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Last Updated: July 1, 2008  171 views

Wounded Soul trying to leave the body behind

in: Ideas and Thoughts

Wounded_Soul.jpgThese days, I am doing some research on human relationship. What I feel is that the relationships we have with other people are nothing but projections of the relationships we have within ourselves or better say, with our soul. Our external relationships and our internal relationships are in fact the same relationships. They only seem different because we look at them through different eyes. Today I am going to present a really beautiful poem on this “Human Relationship”. This short poem describes two people wanting to separate – resembled by body and soul and how one person is not willing to let the other go, yet the other finds no reasons to stay. In other words, at first they were inseparable and later how one of them wants to part ways , yet the other does not want to let relationship end. This poem is written by Sonu Singhal. He is currently working as a Software Engineer in a multinational company.

   Wounded Soul

A cyclone erupts outside,
Strong winds refusing to die,
Not a soul is in sight,
Can’t anyone hear my soul cry?
Something hurts deep inside,
The pain is too much to bear,
But there ain’t any external wound,
Seems this cruel world doesn’t care.
My arms trying to hold on to the soul,
The soul wanting to forsake it all,
Finally the arms let go,
In a deep hole it descents as it falls.
Body seems dead and cold,
Beseeching the soul to return,
Time slowly sucks life away,
The flame dims as it burns.
Body screaming in pain,
It’s trembling, too much for the soul to see,
Quickly it would be all over,
And soon the soul would be free.
I know I’ve made some mistakes,
And I’ve not always been sweet and kind,
But I’ve never left thy side,
True love like ours is hard to find.
But these words don’t impress the soul,
It wants to feel free like a bird,
It mocks at the reasons given by body,
All reasons to him seem absurd.
The body collapses and falls to the ground,
Finally it succumbs to the pain,
It tried and tried till its last breath,
But all his attempts have gone in vain.
But there is a lesson in this story,
Not all relations last till the end,
Some hearts are meant to be broken,
Not all broken hearts can mend.

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    The poem seems to have disappeared from this link

    Sonu on July 12th, 2008