m sure there are more than 90% of the people will feel the heat …(losers)

    So decide yourself whether you want to join in this scheme.

    So, no matter how many people join, more than half of them will lose money. In practice, in these organizations it’s not enough to have only two other people beneath you – to make a profit you need more. So the number of people profiting is actually far fewer than half.

    Amar on May 7th, 2008
  • 203

    This is for people who say: “These companies are productive: by cutting out middlemen between manufacturers and buyers, they sell goods more efficiently.”

    It’s true that cutting out middlemen can result in a more efficient business model. For example, Dell in the US is famous for selling high-quality computers directly to consumers. This allows them to charge lower prices than many competitors, because the competitors sell through stores which charge an extra commission.

    However, there are two big problems with applying this argument to QuestNet etc.

    First, these companies are full of middlemen! Every time you sell one of their products, a large part of the price is going to people above you in the pyramid. A person between the buyer and the manufacturer, who takes a portion of the sale price, is by definition a middleman.

    Second, the easiest way to judge whether a distribution mechanism is efficient is to look at the bottom line: the price. Dell succeeded not because people admired its clever business model, but because they liked the low prices it charged for good products. Any time a company tells you it has a new way to sell something, just take the item they’re selling to Merkato, see how much people will pay for it there, and then compare to the price the company is charging.

    Amar on May 7th, 2008
  • 204

    Dear Friends,

    First understand one thing some fools are telling that its a pyramid system. Do you know what exactly pyramid systems means??? you cant even earn a single paise than your upline or your superiors..

    i will prove you its not a pyramid system because i am earning more and more than my upline because i am in oneside for him he has to balance the other side

    so if you decide to earn more stop talking and start doing prospecting and you will become no.1 in india the great example is M/S PADMA SHE IS NO.1 IN INDIA DO YOU KNOW WHO INTRODUCED HER HE IS MR

    prasanna on May 7th, 2008
  • 205

    this is a cheating business
    plz kill the persons who are eating others money
    if these people earn money in a good way means they should know the value of money
    if we force our friends to join in this business means loosing them in future.
    so im requesting all indians to oppose these kind of cheating through out india

    lokesh on May 7th, 2008
  • 206


    kunal on May 7th, 2008
  • 207

    gold quest business is the best business , see below what shreekanth is telling in other blog ,

    Hi All,

    I read all the postings in this blog what bala, shanmug and remaining persons wrote. I want to share my views with all of you. According to shanmug in this business downlines will loss their money. But here one thing we have to know. Now every successful person in this business is a
    newly joined person once. Now they are succeed.But shanmug said downline will loss money.
    But why people are succeed in this business, bcoz of their effort only. We are woking in the different companies, if we are not doing any work in the company whether company will pay the amount? no. In this business also effort only will make the money. Once candidate is joined because of earning money. Don’t said my friends and presenters forced me for joining. Here no one is not an innocent, and no one is not a child. People failed in this bcoz of lazyness only. Can anyone think in india why 90% of amount is in 10% peoples hand(Like ambani, tata, narayana murthy). They are not rich at by birth. How they succeed in life? Compare ourselves with those persons not with beggars. Shanmug and some others speaks about the cases on questnet. Ok. Can anyone show me one company without having any case? Case is filed on questnet.Then what about the result. why the cases are closed? Just see the credit card back side. They clearly mentioned this card is not worked in some countries like nepal, bhutan etc..Why?

    Some persons said our india amount went to malysia. It is not good for our economy. This statement is absolutely wrong. The amount is rotated in india only with the form of cheques for uplines. Every foreign company must use their 40% profit in india for doing the business in india.It is a govt law. quest builds the houses and doing the charity with the name of “RYTHM”. Present all IT companies in india are foreign companies. We are working for those companies. To where the company profit is going on. To some foreign countries. Is it good for our economy. We paid tax for our salary. Here in the business also we paid tax to the govt. If any body think it is not correct then leave ur job first and speak. In our daily activities we are using bikes, tvs, powders so many things are came from foreign countries. we are using all these things means we paid amount for foreign countries. Is it right way to think? What all these things? what we are thinking?

    If i did a mistake then police will arrest me. In this situation how my company will responsible. In the villages uneducated people think, because of computer mistake my details are wrong in the voter cardsetc.. How computer will do the mistake. Here operator did the mistake. people don’t know the operator, they know only computer. Here also some persons did the mistake people blaming questnet did the mistake.

    Most of the members hates amway business. But amway is working past 50 years. in the previos year they got 750 crores profit. How they will get the profit. No doubt amway will work after 100 years also. Every business having their own strategies.

    Think all the people one simple thing. If u have any health problem who will give the good suggestion. Doctor or outside persons. If ur answer is doctor then ask about this business who are doing the business not for outsiders.

    Finally onething critisising one thing with out knowning that one it’s just like critisising total railways department when one train is fall bcoz of guard mistake.

    rithu on May 7th, 2008
  • 208

    big fat asses, if you dont know about the company dont fuckin talk. work your back out to earn money. dont prevent those who want to work and live. if you cant earn put your cork in your mouth and go to sleep. what the fuck do you’ll know about quest net. if they tell you spend one lakh to fuck a girl you will do it. but dont put unneccessary blame on a good company. go fuck your self if you dont know about quest net.

    gerhard joseph on May 7th, 2008
  • 209

    […] Comment on Beware of GoldQuest or QuestNet by questisthebest6 May 2008 by questisthebest by the way in one newspaper its written mr dineesh was cheated with 61000 and in anther 33k and in another nearly a lakh!!!! wow sounds like weather forcast !!!Comments for Abhishek Kumar – […]

    gold quest | Information Blog on May 7th, 2008
  • 210

    Mr. Abhishek,
    Its nice you donot maintain a Blog post website for Money..
    But ultimeately Financial aspects of life comes to control all other areas of life aspects…
    Including charitable things…
    If u have a secure income source you can spend your time to Do charitable Blogs or religious life… or family, carrer which u really passionate about(not for money), Physical aspects, Mental aspects, etc,….

    So Money is not a Dirty thing… its just another ource….
    But many people even they say MONEY is not important… they work 8-10 hours for Money… also they put their Blood and Sweat on it and working hard for money…

    But real business people Put their MONEY to Work for them…
    They dont work for money..
    They dont follow money…

    Instead of that…
    their MOney work for them… in a system
    Then the MOney follows them…

    in Questnet… we invest some money to buy a product and we enter in to a reffreal marketing system..
    Initially we put some time and effort as well as our contacts… with full passsion and knowledge..

    Later… when we create a system by offereing the same opportunity for more people they also duplicate us…

    And the system starts to operate with out our effort…
    Questnet dilivers products and maintain the company & webiste

    So our system… which we created with the support of Questnet and the THE V team.. is working for us…

    ANd we have the Money and time for other aspects of life…

    To blog, to have family life, to enjoy, etc etc…

    Now tell me… which JOB can give you this opportunity… ?
    WHich other traditional business can create this Freedom?

    Just ask your self and open your mind…

    nalak on May 7th, 2008
  • 211

    Hi ninja

    I like your business, don’t worry about the negative people like questisthebest and nalak. They don;t know anything about your business still they don’t know how to cheat friends and relatives. We will form a group… whoever has a capability to cheat others and we will grab money from others. Here after i’ll call you Nito means super business magnet. You can learn to tell some useless stories that should end with some moral and you can write some books like “Live with ethics, die poor or live without ethics die rich” then only we will cover people. We will start the business in India because there only so many IT people are with lot of money and people with less awareness. Sometimes people like abhishek, will try to spread awareness but we will handle it.

    iarud on May 7th, 2008
  • 212

    heh heh heh… and we have some really really blind believers like nalak and quest follower… heh heh heh… like you said in the future our dear nalak would be saying. i will be like ninja… just like ambani said… and ya btw nice theme for the book.. heh heh

    Live with ethics, die poor.. live without ethics die rich .. amazing man.. heh heh heh..


    i am not short of money.. and about the benz?? in 10 years na… well you want one now?? at least take a ride in one?? come to cochin.. heh heh heh… dude… people respect me for what i do.. for what i am.. i dont think there would be anyone who would say that ninja is a cheater.. and if anyone who buys anything from me is not satisfied and feels cheated, i have the courtesy to give him back the money and apologize to him.. and i will make sure that the next time he comes to me and buys something, we reach up to his expectation..

    and that 10 year plan you were making for me.. thanks.. and as grateful i am let me give you a return offer.. in 10 years when the Quest is only prevalent in the files of interpol and fbi and the likes, contact me.. i shall give you one chance to earn with you sweat and blood… i shall give you a chance to redeem yourself of the damage and hurt you have caused to the many under you… ok???

    ninja on May 7th, 2008
  • 213

    thank u my savior.. thank u ninja.. thanks a lot for the offer but i dont think u need partners for beggin.. beggars like u and the guy above iarud can be together.. why do u need to come to ur stupid cochin to see the benz wen i have t here

    questisthebest on May 7th, 2008
  • 214

    you know someone here was speaking about the greatness that quest gives to its IRs.. wow nice to see it in action Mr Questisthebest…. bravo…..

    ninja on May 7th, 2008
  • 215

    CHENNAI: For the third consecutive day on Tuesday, people came in large numbers to the office of the Commissioner of Police in Egmore and lodged criminal complaints against the Gold Quest and its directors.

    Additional police personnel were deployed at the entrance of the Commissionerate to regulate the crowd.

    Thorough examination

    Commissioner of Police G. Nanchil Kumaran told The Hindu that the police would thoroughly examine all petitions and take stern action against the accused, if they were found to have cheated the public.

    So far, they had received about 900 complaints, the Commissioner said.

    Last week, the police had sealed the company’s premises near the Chetpet police station.

    Agents and some staff of the company who had information about the functioning of the company are being investigated.


    i don’t think hindu publish old 2002/2003 news

    iarud on May 7th, 2008
  • 216

    To gerhard joseph ,
    Even you are supporting to Questnet I really dont like your language you use…Please nice language and dont use Vulgar words… By argue with Bad words with anger and ego… nothing can be obtained.. it only satisfy you for a while… but giving negative output .. for the company… as well as for you…

    Instead of creating
    Anger, Complains, Jelous, Sadness, Doubts, Frustration…
    Please use and share excitement, Hope, Happiness, love and kindness.. whcih can create positive vibrations around you …

    If u create negative vibrations from your words and thinking from your mind you will attract more negative circumstances…

    The police cases and many negative articles are not accidential…
    All of them were attracted by someone’s thoughts…

    So instead of creating anger and negative vibration crere positive vibs,,,

    This is a simple logic… and it’s auniversal truth.. called LAW of Attraction…

    Most powerfull words in the world : ” Please Forgive me, I’m Sorry, Thank You, I Love you”

    nalak on May 7th, 2008
  • 217

    I dont understand what is ninja typing now…
    Please come to the points…

    Not personal mud slungs…

    There are 4 catogories of people… accring to Robert Kiyosaki..
    01. Employees
    02. Self Employees (like you ninja,, also Abhishek… who depends on the personal talents and skills.. Blood and sweat)
    03. Real BusinessMan (who creates a system of people and depend on Other People’s Time, Money, and also skills)
    04. Investors – Invest Money for a System which is running..

    Now Lets talk about the 03… catogory…

    Dhirubhai Ambani…
    First was an Employee, Then started Business like a Self employee.. with his skills and his money..

    Later he Invited for Others to work and invest Money…
    Other people’s MONEY and Other Peopl’es Time..
    (OPM and OPT)

    Begeining many Newpapers and Media and other high class business people said this was Illegal…

    But creating leaverage of Money and Time is the only Secret for Ambani Family to come to world Billionire ranking…

    So they are real business people..

    Real Business people take risk and handle other people’s money and time..
    Bank Loans, Investors shares, and Employee’s Time and skills..

    So if some Real business can handle it in to a system… its creating wealth…
    Wealth is Not only money..
    Money freedon and Time freedom both…

    Ninja, can u stop working for one year and Go for a vacation with your Girl friend off the phone and not check emails… and can u still earn from your business?
    Or can you take care your parents for one year? (if they sick… if it happensss… I wish donot happen it…)

    Now.. how many people can answer YES to this question without worrying about financial income source…

    But Can anil ambani do that? yes.. i’m sure..
    can Warren Buffet do that? yes… Warren buffet is wrting 1 letter once a year to his Company CEOs..
    with 2 rules..
    01. Dont loose money of your share holders(Outside investors)
    02. Dont forget Rule 01…

    So thats it… for the whole year…

    U see.. money is from outside investors… and Work is from CEOs and staff…
    Thats why he can do anything whole year..

    Now how many of us can do it?

    Can we ask other’s or banks to invest…?
    Can we pay salary for 500 people including High professional CEOs.. who can run a system.. canot,,,

    Now… in questnet..
    I just Invested 500 $ and bought a telecom system.. 3 years before…
    and now i have a network of customers, Distributors, Sales people, Great motivators, IT guys, Engineers, Doctors, etc… who put their Time and effort with skills and their money.. to BUy products and promote products or the business Plan… and build teams..

    So i donot pay any salary for anyone…
    I dont have my investment… for product manufacuring.. or dilivering..

    So i Use Other people’s money and Other people’s Time..

    So is it Bad?

    Yes some of you can say its bad.. and you are guilty to do.. it..

    No problem its your choice.. to be in Employee or Self Employee catogory…

    But… I prefer to be in the catogory of real businsess people’s catogory… like Dhirubhai Ambani, Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet… Etc…

    Only 5% of the world think like that…
    So that 5% controls all other 95 % people money and time…

    Its ok…
    I decided to be in 5%…
    You can be and die… in other 95%…
    Nothing wrong.. or nothing correct…
    Its your choice…

    QUestnet has created that opportnity with products.. and system for people like us…

    Thanks Dato Vijay for your Vision…

    nalak on May 7th, 2008
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    Please don’t join Quest.

    rithu on May 8th, 2008
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    How many companies in the world, do you think, could have withstood the in-depth due diligence applied by The Sydney Olympics Committee to qualify as a distributor of the Sydney Olympic Commemorative Coins Set minted by the Royal Australian Mint and The Perth Mint? Additionally, GoldQuest International, has distributed coins on behalf of many of the world’s major mints.
    GoldQuest International is in a powerful partnership with the Mayer’s Mint of Germany, one of the world’s oldest (130 years) and most respected mint. Goldquest has already been granted worldwide rights to distribute the 2002 World Cup Football commemorative coins by FIIFA.
    Today, GoldQuest International is one of few bidders left in the race to be the official designer, minter and distributor of the 2004 Athens Olympics Coin Set. No mean feat by a young company by any international standards, don’t you think so? And yes, we are also looking further down the road to the 2008, Beijing Olympics.
    GoldQuest retails very high quality gold products, minted by equally highly reputed mints around the world. In 2004, GoldQuest International became the exclusive worldwide distributor of the Champions of Peace Series, to commemorate 20th Century men and woman who have made valuable contributions to world peace and human development.
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    Would The Vatican have endorsed GoldQuest International if it were not a reputable company? Would the Pope even consider granting an audience to the Managing Director of GoldQuest International, Mr Vijay Eswaran on 17th May 2000, on the eve of his Excellency’s 80th Birthday, if there was the slightest suspicion that the company’s values and conduct were despicable? In fact, two directors of GoldQuest were granted this audience with Pope John Paul II, at which time he endorsed the coin series bearing his image. Many heads of state are unable to secure an audience with the Pope, so this was no mean feat, don’t you think?

    zxczx on May 8th, 2008
  • 221

    Gold quest information Seekers,
    Find here some thing about the credibility of company
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    QI quickly became one of the world’s largest and most respected providers of limited-edition numismatics, fine gold and diamond jewellery, as well as distinctive timepieces and stylish writing instruments. As more QI subsidiaries have emerged, QuestNet was created to support the group’s burgeoning customer base. An e-commerce powerhouse, QuestNet’s remarkable growth continues, as does the global reach and reputation of the QI Group.
    QI’s success reflects the creative, entrepreneurial spirit of a team led by resourceful managers who focus on solid economic fundamentals and an all-consuming commitment to customers and partners. The group’s expansion into high-quality interrelated businesses, products, and services has created many new opportunities for customers.
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    In just eight years, the group has built a significant track record of innovation and achievement.

    zxczx on May 8th, 2008
  • 222

    In your world small world of selling… you know only Seller and a buyer..
    It’s stone age thinking…
    may be Thousands of years ago… when people exchange salt, meat and few other basic needs… yes.. there were only 2 people in a transaction… seller and a buyer…

    But now this is year 2008… Not stone age…This information age… (after passing all agriculture age, industrial age… etc)

    Now… In traditional marketing you said only one or two middle man… Poor Amar…thats what u see at the front end as a Stone age minded customer…

    Can i tell you few of the middle man when you receive a product or a service…?
    Material Supplier…
    product Manufacturer’s Staff.. (managers, labours etc…)
    Transportation system employees… (truck drivers, transport managers)
    Wholesale dealers… Their staff…
    Advertsiing agency Owners, Diretors, creative directors, artisits, Superstars like sachin tendulcar sharukch khan, Cameraman, News paper media, TV station people… Oh.. a lot..
    retail dealers
    Their sales and marketing staff..
    The building owner of the Sales outlet…

    Sorry i can type more.. but this is enough…

    But when questnet market it’s products..
    After the Product Manufacturer and Questnet Marketing COmpany Overheads and Profits….
    There are only 14 middle man.. gets 41 US$ per each sale..
    If u dont understand the plan… please consult some one who know the plan properly…
    After 14 level.. the 001 Upliner not get anything from the sale.. as he/she has passed the maximum payment of 15,000 $ per week which Quetsnet pays for One represnetative…. This Binary business plan calculation is very complex.. and im sure a STONE AGE mind like you will never understand it…

    Now here we are not SELLERS to the Buyers…
    Yes Ultimately the person who purchase some product or a service from quest net is a customer… Thats right..
    But the next step is he is not a seller.. or a sales man..
    he/she is a REFFERER… its a new postion… in the Internet Economy…
    Please mr. Amar, dodnt join to questnet… as you mindset is not qualified to be in Information age Econmy.. People like you can exchange Salt for Meat….
    Then only Buyer and seller..

    Hah hah.. ha… sorry about you…

    nalak on May 8th, 2008
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    rithu on May 8th, 2008
  • 226

    i seen this is other blog , this proves gold quest is the best business..

    According to shanmug in this business downlines will loss their money. But here one thing we have to know. Now every successful person in this business is a
    newly joined person once. Now they are succeed.But shanmug said downline will loss money.
    But why people are succeed in this business, bcoz of their effort only. We are woking in the different companies, if we are not doing any work in the company whether company will pay the amount? no. In this business also effort only will make the money. Once candidate is joined because of earning money. Don’t said my friends and presenters forced me for joining. Here no one is not an innocent, and no one is not a child. People failed in this bcoz of lazyness only. Can anyone think in india why 90% of amount is in 10% peoples hand(Like ambani, tata, narayana murthy). They are not rich at by birth. How they succeed in life? Compare ourselves with those persons not with beggars. Shanmug and some others speaks about the cases on questnet. Ok. Can anyone show me one company without having any case? Case is filed on questnet.Then what about the result. why the cases are closed? Just see the credit card back side. They clearly mentioned this card is not worked in some countries like nepal, bhutan etc..Why?

    Some persons said our india amount went to malysia. It is not good for our economy. This statement is absolutely wrong. The amount is rotated in india only with the form of cheques for uplines. Every foreign company must use their 40% profit in india for doing the business in india.It is a govt law. quest builds the houses and doing the charity with the name of “RYTHM”. Present all IT companies in india are foreign companies. We are working for those companies. To where the company profit is going on. To some foreign countries. Is it good for our economy. We paid tax for our salary. Here in the business also we paid tax to the govt. If any body think it is not correct then leave ur job first and speak. In our daily activities we are using bikes, tvs, powders so many things are came from foreign countries. we are using all these things means we paid amount for foreign countries. Is it right way to think? What all these things? what we are thinking?

    If i did a mistake then police will arrest me. In this situation how my company will responsible. In the villages uneducated people think, because of computer mistake my details are wrong in the voter cardsetc.. How computer will do the mistake. Here operator did the mistake. people don’t know the operator, they know only computer. Here also some persons did the mistake people blaming questnet did the mistake.

    Most of the members hates amway business. But amway is working past 50 years. in the previos year they got 750 crores profit. How they will get the profit. No doubt amway will work after 100 years also. Every business having their own strategies.

    Think all the people one simple thing. If u have any health problem who will give the good suggestion. Doctor or outside persons. If ur answer is doctor then ask about this business who are doing the business not for outsiders.

    Finally onething critisising one thing with out knowning that one it’s just like critisising total railways department when one train is fall bcoz of guard mistake.

    rithu on May 8th, 2008
  • 227

    I see people cribbing about how a few wrong people who did not put in the efforts but wanted to earn quick money complained to the police and have now given the business a bad name. If the business is so clean and above board, why were such people enrolled in the business without being properly enlightened about the business. I will tell you why, becausng having spent Rs. 33,000 of your hard earned money, you are forced to enroll all and sundry to recoup your investment, because 1) all the timid middle class people who will be willing to shell out such a big sum of money and yet not complain when there are no returns , because you happen to be their brother/uncle/cousin/good friend or because they are good and decent, have all been either taken or become wiser by reading blogs such as these.

    Now you are really trying to scrape off the bottom of the barrel and the people you are enrolling now are the lower middle class people for whom Rs. 33,000 is money saved up for a child’s education or seed money for a girl child’s marriage in the future or their life savings. These people are not going to let you gold questers get off easily. They are going to fight for their every paisa. None of your specious arguments and none of your so called connections (Nalini Chidambaram is the counsel etc) is going to save you guys this time. No politician will risk to incur the wrath of the voting public(the lower middle class people that are queing up to complain againt you now), in an election year. So only god can save you now. All the best!

    goldquestsucks on May 8th, 2008
  • 228

    Hi prasanna

    You mean to say that your uplink is a looser and you are a winner. Means that not only the botttom one loose ( infact even he will have a chance to do some thing) the upper level people also loose.

    Now with this one thing is clear. The first promise that these people do is who will be earning a lot with out doing any work. Which is completely false.

    Just consider what prasanna said. Prasanna earns more than her upper link. That means ever you lower memeber are efficient who will not bet getting any thing. You need to still work harder and harder. This is what ever one over her who are suppporting gold quest are saying. You need to work hard. WORK HARD. Is this what these guys says when you attaten there meeting, you need to WORK HARD. NO. They say you will be earning with you working harder. thats what they say. No see every one is saying WORK HARD.

    Particullarly when they approach a person who are already working (not like these JOB LESS Fellows who cant survive with out these type of bussiness) they say this will be your part time job. if you feel in their trap who will be find that this had occupied all you time.

    The most pitty part of this is you need to WORK HARD to make other fall into to your trap.

    Amar on May 8th, 2008
  • 229

    great news !!! check todays hindu and express.. naalak great point buddy !!!

    questisthebest on May 8th, 2008
  • 230

    Every bussines is described as a seller selling or offering a service to a customer or a client. Now any one cay say who is the seller and who is the customer in this type of so called bussiness.

    In normal bussiness there will be one or two middle mans, like a delar and retailer. Now in this type every uplink over you is a middle man for you. And people don’t know about how many uplinks are there on them. If you at level 9 there are 8 middle men between the vendor and you.

    People over here supporting gold quest are saying that you need to work hard to earn. No company gives salary for any one for sitting idle. Can you people say what work are you doing. Conducting meetings, giving presentations, what does all these meetings and presentaions speek. Does it focus on what the person is buying. A BIG NO. It just focus on what and how much the person earns. It just like a begger says if you give me a pie you will be blessed with a lot of wealth.

    Amar on May 8th, 2008
  • 231

    surely u can do best in gold quest if u do it ethically ,, to know more ethically see the site playyourlife

    ramesh on May 8th, 2008
  • 232

    Hi questisthebest,
    What is this? give the link.. for your post 221..
    “great news !!! check todays hindu and express….”
    If it is some thing about questnet…

    nalak on May 8th, 2008
  • 233

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    hi nalak are u the gold quest member ?

    then join in the gold quest discussion

    ramesh on May 8th, 2008
  • 235

    Dear Amar,

    MY UPLINE Is not a loser he is the happiest man

    because he given a life for a person like me which my
    life has changed so he is very proud of me
    he is concentrating on the otherside if he
    gets a person like me his life also settles






    prasanna on May 8th, 2008
  • 236

    Gold quest information Seekers,
    Find here some thing about the credibility of company
    GQI was founded in September 1998 by two strong financial entities from the EU and ASEAN. It is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands with Headquarters in Hong Kong. GQI is growing fast, owing to its quality products and unique and lucrative commission system. GQI is in the field of networking. GQI has been tested by laws of many countries. Singapore, which is known for its strong anti-pyramidal law, has allowed GQI to operate there. Besides Singapore and Hong Kong, GQI has opened offices in six other Far-East countries as their business expands. This year offices are planned to be opened in Europe and North America. We are very satisfied in which way the company operates and have found its management and methods reliable and trustworthy.

    ramesh on May 8th, 2008
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    “This is a different kind of business. After years of struggling to get our small business off the ground, my wife and I were introduced to QuestNet when some friends invited us to attend a local business opportunity meeting. Today both of us are building this business with a passion. Our reward has been time, money, and the independence to live our lives as we wish.”
    Neha & Gautam Kapur, India

    “For me, it’s not just about the monetary rewards. What keeps me going every day is the knowledge that I’m doing something positive for people around the world. In this business, you can only succeed by helping others. It has become the backbone of everything I do.”

    Menkah Mburu, Kenya

    “QuestNet has not only improved my financial situation, but it has helped me to grow as a person. Building my own business has given me the confidence to chase my dreams without doubt or fear, and I have been able to pass on that inspiration to my children. QuestNet has given me the freedom to offer them a brighter future. This isn’t just a business, it’s a positive way of life.”

    Tri Agus Hari Cahyo, Indonesia

    “I started out with QuestNet on a part-time basis with the goal of making as much income as I was making in my full-time job. After one year, I can say that I was able to build my business and develop my income so that it was equal to my full-time job.”

    Khadeja Al Walid, United Arab Emirates

    “Before I joined QuestNet, I never imagined that I could make a difference in the lives of so many people. QuestNet has allowed me to change my attitude and my focus from my upliftment to the upliftment of all those around me”.

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    I dont know the link.its there in the paper..

    questisthebest on May 8th, 2008
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    ramesh on May 8th, 2008
  • 242

    which link ?

    ramesh on May 8th, 2008
  • 243

    Hi prasana

    You mean to say those who don’t include into these type of chain links are loosers. Your uplink is still a looser.

    More over you don’t know what I am doing and in which area I am working. You can’t just conclude others as loosers as your are getting money that by making others fools ( In the sense those who don’t know to fool fellows like you).

    When you introduce your some one to this type of schemes does do think of their capabilities. Is he capable of doing business as you. NO. Because you need to fill you down links so who ever gets into trap you just keep on joining them.

    For your kind information I earn 4500 on an average per day after all my deductions and apart form my salary which is 50k with out distrubing my regular work and that too sitting in my office. For this I don’t need to make any one fool. I just do my stock trading.

    And more over I need not spend my week end as a fishing man for bakaras.

    I spend my week ends with my family and frnds. How many of you. You work for a 1 week or 2 weeks trip for other countries offered by these companies. But from these I can go when ever I want. I don’t need to be sponsored.

    If you would have seen my first comment than can you explain where that remaing amount of 12 Lakhs goes. You also know that. But people are so greedy that they just want there share. No matter how much others get. We just want to get some out of it. No matter how many loose there money.

    Your uplink needs to WORK HARD and HARD to get some intellegent one like you so that they can make others fool.

    People makes others fool for their selfish needs.

    Just see this

    Even a handicaped ones are fighting and living a ethical life and earing laks of rupess per month with out cheating others.

    Just see the link and comment about others.

    I say all who are in this type of bussiness are loosers

    One who makes money looses their relation ships
    and one who doesn’t make will loose both (money and relations).

    Amar on May 8th, 2008
  • 244

    My dear nalak

    I am working in Supply chain management for last 5 years and I think I had enough knowledge on how a bussiness does.

    First All the advertising, transportation cost and all other costs will make the Cost price (CP).

    And for you, The Add agencey doesn’t survie on only one product that the vendor manfactures, that is a separate business. All the cost invested by that add agency doesnot include in that one product.

    Transport agencey provide service. They too don’t transport only that product. And their are in their own business. If you want you will user thier service if not others. All the pay made to the employess are of their employees. Its not that if one vendor doesn’t uses their service they are not going to get off from work. They still will have their work.

    You said that after 14 levels a fixed amount will be paid. Now just go back to my first comment which I did for 6 levels and calculate that for 14 levels and see.

    For all the uplinks above 14 levels will also be getting money a fixed one. So from whose pocket that fixed money is coming. Is it from Gold Quest pocket.
    From the leaf level members pocket.

    In Business only win-win situation exits when both are seen in different perspecties. The vendor wins when he sells a product. The customer wins when he gets a good value product or service for his expenditure/investment.

    I agree that there is some complex calculations in it for you gold quest. Thats why people don’t understand that and getting fooled. To how many down link people you said the same while you made a member.

    Just remember the words you used while you made people join as you down links, and compare them with the one that you are writing in this blogs.

    Last year June my frnds from b’lore contacted me for the same. I haven’t given any complex one. I just given them the one that I posted as my first comment in this blog. They realized how they are filling the pockets of quest form others pockets. They stopped doing that. One can be greedy about their hard earned money, but not so much greedy that they fill their pockets with a little amount not bothering how much the others loose.

    Amar on May 8th, 2008
  • 245









    ANY CROREPATIS?????????//









    prasanna on May 8th, 2008
  • 246

    Well said prassana !!!

    questisthebest on May 8th, 2008
  • 247

    Hi all..

    I am not here to Oppose/Support Qi… I am here to speak free….

    I have gone through the blogs here.
    I am a member of gold quest too.

    I did have ivested money in QN…
    But I didn work (may be I am lazy,no time etc etc)
    It is upto you to take a decision. I took a decision to earn money but I faild b’coz i did n work. (I am not regretting for that!!!)
    If u did like the Business.. (it means u wanted to invest).. There is no sense in shouting out….

    Every business has a risk some fail some win.
    What you get is what u see!!!

    Live The Moment!!!… on May 8th, 2008
  • 248

    As many rightly said….
    People who know the techniques to earn Money they earn…

    others Lose…..

    Todays Senario is SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST

    Live The Moment!!!… on May 8th, 2008
  • 249

    Mr. Amar,
    Its good you are earning 50k from jobs and stock markets… Good luck…

    But your points about adrvetising…
    What a silly point you are talking…
    You say ad agency dosnt work only for 1 product…
    yes.. true…

    but when 1 products carrying a selling price some portion is gone for all the staff in Advertising agency… Isnt it?
    Other wise ad agency owner must pump money from his home.. to staff salary…

    Ultimately who is paying the final selling price..
    The end user customer..

    Same like retail shop expences and rentals… you canot say shop is selling not one product… each product… has to carry a portion of the renals and expences for staff…

    so you have to agree in tarditional markering there are many middle man even they get 0.001 cent…
    If calculate like that 0.001 for each ad agency creative director, copy writer, superstar, tv media, retail shop rental… etc etc… so final price become 3 times than the manufacturing cost…

    If u say manufacturing cost is including Adversting budget and transport… ok… questnet do not have that…
    then you must agree questnet has less manufacturing cost…
    But who knows about questnet products…?
    if its in their German factory, or service providing origin…
    Thats why instead of paying that budgets for many people.. questnet pay for their Excitsing customers (then they become reffreres/not only customer)

    I dont understand… why you guys are… really canot understand such a basic.. concept …
    Please dont join.. to questnet.. dont do this business.. let the qualified and needy people do this Professional network marketing business..

    But if you dont understand the baiscs of Netowkr marketing and Ecommerce.. refferal system..
    please take a time.. and learn it for your knowledge..
    becouse after 10-20 years when your grand children asked… about this latest marketing Technique…
    you have to answer…

    nalak on May 8th, 2008
  • 250

    Simple example…
    can anyone answer this question?
    Take Vacation package of questnet…
    8 days 7 nights… 4 people can stay.. in a suite room ina 4 star resort in Thailand…
    The package name is Sampai Jumpa…
    validity period is 3 years…

    Now today’s questnet is selling this package for 650 US$…

    so lets calcutate…
    650 $ / 7 night = 92 US$ for 4 people for 1 night…
    (remember again 4 star resort…. big suite room…)

    so 1night for 1 person is less than 24 US$

    And this price is valid for 3 years from now…
    Even in year 2010 May you can use the same price… if some one buy today…

    Now I challenge.. anyone.. who can provide.. this price in a 4 star resort in Thailand?
    not in 2010.. but today?

    Now.. how can Questnet give that price…?

    because the 4 star resorts are QI group’s own resorts…
    and sales and marketing expences are very less…
    Only create the package.. and put in the questnet website..
    Then excisiting coin customers or Watch customers or telecom customers or vacation customers or health product customers of questnet reffer to some one else with the business plan or without the business plan…
    Queest vacation club gets sales…

    No travel agency… no marketing staff, no high quality 4 coulr printed materials, no TV news paper ads…

    But added some commissions for refferers…
    inside 650$ selling price 50-60% of the selling price… is commissions for Refferers.. in the system…
    from the balcance 50-40% qvi maintain the resort to give service.. to guest customers…

    Now… questnet or any network marketing company pays out commissions after a sale happen…

    But in traditional marketing.. befor the sale happens… they have to pay for ads and marketing stuff..
    there another savings.. in financial vise…

    The other point.. when 3 year validity period… QVI is selling vacation packages upfront.. which company is getting money upfront.. from quests…
    so company doesnt have to Borrow money from Banks for Big interest rates.. to run the resorts..

    Thats why network marketing companies become profitable.. ask from Warren Buffet.. he has invested 3 network in marketing companies.. which he says he gets the maximum profits… and growing… fast..

    Now…This upfront money collection… many compnies do.. not only questnet or network marketing companies…
    Insurance companies.. they collect money upfront… and pay later… to few people who claim insurance… or give some small interest after 20-30 years…
    Thats profitable..
    Few months back i had a discussion with a Vise chairman of a Famous Budget airlines…
    They give out free seats… in the begining of the year..
    now.. whats that business?
    see.. this calculation…..

    that company has 100 flights.. every day one flight takes off 5 times atleast every day…
    100 x 5 x 365 days per year… = 182500 one way fly times…
    Each flytime average 5 seats are empty even they market with many ads and media…
    so every year 182500 x 5 seats = 912500 seats are empty..

    Now this company give this seats free upfront… so nothing to loose.. right…
    But one way free.. so the passenger most probably come back with the same ailines by paying for the return seat.. so one sale is sure.. thats not the business…

    Now when some one get a free ticket anyway they have to pay government taxes… vat and other airport or other taxes… who collects this money? the airline Airlines ticket office.. right..
    lets say… tax is only 25 us$
    so how much they collect for Taxes?
    912500 x 25$ = 22,812,500 us $? in the begining of the year… right?
    now when the companies normaly pay taxes to the government? at the end of the year right? yes…
    so now this airlines has 22,812,500 US $ can use for any business without any bank interest.. who’s money?
    People’s money… or government’s money?
    Do you think company keeps that money in a box in the office to pay to the government at the end of the year.. like small shope keepers keep money to pay for some things..
    NO the big real business people they invest tis money for some other business venture… may be buy a new Air Bus…
    good right…

    Now… see… thats how the big business tycoons play with Other people’s money… and time…

    Now can u and me do this?
    yes of course u can do it if you are the son of Anil Ambni or Muckesh Ambani or Ratan tata or warren buffet…

    But a person who earns 20,000 rupees… per months.. how can he/she get money leaverage or time leaverage?

    the only option is network marketing…

    Just putting 500 US$ and having a product.. also.. and then building a team of people.. to get leaverage…
    Questnet invest money for products… and maintain webiste..
    we take a pen and paper and explain the company, products and business plan to some others…
    and build Money and Time leaverage…

    So.. this is the Most brilliont opportunity for normal people to leaverage their money and time.. to retire financially… while having a product or service…

    Defeinetely this is a professional business,, which is nota get rich queick scheme.. and must put some time and effort to reffer some people and train them and help them…

    Thanks Dato Vijay for your brilliont idea of building questnet for normal people like us.. to come to the world marketing arena.. to be partners of world class companies…
    Indians.. be proud of the vision of Great indian originated dato vijay..
    Many smart IT guys works and sell their Blood and sweat to Microsoft and american companies to make bill gates become world ranking billionires…
    Shame.. you learn from mother india;s givernment money from the indian people’s tax money and servining your whole blood and sweat to make an American rich…

    Thats Billgates talent..
    He leavearaged time and knowledge by network of computers and people.. with paul allen’s knowledge…


    Learn.. from bill gates, Warren buffet, Dhirubhai Ambahiani, Ratan Tata, Dato vijay who leveraged their money and time with skills from creating large number of people…

    Come smell the coffee… SEEK knowledge…

    nalak on May 8th, 2008
  • 251

    Ninja, can u stop working for one year and Go for a vacation with your Girl friend off the phone and not check emails… and can u still earn from your business?
    Or can you take care your parents for one year? (if they sick… if it happensss… I wish donot happen it…)

    well i can… to all the questions above…

    you are speaking so much about the ethics and greatness of the company… so y are you not answering about the cheating they have done in my case.. answer to this below statements… this is part of the complaint i have given to the police against quest…

    But when I checked the phone I found that the phone did not have many features advertised by them on the box as well as the flyer. The features advertised by them was (according to the box)
    For the model DL-07B :
    • 2 Mega pixel dual camera
    • Built in flash
    • 512 Mb built in memory
    • Dual Bluetooth
    • Infrared capability
    • Fm radio
    • T-flash support
    • White light keypad
    • BREW
    • OTA option
    But the phone does not have a 2 megapixel. The picture quality is so bad that it does not even stand to a VGA camera. There is no flash for the camera. The phone has only around 300 Kb (less than 1 Mb) of on board memory. There is no dual blue tooth facility for the phone. There is no infrared, radio, T-flash card support or keypad support. There is also no BREW support. And also no JAVA MIDPS support. There is no OTA support also
    For the model DL-04
    • 1.3 Megapixel camera with digital Zoom
    • Bluetooth
    • T-flash memory
    • Nand card slot
    • UIM copy option
    • BREW support
    • FM radio
    • OTA option
    This phone has no zoom feature and is definitely not having 1.3 Megapixel even though on the phone the camera capacity is stated as 2 megapixels. There is no Bluetooth, no option for any memory card at all, no uim option or BREW, or OTA and no radio,

    Moreover when I tried to approach a couple of shops to exchange the phone with some other model, I was shocked to find out that the phone was a cheap local Chinese make. And the cost of the same was less than 5000 rupees. I got further proof of this as the internal architecture is known as MT6227 which is the same for all Chinese make phones available in the local market.

    go on… answer this my dear quest supporters… who is willing to help me in this???

    ninja on May 8th, 2008
  • 252

    see this blog about the gold quest

    ramesh on May 9th, 2008
  • 253

    Quest net is fraud company.

    ramesh on May 9th, 2008
  • 254

    quest position in chennai is getting better , my dear quest friends , dont worry ,, we will rock again in this world ,,

    trust the company ,,
    hi idiots who are talking bad about quest business, does not know the credibility of gold quest ,,

    u ppl go to hell

    we will have the heaven life

    ramesh on May 9th, 2008
  • 255

    gold quest members mail to for your comments and points

    ramesh on May 9th, 2008
  • 256

    akka rocks,,, hi , y are u worrying about all this, if someone spoils u r business name or family name , will u keep quite , thats the difference between ourself and akka, we all get feared of all this , akka feels this is her family and make us safe,, wait and see what she will do for this, also u know she and vijay eswaran are masterminds in this business , will they keep quite.. i know very well about akka,

    she is really brilliant ,,

    as the part of quest family we need to do some thing boss, what can we do ,, ?


    ramesh on May 9th, 2008
  • 257

    Hi everyone,

    I ve gone through all the above post… some were about the positive side n some were about negative side of the business… We all should confess that everything over here in this world has these two sides… But what we all need is the POSITIVE portion (MONEY!!!!!)n not the NEGATIVE one… right…???

    No Business is there without RISK… Person whos dare enough to tak Risk will/shud come into the business… No wonder the Risk that he takes may put him into the NEGATIVE SIDE of the business…

    First i would like to congrats the Ppl who are sailing successfully in this Business…!! Great well Done….!!!

    Even i was into this business for couple of weeks… But im not right now…!! Not Cos tat im not dare enough to tak Risk…, not that i disrespect their business concept, i actually know a little of this business concept… at the end of the day who gains more is the company but not the members whos working for it…

    First let me tell you all the Reason why i came out of this Business.., is that i want to spend atlleast a day with parents n friends.. Actually im working in a software company… i can bet that most of the IT sector PPl’s are getting into this Business…

    See., We IT ppl or who ever work will be busy in your schedule through out de weekdays n u will never get time to spend with your loved one’s… only on weekends we will think of doing that.., But this business is on Fire only on weekends… Members of Quest work on weekends throughout day and never think of spending time with family n friends…!!!!!

    Now here i would like to ask a question…!!



    All we get out of this is MONEY MONEY MONEY N only MONEY… nothing else… i neve
    say tat doin business is worthless… but we ve to spend time with our loved one’s or aleast we have to take rest from our weekdays work…, we ppl fail to do this….!!! We all working 5/6 days a week round de clock, getting enough money out of that.., even then why we want more n more money without any relaxation…???

    santhosh on May 9th, 2008
  • 258


    i am from mumbai… i have invested 33000 in this… aroun 40 days back… i havnt got my coins yet… by reading the news published in many news papers am bit tensed… am from mumbai… if can give any clarifications… or if they r putting fake news pls take action against them.. bcz these news spoils our chance to do good in business….

    bliss on May 9th, 2008
  • 259

    CHENNAI: A lawyer representing Quest- Net said that the company is all set to defend the allegations levelled against it in the court of law and wanted the customers not to be carried away by the misleading reports in the media.

    In a statement here on Wednesday, High Court Advocate, Paul Kanagarai said that the company was fully cooperating with the authorities and it was confident of clearing all charges.

    The police had registered a case on a complaint given by one of the customers alleging that independent representatives of the company induced him to part with Rs 30,000 to buy a product. Another allegation is that the product, which has been purchased by him, is not worth Rs 30, 000, he said.

    The police without verifying the company’s business plan and the rules and regulations, registered a case and seized the products and arrested some of the persons, said Kanagarai adding that the immediate action of the police had spoiled the company’s plan to distribute the purchased products to its customers.

    600 complaints registered Chennai: Around 600 depositors lodged complaints against GoldQuest International Limited for allegedly cheating through its multilevel marketing system on Wednesday.

    ramesh on May 9th, 2008
  • 260

    Chennai arrest report ‘inaccurate’: QuestNet India says
    Wed, May 7 02:01 PM

    Kuala Lumpur, May 7(IANS) The Quest India Group of Companies has termed as ‘inaccurate’ reports from Chennai about the arrest of one of its woman employee and seizure of goods.

    A lawyer for the firm said the group would fully cooperate with the authorities in resolving any issues, The Star newspaper said Wednesday.

    Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, whose legal firm is acting on behalf of QI Group of Companies, issued a statement here Tuesday saying the products seized from QuestNet India’s office in Chennai were for distribution.

    Inaccurate reports about it were ‘dislocating to the business’, the statement said.

    QI is a multinational and diversified group with interests in various businesses and QuestNet is one of its businesses and a subsidiary.

    ‘QuestNet India and its business in India are quite separate and distinct in themselves,’ the statement said.

    Media reports Tuesday said a Malaysian woman entrepreneur, who was a managing director of a multilevel marketing company in India, was detained by Chennai Police for alleged fraud.

    The woman has not been named.

    Police in India had said the woman and her seven employees were picked up after they received complaints from investors against QuestNet.

    It was also reported that an assortment of gold and silver coins, watches and mobile phones were seized from the company’s premises.

    ‘On allegations against any ‘contact’ of members of the group, we wish to make it clear that we fully cooperate with the authorities, but any untoward slant otherwise placed in the article against any individual or member is misconceived,’ the statement said.

    Shafee’s statement explained that customers who purchased a product from QuestNet had an opportunity to become independent business representatives of their own free will, a business model similar to any other multilevel-marketing company.

    QuestNet did not tolerate any breach of policies and would take swift action including suspending and terminating representatives who acted in violation of the procedures, the statement said.

    ramesh on May 9th, 2008
  • 261

    Chennai arrest report ‘inaccurate’: QuestNet India says
    Wed, May 7 02:01 PM

    Kuala Lumpur, May 7(IANS) The Quest India Group of Companies has termed as ‘inaccurate’ reports from Chennai about the arrest of one of its woman employee and seizure of goods.

    A lawyer for the firm said the group would fully cooperate with the authorities in resolving any issues, The Star newspaper said Wednesday.

    Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, whose legal firm is acting on behalf of QI Group of Companies, issued a statement here Tuesday saying the products seized from QuestNet India’s office in Chennai were for distribution.

    Inaccurate reports about it were ‘dislocating to the business’, the statement said.

    QI is a multinational and diversified group with interests in various businesses and QuestNet is one of its businesses and a subsidiary.

    ‘QuestNet India and its business in India are quite separate and distinct in themselves,’ the statement said.

    Media reports Tuesday said a Malaysian woman entrepreneur, who was a managing director of a multilevel marketing company in India, was detained by Chennai Police for alleged fraud.

    The woman has not been named.

    Police in India had said the woman and her seven employees were picked up after they received complaints from investors against QuestNet.

    It was also reported that an assortment of gold and silver coins, watches and mobile phones were seized from the company’s premises.

    ‘On allegations against any ‘contact’ of members of the group, we wish to make it clear that we fully cooperate with the authorities, but any untoward slant otherwise placed in the article against any individual or member is misconceived,’ the statement said.

    Shafee’s statement explained that customers who purchased a product from QuestNet had an opportunity to become independent business representatives of their own free will, a business model similar to any other multilevel-marketing company.

    QuestNet did not tolerate any breach of policies and would take swift action including suspending and terminating representatives who acted in violation of the procedures, the statement said.

    ramesh on May 9th, 2008
  • 262

    Click and See the few of gold quest discussions in this new website :

    ramesh on May 9th, 2008
  • 263


    Our V-TEAM Partners all of them came to chennai

    they are going to come up with some ideas
    so dont worry about all the medias. In this
    critical situation past 4 days i did 6 signups
    in bangalore and madurai.

    so dont worry CHANGE PEOPLE LIVES


    prasanna on May 9th, 2008
  • 264

    great prasana

    ramesh on May 9th, 2008
  • 265

    great !!!!even i had my logins in blore… so no issues

    questisthebest on May 9th, 2008
  • 266

    If you didnt get phone with the features mentioned in the webiste.. or Product catalogues,,,first go and check with the questnet representative office…
    And check did u get the correct product or…not..

    Why you type things here and ask support from web blog typers…
    If u buy a Sony TV..for After salesservices you have to go to Sony company… not to a website like this..or notto police…

    Same like this… if u purchase anything from questnet… go to questnet office and aftersales service centres…
    Why you cry here and try to black mail us…
    You are a emotional blackmailer who has a commitment phobia…issue in your mind…

    Im sure you are a permanan compalainer in your whole life…
    I can guarantee if we meet yourparents and friends..they willprove what im saying..

    Dont try to be a hero,,, here..
    go and check with questnet office…

    nalak on May 9th, 2008
  • 267

    Hey Nalak, I want to have chat with you on any messenger. What is your google talk id or yahoo id ? If you are in India then post your phone number here so that we can talk.

    Abhishek Kumar on May 10th, 2008
  • 268

    Quest Members,

    Some one can answer for my Question in Post No: 256

    santhosh on May 10th, 2008
  • 269

    Mr nalak…

    all you do everytime is dodge around and call me names.. well this is the umteenth name you have given me.. and i should say that you are pretty creative in that.. got it from your quest or what??? huh.. now let me answer you clauses

    “If you didnt get phone with the features mentioned in the webiste.. or Product catalogues,,,first go and check with the questnet representative office…
    And check did u get the correct product or…not..”
    —– i did check with the so called questnet rep office and he said that i dont know anything about that.. and i cant do anything… you so called great and worthy company employee just washed his hands off it… ok?? if you want i’ll give you his contact number and details so that you can confirm it…”

    “Why you type things here and ask support from web blog typers…
    If u buy a Sony TV..for After salesservices you have to go to Sony company… not to a website like this..or notto police…”
    —- firstly i did not ask for support… and secondly even if i did you were the great almighty here who boasted on telling any issues contact me.. i am the great questy here.. no who was acting hero here huh??? and ya about the site.. i did send 4 mails and complaints to quest with any response except that they got my complaint… now would sony do that??? i dont think so.. as i had sent a mail to samsung some day back regarding an issue with quest changing samsungs name on the headset… i got the reply within 1 day.. ok?? (by the way, quest can expect to hear from samsung too for physically altering their product and unauthorized branding of a samsung product.. heh heh heh)

    “Same like this… if u purchase anything from questnet… go to questnet office and aftersales service centres…
    Why you cry here and try to black mail us…
    You are a emotional blackmailer who has a commitment phobia…issue in your mind…”
    —- read the above comment… and you feel this as blackmail??? wow… amazing.. now what or who is the hostage here??? please check out meaning of blackmail in a dictionary ok??? and what is the commitment phobia in my mind?? i am committed to something here.. and well i would call it commitment-philia rather than phobia.. heh heh heh…next time you make up a name for me (which i know, you would) make it meaningful please… what you do is similar to what would happen if i call you a amazing intellectualy sound technocrat (which is your case is NOT AT ALL CORRECT!!!)

    “Im sure you are a permanan compalainer in your whole life…
    I can guarantee if we meet yourparents and friends..they willprove what im saying..”
    —- sure i can agree to that… i do complain and will make sure that i take the opposing party down if they do something and are not willing to accept it… come down to cochin and i will introduce you to my family and friends.. you can hear from them that this is not the first time i have taken on a large corporate.. and btw they respect me for that too… my belief to stand by what i believe in.. ok??”

    “Dont try to be a hero,,, here..
    go and check with questnet office…”
    — i dont try to be a hero.. but if you do feel that i am trying to be one… well it just shows that you are feeling so coz my comments here is making things difficult for you… and about quest office… i went to cochin and i already told you what happ.. if you want me to try some other quest office y not sponsor the travel for me that place huh????

    ninja on May 10th, 2008
  • 270


    Well said ninja… Really i appreciate u for that… Mostly ppl wont tak steps to this extend against a company… u ve did ur level best n i hope SAMSUNG will do the rest…

    santhosh on May 10th, 2008
  • 271

    It’s a different Phrase….. read some books to understand it… it will not defined in a dictionary as a word…
    As you are still 23 years old.. i do understand what is your mindset.. its ok… Argue and fight with anything that you donot accept..
    With Your PAST experiences and your Meanings about things, circusmatances, and business…
    “You dont know what you dont know” .. thats the problem..
    Its ok.. you have enough Age…to come to step where you can see the world, Business and circumstances in a Multidimensional angle…

    Good luck.. carry on what you are willing to do with Samsung or what ever…
    You will get a new experience…

    But one thing… You canot shut down “Questnet” or QI gorup… or the The V…
    The great visionary people behind this company are much more matured and stronger than you…
    Also the 2-3million network around the world… is much more stronger than any other company… in the world..

    May be some legal issues will come… court cases… police arrests… Mud slungs… news paper artciles… Web Blog posts… so mcuh..

    But.. the real Vision and the mission behind QI group of companies and the people who are operating the system.. is much more spiritual and powerfull than anything…

    Yes may be according to the Today’s Limitations of Laws and regulations… may be some countries have some issues…

    Ex: If you make a house in a rural vilage… the legal limitations to keep for the front yard.. may be..diffeent..
    And when you make a house in a Metropolitan city its different…

    But some who made a house in a metropolitan and come to make a house in a rural vilage if he applys the same experiences which he had in Town.. may be legally he will be challenged..

    but if the rural village do not have any deffinition about the regulations and laws … the person who made the house in Village according to the CITY law is Not Legal but also not illegal..

    Questnet is a Legal Ecommerce based company in Hong Kong… also in Singapore.. and many other countries..

    But in some countries the legal regulations and laws which are covering ecommerce business.. is not clear and not defined properly.. ex: Sri Lanka theres no Ecommerce Law or The givernment officers do not know even what is Network Marketing… Even they have never heared about AMWAY corporation which is one of distributor of the products for many of the Fortune 500 companies in USA…

    As ecommerce business started in 1994-95… and also network marketing indusctry started in 1945… this both indusctries are still very yuoung…
    there are not much regulations and clear definations in many countries to cover these businesses and also the society still has not much awareness on this 2 industries…

    Yes we are going on a jungle tour…
    But the next step will be the dirt road.. the first people who went and create a road… and next people will clear the dirty road and finally it will create a super highway…

    Now when the super highway is created every body will just enter and drive fast…

    Every body will say nothing about the highway… or about the jusngle tour… or dirty road.. they will just use it…

    But remember the when that happenes within next 10-15 years…. the super highway user will pay TOLL for every usage…
    The people who did the jungle tour and the dirty road.. will get paid… while the superhighway users use the facilities without any hard work…

    Now.. in questnet we have completed 10 years…
    Dato vijay and the founding directors… had a vision and a destination and a clear picture about a Super highway…

    Yes the people who started did the jungle tour… to create this superhighway… now the dirt road is clearing…

    Next.. the QUESTENT super highway.. will created..
    Many products and services will be in Questnet and the networkers..who created the system will get the TOLL…

    QI gorup has a 25 year confident plan…
    Started with Simple Gold coins… and then expanded to Vacations, resorts, telecom, jewlery, watches, Wellness industry and also many more products and services are lined up… to come…

    So… its upto you… you want be in this project or be a side walker of the superhighway.. while many people get many benifits..

    Good luck.. Ninja…

    nalak on May 10th, 2008
  • 272

    ladies beware of questers they are infected
    needles ……….dont get into arguements with
    anyone just shoooo a quester if u find any
    near u blv me u will save ur friends and dear one

    RAINY on May 10th, 2008
  • 273

    Mr. Abhishek,
    My email address is
    you can add and chat with me..
    Im not in india…
    but i based in Thailand and I travel to different countries..

    nalak on May 10th, 2008
  • 274

    Your point in Blog 256 is People who are doing questnet business do not have to spend with family and no time to relax even weekends…
    In a way i agree to you…

    Now let me explain you about the 7 aspects of life…
    No 01. Family
    No 02. Spiritual – religious things..
    No 03. Mentall – Read books, movies, etc..
    No 04. Physical – Sports, Exercise, Sex… etc..
    No 05. Social – Friends, Society, Parties,Charity, etc..
    No 06. Carrer – Things we love to do as a carrer (even without money.. we like to do these things.. Ex: Teaching, Singing, artistic things.. web blogging… etc..
    No 07. Financial Aspects.. – YES THE MONEY… (dirty for some one’s mind)

    Now… tell me.. how many people.. work in a job 8-10 hours for the 7th Aspects… working for money…?
    They have 1 or less hours for other aspects…
    And how long they work like that? start when they are 20 – 23 years and retire when they 55 years 60 years..

    But… in QUestnet.. we work.. extra hours for 2-3 years.. to create a secure financial income source… That covers Aspect No 07… Yes in the beging we cacrifies a lot of time for other aspects…

    But after create a real solid, strong network of people who do the same.. as we did.. (we have to teach them to do it in the begining… in a ethical and stable way..its hard work..)

    after 2-3 years.. or 4-5 years.. yes.. we will have a sure income source… of MONEY… Money will follow us.. from the system we created..
    Every week 15,000 US$ or more..
    Then we dont have to work 8-10 hours for MOney.. and the whole 24 hours we can use for other 6 aspectc.. If need fulltime..
    Fulltime father or mother… Fulltime Husband or Wife
    Full time Charity works,,, with lot of money..
    Fulltime spiritual things..
    or fulltime carreer.. if still like to work.. but not for money..

    I know my upliner who is just 32 years old.. and he started this business in year 2000 when he was just 24 years old and now.. he is earning more than 45,000 US$ per week… and he stay 3 weeks with his family and engage in other 6 aspects… while his financial income source is take care by the system network… he created last 8 years..

    He just spend 1 week to travel arroud the world to support more new comers who need his experience…
    It’s a charity type thing for him now.. as even he does or not still his maximum income is coming without eny effort.. now..

    So tell me.. which one is better?
    sacrifice 2-3 years and later become fulltime family member or become a parttime family memner for whole life time?

    Your point is a good Reason you to continue questnet business…

    Learn and understand the business properly and help people to understand it..
    Thats how you create your wealth and time freedom..

    It’s not just for money..
    its more than money.. when you have enough money..

    People who has no money and time.. are more Frustated and stressfull than the people who has Money and Enough time to do what they like to do…

    nalak on May 10th, 2008
  • 275

    Capability is a thing given to each person but in different proportion and that is the thing that matters everywhere. You all who dont have the capability to do a thing finally turn into BAD MOUTHS saying against QUEST NET as you can see above.SIMPLE RULE–if you need something then you need to put in something.People who dnt have capability will fail and they are……….*********(comments removed by Abhishek due to bad language)

    If you wanna suceed in LIFE then you need to take some risks,you should be ready to take the hits and not blaming the hits.So I want to say to all those who wants to take all negative from LIFE.I am here standing for QUESTNET and those who dnt cum in GO TO HELL.

    Abbas on May 10th, 2008
  • 276

    We are not here for fighting and using abusive lanugage. So Abbas don’t use such abusive words in your comments.

    Abhishek Kumar on May 11th, 2008
  • 277

    Can any one break my points in Post 250?

    nalak on May 11th, 2008
  • 278

    what is happening in chennai

    will the problem get over or the company
    is going to close

    swetha on May 12th, 2008
  • 279

    The Quest Lovers,
    Or the Representatives of Questnet…

    01. Please Dont promote Questnet Business Opportunity with Hype… without proper explanation about What the Prospect get…
    02. Please donot Overpromise to build their both sides..
    If you can build someone;s both side Why dont you buy another product for your name and build that both side…?
    03. Not only the buisness plan or huge projections.. please explain the benifits of the products also…
    In Network Marketing theese 5 things are equally important
    i. company
    ii. products
    iii. Plan
    iv. Potential/projections..
    v. Positioning/ timing

    04. Dont beg people to join… they must come with their interest after your presnetation…
    Also donot join every one who say YES.. reject some people.. who are coming with wrong attitudes.. and GAMBLING or Get rich Quick Mindset…
    Later They make troubles without learning the business

    05. Think like a real business man..
    Create a team of like minded people with Different Talents and skills around you… with questnet products and plan..
    Your team can exist with people like this…
    Some one who know how to sell Gold Products to Retail customers
    Some one who can sell Vacation Packages
    Some one who can sell Wellness products
    Some one who can sell Telecom products..
    Some one who is good in computer and IT…
    Some one who is good in public speaking…
    Some one who is good in motivational skills
    Some one who has experiences with other MLM plans..

    When you have a group of people like this around you… you are like a CEO…
    Work with their talents.. and help them to earn from the system..
    create synergy…

    You can be a professional Network leader…

    What ever these blog typers type, what ever the media prints, what ever the society tells.. Questnet will be THE biggest NETWORK Marketing company… in the planet soon…

    Are you qualified to be with that…
    Raise Your Self…. To Help Mankind…

    nalak on May 12th, 2008
  • 280

    Hi Nalak,
    So you are predicting that every one joining questnet will become millionaire…so could you please predict by which year entire world poplution will become millionaire and there will be no beggers?? I will give you some ideas..if some idiots/negative thinkers like me doesn’t buy your product you can just donate 32K on his behalf out of your millions and make eveyrone in the world a millionaire…right?? Could yo please tell me if everyone earns in the world, from where money will come in?????? Who will pay for it???? Shall wait for your brilliant ideas..

    Intikhab on May 12th, 2008
  • 281


    good things about quest net by the above post

    ramesh on May 12th, 2008
  • 282

    abbas i am with you buddy ,, keep going and let this ignorants know abt quest business

    ramesh on May 12th, 2008
  • 283

    Hi Nalak,

    Regarding your vaccation timeshare concept packages.. let me ask you a question.. let’s say.. Questnet has sold its package to 50000 people.. remember questnet has more than 3 Million customers. Out of this 50000 people 500 wants to spend their holiday during Christmas and your great company has to say “NO” to them. No timesharing company has ever been able to satisfy it’s guest and given reservation at the time when it is needed. Rather it’s simply not possible. This is the only way to get money in advance and build up the resort at somebody else’s money and tell him “NO” at the time of his holiday.

    Please don’t tell us there is a budget airliners who has 100 jets which flies 5 times a day… Could you please name the airlines???? For your information – Air Asia flies to maximum 58-60 destinations (all countries put together) and flies at an average of 2.2 times. Please correct your numbers before trying to full others..

    Intikhab on May 12th, 2008
  • 284

    Santhosh we are working like this cuz after 2 yrs when u will still be spending only 2 days a week with ur family we will be spending 5-7 !!!

    questisthebest on May 12th, 2008
  • 285

    Bliss, time for product is 2 months.. so dont worry u wil get ur product.. i got mine in around 70 days…

    questisthebest on May 12th, 2008
  • 286

    questis the best , friend what u are telling to santosh is correct , and i am the successful quest memebr ,,

    ramesh on May 12th, 2008
  • 287

    Can u reply to my post No : 274?

    Break my points… I challenge you… all..
    (Post 250 and 274…)

    nalak on May 12th, 2008
  • 288

    s i got in 65 days , but surely we will get the products

    ramesh on May 12th, 2008
  • 289

    how can any one break the points , nalak , u are simply awesome , u are perfect , that the quest is the best ,,

    ramesh on May 12th, 2008
  • 290

    wel i hv sme interesting news abt d gr8 ninja.i ws reading d complete n thought he ws a super human protecting every1.hahaha!bull shit.plz go to so cld “cochin” and ask abt him.. and pray u dont get killed.i just asked one guy in biz who is frm cochin and got great reviews.

    abbas on May 12th, 2008
  • 291

    yeah ur bloody brilliant with ur points to these shit heads nalak !!

    abbas on May 12th, 2008
  • 292

    Do u think Non of the Indians out of the 1 Billion population can sell this product..

    With the image of Rabindranath Tagore
    Gentlemen’s Gold Magnetic Movement Coin Watch
    Watch Case, Crown and
    Buckle: Stainless Steel with 3 Micron Gold-plating
    Watch Case Back: Stainless Steel with Serial Number / Limited Edition Engraved
    Glass: Sapphire Crystal
    Watch Strap: Black Leather
    Water Resistance: 3 ATM (30 metres/100 feet )
    Movement: Ronda Swiss Part Quartz
    Limited Edition: 9999

    I gurantee without showing the Business plan a real Marketing talented Sales person can sell this 9999 watches…

    So.. find that guy and reffer to questnet.. he will manage how to sell…

    Also i guarantee 9999 people will buy this watch… without listning to the business plan.. and sure they will show to some more people naturally….
    If some one join to questnet Not only in india this can sell all around the world…

    So isn’t it an opportunity?
    Isn’t it a buisness?

    nalak on May 12th, 2008
  • 293

    Hi all
    People are saying work for 2 to 3 years and earn lakhs of rupees whith out doing work. Now how will that money gets. It will gets form others. Some one is working to get that.

    Now a simple question
    Following the binary tree senario, if every person in the world say about 6 billion joins this business the leaf nodes consists of 3 billion people. They will not be having any one to join.

    Now people can argue that world peopulation will be not be stopped there. Yes, but as we are getting income for 2 generations, the next 2 genartions will not be doing this.

    Now 3 billion people and their direct uplinks 1.5 billion will not gettig any business. and .75 billion people will get only 11.5 k Cheques. Which will be quite less than what they invested.

    So all the others will be getting money form what these 5.25 billion people lost.

    Amar on May 12th, 2008
  • 294

    well well well nalak..
    firstly abt you post “I said you an “EMOTIONAL-BLACKMAILER”
    It’s a different Phrase….. read some books to understand it… it will not defined in a dictionary as a word…
    As you are still 23 years old.. i do understand what is your mindset.. its ok… Argue and fight with anything that you donot accept..
    With Your PAST experiences and your Meanings about things, circusmatances, and business…
    “You dont know what you dont know” .. thats the problem..
    Its ok.. you have enough Age…to come to step where you can see the world, Business and circumstances in a Multidimensional angle…

    Good luck.. carry on what you are willing to do with Samsung or what ever…
    You will get a new experience…”

    emotional blackmail is a word that is used when there is a deep relation between someone which is the hostage. a blackmail can happen only if there is a hostage… and i dont think there is any ‘deep relation’ between us… and about you great phrase of “You dont know what you dont know”.. that my dear friend is a obvious statement.. sheesh.. i dont see the point of that statement here… about samsung.. i am not gonna do anything..

    now you wanted some answers for your post no 250 right??

    your so called great people like ambani and bill gates did use others powers and resources to become what they are today… but they put their full effort into it.. BUT.. there is a big difference which being that they did not cheat anyone.. you may once again say that i am being a (fill it with some creative name by you) for saying this.. but dude i am holding in my hand solid proof… when you buy microsoft windows, they give you a list of features and a price.. you GET EVERY FEATURE IN THAT LIST… right??? and if you dont or if you feel that you are cheated then they WILL take back the product and repay you… same goes with any of ambani’s products.. or any other ‘non-cheating’ billion dollor companies… now y was i saying all this??? oh ya.. now there was something teeny weeny wrong with the phones quest gave me.. right??? you already know it and you are dodging that around…ALSO y would a BIllion doller company who has a telecom sector under it need to ‘scrape’ out the samsung logo from a samsung WEP 200 bluetooth headset and write Q-fone on it??? and ya samsung has not provided them permission to do that (according to the legal advicer of samsung).. hmm interesting right.???

    Mr Nalak… all the while you are preaching about the so called greatness and money making capability of quest.. you were talking about talkin the expressway bus and that i was walking.. let me ask you something “WHICH IS BETTER?? WALKING OR TRAVELLING ON A BUS FULL OF THEIVES AND CHEATERS ON THE EXPRESSWAY” huh??? when the bus is caught, you are framed and convicted along with them even when you are not a part of it.. but if you were walking you reach your destination safely… a bit late maybe but safe and comfortablly… and ya WALKING IS GOOD FOR HEALTH TOO.. heh heh heh…

    btw your answer for my phone.. anymore contacts for me to try… tried your quest hong kong number.. no one picked up.. they too in jail huh???

    ninja on May 12th, 2008
  • 295

    to nalak… points inline…

    “Your team can exist with people like this…
    Some one who know how to sell Gold Products to Retail customers”
    and make sure that person is ready to get kicked in the butt for selling hyper over priced cheap stuff in name of numismatism…”

    “Some one who can sell Vacation Packages”
    as far as i know… it sounds good.. just like all other things about quest.. not gone for it.. but personally i dont wanna try it…”

    “Some one who can sell Wellness products”
    no idea so i am not saying anything…

    “Some one who can sell Telecom products..”
    if i see anyone of them.. i will personally murdur them with my phone… i shove it up their a**… who wants to know the reason???

    “Some one who is good in computer and IT…”
    what thing does quest offer in IT??? shark phone???

    “Some one who is good in public speaking…”
    and who has guts to do mass cheating by offering unwanted things in a sweet way…”

    “Some one who is good in motivational skills”
    well he would be known as a motivational cheater..

    “Some one who has experiences with other MLM plans..”
    if they do.. then they will not join quest (IF they have brains”.).

    ninja on May 12th, 2008
  • 296

    See This Message from Central Bank of Srilanka – Central Bank warned of damage to Sri Lanka ‘s economy – not least because of the outflow of money without any corresponding return in real goods or services.”

    Dear Questers, what real service/work you are doing to country or urself. Earning Money is not the only criteria. Dont say My life is changed(all are vexed with this sentence which questers repeatedly use).

    My advise to questers: get some skills to live or earn some thing for you in future, who knows it may collapse as it happned in other countries(Questers very well know about this collapse).Some may be having lot of money, for others who have not earned and are waiting for Quest TO CHANGE THEIR LIVES!!!!!!!

    Arif on May 12th, 2008
  • 297

    Dear all,
    Read the Answer from ninja….
    What we can understand from his all answers..

    He has no idea of all products and services of Questnet provide…Ex: Vacations… Wellness products …Etc…
    So he has not get necessary information before Embark in to questnet business and still has not got them.. and he is complaining the Questnet business doesnt work…

    But.. if he just wanted a Phone as a customer.. he doesnt have register as an IR…
    Theres an option to be a retail customer just to buy a Product… from questnet…

    Now Why he resgister to bean IR?
    With the intetion of make money… not to be Just a customer..
    To make money.. he has to learn… and understand…

    he has proved that he has no idea about questnet products…
    Im sure same like that he has no idea about the business plan.. also…

    Anyway i dont know what the person who reffer him to Questnet Explain to him… may be Wrong information…
    Ex: Without the proper knowledge about the products if Ninja start to do questnet business.. yes he also give wrong information…

    If that has happen its a personal problem.. with that reffere and Ninja. nothing to do with questnet…

    So… my dear all friends.. this is what really happenning…
    People Join.. to questnet not for Products…
    But for Money…
    And they expect… money will come easily without learning anything…

    So they try according to their styles.. without follwing the Trainings come from questnet…

    And later when they canot reffer some one they start to complain to the Sysetem…

    Im sure.. within first 2-3 days or weeks… Ninja also tried to explain to many people and he failed without proper knowledge…

    So… Its proved that its a personal problem…
    Nothing to do with Company…

    There are many Big leaders from many other network marketing companies.. has joined to Questnet after annalize the system… properly and investigated the Hong Kong head office….

    They have being Directors of Questnet also… as they build huge networks…

    If u want to see them come to Vconference Malaysia this month…

    nalak on May 12th, 2008
  • 298

    amar !! wow man what a prediction.. what if all the x billion ppl in the world have jobs and ur the x + 1 guy !!! no job !!! might as well die today then…there are ppl like u and ninja who does not want to join the business so all ppl in the world wont join!!! dont worry

    questisthebest on May 12th, 2008
  • 299

    Do u think 3 billion people will join to questnet?

    Hah hah…

    Now.. see… Jesus Christ Spoke about GOD and christian religion is expanding for 2000 years…
    You know Some western countries and organizations are Spending money to expand that religion… but still it canot cover the whole world of 6 billion people..

    Same like that Lord buddha told about a universal truth… which has being proven by quantum physics today… but even after 2500 years.. whole world is not become buddhst..

    Same like that We know GOD is a universal truth… but still there are many who donot beleive GOD..

    So my dear AMAR,

    Dont worry the world’s Birth rate and questnet growth rate has a big difference…
    Even after 100000 years questnet canot finish the whole world population… to become IRs..

    but.. if you have a network… of people… it will expand and also in the future more products and services will come… from questnet..
    Then the existing network will purchase products…

    Ex: I joined to questnet with telecom products.. Then i purchased Wellness products and watches… vacation Packages.. etc…

    So repeat sales are happening and thats how you will get a continous income…

    Go to a Proper training of questnet and learn.. how to build a business within 2-3 years and get a passive income… for 2 generations…
    If you dont understand… its reasonable…

    But many things we dont understand.. can happen..and can benifit to us…

    Ex: we dont understand how ELectricity Genertes.. and work… but we know how to cook a meal from Electricity… thats enough no?
    Same like that… you dont understand how questnet works…
    but it can give you a passive income.. if you use it.. and do it… and follow the system…

    nalak on May 12th, 2008
  • 300

    If some one is telling that Marketing Unwanted things….

    Yes.. that may be right..

    but look Is it Pepsi or Coke is a Wanted thing for life?
    How the marketing campaigns has made it wanted thing?

    When u go to A shopping mall… The lights setting, music.. coolours of the Walls and Display Racks.. phychologically creating an Intent of purchase for UNWANTED things…
    when you come out… you have purchased many unwanted things… for that Yes they use.. advertising agencies, physcologists, Brand Managers, superstars… etc…

    So Marketing is a complex thing…

    Not only the basic human needs like sheltor, food and cloths.. there are so many unwanted things are marketing…through many channels…
    The difference in network marketing is you see the close friend of you make some money out of doing it…
    You question and argue about it with the jelousy and fear.. that you can do it…

    But u buy Unwanted things from super markets without any questions as u dont see the people behind the screen who make money.. from your purchase…

    nalak on May 12th, 2008
  • 301

    the mentioned vacation package Sampai Jumpa is not a Time Sharing package…
    Its a simple Hotel booking package…
    you can use… within 3 years after purchase… in any resort… owned by QI group.. QVI club home resort…

    Not like time sharing…

    but any way.. you have to book in advance… thats true… if the hotels are booked you canot get the rooms..
    Its natural in any hotel..

    If you want to go in a peak time.. in normal hotel bookings also.. the hotels can be house full..

    your point canot break my points…
    As you misunderstand Sampai Jumpa is a Time sharing package…

    But show me any 4 star resort in Thailand you can get for 24 US$ per night per person?
    Thats the challenge…

    Ok.. lets say… not in Peak time… even without the peak time.. show me any 4 star resort in Thailand which u can stay for 24 $?
    I gurantee you can book these resorts within one month…
    Normally holiday makers plan their visits before one months..
    Not like sudden business tours….
    I accept for business tours our Sampai Jumpa is not suitable and the resors are not in business locations too…

    We talk about the Average people who can plan within 3 years to go for a vacation for 24 $ per night…

    Why you dont see the profit what the customer get and why you jelous the company making and maitaining resort… while give a room for the guest for 24$ per night..?

    nalak on May 12th, 2008
  • 302

    Hi, i hve read about Goldquest MLM, the fraud company and banned concepts.I really agree with your views and thanks for making awareness among the people.
    I have one small Questions to you that Now a days there is one company in india( doing like this MLM.Some of my friends are planning to join and going to sell their products so they will get money and the will get more when they refer 2 people under them.
    I am surprised that Resource money power comp(rmpinfotech) have ISO certification …Is it good company to join?? Are they doing the right business?
    Even they used to tell us that Its MLM and its not like pyramid based concepts.So people around us are believing them..!!! I feel everyone going to be cheated after some days or years…..What you feel abt this?? can u guide us?

    ilango on May 12th, 2008
  • 303

    when i read ninja’s come comments… i feel very sorry about him…

    Im talking about Creating a Super highway.. which the creaters will get paid tall.. in the futures from Busses, lorrys and Cars and all..

    He is thinking not to Travel in a Bus… and just to walk..

    Thats the difference between the Vision of people…

    Ninja,,, for you still early to understand a real business concept…

    Seek knowledge..

    nalak on May 12th, 2008
  • 304

    Guess I am late to the party.
    First things first:
    Take Vacation package of questnet…
    8 days 7 nights… 4 people can stay.. in a suite room in a 4 star resort in Thailand…
    The package name is Sampai Jumpa…
    validity period is 3 years…

    I could not find even a single link among the popular tourism sites about Thailand even taking the name of this hotel/resort, which is claimed to be a 4star hotel. Actually you can find 4* hotels below $24 per day .

    If you want to earn money OK do it, but don’t make it someone elses problem by building a pyramid. Basic math is by collecting 2.1 lac one guy earns some 11.5k (I am not sure about the exact figures) and some lame ass junk in the name of coins etc. Infinite population is required to continue the pyramid which is meaningless.

    Nameless on May 12th, 2008
  • 305

    Hi All,
    Hope you are all doing very excellent work on yourown areas, best of luck.
    My name is Rajeev, living in USA since 2006 December with my family, for you information i am a proud member of Questnet (Goldquest). I have started my journey with Questnet on February 2005 as part time basis, on 2006 March i quit my bukket carry job which i carried from 1992 in Saudi Arabia. Literarly i have fired my boss.

    Dear friends (who against questnet), you believe it or not this company has changed lots of lifes including myself and other thousands and thousands of people. As Mr.Nalak said, in order to success in questnet like any other business, you need to know the basic things like how to do the business for this you have to follow the system, we have proven success system, we are all following that system for that no need any kind market degree or doctorate or Phd, people who are not following the system will fail they couln’t make any single paise from this business, it is true. We are not forcing anybody to do the business, please read carefully the below paragraphs which sent to me one of my friends, Madhusudhan, Dubai.
    Questnet will overcome this nasty cases, coz we are not doing any nasty business, questnet will be the only company in the world to change lifes, wait and see friends,

    It all happens in network marketing. Lot of court cases are there in many countries.Finally a legitimate company wons all those cases and resume business.A networker has the patience to know the truth. Let us wait for the court verdict.

    Madhyamam report is just a bullshit saying the coins are copper.

    The coins with pictures of famous mosques are issued by National bank of the republic of kazakastan, and Islamic Message series is endorsed by Al Azhar Islamic Reaearch Academy. They are in seires 3 now. I believe these institutions are more prestegious and trustworthy than a stupid madhyamam reporter Akbar.

    Madhyamam is always against network marketing.In India this new concept business is booming nowadays even though people are skeptical. Amway, modicare, Gold quest, herbal life, swadeshi, unique card, versatile, RMP, RCM, VCAN, Free India concept, Forever living products, Quantam, Indian Noni, Tupperware, Oriflame, japan life, adventure holidays, skybiz, powerbiz, pioneerbiz, image, kalpavruksha, peerless, pagoda forest, sanchayani, noni, pancard, dxn, SOBM, HLL, Twinkle, Indus, Diotek, you name them.

    There will be more cases in future against many companies. Good companies will survive all those negatives and do business changing people’s lives for better.

    Fraudulent people and companies will perish.Not only in network marketing, but in all business. Fraudulent approach spoils all aspects of life,family,business, job,friendship,relationship, politics,religion you name them.

    Santhosh Madhavan’s case will be more interesting and exciting to read for people want pleasure and excitement. News papers are celebrating this now. Gold quest is nothing for them. Before there was ISRO Spy case, which news papers celebrated for a long time.So let us celebrate the sensitive news.

    As far as convincing myself is concerned, one of my pakistani friend IR purchased an ornament and got checked it by a famous jeweller in Sharjah, and convinced himself that it worths more than he paid.I am using In-voice telecom system, a secured line which saves my money on international calls. I am using Biodisc which changed my health for better.All my family is drinking only energized water and enjoying the benifits. I do not need newspaper reports for convincing myself for the credibility of gold quest.

    Questnet India will resume business soon, no doubt for me.

    Finally, you are not anyway in this business, sayeem, why do you bother for these kind of news?

    We are doing the business, and not bothered at all by these setbacks.

    I enjoy this business, like many others. Because I meet people who are different characters, talk to them, understand them, some gives bad experience, some good, but finally, doing a network marketing business is better than doing nothing, as per my experience.
    best regards,

    Rajeev on May 12th, 2008
  • 306

    again Mr Nalak…

    “He has no idea of all products and services of Questnet provide…Ex: Vacations… Wellness products …Etc…
    So he has not get necessary information before Embark in to questnet business and still has not got them.. and he is complaining the Questnet business doesnt work…”
    hmmmmmm interesting point of view.. i do not know about quest products… wow.. well i may not know about ‘quests’ products coz its really wierd.. y?? well I am a technocrat.. with more than average knowledge in telecom and embedded systems… and what quest promised me was like ok (but not at all worth it though)… but then what quest gave me was CRAP… frankly crap is the least dignified word i can use for that product… DUDE I AM HAVEING A PRODUCT IN MY HAND and I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT ITS CAPABILITIES ARE.. i have also seen this so called crap gold coin.. ok?? about the products i do not know, i have not commented..

    now that you asked me.. hope you got the GREAT ANSWER FOR YOUR VACATIONS PACKAGES from the nameless guy post 304..

    now the next part…
    “But.. if he just wanted a Phone as a customer.. he doesnt have register as an IR…””
    well well well.. if i did not want to reg as a IR what diff in price would there have been to the product?? huh?? and as i said earlier i did join coz my friends told me to..and i would not have even been here if i had got the product and atleast if the product had the features promised.. and if i was not asked by my friends i would have brought an N81 and a N82 and an IPOD with that money… now which sounds better??? the f**** Q-fone in which i was cheated or the other stuffs from nokia and apple in which i am sure i will be gettin what i asked for….”

    ninja on May 13th, 2008
  • 307

    to post 302 by ilango

    dude.. i am a member of RMP.. but i am not working just like in the case of quest.. you can go ahead and join RMP.. i would reccomend it as i got my product in 4 days time… and the cost of the product if you try to purchase from outside is same as that offered by rmp.. so no regrets.. and most importantly the things offered by them are useful practically… so go on….

    ninja on May 13th, 2008
  • 308

    Sampai Jumpa is Not a name of a resort…
    it’s the name of the vacation package..
    The resort’s name is Prana resort in Koh samui.


    if u can give me any 4 star resort’s name in thailand which i can stay for 24 $ per night…
    I would like to go tomorrow…
    Please send me the name… and address or contact numbers..

    nalak on May 13th, 2008
  • 309

    Iam Ravindra, presently living happily with a cool job, but previouly iam very much suffered with Gold-Quest, i faced very problems with my relatives regarding this gold-quest,DONT JOIN IN GOLDQUEST it is very worst idea

    Bandaru Ravindra on May 13th, 2008
  • 310




    Dharma Protector on May 13th, 2008
  • 311

    A simple question can clarify whether Gold quest network marketing is legitimate business or fraud.

    Will the bottom most layer ever get money? NO, THEY NEVER COULD. And the bottom most layer is the biggest layer of the pyramid, so maximum no. of people who are joining Gold Quest are bound to loose!

    GQ members might vehemently deny its not pyramid scheme. But IT IS proven that it IS pyramid scheme. why should some one join a business which is unethical and illegitimate? And with all this negative publicity created the future is doomed for GQ memers and Company.

    savi on May 14th, 2008
  • 312

    I’m writing this with much of disappointment. One of my cousins was working in an IT company earning good money and had a beautiful family. 6 months back he joined gold quest and was actively pursuing his friends and relatives and had many successful sign-ups. But with the arrests and huge no. of compalaints in Chennai, his friends who are yet to receive the coins started presurrizing him to return their money. But when he requested them to wait for some time, they’ve lodged police complaints and now the unbelievable thing is happening.

    He left his family and is hiding somewhere in Bangalore. Is THE DAMN MONEY worth this shameful act? Is it required for someone who was leading a respectful and peaceful life? Can anyone who support GQ respond to this? His house is frequented by all his once close friends enquiring their money and their hatred-laden words…NO DAMN MONEY IS WORTH THIS PUNISHMENT AND SHAME.

    Savi on May 14th, 2008
  • 313

    Hello Mr. Savi,
    Your findouts are fantastic about Questnet (Goldquest)yaar, Questnet is Pyramid, let me ask you one thing sir, what is Pyramid, can you explain me about it, coz i don’t know actually what you people meant it. If you don’t know what is pyramid and what is legitimate business, please contact me on my cell 001-405-4089014, USA number, i will explain to you clearly what is Questnet and what is pyramid scheme, you have explained in a big way that in questnet or Goldquest, the bottom layer won’t get anything, can you tell me who is the bottom layer guy?, you mean the new sign up isn’t it?, my simple question is “why they joined in Goldquest? or for what they joined it?, if they joined for Coins or watch or Telecom or vacation or wellness product they would get it, but if they joined for money, then they have to work smart not hard like what you and 95% bucket carriers are doing (working upto 60-65 years and retire broken or depending pension or Social security in USA), dear Savi sir, please don’t join Questnet or Goldquest with greedy mind, for your information, in network marketing, especially in Questnet, two kinds of people are failed, Idiot guys and Greedys, we are sure that the mojority of people who failed in Questnet or Network marketing are either greedy or idiots, like most of you.please my humble request to you all don’t join questnet for a hobby or for a product, but join for money pure USDollar or Euro or Pure Indian Ruppee (White money), as you all said, we are all selfish people, upsolutely right, that is why we could see our destiny, which is not like yours (broken) those who are very generous, wish you all the best, network marketing or questnet is not for you all…Finally, ” If you don’t have any challenges, you won’t have much success”, “Whatever you can think of and believe in, you can accomplish”, “WINNERS NEVER QUIT AND QUITTERS NEVER WIN”
    Rajeev, USA

    Rajeev on May 14th, 2008
  • 314

    Savi i have answered this question 1000 times… bottom layer wont get money.. but the ppl who are earning now was also part of the bottom layer once rite.. its so obvious..just read all the posts before posting urs

    questisthebest on May 14th, 2008
  • 315

    Mr ninja nelvin… not answerin to my post? afraid? ??

    abbas on May 14th, 2008
  • 316

    Dear friends,

    Some people think that they can clothe ‘falsehood’ by wrapping it in a bundle of lies. But make no mistake-for all their efforts the latter still stands stark naked.

    Those whose eyes are opened can definitely see the ugly naked guy called ‘falsehood’. Let those whose eyes are closed, open them and see ‘falsehood’ in all its ugliness.

    For those of you who are still trying to figure out what I am saying, let me put it bluntly- don’t let some sweet talking people con you into thinking that you can get rich overnight by joining such and such. Remember for 10% of those who may make such kind of money (unethically, of course)there are 90% of those who lose all their hard earned money.

    Incidentally, here’s the link to a report appearing in today’s issue of ‘The Hindu’…

    With warm regards,

    Sanjay Sivadas

    Sanjay Sivadas on May 14th, 2008
  • 317

    Why people join? Either to purchase products or promote the products and business and earn…
    If they Just want to purchase prducts they can become retail customers… Theres an option in Questnet…
    If some one wants to earn money.. They have to Learn
    01. company 02. products 03. Plan 04. network Marketing Basics and many things..
    Also they have to work… with people .. Either to sell products or Reffer for the buiness Opportunities…

    Why people fail?
    01. People who just jump to do questnet and do not learn anything and start to explain to people without any knowledge
    02. Even they start they have Doubts about company and system
    03. As first activity is Just buying a product people do not think like Questnet is a business… so people do not think that they are involoved to a business with products and services and a ecommerce system
    04. Some People who fail.. has the GET RICH QUICK MINDSET… They dont invest their time and effort…
    they take it as a gamble…

    like this there are many resons… people fail in questnet…

    but Technically they dont fail.. as theres no time frame to do the business… Even after one year.. some one can come and learn and start the business in aproper way…

    To EARN… they must LEARN…

    Many people try just to catch 2 people.. and sleep and earn money…

    That mindset it self… direct them to FAIL

    If some one think to build a real system of people who like to put time and effort.. to learn and promote
    questnet products and services as well as the business opportunities… can become successfull..

    Theres a book Name “7 lies of Network Marketing”…
    Find it and read..

    It says…
    NWM is All about Sales… if some one say we are not doing sales.. IT’s a LIE

    Also If some one say.. Anyone can do it.. It’s a Lie..
    But anyone can reffer 2-3 people who can do this.. (Questnet has that option)

    So if some one feel that i canot do this.. or this is Pyramiding.. please dont join…
    Study and learn…
    Decession is yours….

    Like any business people start.. and some people success.. some people Fail…
    But in questnet… even u fail… if u learn.. u can… become successfull one day..

    There are many products and services are coming…
    May be today you canot sell any Gold Coins…
    But tomorrow the new products.. you can sell better than anyone…

    nalak on May 14th, 2008
  • 318

    To Nalak
    From where can you generate infinite population to drive the pyramid forward so that everyone can earn?

    Apply some thought before advocating this to someone else. The fact that you are earning money doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone can do so by joining this pyramid scheme. I hope you have some level of basic understanding in maths.

    Without infinite population at any point of time more than 80% of the population is gonna loose their money and it’s only the people at the top who are advocating this.

    What’s all this fuss about NUMISMATICS? Tell me which govt. or organization approved the circulation of gold coins with certain faces on it? Is it the Vatican or Queen? Without this what difference does it make compared to plain gold?

    If you are talking about ethics and morals then “earn money but don’t make it somebody else problem by showing dreams”.

    Get a life.

    Nameless on May 14th, 2008
  • 319

    to Nalak.

    You never understand certain things do you? I checked with the name of Prana. Please run a query for your self and let me know the results about the so called 4star hotel with amazing facilities and blah blah.

    All these who room rents in the range of 25USD. And to make it easy for you these are room rents and not cost per person.

    There is a site called Google using which you can find more information like this. Here is A simple exercise for you. Please run a basic search on google with Prana resorts. Do tell the junta about the number of sites you found referring to Pranaresorts other than the Quest family of sites.

    Nameless on May 14th, 2008
  • 320

    To nalak.

    Reiterating above said things in a more “Easy to Understand” way for you.

    At any point of time the number of people at the bottom of the pyramid exceeds the sum of all others at all levels above included.

    So from where you are gonna get people to keep this pyramid work forever and at some stage it would very easily exceed the world population and what you guys gonna advocate this to animals and aliens.

    People not earning any money(profit??) from this are almost 87% and you don’t care about it cause you got your share and want more. Hell with the rest.

    Nameless on May 14th, 2008
  • 321

    well said savi and dharma protector… and biggest proof that they are scammers is the product i got…

    ninja on May 14th, 2008
  • 322

    Fuck off everything, Listen carefully what I am saying..
    QuestNet sucks. Its members (or you can my old friends which are now enemies) have cheated me. I lost my 32000 rupees (almost 800$). Read the complete story

    Here you will come to know how I was cheated.

    So don’t believe any questnet memeber. Use you brain, think 100000000000000 times before this joining this crap.

    I have lost my money due to Quest so If you believe that this article has saved your money and protected from Quest, then please donate some money for this blog..

    Abhishek Kumar on May 14th, 2008
  • 323

    WHat u have mention in Koh Samui is it a 4 star resort what?
    here what i found out about that place….

    Baan Phu Pha Resort, Koh Samui, Bophut Beach – Rates and Reservations
    Special Internet Rates Terms & Conditions:
    – Rates quoted in Thai Baht and inclusive of service charge and Government VAT.
    – Rates are based on double occupancy not including breakfast.
    – Airport transfer is available at 300 Baht (max. 3 person, more than 3 people will charge 100 Baht per person).
    – Electricity charged 7 Baht per unit and water charged 300 Baht per month/ person.
    – Cleaning service 100 Baht/time for Deluxe Room, 200 Baht for Suite Room (changing whole set of bed sheets will be charge double price).
    – Rates are subject to change without notice.
    – Rates above are inclusive of applicable taxes and service charges

    Please give a Proper 4 Star resort with 4 star facilities….. not just a room for rent…

    Do u know what is 4 star, 5 star in Hotel and resort industry?

    nalak on May 14th, 2008
  • 324

    You want to understand why GQ is a big time failure? As you rightly put it in your own words, “only greedy and idiots” join this business without understanding what harm they are doing to the society, Friends and relatives.
    And you want to understand which is the bottom most layer in the pyramid? Well, all new sign ups NOW are in the bottom. With all the illegal practices and negative publicity for GQ, which normal person will join GQ? (You might say all idiots and greedy will surely join GQ, but the entire world is not full of them!)
    And dear Rajeev sir, Justice A.K.Rajan had clearly mentioned in a verdict in 2006, that GQ is nothing but illegal money circulation scheme. That’s exactly the reason why Nalini Chidambaram has sent 2 notices to GQ (once in 2005 and 2007) on why GQ continues to illegally use her name. Pushpam has sent an apology note to Nalini Chidambaram as Nalini threatened to take legal action.
    I can understand your frustration and desparation that you are not going to earn any more money, but dont you feel guilty of your new sign-ups who have lost their money? They wont have received their product also and would never receive one as the company is literally shut down in India. If you believe you are rich because you worked smart, you SHOULD compensate them; because after all what you enjoy is their money!

    Savi on May 14th, 2008
  • 325

    One more big blow to GQ. This case is heard right now in US on 14th May 08.

    “The Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday obtained a court order halting a $27 million fraudulent scheme called Gold Quest, involving investors in the United States and Canada. The Honorable Lloyd D. George, United States District Court Judge for the District of Nevada, issued an order freezing assets and appointing a temporary receiver over Gold-Quest and its affiliates”

    The funniest part of the case is GQ’s response. The question from SEC and GQ’s response are as follows:

    “Gold-Quest International was incorporated in Panama in 2004. Gold-Quest is not registered with the Commission in any capacity, nor is Gold-Quest registered with the Panamanian secuities regulators in any capacity. In dealing with Canadian regulators, representatives of Gold-Quest assert that it and its owners are subject only to the jurisdiction of the sovereign Little Shell Nation Indian tribe, purportedly headquartered in North Dakota, and not to the jurisdiction of the United States or Canada According to the Office of the Attorney General of North Dakota, however, the Little Shell Nation is not recognized as a sovereign
    tribe or nation. In March 2008, the British Columbia S d t i e s Commission and the Alberta Securities Commission each issued cease trade orders prohibiting
    Gold-Quest h r n soliciting new investors in those provinces.”

    Now a piece of information to Rajeev, questisthebest and nalak. Rajeev, please take your phone “001-405-4089014, the US number” and immediately call up “1-800-SEC-0330” and tell them why you feel GQ is not illegal and they’ll promptly respond to you why the entire world thinks GQ is illegal.

    Savi on May 15th, 2008
  • 326

    I have a cousin sister, who was working in a school as a teacher. She joined gold quest and did it for a while. Now her downline is asking her to return the money. So she has gone into hiding in Bangalore. My own brother and sister-in-law were doing it. My sister-in-law tried to convince my parents-in-law. But they are smart people, they have seen so much in life, my father-in-law himself has done business. They saw through the scheme. They did not fall for it.I knew my sister-in-law would try to convince me, I researched on the internet and was lucky to read about how 80% people lose money in a MLM /pyramid scheme. I also read about how Goldquest is banned in so many countries. With so many negative things against a business, I thought it against common sense to do it. I too never fell for it.

    It is all nice to talk motivational stuff , dialogues from “Guru” movie etc. But reality is different, you dont really have any control of the kind of people your down line would enroll. So there is always a risk of having a run on the business(like the run in on the finance companies in TN 10 years back when all investors would demand their money back at the same time and the business would naturally fold down). Here I am just talking practically. I am not talking ethics or even business model etc. So with so many things loaded against a business, any prudent person would refrain from doing it. After all, you dont want to end up in a situation where you have to move out of our ancestral home/city where you lived your life, to avoid people demandinng money from you. My two cents.

    goldquestsucks on May 15th, 2008
  • 327

    hey savi, nice of you to join the party… and sweet point… you and all other quest de-promoters are saving a lot of people from disaster.

    and ya more news.. well nalak you wanted to know what one person can do right?? well you read about chennai.. noe read todays paper about cochin.. the quest office is closed down and the person there has gone into hiding and he is on the wanted list of the police.. there has been a raid in the office… hmmm wonder y???? oh.. i remember.. i had GIVEN A CRIMINAL CASE.. heh heh heh… what a publicity stunt by quest na?? dude.. the tides are changing.. and your voice is fading… anything more to say?? huh???

    i’ll give link of the paper report.. let me find it online.. (i read in the actuall paper)..

    ninja on May 15th, 2008
  • 328

    Hi folks,

    Some great minds have compared Quest with Pepsi& Cola gaints and blaming them too for draining of foreign currency.

    I would like to give cost to cost analysis of the 10/- paid by a customer for buying a drink.

    Manufaturing cost…………. 1/-
    Profit to the company……….1/-
    Advertisement cost………….1/-
    Cumulative sales tax ……….1/-
    over all transportation cost…2/-
    Profit to the distributor……2/-
    Profit to the Retailer………2/-

    Company, Trasport, Add agency, Distributor, retailer agai pay incometax to the government. They are providing huge employment and providing good quality of bevarages.
    Less than 10% of the amount on each bottle is going out of the country (though they are also draining foreign currency). But in the Quest nearly 90% is going out of the country.
    Only 10% is distributed among indians (neglect non-indians in the upper chain).
    Their office is closed in Hyderabad too. (don’t know about others..)
    For the past 2 weeks my friends are not getting cheques(they are supposed to get 10 lak overall) even though they they chain has increased equally (earlier they used to get).
    When contacted head office, they were told that the concerned people are in jail. (Do people in jail are not even allowed to sign on cheque ?)
    They were told that they will get cheques soon..(don’t know when..). Their downlines are afraid of carrying out the business operations(fooling others to join) fearing arrests
    But the upper chains are still forcing/brainwashing them to carry out operations (as they are not getting cheques to enjoy with their girlfriends in resorts).
    It is literally closed in Hyderabad (soon in India too)

    rambo on May 15th, 2008
  • 329

    Chennai, A further 16 kg of gold was seized from multi-level marketing (MLM) company Quest Net and three more of its employees were arrested following an investor s complaint, police officials said here Monday.

    With this, the total value of gold seized from the company touched Rs.235 million ($5.40 million) since Saturday.

    The arrests and seizures were the follow-up of a complaint by a Chennai-based investor who said the company had cheated him of his investment of Rs.62,000 and threatened him with dire consequences if he persisted with his allegations.

    The city police commissioner’s office was besieged by more complainants who alleged the MLM unit had cheated them.

    “I used to employ 30 people and had a flourishing business worth over Rs.4 million. I was taken in by the pep talk, liquidated my assets and invested everything in Quest Net. Now, I am a pauper. What is more there are hundreds like me,” S. Bukhari, a complainant, told reporters.

    Quest Net’s parent company Gold Quest has reiterated in a statement from Hong Kong that all its deals are above board and denied any wrongdoing.

    Quest Net sources told IANS the company had enriched many and it was being victimised due to political pressure.

    “Gold Quest is globally worth over $3 billion and exists as a legal entity in over 100 nations – some of them being the US, Britain, Singapore and Australia. And the total monetary value of the complaints against the company doesn’t add up to beyond Rs.2o million,” a company source said.

    The Chennai police say the company is banned in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and arrest warrants are pending against its promoters in the Philippines.

    ninja on May 15th, 2008
  • 330

    why dont the QuestNet people can write about the future of the business in India ?

    MKG on May 15th, 2008
  • 331


    here are the list of cases that goldquest lost in chennai in 2003 (source madras highcourt website)
    Criminal Misc. Petition – 3724, Year 2003
    Criminal Misc. Petition – 840, Year 2003
    Criminal Misc. Petition – 841, Year 2003
    Criminal Original Petition – 2347, Year 2003
    Writ Petition – 37862, Year 2003
    Writ Petition – Misc. Petition – 45983, Year 2003
    Writ Petition – Misc. Petition – 45984, Year 2003
    Writ Petition – Petition – 45985, Year 2003

    I know some supporters will claim that even Reliance and Tata had cases against them – don’t we buy their products? But the truth is these companies went to court over tax issues or land acquisition etc. But quest’s very business model was found to be illegal by a High Court of Law. If Tata was taken to court because the brakes in their cars don’t work – how many people will be willing to buy their cars.

    some supporters said about getting peanuts from your current work. True. But where is all the money coming from – the amount you get & the profit your company makes? It is being generated. The client gave your company this project (say to improve aerodynamics of Boeing planes) because it saves them much more money – less fuel reqd so costs come down there, cost of repairing wear n tear of plane’s body comes down etc. All these costs are nothing but wealth being generated. Part of this is given to your company. A part of that is given to you. You spend it or invest thus helping more people. Here a few ppl and Quest makes loads of cash – but it is not generated. It comes from the losses of the 90% ppl at the bottom of the pyramid. Those ppl are not creating wealth, they’re redistributing it in a skewed way. Sure they buy jeans, go to the theatre or invest this money – but they didn’t generate it, they took it from others.


    ninja on May 15th, 2008
  • 332

    I mean the FUTURE of QuestNet in India….

    why dont the QuestNet people can write about the future of the business in India ?

    MKG on May 15th, 2008
  • 333











    swetha on May 15th, 2008
  • 334

    The USA case is not related to QI group.. it may be another company…
    Regarding the Complaints in India and court cases… lets see what will happen…
    Untill now Questnet India is a legal company and the business plan and the products were approved by local authorities…
    But now Yes.. there’s an Investigation is going on…

    If theres any leagal thing.. courts must clear it.. police can investigate.. but the final decession must come from the courts.
    Untill that no one can say anything….

    One thing is sure.. Questnet and QI group will not leave the people who joined.. as customers or Represnetatives…

    Iran, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India many countries… QI faced legal challenges.. as this business is Misunderstood by many participants, Local authorities and Media also police…

    But COmpany never runaway… if company wanted to cheat.. easily can shut down the operations and run away…
    But see… if theres ant legal ammendments… according to the law from government side… it will happen… if not QI will continue..

    Even AMWAY coperation has legal challenges in 1970’s…
    But now every one Knows AMWAY is a legal business.. module…

    Time will give the solution…
    Lets see…

    nalak on May 15th, 2008
  • 335

    To Nalak,

    I beleive we are going off track. The discussion is not about some stupid resort but about peoples money. Anyway to answer your last post:

    And who is saying that Prana is a 4star resort and did you finish your counting about the number of travel sites with ratings and user feedback on Prana? And this place have not opened shop yet: Prana Resorts & Spa: Koh Samui, Thailand Opening in 2nd quarter of 2008

    I want to know how the scheme is going to benefit the 87% of the pyramid? Please tel something which makes sense.

    Nameless on May 15th, 2008
  • 336

    All these media publicity and police arrests are free publicity for Questent…
    Yes.. true a temporary setback is there with less signups… and confusion on public…

    but after the court case finishes… the people who realy understand what to do… how questnet works… will join..
    Thats a good filteration for questnet business…
    Now every one is joining without understanding the concept…

    regarding the future of questnet india… this is the answer…

    After the court cases… Questnet India will have a stable network…. with only smart people…

    U can mark my word… and see whats happenning…

    100% guarneteed… The directors including.. Dato Vijay.. will not give the people.. who joined… they will continue the company… the system… product dilivery…. trainings… new product launch…. commission calculations… commission diliveries… etc….

    People who just think… about Earning MONEY… please dont join…. Questnet is not a money chain…
    It’s involved with products and services…

    if you dont want any product or services from questnet.. no offence,,, dont buy….

    No one pull out your money and put to questnet…

    It’s you who have to take decessions.. before join…

    Not questnet…

    nalak on May 15th, 2008
  • 337

    Dear Savi,
    Thank you very much for your findings about Goldquest and Questnet. Now i can understood that how much you are interested to know about the companies activities, what was the intention for you to collect these information, really i appreciate your hardwork yaar, if you would have use this ability in yourown area it would be much better for you and your family too, i am not here to reply you nor i am not interested at all, because it is not my duty to response you people, sorry, i have no time for spending unnecessary things, that is all company challenge they will do it all, Questnet is not a small company. Further more, i am preparing to go to Malaysia tomorrow for attentding our Anual conference at Malaysia from 21-25th May.
    Dear Savi, please read the letter # 334 by Mr. Nalak, which is self-explanatory.

    For your information, i am doing my business (Questnet) here in USA plus India, Saudi Arabia, UK, Netherland, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Dubai, Bahrain, Sudan, Egypt, Germany, Singapore, etc.

    Finally, Mr. Savi sir, did you ever join Questnet or Goldquest? if not, why you so upset about the news (Bad or Good)? The people who are joined and failed in Questnet have theirown reasons for their failure, but why you people who didn’t ever joined have this much concern, please tell me what was the intention? if your answers are based on humanity, do against the anti-questneters not questnet, coz questnet has changed many lifes everyday, every moments…..You are right, in Network marketing or in questnet only 20% are success and the rest 80% are failures, it is natural dear, here you have a choice whether you want to see you in 80 or 20,that is all. My success is only depends my attitude nothing else, that is why i am earning more that 3000 US$/weeks from my business (Questnet), i know this amount some of you cannot imagine or you cannot earn in one year time with your
    backet carry, am i right? i was also the same situation of yours before in joined in Questnet, but now the situation has changed after 3.5 year, S.M.A.R.T work in Questnet, we didn’t cheat anybody nor forced anybody to join in our Questnet business, whoever joined in questnet have definite reason that is why they joined, if you fail in this business, it is your fault not companys mistake or uplines mistake, don’t blame others for your failure. If you fail, you need to fail…….

    “you cannot help the world by focusing on the negative things, as you focus on the negative events of the world, you not only add to them, but you bring more negative into your own life at the same time” by JACK CANFIELD.


    Rajeev on May 15th, 2008
  • 338

    Well, I have a couple of points to make.

    1. What did the company do for those who lost their money from Iran, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Afghanistan. Has your company given their money back for those who couldn’t continue business after ban?

    2. Stop fooling around with useless QN products. Products are only a face to run this UNETHICAL scam.

    Indian on May 16th, 2008
  • 339

    You sound like GQ is the only business in the whole world to get rich! Grow up man! If you have financial intelligence, you wont be broke! And you have made a funny assumption that anyone who is anti-GQ should be poor!

    And you think $3k/week is incredible money? Grow up, Baby! I’m a Business Strategic Consultant in US and just inquire how much BSCs earns/hour in US. And the best part is I’m earning this by NOT cheating others! But going by my experience with GQ people, I can very comfortably say even your ‘claimed’ earning could be inflated and a pure lie!

    I assume you are a smart guy, Rajeev; dont end up behind bars in your attempt to earn quick money…

    Savi on May 16th, 2008
  • 340


    well… not conquered.. but cheated… and ya i dont have the guts.. coz i want to be known as a respected individual not as a fugitive or scammer.. ok??

    and about his publicity stunt you all are talking about. there are many network marketing companies here in india.. like RMP etc.. against whom there are no issues.. so if someone wants to join a network then which one would they opt for?? the publically known cheating company called Quest with hyper overpriced useless products or the other ones which give useful products at market rate with out any case against them?? please respond…

    and about not cheating… i dont understand one thing.. nalak you were replying to my every post and creating names for me.. but you stopped… am i left out of the party?? huh?? or is it coz i hold in my hands the BIGGEST PROOF THAT QUEST COMPANY ARE SCAMMERS?? afraid to come head long at me now?? huh??

    TO ALL WHO READS THIS BLOG.. QUEST IS A SCAM… I ORDERED FOR A PHONE WORTH INR 34,960 and WAS GIVEN A PHONE WHOSE WORTH WAS INR 3000. IT HAD NONE OF THE FEATURES ADVERTISED.. NOW THE COMPANY WONT RESPOND TO MY MAILS CALLS AND THEIR OFFICE IS CLOSED… DONT JOIN.. if you have that money and want gold buy from bank or jweller (you’ll get 3-4 times what they give).. and if you want phone then go buy a N82 and a N81 and an IPOD with that money. and vacatin package well i would say go join country club or club mahindra or something like that.. its much much better… and u wont be cheated…

    ninja on May 16th, 2008
  • 341

    Theres no countrt banned questnet including Sri Lanka, Nepal, Iran.
    Questnet is a HongKong based online marketing portal.
    Still the people who are doing questnet business in those countries.. can login to questnet website and purchase products.. and reffer to people…

    Even had legal challenges… Theres no point of Return back money to anyone…
    Questnet will send the product… Questnet responisbility is that only…
    So it’s very simple.. people go to a website and purchase a product or service…
    The company will send the product by courier service.. or through local office (If any in that country) thats the deal with questnet…
    Questnet do not promise any Interest type returns.. and the money is not an investment… in questnet.. it’s just a product/service purchase…

    But if some one wants some commuissions or income from questnet they have to reffer more customers to questnet… if some one didnt do that how the company pay anything….?

    But i agree some PEOPLE mislead people by telling “you just put money and you dont have to do anything… and you will get this much of money.. like that…”
    That is Not correct… it is done by people.. not by the company…

    If anyone who purchase the product or services has any compalain against the quality of the products.. yes you can complain to the company…

    But make sure… you had correct information from company website.. before you purchase… some thing…
    Even about the products if some one mislead you.. its not a problem of company.. it’s a personal misleading… which you have to deal with the person who introduce you…

    visit these websites and learn about products and services…
    Even without the income Potentials people buy products.. as they like products…
    I have sold all kind of products in questnet… for retail customers who has no interest about reffering people or Binary business plan..
    But they purchased products and used and happy…

    So… If you in this angele.. the problem is your misunderstanding… about questnet… and your high expectations … without proper understanding how the questnet ecommerce based refferal marketing system works…

    go these websites and learn the products.. – wellness products – Gold and jewlery + swiss watches – Telecom services – resorts and vacation packages

    First think you purchase some thing for your usage… same like you buy some thing from a Department store…

    Later understand the Company, products, the Commission plan… and the system
    Then start to reffer people if you want an income..
    If you justw ant to be a customer.. yes you can just be like a customer.. it’s your choice…

    Also if you dont want to be a customer.. yes thats also your choice…

    but again.. it’s good to have legal challenges like this.. and it will be a great support to clear the legality for the future operations.. and for the new comers to understand openly about the legality of questnet…

    Its a free advertising and free training from the Local authorities…
    And it’s a good filteration process…
    If not every body joins without any clear idea.. what they are suppose to do… with questnet…

    nalak on May 16th, 2008
  • 342

    Who will get the money refund.

    MKG on May 16th, 2008
  • 343

    What is meant by “legitimate” customers?
    (The Chennai MD, Pushpam Appalam Naidu agreed to give money for the people who lost in QuestNet)

    Where is Vijay Easwaran now ? He is not part of QNet, now.

    MKG on May 16th, 2008
  • 344

    I agree with nalak and strongly recommend people that they should get adequate info about the company and its working.. just because lazy morons cannot earn anything from this doesnt make the company bad… so we are trying to say that if a person fails in harvard then harvard is not a good university… think about it…

    Jai on May 16th, 2008
  • 345

    Hey Nalak.. Grow up man.

    You said Questnet is not banned in any country? which planet do you come from? Go through this link

    Banned in IRAN –

    Banned in Afghanistan –

    You want more? Shut up and stop lying… Know the truth before you talk non-sense support for this scam.

    Indian on May 17th, 2008
  • 346

    The BIG Bosses of GOLDQUEST chennai Mr Ferroskhan Group still out of POLICE vision.These peoples have so for collected more than 30 crores in the entire Tamilnadu Mlasiya Singapore etc.

    Police searching for Madusudhanan, one old man, one teacher, srinivasan, Ram, Ramesh, Ashok, Jerald, venkatesh, Srikanth, one AC dealer, few real estate brokers and so…..etc..etc..etc..

    Ferroskhan on May 17th, 2008
  • 347

    Dont JOIN QuestNET. I am not the MD. I have Excaped :))

    If you joind questnet then you will lose two things…

    1> money
    2> friends..

    so it is upto you .. use your brain before becoming IR..

    Thanks Abhishek, You are doing great job for mankind… hats off to you

    Vijay Easwaran on May 17th, 2008
  • 348

    again nalak…..

    what world are you in… and AM I INVISIBLE HERE??? nalak… i am starting to miss your names!!!

    ninja on May 17th, 2008
  • 349

    Breaking News !!!

    Mr Nalak has been arrested for cheating people in india & abroad by false propagation of Gold Quest. He is trying to get his bail done and move out of india to spread is fraud buisness to some other country.

    Interpol has issued a redcollar notice for Mr Nalak.Beware!!!

    FraudKilller on May 17th, 2008
  • 350

    hi mr. indian… if you didnt know.. iran is number 2 in the world rankings when it comes to the number of customers… and quest net is banned in iran… yeah right.. and who says that u loose money and friends.. i have got both the moeny and friends and thnks to quest net i have been able to associate a lot of people and make good friends too..! Mr. Vijay Easwaran as regards your post number 347 i think people like you need to use your brain… if u cannot do anything with the fault lies within yourself and not quest net… it works provided you work..!!! so please do not praise what abhishek coz he is one of those people who dont want to work but want to earn money…! isnt that true…!

    Jai on May 17th, 2008
  • 351


    from your post above i am guessing that you are a old old friend of abhidhek.. right?? coz how do you know he is not willing to work but want money?? huh?? dude… it people like you who who do nothing but cheat others with you stupid propagandas and then sit simply to chew on their losses.. and you say you have friends… let me ask you a frank question.. how many this so called friends are ones you had before you pulled them into quest.. huh?? probably 1 or 2.. the others come coz of this networking crap you are talkin about.. dude get a life… they are not friends… let you fall into some trouble then you can see what i mean.. you will be standing there calling out to these friends of yours but they would be there within earshot but too busy having a party with a new ‘friend’ they found.. JUST LIKE ALL QUESTERS… and if it was someone of your friends who was there shouting, you would be in the party.. its all a cyclic loop…

    to the non supporters.. if you notice it seems i am left out of the party.. coz there is no way that any supporters can answer the question i asked or i have… this itself is the biggest proof that is needed… proof that quest is a SCAM.. not a nation wide on but a world wide one…

    ninja on May 17th, 2008
  • 352

    I have been reading this blog since begining because I have a friend who is doing this business and doing really well for himself now after almost 4years but personally I would not recommend anybody to do this business and even if someone wanna go ahead and do this pls guys dont get your friends and family involve in this.Even if u earn loads of money u will still end up losing most of your friends and family in the end as I have seen that happening to this friend of mine. ANYWAYS I came acroos this in economic times of 11th may and had me wondering that what explaination these quest members, who hold the great scamster MR VIJAY EASWARAN in high esteem, have for this where the pricipal company is trying to wash off their hands from this scam in chennai.

    Malaysian firm disassociates itself from Chennai investor scam
    11 May, 2008, 1650 hrs IST, PTI

    KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian company has disassociated itself from the functioning of its subsidiary in India, whose name has cropped up in connection with an investor scam in Chennai.

    The parent company QI Ltd group has said that it was not associated with QuestNet India, a firm which is being investigated by the Chennai police for allegedly cheating thousands of Indian investors in a multi-level marketing scheme.

    QI Ltd group said in a statement that it was a diversified multinational company and the Chennai based firm QuestNet was its subsidiary.

    However, QuestNet India and its business in India were separate from QI group and the managing director of the parent company, Vijay Easwaran was not a director of the Chennai-based firm, it said.

    Easwaran does not exercise direct management or control over the Indian company, national news agency Bernama said, quoting the company’s statement.

    “Several issues in the context they have been reported in India are inaccurate and misleading,” the statement claimed, adding that Easwaran “is also not a fugitive in the way the Indian media reports incorrectly allege.”

    Chennai police, had last week, detained seven members of QuestNet India, including a female managing director, after investors alleged that the company had failed to pay returns as promised.

    kumar on May 17th, 2008
  • 353

    In Dubai, officially GoldQuest was shut down in 2002, as per official newspaper article

    After checking with the dubai economic department, they said that gold quest was shut down over 5 years ago and their license has not been renewed because its method of doing business is considered illegal in Dubai. Their official website is also blocked in the uae – .

    However, quest net/ gold quest is still popular in dubai as many people are making good money out of it. People are using the “make hay while the sun shines” strategy by trying to make the most of it before it is shut down again.

    My suggestion to people who are using gold quest in Dubai as their only source of income, be extremely cautious. It is definately considered an illegal business.

    sharwan on May 17th, 2008
  • 354

    Hey Nalak..

    What happened to you? did the police detain you too? Come on buddy.. answer now! Isn’t that a shame on you to spread wrong news and to recruit more people?

    All QuestNet members do like this only. When the truth comes out, their face n body goes behind the scenes. Shameless creeds in the society… you people deserve to be starved till death.

    Indian on May 19th, 2008
  • 355

    ninja ,,

    are u supporting gold quest or not ?

    ramesh on May 19th, 2008
  • 356

    I wish to update as I heard from our team people who handle the case….

    During the initial stage our top leaders missed to move with lawyers..they appointed lawyers by evening 5 pm only when our people are charged in nuisance and traffic disturbance case….

    When the company people called from malaysia, our top leaders over promised that ‘situation is under our control, we will take care of that’…

    Our advocates claim as follows:

    1.The company is registered as ‘Network marketing’ company then they got ISO 9001 certification.If this is wrong then why the government waited so far and why they received TDS, Income tax and VAT from the company and the IRs?

    2. All product related issues to be filed as consumer cases in ‘Consumer court’ only.. why the police seized the company?

    Since the opponents wrongly framed the case thier side became week… to strengthen their side they start using media… and they establish that more people cheated…

    My views in this are:

    If the govt is going in the right track then why they hesitate to receive our papers which support the organization? Why they charged our people in nuisance case? The next day why they allowed more people (traffic disturbance) to get complaints alone?

    Before the judgement comes, how the media can decide this as cheating case???

    Since they establish this as cheating company and cheating case everyone will feel cheated… that too people who joined within one month period they will be in crisis…

    The media says They are going to arrest vijay easwaran with the help of interpol and all airports informed about him… if its true then why they left our other offices at mumbai, hyderabad, secunderabad etc….


    swetha on May 19th, 2008
  • 357

    so well nalak and team… i guess the blog can finally rest… its over… you guys have to wear the cheater badges…

    ninja on May 19th, 2008
  • 358

    Enjoy this funny link of your LEGITIMATE company..

    This link on QuestNet site makes me laugh again and again.. this article is dated 14th Aug of 2009…

    Wow.. Great news… they have already seen the future..

    Indian on May 20th, 2008
  • 359

    i am agreeging with swetha ,,, she is the best in her views

    ramesh on May 20th, 2008
  • 360

    Ninja or Nelvin Joseph from cochin.. are u sure we have to wear the cheater badges or do U have to wear the cheater thief badge !!! think !!!

    abbas on May 20th, 2008
  • 361

    Good point Swetha.. guys the truth will come out.. wait for the actions from our company. all the papers and channels are misleading and they will pay for it !!!

    questisthebest on May 20th, 2008
  • 362

    nalak has not gone into hiding !! he has gone for the v-conference in malaysia !!!

    questisthebest on May 20th, 2008
  • 363

    Am also leaving today for the v-con so see u guys later !!!

    questisthebest on May 20th, 2008
  • 364

    Hello mr. abhishek.. u seem to be deleting my entries.. only anti quest entries is possible huh??

    abbas on May 20th, 2008
  • 365

    I wish to update as I heard from our team people who handle the case….

    During the initial stage our top leaders missed to move with lawyers..they appointed lawyers by evening 5 pm only when our people are charged in nuisance and traffic disturbance case….

    When the company people called from malaysia, our top leaders over promised that ’situation is under our control, we will take care of that’…

    Our advocates claim as follows:

    1.The company is registered as ‘Network marketing’ company then they got ISO 9001 certification.If this is wrong then why the government waited so far and why they received TDS, Income tax and VAT from the company and the IRs?

    2. All product related issues to be filed as consumer cases in ‘Consumer court’ only.. why the police seized the company?

    Since the opponents wrongly framed the case thier side became week… to strengthen their side they start using media… and they establish that more people cheated…

    My views in this are:

    If the govt is going in the right track then why they hesitate to receive our papers which support the organization? Why they charged our people in nuisance case? The next day why they allowed more people (traffic disturbance) to get complaints alone?

    Before the judgement comes, how the media can decide this as cheating case???

    Since they establish this as cheating company and cheating case everyone will feel cheated… that too people who joined within one month period they will be in crisis…
    The media says They are going to arrest vijay easwaran with the help of interpol and all airports informed about him… if its true then why they left our other offices at mumbai, hyderabad, secunderabad etc….


    xyz on May 20th, 2008
  • 366

    Hi all,
    I dont want to waste my time to type with you negative people…

    Questnet is celebrating 10th anniversary in Penang Malaysia right at this moment.

    We enjoy the past 10 years and plan our next 10 years journey…

    nalak on May 20th, 2008
  • 367

    Compliment Your Business with QuestNet’s Code of Ethics

    Truth, Service & Courage

    These values are at the heart of every action we take and represent the foundation upon which QuestNet is built.

    Did you know that established MLM Businesses have a Code of Ethics.

    It’s essential for any company that relies upon distributors and/or Independent Representatives to carry out the sales process, that there is a common understanding as to what is ethical or not.

    Why Do We Need a Code of Ethics?
    The Code Of Ethics is necessary to protect your business and safeguard your future. QuestNet understands that the majority of the network want to develop a long-term business.

    The Code Of Ethics creates an agreement as to what is ethical and fair.

    We Are Family
    Network marketing is a growth industry, this is one of its main strengths. However, with this growth there are also challenges, especially with those who may operate with different motivations than that of QuestNet.

    Although you are not a QuestNet employee, you are still a part of the QuestNet family – a family which believes in running an ethical business through relationship building and trust. You must always keep your commitment to your downlines and support them.

    A Simple Way to Secure Success
    As QuestNet Managing Director – Mr. JR Mayer puts it, you can easily secure your future in network marketing by following the Code of Ethics.

    “If we all stick to these rules, it will keep the IRs earning potential and network secure. QuestNet’s Code of Ethics distills the most important points from our Policies and Procedures into a set of easy-to-follow guidelines that ensures we can all enjoy a profitable business – together, this is our commitment to you.”

    Watch this space for further details on the Code of Ethics, as it becomes available in even more languages, so that all can understand them fully.

    J.R.MAYER on May 20th, 2008
  • 368

    “Ninja or Nelvin Joseph from cochin.. are u sure we have to wear the cheater badges or do U have to wear the cheater thief badge !!! think !!!”

    is it?? tell me y??? please…

    and i dont think abhishek will delete anything unless there is something offensive in it… but still send me by mail why you think i am those things.. i will post it here myself… afterall there is a right to information.. send me the post and i will post it here.. and reply to it here publically… enough???? mail id is … send it fast abbas.. me waiting…

    ninja on May 20th, 2008
  • 369

    and btw i do get a feeling that this is just another elaborate method to change the topic… all the best guys…

    and ya.. Mr. Arun kumar the rep of Quest in cochin was arrested from his house(he had closed the office due to fear of public and police raid)… i have to testify to police tomo… and give the proof… i’ll keep you updated.. and questies please answer to the questions asked above… lot of them unanswered…

    ninja on May 20th, 2008
  • 370

    to swetha

    answer to your points

    “The company is registered as ‘Network marketing’ company then they got ISO 9001 certification.If this is wrong then why the government waited so far and why they received TDS, Income tax and VAT from the company and the IRs?”
    no one is born a criminal.. if you start a company you have to give a MoA and a AoA to the govt. it is according to these documents that the company should function. if there is anything wrong with it then you are not permitted to start the company. and as long as you follow it there is no issue. quest too must have had that. but later on its only upon the complaints of the people that its comin to light that the company is having illegal operating procedures. so the govt is takin action. you cant argue that govt took tax and other stuff from the company. both are in diff time frames my dear. ISO cerification is something which is very easy to get. just search for the requirements for gettin it.. you will understand. so having a ISO cert is no guarentee that the company will not involve in any illegal works. ok… again useless point…

    “2. All product related issues to be filed as consumer cases in ‘Consumer court’ only.. why the police seized the company?”
    You are right… product related cases are to be given to consumer forum but when mass occurings happen it falls under public cheating or fraud. and non response to mails, ignoring complaints of a warrentied product, non delivarence of goods all fall under breach of contract and breach of trust which are criminal offences… hence that is why i had to give case in both consumr as well as criminal forum… so again that is a useless arguement and it shows that the company is trying to walk out of it by blaming it on the complainent. a proper company would not worry on what type of case is given coz they can walk out of it if what they did is true.. biggest proof that quest is hiding somethin…

    hope i have answered you clearly…

    ninja on May 20th, 2008
  • 371

    Nobody can stop quest net to rock. They have rocked India in recent past and they are sure to rock in US and Canada now..

    Read the article below..
    May. 20, 2008
    Copyright © Las Vegas Review-Journal

    Judge OKs using force to seize Gold-Quest records

    New injunction freezes assets for company accused of fraud

    A federal judge has directed deputy U.S. marshals to use necessary force to help a receiver obtain property and records of Las Vegas-based Gold-Quest International, which the government accuses of operating a $27.9 million fraud.

    The Securities and Exchange Commission, which sued Gold-Quest and Kansas-based Cook Receiver Services, previously said that the defendants were not cooperating.

    In a preliminary injunction issued Friday, U.S. District Judge Lloyd George ordered defendants to cooperate and assist the receiver. George also has said he was sending deputy marshals to go with the receiver to the defendants’ offices.

    “The U.S. Marshal is authorized to use reasonable force to assist the permanent receiver,” the judge wrote in the order.

    Most Popular Stories

    Going, going … not gone
    Grand plans for big hotel
    THE STRIP: Tropicana owner bankrupt
    Home prices return to 2004 levels, market watcher says
    Long Gaughan: El Cortez owner sells stake in downtown casino
    At last, positive signs in housing
    Off-Strip hotels push harder
    DEVELOPMENT: M Resort reveals big retail plans
    HOUSING MARKET: Foreclosure wave loses steam
    INSIDE GAMING: MGM Mirage may say ‘take two’

    George also gave defendants in the case 10 days to turn over assets, money and other property held in foreign locations in the name of Gold-Quest and individual defendants Lord David Greene, John Jenkins and Michael McGee.

    His order identifies nine accounts established at Wells Fargo Bank and two opened at e-Bullion, a Panama corporation that claims to hold accounts of electronic currency backed up with precious metals.

    The judge earlier this month issued a temporary restraining order against Gold-Quest, as requested by the commission.

    George issued a permanent injunction against Gold-Quest on Thursday and on Friday replaced it with an amended preliminary injunction. The new preliminary injunction freezes assets, requires accountings and prohibits destruction of documents.

    The defendants are enjoined against attempting to defraud the public.

    The new order gives the receiver control over Gold-Quest’s Web sites. George ordered the defendants and their employees not to post any information on the sites and not to communicate with Gold-Quest investors by e-mail or telephone.

    Gold-Quest of Las Vegas previously solicited investments from individuals for its alleged foreign currency trading program, which the company claimed was highly profitable. But the SEC filed a lawsuit earlier this month, saying that Gold-Quest was a Ponzi scheme in which early investors are paid with money from later investors. The SEC said Gold-Quest cheated 2,100 investors in the United States and Canada out of $27.9 million.

    Michael Reed, who identified himself as attorney general of the Little Shell Nation of North Dakota, said all three defendants are members of the tribe and immune from lawsuits. The SEC said neither the United States nor Canada recognize the tribe.

    One of the defendants, Jenkins, was ordered to appear in federal court at 3 p.m. May 27 to explain why he shouldn’t be held in contempt of court in violating court orders.

    Contact reporter John G. Edwards at or 702-383-0420.

    Links powered by

    Intikhab on May 21st, 2008
  • 372

    There are so many people from Dubai who have gone for this questnet stuff in malaysia, little do they know that the government will soon be initiating an investigation on questnet’s “partners”!!

    In Dubai you require a license to work or run a business, neither questnet nor its partners, have a license! Also, the company has been termed “fraudulent” in the records of the government.

    sharwan on May 21st, 2008
  • 373




    swetha on May 21st, 2008
  • 374

    I am very happy that i joined into the
    All my uplines have gone to V-malaysia. This business is really wonderful and legal. Why the people are blaming about the company. They will not listen the company potential. Even they will not work properly and lazy fellows. Such a type of people they will blame about the company. Soon we will get a positive result and we will rock like anything in the business.

    Why we are doing this business. this is not like hell 9 or 10 hours office work. This business is giving good relationship. also we are meeting many friends. Getting nice friends in life long. Such a type of good business. The people whoever blaming defenitly they will realize one day. That day will come soon.


    Anandhi G

    Anandhi on May 21st, 2008
  • 375

    Let us see whether you still say this, when you are on the run from the police because your “friends” complained to the police

    goldquestsucks on May 21st, 2008
  • 376

    My humble request to all GQ members is, please save all the money, if any, you earn from GQ and do not spend everything. Otherwise, when cops arrest you and the court initiates legal proceedings against you, you’ll be left with nothing. As you can see, in many cases people who have earned money from GQ have been forced to deposit all the money they’ve earned, so be careful.

    Savi on May 21st, 2008
  • 377

    correctly said savi…

    i was given a compensation of more than a lakh by quest to withdraw my case against them… but that is for the product delivary only.. now there is one more remaning.. the product issue.. then the over pricing… man i though someone said that i wont be able to do anything to quest….

    ninja on May 22nd, 2008
  • 378

    NUMISMATIC products : for the term used here .The Customs of Chennai has woken up and put a demand for fraudulent declaration by ICICI bank and as well as Questnet /Gold quest that it was Gold and Silver and not NUMISMATIC products . Funny some one from the Questnet is saying it has NUMISMATIC products and their OWN promoters and the bank has declared just simple gold/ silver. ( some one started comparine with Nokia parts of rubber and plastics WHO is correct ? Source : Page 3 of The Hindu dated 22nd May 2008.

    shashindranath on May 22nd, 2008
  • 379

    hi swetha , and anandhi , nice to see you in this great blog ,

    if you are the quest members , we have created the thread in emails to suppost quest business, well you can send mail to to get involved in this support.

    hope u will join here ,

    send mail soon

    ramu on May 23rd, 2008
  • 380

    Whatever u have mentioned in your article as ‘what these fraud quest members do to make their friends fool’ is true word by word. I am one of the victims. One of my best friends from school is into this business and convinced me (followed the xact same practices u mentioned in your article.) and made me a member. He promised me that I would get the product in 45 days. I got the product after 5 months. And the coin was not properly delivered to me. They just called me up and informed me that I can collect the coin from their office here. I havent taken the coin yet. I dont want to get it delivered. I want my money back instead. After all these issues, I spoke to my friend (who cheated me) and I told him I want my money back. He says he would sell my position and get the money back for me. But, I dont know if he would do that or he is going to cheat me again.He hasnt called me that.

    By the way, is there any other way I can get the money back from Quest ? Any suggestions, Ninja?

    BTW, it seems like Nalak has gone into hiding. Or probably he is ashamed of himself as all his predictions ( that Ninja would get nothing out of this and that this is gonna be free publicity for his company) went awfully wrong.

    chithra on May 23rd, 2008
  • 381

    @ anandhi

    How long it will survive madam. Look your Pyramid / binaray tree model says that it will only sucessful for the 12% in the upper part of the Pyramid / tree.

    Here is sample calc. If I am a member , I need to refer 3 more. in this cycle everyone will get money only if 1,3,9,27,81,243,729,2187,6561,19683,59049,177147,531441,1594323,4782929…so ion for 15 levels. at 21st level it will cross the indian population.How it will be possible to maintain the tree /pyramid?. Think this…so whoever failed to sale your empty gold coin( as per GQ’s statement to ICICI bank ) will lose their hard earned money to you people. It is a sin.It is stealing, cheating your friends….

    Ezhil Arasu on May 23rd, 2008
  • 382

    Great post.

    Shrinidhi Hande on May 24th, 2008
  • 383

    Gold Quest members will get money back
    If you haven’t filed a case against GoldQuest, go and do it right away. There is some hope of getting back your money.

    That says :
    Chennai City Police Commissioner Nanchil Kumaran on Saturday said necessary steps would be taken to get refund of deposits made by thousands of investors in the controversial Gold Quest International.

    Speaking to reporters in Chennai, he said the police are speeding up the process to arrest the company’s managing director Vijay Eswaran, who is reportedly in Malaysia now.

    The Commissioner said as many as 17,348 complaints were filed against the firm.

    ‘It is learnt that the company had cheated Rs 45 crore by collecting money from its members.’ he said.

    Stating that the police found that Gold Quest had invested Rs 150 crore in share market, Kumaran said steps are being taken to put that money on hold.

    He also said that the firm had invested in a couple of other financial institutions too.

    Indian on May 24th, 2008
  • 384

    to chitra,

    “By the way, is there any other way I can get the money back from Quest ? Any suggestions, Ninja?”

    well i need more information.. where are you from? when did you buy the prod etc… contact me by mail.. maybe, just maybe i can help you..

    ninja on May 24th, 2008
  • 385

    now… see Ninja has become our customer care officer,,,

    Blinds guide Blind….
    Chitra, if u have been informed your product can be collected go and collect it… If u dont want sell it… with your position… its your work… Not Ninja’s work.. Ask your friend to support for that… Ninja is not a Legal customer care officer or advisor… If you have any questions go to The people who are successfull… not who failed this business…

    “I have seen many Doctors, Engineers, Hotel Managers, Plumbers, Carpentors, who want to become Top leaders in Questnet and Other Network Marketing companies. To become Vcouncil members (VC), Associate V Partners (AVP)
    But i have never seen any Leader VC, AVP who wants to be a doctor, Engineer, Hotel Manager or a plumber….”

    So think about it….

    nalak on May 24th, 2008
  • 386

    “now… see Ninja has become our customer care officer,,,
    Blinds guide Blind….
    Chitra, if u have been informed your product can be collected go and collect it… If u dont want sell it… with your position… its your work… Not Ninja’s work.. Ask your friend to support for that… Ninja is not a Legal customer care officer or adviser… If you have any questions go to The people who are successful… not who failed this business…”

    well.. maybe someone needs to be… all the original customer care does is sit and receive mails… nothing else.. and the so called supporters do is what a blind person will do.. grope in the dark.. and ya make names for someone who actually cares… have you actually helped at least one person here who had problems with quest?? huH??? nalak i really would appreciate an answer to this….

    and btw you told that its better to contact you than me right??? ARE YOU THE QUEST CUSTOMER CARE????

    ninja on May 26th, 2008
  • 387


    RAKESH on May 26th, 2008
  • 388

    Man,These Questnet guys are real cheats.
    I have a colleague in my office who invited three memebers to join and these poor fellows after joining were duped.They were not very literate and could not get in members below their chain and so all money gone down the drain in the form of profits to the higher chain.
    These Questnet guys no nothing beyond money.All people who have posted psoitive comments and are happy because they are getting the cream.Ask those poor guys who could not collect members and have lost their money.

    Janardhan on May 26th, 2008
  • 389

    many friends(roommates) have joined QuestNet. Nobody got neither gold coin nor remaining money. its big cheating business. Take money from people and distribute it over the network. what kind of pathetic business?

    siva on May 26th, 2008
  • 390

    “But i have never seen any Leader VC, AVP who wants to be a doctor, Engineer, Hotel Manager or a plumber….”

    Well, not even a sweeper would like to end up in Jail! Think about that!

    Remember that Pushpam has been booked under Goondas act, and is certain to spend atleast an year in Jail with all her assets seized.

    Savi on May 26th, 2008
  • 391


    i am from hyderabad, i was duped by some stupid, i got the coin, but it’s been 6 months i havenot got any money, can some body please tell me if i can file a case?

    i mean is it only for those who haven’t got coin?

    jevan on May 26th, 2008
  • 392

    All the people who has problems and doubts,
    If you want to earn you have to learn,,,
    To learn you have to find some one who is successfull in the business.
    If u listen to the people who fail… sure will also fail…
    There are many Sessions to learn about this business.
    About Network Marketing, About QI group, About Products..About the Plan, how to present the business and Products, How to sell products, How to build a network and how to maintain the network…. and how to Creat a passive base income…

    Last week 5000 people from all around the world gathered to Penang Malaysia and learned these things…
    this 5000 people will help to all other 3 million people all around the world…

    Wait for the court cases in India…and see…
    100% gurantee Courts will define that Questnet is an ethical business module…
    But if someone has misuse the company name and system..and mislead some one..they will get punished…

    in 1970 AMWAY corporation also had a similar court cases in USA…
    Now AMWAY is one of the Top Network Marketing company in the world… Now nobody says AMWAY is illegal…

    But in 1970…same like this people who misuse the AMWAY system created troubles….

    Only Smart people can understand the vision of Questnet…
    After the court case… there willbe a good filtering system… and only smart people who really understand what they are doing and what they have to do…will join to Questnet…

    Thanks… god… this legal issue is a blessing for us… with Free Publicity…

    As dato Vijay Says… Theres no accidents or mistakes in the universe… Even a blade of grass turns according to the master plan of the universal law…

    Thank you all…

    nalak on May 26th, 2008
  • 393

    Ninja typed….”and btw you told that its better to contact you than me right??? ARE YOU THE QUEST CUSTOMER CARE????”…..

    Where did i say this…
    Ninja has a problem to understand some thing…
    He always create stories from his mind and react… as it’s true,,, existing…thing…

    Above is an example…
    Mr.Ninja,If you think you were get cheated…or ripped off…go and complain to police… and go to courts… try to be hero here…?and why you want to be a Free customer care officer?

    nalak on May 26th, 2008
  • 394

    it is observed that QuestNet business can easily break relationship. And it is prooved in the case of my friend. its like pay money to some unknown people and loose your known friends.

    siva on May 27th, 2008
  • 395

    Oye Nalak,

    You should have your name as Naa – Layak. You always lie. You said a while back that questnet is not banned anywhere on this earth.. how come you are not replying my answer on that?

    FYI one –

    If you were such a great ass hole, prove this wrong. Take your words back and STOP lying to cheat others.

    Indian on May 27th, 2008
  • 396

    Janardhan,ur office ppl are not literate.. what office are u working in.. and ninja i tink we shld open an customer care in ur coll for ppl stealing things… right?

    abbas on May 27th, 2008
  • 397

    Thats what you claimed in comment # 341. Aren’t you a great liar to come back and lie again and again?

    Looks like you are also mentally retarted the way your questnet has. Your great FRAUD company has already conducted an event in 2009 see more info on their own site!

    Indian on May 27th, 2008
  • 398

    You stupid people dont know what to do…
    Listen to me.
    This business i dont know legal or illegal.
    Ethical or Not ethical.
    But i know money is coming. if you reffer 2 people.
    So i tell you.
    Only who like to gamble, or risk come and join under me.
    Forget the Stupid coin or phone.
    You put 600 Dollar. As a gamble. and also ask another 2 people. Do you like to gamble 600 $? and tell them to come and put money.
    If you get the coin it is Bonus or Free Gift.
    And if you canot find 2 people you lost the gamble.
    So take this as a gamble.

    Stupid people like Abhsishek, Nalak, Ninja, Savi, all others talk logics.
    Nalak also i dont think make big money as he try to show he know everything and to be logically. So other people also confuse.
    Ninja i dont know why he come to questnet to buy a mobile phone. as good Nokia, O2, SonyErricson phones in the market. He also studpid.
    Nalak also stupid try to be a hero here and show his wisdom knowledge about Products and Network marketing Logics and Dato Vijay Words and all.
    New guys who want to make money and like to gamble 600$
    You guys come and join to me.

    Even Questnet Close tomorrow by government we will give you commissions and continue the Binary tree.

    But dont come who have logics and theory.
    And who are fear.
    It is a headache for us.

    I dont know what is teaching by questnet.

    I tell you…
    Come and play this Gamble with me.
    Like some of you guys gamble and bet for cricket and Horse race. lets do this with enjoy.
    If you interest
    email me :
    Even you come or not I and my team gamblers do this.
    No one can stop us.
    Dont worry even Questnet shut down we pay commssion sure.
    Take that word as a risk and put your little 600$ Today

    questeasy on May 27th, 2008
  • 399


    That just shows how greedy you are and also how hopeless to earn money ethically. This is the aftermath of brain washing anyways. people have already seen how good questnet takes care of its members in banned countries… they left without a word.. What more can be INSANE than this?

    Stop spreading the disease. All the best.

    Indian on May 28th, 2008
  • 400

    yes i joined the gamble quest , i got money ,, heeh , i am happy

    RAKESH on May 28th, 2008
  • 401

    indian ,,
    we are hopless,, join the gamble and earn money ,,
    yes we are unethical ,,, what it be ,, we are getting money ,,

    RAKESH on May 28th, 2008
  • 402

    Please stop bothering innocent people. Let them do their basics right, i.e at the inception study well, do well in business, profession and earn money with pride though it would come the hard way initially.

    Questnet or Gold quest is rightly banned in Uk,US,FRANCE,CANADA,NORWAY,AUSTRALIA,NEWZELAND & a PIL need to be filed by to ban it in INDIA too.

    Manish on May 28th, 2008
  • 403

    WELL DONE INDIAN for bringing tomorrow news TODAY Congrats !!

    The noted absentees in this function were the Managing Director and the staff of Chennai Branch . Because they were behind the BARS !!

    shashindranath on May 28th, 2008
  • 404

    I not go for any Questnet Training. I used to do Money chain when i was school boy, also i know many friends who do gamble with cricket. Even now we Bet for IPL matches in a big amounts. for us 600$ is nothings. Peanuts.
    We are not greedy. We not lie anything.
    We dont know much about products or any logics.

    But we do in our way..
    Its 100% gamble.
    We use only questnet Business plan..
    and website..

    some one like to gamble and take risk come to me.

    questeasy on May 28th, 2008
  • 405

    hah hah ha…
    Even i dont agree to the way how QuestEasy is doing the business.
    Theres something to think in a simple way… what he says…
    Once i heared a saying from a 100 year old Gems and jewlry company owner told me…

    “Too much intelegence is not good for any buisness”

    nalak on May 28th, 2008
  • 406

    @naa laayak

    Dude.. enough.. you are a big time liar and you have no moral right to come and talk bullshit again. Answer to my comments on 397 & 399.

    Shame on you liar Nalak..

    Indian on May 29th, 2008
  • 407

    A PIL is being filed in Mumbai High Court. Would soon see it being banned in India.

    If not banned, people will ask their children to study literature only and become good orators and speakers to sell gold quest. As they need not go to school and study as this would be easy source of income.

    What say?

    Manish on May 29th, 2008
  • 408

    Upon illegaity of gold quest in European countries, US etc people may say:
    1. So what some flims from india are banned in Pakistan.
    2. Prostution is legal in other countries though illegal in India.

    Friends please understand this is real life. It is banned because it has been considered economically harmful.

    If prostitution in legal in other countries will you indulge in prostitution or ask your children to indulge in prostitution.

    Please think what is ethical and economically suitable for your country.

    Manish on May 29th, 2008
  • 409






    swetha on May 29th, 2008
  • 410

    What is your question in 397 and 399?

    Dont just talk small small spelling mistakes grammer mistakes in some webiste.

    talk about
    01. Questnet company – QI group- Legality, FInancial Strengths… Diversifications
    (if u all have any doubts or questions or different point of views.)
    02.Questnet Products
    Wathces, Jewlery, COins,Meddalions,Vacation Packages, Wellness Products like Biodisc, In-voice telecom service
    (issues about price, Dilivery, Usage, Etc…)
    03. Questnet Business Plan… Binary commission plan…
    Details… calculations etc…
    04. Network Marketing Business Module…
    05. Personal Misleading problems, over promisings, Lack of knowledge etc…

    Dont waste your and our time just to argue about simple errors like 2009 date …
    U can see this 12,000people meeting in Youtube vedio clip…

    nalak on May 29th, 2008
  • 411


    I know you are incapable of reading and comprehending simple ENGLISH. That just shows how pathetically you understand the system. Don’t simply comment to deviate the topic. If you have any moral ethics, support your claim with proof.

    Get well soon, hope your mental retardation finds a remedy soon.

    Indian on May 30th, 2008
  • 412

    How to belive a BIG company with so many products can’t afford to have a quality check on their own site? It only shows how good the company is when it comes to quality norms.

    Go and read your comment 341.. i have given a number of articles to prove your claim to be wrong. Thats why I said you are a big time liar just like your QuestNet and its Products.

    Indian on May 30th, 2008
  • 413

    Agreed money solves many problems in life.


    Guys, is money making the only MOTO in life.

    Manish on May 30th, 2008
  • 414

    It’s time to ask a simple question.

    Are u satisfied with the working of Questnet?

    If the answer is sincere yes.

    The next question would you also like your children to indulge in it when they grow up? ( Provided the result of the PIL will not ban Questnet in India).

    If the answer is yes.

    Then you will not be serious in sending your children to school and educate them. Just teach them basics of influencing other people to enter questnet.

    Manish on May 30th, 2008
  • 415

    Well said, Manish in 402,407,408,412,413.

    Hope it will enlignten people taking the wrong path.

    Can take the horse to the pond, but cannot make it drink water.

    Anirudha on May 30th, 2008
  • 416

    Hi this is for Nalak,

    I like the idea that you are single handedly (with few help) fighting with these negative comments and post.

    I have been in Quest for the past one year and have made a lac on investment of 30K which is not at all bad. Its given me a 300% return in the first year. No downline of mine can ever raise a finger on my beacuse I have been very very transparent with the business and its compensating plan. I know ist beacuse of some cheaters in the business who are duping the poeple the company is getting bad name. I am sure that justice will prevail as Mr. Mercahnt from Quest legal departemnt has assured in the media and quest legal lawyers have come to India to assess the situtaion.

    My query is for the new sign ups. where will their product be shipped from? WIll it be form Hong Kong directl? Also the commisiion cheques how would that come in the event that the offices are forced shut currently by the police untill the cases are fought in the court.

    I am in India in Mumbai and would apprecaite your guidance on the same as you would be better aware of the situtation since you are based overseas (If I am correct )



    Amit on May 30th, 2008
  • 417

    For your questions.. for this moment I canot tell you what is the exact procedures inside India.
    True now im based out side india.
    Anyway You can join to this email link and get latest updates…

    aslo consult your Local Upliners, leaders to get the exact procedures…

    Good luck…

    nalak on May 30th, 2008
  • 418

    One simple Tip for the People inside India to do questnet business..
    Go for Quest Vacation Packages…
    No physical Product dilivery involved.
    You can select Inside India Packages or International Vacation packages (Specially Thailand)
    Purchase throgh Internet using Visa/Master cards.

    Ex: Sampai Jumpa package Can get 8 days 7 nights in Thailand (Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui) for 4 people in a 3-4 star Resort Suites. Only 650 US$.
    Validity 3 years from the purchase date.
    No product dilivery, custom procedure.
    The customer(IR) can arrange his visa and his family/friends and diliver to the booked location..
    (Hah… hah.. you have to diliver by your self)

    This is similar to book a hotel through any other website…

    After you purchase you can reffer people and they also follow the same procedures…
    You will get your commissions from Hong Kong to any of your Bank account in anywhere in the world.

    So… No Gold Coins… No custom procedures… No prodcut dilivery delays…

    Still i challenge if some one show me any other alternative for this aboive mentioned…”Sampai Jumpa” Vacation package

    Some stupid send me a link of a monthly rental apartment in Koh Samui… please dont type anything if you dont know what is Thailand, Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Samui’s “Resorts”

    nalak on May 30th, 2008
  • 419

    Most of TCS people been cheated by Questnet.
    How about other It companies?

    Robert on June 1st, 2008
  • 420

    this is to let everyone know that i have stopped writing on this blog!!!! bye!!!!!!!!

    ninja on June 2nd, 2008
  • 421

    whatis the recent position of questnet business. pleae inform me.

    bhuvan on June 2nd, 2008
  • 422

    This is my last post on this blog.
    If u really want to do questnet business Questnet company is still ready to help you all.

    Learn and do it in the proper way.

    if any thing needed to know email

    Bye bye…..!!!!!

    nalak on June 2nd, 2008
  • 423

    u had to stop rite.. otherwise i wld have told ppl why we had to open a customer care in ur college !!!

    abbas on June 3rd, 2008
  • 424

    hi everybody.
    in these world, i hv nt seen any person who has understood his parents, spouse, kids & many.
    what do u think, this is must for everybody in life?
    my Q is still today, how many people are abusing their own people around & surround them? is it not necessory to understand them right now? If u cant mk it happen wherein what u do the whole life u knw? blame, abuse & coment everybody which is very easy infact to live the life. bt if u cant do that better u DIE right now. & if u still want to take a chance to survive first & then think @ living it come in to this bssnss & get transformed urself. If knowing is equal to doing then nobody would have been married & if it was so bloody u would not have been also here on this planet earth to comment like this. so what my friendly suggession would b, go to home bk & ask ur parents who have sacrifised & compromised their life for u rascal, ask them like,
    “my dear mom & dad, why did u gv a birth to me? whats my purpose on this planet earth? m i just a load & burden? & lastly, whats that u wanted to achieve or do atlyst once in life? & if u feel u can fulfill atlyst a dream of ur parents by doing job or trad bssnss, dont talk @ this bssnss & keep on doing job. bt if u feel u cant, then also dont talk rubbish @ this bssnss & do it & show. which may mk ur parents’ & ur life also successful. i knw mk a comment on any shot by S tendulkar is easy rather that going there on the ground & playing it.
    When it is a big Q for u that u r unable to transform ur life, its really difficult to even think @ transforming somebody other’s life.
    Now it must b the right time to mk charity for u. m i correct? bt mind this dears many people r bcoming humanbeings here in this bssnss & doing charity for others & mking their life.
    Dont u think that complaining @ this bssnss after coming into this is just like purchasing a tkt for a volvo by ur own choice bcoz its hot outside & then complaing @ its coolness inside?
    SO FIRST UNDERSTAND URSELF. If u cant, then why dont u mk a complaint to god @ urself.
    THEN UNDERSTAND UR PARENTS. If u cant, then why dont u advice ur parents to mk a complaint to god @ urself.

    Milind Marathe on June 3rd, 2008
  • 425

    If you were duped by gold quest, ndtv is launching a media drive and are approaching the mumbai commissioner of police to shut their operations in mumbai

    for this we need people to testify and press charges against gold quest, for which gold quest will return the money invested and accept their product to be returned

    specifically people who are mumbai please send an email to with a letter stating your story and your claim, also your contact details and which form of media you would like to be covered by


    ratin sharma on June 4th, 2008
  • 426

    Dear Ratin Sharma,

    Let me know whether NDTV is contacting the people who are extremely satisfied as a customer of GoldQuest/Questnet or not, because i believe that Both sides of coin should be visible.

    I personally do not see any problem with the Company as well as the Business Plan.

    I am planning to file an PIL , asking the Government of India that as per contitutional fundamental right , whether an Indian having right to choose a Business/ Profession / Job or Not if it is Legislatively correct.

    if you can give me the contact numbers of NDTV , what you are saying , i would like to talk to them and inform them that in the Globlisation, what is the meaning of Direct Sales , Referral Marketing and how it helps to increase self-employment opportunities as well as social and economic improvement.

    Bhushan on June 4th, 2008
  • 427

    good one Bhushan.. no news abt ninja.. guess he dint want me to tl the truth abt him and his past..

    abbas on June 5th, 2008
  • 428

    if u use your credit card they will take ur money,beware of this greatest scam of the century,u cannot even trust your friends now,people has lot of money they are targetting university students and middle class people,watch out of this scammers,only scammers and cheaters make money from helpless people,police all over the world are watching these groups

    roma on June 7th, 2008
  • 429

    i have been for one of their seminar,to my surprise i could not believe how many people have been taken for a ride by this guys by showing their biodisc magic.what a liers and one of the guys who i know told me how easily he can influence these idiots,but i cannot do this as my conscience would hunt me forever.good business if u can fool people

    sing on June 7th, 2008
  • 430

    I think Questnet Business is Good but Difficult to do

    Saurabh on June 7th, 2008
  • 431

    No No it is easy to do

    sachin on June 7th, 2008
  • 432

    The USA case is not related to QI group.. it may be another company…
    Regarding the Complaints in India and court cases… lets see what will happen…
    Untill now Questnet India is a legal company and the business plan and the products were approved by local authorities…
    But now Yes.. there’s an Investigation is going on…

    If theres any leagal thing.. courts must clear it.. police can investigate.. but the final decession must come from the courts.
    Untill that no one can say anything….

    One thing is sure.. Questnet and QI group will not leave the people who joined.. as customers or Represnetatives…

    Iran, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India many countries… QI faced legal challenges.. as this business is Misunderstood by many participants, Local authorities and Media also police…

    But COmpany never runaway… if company wanted to cheat.. easily can shut down the operations and run away…
    But see… if theres ant legal ammendments… according to the law from government side… it will happen… if not QI will continue..

    Even AMWAY coperation has legal challenges in 1970’s…
    But now every one Knows AMWAY is a legal business.. module…

    Time will give the solution…
    Lets see…

    bhushan on June 9th, 2008
  • 433

    “good one Bhushan.. no news abt ninja.. guess he dint want me to tl the truth abt him and his past..”

    first of all… oh almighty abbas… please forgive me for what i have done.. I am sorry if i did not make your presence…

    now that the appology is done.. i have some clarification… i thought i already told you to post it (READ POST 368!!!)… and when you gave a lame excuse that abhishek is deleting your posts, i even gave you an offer where in i offered to post it myself if you mail it to me.. but GUESS WHAT?? you did not send it to me… now tell me who is hiding?? and running???

    so i am humbly requesting to post whatever you want here.. there is nothing more i can do.. i can only take the abbas to the pond.. but i cant make it drink from it.. that you have to do my dear…

    BTW, i know what it is you are gonna post here.. and i know who you are (even with your wonderful name of abbas…you forget what subject i am good in…) frankly i want you to post it here… i will reply to it here too…(trust me.. you wont want me to…).. so please do it.. and ya dude.. you have No Idea what you are coming up against….ciao!!! waiting!!!!

    Ninja on June 9th, 2008
  • 434

    More properties of Quest Net seized

    Staff Reporter

    CHENNAI: The police have seized properties valued at Rs. 47 crore, including cars and gold coins, from multi-level marketing Quest Net. This is in addition to the over Rs.3 crore worth of properties seized sometime ago.

    Managing director of the company Pushpam Appala Naidu, who was arrested on May 2, has been detained under Goondas Act. Efforts are on to arrest Vijay Eswaran, the group managing director, who is abroad, Police Commissioner Nanchil G.Kumaran told mediapersons here on Saturday.

    The seized properties included two luxury cars, 12 laptops, 87 kg of gold coins, 910 kg of silver coins, 8,372 gold watches, besides Rs.3.51 crore in cash.

    Robert on June 9th, 2008
  • 435

    There is a very thin line differentiating a Pyramid Scam and Referral marketing. In my opinion, GQ is a clevrly disguissed Pyramid principle using Referral marketing as disguise.
    Pyramid principle is also banned in many countries because only the top layer earns money. GQ has disguised both using the concept of products like Numismatics, Vacations etc. But the disguise can be identified by the value for money this products are. I am not sure a product with value of 6K be sold for 35 K. Secondly, import tax of Gold being not paid as mentioned in Times of India article for the reason show cause notices have been issues to ICICI bank. Thirdly, the concept of Numismatic does not hold value as Certificate of authencity is not attached to the same. I am still not able to understand, how can 9999 Mata Vaishno Devi coins, which are also given by Mata Vaishno trust become Numismatic.
    The business plan mentions about the Financial Independence figure, but I am not able to find any relevant study regarding the same or how the figure is reached.
    GQ is banned in Iran, Sri Lanka, Nepal. If somehow, it gets banned in India, then does the company has any plans or policies to refund the money for the lowest level of investors. if so, then the company is a great company to work with, if not, then beware. Because, those lowest level of investors would ask those person who has enrolled them to give the money back. Please refer to few articles in regarding the plight of those people, who have enrolled others before GQ was banned. Network marketing is a very dangerous business because you are referring those people, who have easy access to you and are your near and dear ones.You are simple playing with their trust on you. Take the example of Japan Life. Whatever, the company is doing, but I have not seen any robust plan of action in form of press releases or litigation supporting their method of business. If you give the example of Amway, then please refer to the articles in Newyork times in defence of Amway released by Amway, during the whole proceeding in court or with authorities.
    Lastly, you are playing with others money. Ifv you make loss in business or stock market, you yourself is accountable and its your money. Here its other people’s money..

    Harsh Bajaj on June 10th, 2008
  • 436

    Great post Mr.Bajaj. Really liked the way, you analyzed the same..Totally agree with all the points..It does is a risky business. I am into this for last 5 months and seen all the gimmicks, sessions, trainings, seminars, v-cons, train the trainers etc, but could not agree with you more…
    But one more thing..only those people should come into the business those are aware of implication of Network marketing and its risks.

    Ravi Thareja on June 11th, 2008
  • 437

    Gold quest is the good busienmss ,, but hard to do in india , ppl in gold quest complain u r uplines and get money from them as police announced that they will not give money for the victims ,, we in chennai are doing lijket his and getting moeny from uplines ,,

    reer on June 12th, 2008
  • 438

    this questnet scam is mastermind by people from malaysia,they travel to india and cheat this hard earning people how to become millionaires,when u go for their seminar and they show u their profile which is full of lies of themself.BEWARE OF THIS SCAMMERS

    jai on June 13th, 2008
  • 439

    Hi All, I have read all the comments and a great post by Abhishek. I would like to congratulate him for making many of us to realize the truth behind this white collared business.

    I don’t think any body can legally prove them wrong. However, basic common sense and understanding of the very initial level on how it operates itself proves the fact about them. Another such great blog on review and analysis is here on mohan’s site. On that site as well may eye opener comments are available from readers across the globe. Please educate more and more people about these kind of business so that they don’t fall prey for scams.

    Going back to abhisheks title, Beware of Scams!

    Peter on June 13th, 2008
  • 440

    Thanks For this post Abhishek.

    Can any one tell me why any news channel or news portal is not broadcasting/publishing anything on this topic. Are they all bribed for the same. as there is no news regarding this after 24th may,2008

    If this is the case then we should not be surprised that the leaders and judicials also get the bribe or threatening to work in favour of QN.

    Please do something to save the innocent Indians from these QN hunters.

    Ojha on June 15th, 2008
  • 441

    While it is true that investments are big in this company and the failure rate of an IR is 90%. is currently ranked in the worlds Top 30 network marketing companies with a turnover of over US$1 billion last financial year. Also, has received numerous endorsements from the worlds most prestigious charities, organisations, federations and companies. These INCLUDE but are not restricted to: United Nations, International Olympic Federation;Vatican, Lady Diana Foundation, Mother Teresa Foundation, Gandhi Foundation, FIFA World Soccer Federation, International Badminton Federation;John F Kennedy Foundation;Ferrari Formula One Team, Brazil Soccer Team, Sukarno Indonesian Charitable Foundation, King of Morocco Save The Children Fund. Why would these organisations endorse a fraudulent company?

    The easy way out is to blame the company. It is easy when you’ve have 1000 rejections and are making no money on it, but when you manage to get a system started, you realize that it actually works. Being resentful towards the Company will solve nothing, the issue in India is big, but it is because people want to earn fast, EASY money… there is nothing FAST or EASY about this business, it takes a lot of work and commitment, you have to be able to keep on going even after millions of rejections. I know it is easier said than done, but believe me, it is easier to blame others than see the fault that is in ourselves… There are people who join the company with the thought that as soon as they join they will start to get checks, wake up and smell the coffee, you need to WORK for it. the business doesn’t give you money for doing NOTHING… That is the main issue in India. there are many people I know who are booming in the business with working at it ETHICALLY, it is because they work hard. They are willing to put effort into earning and so they earn. Do you have your 150 names? do you do 15 presentations a month? If not, how can you expect to succeed. It is also policy to NOT force people into it, if someone forced you, I apologize, they were wrong, and the case should be against them NOT the company.

    The company has admitted that there are problems with their distribution department, but they are in the process of fixing things. They honestly look to help people. If it weren’t the case, don’t you think commissions would be diminishing? But no matter where in the network under you, if a person is signed up, you will get the same commission you got for the people directly below you signing up? That is where most of the money goes. They also have thousands of employees whom they have to pay salaries (a number of them aren’t in the network but are planning to join soon because they see the potential and know how things work since they are within the organization)…

    Anonymous on June 15th, 2008
  • 442

    Dear Ojha Ji,

    Why do you feel that “judicials also get the bribe or threatening to work in favour of QN.”

    Please share with us why you think so.

    bhushan on June 16th, 2008
  • 443








    Antiscam on June 16th, 2008
  • 444

    Dear Antiscam,

    I understand your frustration as well as your mindset of being failure. Don’t take this to heart because the kind of language you are writing it clearly shows that in spite of putting your energy to create a synergy to whatever work you do in life ( Any Job / Business / Profession ), you have enough time to negate people.

    Coming back to your threatening (Ya it is threatening), the best answer or proposal what i can give is let us fix a timing near the commissioner office it self or call for a press conference ( if you can ) and or else write to “Barkha Dutta” a prominent press reporter of NDTV and propose a open Media Debate on the issue of Network marketing.

    Don’t try to make me afraid by threatening me.

    Kindly refer the following rule :

    and please before commenting anything on public platform understand the complications.

    Also Refer :
    1. AIR 1963 SC 1295
    2. AIR 1982 SC 710.
    3. AIR 1981 SC 746.
    4. AIR 1984 SC 1099
    5. AIR 1986 SC 180.
    6. Ibid, pp 193-94.

    Read What Justice ” M. L. Shrima” Says on “Right to Work”

    “According to me what the Government intends to convey is there should be a radical shift of nation. Full employment does not mean guaranteeing each person a job but taking measures affecting the aggregate of employment so that conditions exist for people to find job or honest means by which they can earn their livelihood. work, jobs and limit of unemployment would be stemming from the basic principle at it is the
    right of every Indian citizen to have access to work which keep at least his mind and body together with dignity. This cannot be attempted by linking
    with employment procedures and schemes but by changing the entire pattern of investment in development and industry to create massive support system for the small producer, farmer, artisan and self employed.

    My dear friends Yes if Government of India BANS the Quest net Business , then the real Story Starts before that i believe all who are talking Anti-Quest are Just failed because they understand that they don’t have a winning tendency. ( It is my observation , not at all a any personal comment on any individual).

    Yes i respect , regards and really impressed by ” Dato Vijay Eswaran” , your provoking words and threatening language will not allow my heart to hate others.

    Kukuji on June 17th, 2008
  • 445

    You all are big fool.

    Kukuji on June 17th, 2008
  • 446

    Daer Antiscam,


    I liked the way you are trying to educate people and spoiling Questnet Name.
    Good luck. Let me share my experience with Questnet

    I am Ramesh, associated with Questnet since last 1.5 yrs. I got my product in time and receiving commissions on regular basis without delaying even a day in my quest account. Now coming to your question whether my down lines are also earning , yes of course but not all. People who are ready to learn the concept and applying in their network are the one who is making BIG MONEY. This is a business not get rich scheme nor fixed deposit. If you want to be successful in any business first you must ready to learn. I do not have any problem in my network including the people who are not earning, because at the time of presentation I made it very clear that this is not a ‘get rich scheme’
    99% people who failed in my network agree with me that they don’t have enough time for this business. Fair enough right………………

    I have seen some people saying, somebody told me invest Rs 32000 and after 3 months he will be paid Rs 11,500 every week till he dies, R u people joking? How can somebody fool you like that, because you have failed so now you want to blame somebody… right
    We are all adults joined this business right ….. then why to blame, read the agreement and the compensation plan before u join. Yes if u have not received your product or commission cheque as per the compensation plan you have every right to file a case. Otherwise common guys you are just wasting your time and legal departments time.. If you are thinking that filing a case with police you will get your money back that will be a joke.

    Take it from me after this chennai case Questnet is going to rock the world , thanks to the media making people know about questnet……. Free advertisement….

    To conclude please we are all adults , try to understand what type of business you are joining…. Don’t blame people …… but I am sure this is the only business can change common man from NOBODY TO SOMEBODY. But this is not a get rich scheme…..

    Tell me what about stock market, is it not a gamble you put your money and you don’t have any control over it, but here if u learn to do the business , u can earn good money

    What about Lottery? Why govt is not banning

    My friends Govt is deducting the tax from the commission cheque of people, this is enough to show you that this is a legal business.

    Good luck

    Kukuji on June 17th, 2008
  • 447

    Dear Antiscam,

    One more thing guys, I think you people wants to educate people right, why cannot you people ask Govt to ban ‘ Stock exchange’. This is more serious then quest. Only problem here is you do not know who is making money out of you right. There are no criteria for the market price. Some company is having EPS of 20 market price is 150 and some company is having EPS of 6 market price is 1500. Still this is a legal business and big bulls can keep on cheating people and you don’t have any problem right ?????

    Atleast in quest of you ready to invest your time you make make money, but in stock market you do not have any control over your investment, still that is a LEGAL BUSINESS. Then why not MLM.

    Questnet is not cheated anybody… it is a genuine company..

    Kukuji on June 17th, 2008
  • 448

    Dear Antiscam

    Read why “Dato”

    The honour was conferred at a lavish ceremony held in conjunction with the 76th birthday of His Royal Highness Sultan Ahmad Shah of Pahang, who presented the esteemed award to QuestNet’s visionary leader in recognition of his continuing contribution to economic growth in the region.

    Press Release:

    Kukuji on June 17th, 2008
  • Kukuji on June 17th, 2008
  • 450

    Dear Antiscam

    Read the whole Report:

    Kukuji on June 17th, 2008
  • 451

    ear Antiscam

    Read the below link and Search for Dato Vijay Eswaran

    Kukuji on June 17th, 2008
  • 452

    Ha ha Antiscam is even afraid of using his original name. How many sign ups man in last six month.

    Make a list of all your dus-karmas first then comment on others.

    neeraj on June 17th, 2008
  • 453

    Look guys, there is no reason to be so rude to him, he has his objections let him deal with them.

    Us getting angry is not going to solve anything, and us ganging up against him is only going to make him even more bitter about QuestNet, so let him be, his loss is our gain.

    There will always be hatters, lets make them our “Harry”s and move on. Okay? Let them be your motivators. Prove them wrong, don’t abuse them.

    Anonymous on June 18th, 2008
  • 454

    Hi People,
    Can anybody answer to the following doubts of mine.
    1) WORK SMART- What do questers mean when they say work smart. I find some flaw in the scheme and its natural that i want to point out that flaw to other or say i want to get my doubts cleared. I say “Company is making huge profit. There is no source of income generation which is paid out as commision to the joinees”. The arguement used to support this doubt from the questers here is “COKE MAKES SIMILAR PROFIT. THEY ARE ALSO CHEATING”. Does this mean that quest is also working or should i say cheating on the same lines?
    2) Where does the money come from to be distributed to the people on the higher levels apart from the money they get from the new joinees.
    3) Suppose all the people in the world join this business? PLEASE NOTE THIS IS AN ASSUMPTION(totally hypothetical in nature). Suppose all people join then Mathematically 12 % of the people will make profit. I request the questers to please tell me HOW THE HELL WILL YOU BE SERVING THE REMAINING 88 % in this case. If we just narrow down this to the current scenario then how does it help the 88% people in this loop.
    4) Coming to the point discussed about vision of the comapany. Business works in this way according to me ” There is a product/service. There is demand for it. You pay and you get the product/service of that value. And the value in turn includes the profit for the owner of that product/service”. I hope my understanding is clear and i am stating it need not be the only way of running business. There is cheating as well. For eg you buy a so called branded item at the market price but u get duped as it turns out to be fake brand. (China made products if bought at market price can be a good example). Now can you please tell me what exactly is the vision of the company. Oh i am sorry it is to create a platform to make money and help mankind right?. Then please answer to my question number 3.
    5) Why should we pay the extra 25k+ for the product in the first case and why do we make profit only if others join below us. If it was really helping the mankind and has a proper vision associated with it then why dont we get value for our money first and where the hell are we supposed to sell the numismatic coins which are being marketed here. Why are you guys bent on proving that most of the business cheat people. Are u emphasizing the fact that quest is also one such business or is it that many reputed business families are making profit by cheating people and we are just making use of the avalable market of innocent foolish people to make money?

    Please answer these questions. See there is a possiblity of doubt in any form of discussion. There should be the right convincing ability to clear the doubts completely if there is no flaw in the counter arguements right. So i expect the questers to answer these questions. SEE I AM ALSO CREATING AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO DEFEND YOURSELF SUCCESSFULLY SO THAT PEOPLE WHO READ THIS WILL HAVE ATLEAST FEW OF THEIR DOUBTS CLEARED AND THIS WILL HELP YOU QUESTERS TO MARKET YOUR PRODUCT BETTER.


    Truth_seeker on June 18th, 2008
  • 455

    Midday Report on OneIndia

    bhushan on June 19th, 2008
  • 456

    Dear truth seeker,

    1) What we mean by work smart is to create leaders.. not sign every tom,dick and harry and waste their money but to sign up ppl who are interested…income for the company is thru various sister concerns.. ppl who are flushed out ie 180/180..those guys ka extra ppl..interest from bank, investments etc…

    2) money comes only from the lower levels.. u may observe that most ppl do not have any balance in their structure.. until it is balanced all that is companys money and they get interest for this… if u can check it mathematically company uses only 57% of the money to pay ppl.. rest is companys profit..

    3)Another hypothetical question.. as u know man population is more than women population and govt is bringing out advt regarding girl children etc.. so if all the women in the world gets married what do the other men do?? turn gay ??
    that is how ur question sounds.. imaging the numberof ppl in the world and the number of ppl born everyday.. u will get ur answer….and this 88% ur talkin abt is some bull shit somebody has written above… even if it is only 12% who succeed my aim is to be in that 12% !!

    4)ur talkin abt traditional form… in case of dupe products or product damage etc u have every right to complain to company…how many of u guys have had problems with nokia phones.. complaints.. phones like 1100 had lots of complaints.. i dont see any blog for this..

    5)Cost of coin or which ever product is upto the company.. coffee at coffee day tastes the same and costs more.. mrp bottles of pepsi costing 20 it sold at 40 and 50 at theaters.. no body bothers… a products have mrp 20 is sold at higher price and u dont have a prob..that is against the law but a product which does not have any mrp can sold at any price the company desires..and this is also an answer to income for company to give commission..

    Thank God you told me that the posting is free ..i dint know that..i was about to give an donation to mental health care of india to take care of u.. anyways no need of that now 🙂 !!!

    sany on June 19th, 2008
  • 457

    Going off of Sany…

    another thing to remember, if you’ve seen the presentation, is that there is a cap on how much a person can earn with the number of ‘businesses’ they have, as a result the income generated is much more than what is given to one person… this is also explained in the presentation… there are also some people who only want to purchase the product and not get into the business aspect of it, and income is also generated through there.

    Brands are created and made popular due to brand loyalty. The brand they sell is new (watches etc), and will become popular as time goes on. they have some awesome products… and as it goes, niches usually have products that are higher priced. And also penetration prices are charged since alot of the wellness and coin stuff isn’t available elsewhere… It is also upto people who want to buy products to buy them, like i’ve said earlier, no one should be ‘forcing’ anyone to do anything… if they are, report them, both to the company and to the police.

    also your question 3 has no basis of argument, it creates a slippery-slope of what-ifs… this is not a scene from ‘children of men’ where women cannot bare children anymore, the birthrate is much higher than the death rate and as a result there will ALWAYS be viable prospects. Also, it is not the people who are above who earn more because that depends entirely on the number of business heads you have activated and how active you are in the process of your success…

    Cheers. I hope this helps.

    Anonymous on June 19th, 2008
  • 458

    “Another hypothetical question.. as u know man population is more than women population and govt is bringing out advt regarding girl children etc.. so if all the women in the world gets married what do the other men do?? turn gay ??
    that is how ur question sounds.. imaging the numberof ppl in the world and the number of ppl born everyday.. u will get ur answer….and this 88% ur talkin abt is some bull shit somebody has written above… even if it is only 12% who succeed my aim is to be in that 12% !!”

    THIS PROVES THAT QUEST IS OUT THERE TO HELP THE MANKIND. [:D]….. Dont defend ur self. I have asked you wat will happen when all the people are enrolled into the business. Tats it. And for this u have to say the aim is to be in the 12 %. But then the vision of the company is to help the mankind rite? So where is the this vision seen in this reply?. Or is it the survival of the fittest. Just a doubt. Please dont contradict ur self and be clear. What if such a thing happens.
    Its completely ok if u mean that 88% have no right to earn as they are not capable/lucky enough to be at the upper levels. But please dont contradict sayin that the aim has to be in the 12% who are earning.

    I completely agree that the price can be decided by the company manufacturing it And it happens too. Different items from different brands are priced differently. But i want to know that when you know the price of the product then why do we need to pay 4 times the price. Just to help the uplines survive? What is the company’s role in this business? There is no source of income generation. The money is percolated upwards right which comes from the new joineess and in turn the company keeps part of it. There is no ethics involved in proving that company is circulating 57 % of the money. What is it doing to the bottom level joinees.
    Dont tell me that if they dont work smart then they dont earn. What if no body is left who is interested in the business. This can happen to any business right. And Please dont discard this question as baseless. IF DONE IT PROVES SOMETHING and being the mathematical wizard and a mentally sane person you are i think U UNDERSTAND WHAT IT PROVES.

    AND I TOTALLY AGREE WITH U. IF I WERE IN IT(Wish on the higher level) then i would also want to be in the top 12%. But its not an exam rite. The vision is to help MANKIND(god what a word). So if all are helped then its no problem at all. I would call it the best, ethically correct ,flawless oppportunity. In case u clear my doubt then i would still love to call it the same.This is just my opinion. Need not make any impact on u.(So that u avoid making comments on this and forget the issue)

    Regarding complaining about the product guess there are places where we can actually do that. This forum is discussing how can that be done in this wonderful business. And probably you can consider this a place where people want to discuss how worthwhile is it to invest in this business.


    WELL HOPE U MAKE THE DONATION. Its necessary for u atleast on moral grounds. 🙂

    Truth_seeker on June 20th, 2008
  • 459

    Sany some food for thought. If i have to put in your words ” This bullshit maths is out of my scope of understanding” May be the mathematical wizard in you will be able to explain this.
    Please go through.

    Truth_seeker on June 20th, 2008
  • 460

    Where did I answer that this proves quest is there to help mankind.. dear buddy.. raise youself to help mankind is the motto for RHYTHM an charitable organization. Out of the 32 k a part of that goes to charity and a part of it is the courier charge for life time for checks and then international courier from germany and part of company s profit. Product cost is around 8 k.. so around 20 k goes there..
    Then a coffee costs 3 rs but in coffee day 30.. 10 times more.. nobody says anything cuz its 30 rs .. that’s the difference,,
    My aim is to be in the ppl who are successful.. whatever the percentage is.. every where it is the survival of fittest…where did I contradict myself ??i said only 12% or whatever earns or are successful.. so I wanna be successful.. does that sound like am contradicting myself !??! dude where did u study??
    I don’t wanna answer petty questions like companys role or source of income generation.. its already discussed.the bottle level joinees become top level gradually.. the current top level was also bottom once.. please specifically reply for this…
    U have not joined the business or u have left it.. leave it to us to worry if there is nobody left to join or not interested etc..
    What if nobody wants to work anymore !!!??? ur question can be compared to this.. IF THIS HAPPENS IT PROVES SOMETHING and being the mathematical wizard and a mentally insane person you are i think U UNDERSTAND WHAT IT PROVES.
    U CAN FILE A COMPLAINT IN THE QUEST.NET SITE ITSELF in case u have problems with products..
    You are explaining from a prospective that other companies don’t charge x times money etc so we also have to do the same;. Everything is relative in the world.. we need to be relative in explaining things baby..
    “WELL YEAH QUEST IS LIKE PEPSI ONLY. IF THEY DO WE TOO DO.” — -this indeed proves how sane u are ?
    I will make the donation. Extremely necessary to protect humanity from (in)sane ppl like u !!! ?

    sany on June 20th, 2008
  • 461

    Hai everybody,

    I am a new member here. I check all ’OPINIONS’ about quest net and network marketing. Well, everyone have their own views. And I find some peoples are only trying to making their OPINIONS to true. But arguments will not make any lies to true or truth to lies. Go a journey yourself with your opinions.

    1st thing is what about the last person in the world?

    How you can tell “The last person”. In every seconds there are thousands of new borns in the world. OK, just take example of India, India’s population is 100 crore. Minimum 1.30hrs will take for a presentation (In any business) and sign up for a person. It means you need minimum 150 crore hours is required to present all people of India which means 6 crore and 25 lakh days means 1 lakh 71thousand 2 hundred and thirty three years. OK I can agree with you that not only one person is doing this business, but what about the internet is required? Because if it is going equally ; for the last raw signup, it need 50crore internet connection is required, and how it possible? If you are calculating correctly, then 1,71,233 years divided by thousand that means, it will take to reach the last person 171years. OK devided by 10 thousand also it will take 17 years. Are you thinking it is possible? Because when you reach the last person there will be thousands of new peoples with18+ age. Then what about the world. How you peoples can tell about the ” THE LAST PERSON”. It is a big big big himalayan blunder.

    2nd thing about the pyramid structure of business.

    The peoples, whoever is comparing this business with pyramid business are the people who doesn’t have any idea about this business. If you are an employee, just make your office staff’s structure. 1st there is MD after GM then two or three GM then under them some number of supervisor will come, then secretrey , labours etc. In a business the structure is same with sales peoples. The peoples who are telling about the pyramid; only I can request them to go and study about all business; and if anyone can find any business in the world without a pyramid structure or network; sure I will agree with them that whatever they are telling me to do.

    3rd thing about the product.

    About Quest net, they are selling Numesmatic coins. Does these peoples know about the Numesmatics? And with their words, UN, FIFA, RBI, SYDNEY OLYMPIC COMMITTEE, VATICAN GOVT., BHUTAN GOVT., are big fools. Because whatever the coins and numesmatic items are coming from these Major Organisations only. And I know most of the peoples are writing here from India only, and they don’t know the Quest net having how many various products. Because in India they having only numesmatic items and it not means India is only the WORLD. Quest net business is going through 220 countries. So I dont think any further explanation is required for this chapter.

    4th is about the price.

    Are you peoples are thinking that you are buying any products with its manufacturing value? Go and check with that peoples, who is manufacturing. Only 20-30% is the real cost of the product and the balance is distributed among the middle people like whole sale dealers, national dealers and advertisement etc. And here, in network marketing it is distributed among the customers of network business who are helping to sell their products, then what is the wrong? Quest net or any other Network marketing companies are not telling that they will make you a millionaire. They are telling to support them in selling their products and get the commissions, that all sales peoples in the normal business are doing. The difference in both normal business and network business is, network companies are making the plans, which is helping the medium class society people to live a standard living among the society where as the normal business are moving among the high class people only.

    5th is why people are failing.

    That is not the mistake of companies or the buisines, its the mistake of people who are not doing the business in a proper way. For exmple, you are doing a job; if you do your work sincerely & correctly then only you will get your salary. If you are not good in your job, management will look for other employee. The same thing, if you do it in proper way and gets the company to make sale of product then only you can get the commission. Some peoples are living in dream world. They are thinking, just buy a product and he will be a millioniare within two three months. How it will happen? In any business, you need 2-3 years for the result with your full effort with money and time. Then how you are thinking about the network marketing will make you a millioniare? They are giving a chance to work and make yourself rich. Some people are joining and start presenting the business theirselves, and that is the big mistake. You are in any field, it will take minimum 6 moths in getting experience. Then how you can start your business within 2 hours? Are you thinking a driver can drive his vehicle without good driving experience; then he will make accidents, am i right. The same thing is happening with some peoples who are over confident. They will not make anything in their life time, and they will not accept any others advices.

    6th is about duplication.

    What, is there anything which can be done without duplication? A doctor is studying for 5 years in getting his doctorate and referred so many books and training from their seniors. Once they get into professionalism they will do the same what their seniors has thought – this is also an duplication, am i right. An engineer- same thing, A profession – same, A politition, A journelist, A secretery, A labour, drivers, scientists, business men; you are in any field, my question is, are you start your job, or business from your own mind? Or learn from anyone. If the human’s can start anything from their own mind set, why their is schools and colleges? “THE DUPLICATION IS THE IMPORTENT PART OF LIFE FOR SUCCESS”

    My conclussion is, whoever is writing the bad opinions about the Quest net business they are the people those who are failed in the network marketing business and they are not ready to accept the reality and those people can be compared with the same story of FOX AND GRAPES or they are those people who does not have any idea about network marketing.

    bhushan on June 20th, 2008
  • 462

    Hi guys,

    I am an IR and earning good monthly cheques. If you are doing well go and get your upline dont comment on the biz or the company, may be you were a salesperson, door to door salesman, if you cant present well dont think you can cheat well. If you are not earning you didnt duplicate your upline thats all. Go for some trainnings man………………..or read BOOKS… SECRET………….learn what is LAW OF ATTRACTION…………….. then you talk or condemn yourself not others………….

    Of all the businesses I have done for the past 19 years……..friends……………….

    Those who are in this Biz…….WELCOME ABRODAD………

    For those who are not……….I AM LOST OF WORDS….


    hope on June 21st, 2008
  • 463

    Bhushan What an answer about the death rate and birth rate. Brother the question was what if nobody is willing to join the business like it has happened in chennai and bangalore. All were made aware of this huge scam and how many sign ups have you got. And see at one moment u say about ethics and then when there are question raised on ethics immediately u shift to defending the arguement saying many other brands are not following ethics.
    See this business sure will help make u lot of money. I totally agree with it. But you will have cheated the 88% of the people who at any point of time are not earning. This is pyramidal in nature and there are several articles on the internet who say pyramidal is a big fraud and is not same as network marketing.
    Please answer the queries specifically instead of repeating your presentation . The presentation will not have covered certain things which will be raised as queries by the future prospects of the company. And as a proud quester you should not shy away from answering them. Also the answer that ” Who doesnt do this? All do this blah blah blah” is not a valid answer. You have a vision. Its your duty to show the vision and prove the vision by clearing the doubts raised on them.
    Yeah network marketing is a very good scheme. Its not get rich instantly and requires effort to earn the commission but this is pyramidal in nature which is a big fraud.

    Regarding pricing i think there are enough arguements in my previous posts
    Hope for a more specific answer. And yeah one more point Forget the birth rate and death rate. Business goes into dump when there is no market. What if this scenario occurs. And clearly 88% who are not earning are helping the uplines earn. This is like the uplines fool these people and suck their blood. How do u digest your food when you know these facts?
    Probably this might be the only reason people find this business fraud and who doesnt want to make money. All do but it depends who wants to sell away their principles for it.

    Truth_seeker on June 21st, 2008
  • 464

    did anyone even read what i wrote?

    Anonymous on June 21st, 2008
  • 465

    Dear Truth_Seeker,

    Ok baba agreed, I agree everything what you say. This Business is not good. Now happy na.

    Anything else.

    Now tell me can you suggest me any other Network Marketing which good , ethical and accepted as a whole by Government, Society and people. Suggest me i will join that.

    bhushan on June 21st, 2008
  • 466

    Dear Truth_seeker,

    The issue in Bangalore and Chennai is not that the business is a scam, because the business is not a scam. Let me explain myself. It is the people who are signing people up, who are giving the wrong impression. Some examples of things that IRs have said which are wrong and unethical are:

    1) “You don’t have to do any work, I will do the work for you”

    2) “It is a get rich quick method, you don’t have to do any work, just buy a product and you will get the money $780000 a year”

    The business is not easy. You HAVE TO work hard.

    The argument i think Bhushan was making was that there is no market that will ever be saturated. There are people who will say no and will sign up and start the business a few months later. Bangalore and Chennai still have sign ups because there are some IRs who are honest and don’t give a false impression of what the business is about. With the world at the brink of a simultaneous recession and depression, unemployment will be at a high, you think people will be able to survive that? That is another reason that the market will increase, because even though it is hard work and a lot of sleepless nights, there will be challenges, but you know that at the end of the day, if you try hard enough you will succeed, and then there will be no turning back.

    Agreed that the investments are high, post #441 I talk about that. But there are also lower investment items that one can purchase, the commission you get for it is lower, but it is still more than people who are let go would make anyways, and eventually, after a lot of hard work, you will be able to buy higher Return On Investment goods and earn more per week.

    in post #456 i also address some of your questions (even though part of it is with the birthrate, deathrate argument as well)

    When the upline (who apparently earns more) started out, he too was earning less according to your argument, and in the future you will be in the same position, but that may or may not be the case.

    like i said in 441, it is policy and courtesy to help “downlines” get their checks, even if you don’t get yours (3+3=250, check the presentation). Also the maximum amount you earn per year depends on the number of businesses you have, your upline could have one and you could have 7, that way you would make a LOT more than your upline would, so how can you argue that the uplines are the ones who benefit and the downlines are cheated? Also, we are the only MLM business where the commission people get are not diminishing in value, which is why we are not a TRADITIONAL MLM.

    Quest International is all about doing the business ethically, in fact it was the primary message at the 2008 V-Con in Malaysia. It is those who do the business unethically who create problems for the business, it is the unethical IRs fault and not the company’s. It is THAT IR who should have a case against him, not the company. The company believes in Raising Yourself to Help Mankind, how can a company with that mission statement and extensive high-profile charitable connections and endorsements be unethical or a scam?

    I know a lot of the IRs who have replied on this thread have been bitter and rude, but it is only because people have close their minds because of half-truths or lies that people have said about their company and its belief system. Please don’t take anything said harshly personally, because we do not intend to scorn you. Merely understand your objections and help dissolve any misconceptions.

    Anonymous on June 21st, 2008
  • 467

    The company has said that they have problems in their distribution systems, but they are trying to fix this and get people their products as soon as possible, especially in India where the distribution offices have been closed down, which provides another challenge in improving distribution. So hold your horses, the product will come to you, the company has not abandoned you, for all of you who haven’t got their products yet.

    – Anonymous.

    Anonymous on June 21st, 2008
  • 468

    AND, I have never used the argument of another company or business.

    Anonymous on June 21st, 2008
  • 469

    Also, if you get a chance read Dato’ Vijay Eshwaran’s book In the Sphere of Silence, you will realize that a man with such high principles cannot teach something that is unethical and unsavory and apparently greed-riden…

    Anonymous on June 21st, 2008
  • 470

    Thanks Anonymous for bringing down the tone of the arguement. Really helps bring a healthy discussion .
    Well just one thing we can start off with other doubts once we get this one cleared.
    Why was such a successful business banned in few countries? At that point of time what happened to the leaf nodes and the ones above them who had yet to recover the cost?

    Well i would specifically address to each of ur reply and thanks again for bringing a healthy environment.

    To people like sany .. Dood i can really understand from the language u have used in the posts that u belong to the elite class and have studied in one of the best institutions of the country. Hopefully u will have learnt about irony and reading between the lines to understand the thing. OOPS sorry your reply clearly suggests that u have not. But theres no doubt that u belong to the elite class.
    Hope u got the meaning when i told that the donation is necessary especially for u on moral grounds. If not then i wud prefer not making u understand.

    Bhushan please don give up like this. There is scope for discussion and yeah i think the training u get as part of quest does not encourage such behaviour.

    Truth_seeker on June 21st, 2008
  • 471

    Especially the pieces of news from leading newspaper.
    I would really like to know what do u have to say about the customs fraud.

    Truth_seeker on June 22nd, 2008
  • 472


    “If you try to see the details of domain name through viewwhois. There is no contact information, everything is encrypted. If this is honest company then why they are not showing their identity.”

    I picked this up from the net. I hope u understand the concept of domain names and what kind of companies are registered under .net domain. Perhaps if u google u may even find more references to this fraudulent site

    BTW SANY DO U UNDERSTAND WHEN (””)Double quotes are used wats it supposed to mean. Cos in ur post it doesnt seem like u understood what it means.
    Well I hope the high intellect in you is able to comprehend what i am trying to say.

    Truth_seeker on June 22nd, 2008
  • 473

    Dear Truth-seeker,

    Lets not talk about, Iran, the less said about the country’s politics, the better.
    Sri-Lanka: at the time Quest was banned in Sri Lanka, there were a lot of Pyramid Schemes (these were the cons) that popped up. The Sri Lankan government, fed up with individual arguments against each of these pyramid schemes and not being able/not having the manpower, money and time to distinguish these scams from the legitimate businesses decided to ban everything. There are still QuestNet IRs in Sri Lanka though.
    Nepal: Gold Coin businesses are banned in Nepal, not Quest in particular. And although Quest has a variety of products and not just coins, it is NOT a gold coin business, IRs from Nepal would smuggle gold coins into Nepal from India and sell those coins. This was unethical (according to the company) and illegal, and so it defamed the company.
    Other Countries: Because of the things I mentioned that the IRs have said, there have been MANY complaints of Fraud. This is not the company’s fault but the fault of IR who signed those people up. It is that IR that is scamming his down-lines. Also, there are people who don’t work and say that the business is a scam because they don’t get money for doing nothing. Things like this have defamed the company and caused people to react negatively to the company. The problems that the company has, it has admitted to and is trying to change, but while there are unethical practices going on because of the IRs there will always be challenges that need to be faced. Indians are bone-lazy (trust me, I am one) and they have an awful lot of ego, they are full cups that think they know it all. The business is a Learning process and you need to change yourself and become a better person; a trustworthy, honest and reliable person.

    If a person leaves, the downlines are left with no real working uplines, but the systems in the area will guide and support you, the V (Quest net and the Partners) will also guide you and all their training modules and everything is available from the site. The company doesn’t have anything to hide, but it is a private company and has the right to withhold information from the general public.

    It would help with the healthy discussion if you would refrain from being spiteful towards Sany and Bhushan. Like I said in my earlier post, people have challenged their beliefs many times, and it is hard when you are under fire from all sides, ‘frustrating’ is just the tip of the iceberg, so I would request you to be a little nicer to them. I’m here to clear anything that might be hazy logically, so please don’t target them.

    Anonymous on June 22nd, 2008
  • 474

    the people above the people who quit, start again. Its awful, but it happens. Its not the end of the world. It will take a little effort, but you can rebuild. Also, if you decide to leave, you are not left with nothing. If you choose wisely you are left with something that has a much higher value than what you paid for it. The holiday packages for example. In the next 30 years; the price of hotels are going to go up considerably, so it is a great investment. The coins, in time, the value will also go up considerable if you decide to sell it in a good numismatic community; a jeweler will give you the price of the gold, but that is not the worth of the coin. An example of Numismatics is The 1933 double eagle coin in the US i think its value was $20 but it was recently auctioned off for 7.59 MILLION USD in less than nine minutes. That is the power of numismatics, when there is only so much of something, its value goes up.
    Atleast you are not left bereft. there is good that you avail of and if you chose to you can make money on it. its not a bad deal if you ask me.

    Anonymous on June 22nd, 2008
  • 475

    Hi Anonymous.
    probably this article might help us realise how rare was the 1933 double eagle coin.
    However Quest has been in inida for quite some time now. Is there any reference to the coins sold early and which are projected to be sold out which have been auctioned at a higher price . i.e more than the weight of the gold.

    I am aware how valuable collectibles are offcourse they do tend to fetch a higher value than weight of gold. But the numbers we are considering here is quite large . And if u can search for the articles on this issue u mite end up reading that its just the value of gold that its worth.
    Regarding the case where it got banned due to IRS and other pyramidal marketing schemes i think quest being such a huge organisation must have done something to the leaf nodes. When the whole objective is to sell the business plan and with this being banned officially they are in due to do something for the people. Well forget this issue.

    Specifically how is this network marketing and not pyramidal in nature. You earn when its a balanced tree and i am not suggessting that only uplines earn. I have a friend who has no left leg but person below him is a team lead on the right side. The people who earn are the ones who make enough people on both the sides.
    So how does this differ from the pyramidal nature of business.

    I think this may sound too naive but i am sure u will still clear this doubt of mine. 🙂
    Btw its really enjoyable when the discussion is indeed a discussion and not a decision making process.

    Truth_seeker on June 22nd, 2008
  • 476


    Perhaps this mite help you understand my query better. The signs of Pyramid scheme under the blanket of MLM is addressed in this article

    Truth_seeker on June 22nd, 2008
  • 477

    Yes I know about the rarity of the double eagle coin, I did my research before writing. But that is the case even for Mayer coins, they break the mold after a set number of the coins are made 9999 usually. So they are rare as well. The value you pay for the coin has a numismatic value also added to it that the company charges, and plus they need to make up for the cost of a lot of things. For a company to be legit, they need to have the 1st product that a person buys be sold at a retail price. that is the case. the difference between the retail and IR price then goes the person who signed them up. Not everyone above. Also, everyone earns with a sign up and no one is removed from the tree.

    The people who signed up still had their products. Products they wanted. It was not inventory they had to buy from the company and then sell. We are not salespeople. Sure, you are expected to buy at least one product to begin the process of activation of your IR ID, but that is for YOURSELF. So how can you expect your 100% of your money back if it is a good you are using.

    The entry is not necessarily high, it depends on how much you want to earn, you can buy a product that costs $350, but you won’t get as much commission as you would on a product you bought for $600. Its like any company, the more you invest, the more the likely net profit. The registration is only $10, so how is that much? The training material is really cheap, I think I bought 20 DVDs which we NOT required, but because I WANTED to and each cost me $5. You can buy books if you want to, but usually your Up-line would lend you theirs and if you want to buy it, you could. Most people tend to buy it because it is good.

    It guarantees good profits, BUT ONLY IF YOU WORK AT IT!


    Their products are all genuine. The wellness products work, I am witness to it. They are not HEALTH products and do NOT substitute medical treatment. And we are very open about the science behind them. There are people who buy the product just for the product, but these also need referrals. But that is what referral marketing is about.

    The arrangement it a pyramid MODEL (All organizations are based on this if you look at their hierarchies), but it is not a pyramid SCHEME. there is a difference.

    Anonymous on June 22nd, 2008
  • 478

    Questnet is a scam for fools, and it is a fortune for hard workers.

    proud to be quester

    Ramesh on June 23rd, 2008
  • 479


    Questnet should seize all the IR’s who complains without any logic and also file case against those people who are spooling the reputation of the company.

    Ramesh on June 23rd, 2008
  • 480

    Hi guys,

    All quest morons are trying to get together soon to fool even more people. If you are victim or even if you have averted being victimized by someone then please send emails to all your friends and explain them how the fraud is carried out. Paste all the links related to questnet, ask them to foward this email to atleast 10 people. Those with large contacts can start with 100 (emails) ask your friends to forward email to atleast 10 people. See how the 8th wonder of the world i.e., law of duplication works, there on there will be no stopping. I have just given brief quest destruction plan just imagine how it will work. ….questers… look at this awesome power of duolication

    AND SO ON, SAB QUEST WALO ki WATT LAGA DO. Also guys include detailed list of cyber police stations along with contact details, in case they find someone pesturing them too much then just ask them to give a complaint against them apart from establishing a network and intelligence on where all quest offices are up and running ( apart from so called hoome systems). Continuously update cybercops about their activity

    Do your duty for nation, questers are draining wealth out of or country without really getting any product of worth.
    Also quest will definitely re-start its business in India because they feel its a large market and will still find wealth to loot. Questers are no different than British, Babar, Ghazni, Ghori. They are just looting national wealth. They just don’t want youngsters to do any contribution to science, technology, services. They will ask (brain wash) you to quit jobs and become full time netowrker. Imagine the nation which survives just on mlm business. According questers wealth can’t be generated on by producing useful goods and services it can only be done by selling a coing worth Rs7000 for Rs35000 and distributing part of this loot to those who can fool others better. In nut shell the money goes out of country.

    There many morons who are promoting quest to achieve their own selfish objectives even after the managing director of the company is arrested, all the offices have been sealed, please publish the contact details of these guys, if you know them,let’s talk to cyber cops
    and stop national wealth being looted by questers

    tit4tat on June 26th, 2008
  • 481

    Quest IRs in India pay TAX on what they earn. The transactions also take place in India, so actually, the money is not being drained from the country.

    Also, In a world of free trade and e-commerce, that kind of talk in nonsensical.

    Learn about numismatics, and then spew the nonsense you spew, the value of the coins are a lot more than just the value of the gold. Also, Royalties need to be paid to the trusts that endorse the coins.

    Anonymous on June 26th, 2008
  • 482

    Hi anonymous,
    Why dont u post updates about the ongoing quest activity. The current ongoing presentation venue and your contact details if you firmly believe this is a genuine business.
    Btw this is real cheating. You are fooling your friends relatives and strangers and making them fall in this trap.
    The numismatics coins which you are talking are not having any value as of now. May be after 300 years you can sell them off as good collectibles.
    Please do mention about the ongoing quest activities. And can u mention how do you pay tax? Is it through your PAN or company deducts the tax and gives you the money.

    Bond on June 27th, 2008
  • 483

    Please read this article i got on net

    For IRs (Questnet members):
    They are Network marketeers, looking for more sign-ups (meaning new members) to join under their network and purchase the products carrying UV (Unit Volumes). By balancing the UVs, they are earning commissions from the company which stated 3 UVs L/R = USD $ 250.

    IRs in UPPER LINE:
    They are well-trained to brainwash their downlines promising dreams to downlines by doing Questnet biz will be able to achieve everything their want in life. Nothing to do with products, but purely in building network.

    IRs Downlines:
    They are naive in the business believing 100% what their upline is telling them

    Network Marketing system in Questnet:
    Plenty of system but basically, products is not in their training.
    THey are trained to RECRUIT new members. The success of an individual also known as “leader” is defining their loyalty in the system and amount of signups (recruitments) or downlines.

    1) Many IRs quitting the business because they are not making the money

    2) Many “leaders” cry because they are not making money but pretending to have earning weekly cheques and behave ego and arrogance.

    3) Company, overpricing a products to compensate the commission paid. In fact, they are not a good businessmen. The products are useless to MAJORITY. People are blinded for commission cheques NOT products.

    4) Company is depending on the networks to push their products to the market. Every VCON events, company are making good income by brainwashing existing networks to repurchase new products.

    5) It’s a reinvent PONZI SCHEME that easily penetrated in 3rd world country. You will not hear Questnet having events in US, because they can be banned in few days. PONZI SCHEME meaning company surviving with NEW RECRUITMENTS.

    6) The secret of success also known as GAME in QUestnet BIZ is to KEEP ON RECRUITING PEOPLE. THey are URGED to SHOW AS MANY PLANS AS POSSIBLE TO THE WORLD POPULATIONS. Based on the MASS STRATEGY of Some Will, Some Won’t, SomeOne Is Waiting…

    7) The training is a brainwashing event. It’s create unnecessary fear so that people must do the biz. (To do the biz is to show the plan and recruit as many people as possible)

    8) Studying the history of Charles Ponzi invested a ponzi scheme by selling limited edition stamps, this looks very similar to Questnet with initiate their business plan using GOLD COINS. They claimed it as the new wave in Network marketing. In fact, they are bunch of conmen.

    9) Juniors are not allowed to convey negatives thoughts with other people, but only to their seniors. POSITIVE DOWN and NEGATIVE UP.

    10) Juniors are aggressively persuaded to attended trainings at least a month. And they are SAFE, meaning successfully brainwashed.

    11) 95% not making money and quit. Meaning they actually paid their products with hopes to be rich and ended miserable. Questnet has been around for 8-9 years. How many rich people around? Compare to numbers, maybe 0.01%.

    12) 5% may earn commission cheques at least 1.

    13) A trained IRs are good in answering questions. Most of their words are very tricky and twisted.

    14) To ask a Questions, they can counter you with more Questions. They are always right, and you are always wrong. THey are intelligent but others are morons.

    15) Rule no. 3, they must show 3 plans to anyone in a week. Don’t worry if your friends calling you many times because this is what they had been told not to give up on you.

    16) In their mind, they are saint. They want to help as many people as possible

    17) In reality, they helps conmen to con more people.

    Bond on June 27th, 2008
  • 484

    Another nice bit for anonymous to answer:

    Simple logic:
    The con man style will draw a projection on the board. And ask.. Do you think you can find 2 friends to join the business? And the crowd said “yes” (Those crowd are their leaders). And then he started to draw circles. 2 -4 -8- 16- 32 – 64- 128… Well, Imagine Goldquest/Questnet has been around for 9 years. today 108 months. What do you think the binary will become if every months each one get 2 friends to join? It’s 324,518,553,658,427,000,000,000,000,000,
    000 !! Impossible!! Because this makes the whole world join the business already.. what is the reality today? After 9 years, they have only 2 million members and only 3000 core members in the business. Which means based on the percentage: Each month to get 2 friends is hardly possible!!!! NOT MANY PEOPLE ARE GETTING PEOPLE TO JOIN. And how many people become active in the business after 9 years??? 3000/2 mil… it’s only very very very few %.
    Their leaders said hey maths don’t lie.. Well, I am doing math infront of them also. Yes, Maths don’t lie.. Don’t dream to be rich with Questnet. It’s not easy. You can betray many of your friends just to earn a couple of USD cheques. They are not real MLM business. THey are a misleading pyramid business. Beware of Biodisc, they said it’s a magic disc.. everyone can become a doctor overnight by paying US$500 for a disc. If Biodisc is performing good, without any health authorities approval, they can replace all doctors in the world… I said all these are real bullshits. Just my 2 cents

    Bond on June 27th, 2008
  • 485

    Ananymous her000000

    Most Bookies of India pay tax, even underworld dons, corrupt politicans does that mean that they are doing favour to the nation and not looting national wealth. And let’s talk of globalized buiness and not fooling looting and exploiting relation. Don’t talk to me as if I don’t know the quest business, I have studied evrything you guys do and from signup to total brain wash to making someone quit the job. If Quest as company and its director are so good and clean why they land in Jail evey now and then. Why quest has been banned in many countries. Why top leaders of quest are absconding. Why all the systems and presentation are shut. Why People who are giving presentations are being arrested at different locations. Is it because Quest is Global business or Quest is global fooling, exploiting, cheating where one joins by paying some money and to recover that he fools others and one who has concience and unable to fool someone (you call him failure) is looser. Stop this

    tit4tat on June 27th, 2008
  • 486

    When is Pushpam coming out ?
    Can someone please tell me when will Pushpam come out on bail ? There are lot of questnet people who didn’t get their last cheque since pushpan was arrested.poor upliners. they want to run away once they get their last cheque

    tit4tat on June 27th, 2008
  • 487

    The real mission statement of Quest is

    Loot others to raise yourself …
    the actual objective is Loot others to raise yourself …

    tit4tat on June 27th, 2008
  • 488

    hi All,

    i have been to to quest business talks and i understand the current legal situation. it is a people based business, so if your introducer cheated you , it doesnt mean that the compnay cheated you. for example, if the coin is USD600 and if your freind told you its USD800 ,then its your friends fault. what happened in Chennai recently was because of that. eg: the company payout after you achive a certain level is USD250~ Rupees 8000 , some ppl told thier prospects ” you can earn 8000 in USD instead of RUPEES!!” ,

    and when the cheated poor ppl found out that they did not get the “promised” USD8000, naturally they launched a police report and the police naturally caught the directors instead of the “introducer”,

    im not from India, and i’n my place, we have a proper system to make sure that all informations sent out are most accurate and reliable.

    and Questnet is NOT banned in USA, Australia etc… in some conutries it might not be there , but not because it is BANNED , but certain countries have thier own business regulations. Like for example , you cannot bring in live plants to Australia. does it mean that all plants are bad? you get the point?

    dont be too harsh on network marking, one day you will find that eveything in the world is sold thru word-of-mouth. C’mon , ppl even pay referral commisions when you refer someone to a job nowadays.

    cell on June 27th, 2008
  • 489

    also, the business is not just about gold coins, it WAS the flagship product.

    Nobody said the Bio-Disk is a health product. it isn’t. It does NOT replace medical treatment. It is a WELLNESS Product. It works similarly to magnets, balancing the body to its natural state. The difference is that, the bio-disk also transfers energy. I have personally done test using vegetable bought at the same time from the same place and kept them in the same room, away from each other, but put some with the bio disk and the others far away from it. The ones far away rotted, while the ones near the Bio-disk stayed Fresh.

    You have no idea how big a company QI is, not just the network marketing part, that is very small comparatively. It has 18 subsidiaries. QuestNet is only one of them.

    We also consider a 99.5% failure rate. Ofcourse, with such low odds, there will be people who won’t get checks in the first few months, they go back to their jobs and claim the business is a failure. But those that continue working earn. And actually after 9 years they have 4 million satisfied customers. No one says its easy. People ASSUME it is. But it isn’t, and we don’t claim it is. We say it is hard work. A lot of people go back to doing their regular jobs because they give up because of rejections.

    Tit4tat, I don’t work in India, but I have a basic Idea of how things work. Did you know that the highest tax payer in Tamil Nadu is a Quest IR?

    and about the person who says its a pyramiding scam, do you even know what that means? read my posts above, I have about 10-20 of them, starting i think at 441. We don’t get paid cash all the time, we have certain guidelines to follow. As a result, “downlines” can get checks way before “uplines” do. and when uplines started they too were at the bottom, but they worked hard to get to where they are. If you don’t work you won’t get results.

    about being banned in other countried:
    Iran: because groups of more than 3 people meeting is illegal.
    Sri Lanka: because there were scams that came up with the popularity of QN and because officials didn’t have the HR or money to investigate ALL of them, they just banned it out right. Network Marketing is not banned per say but anyhow, let me just inform you.
    Nepal: it is not banned. Gold Coins are banned BUT that is not what Quest is about. There is alot more to Quest than Gold Coins. PEOPLE FORGET THAT.
    Any other country (I don’t think there are any others but if there are its probably) because like cell said, there are IRs who cheat their partners, not the company. there are unethical IRs who lie cheat and steal. But there are those who do it ethically and truthfully.

    Dear Bond,
    You don’t even know where I work. I’m not located in India. I am setting up a network in the US (where I will get into trouble for being a part of ponzi, was it, scam as you so eloquently put it). It is not illegal there, just so you know, because it is ethical, and has a noble mission statement, why would big trusts and foundations and the FAO (UN) endorse the company if it was such a big fraud? Because it is not a scam. A lot of other MLM companies try to defame us because of the potential and the rate at which it has grown. Read what I have written since post #441. It will answer most of your queries/misconceptions.

    Do your due diligence and research properly. Read the Forbes’ article on the company. Read all the stuff all the big US papers have written on QI and its founder. The case in India has a lot to do with unethical IRs than the company.

    Cheers! 😀

    Anonymous on June 27th, 2008
  • 490

    489, who ever you are ,

    You are rt, business is not about Gold Coins, business about money circulation in the name of gold coins. It’s about fooling people, exploiting relationship. White collar crime and nothing more. Don’t blame IR’s forwhat ever has haapened. I am a part of questnet for last 1 year, The whole system humiliates someone who doesn’t get signups. The uplines literally humiliate all those who are not full timers, by calling them Jobie, worser than beggers, someone who is gonna provide them services. Most uplines publically display their inflated ego and make other guys literally feel small and worthless.

    According Questers

    1. Anyone who is into innovation, research, public sevice , job, service is a fool. It also means that just don’t do anything, become a networker and whole world will progress. Be a Parasite to your upline, be a second hander, don’t use your brain, don’t have concience. It’s foolish to be innovater, creater

    2. Anything that has happens is beacuse of IR’s and they have nothing to do with it, very fuuny.Its similar to child giving an explanation “papa I haven’t done anything its all happened on its own

    tit4tat on June 28th, 2008
  • 491

    No its like saying, a murderer committed murder because of the way his parents brought him up.

    It is like saying a 60 year old man man died because when he was 6 years old he fell from a tree and broke his leg.

    I have no idea what team you are from, tit4tat, but the team I am a part of, does not humiliate you. We support each other, we actually follow the philosophy of a team (together each achieves more). There are people who do it full-time, and doing the business full time is edified, but if someone chooses not to do it full time, that is their choice, and they will be supported.

    Yes, the business is mostly about duplication, agreed. But everyone has their own flavor. When we have our training sessions. On Pathman’s Shut Up, Listen, DO, we have our own take on doing it. We have a similar S.O.P. but it is different. They ask you to duplicate because they have made mistakes themselves and they want you to learn from those rather than make them yourself.

    No, it is not about money circulation in the name of gold coins, because 1, the money is given back to customers if they work, 2 because there are a lot of products, not just gold coins (people ASSUME it is a gold coin business, but it is NOT that at all).

    I am only blaming IRs for hunting, lying and cheating. You have to farm, build a family, help each other. My mother and a friend she made in the business are from two different trees, she will not benefit if her friend has a sign-up and vice-versa. STILL, the friend helped her with presentations and everything. They are great friends, they work with each other rather than compete with each other. In India, this would not happen to the extent it happens here. We have a very strong code of ethics as a team. In India this is absent, IRs tell people decide to register that they don’t need to do any work, that is not true at all. Or they tell them that the IR will do all the work for them. These are unethical practices. Other than that, IRs in India POACH other people’s prospects, in India that is also a BIG DEAL! So yes, I would say it is the IRs fault (not all of the IRs, remember, I am not blaming every IR, but the IRs who have Cheated and Lied) It is the IRs fault that the company has been defamed in India.

    Anonymous on June 29th, 2008
  • 492

    Dear Friends,

    Enough people has said things which are more than enough. People like interpretaions more than facts. Facts are facts, even if they are misinterpreted. We say there is light during day time and darkness during night. But the fact is: there is light during day time and no light during night. But we do not like the real interpretation. Who all want to find the reality, should accept the hard and dry part of it. It is easy to argue, but difficult to giude. It is easy to point out problems, but difficult to suggest a solution. It is easy to talk, but difficult to keep silence. We will understand facts in silence within us. India is one of the great culture which has strong bases on phylosophy. But we are now not ready to listen to any such things. Nobody can build people without phylosophy. Nobody can encourage people to change without phylosophy. We face a lot of inner resistance when any changes required. In short, the things people says doesn’t matter, what we believe and what we aim for does matter! There are so many good and excellent things and opportunities in this world. But accepting a good or bad thing is completely dependant on erery induvidual. Change starts from a decision, and it is truly from within. When we act on other peoples agenda, we find it difficult to walk in a different way which is far from them.

    It is good collecting data from outside, but measure and diagnose them based on own experience and ambitions, then choose a way, taking the ownership, not by led or misled by others. Argiung about something which we do not know clearly is not a good practice. Any experienced person in any field is far better than a statistician or an observer or a reporter. So consulting an experieced person by giving value to him/her in the concerned field is always wise.

    People who are conteneted will not make much noise, won’t argue much. They will keep themselves away from the noisy masses who do not have any common direction or relationship. People who achieve heights are those individuals who have great dreams and are working hard for it. Let’s keep us away from dreamstealers!

    Bijoy on June 29th, 2008
  • 493


    What r u trying to say ? Cheat and exploit but after getting training on how to do it . There is Finance Gem, which says if everyone on street is talking about the business then the business is going to see its end soon.

    All questers hate the immovable movers of the world, they hate those who are really responsible for the beautiful world we live in. They are just looters and no other word can describe them.

    A chip designer or scientist, according questers is a fool because he produces the things which are of value to society, he is called Jobie (in the tone of Dogie. Where as questers (2nd handers , looters) are the only smart people on the earth. My upline read welcome to Great Esteem (Name of the team to which I belonged) in which I was said that questwas not MLM and the diectors of most of MLM companies are behind bars. But recently there was an advertisement which stated that quest is MLM company. What a contradiction !. You are talking of support, even mafia has great co-operation and family like value system. For me quest is team of looters who don’t believe in producing anything valuable for the society. They are just second handers who will destroy the economy of the nation.

    Fool 3 on left and 3 on right n u will get Rs11500, don’t produce anything, don’t provide any service which is worhy. Tatas, Ambani etc., are all fools. They should not have taken risk of starting or thinking anything big, only thing they should have done is got hold of neumismatics shit or cow dongue and marketed that in India and India never needed Refineries, Motor companies or IT companies. By this time India would have been largest consumer of Neumismatic shit, they would have ate, slept because of that.

    Anonymous….who ever you are and where ever you are from, I will not allow quest to destroy this country’s economy. I will allow you questers to misguide the nation. I am circulating the cahin mail, weather Indian government bans it or not (Thanks to Nalini Chidambaram being advisor to the company) I will ensure people themselves will ban quest.
    People will teach a good lesson to the ‘chappal chors’.

    tit4tat on June 30th, 2008
  • 494

    Ramesh is absonding…. I am told police arrested him yesterday… haaa…hha.

    tit4tat on June 30th, 2008
  • 495

    Aaaj Ki taja Khabar,
    Guys, all Quest Kranti-karis / revolutionaries (swcond handers, looters)are planning Jail Bharo movement as mark of their protest against the arrest of Pushpam and for not being allowed to loot. Unconfirmed reports also state that , questers are demanding special reservation for them since they were prevented from destroying national econmomy and are currently Jobless. Also there are reports of groupism among questes, the group of full time questers is again demanding that they should b given priority because they have nothing to survive.

    There was special representation to Prime Minster from the downlines who haven’t recieved their first cheque, they demanded that they should be allowed to loot for some more time till they recover their money which they have invested.

    tit4tat on June 30th, 2008
  • 496

    Bharat Bandh Call by Quest leaders,
    Quest leaders have called 4 Bharat Bandh, to protest against Government ban on looting

    tit4tat on June 30th, 2008
  • 497

    errrr, I had heard about gold quest(Quest Net) about 7 or 8 years ago. I never believed it but never started to yell that, “oh this is a scam”. I have no idea if it really is scam is not. The only matter that comes to my mind is that(was always a question to me), if it’s so good for the people who are working in these markets(Not so sure I’m using the best name for it), then why they come out and start sharing it with other people. Why you insist on getting every one into it. If it’s good and you are happy then move on with your lives!!!! Maybe other people want to stay poor, they wanna be exact same unhappy person that they used to be. Please, if there is anyone out there who has reasonable and reliable explanation, I would be happy to hear it. The only reason that I visited this page is that, I’ve lost 2 of my friends because of this problem.

    Sam on June 30th, 2008
  • 498

    whatever he says, is right. These companies are just out there to catch our money and screw you up. Otherwise all big investors would be already there before we could even imagine. That’s all bullshit and these people are a bunch of thieves who have learned to mug you very respectfully and with your fully satisfaction. Once you paid, because you are thinking about the money that you just let them to take away from you, you will start to tide up and down to do something to get your money back, so then, you have to start to trick your own friends. Very wise and smart hu? What you get at the end? Nothing, you have lost your money and you feel like a poor bastard who has been tricked into a nice well.
    So be careful and don’t get fooled by these lousy pretentious thieves.

    Liars on June 30th, 2008
  • 499

    You guys obviously have your minds set on your misconceptions and are not willing to see any other point of view but your own, you are unwilling to be objective, so I am done. I will let you live in your misconceptions and beliefs.

    If you ever get the chance read the book “In The Sphere of Silence” by Dato Vijay Eswaran. It has nothing to do with quest except for the fact that the writer is the founder of Quest. His philosophies and ethics are very strong and moving, and if you STILL think a man with his values would be the founder of a scam you are insane.

    My team USED to be a part of Great Esteem. They are a bunch of hooligans who are out hunting and following unethical practices (which is probably why you feel Quest is a scam), and that is why we broke off and formed our own team. The business is about BUILDING and NURTURING relationships. Not hunting for game to get paid and then leave the hunted out to dry.

    I would like to refer everyone to my previous comments starting from #441. I will occasionally come down here to refer people to what I’ve said, but other than that I will not try to correct any misconceptions.

    Dogs bark, its best to just let them bark.

    Lazy BUMS will not get paid, and they will complain, so its best to just leave them be, because they deserve to be abandoned.

    Anonymous on June 30th, 2008
  • 500

    Questers Protest :

    Again there are reports that questers protesting against ban on looting. They are calling everybody outside quest and who is against it as dog. They are planning pass a special bill that they should be allowed to loot for some more time because their dream of “earning Loooot of money and he help (cheat) the mankind (innovent relatives and friends).

    There are reports of infighting among questers especially between ocean, spider and Great Esteem each one calling others as hooligan (when they are all real hooligans). Again in each group they are calling those who failed in looting as lazy bums.

    Lazy bums ( failed down lines) are also demanding that now they should be allowed to loot their uplines since they are not getting anyone to loot. One of method suggested by eminent lawyer is to give complaint on upline and you will be able to get you maney back.

    There are also reports that questers are demanding a separate ministry for looting apart from Income tax Holiday on looting.

    Adressing press conference the loot minister in waiting said he would propose SLZ (Special Loot Zone) where young and talented professionals will be brainwashed to give up their career in marketing, software , finance and other various streams to find 3 on left and 3 on right too loot. Understanding the importance growing loot economy the ‘to be loot minister said’ after few levels earth will not have sufficiant looters so minister has sent feelers to the other planets for being allowed to loot.

    tit4tat on July 1st, 2008
  • 501

    Special Loot Zone Shut :

    Yesterday was the last for special loot zone in Richmind Road , above JP lite Great Esteem system. All the looters were mourning the end of System. Some of them wrote obituary. They have all agreed to start mini loot zones in areound their residence (home system as its called).

    I have collected the name of all the active looters and updated the city crime branch Police about their activities, police is keeping an eye on each and every leader’s (looter) movement. Also the presentation by top looter has been recorded and copy of that has been submited to city crime branch.

    List of Top looters who are likely to be arrested is same as top earners of quest apart from local looters in Bangalore. I have circulated name of all those whoever I know of and having team of more than 200 to Police.

    tit4tat on July 1st, 2008
  • 502

    To Anonymous quester, reply to your 499..

    There is a saying in Sanskrit which say “Ati Vinayam dhoorth lakshnam” , Meaning Thugs generally have sweet tongue There r many people who have written many great books but never followed, Dale caregie commited suicide. There many godmen who have talked great things but have done totally opposite things. There are many people with split personalities. A politician is best example, if you go to him he will talk of values etc., without really having any. So dear Anonymous philosopher don’t talk of sphere of silence, look at all the people who have been looted.

    I had been to quest of office in Bangalore in the month of March, I was really shocked to know to what level questers can fall. You guys have not spared any one, not even the house maids, rikshaw drivers, masons, vegetable vendors. These guys never had capablity to signup (loot) they were simply lured into the business with a promise of big returns. Now you will say it’s not companies fault its a fault of IR who signed them.
    Boss don’t forget, thatis what is India, 80 % of population is this poor people who get tempted the moment you tell them that they will get huge returns. And thats why I say please pack up from India and find some other counry to loot.I met a poor fellow, who had borrowed @ 60 % PA to get into business. Imagine the guy who doesn’t even enjoy the crediblity to get money at 10-12% PA ( meaning he has no inflence circle) is lured to join and later expected recruit more people.

    It stated in Geeta that if you are looked upon as educated and knowledgeable person in society ( called as shresta ) people will follow your actions. These poor people join many times bcause they think you are educated and superior so you must have done lot of home work before joining. This is where the disaster starts, the guy is influenced by you but poor fellow doesn’t have any inflence circle and he fails in getting the signpus (victims). This is the case in all the systems (ocean, spider, great esteem etc), Then you will start calling him as lazy bum etc., You will also say that plan was well explained b4 signing up.

    Then you again say 96 % loose in this business, why do get people when you know that r gonna loose. Why should you do business where you ar gonna gain at the loss of 96%. let Dato Vijay answer this, what kind of philosophy is this where 96% people loose their money. It’s similar to some one advocating Jihad. Yeah, you to Jihadi he will also give a book better than Spher of silence.

    tit4tat on July 1st, 2008
  • 503

    Jihad is actually martyrdom. That is what it literally means. Americans have dubbed it to mean “holy war”, but it actually means “dying for your nation/religion/etc.” If a person is killed while reading the Quran, he is a jihadi. Did you know that?

    I said 96% of people will fail because after working (lazily if I may add) for a little while and not being paid they decide to go back, again, I have discussed this in great detail in my previous posts.

    Maybe if you actually read my entire posts you would actually understand what I say, or maybe your intellectual standing doesn’t allow you to understand my language and syntax.

    Anonymous on July 1st, 2008
  • 504

    Very very well said tit4tat.. I am also trying to tell the same thing.. They say it needs hard work and all the crap.. But hard work for what.. Fooling people?… How are anonymous and the likes able to sleep, their family members able to eat when they know that all that money is sucked from other people and for those other people it mite be a huge huge amount ..

    “Lazy bums” Huh … Wat a word… This clearly states that they are interested in looting people by the pep talk.. Your point on other big companies would have followed suit if they were confident in such kinda “business” is very true .. This is not a business.. This is worse than gambling… Atleast you know in gambling that its based on luck and u r aware while you bet….
    But here they paint a lovely picture .. They target ur self-existense calling others to be losers.. And the arguements man-o-man they are worst part..
    They want to put forward their point thinking they are the right in watever say.. Any logical back answer to their argument will be immediately regarded as non-sense .. The real reason being they have no answer to it and they dont want to lose the arguement and be termed the cheaters…

    Bond on July 2nd, 2008
  • 505

    Since u seem to be a person genuiniely interested in a discussion and not a fight i think this link will help u more…
    Please go through this blog …
    Esp the bits on Sponsors for BRAZIL team… This is a big joke..
    If u can answer the question posed to the questers here then it wud bring in great deal of information to this discussion of ours…

    Bond on July 2nd, 2008
  • 506

    Loot implies, we take and give the person nothing. But if you aren’t aware, there is something… A PRODUCT… that the person gets. Yes, there is a big investment, I know, I had to work very hard to get it. So don’t tell me about how it is a big sum for some people. $600 or Rs. 27,600 is a lot I’m not denying, but the people who claim the company is a fraud are the ones who have wrong ethics because they think the company will pay them big returns for free. Once the recession and depression set in, and people are kicked out of their jobs because the company can’t afford to keep them on the pay roll, you tell me which model will survive. People in Network marketing, or people who are unemployed. Don’t waste your time trying to demean something you don’t understand or have misunderstood. I know how you feel because initially before I joined I felt that way too… when my mother joined (before me) I was shocked, me and my father would keep telling her how stupid her decision was, but I looked it up, the company the products etc. I did tests with my mothers products. You know what, the products are fantastic and even if I fail at the business, at least I have an AMAZING product, I won’t whine and complain because I realize that the company compensated my by giving me a product, and it would be stupid of me to expect to earn on it if I don’t work.

    It’s like saying I bought a T-shirt for Rs. 400 and the company said that I will make Rs. 1000 because I bought it, are you stupid? And if I hear the “over priced” argument again I’m going to yell, because how much do you think a Rs. 400 t-shirt ACTUALLY cost to make? trust me, not more that Rs. 40 (in fact that is also an exaggerated price) but how many people complain that the t-shirt has been marked up 10 times? But because these product are marked up twice or thrice its such a big deal? And then people complain its a fraud because they don’t make money on what they buy? Seriously, I find the whole thing quite ridiculous.

    So don’t say we’re looting people because we don’t get the $600. It is what the company gets, we are not even involved in the transaction, you pay the company and the company ships the product DIRECTLY to YOU. So think again before you call US (IRs) looters. yes, there are some looter who say it costs more, take money from you and then use their credit cards, they should be taken to task. But how is that the company’s fault? And honestly people who don’t want to buy honestly? Don’t need to. No one is forcing you. No one put a gun to your head and said “Give me the money, or I will kill you”. So please, people choose to do what they do. They are the looters because when they don’t work and don’t get paid (even though they have their products) they go and file complaints because they didn’t get anything. And no one promises a guaranteed return. Because it is subjective to how much a person works.

    tit4tat, why are you in the business if you think its so bad. Hypocrite. If something feeds you, you don’t call it bad names, that is bad karma.

    Yes, I know tit4tat, you didn’t read and didn’t understand a word I said, but I made a lot more sense than you have every time since we’ve started talking so please. IF there is someone out there who REALLY KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT please do come and talk. Please come and challenge my beliefs.

    My main STATEMENT about this whole fraud/looter thing is:
    You buy a product in retail. How is it a fraud if you don’t get anything for doing that? If you do refer someone to the business its either because you liked the product or think it has potential (yes some people do it for the money, but no one is obligating the person to buy anything). Like anything, FOR EXAMPLE: if you buy detergent for example, if you like it, you will tell your neighbor it is good and tell them they should try it. People say the company over charges for products, yes they do tell me one company that doesn’t, but they only make an 8-9% profit, the rest is used to give to charities and to give people as a small commission. Also remember, for things like
    -> VACATIONS: THEY actually charge MUCH less, calculate the whole thing, include the weekly charges everything you will see how CHEAP they are if you include inflation etc and calculate the charge of a hotel per night for a week over whatever period of time.
    -> Wellness products- there is a huge research & development cost- and they are the only ones who have a transferable energy source.
    -> Telecom stuff is also economical where it is available depending on the one you take.
    -> The watches aren’t that great (personally, except FORCE which is so cool) but they are A-Class Luxury Swiss watches, and designer jewelry is always somewhat expensive.
    -> Numismatic coins attain value after a while, not immediately. So yes, they are for a LONG TERM. and you can’t sell it to a goldsmith, he will only give you the value of gold it has. It needs to be sold at a numismatic community (there are loads). People expect it to have a LARGE value in the next two days, it takes time, my friend.

    My take on it is that even if you don’t make millions on what you buy, how is it a fraud? BECAUSE you still HAVE an awesome product (which is all you paid for, and the CHEAP $10 registration fee) that is not going anywhere! You like it, refer it, you don’t like it, keep it with you and don’t refer it. Returns are promised only if you like it and refer it and you follow an ethical process.

    Anonymous on July 2nd, 2008
  • 507

    Dear fools,

    You hv invested 35k in my company.
    You hv been fooled
    Sorry for cheating u.

    Dato’ Vijay Eswaran

    Dato’ Vijay Eswaran on July 2nd, 2008
  • 508

    if it was scam… why is it still running now…
    and still localize in MALAYSIA?!

    papazila on July 2nd, 2008
  • 509

    the biodisc from Quest has improved my health,their biodisc is amazing

    joe on July 2nd, 2008
  • 510

    well said

    tit4tat on July 2nd, 2008
  • 511

    Oh Anaonymous quester,

    If not 96%, in pure technical sense, most loose money because its mathematical and not because they do not work hard. Looters pllease stop justifying your business, if you have conscience. Rest its Karma, you will pay for evrything you enjoy.

    tit4tat on July 2nd, 2008
  • 512

    how the hell are they losing money? That is what I don’t understand!! AND that is exactly how I know that you aren’t reading what I write, and if you are, you aren’t understanding it.

    Anonymous on July 2nd, 2008
  • 513

    Let me make a simple point here ..

    We buy a t-shirt for 400 .. Manufacturing cost is 40… We buy stuff “WE NEED” at higher price and we dont not complain.. this includes u and i guess all the people in the world…

    But these are the products “WE NEED”…. Now the point here is quest is trying to sell something “NOBODY NEEDS” or may be “SOME NEED(coin collectors after 200 years)”, ….
    What is the strategy they apply?… They show the common man big dreams …. This dreams infact is the disguise they use for covering the pyramidal scheme… Hey dont tell me ….
    I would actually like to know of one person (ur downline /upline) who actually bought the product from the brand name and the effectiveness without having to hear the pep talk in the presentation… A extremely rich guy may call it a charity and buy the product … These are the kinda products which cannot sell themselves… Pyramidal schemes make use of this to make it look genuine.. But if thoroughly analysed we would find out how it really works…
    I hope u get my point… The T-shirt company does not tell us that u take this and refer 2 more and we will give to 50% of the money …
    The calculations in the above posts clearly suggests how the scheme works..
    Why do they insist that it should be a balanced binary tree?
    Why is it that they just sell the product at cost price plus a small margin of profit and promise the same results…
    The reason being in such case no body would want to buy this totally unwanted product and also the money the company would make would be substantially small after paying out the commissions..
    What hard work are u really talking about here… The t-shirt company/shop/outlet dont do hard work to get the items sold… The detergent company though makes profit and and the crap discussed above but since it does not promise big dreams and the products sell themselves .. They need not indulge in such a fraud ..

    Bond on July 3rd, 2008
  • 514

    If the company is so legitimate, why is that no one responds to the telephone numbers of Bangalore questnet office?
    And is Data or dato or datuk or that big shot(shit) guy cleared of the allegations ?
    How bout any link that he got any award or any linkage with brazil team or any other conclusive evidence to prove its not fraud?

    hahaha on July 3rd, 2008
  • 515

    Hey Anonymous Quest Philosopher,
    Questers Invite people telling that there is great opportunity to prosper and never by telling the truth that someone needs to buy the product. So dont compare your business with someone buying detergent or shirt. I buy t-shirt, detergent because there is a genuine need. Here you make someone buy the product by telling him that he is gonna be super rich ( your dialogue… Its not get rich quick bur get rich sure). There the story starts, your con man style of working is well explained in 484 by Bond. I need not repeat it.

    Most often you are selling the product to very innocent people, who really trust you (hot List in quest language) and gets into business because he trusts and respects you. He really doesn’t know what to do with the product and may be it is of least sinificance to him.This is what you ask everyone to do in training. Go to a guy who trusts you even if the said person is your maid sevent or postman and you say that you are doing a great favour by introducing him to this business (of exploiting relation and fooling people). The trouble starts when the signed person is unable move further because he doesn’t have influence circle ( may be because of unfortunate career or position he is in the society). You guys are merciless while signing up ( I have met met some guys who follow some ethics here but they are not sucessful and you call them lazy bums). As the chain progresses the influence circle of the person at he bottom of chain goes down along with increasing negativity about the business. Finally the disaster happens. You call these guys as lazy bums.

    Don’t talk of Bad Karma or Good karma you guys are a part of pyramid scam and just do not have any conscience. Talking truth is bad karma then I am really doing bad karma , m happy doing that and going to hell.

    Quest is a fraud becuase

    1. You sell product neither on its merit nor on need, but by giving picture of becoming rich without producing or doing anything useful for the society

    2. You collect money and do not deliver product

    3. You have told many IRs that comapny has billion dollar rvenues and part of QI group, where as there was nwes article reporting no connection between both.

    4. Because you exploit innocent relation, loved ones tectically because you don’t want them to sue you, its a kind of emotional blackmailing. You promote this again as benfit to loved one, which totally far from truth.

    5. You humiliate who fail in exploiting relation , you call them lazy bums ( some have even thought of commiting sucide becuase of pressure). You have used a language as if you allow person to leave haapily afer he buys product. Which is not truth, your objective is some how make him work for you so that your life doesn’t become marathon. You use evry possible psychological tectics for this .

    6. You are brainwasing the youth to quit their job who could have become another Ambani or Tatas by preaching that they need not produce anything useful to society or render any useful service to become wealthy, just 3 on left and 3 on right is enough to get cheque. Which mathematically or socially ( as explained above) is impossible.

    7. You have called complainants as looters, yes the time has changed they r looters, please pay for fooling the mass, even if you call it looting..

    tit4tat on July 3rd, 2008
  • 516

    News Updates
    Questers have un grouped themselves and are operating out of their homes. Some full time Questers like Ramesh have prepared their resumes and they are seeking advise from Jobies on finding Jobs. Questers seem to have been caught on wrong foot as everything is moving in wrong dirction, quest, stock market, Job market. Their assumption of surving by scam during depression doesn’t seem to be moving.

    Questers are also planning melt the coins they have collected and they are planning to set up a co-operative firm specializing in finding Jobs for those who were full timers. Corporates will be offered these services free of cost along with free holiday package. Top earners of quest will be made directors of this co-operative firm, again there wide spead fights between oceanites, spiders and great esteemers, each wanting to control the organization so that they are able to find job for themselves at the earliest.
    Sangli based doctor turned Quester is opening his old books like Grays anatomy etc., and has moved back his old clinic but patients are not willing to believe him becuase they feel he will again con them to join quest.

    Pune based Chartared Account along with His Sindhi Friend (saree trader) is planiing 2 set up a reseach Institute on how to spread quest scam to other third world countries as their mission of raising themselves at the cost poor downlines is finding its way difficult in India. Charared accountant is also spending lot of time on how to confuse people with financials and misuse the degrre awarded by ICAI apart from his current position in the Institute

    Bangalore based former stock operator turned quester Mr. Jain is planning to start business of collecting skulls of questers who have died of shock (of quest being closed). He believes the skulls will have great neumismatic value once all the questers world over maxout. He still continues tell people that he is getting his money from Quest to his close friends whom he has not signed up. Is isn’t he a great fraud ? quester please answer.

    Again Pune based Marwadi, who had quit his business after cheating his partner to Join Quest as full timer is again planning to go back to his business but he is almost broke doing quest and is finding new ways to do extract money from friends and relatives so that he is able to establish himself.

    Soon will come back you with more updates

    Ms. Ayn Rand– I will stop Quest on July 3rd, 2008
  • 517


    I have read all your replies. well done said. 🙂
    Its really surprised to see these brainwashed poor guys still arguing for after this arrest Fest in chennai.

    ravi on July 3rd, 2008
  • 518

    Indeed the busines model is not bad or the Company.
    But some people in the busines ruined it.
    They simply say i have some more people to join, if you join now then i will make them join your chain tomorrow. So you joined. 🙂

    Then the real game starts, they will say make contacts,call, convince,present blah blah…….blah…

    What about the people to join you said earlier..?
    Then all of the new joinee’s dream breaks down..


    Vasu on July 3rd, 2008
  • 519

    Here is the list of fraud websites for the same company…
    As mentioned in the link there is no picuture of the multi billion dollar company anywhere ..
    There are many other facts which may shock you…

    Bond on July 4th, 2008
  • 520

    wait a minute. the money transaction is between the company and you, we are not involved. The company itself has said there is a problem with the distr. system, and with the India offices closed it will prove a challenge to get the products to people.

    Vijay Eswaran IS the head of Quest International. He is by default head of Quest Net. And you don’t have to buy a product. No one put a gun to your head. I read the article about QI and QN, but I don’t know all the details of what happened so I don’t know what that was about.

    Yes, India is having a tough time, and no it isn’t full scale into the depression yet because of the stuff going on, but other places are doing well in this time of depression.

    How is someone supposed to answer the phone at an office that has been shut down?? Use your head.

    Bond, I replied to that “vacation scam” article. go down and look it up. I too have a vacation package how do I go on holidays if its a scam?

    I’m not sure about the whole Brazil team and QN linkage. But there is some sort of endorsement (otherwise the coins would not have happened). Those who say coins are lame, why did the Mayer mint start minting them? their link with QN is only 10 years old. it is now a subsidiary but it was on ages ago.

    What I don’t get is, if you guys don’t want to join, why are you sitting at your tables defaming Quest Net, come on, I’m an Indian who lived in India and left because of the mentality of people, and i know that Indians do not do things that would not benefit them. SO what are your reasons? how many are with AMWAY (our business models are identical except without the Quotas, diminishing returns and repeated product purchase)?

    But I am done. You guys waste my time. I have summer vacations so I’m going to go Enjoy. Do what you all want. You want to sit at home come on this site and defame something you don’t understand. Go ahead. Cheers! but I’m through talking about stuff you guys don’t understand/comprehend even if you read.

    Maybe we will be great friends one day maybe we’ll never meet but I wouldn’t lie to you. And I haven’t seen any of the CDs or anything but I know it works if you work as a team. Mathematics takes into account how things work in one way, but not how things when people work as a team. maybe the teams you were a part of (for failed questers who think its a scam) weren’t supporting. But I have a team who will stand by me every step of the way, whether I fall or whether I rise. So have a GREAT DAY!

    Anonymous on July 4th, 2008
  • 521

    News Updates
    Delhi based civil engineer turned full time Quester has decided to go back carpentry and masonary. He was seen mixing sand, cement and jelly in Airport Road. When I talked to him he was crying that quest uplines made him to shut up and listen so he forgot all his technical knowledge, finally he had to take this Job.

    A big time beggar from Majestic area in Bangalore has decided start his own Neumismatics distribution company. This beegar is well trained by other full time Pune based super rich cyber beggars like Mr. Khalani (also into saree business) Mr. Ardhman (Ardha Man = sixer) Jain ( Charataed Accountant and tax stealing advisor). This beggar has decided to go on his own after he found that quest is unable to distribute coins and biodisk as the chennai police has siezed the entire stock. He has tied up with all the leading temples where he use to beg to come out with neumismatic coins. But unfortunately he is not having enough money to give royalty to temples so he has decided to sell the coins which his 3 generations has begged for last many years. He is going to promote disks (utensials ) in which he use to beg as luck disks. He claims once you buy luck disks you will become shameless beggar and looter which is essential for any pyramid scam to survive.

    Another full time Questooter (Quest looter) from Bangalore who in his former avatar used survive selling fake degree and experience certificate to the fraud software engineers, has decided to come out with fake gold coated Neumismatics coins. He said he will talk to promoters of Quest to share the loot. Quest promoters have also shown great interest in this proposal since all the goild coins ahve been siezed and with these fake coins they can continue their business for some more time.

    Questers to outsource fooling: Quester who are finding it difficult to fool people have decided to outsource the fooling to select thugs from Benaras and Mumbai. Some are even negotiating with all India Pick Pocketrs association. Pick pocketers have also found this business very much exciting. “in questnet we can continue doing what ever we were doing and yet be respected” said Dharvi based pick pocketer. Another pick pocketer siad “saala appon akki mumbai ko is me dalenga.. apoon ko bhi maxout hona mangta hain…thode din ke baad apoon ko bhi log stage pe bulayeng out taali bajayenge, na pulice tension and bhai ko hafta dene ka tension”.

    Oh quest fools wake up !!!

    John Galt-Will destroy the looters on July 4th, 2008
  • 522

    Dear friends,
    im working as lecturer..i have joined in questnet…they cheated me..pls dnt believe questnet..i loss my family and friends due to this im in critical position..all my dowmlines are searching me to kill..i couldnt get any support from questnet..before joining they frequently call me..but now they never pick my call…i dnt know how i vl settle all the money to my family and friends..can anybody know tat wat action government vl take and vl they return my money?…
    pls dnt join in questnet..dnt believe them..i dnt want to quote any website because im the living testimony..they cheated me..last 4 months i joined..still i didnt receive any coin..pls dnt join in questnet…
    Wealth is only gained through HONEST and HARDWORK, so LIVE WITH IT !

    vintica on July 4th, 2008
  • 523

    Why Anonymous thinks that what ever he writes people don’t read it or understand it. Seems to be some problem with his atttitude

    John Galt-Will destroy the looters on July 4th, 2008
  • 524

    News Updates : Questers have organized a Havan on Guru Purnima on 18th July to please their upline Gurus. These Gurus are all absconding and are on run. They have also decided to please the loot gods by offering them some bali (new signups). As loot gods like Mr. Munil Mathe, Mahamari Jige, Adma are really disappointed. These gods really want their functional activity to continue.

    John Galt-Will destroy the looters on July 4th, 2008
  • 525

    Reading all the comments made me relive my own experience which later turned to nightmare.I was conned by my own friend/colleague.Though it was my mistake to be taken in by his glib promises.He even arranged for a loan for me from Apnaloan.I paid Rs 45000/-for Rs 10000/-gold!He was always presenting a very rosy picture for himself.Eventually I sold the gold coin at market rate and got rid of the panvati.However till today the nightmare continues in the form of loan.
    I warn all my friends not to be conned.As abhishek says,Money is earned only thru honest hard work.
    Regards to all.

    Srinivas on July 4th, 2008
  • 526

    Dear my friends.
    Who are thinking bad about QuestNet, that one doesn’t know yet its’ business strategy. That’s reason of him\her. If you do this work clearly,truely and like a trade(I mean everyone buys from QuestNet not from any Jewellery Market) there’s no problem.
    Unfortunately, I’d like to say that,all unkind informations on this site written by some envying person.
    You are not wise!!! (This for site owner)

    ZAUR on July 4th, 2008
  • 527

    Oh Anonymous as…le,

    You traitor, dare you talk about Indian mentality. Don’t ever visit India you scamster. After looting 3 lakh people you are talking of Indian mentality. Why this business is banned in US, now you will say its US mentality. Fraud is a fraud.

    Bharat Putra on July 5th, 2008
  • 528


    Sanju on July 5th, 2008
  • 529

    Questwale sab bhag gaye, apna purana dhandha sambhal rahe hain

    Dadiwala on July 7th, 2008
  • 530

    Beware!!! Beware!!!

    JJSN on July 8th, 2008
  • 531

    QN is a big fraud and those who joins lose their close friends. This is fact.

    Zia on July 11th, 2008
  • 532

    salam and hello,
    first of all…thanks to God because He met me with this very powerful business ever in this planet of the earth.. ia have studied on pyramid plan which make one people rich. but, in QN business any downlines can cut of their uplines sallary. it mean, its totally out of Pyramid scheme concept. brothers of oppose QN, please make sure that YOU BUY book of Business study OR BORROW if YOU dont have money from LIBRARY and make a very full study before you can blaim Questnet. for your information, i just 10 months in this platform, and if u want to know, alhamdulillah, i can buy my own car with this QN money, at my age of 21. please take note: DONT JOTE THIS BLOG WITH YOUR TEMPER. you can ask people who got problem with QN..ask them.either they are lasy to run the system, either they got some misunderstood of information. please take note bro. because u are already involve in a very big SIN, comment Qn for wrong information. remember, IF U DO BAD WITH PEOPLES TODAY, GOD WILL REPAY U ANOTHER DAY. COMFIRM!!!!!!!!!!!!….



    siraj jalil on July 12th, 2008
  • 533

    QN is Haram

    Osama Bin Laden on July 12th, 2008
  • 534

    Read this oh quest fools, if not convinced then get ready to go behind bars

    Alolf Hitlar on July 14th, 2008
  • 535

    I have bought one of your products ( Vacation ) 4 years E mail address was changed. please let me know about my status because I dont have any news about Gold Quest Co. and my status in Gold Quest Network Marketing for 2 years. I am waiting for you.
    My E mail address: radrazm_kourosh @

    Kourosh Radrazm on July 15th, 2008
  • 536




    HARSH VARDHAN on July 15th, 2008
  • 537

    Harshavardhan ,
    When are you giving your next presentation. Please tell the details here. As you believe in the genuiune business there are lot of people wanting to attend a presentation.

    I hope u will give a chance for the LAZY bums. {:D}

    bond on July 16th, 2008
  • 538

    Harsh Vardhan,

    Shame on you ! Pity for yourself, Padma got arrested (top IR) and many arrests are in pipeline. All questers can now enjoy their vacation in Jail when others doing GO TO JOB COME BACK HOME and build national economy.



    ONE THING IS FOR SURE QUESTERS WILL SOON START SELLING JAIL VACATION PACKAGE INSTEAD OF QVI. just cheat 3 on left and 3 on right and you get 1 month stay in Jail.

    If you want be booked under goonda’s act then do something bigger like Pushpam or Vijay Eshwaran has done. You will have comfortable stay for at least 2 years. No downline or family member will disturb you with bail.

    CU BYE TAKE care , continue questing

    Changez Khan on July 16th, 2008
  • 539

    Hi Changez
    Haaa…haaaa…..harsh ki watt lag gayi yaar. Quest ki aisi ki taisi

    tit4tat on July 16th, 2008
  • 540

    Quest is great… Nothing can stop me from doing this business. I don’t care for what you guys are writing. I will maxout….For me maxout is Nirvana

    Questam Sharnam Gacchami
    Signum sharnam Gacchami (signum= signup)
    Dhandam sharnam Gacchami (Dhandham = business)

    Quest ke liye Kuch bhi karege
    Time will will prove that you have missed a great opportunity.

    Dadiwala Baba on July 16th, 2008
  • 541

    You can only take evouchers and sell them to another bakra….
    which means no bakra, no money

    Also, company claims that tt facility will be started… where is that facility?
    Why have cheques stopped?

    At signup, I was told cheques will come to your doorstep.
    I was not told you will have to continuously hunt for bakras to ensure your payments.

    Duplication … what shit!

    You have to keep searching for bakras to ensure your payment is released.

    smartsurfer on July 16th, 2008
  • 542

    Hi GoldQuest Users

    You think you are very talented.. You think you do the right way.. Do everything with a legal boost. Everything you say should be correct. But know wat? You are good for nothing.
    All you IRs should have thought at some day, you are going to reach a layman and going to piss him off real great. What the fuck were you thinking. All the people will see your fucking ‘edification’ and fall right into the trap. First of all, you lose your originality. Think that you have improved your personality, your pride and acquired lots of skills and start canvasing people. You motherfuckers will say, that we wont be giving any verbal promise!! cocksukers!! what the fuck you think.. You give all the signals other than saying verbally to convince a person and set a trap.
    Your system is like that. Whoever designed this or copied this is a real genius.
    I am working at google and i know the power of a binary tree. The algorithm that is framed with this only is simply deadly!!!! It looks kind of easy on the outside that a person should form a balanced tree, three on each side. But you dont fucking no that the tree when grows simply powers by multiples of 2..
    Why you miser people cannot accept the fact that if it reaches the saturation point of the population.. Every 88 in 100 is going to lose!! that 88%,
    All you royal lord at the top know. And you keep blaming all the business, telling that this business is pure this is not and involve more and more people in it.
    I am freaking happy that this went badly for you. Infact, from a perfect logical sense, you guys shouldnt have got caught. But, i am fucking happy it did.
    Dont keep telling the same fucking story again and again. Just, fuck off!!!

    technicalypto on July 17th, 2008
  • 543

    Questers not understanding why its illegal? They’ll continue to argue that its an excellent business- because the business loots downliners and give them money! No wonder why they support this business!

    With padma (who was considered a supreme god by questers), being arrested and brought to court like a prostitute, I think the business is totally closed in Chennai.

    Now I can see nobody daring to talk about GQI because they’ll literally be slapped on the face. Thanks to all activists and police for bringing the illegal business to closure and making questers search for other real jobs that are good for them and society.

    Manish Jain on July 18th, 2008
  • 544


    Great Job ! Our watt lago salo ki, chodo mat

    The real Rathod on July 18th, 2008
  • 545

    The Beware programes about such companies does not come at the time of need. If anyone is engaged in such company trap than it is very difficult. So request is raise more the beware program from every means.

    God bless.

    Aasish Kr. Sharma on July 20th, 2008
  • 546

    I am frustrated ! quest not moving anywhere.

    Dudh Matti on July 23rd, 2008
  • 547

    well well well….hey guys these quest people will never accept the truth as they all have gone blind on money..their words prove it…as some friends said above…money MUST be earned through hard work ..
    don’t know how they call this broker job as Business….

    anywayz it has been brought to an end…
    7 of my friends joined in this broker business…they are zero now nothing left th them other than bank loans and arrears….
    if needed ill give the proof also…thier quest id and passwords…
    FRIENDZ Education is d only asset which u never lose n also none can steal it from u…leave this worthless discussion now and see ur career..


    nanda on July 24th, 2008
  • 548

    hi, i have spent 3 days reading this blog, and i have to admit that it was quite interesting!
    i’am pretty sure that every one that spoke in here were honest and truthfull, and i thank every body with a good will for warning me from quest net.
    But, i’am not the kind of people who takes everithing for granted, i have made a profound research on every information listed in this page and visited every link you proposed and read every article you mentionned.
    This are my conclusions:
    1. quest net does not employ any pyramide scheme or ponzy scheme, it does employ multi level marketing which is for your own knowledge is legal. the only problem is that we easily confuse between MLM and pyarmide schemme. after 5 hours of research about those different schemes, i got the certainty that there’s no doubt that the MLM of quest net is not pyramide scheme. There is no real enrolment fees which is one of the caracterisitic of ponzi scheme, there is real product with real value, and there is a marketing vision behind the MLM.
    2. I have checked the legal aspect of the company. It’s absolutely legal, QuestNet works through E-commerce, which is legitimite field according to international laws.
    3. There’s no possibility of fraud, as the participant didn’t pay to join, but purchased a product. the whole buisness opportunity comes as a bonus to that. So there’is no real risk of failure. the money you paid is the product you got.
    4. The money you get with QuestNet is not easy money, you need to work hard in order to establish your buisness. There’s no doubt that Quest is making money out of this buisness, so does CoCaCola, but the main difference is that it propose an opportunity for the customer to benefit from the oral publicity he can make for her.
    5. All the complaint are from the one’s who wanted easy money, or the one’s who have been duped by crooks that used the name of the company illegaly. every one should verify that he’s talking to a real representative first, and make sure to read all the policies of the company, which i did.
    6. It bothers me, to read some comments like “it’s a fraud and a scam” without real explanation! we are not animals that you want to teach how to jump! if you have something to say talk to our minds instead of our inconscient!!
    7. I want to thank every body for the precious information about the buisness. I was skeptical at first, so i made my reserch to make sure i make the best choice. and i have just decided to join Quest after all the talking that u made, because my research have dissipated all my doubts.
    See you.

    Chessfun on July 24th, 2008
  • 549


    Yes, we are expected to believe your crap….

    These are a few questions for you, whose answers I am SURE you must have UNCOVERED while doing your careful meticulous so called RESEARCH.

    Tell me, when are the offices opening?

    When will the credit cards start being accepted?

    When will we be able to give demand draft in company name for purchase?

    When will the company stat accepting credit cards, as all credit card companies are refusing to honour questnet payments

    When will the company director be released from jail?

    When will we get cheques instead of evouchers which are of NO use to us unless we go out and sell it to some one?

    When will questnet deliver pending products which were supposed to be delivered 8 months back? Mine is pending since 8 months.

    When will CBI give clean chit to questnet?

    When will questnet come out with a press release saying that the problem has been solved?

    I am SURE you have answers to ALL these questions as you have spent days and hours researching the company.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    This post of mine was deleted yesterday, so today I am taking a screenshot of this post on this website, to prevent it from being deleted by pro questers.

    smartsurfer on July 25th, 2008
  • 550

    Is the Bangalore office closed ?

    Ravi on July 25th, 2008
  • 551

    DO NOT JOIN THESE MLMs!!! There are NO LAW regarding this type of business and therefore you as the “customer” / “salesperson” is not protected by law

    Melissa on July 25th, 2008
  • 552

    I am so really scare to join at MLM’s business because It does not has a good guarantee for our prospect.

    yazidus on July 26th, 2008
  • 553

    i was con by my own goodfriend,how can he do that for me,money is root of all evil,may this company drowned

    gary on July 27th, 2008
  • 554

    Hi friend
    i visit ur site and i think its very nice , because we can say our problems. nearlly 6 years ago i entered to gold quest group in IRAN . and i havent received my produst up to now , and i dont know how can i get it ?
    please tell me is goldquest co. really illegal ?
    is there any way to get my products by epolice ?
    thanks a lot
    u may send a pm to me in id :

    masoud zeinolabedin ghadim on July 27th, 2008
  • 555

    Chessfun, your research was right. Except that you got the fundamentals totally wrong!
    When you dont JUST pay for the product, and only money collected from new joinees is shared with upline, why you are not able to understand its illegal pyramid scheme?
    Have you seen the comment by CBI director (published in Deccan chronicle dated 14 Jul 08)?
    “What they did has been an illegal business, but they’ve given it a look as if its a legal business. Normal people with no financial knowledge can not understand this- and GQI has exploited exactly those”.

    Need anything else?

    Manish Jain on July 28th, 2008
  • 556

    No well researched reply from chessfun?

    Stop making a fool of yourself and others.

    smartsurfer on August 1st, 2008
  • 557

    are we going to get back our? qusetnet and the agents who have misled the people are shameless….all of them have absconding…if i find them i would masacre them……………chaters….

    Jnana, mysore on August 2nd, 2008
  • 558

    Quest is Very Good

    naveen on August 4th, 2008
  • 559

    No No it is bad

    hari on August 4th, 2008
  • 560

    hello friends dont join in gold quest i am the upline of 40 ppls and not i am settling to all the downlines with my personal money ,, i am finding it difficult , till date i settled 2 lakhs , kindly get your money from your uplines, also i am now making money in more ethical ways ,, i get 100 dollars for every 15 days from PTC sites

    visit mywebsite and get more details ,,

    the programs are easy called as ptc ones , just click and get money ,, thanks

    bala on August 6th, 2008
  • 561

    click my name and get to know more on the ptc programs and making money ,,

    bala on August 6th, 2008
  • 562

    this is the best dont need disc real good product..even if i dont get a penny i will share this with all my friends..even if i dont get a penny i understand the vision of questnet and will give this opportunity to people who need in my country no one force us to do the bizness..we mostly sell product retail and every 20 selling we chose one serious distributor like wers the fraud..up to now all my cheques got paid..i get pickup service in my country for product delivery..what else do i need? its a part time for me..theres no fooling..this is a win win situation..people who fail here must hav had too much ego or arrogance and this system filters out all people who come with greed for money so..thats why they are yearnong so much..if you want good bizness part time//do questnet

    aditya on August 6th, 2008
  • 563

    I m going back to my native, fed up with my downlines who are signing up. My upline may not need me any more

    .Dadiwala Baba on August 7th, 2008
  • 564

    A repeat of the questions I asked a long time ago…. no answers questers? hahaha


    Yes, we are expected to believe your crap….

    These are a few questions for you, whose answers I am SURE you must have UNCOVERED while doing your careful meticulous so called RESEARCH.

    Tell me, when are the offices opening?

    When will the credit cards start being accepted?

    When will we be able to give demand draft in company name for purchase?

    When will the company stat accepting credit cards, as all credit card companies are refusing to honour questnet payments

    When will the company director be released from jail?

    When will we get cheques instead of evouchers which are of NO use to us unless we go out and sell it to some one?

    When will questnet deliver pending products which were supposed to be delivered 8 months back? Mine is pending since 8 months.

    When will CBI give clean chit to questnet?

    When will questnet come out with a press release saying that the problem has been solved?

    I am SURE you have answers to ALL these questions as you have spent days and hours researching the company.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    smartsurfer on August 8th, 2008
  • 565

    I m quiting, this blog has spoiled my business, My downline is writing on this blog… he is making all the insider information public. I hate him, So Guys good bye, I m growing my dadi till quest reopens its offices.

    Dadiwala Baba on August 10th, 2008
  • 566

    Incase you have the courage to earn upto $5000/Day from California
    based e-commerce Company, give me a call on +91 9844896671. I might
    have something for you or else don’t
    waste my time.
    But incase you are a loser, your IQ level is less than a 5th grade
    passout and don’t want to earn money, dont bother.

    ravi on August 11th, 2008
  • 567

    Listen Abhishek….
    With all due respect to you….
    Please fly a kite!!

    RJ on August 11th, 2008
  • 568

    I hate my down line, he spoiled all my business by writing on this blog, he is the one one who is behind all the arrests and media reports. He has done all the conspiracy to get Bangalore office closed. You see he very Chaloo, what I have done is , I went and told all this to his upline so his relation with him gets spoiled. Now I am screwing his relationship at every possible place.

    Internet -Bhatakti Atma on August 11th, 2008
  • 569

    Hi guys,
    Many people lost their complete weel-built team in QuestNet. What to do to re unite team?? Btw, when its gonna come to an end?? Lots of probs buddy. Anyone, here facing similar situation. Pls share your opinions.


    ram on August 12th, 2008
  • 570

    Seems like some of the questnet IR’s have been successful in getting their money back if paid using credit card. Good interesting discussion going on here

    See user comments for more info on how to get your money back from this scam company. All the best.

    Indian on August 14th, 2008
  • 571

    Listen my dear friend
    you can write all of the negative minded
    thoughts but think of one thing
    a company with this huge foundation and reputation
    is it a fake company? is it going to fall because thousands of negative minded people?
    think carfully my friend because one day you will
    see your self ou are having nothing and on the other
    hand your friends are gaining thousands

    Ali on August 15th, 2008
  • 572

    my dear friend
    quest net never comes to an end untill you decide
    and if you are a good business independent representitive you wont lose the network
    you have to built it right so you can move right

    Ali on August 15th, 2008
  • 573

    My dear friends
    theire is a big diffrence between (pyramid) marketing
    and (network marketing).
    Pyramid marketing is illegal and I am with you
    because once you have entered the business you income
    increases day by day and their giving you the desired income but there is a point for the pyramid company
    will reach too so it wont pay you your money because
    they will get bankrupt.
    network marketing in questnet made a succfull way
    of how to prevent from what happens in the pyramid marketing.
    so they made a weekly maximum income 15,000$ so it wont increase.
    People would ask what if I have gained more than 15,000$?
    The answer is each cent you gain more then 15,000$ it will be devided in the upcoming weeks so your money wont
    go to anywhere and they preserve the company from bankrupting.

    Ali on August 15th, 2008
  • 574


    independent analyst on August 15th, 2008
  • 575

    I lost my total team because of this blog, all my people have disappeared from the scene. They are doing their good old business, I am also going back my old biziness of Paan Ki dukan.

    Pappu Bihari on August 20th, 2008
  • 576

    1000000000000000% =)

    fahad alserhan on August 21st, 2008
  • 577

    News Updates : Questers to open Ashram in Himalayas, they are likely to meet soon to decide about this. Pappu Bihari will head this Ashram. All questers will will follow him.

    Roark-Fountainhead on August 22nd, 2008
  • 578

    thank you all for preparing me to meet all the ‘morons’ and their silly excuses for not wanting to work on their dreams.. quest is a means to an end.
    the only risk is not taking a risk. carpe diem

    stephanie on August 24th, 2008
  • 579

    I involved with questnet for the past one and half years.more than money I have gained lot of development on me.personal development and motivation,which u cannot get your salaried job.

    Peter R Dayanicis on August 25th, 2008
  • 580

    Dear Friends,

    Please understand why best skills are going out of INDIA; it is just because of system followed in India, If right skilled people are at right JOB, things will not happen what has happned in Madras.

    If you understand Quest Business It can give INDIA best earnings which any INDIAN can dream.

    Help every one to develop thier team inside & Outside India before other countries people take charge.

    Don’t do the mistake my generation did in IT, made western countris rich and rich and what ever we earned spent in same country. IT is shame on us could not make use of time and saved good mony in INDIA, Recession is hitting us hard here, can not sell our properties even in half of the price we baught and huge loan on head.

    Thanks to quest at least giving us a hope to fight back.
    Abhisek and other don’t kill some thing which can directly or indirectly help people to earn money in thier difficult time. Now if any person is joining quest with my efforts i am earning refferal commision 100USD to 300USD even without balancing 3left and 3 right and at the end of week I do get USD250 if I have 6 Units sold in last week. where I have not taken any loan or started a shop or factory, All thanks to Quest.

    Pl spread good value to make this world and specifcally INDIA a butifull place to live, so your and my children will live in a better place.

    I am sure you are a better person from heart and you respect your parents and elders as Indian culture taught us from birth, So please teach the good value to our next generation.

    Once again I thank you to read my comments.

    Aditya on August 26th, 2008
  • 581


    And why do u assume that all anti questers are doing jobs?

    One BIG question for you.

    Can you name 10 people in your city who have received 3.7 crores, year after year? I defy you to answer that, or shut the fuck up

    smartsurfer on August 26th, 2008
  • 582

    Peter, Aditya… If you guys are in India why dont you publish your contact numbers and organize presentation. Many leaders in Bangalore have gone underground like Pappu Bihari, Ramesh, Dadiwala baba, they are on run.

    Business Buddha on August 27th, 2008
  • 583

    Hi stephanie,

    Why dont you show courage and publish your name , contact numbers

    Business Buddha on August 27th, 2008
  • 584

    Guys I respect your feelings some could not succeed some were not guided properly. Please use genuine language not only INDIAN but other countries guys also read your thoughts. Be a proude indian and spred good values across the world.

    The guys who don’t beleive in quest or ITs business Plan please think twice, We all Indian created IT industry and because of system followed in INDIA all western countries took the advantage. Microsoft and other IT compnies have more than 60%Staff from India and what they pay us small amount and what they pay to their fellow citizens 10 times more. All skilled job is done by Inidans and got in retunr few Dollars.

    Can you think how much proude we feel when some one says that This Indian person has touched millions heart and shown them a path to live a life with its fullest.

    Guys think for yourself are you able to open a small business where you can manufacture and destribute amazig welness products like BIO-DISK and CHIPENDANT.

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    Guys can you get this kind of product from any normal Shop.It is only and Only available on Quest Web Site.
    if you purchase one BIO-DISK or Chipendent I will earn Appx 50USD on each product if you use my reference number, I need not to manage 3 left or 3 right. If I manage to sell 3 of these products on my left and 3 on right I will also earn my Bonus as USD250/-.

    goto quest net and see more details. Purchase the product you like most and share with your firend if they purchase I am sure their family will praise you to tell about such amazing products. If they purchase you will earn same way I am earning I do’nt know about others, but if you like some thing good for your family please share with your loved once may be he or she has some one having some problems which can be solved by these products.

    DO NOT SELL or ADVOCATE Thigs which are harmfull for health like any COKE , CIGRATE , TOBACO etc


    Money does not stand any where near to these products.

    Wishing you all a happy and Healthy life. May GOD give all of us strenth to make this would a living place.

    Thanks for reading my comments.

    Aditya on August 27th, 2008
  • 585

    Aditya, get your basics right. You call cheating as earning? What the hell. Please don’t spread this kind of bad culture to next gen. Let us bury it right away and learn to earn in a healthy atmosphere. Easy money earned by making others to pay for your earning is always a kind of disgusting stuff.

    Please for the god’s sake stop spreading the disease.

    Indian on August 27th, 2008
  • 586

    You should sell the products to people that you do not know well, who have enough money, until you make your investment back. You were cheated, but do you think that if they had treated you ethically and with some due respect that you would still feel this hurt. You cant make money by complaining. You should make the best of your bad situation. Do not copy their tactics but you can still copy the systems.

    R Sharma on August 27th, 2008
  • 587

    what happened RYTHM and charity ? there are 2 million people who are affected by flood in Bihar, what is quest doing. Where is there charity. Where they are contributing. They have amassed wealth from many of us.I had bihari leader who fooled me to get into this business telling that quest does charity. Can all the biharis answer my queries.

    Kautilya on September 1st, 2008
  • 588

    “Msg frm QN India :- QN India reports a significant developement in its legal case pending before the Supreme Court in India. QNI appealed to the highest court in India, against an order of the Chennai High Court which recently reopened a 2003 case against it. The SC not only admitted the case prima facie but also granted an interim stay on the ongoing investigations by the police against QNI.This is an important step in QNI’s attempts to prove its legitimacy in india as there must be prima facie good merit in a case prior to a stay being obtained in the Supreme court. The case will be heard in the Supreme Court in due course & QNI is confident of a positive outcome. This will help QNI to prove its innocence & vindicate Ms. Pushpam, MD

    Kamalesh Dumawat on September 1st, 2008
  • 589

    Competition is a by-product of productive work, to its goal. A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.

    Kautilya on September 2nd, 2008
  • 590

    Fucking questers …. none were able to answer my questions even after 1 month.

    Now I proclaim questnet is bullshit and no one is man enough to answer my questions, all bloody hijdaas….

    You got the balls, answer my questions….

    Of course for that u need to have the intelligence to read and understand, but u loose that as soon as u join quest

    smartsurfer on September 3rd, 2008
  • 591

    One of the most interesting Americans who lived in the 19th century was a man by the name of Russell Herman Conwell. He was born in 1843 and lived until 1925. He was a lawyer for about 15 years until he became a clergyman.

    One day, a young man went to him and told him he wanted a college education but couldn’t swing it financially. Dr. Conwell decided, at that moment, what his aim in life was, besides being a man of cloth – that is. He decided to build a university for unfortunate, but deserving, students. He did have a challenge, however. He would need a few million dollars to build the university. For Dr. Conwell, and anyone with real purpose in life,nothing could stand in the way of his goal.

    Several years before this incident, Dr. Conwell was tremendously intrigued by a true story – with its ageless moral. The story was about a farmer who lived in Africa and through a visitor became tremendously excited about looking for diamonds.Diamonds were already discovered in abundance on the African continent and this farmer got so excited about the idea of millions of dollars worth of diamonds that he sold his farm to head out to the diamond line. He wandered all over the continent, as the years slipped by, constantly searching for diamonds, wealth,which he never found. Eventually he went completely broke and threw himself into a river and drowned.

    Meanwhile, the new owner of his farm picked up an unusual looking rock about the size of a country egg and put it on his mantle as a sort of curiosity. A visitor stopped by and in viewing the rock practically went into terminal convulsions. He told the new owner of the farm that the funny looking rock on his mantle was about the biggest diamond that had ever been found. The new owner of the farm said,”Heck, the whole farm is covered with them” – and sure enough it was.

    The farm turned out tobe the Kimberly Diamond Mine…the richest the world has ever known! The original farmer was literally standing on “Acres of Diamonds” until he sold his farm.

    Dr. Conwell learned from the story of the farmer and continued to teach it’s moral. Each of us is right in the middle of our own ” Acre of Diamonds”, if only we would realize it and develop the ground we are standing on before charging off in search of greener pastures.

    Dr. Conwell told this story many times and attracted enormous audiences. He told the story long enough to have raised the money to start the college for underprivileged deserving students. In fact, he raised nearly six million dollars and the university he founded, Temple University in Philadelphia ,has at least ten degree-granting colleges and six other schools.

    When Dr Russell H. Conwell talked about each of us being right on our own “Acre of Diamonds”, he meant it. This story does not get old…it will be true forever…

    Opportunity does not just come along – it is there all the time – we just have to see it.

    Aditya on September 4th, 2008
  • 592

    see my above blog and post your comments and let us join hands to stop this business back to operations

    rajesh on September 5th, 2008
  • 593

    News Updates : Some questers r planning a mental asylam in Bangalore and Pune. All so called to be maxout king and queen have become psychotic in frustration. Entry free, conditions apply. Those interested can contact Pappu Bihari and Mental Bihari

    Mental Bihari on September 6th, 2008
  • 594

    How is network marketing of My Video Talk, as some people are approaching me.

    Raghvendra on September 7th, 2008
  • 595

    Most awaited news for all Pro or anti “Quest”


    Quest is Closed for ever in India !!!

    Enjoy Surfing ….

    Ankur on September 7th, 2008
  • 596

    hi sir or madam,

    i want to ask u that i had bought a necklace a few years ago, but i dont know any news from that.
    i dont know that where can i check my personal account.

    please please tell me that how can i know about this matter.

    thank you

    Arbi on September 8th, 2008
  • 597

    My Video Talk is another scam, dont join. Even my freinds are forcing me. They claim their video products are superior, actually they are total crap, which you get FREE on internet. Dont join. already my freinds have lost money in this crap.

    ram on September 8th, 2008
  • 598

    Network marketing is a wonderful concept, all one has to see is what is the product you are dealing with? Is it value for money or not? If you are looking for a real good world class company, here is a Singapore based co. started with the help of WORLD FAMOUS SPEAKERS & AUTHORS, people like SHIV KHERA, ANTHONY ROBBINS, ROBERT KIYOSAKI and many more and the product is Knowledge (real value for money). You can earn more than USD 4000 per week. For details contact 919810301122

    ALOK AGARWAL on September 14th, 2008
  • 599

    Any news of Questnet , people are saying that office of chennai is open now

    vijay on September 16th, 2008
  • 600

    Is My Video Talk and Quest both are same?

    amit verma on September 16th, 2008
  • 601

    My Video Talk and Quest are different. If quest is bad, then My video Talk is worst. My Video Talk tho Quest ka baap hai. They sell crap video products and tell its better than you tube. what a joke!!!!

    ram on September 17th, 2008
  • 602

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    Thanks, Anurag

    Anurag on September 17th, 2008
  • 603

    Dato Vijay Eswaran breaks his silence on India

    September 09, 2008

    To my brothers and sisters in India,

    They say silence is golden, but silence is also where truth speaks loudest. I would appeal to all of you to step away from the clamour and the sounds that surround you right now and revert to your inner silence that each of you within you possess. In that core of silence that I call the sphere.

    Sit back and listen. Let me state to you from my heart to yours, the feelings that I have held within me and refrained from communicating with you about. Let me begin by saying why the silence has been there. In essence, any response from me would have been taken as being inflammatory and even possibly legally binding. As you well know, my people are the most important assets I have. The media and such like have made a big furore about the fact that we have large investments holdings throughout India in land, banks and various other investment portfolios. Ironically the same media have tried to portray us to be some kind of scam operation.

    It has been amazing to me that the reporters who have the intelligence to recognise these assets have not had the intelligence to put together the fact that no scam company would have invested as we have. Furthermore, scam companies do not persevere for ten years or more. Even if a scam company had begun in such a manner, any company that survives ten years definitely cannot be called a scam of any kind.

    We have actually lasted longer today as we head towards our tenth year celebration that has lasted longer than some countries in Eastern Europe. Have any of these media even checked that we have affiliations with international organisations of repute, any of which can be researched on the internet. They have been unable to understand that we have been in over a 100 countries around the world in the last 10 years.

    Without doing any research whatsoever, we have been put to trial by the media and essentially we’ve been convicted and hung. So why the silence? Because each time we have tried to voice our side, there has been a cost to be paid. Do we decide to let the courts do the speaking for us, in particular the Supreme Court?

    But this is not what I am here to talk to you about today. I’m here to tell you that India needs to change. And that we are part of this change. And that you are part of this change. And historically, change is something that has been bitterly resisted by those who are entrenched within the system. This is a battle that is basically being fought where we are bringing forward an India that has been virtually unchanged for 50 years. We need a world that is 50 years ahead.

    This industry began 100 years ago and has been in this current form as MLM for 50 years. India has fought change at a tremendous cost and unfortunately, is still continuing to do so. But for us this is not just about business. It is our mission. I am as convinced as I have ever been about the mission, the vision and the purpose for which we started this company all those years ago. Our motto which is Gandhian in its inception as true to today as it has ever been. I say to each and every one of you, we have to raise ourselves because it is only when we raise ourselves can we raise others. But in order to raise ourselves we have to fall. Why are we so afraid of falling?

    We can climb to any pinnacle of success in any field of endeavour there will always be the danger of falling. And there is no clamour anywhere in this world of any note who can say he has never fallen. Can we fall? Will we fall again? Yes. Yes and Yes. But to not climb at all will be the greatest mistake anyone can make. For we can climb and we can fall or we can choose not to climb and never fall for there is nothing to fall from. Or we can climb and reach the top and learn to fly.

    My heart goes out to all of you who are now going to trials and tribulations but all I can say to you is between you and I, let us not give up, let us not derail for India needs to change. For India needs you, for India needs us. For India needs the world. And the world needs India. Don’t falter and if we fall. Let’s climb again.

    I am sure there are many people out there who are opposing us right now who seem to think they are doing it for the right reasons. But I wish they would be better informed. For ignorance has been our greatest defeat as Indians. Time and time again. We have lost many great souls, Three Gandhis – Mahatma, Indira and, India has lost even more over the years. There is no greater enemy than ignorance. If there are people who are going to combat us on logic on morality, ethics or the law, we welcome them. But please, can I say this, so very humbly, please come well informed. Know who we are. For we certainly will know who you are.

    Anurag on September 17th, 2008
  • 604

    will he come to jail with the quest leaders?

    smartsurfer on September 17th, 2008
  • 605

    I don’t think there is Goldquest anymore.Well it should be a good news.DOn’t fall into any marketing.I lost my valuable time in this marketing and lost many friends. I now choose blogging ang PTC sites.If any one of you interested in making money very legally they can contact me through my mail id i will definitely help you out to make some money but let me tell you no get rich quick scheme i left such goldquest way back.Even the memory chips have been deleted.Now, i live my life very happily.Don’t go into this.You will loose friends,you will loose health, you will loose relatives and their relationship.Well you join goldquest to make money and ultimately you won’t make money also.So, what is the need to join Goldquest? Best thing is learn blogging or some good online work that is legal and legitimate and again don’t fall into online marketing they are also very dangerous go with affiliate marketing like cj and amazon and ebay which are quite good.Mail me if you interested in making some money online.Thank you

    Moin on September 18th, 2008
  • 606

    Dear friends
    I feel you allthink decissions based on facts not on assumptions.
    1.Wat is an pyramid:Each and every organizations work on the base of pyramid.even government.strongest person sitting at the top.if u think quest net is pyramid scheme.then you all are(employees) in to pyramid scheme.
    but quest net is not a pyramid, in practcale here each and everybody get payed same commission i.e 2k.
    2.It’s not mlm, wat happens in mlm is commision flowing to u will decreeses if u go successive levels go down.
    3.Mlm is banned in singapore, if quest is having it’s head office in singapore how cm it will it be mlm’s a referal marketing it has got operation in srilanka,honkong,dubai all countries i n assia as well as in usa uk london too.
    4.for yor information all most all it firms and financial firms and undergoing recession, so choce is yours to make money come to you, bcz 2050 50% world population will be net working industry.wat happens in this industry is, purchase a product wat u like and spoke to ppl, if they buys a product taking your ref u will paid by certain amount of proffit of the company, bcz there is no distributers and dealers etc…so choice is yours.

    kirankumar on September 18th, 2008
  • 607

    U mean to say that people are going to fall over each other by 2050 to buy gold coins and bio disk as a consumable item?

    Grow up

    smartsurfer on September 19th, 2008
  • 608




    VAIDHI on September 19th, 2008
  • 609

    Thats exactly how questers behave when cornered!

    Just shout and write in caps, dont bother answering any of the questions asked!

    By the way, when is your director coming out of jail ?

    Hope they give your director 3rd degree in jail. Would be veeery soothing to people like me who have been sweet talked into joining you so called road to riches…

    And yes, does ANYONE know ANYONE who has maxed out in the last 1 year?

    smartsurfer on September 20th, 2008
  • 610

    HI quest lovers
    one good news our MD PUSHPAM has been relived from gundas act and padma god bail from andhra high court

    nayagan on September 22nd, 2008
  • 611


    Unfortunatly some of the people dont know that quest net
    now are having alot of companies like QVI 4000 hotels and resorts around the world.. Qatana and the BH mayer since 1871 making jewls and watches… QIcomm for invoice the 4th biggest companies in UK… so who in the earth would say it is not ligal?? if it is not legal it wont be in association with UN FIFA FAO….?
    or am I mistaken?
    You buy a product is that money in money out?
    what the hek is in your mind??
    Dato Vijay Eswarn and the rest of the team are doing
    hard job and you’r here to say it is not legal or it is kind of scham? wake up my brothers and sisters the sky wont fall with gold and silver…
    face me let us meet and bring the craps you got and bullive me I will brake you into pieces and re engenier you… who in the earth are you to say it is no legal?
    when is the last time you have earned more than 1000$ a week? and now you talking nonscence?
    the pictures are fake photoshop can do these pic’s
    what eilse? damn you are a MORONE ok face it…

    Ali on September 26th, 2008
  • 612

    Let me explaine something that some of the people doesnt understand….
    the diffrence between pyramid marketing and network marketing is as follows:-
    1- pyramid no product just money while network marketing is by buying a product and sharing the profit with you.
    2- pyramid marketing in one point will collapse because after a maximum of 2 years the profit that they gain will be less than the money they pay so it will lead to a bankrupt but in network marketing no … the money is paid weekly and the maximum range is 15000$ a week…. so you would ask where does my money goes if i earned more than 15000$? the money will be devided into the upcoming week’s so all of your money will be paid.

    so please talk and write once you know because if you dont know how would you talk about something you dont even have a background on it?
    I am studying now and doing this work while the time I finish studying … I am planning to built my own company…. Presidents and kings are managing countries and we say that we dont have time?? the only diffrence is that they knew how to manage their times and we didnt …..

    Ali on September 26th, 2008
  • 613

    Why you are fighting against quest net?
    it is one of the great oppurtunities around the world
    watch your self you have a job everyday you wake up have the same roteen untill your reach 50 years and your broke what achivments have you done? none
    the only thing that you (negative minded) have to do is just shut up and talk in scence…
    bring me a business that starts with 700$ US and you can earn up to this income?
    now when you have started commenting in this blog you were thinking that yeeeeeah I am the man but in a manner of fact you waste your time on commenting and just talking negativley while we are doing a good business and earn and you talk from your heart with non scence?
    the person who was talking about barista did you get paid to talk about barista and deffend upon them?
    here is the fact about the invoice you’r mostly buying the service up to 60% international calls less…
    the problem is you people don’t want to change you bullive in something called what the world do I must do
    job’s yah ok it is good to have a job as a beggining then after you start hitting your cheques high it is up to you wether to stop or to complete as a slave….
    think of the concept ladies and gentelmen..
    is startbuks having the same price of coffe as it is in second cup?
    while you can buy coffe and make it by your self?
    why you buy soft drinks? it is cheap yes but it is cheaper than what you think
    why you go to macdonalds?
    while you can buy beaf and do it by your self?
    the concept here is that alot of people like everything to be ready for them…
    job’s they love to sit at the office for 8 hours everyday the same job the same people the same boss the same salary >>>???? wake up ladies and gentelmen please stop talking negativly and think positivly please or life is going to knock you down….

    Ali on September 26th, 2008
  • 614

    Are all questers sooooooo weak on grammer and spellings?
    Bloody anpadh dogs

    smartsurfer on September 28th, 2008
  • 615

    gold quest WAS an illegal organisation because it ran on the pyramid scheme.QUESTNET is a different company that does NOT run on a pyramid,it runs on something called the binary system.
    the binary system is choosing to tell 2 people after u join by buying a product and signing up.
    after u convince to people they must do the same and it foes on and on.there is one rule in their system which is called 3 left and 3 right=250
    when u draw all of this(the binary system)you will see what i mean
    after every three people u get all three of them will count as one 250$ so three pairs of 3 will equal to 750$,,,WEEKLY!

    Ali on September 30th, 2008
  • 616

    I agree with you, but let me ask you 2 simple questions.

    “Where was QN and Dato when Pushpam and our beloved Padma Akka was in jail ??”

    “QN is celebarting its 10th anniversary when India(No 1 markwet sometimes back) is in dark spot. Is it sound good abt MNC ??”

    ram on September 30th, 2008
  • 617

    Hi Ali,
    You say this business starts with $700 and you earn $1000/week? Well, for pick pocketing, you need only $0 and you can earn more than $1000/week! Are you ready to rob innocent people? Be careful, I’m sure you’ll end up in Jail or people cheated by you will teach you a lesson by ripping you apart! Why am i saying all these now? Refer today’s news paper.

    Agent arrested in Gold Quest case

    CHENNAI: The Crime Branch CID police arrested a high profile agent of Gold Quest International here on Tuesday.

    M. Feroze Khan (39), a native of Kerala settled in Chennai, was accused of amassing Rs.13 crore as commission in the business network. Feroze Khan was produced in a special court and was taken into CBCID custody for five days.

    Manish Jain on September 30th, 2008
  • 618

    to all negative thinker about questnet….

    groxer on October 6th, 2008
  • 619

    to all Questnet partners…which more than 4000000…come on…
    we are in the right way…do dis great biz…and achieve our valueable dream:)
    dont take any of the MORON people to effect ur mentality and trust….
    be prepare my fren:)

    good luck….

    groxer on October 6th, 2008
  • 620

    I feel sorry abt you. You still in brain washed stage. Whats gonna happen if QN celebrated its 10th anniversary?? Tell me, are you going to benefit anything from it?? It seems like you still need to understand to partner with right comapany, QN is NOT a trustable comapany with reference to its IRs, my whole well-built team of 1,200 is dead now. Whats use to be part with such a un fair and mis management comapny??

    First, understand economy of India, 700$ is quite less economy in foreign countries(which might be 1/4 of their house rent), BUT in India 32,200(700$) is quite high entry-fee for MLM. Thats , first QN should understand Indian market and act accordingly, else its gonna lose whole Indian market(almost lost already).

    ram on October 7th, 2008
  • 621

    groxer, the time spent on these sites, it would be better to think of ways to avoid being arrested 🙂

    smartsurfer on October 7th, 2008
  • 622

    who in the earth are you to talk about a huge company like this?? your highness?
    when is the last time you made 1000$ a week?
    face it dears ok face it your living inside a box that says work 8 hours a day and get at the of the mounth some penuts to survieve
    tell me whats dishonest about quest net?
    they sell like other companies and you even dont have your pocket money and talking about a huge company that is associated with FIFA FAO UN and companies like BH MAYER QATANA CIMIER QVI …… and your saying that this is not true??
    huhhh you wont feel the financial free dom untill you die broke my friend,
    some of the friends uptheir said the trueth tell me my friend if you have meen charged from something that you havent done like killing what will happen to you? they will come to you and ask you did you do it? if you said no they will leave you?? i dont think so they will come to you and take you to the jail untill they finish their investigation my dears thats the trueth and for your information microsoft have been charged before and they lost the case but quest net didnt lose a case…
    my dears after the development of quest net after the huge development of quest net i think that it is crystal clear for many people that this company is really big and hundreds of people talking bad wont effect anything and the proof is that it’s still growing and you my dears will remain slaves at your jobs keep it up your lucky that am not in face to face with you or you were going to sign up after talking to me because all the things are shown how quest net is big quest net partners apply the S,S,SW,S and you know it guys tc peace up …..
    The titans

    Ali on October 12th, 2008
  • 623

    Wht do you want to show to the world please tell me?
    our financial world today is getting down and you are
    complaining on a company with that hugeness??
    may god bless you guys
    please dont send any thing close this blog
    am sick of answering these negative minded people…

    Ali on October 14th, 2008
  • 624

    dear questnet guys,

    i been reading the blogs from no.1 to 623…why u questnet guys r calling other people morons/idiots/blackmailers/etc…its your company you r projecting..whatever the outerworld says u are liable to answer them..and in a decent way..why is tht not happening? a u.k resident and if i tell u guys..however big your company people got crap customer service because you are not supposed to loose your temper on anyone who asks for clarification..

    nitin on October 17th, 2008
  • 625

    Hey u questner fuckers….go and fuck ur company…u r not seeing the future…just seeing ur present…u selfish bastards….you are not seeing when 100 of peoples are loosing millions of money then one of the questner bastard is getting thousnads only…if u r so posative minded then make urself like bill gates…then make make a company like Google…which is grow to 150 billion $ company in just 10 years……i think u just big selfish people…….so njoy ur life in hell by taking the hard earned money of the poor people…

    Seethefuture on October 26th, 2008
  • 626

    i come from a poor family and a friend told me to join this questnet and took me to this guy who was making millionsand he showed me the way i can make big money thru this scheme,should i trust this person and if he was making million why i had to buy him lunch as i told him i am from a poor family

    jogi on October 27th, 2008
  • 627

    Man this QuestNet is a total bullshit, the funny thing that my friend did the same procedures as written in this blog, but the only difference that he says that I must bring 3 people in both sides (total =6) A and B to earn 250$ and every one of them even me should pay 600$ to enter the pyramid. this is not the first time I have encountered this type of scam, there were other groups called diamond and businass. and it’s so sad that this friend tried to fool me by giving examples of QuestNet commercials which was on F1 cars and in english soccer match which he used photoshop to do it (The day before showing me these pictures, he asked me if I have books for photoshops lool,So stupid) and he claimed that it’s one of the biggest companies in the world lool but when you google it you’ll only find complaints and you won’t even find it in wikipedia which it will be added soon in there as the biggest scam in the history.

    one on October 30th, 2008
  • 628

    I feel very sad for those poor people who have been fooled by this scam, and I lost a friend because of this stupid questnet, he tried to fool me with dirty lies, and I’ll never trust him again. But thank god that he’s stupid lool. well the whole idea is just stpid, nothing comes that easy!!

    one on October 30th, 2008
  • 629

    Hey Jogi.
    My advise to you would be – do not let’s people’s ‘opinions’ stop you from achieving what you want in life.
    It’s strange, but true – ask any of the people who have posted ill comments about this business, if they have done the business themselves, or are just basing their judgment on someone else’s failure.
    And even if any of them were part of this company, ask them if they actually did ‘work’ the business.
    The business is not on trial, the people are!
    It has worked and is working for many people because they make it work.
    This is not a get rich quick scheme, which is why I stress on the word ‘work’.
    Its a pity if people get the impression that it requires no work at all.
    This is a long term plan. It is hard work, but the benefits are worth every effort.
    I wish you good luck and hope you do become part of this wonderful family!

    E on November 6th, 2008
  • 630

    Hi everyone.. I hereby put before you a request stating not to compare The Giant Amway with these unknown small companies which are under the scanner. Amway is the only multi-level marketing company in the world which is running successfully in more than 90 countries for nearly50 years.. thanks.. If anyone interested to hear about Amway, mail me @ …. But please don’t spam me… Regards to all…

    shivleads on November 8th, 2008
  • 631

    salam.. man shahriar hastam az iran.. Lotfan .. khahesh mikonam age kasi inja has ke ba questo.. network marketin ashnaye kamel dare .. mano ad kone va etelati dar rabete ba porsan va soode vagheye in kar be man bede..
    Hi.. my name is shahriar .. i wanna know really quet that this company can be trusty?

    shahriar on November 9th, 2008
  • 632

    These country looters are also the terrorism promoters. You should have seen ibn7 report on how these shameless souls are using our own money to kill our country men. Kick them out when they approach in the name of questnet or goldquest.

    Indian on December 12th, 2008
  • 633

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    That is the right place!
    And now it is the right time!


    whewritte on December 18th, 2008
  • 634

    its Guru here.. If hve guts to say anythng after reading my abovr coment.. mail on

    Guru on December 22nd, 2008
  • 635

    It gives you unbiased information about Questnet, i.e. both sides of the story, so you have a better understanding of what’s happening with them.

    Derick Micahels on January 9th, 2009
  • 636

    Three held in Gold Quest case

    Special Correspondent

    CHENNAI: The Crime Branch CID police on Monday arrested three persons accused in the Gold Quest case.

    According to a release, M. Munnawar Ahamed (28) of Kilpauk, Anuj D. Raghavan (24) of Perungudi and J. Sabarinath (26) of Porur were arrested in Alandur.

    They were leading agents who worked under Padma, another accused already arrested in the case.

    The trio had raised deposits and took commission to the tune of a few crores. Expensive cars and documents of immovable property owned by the accused were seized.

    They were produced in a city court and remanded to judicial custody, the release added.

    Indian on February 4th, 2009
  • 637

    One more held in Gold Quest case

    CHENNAI: One more accused has been arrested in the ‘Gold Quest’ case by the Crime Branch CID police.

    According to an official release, K. Felix David (41) of Perambur High Road who functioned under Padma, one of the high-profile agents, was arrested in Alandur on Friday. He had obtained Rs.1.26 crore as commission and Rs.35 lakh as commission in the name of his wife. A car worth Rs.4 lakh was seized from him. A house site worth Rs.25 lakh owned by him was also identified.

    So, who is next?

    Indian on February 4th, 2009
  • 638

    plz call urgent ……… 4 me ur welcome

    sharad on February 17th, 2009
  • 639

    Hi,i recently joined questnet by purchacing a vaccation package worth 1400US$,i bought it because i like the holiday package which i feel is worth for that is for two weeks,you can split that two weeks and use it within five it will be 100US$ per day any where in the world,there are more than 3000 outlets with resorts and hotels linked with questnet,i think its worth.iam living in dubai i dont think i can book a resort or hotel room for four within 100US$ per day,iam thinking to ask my friends also to buy this package so that we can spend our vaccation together and also we can minimise our expenses ,plus by refering him if iam getting a commission whats wrong,he will also be benefited if he refers somebody.first we are getting something worth what we paid for,second we get paid for refering a person how this will be cheating,this is how business works and in questnet you cannot put more than 2 business under you,rest you have have to put under your down link,so even if a person in downlink is not working but iam still bringing people to join under my down link everyone is benefited not only me,this is good.i dont think quest net is cheating,i belive in it and iam going forward to start as a side business.

    parthiban on April 29th, 2009
  • 640

    U really dont know what r u tlakin about. if some people are cheating it doesnt mean that everybody like that.. My advise dont tlak about company try to bevare people from this type… i never cheat my pepople and always say that it is NWM… sooo talk bout people not company

    Mstyle on May 8th, 2009
  • 641

    Hi All,
    I am also a victim of this business. I have joined into this business in Aprial 2008 but till now i didn’t get the product. I called to the customer care people to cancel my registration they were not responding.

    My Requset to all is Please dont join any Chain Marketing.

    Narayana on May 15th, 2009
  • 642

    Hey u all,

    I lost 90k in quest net and earning from the new network marketting. Failure is not cause of the compnay. It is only cause of the Bad planning and Fraud sales.
    Recharge ur mobile for 1000 rs and earn 24000 rs per month for more details contact sathya – 9176560966.


    sathya on June 6th, 2009
  • 643

    I want to say for thode negative people who are against my favorate work in , this company is working in a concept of rythm whic is :rase your self to help man kind, so it is working for the benifit for humans, and with

    RA’UF TAILONY on July 4th, 2009
  • 644

    AND WITH QUEST.NET your lose is 0% and your success is 100% , how?

    you can buy aswiss made watch which worth and cost 700$ and if you typed the address of shipping right you will received from hong kong in a week from the date of purchase, and when you receive it you can by this swiss mad and hand made watch in 700$ and more, so in this case you loss nothing and any money you get after that is in your pocket, so what else you can see about QUEST I want to hear from you people.

    RA’UF TAILONY on July 4th, 2009
  • 645

    Hi, for those looking for genuine network marketing giving daily use\agricultural products at competitive prices. A company for average Indian

    contact me at

    Bhagwant on July 5th, 2009
  • 646

    Hi friends,
    Don’t BLAME any company, it is the people who are DOING IT IN GREED OF MONEY.
    Show 1 case which the company has been accused for or is still in trial?
    What is a pyramid?
    Live example is U.S. government itself, they take taxes and pay the people after retirement. In India also same thing is on as PPF.
    See every new project started by any one will be treated negatively, as NETWORK MARKETING is concerned the negative people have lost their opportunity. In future this will rule. You think you people are real SMART? You are WRONG. The products which cost you for dollar/rupee 1, is produced in 0.33 cent/paise. Think over it, how much money you are losing. Get in it now or later. You’ll have to get in it.
    Investing MONEY is concerned you are paid back more, if you do it properly you get your own money ++ the profits.


    Bhaskar on July 10th, 2009
  • 647

    it is true tha chinise product does not last longer it is always a waste of a money.

    sssunnysen on July 16th, 2009
  • 648

    Dear Abhi,

    I want advice you dear friend, go to Himalaya and cool down to get some brain treatment with cold spring water , you have wasted hell a lot of your energy here; the negative energy bouncing back to you!!! You are really poor in your study… re-think and give a break to your brain…throw out your negativity and I wanted you to come and study this scheme well.

    One thing is for sure whoever joins in this business don’t make it in this industry, only those people who put hearts together with a hard-work makes it big… thousands of millionaires out from this industry today and more thousands to come… Take a tour with us friend!!! and research well how we work and make it better! its hard time to break that nutshell!!!!

    Understand the real potential of this industry… beleive in ‘law of awerage’… even in working class people you will find this law, majority of them die poor and they ask the coming generations to do the same… come on…wake up call those who are still in the sleep with the old tantra, today the world are full of oppurtunities, respect those who have the courage to make it, and we are not like you to inject the negativity always… instead we are the networkers who want to join hand together to change this world for better and help them better, those only to smell the fruitfulness. My learning 25 years in traditional world is; working for somebody means you will die poor… today I am so proud with the industry and I am sure I am not going to die poor and I won’t allow them too who are commited with me either. From the heart we say the same ‘mantra ‘not’ tantra’ and we work together not to knock down anybody the most you witness and experience outside netwoking. So Mr. Abhi… change your habit of learning its very important for you… clean the heart with us its a crucial time for you!… Come let us join hand together for a better education form the heart!

    I would like to give a salute all the networkers the warriors, the brave hearts… BRAVO!

    Nazim on August 23rd, 2009
  • 649

    My friend is earning money, and I’ll soon,
    and don’t believe, cause I don’t care, I just want the people to know that Questnet is a positive thing.

    god bless all.


    Masht on October 7th, 2009
  • 650

    All the best to all network marketers….

    Jai Ebiz..!

    Yogesh Patel on October 9th, 2009
  • 651

    Hi GoldQuest Users

    You think you are very talented.. You think you do the right way.. Do everything with a legal boost. Everything you say should be correct. But know wat? You are good for nothing.
    All you IRs should have thought at some day, you are going to reach a layman and going to piss him off real great. What the fuck were you thinking. All the people will see your fucking ‘edification’ and fall right into the trap. First of all, you lose your originality. Think that you have improved your personality, your pride and acquired lots of skills and start canvasing people. You motherfuckers will say, that we wont be giving any verbal promise!! cocksukers!! what the fuck you think.. You give all the signals other than saying verbally to convince a person and set a trap.
    Your system is like that. Whoever designed this or copied this is a real genius.
    I am working at google and i know the power of a binary tree. The algorithm that is framed with this only is simply deadly!!!! It looks kind of easy on the outside that a person should form a balanced tree, three on each side. But you dont fucking no that the tree when grows simply powers by multiples of 2..
    Why you miser people cannot accept the fact that if it reaches the saturation point of the population.. Every 88 in 100 is going to lose!! that 88%,
    All you royal lord at the top know. And you keep blaming all the business, telling that this business is pure this is not and involve more and more people in it.
    I am freaking happy that this went badly for you. Infact, from a perfect logical sense, you guys shouldnt have got caught. But, i am fucking happy it did.
    Dont keep telling the same fucking story again and again. Just, fuck off!!!

    technicalypto on November 25th, 2009
  • 652




    peter on November 28th, 2009
  • 653

    I am a part of a chain marketing system. I think through this I can earn a lot of money. The company is AMWAY.

    Arun sasankan on December 9th, 2009
  • 654

    @Arun sasankan

    what are you expecting that you are a salesman of AMWAY. have some sense and go home.

    naknasas nura on January 19th, 2010
  • 655

    Quest, Amway and other Networking companies are working on ONE PLATFORM….

    You know which one?

    I’m sure you all have heard of Unilever or Procter and Gamble.

    To distribute its goods to the customer, it uses the “SUPLY CHAIN”, Company->Stockists->Dealers->Distributors->Retailers and then the customer. Due to this, there is a profit added at every LEVEL. If the product would’ve directly reached the customer, the end user would’ve saved a lot of money.

    Also, there are advertisements endorsed by the film stars and cricketers. Who pays for those? Once again, its the consumer.

    If, a networking company evades the WASTAGE of money, going to the advertising companies and promotes its products through word of mouth, I’m sure its illegal. I mean, how can the company be so thoughtful to save so much. It shouldn’t be allowed to think about the end user so much.

    All other products, e.g. a Sony TV, a Bajaj Bike, a Colgate Toothpaste give you only the PRODUCT. Seen a movie lately, liked it…went ahead and referred to friends. Who makes the bucks? The producer….who pays….YOUR FAMILY and FRIENDS.

    The network marketing companies are STUPID. They let you do the SAME thing and fill your pocket with money.

    They DEFINITELY should be charged in the court of law to PAY you for something that you would do for free.

    Long live the JOBs, so what if we are ‘J’ust ‘O’ver ‘B’roke?

    RJ on February 5th, 2010
  • 656

    Mail me if you want FACTS and not OPINIONS

    RJ on February 5th, 2010
  • 657

    There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.

    Rosella Honeymoons on February 8th, 2010
  • 658

    I did both AMWAY and QUESTNET did good initially and then sump…after this feel is this really worth doing no…U loose your friends and relatives trust and respect…How degraded can a Human fall for money aren’t some us earning enough for a good living why become greedy and do all these things..

    Last weekend a fool called me up saying he wants to get me in some consultancy business with IIT’s and IAM’s I was so excited that I will do something challenging only later did I learn it was AMWAY I wasted my time and that idiot was feeling as if I wasted his time…

    FOlks who are startin don’t do it man their are good ways of earning money be smart not short…

    TZP on February 8th, 2010
  • 659

    Hello friends,

    I came accross this platform while casually browsing internet.( Actually searchng for quest docklands Australia)

    Well, I have been a victim of the so called gold quest. Its been a nightmare calling the upper links. Nobody is in contact and looks like they are underground. Many left their native place and moved to other states fearing to their life.

    All I can say is that the company is fraud and loots gullible people. They encash on friendship, the most valuable thing in the world.

    You may loose money now but can earn it after a while but the friendship loss is much huge and can never recover.


    Rajiv on February 10th, 2010
  • 660

    I agree and well said. Yes these assholes traded friendship for money and believe me, there are lot of relationships gone sour because of this.
    Just because best friends asks for it, one might have to give up the logics and go by trusts which ofcourse wont work on the long run.
    In fact it did not..
    Fuck off Gold Quest!!

    Rajiv on February 13th, 2010
  • 661

    ok.. I am 100 % agree with you.. this article is an eye-opener for millions of Indians..

    shadmehr on March 9th, 2010
  • 662

    Hello friends……….
    As fas as I know may be it happens for few company but not to all. I am working with an MLM company for last Six years. I haven’t seen any nonsense with it. Simply I have taken an insurance through this chain system and I have earned more than four lakhs. So had I invested a lot. If I don’t get this money (four lakh) or simply i could not manage my downleg then would I loose any thing ?? No, simply I had taken an insurance of LIC , and see where am I ??? Not only me all my downleg never can give a bad words or that I ahve cheat them because all of them have taken an insurance through this chain system of LIC/Birla/Bajaj Allianz.

    Tapash-9699867655 on March 17th, 2010
  • 663

    Chain marketing is part of marketing strategy and many companies got success through this concept like Amway and others. Now some people and companies miss interpreting this concept and taking profit to make fool the network business. it’s bad luck for us that any good idea can be miss interpret by others – it Can happen! We use reputation management and SEO to market the businesses.

    SEO India on March 30th, 2010
  • 664

    Wow, a lot said already.

    All i believe is that if you believe in something it will work for you. I believe in Questnet for the past three years and i’m a young beautiful millionaire at 23 years of age.Now i can contribute to countries like Haiti that have suffered loss. I live in Nigeria but vacation in so many parts of the world and live a fulfilled life blessing many people.

    I do not believe in slaving and struggling for another man or company which rewards me with a salary every month that is never enough to satisfy my own needs, and by the way can fire me any day any time.. That is the real definition of a JOB (Journey of the broke)..

    Quest Girl on April 22nd, 2010
  • 665

    Nice post,
    I learned a lot of information from this post. Thanks for the effort you took to expand upon this topic so thoroughly.
    I look forward to future posts.

    Key Property Group on May 7th, 2010
  • 666

    Yes you ca n earn, But its not ETHICAL. if you value this word then its not for you, else you can make millions by fooling your countrymen.

    V dhingra on May 9th, 2010
  • 667

    Chennai (Tamilnadu, India) police have informed that the GoldQuest victims can give a complaint (person / post / courier) again before 31st May 2010 at CB CID office. They have assured that the money will be returned back within 6 months. Please see the last week news papers reg this. Please complain again.

    Nagarajan on May 11th, 2010
  • 668

    I was surprised this business is still going around….
    I feel sorry to the poor with high dream.
    This business is targeting people in 3rd developing countries, never grows in europe or north america,
    just do simple mathematics and probability…
    you’ll not loose your friends and relatives

    Obama bin Laden on June 12th, 2010
  • 669



    Big comedy film anyone watched it

    jegan on September 17th, 2010
  • 670

    Hi all,


    Half the people on this blog or at least people commenting on this subject are making negative comments about one company or the other while the other half are promoting a company. The owner of the blog has written a lengthy article(?) about the ills of a pyramid scheme or ‘money chain’, as he wants to call it, and makes absolutely no sense. It is clear that he is unaware of what Network Marketing is all about or the legalities of it. He is mixing up Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing with ponzy pyramid schemes. The funny part is that he is making money from the promotion of the very same money making mechanism that he is talking so ill about by letting google pick up the ‘keywords’ and place advertisements about making money on the internet or otherwise simply Network Marketing. What a sham.

    I took the pains to go through a major number of the posts on this subject and failed to find (I may have missed) a single comment that really explains Network Marketing, without talking of any particular company.

    Network Marketing is a part and parcel of everyday life and is in my opinion the best thing to have happened to mankind. It is a different matter that individuals or even some companies misuse the opportunity and either fail or cheat.

    Without getting into any arguments over the pros and cons of the mechanism, I would like to advise the people who are interested in network marketing to look at a few pointers and decide whether or not it is for them or even if it is a genuine opportunity or a scam or (for the lack of a better word) a over-priced program.

    1. Is the product or service being offered of utility?

    2. Is the product or service reasonably priced so that it is marketable? (When companies talk of saving money on advertising and dealer networks,etc., then there is no need for the product or service to be over priced to accompodate commissions to the affiliates).

    3. Is the plan truly a pro-affiliate one (does it really have the interest of the affiliate in mind)? [ I personally do not believe in a plan that needs extra effort to “match” sales or “complete” levels etc., which are meant to avoid paying commissions. For example, the “CAP” on pairs on a particular day or in a particular week or month is again to avoid the affiliate earning too mmuch money. In my opinion, each and every sale needs to be compensated for the effort put in by the affiliate to bring in that sale. Note: these are my personla opinions. May be the “experts” have an explanation for this.]

    4. Is the projected/estimated income truly achievable? [ I know of a company showing a growth plan over a 175 day period that can enroll 121000+ crore people …. 😉 the poor guys running the company are probably unaware that the entire planet does not have that many people ].

    5. Finally, please do not look at the price level of a product or service (a product or service need not be highly priced or serving a niche market nor does it have to be a very common place or cheaply priced. The price has to justify the product or the service being offered. There are plenty of genuine products and services available that are promoted by network marketing companies. By the way, it also does not matter if the company is a multinational or a small proprietary firm as long as the above conditions are met and the commissions payment schedules are reasonable. After all, if the company misses even a single payment even in the very early stages of the launch of the program, it will die a n atural death and you will know immediately when you apply the yardstick mentioned above.)

    THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT YOU ALL NEED TO KNOW: I am NOT a Network Marketing person. I do not run a company nor am I an affiliate in any company.

    All the very best to the people who want to make money through network marketing or MLM. Please dont forget, the business is just an affordable opportunity. It does not mean you can make money while you are sleepingh in bed. You need to work your butt off to make money. But, the effort will finally pay off.


    Mohideen on October 17th, 2010
  • 671

    Abhi…. 🙂 you need to re-arrange the display of the comments so that the latest commebnnt is on top. People will not even know of the latest comments if they are at the bottom of a very long list.

    Mohideen on October 17th, 2010
  • 672

    Dear All,

    To protect the Indian consumers an autonomus self regulatory body has been formed way back in 1996.

    These are all the legal companies in Direct Selling business….rest all are classified as CMM, pyramid….etc

    U all need this knowledge…..If your MLM company is in bad news that means there is some fault…whichever way u think.
    Just do business with these listed companies only….u will be safe…

    Vishu on October 25th, 2010
  • 673

    These MLM companies are totally cheat.
    I am going to file a class action suite in District Consumer Court shortly on behalf of 15 people who lost their money.

    If anyone want to support or want his/her money refunded, they can contact me at above website.

    For those who support these companies -“CHOR CHOR MAUSERE BHAYI”.


    Akhilesh on November 5th, 2010
  • 674

    Pyramid scheme businesses are like a poison , a siphon to a country’s economy. Those who claim to be successful in chain marketing are liars. Sheer mathematics proves the lies about the success stories that are being spread.
    I have never been a victim of any kind of chain marketing. But I have seen people lose money to quench their hunger for money…trying to become a “diamond”
    In the beginning they beg subtly , then they start pushing people…(paying unwelcome visits to your house so often that you feel like being bugged..
    Then they eventually understand, but refuse that they have been fooled…

    All the best to Akhilesh

    Sampat Das on March 3rd, 2011
  • 675

    tell me the process?

    NAVEEN GUPTA on March 8th, 2011
  • 676

    Beware of Chain Marketing!!!!
    watever u wrote(bad) about chain marketing is realy stupid…every organisation has itz sysytem to work..n network marketing is jst simply a kind of marketing..infact it realy works…and also nothing is fake…lyk cheques n all.
    it all deoends upon the system designed by any network marketing company matters.
    itz not about cheating some1.
    network marketing is a huge industry n also promoted by top richest persons of world and many people are successful here and are growing together with there friends..the ppl whu dnt work properly blaims chain marketing and says itz cheating..itz legel and government allows it..vry few network marketing companies are fake.
    no body is a victim no body is a target..itz all bout having startd with a gud company n learn proper sysytem and do it friend cheats you..go and search google.I AM BLESSED I AM IN “THE-E”, one of the emerging network marketing company of india…hvng grt system..grt education system..ppl with me are happy except dos whu r vry few whu r nt broad minded.
    learning infact ENTREPRENEURSHIP SKILLS.

    GARIMA PAGARE on April 23rd, 2011
  • 677

    please read these books..

    01. Rich Dad Poor Dad – By Robert Kiyosaki
    02. Cash FLow Quadrants – By Robert Kiyosaki
    03. Why we want you to be rich – Chapter 27By Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trumph
    04. Think Big and Kick ASS – By Donald Trupmh
    05. Parable of Pipeline – Burke Hedges
    06. Who stole the American Dream – Burke Hedges
    07. Wave 4 – Richard Poe

    and yaa jo bhi log is bznz ko justify kar rhe h by abusing it or saying negativ about it are jst frustrated ppl and are nt hvng patience to do bznz..guyz raise ur standard of thinking..go n learn and work…u’l be successful!!

    GARIMA PAGARE on April 23rd, 2011
  • 678

    Hello folks,……..
    I apologige all the readers and others, who have gone through my previous comments on Goldquest……. Its so long that I could not respond to these comments…. Myself and some freinds of mine are affected by the chain marketing and the fruits of njoyment are temperory and obviously one portion of any chain may get affcted definitely at some time and its true………. to BEWARE OF CHAIN MARKETING. Its an experience that I wish to share that MLM is like an addiction to quick money, which attracts poor and middle class people, who are really been dumped in many cases………. thanks for considering my post…. best wishes and regards

    Ramjee on May 13th, 2011
  • 679

    lemme tel u dat rotation of money is cald price chit fund businss,n to promote a product thru network marketing is a legal n ethical bznz wen dere is proper professnl trng modules to train ppl to do bznz instead of trapn ppl in schemes….dnt BEWARE actualy it shud b AWARE..knw d truth n chek few cmpnies r afctng othr vry gud n ethivcal internatnl bznz…actualy in india ppl r nt educatd!!
    Game is nt bad…gamers r…!!!!!

    GP on August 13th, 2011
  • 680

    Can anyone confirm from where this money is coming to fund the complete chain? I believe RBI and govt needs to close the stock market and to promote this business as the ROI on this business as compare to stock market is very high as confirmed by many writers on this blog

    RaviKrS on August 24th, 2011
  • 681

    Dear All

    Please share your valuable opinions and revert back on my basic concerns as one of my friend has today met with an RMP agent:

    1) From where this money came from to circulate amongst the chain? I believe in 2 things after meeting with RMP guy 1st they are smart enough to make emotional people more enotional and down the line fool, 2nd their products are worst and they will push you for non branded products which were useless, there is no shortcut to earn fast money, if there is a huge scope of margin then company’s will never do the advertisement and they will never hire sales talented people, what the RMP agent maximum do to make fool of their family members, relatives and friends. Please correct me if I am wrong. (Share your valuable feedback who has faced this after becoming an agent)

    2) are the products shown by the RMP agents are good or worst and what if any one purchases and product quality is worst, are they going to replace the same in the time frame of 1 yr? what are their servicing terms, are they good on after sales service?

    3) Is their any legal agreement signed in-between RMP and agent, if not then confirm why? and also who will give us the legal declaration from the RMP to sell their products by an agent without signing the agreement. We will work like a freelancer or franchise, this is a legal question? who will answer this from the company?

    4) Product defect liability would be beared by the Agent or the company? who will run after the company if the product is unrepairable?

    5) I believe all MLM business are fraud, your valuable input will help my friend in taking this decision.


    RaviKrS on August 24th, 2011
  • 682

    I think other website proprietors should take this web site as an model, very clean and fantastic user genial style and design, let alone the content. You’re an expert in this topic!

    debowow on September 9th, 2011
  • 683

    Dear Ravi, I am from Goa and I am an engineer and run a Marine related company here. please contact me on Gtalk for a chat on my email ID: give me your emailID. I need one hour of your time. and I shall be happy to clarify all your doubts. we are not talking about emotional black mail or anything. we have not met each other so such thing is not possible, and I shall explain you what I under stand from this business. this is not a sales talk as I dont want to sell you anything or convince you. you can ask any doubt after I explain you the process. and later you MUST please comment on the outcome in this very forum.

    I look forward to your mail to my above email ID.

    Take care, Regards.

    Ashok Kamath on September 12th, 2011
  • 684

    Mr. Ravi, a small correction. I have got into Quest International or Qnet and not RMP. If any one in this forum has any doubts or clarifications about Qnet please contact me on my email id mentioned above. I may need an hour of your time. and I reiterate I dont want to sell anything or convince any one. I just want to put forward what I understand from this direct selling concept or process and why blaming it outright may not be right.


    Ashok Kamath on September 12th, 2011
  • 685

    Office of money chain firm sealed

    Staff Reporter

    KOCHI: A team of Wayanad police led by K.K. Markose, Dy.SP., Crime Detachment, interrogated the staff employed at the Palarivattom office of RMP Infotech and sealed the office here on Tuesday.

    The action comes in the light of complaints of money chain model cheating against the company.

    Complaints of cheating were registered following action initiated against another company, the Bizarre Group of Companies, whose leading partners were arrested recently.

    Another office of RMP was sealed at Thiruvananthapuram on Tuesday, said J. Jayanath, Superintendent of Police, Wayanad.

    In another development, the Economic Offences Wing of the Ernakulam Crime Branch conducted searches at the office and residence of Johnson George, managing director of J Cubes Solutions, allegedly another money chain company, a pressnote informs.

    ratish on October 5th, 2011
  • 686

    I used to be very happy to seek out this net-site.I needed to thanks in your time for this excellent learn!! I undoubtedly having fun with each little little bit of it and I’ve you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you weblog post.

    topas-as on November 14th, 2011
  • 687

    Hello! The article is extremely interesting. Thanks 🙂
    Hi! The article will help me a lot. I hope you continue writing this type of content!
    Congratulations! Your website is awesome.

    Nisia on November 29th, 2011
  • 688


    MAHESH PARMAR on November 30th, 2011
  • 689

    You are completely misguiding the people about the network Marketing, Yes you said true there were many past companies not done so well , thats why RMP Infotec has also defamed somehow, that is only reason people do not want first tell to prospect that this is network marketing business.

    Network Marketing endorsed by President of America and India as well.

    Yogesh on December 24th, 2011
  • 690

    Its very simple logic.

    If you are good at convincing people(whether they are friends, relatives or customers), invest into such business systems.

    Otherwise, save yourself from investing and losing your money.

    Basically, any form of MLM/chain/network marketing can succeed only based on their customers ability of how good they are at convincing…

    Unfortunately, most people are bound to lose money because, 75% of the people joining these programs think its just too easy way to make quick money(even though they’ll not have required convincing skills).

    My suggession will be, Never join these companies. If you are so interested, just join some insurance company, if you are good at convincing and make your money without cheating any one where the end user is guaranteed to have minimum returns.

    Raghavendra on December 30th, 2011
  • 691

    Few days ago one of my friend introduced me to this QNet and its business model. He was telling me about this for 2 months or so and when I agreed to meet him, he introduced me to his friend so called “Upline”. Then they showed me plans and all stuff, and ask me to register for it. Having discussed and told by my friend I purchased bio disc of amount Rs. 22000/- and came home. Next day I browsed net regarding this bio disc and found out that 75% of comments and blogs discussing about how it is fraud. With the regret that i felt for this and my friend simply cheated on me, I tried to communicate qnet about cancelling the product purchased(through their customer-care contact as well as through email) and return amount paid, but they didn’t. Only reply I got from them after few days that they have shipped the product already hence refund not possible. I wonder if they are so called legitimate company then why did not they respond or even bother to call customer(me) and tried to find out reason for cancellation. I think they really just think about their product getting sold and now I am trapped with uncertainty whether to use it or not. I have lost my hard earned money 22K(where actual price of product is 19K) and more of it was because my friend who cheated on me.
    Now I understood that no one is really your friend, everyone(people like my friend) are simply greedy ones to be aware of.
    I feel so disturbed now days, please suggest me what should I do now?

    Ravi on February 8th, 2012
  • 692

    Hi all,
    I was introduced to this concept by a friend. Even after 3 hours of convincing I later realized that it was a fraud and I’ll tell you why in my comments below:

    Ive read a lot of pro QI comments above and Im not convinced by any of them:

    1. QI people first find out whether you are in the business of getting people onboard or buying the products. Nobody ever talked to me about the products, there was only a business opportunity that I was told about. everybody told me that products come later, it’s abusiness first. I’m not at all convinced that QI is trying to sell products. Because if it was products then the company and its representatives should have publized the product and not the business opportunity. Most of the online portals also have a referral scheme, but its secondary to the product being sold. So that’s a hint for any potential candidate, these people are after your money by making you a business partner and not trying to sell the product. And please don’t bullshit by giving me the argument that my personal contact would have been misleading and its my problem and not QI’s, some of you have mentioned insurance scams as well to prove a point(if there is any). Please note that even in insurance companies there is an option of cancelling your insurance and getting the full refund within 15 days and also there are grievance cells set up by each company which are quick to respond. My only point here is that QI has no provision of returning the money if a “Consumer” finds out at a later date that the product was not useful.
    2. The second point is around the value of products on the website.
    a. Lets take the swiss watch for example. Its claimed that its hand made and its very premium. Well the premiumness of a watch is determined by the branding, marketing and the personalities who endorse it and wear it. The swiss watch that you are talking about may be the best in quality but it wouldn’t hold any value for 99% of the population. If it had any value, give me one star’s name who would prefer this watch over an Omega. Yea keep thinking. So anyday wit the people I or anybody would meet 99.9% of the time wouldn’t recognize your swiss hand made watch’s brand and I’m too busy to narrate the story behind the watch to everyone like you did while selling it to me.
    b. Let’s look at your VOIP telephony as another example. I compared it to skype. Skype currently has a worldwide unlimited calls plan for 10 euros. Why wouldn’t I take that plan over your stupid telephone device. One argument could be that not all places are wi fi enabled. Fair, but with technology advancing at a super duper rapid pace and 3g and now we are evena talking about 4G, wouldn’t your product be redundant in a couple of years?
    c. And did you talk about NUMISMATIC value – well a product with NUMISMATIC value ideally should be easy to sell and super difficult to acquire. Isnt it the opposite in your gold coin case. Well hunt for the next one year and bring me a person who would buy your coin at even a 50% profit. So stop this NUMISMATIC value bullshit. Ask QI if they themselves would buy the NUMISMATIC value coin even at the same prices, with their contacts they should easily be able to find a buyer for these coins. Compare it to Loius Vuitton where you can return the product anytime (even after 15 years) and get the entire money back. This is what we call a premium product.
    3. This whole argument of removing the middleman and passing the cost to consumers is the biggest bullshit. Who says the profit is being passed to the consumer. Look at their product prices. They are much more expensive than what you will get in the market and the people who are making the profit are the “business partners” or middlemen with a corporate job. A basic question is are they promoting the company products by hunting for consumers so that they can sell the products, or are they looking for business partners who do not need the products but only can put money on the table? If QI is so sure about the products, why don’t they give a money back guarantee. Most portals(even local ones like flipkart, letsbuy etc) would give a moneyback guarantee. But QI wont because they are running a scam under the pretext of selling fake products. They are paying 70% to people who refer you, not only for the first time but also every time for buying a product. So clearly it’s a case where you are paying 3 times the value of the product and then recovering money by making other people do it as well. And everything is based on comparison, Im able to say they are overvalued because a comparision set exists. Like I and most people would like to pay 20k for a Seiko than 50k for their handmade watch.
    4. Abhi you have hit the nail on the head by pointing out the tactics these people use to lure. By showing that they have made a lot of money and you don’t have to do anything and the team will work for you. I don’t doubt one bit that people will be making money out of this business. But please don’t act like saints and publicize that you are helping the mankind. Well if you are fooling people into buying products which are 3 times the market value by showing them, not the product, but a business opportunity, you are a scamster. If you really want to sell products, make presentations about the product and give a money back scheme as a bare minimum.

    Lastly I would say to all people that do a little bit of introspection and face the truth. We all want to make money quickly but don’t be fooled by someone showing off big gains and no effort. Scrutinize the fundamentals. The fundamentals of this business are really really poor.

    mj on February 16th, 2012
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  • 694

    Hi All,

    I am still confused, that what is right and what is wrong. What i think this work by QI is wrong, wht’s the issue, they are not doing robbery. Let the people get into it, learn from mistakes (if there is any). If one is doing good then its gr8.

    But for me, i would always stay away from this. But would be gr8 if someone could just brief. How is the moneyflow is happening in this.

    Shekhar Rathore on March 16th, 2012
  • 695

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    John Beckman on May 14th, 2012
  • 696

    It is clear to see that the issue of QNET’s legitimacy is still an ongoing debate. I think the problem is that there are too many “fishes in the pond” so to speak and people have different understandings of the same subject matter.

    Traditional businesses do not have these kinds of problems mainly because they focus on sending out one clear message through advertising. Think about it, The same coca cola ad that airs in the UK is the same one airing around the world. There is no way to get confused by the brand’s message.

    This may be a draw back to direct selling businesses, because the one draw back to word of mouth advertising is that the brand’s message gets so watered down and the original business concept gets contorted.

    QNET is a legitimate business that offers legitimate products. To join the business opportunity offered by QNET you have to purchase a product. QNET is an ethical business, if not it wouldn’t be part of organisations such as Direct Selling Association Malaysia (DSAM), Singapore (DSAS), Philippines (DSAP), etc. And yes, arrests were made during the start of this company, but people seem to forget that all charges were later dropped. Clearly its easy to see that bad news sells, but do some due diligence and you’l see that what am saying is true.

    Kabajjo Patrick on May 21st, 2012
  • 697

    stop buying GMO foods from the supermarkets… stop taking vaccines and flu shots…. the American and European Government are SICK EVIL WAR CRIMINALS who inject toxic chemicals and poisons into our food supply

    Leafy Leaf on September 24th, 2012
  • 698

    Regarding the chain marketing i have to say some thing
    First we trust RBI for banking sector, second IRDA for insurance section like that we have to trust IDSA, Indian Direct Selling Associate, which was the govt.organisation. Trust those Direct selling organisation who are registered with IDSA. In direct selling we use the products, if satisfied then use the product and tell your friends and relatives. We should not trust the direct selling marketing personels, but we should trust the Govt. of India’s agency i.e. IDSA.
    Thank you

    satya on October 25th, 2012
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    See as a 18 year old guy, I started doing MLM for just learning purpose and not for money. Sitting idle at the home was just eating me. 🙂

    Dexter on March 30th, 2013
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    M .I . SHAIKH on July 6th, 2013
  • 706

    According to Bill E. Branscum, the owner of website, Qnet operates as a pyramid scheme.[14]

    On the 4th of December, 2002, Cameron Thompson, member of the Australian Parliament, identified GoldQuest as an example of pyramid schemes during his speech in support of the government’s proposal to amend the Trade Practices act(1974).[15][better source needed] The Iranian government banned GoldQuest after what is believed to have been one the largest economic corruption cases in the country’s history. Prosecutors found that the pyramid schemes of GoldQuest led to removal of around USD 500 million from the country.[5]

    Approximately 3000 people, primarily young men, marched on the presidential palace in Kabul after the government temporarily withdrew QuestNet’s license to operate. The business started in Afghanistan with around 600 IR’s in 2006 and had expanded to 21,000 when the government temporarily withdrew the license to enable it to write operating laws.[16]

    On September 4, 2009 the Rwandan Government’s Ministry of Finance issued a statement banning QuestNet from operating in Rwanda due to violations of company and tax laws. The directive followed a declaration day before by the National Bank of Rwanda describing QuestNet as a shadowy pyramid scheme which “is collecting money from subscribers in Rwanda and sending it outside to companies called Park King Development and DBS Hong Kong using swift transfer.”[17] Citing article 4 of the companies act and articles 9 and 10 of the tax act, Minister James Musoni issued the order forcing Questnet and its IRs to immediately stop all activities.[18] The company said in 2010 that “the activities of the ‘IRs’ had been suspended and that it was getting the suspension lifted. In the same letter, responding to an article critical of its activities in Burkina Faso, it said it was not banned in any country.[19]

    Questnet opened in Turkey in 2010 with about 150 people participating; 80 of them were later detained while police investigated them. From that investigation 42 peope were charged with gaining an unfair advantage.[20] In April 2011 the Industry and Trade Ministry announced they were investigating Qnet when the ministry received complaints that it was a rebrand of Questnet operating under the same circumstances. The Ministry also revealed that Quest was fined a TL3.64 million(USD 1.9 million) for its illegal activities in 2010.[21]

    In 2009 people protested to The Sudan government until QuestNet was banned. The main complaints were about receiving very cheap products in exchange for money sent to the company or even not receiving anything at all. Cheap products like copper necklaces sold as gold and non-working mobile phone service, supposed to be connected to satellite.[22][23] Even after the company was shut down, another agent wanted to renew the contract of QuestNet in the Sudan, but the government refused stating that it wouldn’t renew the contract of such company after a Fatwa had been issued to ban dealing with it and especially when watching other country’s suffer from it. The government in Sri Lanka had suffered a loss of more than 15 million dollars out of the country[24] which led the Sri Lankan government to issue a punishment of 3 year in jail for any one caught in promoting or dealing with that company.[25]


    questism on December 16th, 2013
  • 707

    […] Beware of GoldQuest or QuestNet – – A … – Questnet is a company which even don’t know how to do work in business. I had ordered a coin there 4 months back and still i m waiting for it…. […]

    Questnet India Latest News | newslp on December 2nd, 2014
  • 708

    Get lost all who have no knowledge of this business…whoever have built this bolg, where u stand now…. are u millionaire? if suppose u r a millionaire..have u help others to be like you….I am making money, everyone is making money. if you have strong determination u will definetly do it….do it in your way and make money by ethical means only…if u hv not succeded the problem is in you…stop criticising on the products and services….dont call it pyramid acheme,bcz u asshole hv no idea what really it is….If you got a leadership quality u will do and help others to grow…failure will definetly happens…and if u hv a and strong why what u dreamt in your life u will rise again and conquer….U guys are not ready to listen and understand the things bcz u got stuck in the negative things…it is quite clear that those who has written negative comments against Qnet stands nowhere…..bcz they had taken a decission and fallen so success is not a cup of tea for u guys….Do your job and dont raise your awareness for others, i am doing it and i am going to make it…just wait and watch….

    Abhishek Sharma on March 24th, 2015
  • 709

    Qnet is a fraud, if not let any of the qnet people give me their contact number.

    Sreeni on August 20th, 2015
  • 710

    Q net is not a fraud site or business, i know ,it is a best solution for money problems,

    jyothish on November 25th, 2015
  • 711

    High Court of Bombay judgement out. Qnet is money circulation scheme under PCMS Act and MPID Act. STOP QNET SCAM NOW.

    jitu moni on May 10th, 2016
  • 712

    can i invest in one coin . please suggest.
    i think it is also one type of chain marketing .
    please suggest

    raj on September 7th, 2016
  • 713

    Thanks for saving me from this fraud! My friend was making me fool.

    Aditya on November 4th, 2016
  • 714

    Ok company ssbko fool baba rahi he, bit why government is support these companies. Government ne 12 sept 2016 ko new guidelines bana di he companies ke liye now no one can say’s that ponzi companies

    yogesh on November 13th, 2016
  • 715

    why the company say they will give the product as the deposite you given??

    rayd on June 6th, 2017
  • 716

    Haan bhai kuch huaa abhi tk ki nhi

    Shivik Mathur on June 22nd, 2017
  • 717

    I had this same experience .In kerala something named smartway

    Richard Xavier on July 24th, 2017