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Last Updated: April 17, 2012  1,355 views

Who is Nirmal Baba?

in: India

Nirmal Baba is fraudYet another Baba! What is wrong with Indians? Why they waste their hard-earned money on these fraud Babas? Recently a self-styled godman and spiritual leader, Nirmal Baba is in limelight due to his public discourses and treatises on social issues as well as his Samagam in Nirmal darbar (public meetings). Nirmal Darbar is actually a televised show corresponding to each public meeting of Baba. This show is currently broadcasted by approximately 40 different channels including AXN, TV Asia, Star News, SAB TV etc. During these Darbars, Nirmal Baba makes public appearances and converses with distressed devotees who usually narrate their personal, social or financial worries, fears and doubts to him.

He then, advises them on those issues publicly and suggests solutions. And do you know what is the least entry fee for these meetings. You would be shocked to know that they have tickets starting from Rs. 2,000. It sounds ridiculous to my ears. Anyway, this is not the right time to get emotional. Let’s find more information about this fraud Baba.

Nirmal Baba claims that he has been blessed with third eye by the god. And to help the mankind, he organizes his public events in almost every city of India. He also offers luck for additional money. He says that by sharing earnings at the rate of 10% of total monthly earning with baba, one can get richer and luckier.

If you know about Nirmal Baba then you must have heard about his trust Nirmal Darbar. Last week, this trust came under media and legal attacks because of its allegedly fraudulent activities and for charging exorbitant sums of money from people claiming to solve their problems with the help of black magic and divine powers.

 A couple from Ludhiana, Baba’s home town filed a police complaint against Nirmal Baba for duping them financially. Following the media uproar and fall in popularity, Baba moved the Delhi High Court against a website called Indijobs and an unknown hubber. The court ruled in his favor and ordered for the defamatory content to be pulled down till the next hearing. It also asked to reveal the hubber’s identity.

Baba had also invested the donations collected in his samagam and daswant into buying a hotel worth 30 crore in Greater Kailash area of New Delhi. He has also deposited Rs 109 crore his two bank accounts in just three months. Meanwhile, Nirmal Baba told a news channel, “I never asked people to deposit money to solve their problems. I never assured them of any magical solution to their woes.”

I would request people not to waste their hard earned money on such fraud Babas. Don’t forget, there are millions of orphans, widows, disabled and poor persons who can utilize your money in much better way.

Latest Update by Dainik Bhaskar (Bhaskar News) :: Fake Facebook followers

There are two Facebook communities in the name of Nirmal Baba — one of them has approximately 13 lakh members. Though the page has not been updated since September 2011, it added 11,747 new members in April 2012; and 27,773 members in March 2012. The other facebook page in the name of Nirmal Baba has 3,53,000 members. His Facebook page was flooded with the followers and well wishers praising him and expressing their faith in Nirmal Baba.

However, a thorough investigation of Nirmal Baba’s Facebook page by Dailybhaskar raised many questions on his ascent to stardom.

  • Several profiles of Nirmal Baba’s followers appeared fake. After a thorough investigation, it was known that majority of the profiles were created at the end of March or in Aprils first week- the time when Nirmal Baba shot to fame and became talk of the town.
  • These profiles were seen making regular comments on Baba’s Facebook page and praising him for his ‘magical healing’.
  • The authenticity of the fake followers of Nirmal Baba on Facebook is evident in the fact that hundreds of such profiles neither have profile pictures nor cover photos.
  • Dailybhaskar sent messages to a few followers and asked them to share their experience with the website. However, none of them replied.

It must be noted that a few days back Nirmal Baba was accused of hiring people to ask ‘fake’ questions and later telecast it to TV channels to gain propaganda mileage.

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    faltu baba… fraud baba..

    Aastha Sureka on April 18th, 2012
  • 2

    dirty baba

    vishu on April 19th, 2012
  • 3

    Nirmal baba is not nirmal that is a only mal baba

    mal baba ek thag admi hai kripya isse savdhan rahne ki jarurat hai is insan ko sarkar ko tihad jel me dal dena chahiye

    vishal kumar travedi on April 20th, 2012
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    Nirmal baba ji pranam…aap ke upar lage comments plz hata dejiye sub ke muh pe thappad maar ke..plz baba ji ya samsya jaldi dur krye apne upr se…plz… aur aap toh jante hai h about my marriage…..plz baba ji mere parents tensions me jald se jald jo hum ja chachte hai vaisa rista humko dejiye…

    ankita yadav on April 20th, 2012
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    He is a big loser..hang him..

    Suraj on April 23rd, 2012
  • 6

    Keep up the good work. Best of luck.

    Avim on April 23rd, 2012
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    Very good article abhi, Hope you cover other so called godmans(Babas) in coming posts, It will be better if people look for solution inside themselves they will get the answers. After all, we all are Ram ki ans (part of god). He is ever present within a distance so close than these baba’s.

    ———– WAKE UP INDIANS ———–

    Bhagwant on April 26th, 2012
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    thanks 4 giving information about fraud baba… If u know more about his history please publish it…. Or koi is ankita yadav ki shadi karao bechari baba ke chakkar me barbad ho jayegi

    priyanshu on April 27th, 2012
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    i think nirmal baba is a fraud , looting fool indians

    Rahul Mehta on April 28th, 2012
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    he is a faltu baba.. Mai khud is baba ka dhoke pan ka shikar hu.. Fraud haramkhor ne mera saab paisa chin liya ..kutttte kamina.

    vikas on May 20th, 2012
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    agar kisi ke barey mein achha nahi bol skte to bur bolne ka hak tum logon ko kisne diya.nirmal baba is a innocent baba.

    Gurvinder on June 12th, 2012
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    they must killed …………….harrased publicly…….and other babas like ramdev..and nityanada and india is full of these people……..they must be hanged to till death……..the most babas are in karnataka….and i visited more babas at night ..then i saw them enjoying with womens …i have some videos and photos …i saw womens who come as devotis get sexualy harrased…plz i request CBI to take action on this……

    prazwal on October 27th, 2012
  • 13

    thank you so much abhi

    prazwal on October 27th, 2012