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Last Updated: September 15, 2007  284 views

Top Ten uses of Internet in India

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Recently, an internet survey has been taken by a consultancy firm Juxtconsult India most popular uses of internet. Survey was taken from the top metro cities of India. The result was
People surf net for……..

  • sending emails     95%
  • seeking jobs     73%
  • instant messaging     62%
  • checking news     61%
  • music     60%
  • chatting     59%
  • chekcing sports     57%
  • e-Greeting     57%
  • online games     54%
  • dating & friendship     51%

According to this survey, sending emails is still the most popular activity on the internet. Besides this, searching jobs on job portals like, etc. is also one of the prime activities on internet in India.

However this report has put a question mark on blogging in India. I will be delighted to see blogging in this list. But blogging is still in its nascent stage in India. So I believe Indian bloggers should unite to create an awareness in the field of blogging.

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    i did not like the use or points of uses of internet i really can’t submit these points for my project

    rihanna on March 2nd, 2011