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Last Updated: June 30, 2008  23 views

What reality shows bring to society ?

in: India

Salman_Realty_Show.JPGWhat catches the people, it’s the emotions. This is a proven fact that no one can deny, even the biggest hit movies of all times are based on some sort of emotions which tend to carry more and more visitors towards the cinema halls. This formula is also useful in case of Television. “Kynoki Sash Bhi Kabhi Bhau Thi” serial was a big hit, have you ever thought why ? In my opinion, it was closely able to link us with our daily day to day life in one way or the other. Soon this formula was copied by there competitors and the routine application of such serials have made this concept so unpopular that people became bored of such types of soaps. Let us take another example, every middle class Indian who faces a crunch of money wants to become millionaire in seconds. Kaun Banega Crorepati on Star Plus and Indian Idol on Sony changed the whole story of the soaps of the Television industry. One one side Kaun Banega Crorepati brought the money, and on other, Indian Idol brought the name and fame to the middle class people of India. All the winners of Indian Idol like Abhijeet Sawant, Rahul Vaid etc were from middle class. These were the next biggest hits of the Indian TV. Soon formula was adopted by many of the other TV channels and parallel shows started featuring every channel.

But is this the correct way to bring money and fame. I am really hurt when I see small children involved in such game of making money. If the child has to perform in class to fulfill his parents expectation of getting high marks in exams then with reality shows they have to perform at a bigger platforms. Parents think that they have to prepare their children to survive in this competitive world. It is correct, and congrats to all such parents who have succeeded in there mission. But consider the mental stress which a child is facing at such a tender age. If we have small issue at our office we tend to blow down and think of a child who fails to perform on stage, what will happen to his or her confidence. The name and fame is liked by each one of us, but not all are equal but when it comes to competitions. Question still remains open to all, are these shows help us in development of society ? which I am leaving to my readers.

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    These realty shows are poor carbon copy of such shows of USA. We are just aping the western countries. I am confident that time will have come when these shows will lose its importance in Indian Television.

    Rohan Ghosh on July 3rd, 2008