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Last Updated: July 26, 2008  14 views

China has largest number of Internet users

in: Internet

China_Internet.jpgFinally China has beat United States in the case of number of internet users. Now China has the world’s largest number of internet users. According to the recent report of China Internet Network Information Center the country had 253 million people online by the end of June, which is around 56 % increase from the previous year whereas U.S. had around 223 million Internet users in June 2008, according to Nielsen Online, an internet research firm. Still there are chances of growth in number of internet users in China as its only 19 % population use internet whereas in US internet is being used by 71 % of the population.

China’s national high level domain name .cn is also having largest number of regional websites. It has just surpassed Germany. More than 12 million websites end with .cn. Nearly 23.8 million Internet users use online payment services and mobile Internet users now number more than 73 million. 84.5 % such users surf internet for online music, 77.2 % for online chatting whereas 62.6 % for email services. Regarding India, I am hoping it will also cross United Stated in number of Internet users in coming 2-3 years.

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