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Last Updated: September 5, 2013  47 views

Hello World

in: Ideas and Thoughts

Hi guys! My name is Abhishek Kumar. I am a computer science graduate. This is my blog through which I want to share my thoughts and ideas on multiple topics. Around 7 years back, in 2007, I started this blog to share some tip and tricks on WordPress and other open source web technologies, now you can find posts and articles on almost every category. 

I am also running a popular hindi forum, It has more than twelve thousand registered users and around four hundred thousand posts.

The basic idea behind this blog website is to share my thoughts and ideas on latest web technologies, social issues, politics, sports and other topics. I am confident that you will enjoy reading my posts and updates.

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    Hi Abhishek, I am really happy that you finally launched your home page…….

    ajay on March 6th, 2007
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    […] the good thing is that Rasnet media networks has got the good team of quality bloggers headed by Abhishek. Now will not only feature articles related to web technologies like web 2.0, open […]

    Rasnet media networks has acquired–Web Technologies on March 29th, 2008
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    Good work, Abhi!

    name on May 18th, 2016