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Last Updated: August 8, 2015  3,918 views

India’s most hiring and firing IT companies

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Software-Comanies-firing.jpgBefore the evolution of computers in world business, India was considered to be the nation of snake charmers, beggars and yogis. Today the perception about this country has completely changed. Now India has become center of hi-tech software development facilities, cutting-edge R&D centers and 24×7 busy call centers. Now IT companies in India are biggest employers. Generally we see on newspapers and TV channels are software companies are hiring thousands of professionals every week. But you will be surprised to know that some of them are also firing at the same rate. Today I am posting the list of India’s most hiring and firing IT companies.

India’s most hiring companies are TCS, Infosys, Satyam, Cognizant, HCL, Wipro etc. But I know you will be more interested in top most firing IT companies, so here comes the list.

1) IBM – This is the most dangerous company to work with. Even if you are performing very well, there are chances of getting the pink slip. They don’t have any any strategic plans at HR level regarding employee security.

2) Accenture – This is second top most firing company. This company was also have good firing rate like 15%. Their business mainly depends upon outsourcing, so there is no job security for an employee in this company.

3) Intel – It is on third place.

4) CTS — Always having firing policies(checking the Educational background and previous employment and also employee performance in work)

5) CSC – Fires employees based on background check.

6) Satyam — Based upon their projects requirement they fire people. But these days they are getting good number of projects so firing rate is low.

7) Patni – Attrition rate is very high in this company. Not attractive package. Work pressure is very high.

Secure IT companies in India

I always recommend TCS, Wipro and Infosys are the most secure and stable IT companies in India. Let’s see some others.

1) Microsoft – Has projects till 2050, so large number of opportunities.

2) EDS – It has lots of projects in Defense and financial areas

3) HP – Biggest software company in world so chances of firing are very less.

5) AOL, Google and Amazon – Best Internet companies to work with, great job satisfaction as well as great salary and work environment. Rarely fires an employee.

6) HCL – Also know as a “retirement company.”

7) HSBC – It has never fired any employee.

8) Aricent – It has also never fired any employee. It gives great perks & incentives, lot of projects so very less chances of firing.

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    How about Oracle? WHich category does that fall into ? 🙂

    sonu on September 6th, 2008
  • Abhishek Kumar on September 6th, 2008
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    gr8 artcile…fit to stay here….but u have no older posts button nor any archives accesibilty on home page..plz do sumthing abt it.

    nature lover on September 12th, 2008
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    Where did you get your data for Cognizant?

    IT professional on September 17th, 2008
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    Be careful of a new German MNC company in India

    KAEFER isoliertechnik gmbh & co.

    A very dangerous Hire & Fire company opened their offices in Gurgaon and Navi Mumbai.


    shivaraman on October 14th, 2009
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    Please also add Infogain, noida in the firing list.

    Bhupinder on December 31st, 2009
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    please also add Infogain and Sapient in the firing list

    Prashant on May 27th, 2010