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Last Updated: September 28, 2013  538 views

Earn $5 in 5 minutes

in: Internet

Yes you all heard me right there has been a new program in the online market which pays you $5 instant in local currency for just spending 5 minutes on internet. The program requires no special needs or qualification and any normal adult can be a part of it. All what you need is a camera you take picture and send them to a website which deals in providing original and abstract pictures of daily life to it’s A-listed customers,

You Don’t have to be professional photographer at all, The best part of the plan is that photography is a very major Hobby and hence you might actually end up earning a good sum of money by doing something which is fun and you enjoy doing. You don’t need any special printers or expensive photography equipment because all of the pictures you take will be uploaded directly to the internet You don’t need to know anything about digital cameras or photography to make money with this system. 5 minutes with camera upload the images and get a clean sum of $5 of each. This just the beginning if you happen to take DECENT quality pictures then soon the pay out would increase to as much as $125 a week. What are you waiting register here grab a camera and start minting money.

Well if are not the one with camera or don’t feel like pursuing taking pictures , uploading etc, then don’t worry there something I have found for you as well this program requires you to have only a E-mail ID and nothing else. Here you have to register in the program which basically is a MNC which helps Fortune 500 listed companies in taking survey so that they can get required Feedback and follow up of the various new products they launch. Most of these products are so common that you must have been using them even without noticing.

Register at this program to get $5 in 5 minutes and then suitable Survey shall be delivered at your E-mail weekly if not daily, so you just need to check you E-mail account. The minimum payout for any survey is $5 ( includes 20 questions), which can be done 5-10 minutes. The program provides each of its user atleast one survey every day, So 30×5 = $150 is a minimum gaurantee that you will earn from this program form the very first month. As your your membership becomes older you shall receive more survey and pay out can only increase as many surveys are reserved for Experienced users.


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  • 1

    I have already enrolled in the survey program…nice easy cash ..thanks for the links

    amIT on February 28th, 2008
  • 2

    your online survey itself wants to make money by demanding money for registration. Nothing in this world comes for free. ..

    what about that photo website … there is no url for it

    anonymous on March 12th, 2008
  • 3


    The link or site name is not mentioned in your blog. Please mail me the site address.

    Thangamani on December 18th, 2009