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Last Updated: June 25, 2012  239 views

Who killed Mahi?

in: Ideas and Thoughts

Mahi, the poor little four years old girl who got trapped in deep borewell 86 hours back, has been pulled out from it but she has been declared dead by the doctor. Actually she was dead even before she was brought outside the borewell. As you already know, the girl was accidentally fell into the 70-feet deep borewell at the IMT township on Wednesday night. This sad news has shattered the nation and millions of people who were praying for this girl’s life. It’s a major setback not only for the state machinery but for the whole country. It is hightly depressing to see the lackadaisical attitude of Government towards such incidents.

Who should be responsible for open, abandoned borewells and man-holes? Had army’s help been taken in the beginning, Mahi could have been saved. Why army’s help was taken after 8 hours? Why it took 15 hours for drilling machine to reach the spot? Would authorities have been indifferent if a politician or bureaucrat’s child had fallen into a borewell? Who will answer these questions?

It’s absolutely preposterous that year after year, the same thing happens and no lessons have been learned. How and why the hell do these people who dig bore-well’s and work in manhole’s, leave them uncovered? Don’t they, while working, make sure they don’t fall into any of those? Why do they leave it uncovered when they finish working? In my opinion, it is the responsibility of the people who dig borewells to make sure safety is given priority. If they fail, criminal charges should be brought against them. And above all, it is duty of civic administration to take care of these things.

In this case, the civic administration should be held responsible for this accident and be punished for their complete mis-management and carelessness. The open and abandoned borewell is the symbol of Government negligence and nexus between corrupt politicians and bureaucrats is responsible for this. It is not that open borewell that killed Mahi. It is our corrupt and rotten system which is responsible for the death of Mahi. This type of accidents will continue to happen unless we take some action. Time has come to take stringent measures to so that no other parent has to bear the life-long trauma of losing their child to the wells of death. Mahi’s death should not go in vain.

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    RIP Mahi – You were a victim of the misery of this country and its people……. Nothing has changed, nothing will change…. May God rest your soul in peace:-(

    Vibha on June 25th, 2012