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Last Updated: January 4, 2009  33 views

Five years from now

in: Ideas and Thoughts

Work-Work-Work.jpgToday I am going to share a case study of a 28 years old software professional of Mumbai. Sumit is busy better say very busy, with minimum time for a good sleep. He starts his day at seven in the morning. He reaches his office by 9.30 am without breakfast, which he says he has become “used to” and finish his day with dinner in his office at around 10 PM, reaching home at 12 PM, he gets just six hours of sleep. His official timing is 8 hours but important project reports and deadlines sometimes make the timings go further haywire. Since he works in a MNC, and have several multinational clients and have to adhere to very strict time schedules. Thus, many a time, he has to stay back in the office till six AM the next day to finish important assignment.

Even he has to work on weekends also. He doesn’t have time to talk with his friends, even on phone. His social life is completely decimal. He is all alone in this big world. And what about exhaustion? he says “I do feel exhausted due to too much work, but I guess there is nothing I can do about it. It is all about career, higher goal and competition.” Got the idea what I am trying to convey. Now read this poem. If you are in corporate world, you will love to read this poem. It describes one of the burning problems of modern corporate life.

I am here to ask a few questions,
So where do you see yourself five years from now.

I will tell you what I see,
I see you spending days and nights at work,
Staying away from your loved ones,
Ignoring them as they wait
Wait for you to come home,
A wait that ends with nights of loneliness
Spent away as you work.

You live a life exploiting yourself,
Leave alone exploiting others,
Forgetting the very reason why you live.
Is it to earn millions?
Is it to complete a deadline on time?
To work, and work and just work?

Is this the life you asked the almighty for,
A life with no time for others
A life where you leave everyone behind,

No time to celebrate a family tradition,
No time to mourn the loss of a loved one
With a fake smile on your face,

Too occupied in deadlines and releases,
You have become a slave of your own greed,
A greed which forces you to treat people the way you treat yourself,
Without love, Without Sympathy,
Without affection.

It doesn’t matter if you miss a family function,
But you would never miss a deadline

Life is much more my friend,
How can you life with yourself,
How can you not feel guilty?
You can fix the mistakes you made at work,
But would you be able to mend all the hearts you broke.

So five years from now,
Would you be a lonely soul?
Who has made up millions of bucks?
But lost millions of relationships.
Or would you learn to love, to care, to “Live”

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    A well written reality boss..
    Nice Poem

    Manoj Agrawal on January 7th, 2009
  • 2

    Really a very nice poem

    Keerthi on January 9th, 2009