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Last Updated: October 2, 2014  392 views

Chain Marketing :: The graveyard of Friendship

in: Marketing

fraud.gifYeah friends, I have been cheated by my four college friends. Oh no, why I am calling them friends, it is better to have enemies in place of such friends. I lost almost 32 thousand rupees (almost 800 dollars) due to these cheaters. Now they are trying to use me to cheat other friends in our coterie. But enough is enough, I will not let them make innocent people fool. The time has come to disclose their secret to the world. Hold on, I will tell you the complete set of incidents that took place and ultimately caused me big financial loss. Actually these fraud people are maintaining a big network in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and other big cities of India. On 9th February 2008, I was emotionally blackmailed and mentally tortured to become its member. I will never forget that rainy day in Bangalore when Shayam, Ravi and Deepak from Chennai came to Bangalore with a fixed target in their mind. What was that target ? To pressurize me by showing fake cheques, giving wrong information so that one more Prospect will become the become of Chain Marketing. My other friend, Asmit who couldn’t manage to come told me that he was earning good money in this business. I think everything has become messed up and confusing so let us proceed step by step. These are the steps and master plan that these four people and almost every Chain Marketing company’s member is following after getting into the greed of making quick money.

So Shayam, Ravi, Ashmit and Deepak just followed these steps and convinced me to become the Chain Marketing company’s member. So now big question, what they earned from that ? Nothing, just nothing. However they spoiled their relationship with me. Do you know what Deepak is doing, he is using a cheque of some other member of the Chain Marketing Company(Upline member — The members in the chain above a particular person are called uplines.)

These people are using this cheque and saying their friends that “Seema Jain is mother of Deepak and Deepak is earning lakhs of rupees per month”. So all the software professionals beware Deepak may approach you with such cheques. Even Shayam is using this cheque in Bangalore to increase the members of Chain Marketing Company.

I always consider these four persons as my good friends. But I will never forget their statements regarding that Chain Marketing Company. So let’s see what they told me ?

Shayam — Yaar tagra business hia, I want to purchase a flat in hyderabad and with the salary of Accenture it is not possible in 2-3 years so I have joined Chain Marketing company. Believe me, Abhishek since you are my best friend that’s why I am sharing these secrets with you. We will work together and become millionaires. See Deepak’s cheque of 50 thousand rupees has just come this week.

Ravi — You know me from College time, I have never done any stupid thing in life. So I will strongly recommend you to become its member. I will put my achievements of this chain marketing company in my resume.

Deepak — Yaar, I have got the goal of my life. I can earn millions here and see I am earning. This chain marketing experience will help me to get admission in good B school.

Asmit — Don’t complain me after some time that I didn’t tell you the secret of making money. See I have earned 20000 within a month.

End of the story :: What I lost due to that Chain Marketing Company?

  • Shyam, Ravi, Ashmit, Deepak have lost my friendship, now I will never wish anything good for them, at least in this life.
  • I have lost my faith on my these college friends. Whenever I will remember the college days, all these events will be flashed before my eyes that what happened with me after leaving the college. Even I am not going in Convocation of my college on coming 11th April.
  • Instead of telling the lie and showing the fake cheques, had they told me the fact, I would have given 30k rupees without any question. But everything is finished now.
  • I have to show their real face infront of the world.

Now I will share a true story of another victim which I got through a chain mail.

First of all I had been invited by one of my office colleague to come for the meeting his friends. He asked me to come on Saturday (Holiday) to meet his friends and to have some fun there.  I think he invited me because he wanted me to push him up by joining as his down line. I blindly trusted him and went with him. He took me one small office maintained by his up lines and asked me to wait for a while to introduce me all. After a bit time later, I was introduced to all where most of are all working in software industry.

The occasion was called ‘A business Presentation’. I was taken to a closed room; some guys came to me and asked all my personal details including family details also. They noted all my financial burdens to their mind and started presentation. I took my time to listen, bringing with me a pen and a paper just to make sure that I don’t miss even a single point from the presenters. Just before the presentation started, I looked around to see if there was anybody I know. I couldn’t find anyone I know, other than my colleague.  We were a group of about twenty and I wasn’t expecting to see a lot of people that I know. Instantly, the element of trust started to build up in my mind. Eventually the presentation started.

Wow, a talkative & smart enough guy sat in front of me to present a business, guy from Software Industry who had made lakhs of rupees in the shortest time imaginable. The introducer went on to tell me the names of those who had already joined the Chain Marketing community from the locals, himself included. During this time, my mind was off because I was looking forward to the real business idea. The credits for the idea (the company) and the presenter were just beyond human imagination, it appeared as if we had reached an all time solution to our financial problems.

The moment of truth came and the presentation started. ‘I’m so and so, from a reputed IT organization and have done A, B, C, to no avail. Bla, bla, bla,…’ Worth noting is that all other products and services were discussed, but special emphasis was made on the mesmerizing me. During the presentation, the trap lays are:

1. They identified that I am very much fresh to this kind of network business and its concept. They tried to take an advantage with my weakness and successes finally. And they (top leaders, smart, power and public speakers like Anuradha, Nagaraj, Sridhar…etc) started the Business presentation and I trusted them because the main reason I Trust the person who was introduced me to them is my colleague cum friend but he also blind and don’t know the reality. It is a logical method which they will try to bring us into business.
2. They made me a dream. (You should dream, without dreams then there is no future) and told me the importance of change in life. Compared with many successful personalities like Infosys Narayana Murthy, Reliance Ambanies etc. (If you don’t accept the change, You will not get success in my life and if you keep continue the same work and routine activities, there is no way to reach highest positions in life…etc) By the way they tried me to put my concentration upon them to get into this loop.  And they sold my own dream to me as a gold numismatic valued item and weekly income.
3. They made me believe the credibility of the company from showing cheques, showing coins, showing the customer list of the company (bodies like WHO, World Olympic committee, Vatican city and Pope etc. This is true but the tie ups carried between the GQ and these bodies were not network marketing)…through reputed people in my own country, neibourhood and specially the company I work for. They showed me a false team spirit which they said they work as a huge family, huge team and doing this to help people (but reality is the members join later in this team is always jealous about the people on top). They showed me cheques they earn and made me feel like if I not join this I’ll be left behind.
4. They said it’s a global business and it is running all over world. It is legal and accepted all over world and comparatively no other business is there like to earn money fast.
5. They let me to believe it is only the way I can earn fast by investing Rs 32,200 + Rs 460 /- only once and I can get the income for 2 generations regularly on weekly basis.
6.  And they let me to believe that I can get the numismatic value to my product after few months apart from earning weekly wise income ranging form Rs 11,500 to Rs 5, 75,000 per week. And they believed me that I can get what ever I dream for through Chain Marketing.
7. Next I was told about what are the needful things to do to join with them. They said first I need to get registration & purchase a product from list of products. I have chosen the gold coin for Konark Sun temple. Then I was completely unaware of its worth and weight. Even I didn’t have the thought to ask for the same as I was in inspired mood.
8. After completion of presentation, I was asked how the business plan is and I replied it is very good as I new to this kind of businesses.
9. Immediately I was told about investments for registration & product details. And asked me how is the investments. I just then replied too much to afford it is. After they asked me what are the credit cards I am holding then. I told only one credit card I am using that too very urgent case only. Then the presenter asked my details like name, address, some account details like Pan Card etc.
10. After they took me to Lunch and offered me free lunch and then took me the same place to registration. They done all my registration with the details I provided earlier and finally asked my credit card details. I was then thinking once again and tried to get suggestions from friends. When I tried to call some of my friends, they asked me it is an opportunity I am missing if I call to my friends. And they didn’t give me an opportunity to get arise a second thought in my mind. It was totally blocked by their words and inspirations.
11.  I was totally then in mesmerized & inspired mood and unconsciously given my card to that team. They did my registration. After completion of registration, all came to me and wished me as “welcome to Chain Marketers family”.
12.  Registration was completed and every one was happy. They took me to another room and explained me what are the does and don’t. In the do and don’t, they told the ways to get the members to presentation.
13.  In the “Does & Don’t” section, they instructed me to get my friends, relatives, colleagues to the presentation without tell them first about company and its process. I just have to invite them there as telling meeting friends or having party etc.
14.  Once I get them to the local office where usually presentations going, they once again repeat the process same to the new members also. It is a continues process to get the people join and invest their money as I was.

After me joined, They conducted conferences like VCon, Recom, Mouna (I have been to all these several times) by the people like Padma, Anuradha, Shabarinath etc. come these and they use powerful brain storming tools to change the minds of people to go ahead with this business…but they be careful not to use the work GQ in these seminars. These training are good in away because it will make you a good human being and make the way think different but these people use these for wrong purposes. I.e. To get the new members into the business.

Here ends this true story.

So before joining Chain Marketing, please read this article. I am confident, after this you will never like to hear the name of this business. It is graveyard of friendship, please spread this word and give link to this articles so as to protect innocent persons from MLM or chain marketing.

In the end, I would like to quote from binaryday

Everything said and done do remember that good friends are really important in life. Hence be cautious while you are mixing friendship and business. To abhishek, 32k is a really small amount to pay to learn about 3 people that you considered friends are not your friends. So be happy that the incident happened. And thanks for making all of us aware about a fraud programme.

All the names and locations which are given in this article are all imaginary as I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings through this article. Just I want to beware my friends and other people from such things so that what happened with me, may not happen with any other innocent person.

If this article is hurting someone’s feelings then please contact me, I will take the required action.

  • 1

    I totally agree with the title of the post-“Graveyard of friendship”. I was also going to join.. i realised that even before joining all that i talked with my friends were regarding this only.. I felt that this is not wat i want.. thank god i backed out at the right time.. No regrets.

    Chanchala on April 21st, 2008
  • 2

    Such schemes have been around for decades and usually work because people are generally greedy.

    Its good you are exposing this and thereby doing your bit to ensure no other person gets caught in the scam.

    Good work.


    Tarun on April 27th, 2008
  • 3

    This business is based on fraud, lie and making innocent persons fool. I just want to ask why my friends showed me fake cheques, why they told lie to me? Answer my question.

    Abhishek Kumar on April 27th, 2008
  • 4

    I just wrote about this incident in Binaryday

    Hope that will make more people aware about this fraud programme and your 4 ex-freinds.

    Sita on April 27th, 2008
  • 5

    Network Marketing is nothing new.
    Questnet has many products and services.
    IR (Independent representatives) can do 2 things.
    01. Find Potential customers who just want to buy products or services from Questnet. (Retail Customers)
    02. Find More IRs who like to be some one like a Distributor.

    To find retail customers people have to learn the products and go and talk or show the products..

    To find the IRs people learn the benifits of the business and go out and share the benifits…
    anyway to Join to Questnet as an IR you dont have to Buy a product… if you really dont want any products of questnet..
    Just register as an Ir (10$) and u can reffer a retail customer to quest if they purchase a product or a service with your refferal number you are quolified to start the questnet business.. But if u really want a product to keep for ur self or to show as a sample u can buy one or more..

    Mr. Abhishek… you are a Graduate of computer science.. and hope you are a smart person..
    before join to questnet did you know this point?
    did u read the plicies and procedures when u register?

    Your friends have given you an opportunity.. to be a world wide online distributor for many products and services.. Ex: Olympic Coins, Swiss Watches, Vacation packages, Telecom Systems, Nano technology Wellness products etc…

    So its your choice how you take it and do it ethically…

    Just go to these links and understand the values of products and try to do some ethical business with questnet…

    May be you are against the method of what your friends are following to signup people..

    Not to questnet…

    all these websites can help you to learn about questnet and its product values…

    be open mind.. see whats there… learn… seek knowledgee..
    do some ethical buisness with questnet products and services..

    for me.. if some on

    Nalak on April 27th, 2008
  • 6

    good information dude
    these people also try to setup their fraud business in indore and asking me to join their business and make people fool here
    their one friend i don’t remember the full name but its last name was “SHAH” saying me that he is earning more then 10 lac per month and stil working in “india bulls”
    so funny man….
    some one earning so much and this fraud job as a part time
    friends be careful…………..
    don’t put you money in such fraud business………..

    Ajay on April 27th, 2008
  • 7

    I’m always with you against anything wrong.

    Sarthak Jain on April 27th, 2008
  • 8

    i m very sad to knw all these……nd really i m not able to convince myself all these… can such good frnds can do like that…..coz i knw wat they mean to u…nd i always remeber that how good frnd they r of u….
    but plz plz….convo me aa jana…..humlog bhi to hain…..

    Sridhar Mishra on April 27th, 2008
  • 9

    Hmmm. More than the money I am sure the greedy action of so called friends hurts even more. Truly sorry that this happened to you. Agree with you that you dont need enemies with such friends. Thanks for sharing about this incident and alerting others so they will be careful.

    Rajiv on April 27th, 2008
  • 10

    India is deploying crack sleuths to track down the operators of a Goldquest-Questnet scheme in the Karnataka state after thousands of victims complained to the police, media reports said.

    “Initial investigations into the fraud committed by Quest-Net India Limited has revealed the firm had duped people to the tune of several hundred crores (hundreds of thousands of rupees) across the country,” the Deccan Herald said.

    “Interestingly, the directors of this Chennai-based company, including MD Pushpam Appal Naidu, are now ‘out of the country’.

    “Police have no information about their whereabouts.”

    Last month agency reports out of Kabul said the Afghan government had banned the scheme.

    The Deccan Herald said city police would hand over the case to the Corps of Detectives, a state-wide investigations authority.

    The number of victims in Bangalore has increased from 800 to 2,500 in just a week.

    Reports indicate that the scheme had been previously banned or collapsed in Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Philippines and the UAE.

    However after a few years, when the furore dies down, it crops up again. The scheme uses a multilevel or referral system to recruit members with a chain or victims that grows in a pyramid formation.

    People higher in the pyramid or the ‘upline’ get ‘commissions’ for each new recruit. Goldquest has in the past sold gold coins, medallions and telecom services.

    Critics have pointed out that 99 percent of the victims of such schemes who make up the so-called ‘downline’ end up losing money.

    But the loss ratio could be increased by using techniques such as ‘binary compensation’ which makes it even more difficult to qualify for ‘commissions’.

    Gagan on April 27th, 2008
  • 11

    Finally someone cleared the mist…

    Anshuman on April 27th, 2008
  • 12

    I have the same stupid gold coin… anybody wanna buy it?

    Visage on April 27th, 2008
  • 13

    do job in the end, an eye opening account.
    thanks a ton

    Raj Sahu on April 27th, 2008
  • 14

    In this company,from what i am learning about it, is that you have to WORK! One other thing this blog has presented was the CHECK which proves that questnet pays thier representatives. The only reason you did not recieve a check is because you did not WORK. If you put the time and effort and followed all the teachings you will earn. I cannot wait to earn those checks I was always wondering what they looked liked.

    Amin H. on May 7th, 2008
  • 15

    DEAR Abhishek Kumar,


    “Questnet :: IS HELL ON EARTH”


    Dharma Protector on May 13th, 2008
  • 16

    Amway, Modicare and lots of companies working on Networking Model that doesnt mean companies are doing wrong…coms representatives are wrong… are cheated by your friends so blaming company. You know only 4-5% people get success in Network industy…
    Networking is a concept which can be used for good and bad too…you can murder with knife and same knife can be used to save someone’s life during operation….its upto you….

    tina on May 15th, 2008
  • 17


    You sound wise by saying “It’s up to you to decide”. Nice. But the question is whether the company or IR ever letting their prospective “clients” know that at any point of time near 87% of people doesn’t earn any money out of the pyramid.

    Simple math is that the number of people at the bottom most level of the pyramid is more than the rest of all levels summed up. How wonderful this is. Is everyone made aware of that?

    In which case this becomes a fair game as everyone knows what they are entering into. Without that it’s just plain and simple cheating.

    Nameless on May 15th, 2008
  • 18

    Hello Friends,

    This company is not a fraudulent company. I have been in this business for 2 years and I have regularly received my share of commission. The company has very good ethics and policies. Its only a bunch of people who dont follow the right path laid by the company and spoil the reputation. Such people are ignorant and lazzy. Please understand the way in which this business is done before joining it.

    punit on May 16th, 2008
  • 19


    In business for 2 years and receiving your money regularly. What about your downlines? Are all of them receiving money? Do some basic math and for a perfectly matched pyramid in 29 levels the pyramids population will cross earths population. There can be many discontinuities at various levels. From where are you gonna bring people?

    Nameless on May 19th, 2008
  • 20

    I can agree with your statement. but there is a problem here for freshers who r going to join in this bizz. let me ask one question first!!
    R u read P&P completely before step into this bizz?
    we will trust our friends the words from our friends is our P&P, isn’t it!!
    later the story will be different once you stepped into bizz. the bizz might be good, but their complete focus on just dumping the people without informing basics to them. r u really satisfied enough with the commissions? its simply somebodies hard earned money. we r sucking them.

    Srinu on May 19th, 2008
  • 21

    I can understand your feelings. i pity you. sorry yaar
    Its definitely ‘The graveyard of Friendship’. i lost my few of my best friends. just becoz of 33k!!
    I know its very hard to rebuild relationships once again

    Srinu on May 19th, 2008
  • 22

    very very useless shameless people r into this this ohhhhh god what an experience i had in this so called stupid business lost soooooo muc
    much in this. beware of Delhites for gods sake dont listen to questers just shooooo them offfffff.

    rainy_khanna on June 4th, 2008
  • 23

    Quest Net Is bad

    Ravi on June 8th, 2008
  • 24

    Questnet is good

    Ramesh on June 8th, 2008
  • 25

    Be carefull about so called Great Esteem, part of quest, they have closed their system at Vasavi Vidyasadan Bangalore. They call themselves very clean, which they are not. They will tell you to sign up your friends and relatives even after all the incidents that have happened. Please don’t do that, they are totally different before signing and after signing. I have an upline who doesn’t even care to take my call and just humiliates me because I have not sgned up some of my close relatives and influnential people in my circle. GuysI have been exploited and let me end the story here, let me notspoil more relations.I don’t care for the money which I have invested.I Just don’t want to be loser on relationship. I can’te xploit more people because i have been exploited. With 17000 criminal complaints from chennai alone and 2000 complaints from Bnaglore they say the company has not closed and we are still recieving our cheques. Look at this how inhuman they are , they say 17000 complaints and their pain is nothing in comparision with with money they are getting from quest. They call you Jobie ( IN THE TONE … DOGIE), they say you are worser than beggers because beggars save more than you. Guys , agreed.. the guys who are not part of quest are worser than beggars but definitely better than white collered criminals who just exploit relations and trust. They will tell stories on every sunday and motivate you to cheat even more people. I wish some of these crorepatis had visted the Bangaore/ Chennai quest office soon after it was closed and seen and the plight of people who were in tears, house maids… vegitable vendors, taxi drivers. The explanation they give for this is, these are the people who joined business after knowing everything. Can someone tell me why prostitution is banned?, why matka or gambling is banned? Eveyone knows its bad and 99 % will lose money or get HIV but still they get into it because there someone is tempting you. If exploiting human weekeness for gambling or prostitution is legal then defintely questnet is legal. What a white coller fraud it is, you will find a CA a lwayer twisting the tounge and making you feel that this is the business which is most ethical, possible and legal. Even if its legal its only to the extent of exploiting loopholes in the legal system. I wish CID or CCB visits the presentation that are held at Richmond Town (3.00 PM) every sunday and record everything that is said in the presentation, that will be good enough to prove that the entire scheme fall undder money circulation act.

    Few aspect of this business, please think over before you get into this business

    1. Is comparsion of gold coin issued by quest and legal tenders right? please ask them an incident where coin from private mint has given high returns which they promise in last 10, 20 or 30 years. wILL YOU BUY A COIN FOR Rs 3 TO 4 LAKH which is 10 0r 20 or 30 years old
    2. QVI the other product, please go back to timeshare scam of 90’s , you will find a horror story. Hospitality business doesn’t work on chain marketing (quester will not agree when you say its chain marketing). How many timeshare companies of 90’s still existing?.Given the number complaints against the company , these resorts may not exist in future

    3. Bio disk and chi pendent. Guy please work hard, meditate you energy level will go up . Bye the way guys outside quest don’t need this because they will have truth and god with them always so their chakras will be always active. If you still believe the product is right for you then please check the legal aspect of the product god knows some laws will crop up and screw your happiness. Since black magic is banned even this should be banned after some new complaints arise.

    4. Watches :Funniest thing which quest sells, please go to footpaths/unbranded shops in majestic / sowcarpet in Bangalore / chennai you may get them at 500 to 1000 bugs.

    5. Mobiles… ha.ha…….. you will get them again above mentioned streets for 5 to 6 thousands.

    I have understood the business this way

    1. Make someone signup and dont take his calls because he is not signing new people. Humiliate him , make him feel low and cheap, sideline him etc., This is what my my upline has done to me after being regular to trainig every week and after signing many people under me.

    2. Believe that , anybody outside quest is a fool and pity him feel sorry for him. After thousands of compalaints also believe in business.

    3. RYTHM, raise yourself to help the man kind. According to quest this is generally achieved when 17000 people in chennai and 2-3 thousand people in Bangalore give complaint against the company and say that…. also after getting kicked out of Afaghanistan, Srilanka

    5. Continue to give presentation (cheat)atleast 15 a month otherwise your and you upline’s business will get screwed.

    6. Giveup your job and become a full time exploiter of your friends and relatives to be called as full time networker.

    7. Initiallly they will tell you bring just two, when the continuity breaks they say go and exploit one more relation and it goes on and they use the words like Jobie , poor than beggar etc., and brainwash you to giveup your job/ business / profession.

    8. Empty your cups…. ha..ha..ha these crooks will tell you this.. meaning don’t use your mind. Because the moment you do this your conscience will stop you from cheating.

    Rajeshwar on June 9th, 2008
  • 26

    Good Rajeshwar,

    The idea what we discussed that evening has worked out. We all together will try to spoil the image of Questnet because as you know the network company , where myself and you are associated not getting anything right, so we will together spoil other network company image.

    Now in your next comment you just act as such you don’t know me, right na.

    But yaar be careful otherwise people should not know that we belongs to other network.


    sudeep on June 9th, 2008
  • 27


    You are talking about your that uncle Right?, who is your upline , but as you use to say that he helped you a lot and only because of him you are from no where to whatever you are.

    But what will happen to us as your downline, now a days you also do not take up my calls, but i never thought anything wrong about that.

    I think Rajeshwar you have a serious problem of Emotional Intelligency.

    I will never blame you for bringing me into this Business and i will be always open to you because , i understood the complete Business then only i joined , i dont have any complain towards any one, neither to company nor to the network.

    But yes even if my own brother will come and ask me Brother ” Trust Me ” i am your Own Brother , and please Drop Rs.33,500/= into a Well and trust me , it will automatically Grow to 11,500/ or 3.58 cr., I challenge no one on this earth will do , even a father says to son , or son says to father or any any any close relationship.

    I would not like to comment on any one but yes it is a matter of self Consensus that before i blame anyone , i must find my own reasoning.

    Hope my conversation should not hurt any one

    Ramesh on June 9th, 2008
  • 28

    Dear Rajeshwar,

    Just answer me one Question:

    What you have explained to your Downlines before making them Partner into this Business………..Please be honest!

    bhushan on June 9th, 2008
  • 29

    Dear Moderator,

    Why the comment which is talking little bit of positive about Questnet is deleted , if this blog is just to write agaianst Questnet , please make it clear

    bhushan on June 9th, 2008
  • 30

    Your Friend wrote:

    Dear Friends,
    See the smart in service team of Questnet.
    You Get smart reply below but No Product.. after several reminders i have not got the product for my self (NF385392) and my sister (NF385634).
    It is over 5 months but no body has come forward to help…
    But WHY>>>…
    R C Vishwakarma

    CRF Case # CRF-20080605112722 was submitted to QuestNet CRT?
    QuestNet NSG (
    Thursday, June 05, 2008 3:27:16 AM
    Dear Independent Representative,
    This is to confirm receipt of your request.
    Please check below request you have submitted previously, if you would like to add more comments, please always refer to quest net and click on “Customer Request Form” to follow up your request.
    Please quote the CRF Reference Number for any future communication with NSG or other departments.
    Product Delivery Concerns
    Extension No:
    Extension Description:
    Customer Contact Information:
    Email Address for this request:
    Contact Number:
    I am worried about product delivery. please tell me the truth. Is it because of Questnet-Chennai problem?I have searched with blue dart and overnite courier bur always I get response of ” No maching Result”. Please track yourself and let me know exact status.Ramesh Chand Vishwakarma—————————————–RE: CRF Case # CRF-20080509115129 was submitted to QuestNet NSG? From: Network Support ( Sent: Saturday, May 24, 2008 9:24:04 AM To: ””rcvishwakarma vishwakarma”” ( Dear Valued IR,Please be informed that your product has been shipped, details are as at follow:Ship #IR ID TCExtOrder NoItem NoCAN NoTypeProduct CodeProduct NameYearWeekShip StatusRemarkWarehousePick UpStockist1784077 NF385392DN087428491OPI110150003560th Years of Indian Independence Gold and Silver Medallions20083India Local – Pickup From India(Local) Received by AWB: ET 42246275 1 IN on 17.04.08NoPlease kindly contact local agency Blue Dart service or Overnight courier in order to find out the delivery status.Thank you for your kind cooperation, patience and understanding.We greatly appreciate your continuous support to QuestNet.In serviceJenny YuNetwork Support GroupQuestNet LtdRedefi If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at +852 2827 1889 or fax us at +852 2827 1833.Tha
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at +852 2827 1889 or fax us at +852 2827 1833.
    Thank you.
    In Service,Network Support

    rcvishwakarma on June 10th, 2008
  • 31

    Youe moron, give me you number and id , I will pay the money you have invested and get you out of network.Great esteem is based on strong values and principles. It’s better dirt like you gets out of network

    Mumbaiwala on June 10th, 2008
  • 32

    Good comments dear

    Mumbaiwala on June 10th, 2008
  • 33

    Please visit above link to check latest on questnet, I am told police and voluntary organizations are circulating pamplets.

    Hi ,
    all great fans of questnet can you tell me how your conscience is permitting you to do this Job, which is as such termed as illegal and against which police is circulating pamplets in chennai. if you have guts go to Police and get no objection certificate for your business. If not you will definitely get to hear music from police or leagal authorites. If you have guts share you number and address I will send cops to the place from where you are carrying out the business. What is illegal is illegal, don’t try to prove it with logic. Don’t steal other’s chappals because yours have been stolen in a place of mass gathering.


    Satya Meva Jayate on June 11th, 2008
  • 34

    s Network Marketing issues are Bigger that

    ” India’s Black Money Problem”

    India loses Rs 63,000 crore of investment due to corrupt business environment, PHD Chamber study
    May 4, 2007 in Business India, Corruption

    The parallel economy in India
    The persistence of black money is evidence that India’s reforms still have a long way to go
    India’s parallel economy is so deeply entrenched that possession of black money is not even considered worthy of reproach in social reckoning. In fact, custodians of the administrative machinery themselves seem to have joined the race to accumulate such wealth.
    Perhaps such attitudes were understandable to an extent during the high noon of repressive taxation and socialist subjugation in the 1960s and 1970s, when anything other than a frugal lifestyle was all but impossible for an honest taxpayer to maintain. Those were days of misery. But tax rates in India today are moderate by any yardstick in the world, and the persistence of the impunity with which black money is held suggests a much older provenance. Looking further back in history, the black sector emerged in India during World War II, when daily necessities were in acute scarcity and the government of the day adopted rationing as a welfare policy, thus introducing a system of controls. With prices no longer set by the natural interaction of market demand and supply, black marketeering—the surreptitious sale of diverted goods at higher prices—emerged. The continuance of controls, post-1947, that defied economic sense was justified in the context of the prevailing deprivation then. The parallel economy began to expand, and once the control mechanisms were instiutionalised, it attained multifarious dimensions.
    Estimates of black money, unrecorded and untaxed, circulating in the economy have varied widely from time to time. In 1967-68, it was placed at Rs 3,034 crore. But by 1978-79, it had soared to Rs 46,867 crores— more than 15 times in just 12 years. Black money was estimated to be 9.5% of GDP in 1967-68, rising to 49% of GDP in 1978-79 and 50.7% in 1987-88. This is an alarming rise, and had better information been publicly available on the trend, the pressure for market reforms may have come much sooner—saving India the delay that gave China its headstart.
    By the early 1980s, the problem was virtually blaring bright red danger signals. By one count, the rate of growth in the parallel economy was higher than that of GDP in the period from 1980-81 to 1987-89; the former rose by 46.7% and the latter by 40%.
    Sadly, however, the control raj legacy has not proven easy to shake off. As estimated by the Parliament Standing Committee on Finance, black money in circulation continued to exceed the accounted-for kind in the 1990s. Swiss bank deposits by Indians over the past decade are estimated to have swelled. Thankfully, India’s economic performance and opportunity for high returns have prevented ‘capital flight’ as classically understood. But in the export sector, under and over-invoicing of dollar deals carry on.
    Transparency International, which publishes a Corruption Perception Index, covering 146 countries, places India at rank 91. Some Rs 21,000 crore annually is estimated to exchange hands in the form of bribery in the country, which indicates the extent of the problem.
    Take the real estate sector. High taxes result in widespread cash transactions and under-declaration of deals, which skews market information and hurts the process of capital allocation. Clearly, ECBs disguised as equity investments are not the only reform required here.
    The existence of black money is injurious not just for tax revenues. It distorts the systematic resource allocation process and upsets the accuracy of economic forecasts. Good economic management requires precise and reliable data.
    Industry, meanwhile, needs a business environment that is free of arbitrary controls that may squeeze out bribes. The PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry reckons that Indian industry loses at least Rs 63,000 crore of investment because of the corrupt business environment. With just a 15% check on corruption, India’s economic growth could get a 1.3% boost, and faster growth means more money to go round. It is good for all. Similarly, mobilising hoarded stashes of money for productive purposes could push up growth.
    What are the solutions? While policing has its uses, what would work better is a clear incentivisation of above-board transactions. Value added tax (Vat) has already had an impact. To claim Vat credits, large numbers of small shopkeepers are ‘opting in’—signing on to the formal system of business, keeping their books clean and paying taxes. This kind of movement depends on other business associates doing likewise, and it is good that the word of benefits is going around.
    Lower taxes, by and large, beget better compliance. Also, systems of controls that still exist need to be removed. For most rational operators, the risk of being caught on the wrong side of the law is not worth taking beyond a certain point. The job of governance is to make realistic estimates of what precisely these limits are, and then ensure that people are induced to work within the proper framework of law.
    This works by taking an empathetic view of business. Under what circumstances does a small trader, for example, feel constrained enough to jump the law? A system of rules and regulations that is seen as just and conducive to meeting the goals of individuals would encourage people to abandon parallel activities and participate in the official economy. In other words, high levels of black money should be seen as evidence that reforms in India remain a story of underachievement.
    —Kewal Raj Dawer is a senior faculty member at ICFAI Business School, Chandigarh. These are his personal views

    Bhushan on June 11th, 2008
  • 35

    I hate quest.

    bhushan on June 12th, 2008
  • 36

    Mr. Economist/ Bhushan
    Can I know why U have posted something which totally diconnected to the blog? what are you trying to say ?There is a bigger problem called blackmoney so questnet is good. What is relation between blackmoney and questnet? When it is not your own article you cud have jus given link than messing whole whole space with garbage. better go and take cyber etiquettes class.Also meet somebody who can teach you where to talk what. Get your fundamentals right.

    Satya Meva Jayate on June 12th, 2008
  • 37

    You are really a funny guy !

    satya Meva Jayate on June 12th, 2008
  • 38

    Dear Satya Meva Jayate,

    Thanks for your compliment saying me a funny Guy.
    But i don’t understand one thing:

    When: Name:( Required ), then also why people hide their original name under what etiquettes this comes and as well you are quoting me Economist, funny guy , dear if you feel it is good practice , you follow this , good luck.

    bhushan on June 14th, 2008
  • 39

    Hi Mumbaiwala

    I am Abhishek, the author of this website. I am also victim of questnet. I will send you my id and password for quest, I will also give my product that I purchased from questnet. Will you be able to give my money back ????

    Abhishek Kumar on June 14th, 2008
  • 40

    Why Government of India has Invited Dato Vijay Eshwaran. Do they don’t check the credential of people before inviting or do the invite only credible people for such events.

    bhushan on June 14th, 2008
  • bhushan on June 14th, 2008
  • bhushan on June 14th, 2008
  • 43


    You seem to be a die hard fan of Questnet and Vijay Eshwaran. Why don’t you publish your contact details. I want to walk in into place of choice along with CCB Police and record the the business presentation you give. Also I will have a lawyer along with me and two witness and a video camera.
    And let me tell you, media is something which can be bought or article about a businessman can be published. People like Harshad Mehta, ketan Parekh were invitees for many events and media had written lot of +ve about them, I remember harshad mehta was interviewed soon after the budget in 90’s but see what happened there after. White collared scamsters manage the media very carefully. If you have budget tell me, I will appoint a PR AGENCY and i will ensure that you are in news always. So don’t go by what forbes says,that was all past. Do you know Vijay Eshwaran personally ? If he is so caring ( as last few questers claim) why is he not coming in public, why he has not visited India after the scam?. Don’t be a emotional fool. Look at your uplines you will see most of them are absconding, those who are left are just telling you bunch of lies which you are made to believe.

    I have friends (I can’t name them) who are my crossline, upline they who had quit their job to become fulltimers, but sadly they are preparing their resume.

    You seem to have been brain washed. But don’t forget Quest is not your family concern. Ask yourself a question “will i invest in questnet if somebody came to me today and asked me to do so?”.

    Top management of quest and your grand uplines are all chronic scamsters, Vijay Eshwaran has got arrested several times. Cheat is a cheat, so many people can’t be wrong.

    BTW I am not here to stop you from your quest business. I am just telling truth and in questnet if someone talks truth then its considered neagtive. Go ahead and commit fraud with some more people. Oh.. yeah in quest’s langauage do a favour by exploiting the relation and teaching them how to suck other’s money to make some select uplines rich. Don’t forget you will be losing those valuable relations of your life once their is last nail in quest’s coffin. Do you think all those people who joined under you with your direct reference will ever trust you for anything… yeah may be as long as you and your uplines maintain the iron cutain. Once people come to know of what’s happening behind, they will hate you more than your worst enemy for concealing the information. Stop promoting quest, these cases will happen again and people will lose money. Vijay eshwaran and your uplines are prepared to go to Jail every now and then, what about you? If you are then please publish all the address where you are all conducting business , I will have police raid your premises.

    Antiscam on June 17th, 2008
  • 44


    Where are you ? Still in Josh or Hosh ( I believe you know Hindi). Don’t get carried away (to jail). Just got to know that today my crossline got arrested in chennai for promoting quest . Police are just keeping any eye on everything that’s happening and across India they are doing that to prevent further fraud.

    Looks like Vijay Eshwaran is your relative ! isn’t he? if isn’t ? Then be careful, these guys r for nobody.
    You know babri Masjid issue ? I was a hardcore RSS supporter,my close friend (again from RSS)lost his life because he strongly believed that building temple in Ayodhya was right, but see what has happened today. Temple is no longer an issue and BJP enjoyed power for many years without ever talking about temple. Not even single leader from BJP ever came enquire about his family.Today you are supporting quest like a fanatic. If you get arrsted , do you think, any of your upline or board of directors of quest will come for your rescue and take care of your family. Don’t be a fool. Compare your quest leaders with that of politicains, many might have made crores, how many of them ar today seen today, to wipe the tears of those who have lost money. Instead these swindlers / rogues have switched of their mobiles and are having gala time in their vacation. They will come out again, may be after two months (after the loot is exhausted and supply is stopped)and will say everything is cooled off and come lets revive the business. Again new sapegoates will be invited, new sign up will happen and scam news will break out from new location and story will go on. Something similar to go-to-job come back home….signup-training …scam…leaders abscond… fresh start.Every time quest is in news for wrong reason you will say it because 90 % fail in this business. Good excuse, exploit the relation first and then if he is unable to do what you have done then call him a failure and also remind him that he was explained about the business well in advance. Good way to trick people.

    Antiscam on June 17th, 2008
  • 45

    Dear Antiscam,

    I understand your frustration as well as your mindset of being failure. Don’t take this to heart because the kind of language you are writing it clearly shows that in spite of putting your energy to create a synergy to whatever work you do in life ( Any Job / Business / Profession ), you have enough time to negate people.

    Coming back to your threatening (Ya it is threatening), the best answer or proposal what i can give is let us fix a timing near the commissioner office it self or call for a press conference ( if you can ) and or else write to “Barkha Dutta” a prominent press reporter of NDTV and propose a open Media Debate on the issue of Network marketing.

    Don’t try to make me afraid by threatening me.

    Kindly refer the following rule :

    and please before commenting anything on public platform understand the complications.

    Also Refer :
    1. AIR 1963 SC 1295
    2. AIR 1982 SC 710.
    3. AIR 1981 SC 746.
    4. AIR 1984 SC 1099
    5. AIR 1986 SC 180.
    6. Ibid, pp 193-94.

    Read What Justice ” M. L. Shrima” Says on “Right to Work”

    “According to me what the Government intends to convey is there should be a radical shift of nation. Full employment does not mean guaranteeing each person a job but taking measures affecting the aggregate of employment so that conditions exist for people to find job or honest means by which they can earn their livelihood. work, jobs and limit of unemployment would be stemming from the basic principle at it is the
    right of every Indian citizen to have access to work which keep at least his mind and body together with dignity. This cannot be attempted by linking
    with employment procedures and schemes but by changing the entire pattern of investment in development and industry to create massive support system for the small producer, farmer, artisan and self employed.

    My dear friends Yes if Government of India BANS the Quest net Business , then the real Story Starts before that i believe all who are talking Anti-Quest are Just failed because they understand that they don’t have a winning tendency. ( It is my observation , not at all a any personal comment on any individual).

    Yes i respect , regards and really impressed by ” Dato Vijay Eswaran” , your provoking words and threatening language will not allow my heart to hate others.

    bhushan on June 17th, 2008
  • 46

    Dear Antiscam,

    Please comment after reading this link:

    bhushan on June 17th, 2008
  • 47

    Dear Antiscam:

    Original Link as Below:

    Click on here for hyperlinks of photos ,

    bhushan on June 17th, 2008
  • 48

    Dear Antiscam,

    See this too:

    bhushan on June 17th, 2008
  • 49


    I liked the way you are trying to educate people and spoiling Questnet Name.
    Good luck. Let me share my experience with Questnet

    I am Ramesh, associated with Questnet since last 1.5 yrs. I got my product in time and receiving commissions on regular basis without delaying even a day in my quest account. Now coming to your question whether my down lines are also earning , yes of course but not all. People who are ready to learn the concept and applying in their network are the one who is making BIG MONEY. This is a business not get rich scheme nor fixed deposit. If you want to be successful in any business first you must ready to learn. I do not have any problem in my network including the people who are not earning, because at the time of presentation I made it very clear that this is not a ‘get rich scheme’
    99% people who failed in my network agree with me that they don’t have enough time for this business. Fair enough right………………

    I have seen some people saying, somebody told me invest Rs 32000 and after 3 months he will be paid Rs 11,500 every week till he dies, R u people joking? How can somebody fool you like that, because you have failed so now you want to blame somebody… right
    We are all adults joined this business right ….. then why to blame, read the agreement and the compensation plan before u join. Yes if u have not received your product or commission cheque as per the compensation plan you have every right to file a case. Otherwise common guys you are just wasting your time and legal departments time.. If you are thinking that filing a case with police you will get your money back that will be a joke.

    Take it from me after this chennai case Questnet is going to rock the world , thanks to the media making people know about questnet……. Free advertisement….

    To conclude please we are all adults , try to understand what type of business you are joining…. Don’t blame people …… but I am sure this is the only business can change common man from NOBODY TO SOMEBODY. But this is not a get rich scheme…..

    Tell me what about stock market, is it not a gamble you put your money and you don’t have any control over it, but here if u learn to do the business , u can earn good money

    What about Lottery? Why govt is not banning

    My friends Govt is deducting the tax from the commission cheque of people, this is enough to show you that this is a legal business.

    Good luck

    Ramesh on June 17th, 2008
  • 50

    One more thing guys, I think you people wants to educate people right, why cannot you people ask Govt to ban ‘ Stock exchange’. This is more serious then quest. Only problem here is you do not know who is making money out of you right. There are no criteria for the market price. Some company is having EPS of 20 market price is 150 and some company is having EPS of 6 market price is 1500. Still this is a legal business and big bulls can keep on cheating people and you don’t have any problem right ?????

    Atleast in quest of you ready to invest your time you make make money, but in stock market you do not have any control over your investment, still that is a LEGAL BUSINESS. Then why not MLM.

    Questnet is not cheated anybody… it is a genuine company..

    Ramesh on June 17th, 2008
  • 51

    Dear Antiscam

    Read why “Dato”

    The honour was conferred at a lavish ceremony held in conjunction with the 76th birthday of His Royal Highness Sultan Ahmad Shah of Pahang, who presented the esteemed award to QuestNet’s visionary leader in recognition of his continuing contribution to economic growth in the region.

    Press Release:

    bhushan on June 17th, 2008
  • 52

    Dear Antiscam,

    Please don’t Compare Harshad Mehta, Telgi or Ketan with Dato Vijay Eshwaran:

    Read About Dato Vijay Eshwaran

    Vijay Eswaran Photos

    Would you dare to build a successful organization with a global presence during a period of economic crisis? Dato’ Vijay Eswaran did!

    The symbol of strength, perseverance and leadership, that Dato’ Vijay Eswaran is, only such a person could have the vision to do so. Along with his two trustworthy partners, he succeeded in his venture. Now Dato’ Vijay Eswaran is the group MD and CEO of the QI group of Companies. In just a few years, he experienced so much growth and success that it helped him to venture into several other businesses, the parent company being QI Ltd. Dato’ Vijay Eswaran’s company boasts a variety of businesses from holiday resorts, luxury products, wellness, telecommunication services and TV stations in Europe. Dato’ Vijay Eswaran and the QI group have partnerships with international organizations such as FIFA, International Olympic Committee, United Nations- FAO program and many more. Dato’ Vijay Eswaran’s companies have an estimated three million customers in over 160 countries worldwide and a further presence in nearly 30 countries through QI Group’s various offices and subsidiaries.

    View photos of Dato’ Vijay Eswaran with Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho here

    QI Ltd, a multinational organization headquartered in Hong Kong was established in 1998 to lead the development of a dynamic group of companies. That was a time of the Aisan Economic Crisis, even then Dato’ Vijay Eswaran was already looking at the future when Asia would be resurgent again. Spread in over 30 countries from Australia to Brazil today, through its subsidiaries and associates, the rapidly expanding QI group is involved in many varied business sectors including retail, travel & leisure, luxury products, interactive marketing, telecom & technology products, financial services & corporate investments, media, training & education, and business consulting

    View photos of Dato’ Vijay Eswaran being interviewed in Berlin here

    QI’s success reflects the creative & entrepreneurial spirit Dato’ Vijay Eswaran, and his team led by resourceful managers. The QI Group focusses on solid economic fundamentals and an all-consuming commitment to its customers and partners. The group’s expansion into high-quality inter-related businesses, products, and services has created many new opportunities for customers. The group is guided in its growth by Dato’ Vijay Eswaran’s determined vision: to be acknowledged by its clients as their first, finest and most preferred business partner. Today, QI is a dynamially evolving company with the ability to match the rapidly changing international business environment. QI’s cutting-edge technology and advanced, web-based solutions offer an efficient service to the company’s valued partners, customers and suppliers. In just eight years, the group has built a significant track record of innovation and achievement. QI Ltd also has significant investments in several public listed companies in India and Sri Lanka.

    View photos of Dato’ Vijay Eswaran giving the Keynote speech at Global Enterpreneur’s Summit here

    Dato’ Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian Citizen of Indian origin, but he is better described as a Global Citizen. Dato’ Vijay Eswaran completed his higher education in leading universities in UK and the USA. He built up an impressive track record of working for top rung companies including IBM, in very responsible positions in the US, Europe, Australia and Canada, before returning to Asia in the early 90s, where he got involved with the network marketing industry and eventually co-founded what evolved into the QI Group of Companies.

    View photos of Dato’ Vijay Eswaran presenting the CHOGM Special Edition Pure Gold Coin to Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi here

    Dato Vijay Eswaran believes that you must “Raise Yourself To Help Mankind”, which has been his guiding philosophy in all walks of life. In addition to helping him build a multinational corporation, this philosophy motivated Dato’ Vijay Eswaran to establish the RYTHM Foundation, the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the QI group that is involved in philanthropic activities around the world. In Malaysia he has established the Vijayaratnam Foundation in his Father’s honour that helps provide scholarships to needy but deserving students.

    View photos of Dato’ Vijay Eswaran giving the Opening speech at Madras Management Association annual convention here

    In late 2006, he was conferred with the prestigious title of Knight Commander of The Most of The Crown of Pahang, Honorary Distinguished Order Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang (DIMP) by His Royal Highness The Sultan of Pahang, Malaysia in recognition of his contribution to the economic growth of the State of Pahang. This investiture carries the title Dato’, which is a rough equivalent of the Knighthood in UK. In Malaysia and parts of South-East Asia, he is known as Dato’ Vijay Eswaran.

    View photos of Dato’ Vijay Eswaran receiving Dato’ship from HRH The Sultan of Pahang here

    A highly respected motivational speaker, Dato’ Vijay Eswaran lectures around the world on a variety of subjects ranging from spirituality to business. He has spoken at leading universities, management and business leadership forums. He was invited to speak at the prestigious Commonwealth Business Forum of the CHOGM 2007 in Uganda, where he was also invited to participate in the Heads of Government Round Table meeting. At the invitation of the government of India, he was a panelist at the 6th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, the global Indian Diaspora meet in Jan 2008. His speech on Knowledge Economy, where he urged India to transcend its focus on IT, towards holistic knowledge was very well received

    View photos of Dato’ Vijay Eswaran meeting President Museveni of Uganda at CHOGM in Kampala here

    Dato’ Vijay Eswaran has recently penned his first book titled “In the Sphere of Silence” that encapsulates the core of the philosophy he lives his life by. The Sphere of Silence has a very simple and realistic set of exercises, that require very little time and effort. This self-reflective and meditative technique can be done anytime and any where. Highly acclaimed worldwide, Dato’ Vijay Eswaran’s book has been hailed by accomplished international authors like Robin Sharma, Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard. The book has also been translated into German, Dutch, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese and Farsi.

    View photos of Dato’ Vijay Eswaran signing copies of In the Sphere of Silence for fans here

    In his multiple roles as a businessman, philanthropist, motivator and writer Dato’ Vijay Eswaran continues to change millions of lives around the world through his speeches, his books, his philanthropic activities and his businesses. Truly, global citizen, Dato’ Vijay Eswaran travels extensively around the world with his wife and lives in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Sydney and London.

    View photos of Dato’ Vijay Eswaran with Pope John Paul II here

    View photos of Dato’ Vijay Eswaran receiving blessings from Bodhinathaswami of Kuai Aadheenam ( Hindu monastery in Hawaii) here

    bhushan on June 17th, 2008
  • 53

    Dear Antiscam,

    I know you don’t trust forbes/ usatoday

    but look at below:

    bhushan on June 17th, 2008
  • bhushan on June 17th, 2008
  • 55

    I think it is waste of time Blogging on this article here.

    Its look like only the Anti-Quest People will be wasting time here.

    “For those who believe, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will suffice.”

    When words are exchanged, thoughts meet. When convictions are exchanged minds meet. When love is exchanged souls meet.

    Time is currency. An hour spent on one person is an hour lost to someone else. Prioritise where and how you spend your time before you spend it.

    Only by trying can we eventually be true and triumphant. Whilst by descending into despair, we can only be drawn into defeat and depression.

    it’s better to be brave and slave, Then to bend to every crave and end up being a knave.

    As your attitude to the problem changes so does the solution. Sometimes the solution cannot even be perceived till you change. The answer to every problem begins with change.

    The day after he became the World Chess Champion, Bobby Fischer was asked what he was aiming for next and his answer became my credo for the last 30 years, he said, “Yesterday was good but today I want to be better!”

    The day I don’t face any problems, I should think that I am walking on a wrong path. – Vivekananda

    Only effort is ours.All effort has its effect. Trying to influence or anticipate result only delays the inevitable and nothing is gained. Leave rest to HIM.

    “The true champions have never stopped being beginners”.

    Life is not divided into semesters. You don’t get summers off and very few employers are interested in helping you find yourself. You are supposed to do that on your own time.

    “You don’t get in life what you want. You get what you are!” Les Brown

    What I am doing today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it…

    Hammering/redirecting/chastising takes too much effort for it to be done at random. You can only hammer people you care about. Most people don’t have time to turn up at your funeral, leave alone come to see you in hospital. This is the real world. I hope you will love your children enough to hammer them when needed. Nothing can replace this. Being a stroke victim only inhibits the body, being a victim of the ego however, can cripple your mind. I have been blessed by a quite few hammerings in my time. They have helped make me who I am. I wish for you the same. Seek it and not avoid it.

    But yes observer over period of time all Anti-Quest People will disappear from here (“Becuase a SAD News is about to come for Anti-Quester” Very Very Soon…) After that people will beg to enter into Professional Network.

    bhushan on June 17th, 2008
  • 56

    Hi People,
    Can anybody answer to the following doubts of mine.
    1) WORK SMART- What do questers mean when they say work smart. I find some flaw in the scheme and its natural that i want to point out that flaw to other or say i want to get my doubts cleared. I say “Company is making huge profit. There is no source of income generation which is paid out as commision to the joinees”. The arguement used to support this doubt from the questers here is “COKE MAKES SIMILAR PROFIT. THEY ARE ALSO CHEATING”. Does this mean that quest is also working or should i say cheating on the same lines?
    2) Where does the money come from to be distributed to the people on the higher levels apart from the money they get from the new joinees.
    3) Suppose all the people in the world join this business? PLEASE NOTE THIS IS AN ASSUMPTION(totally hypothetical in nature). Suppose all people join then Mathematically 12 % of the people will make profit. I request the questers to please tell me HOW THE HELL WILL YOU BE SERVING THE REMAINING 88 % in this case. If we just narrow down this to the current scenario then how does it help the 88% people in this loop.
    4) Coming to the point discussed about vision of the comapany. Business works in this way according to me ” There is a product/service. There is demand for it. You pay and you get the product/service of that value. And the value in turn includes the profit for the owner of that product/service”. I hope my understanding is clear and i am stating it need not be the only way of running business. There is cheating as well. For eg you buy a so called branded item at the market price but u get duped as it turns out to be fake brand. (China made products if bought at market price can be a good example). Now can you please tell me what exactly is the vision of the company. Oh i am sorry it is to create a platform to make money and help mankind right?. Then please answer to my question number 3.
    5) Why should we pay the extra 25k+ for the product in the first case and why do we make profit only if others join below us. If it was really helping the mankind and has a proper vision associated with it then why dont we get value for our money first and where the hell are we supposed to sell the numismatic coins which are being marketed here. Why are you guys bent on proving that most of the business cheat people. Are u emphasizing the fact that quest is also one such business or is it that many reputed business families are making profit by cheating people and we are just making use of the avalable market of innocent foolish people to make money?

    Please answer these questions. See there is a possiblity of doubt in any form of discussion. There should be the right convincing ability to clear the doubts completely if there is no flaw in the counter arguements right. So i expect the questers to answer these questions. SEE I AM ALSO CREATING AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO DEFEND YOURSELF SUCCESSFULLY SO THAT PEOPLE WHO READ THIS WILL HAVE ATLEAST FEW OF THEIR DOUBTS CLEARED AND THIS WILL HELP YOU QUESTERS TO MARKET YOUR PRODUCT BETTER.


    Truth_seeker on June 18th, 2008
  • 57

    What is the actual business questers are going to do? Make more people join our network market and help mankind? Or sell the numismatics coin?
    I am really not clear of what is the business here?
    Please classify into the following
    Business Product/Service:
    Value of the product:
    Why do we sell it 4 times it actual price:
    Whats the use of the product to a common man:(I think vision is to help mankind and common man forms the bulk of it):
    Why is every person in quest now telling after the arrest that it provided good advertising to the company. Why does it not recognise that getting arrested is not a good thing. Is it another way to erase people’s mindset about the company.I am telling from personal expereince as of my friends when asked about the arrests came up with the same damn publicity answer.
    May be thats the way all business men think ? what say you guys

    QUESTERS please reply to my queries in the best interest of quest and all the people (mankind in your words):)

    Truth_seeker on June 18th, 2008
  • 58

    Dear Truth Seeker ( Funny Name never heard such name in India)or Anti Scam ha ha,

    Ok after knowing a lot about the Promoter of the Company , i need to explain you about the product line, Good.

    Qi Product and Service Line are below:

    1. Holiday Product line
    QVI Club/xchangeworld : Exclusively Distributed By Questnet

    2. J.R Mayer Collection : Exclusively Distributed By Questnet

    3. Amezcua Bio Technology Product Line : Exclusively Distributed By Questnet

    4. In-Voice Telecom Product Line:Exclusively Distributed by Questnet

    5. Bernhard H. Mayer : Watches and Jewellery’s : Exclusively Distributed by Questnet

    ( Verify the all the above Brand before commenting )

    Dear all i understand that most of the middle class family including me buy the Things in very hard ways in our life such as TV, Fridge, Scooter, car and use it years together, rather we have tendency to buy second hand items. But the above all products are life style, luxury and collectible products at future price with current rate.

    So basically all your questions are just scrap.

    bhushan on June 18th, 2008
  • 59

    Dear Truth_seeker ,

    Network marketing is a Business Concept where the customer can buy the product as a Retail Purchase by the reference of Independent Representative and since Independent Representative explains about the product and customers can collect all the details about the product from an IR before taking the details of the product for that work on every sale the IR gets a Direct Sales Commission, what is wrong into that.

    In Traditional Business Processes Distribution channels ( C&F Agency, Stockist, Distributor , retailer) gets the commission because they interact directly with their customer line.

    Insurance agent get commission because they explains the insurance details to the customer and they are paid only if the policy is sold.

    Placement Consultants are paid by the companies only when they provide the candidates to the company.

    In Quest when you purchase the product , with every product the product details are provided.

    Yes the moment people understand there is Retail sale Commissions and referral commissions one can get then people in-spite of just Buying the product many prefer to become Independent Representative.

    Price = Cost + Profit
    And the cost is outcome of various variable such as product manufacturing , taxation , Marketing and Sales expenditure (in any Network Marketing it goes to Independent Representative because they explain, recommend the product) , Corporate Social expenditure, Taxes etc.

    So Profit is for the company and rest all expenditure is counted into cost . “THIS IS THE UNIVERSAL LAW” in any Business.

    bhushan on June 18th, 2008
  • 60

    I have been going through blogs, I have been into quest for last 1 year. Most of the things written by anti questers is just garbage. There is nothing further to truth. Anybody interested in joining /knowing quest can reach me on But guys I am very conservative about who I take in this business. Just by explaining everything I won’t guarantee that I will allow you to join this business. You need to qualify to do this business. Please thinks it’s gonna be a great favor if I introduce you to do this business.
    I can honestly explain the business model.I have great team which has stood by me inspite of all the garbage which media and People who failed in this business have written. There is nothing wrong in the business. I am into this business.

    Guys I am quite sucessful in the business which I am doing and I have everything that god could give , I joined this business seeing the uncertainities of life. The last thing I would want to do this make someone join this business because quest gives me commission of Rs.2000 . My fundamentals are clear so also screening criteria. If feel you have strong dreams and want see them coming true then please contact me.

    Kamalesh Dumawat

    Proud to be a Quester

    kamalesh Dumawat on June 18th, 2008
  • 61

    Dear Mr.Bhusan,

    I think why dont u join Network marketing course, it is taught in the universities now?? If somebody try to explain here u won’t understand.

    Good luck

    Ramesh on June 18th, 2008
  • 62

    Government of India is deducting the tax from the commission cheques, who are you to decide whether the business is legal or illegal??????

    Ordinary man can be a very rich if he ready to learn the business.. no qualifications required.

    Mr.Bhusan u can also try once again

    Ramesh on June 18th, 2008
  • 63

    Sorry Mr.Bhushan, my message was for antiscam not for u !

    Carry on the good work u r doing, questnet is a real business, for the people who do not understand MLM, for them it is a scam, for the people who understands for the it is a fortune.

    Ramesh on June 18th, 2008
  • 64

    Bhushan, Ramesh

    You have written lots of things. I Just want your address to be pasted here and that’s it.You give your presentation in presence of city crime branch police. I am not interested in ndtv debate because quest’s managing director has been arrested apart from that Police is also hunting for Vijay eshwaran, quest’s accounts are frozen, product delivery is not happening. There is absolutely nothing to be proven about quest as far as public openion goes.
    There are close to 20000 people who are quest’s customer who say that company has cheated them. There may be many more who have not complained about quest but are in the same boat. They have not complained because their upline might have been either close relative or friend.
    Your fellow quest leaders are absconding or have gone underground. AS I know weekly presentations in Bangalore have been stopped with all the groups (ocean, spider and great esteem) fearing arrest of top leaders.

    My only advise to you is , please don’t be an emotional fool else god only can save you.

    With quest you may earn money or may not earn but definitely people are going lose your rspect and goodwill you have

    Antiscam on June 18th, 2008
  • 65

    Kamalesh Dumawat,

    I have sent an email, call all your uplines for the presenation along with your network, i would be there with CCB police. Also inform your family members that you maay get arrested.

    Antiscam on June 18th, 2008
  • 66

    Hi bhushan,
    You have not answered to my query at all. You have just mentioned totally irrelevant. Mine is a specific query. Please consider my two posts one below the other and reply to the query if possible.

    Truth_seeker on June 19th, 2008
  • 67

    Hi Bhushan,
    Thanks for the info on UNIVERSAL LAW. I have suggested the same on my post. But Yeah definitely your post was much more informative. But i dont find my queries scrap. See i told that definitely there will be doubts rite. I would like to be proven wrong by you cos you are also defending your arguement. Yeah if you are preferring to avoid the discussion because of obvious reasons then you can let me know that. I will consider my queries answered. But if you ready to defend yourself and clear my doubts then who knows i may end up as your downline [:)]… There is nothing wrong in raising doubts rite?

    Truth_seeker on June 19th, 2008
  • 68

    Hi All Questers,
    Please reply to each of my questions mentioned in posts numbered 56 and 57. Please take it in the right spirit and answer the questions. These are genuine questions and i would just like my doubts cleared. This can also help other guys understand the vision which till now they are not able to see.

    Truth_seeker on June 19th, 2008
  • 69

    Bhushan, Ramesh, Kamalesh

    Bhushan> confused quester>confusing others>never to the point> misleads the discussion. Very very funny. I feel Ramesh and Bhushan are not different guys they are same. Any way, this is the way questers do the business.
    Wishing Bhushan to Maxout in next 1 hour. Hope he will still find 18000 Bakras to join quest. and those 18000 bakras will again make 18000X18000 bakras those will find 18000x18000x18000x18000…. to ensure they all maxout…guys have atleast 100 babies for you else Bhushan , Ramesh, Kamalesh and their downlines will not maxout..ha..ha. If you csn’t have babies, import them from mars or other planet.. go for cloning..or invent machine to make population so large, otherwise there will be no market left for questers…oh what a sad end they will have.What will happen to their dream of 3.5 Crores year on Year. God knows what will happen to those with QVI package , the above calculation was only for 1 coin. QVI guys will have to expand thier business across universe, with officess on mars , jupiter etc.,

    Guys.., I joined Quest….I was fooled……Enough is Enough , this can’t go on endlessly. Lets stop this for ever.

    Antiscam on June 19th, 2008
  • 70

    Oh Mr. Antiscam ,

    I think you have not seen 18th June CNN-IBN, where Dato Vijay Eshwaran got the Entrepreneur of the Year -2008 Award by Earnest and Young.

    Kamalesh Dumawat on June 19th, 2008
  • 71

    Dear Mr.Antiscam,

    First paste your contact details and telephone number before asking mine. I want to meet you and enroll you for network marketing course. Do u think if network marketing is illegal universities can teach.
    Do u have brain? Because of politics all these things are happening. Can Govt deduct tax from the smugglers income? This is a legal business…. If you have failed that doesn’t mean that this business is wrong. Every business in world somebody looses and somebody gains. Questnet is planning to sue all the IR’s who joined the business and making false complaints. If you do not understand the concept don’t join ? who asked you to join ????? You are an adult right?

    Take care

    Ramesh on June 19th, 2008
  • 72

    Dear 56 and 57, why don’t u search in the net about network marketing?? You will understand!

    I can sponsor your course.

    Ramesh on June 19th, 2008
  • 73

    Dear Kamlesh,
    You are 100% right. I have been associated with quest since last 1.5 yrs. In this world people who fails they have always excuses, we cannot help it. May be these people are hoping if they create some non-sense they can get their money back! What a joke, you bought a product from the company and u have failed to do the business because your CUP is full, now blaming company??

    Questnet business changed my life since last one year. I am very happy and proud to be a Quester

    people who are talking negative abt this business either failed people or people never joined so let us forget this people…….

    People who do not understand the concept of network marketing , it is a scam for them… they dont want to learn new things in life……

    Good luck for them……

    Ramesh on June 19th, 2008
  • 74

    No business in this world where everybody can make money ! Smart people makes money in all the industry..

    Network marketing and questnet is a legal business

    Ramesh on June 19th, 2008
  • 75

    Source : Indian Brand Equity Foundation:

    bhushan on June 19th, 2008
  • 76

    See the Truthfulness of Mr. Kamlesh Dumawat ,who has given his mail ID , but look at antiscam who is not even disclosing his identity.

    Dear all Bloggers don’t you think that the Open Space Blog which take email ID and says will not be published providing the email id and other details may be misused.

    Therefore if the Blog is membership based which takes the all details and follows anti-spamming can used considered authentic other wise such kind of Blog only the opinions are shared with standard language.

    bhushan on June 19th, 2008
  • 77

    List of Network Marketing Companies:

    bhushan on June 19th, 2008
  • 78

    Source : Ministry of Commerce and Industry

    bhushan on June 19th, 2008
  • bhushan on June 19th, 2008
  • 80

    Total Sales and Number of People who are doing Network Marketing World-wide:

    bhushan on June 19th, 2008
  • 81

    Hey ramesh on 72.
    Is quest network marketing or MLM with a pyramid structure. You can google for info and you will find. Perhaps just to make u get started .. Here read this one

    Guess you may be even able to explain how quest is network marketing and not pyramidal(MLM) in nature.
    As you have already undergone a lot of training. You can provide me the link to save ur precious time which can be used to build your grooming business.


    Truth_seeker on June 20th, 2008
  • 82


    Ramesh i think contradiction should be avoided and i can see a lot of contradiction when questers defend themselves for different questions.
    Like say use pespsi as a example for overpricing customer!! Does it suggest quest does the same? Infact this is the reply to product being priced 4 times it value.

    When it comes to helping mankind and questions are raised about 88% who do not earn. Quickly the reply is to create smart people. Smart who can dupe others. So the vision to help mankind is lost here dood.

    And when it comes to the opportunity for all they say its to help mankind.

    So its better a uniform line of defense is adopted so that each of the queries can be answered clearly.



    Truth_seeker on June 20th, 2008
  • 83

    post number 70 can have a look at this

    Hey please paste the CNN-IBN link yaar.. I couldnt find it but found these and many more of these kind.
    I have to agree that vijay eswaran is one hell of a motivational speaker. Hats off to this talent of his.

    Truth_seeker on June 20th, 2008
  • 84

    Over pricing ?? what do u mean? What is not over priced in this world?? Do u know the cost of soap,oil,pepsi &…. all the items which is neccessary to live, u consume? Why dont u also ask the company’s to reduce the price, option is urs if u to buy u buy or leave it…

    Why Celebrities advertise these products and influence people to buy ??? If the product is good they should explain the merits of the products u know.. these all business strategy used in difference industry according to the need…..
    I am leaving this blog.. becuase i feel it is a waste of time …. i know network marketing is a legal business, quest business is real, govt is deducting the tax on commission,, go to any book shop and look for the network marketing boks, if it is illegal nobody can sell those books. In universities they started teaching network marketing …..

    I fully agree everybody cannot make money and the % of people making good money is very small.. so what if u want to be successful in life learn from these people.. dont waste time with unsuccessfull people

    bye all questnet supporters, please leave this blog and concentrate on developing ur network………..

    Proud to be quester

    God bless u

    Ramesh on June 20th, 2008
  • 85

    Ramesh has proved that when it comes to ethics quest has no answers. He would not have left this discussion if he had a valid answer. I think the questions asked to him were very genuine. Hope he will enjoy the meals and the luxurious life he is going to lead with all the money he makes from this business. But i know he will be aware of the fact that he will be looting the 88% people who are not earning and he knows that in this business its happening at a very large scale. Hope he makes more money but realises that it was not worth cheating the people. He will have sucked blood in the form of money.

    Yeah the explanation he gave proves the fact that its not for mankind and he himself has suggested that its for the people who want to be in the 12 % group who can suck blood from the lower level joinees.
    Also this is pyramidal marketing and it has been proven illegal. Dont term this as network marketing and escape Ramesh and other questers

    QuestScam on June 21st, 2008
  • 86

    QUESTER ran away from a healthy discussion. What was the fear which came into his mind?

    No prizes for guessing the right answers. Truth_seeker posted very genuine arguements and ramesh has fled from answering them.

    Please note this point.

    QuestScam on June 21st, 2008
  • 87

    I read here that vijay easwaran got an award on 18th of june this month. I searched on the net but could not come up with any information…

    Can anyone confirm if this is true, or it is just another way to mislead people?

    interested guy on June 21st, 2008
  • 88


    “If you try to see the details of domain name through viewwhois. There is no contact information, everything is encrypted. If this is honest company then why they are not showing their identity.”

    I picked this up from the net. I hope u understand the concept of domain names and what kind of companies are registered under .net domain. Perhaps if u google u may even find more references to this fraudulent site

    BTW SANY DO U UNDERSTAND WHEN (“”)Double quotes are used wats it supposed to mean. Cos in ur post it doesnt seem like u understood what it means.
    Well I hope the high intellect in you is able to comprehend what i am trying to say.

    Truth_seeker on June 22nd, 2008
  • 89

    Use Questmet refund Policy to get money back
    All of you morons who willingly got scammed and now are unable to scam other morons and increase your chain to make money, they have option to get their money back by returning the piece of crap that they bought for exorbitant price. Just ask your upline for details of refund policy. The mastermind of the scam in Malaysia are saying that there is a refund policy in place. You have to do some work to find it out. Dont let your upliner fool you again. If you harass him long enough, he will have to tell you about it

    bomb for questres on June 23rd, 2008
  • 90

    New frauds to get arrested, hey pro questers next is your turn, especially bhushan and ramesh

    bomb for questres on June 23rd, 2008
  • 91

    Anybody talking of quest, please get them arrested. Police is now searching other top receruiters of this scam who are on the run. If you have any information about these, contact police.

    “The moderator has removed the details of police and their phone numbers. “

    bomb for questres on June 23rd, 2008
  • 92

    Bhushan aur Ramesh dono ko julab lag gaya hain

    bomb for questres on June 23rd, 2008
  • 93

    Malaysian firm disassociates itself from Chennai i
    Malaysian firm disassociates itself from Chennai investor scam
    11 May, 2008, 1650 hrs IST, PTI

    KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian company has disassociated itself from the functioning of its subsidiary in India, whose name has cropped up in connection with an investor scam in Chennai. The parent company QI Ltd group has said that it was not associated with QuestNet India, a firm which is being investigated by the Chennai police for allegedly cheating thousands of Indian investors in a multi-level marketing scheme. QI Ltd group said in a statement that it was a diversified multinational company and the Chennai based firm QuestNet was its subsidiary.
    Questers treat Vijay eshwaran as god and see what he ha done
    However, QuestNet India and its business in India were separate from QI group and the managing director of the parent company, Vijay Easwaran was not a director of the Chennai-based firm, it said. Easwaran does not exercise direct management or control over the Indian company, national news agency Bernama said, quoting the company’s statement. “Several issues in the context they have been reported in India are inaccurate and misleading,” the statement claimed, adding that Easwaran “is also not a fugitive in the way the Indian media reports incorrectly allege.” Chennai police, had last week, detained seven members of QuestNet India, including a female managing director, after investors alleged that the company had failed to pay returns as promised. QuestNet India would defend all allegations against it in court and take requisite measures to get the detained members released, said the company.

    bomb for questres on June 23rd, 2008
  • 94

    Guys destory.. everything questers have else they mushroonm again after 3 months, may be in different name, get this company kicked out of India.

    bomb for questres on June 23rd, 2008
  • 95

    Despite police investigations and thousands of people filing complaints, few yet believe they can make a fortune through this…

    Shrinidhi Hande on June 23rd, 2008
  • 96

    Dear Truth seeker,
    The reason why i am leaving this blog is, u r failed in this business and wanted to take revenge on quesnet. You are not here to educate people…. Life itself a pyramid , u think about it, u r also a product of phramid.. go back to the history. and about cheating ,,, that means u never understood the concept… Be happy where u r today.. dont think of doing anything new in life….

    I am associated with quest since last 1.5 yr, so i know what i am talking about….

    Ramesh on June 23rd, 2008
  • 97


    I am not running away from the discussion, i felt the blog is scrap, and u r trying to take revenge on quest since you have failed to do the business..

    that is it…..

    Ramesh on June 23rd, 2008
  • 98

    Dear Mr.Abhishek

    ‘Sucking blood’ pity on your thinking …. My dear friend you go to the restaurant because u r hungry and eat, and the end of the day owner of restaurant makes lot of money, is he sucking your blood, you want to eat so u r eating, that is your need right.
    If u step out of your house, your making rich somebody rich in each step, think over it, but what ever u r doing, u r doing for yourself, if u think that if I eat in this restaurant, owner makes money, if I hire taxi , haxi guy will make money.. then u will not survive in this world….. Hope u understood what I am trying to say…

    Common yaar, you failed that doesn’t mean that everybody fails in this business, tell me one thing if you had made lot money in quest, do u think u will be writing negative comments here????????????? No way. Now you have failed .. so u turned negative.. Don’t worry we are not bothered, it will bound to happen, we cannot keep everybody happy.. I have seen questnet is a very reputed and trustworthy company changed many lives…. So what every happens quest will be in my blood till I die….

    And about leaving the blog , yes this discussion is a crap.. You are not educating people you are just taking your personal revenge….

    Guys please understand the concept of business before joining, do not join just because your friend say so….
    this business can change your life completely if you are ready to learn….
    Good luck

    Ramesh on June 23rd, 2008
  • 99

    Dear Mr.So called bomb,

    Don’t fool people.. are u adult or minor ??? Don’t threaten people , nobody is going to scared…. By the way you are going to get notice soon for spoiling quest image, if you dare publish you contact details here… I will come to you house ….

    Questnet is a legal business , govt is deducting the tax from the commission cheque?? Hope it enters your head now…. We are here to discuss … don’t scare people..

    Ramesh on June 24th, 2008
  • 100

    Guys! today onwards I am blasting email to everybody whom I know in India and abroab asking each guy to forward email to atleast 10 people, I will begin with sending email to 100 people (100 headers …ha..ha). The content will contain everything that happened with me me apart from lifferent links

    Questers becareful about the calculation


    and so on

    Quest Walohn, Tumh log feer badiya se apna kaam continue karna. Public awareness program will be started, these emails will be sent once in every 15 days with a request to forward. Let maximum number people do this awareness program. If you feel you have been fooled then please don’t hsitate and send it to as many people as possible ask them forward the email to everybody

    tit4tat on June 24th, 2008
  • 101

    Fooling is a trait of questers. You guys are still fooling yourself and others. The email has been dtafted explaining how you guys fool everyone. The email also contains contact details of different cyber police station whom they need complain if they come to know of activities of quest or anyone tries to make them a victim. I am on all out war against quest in the interest of nation and society, I can’t see national wealth getting drained,I don’t care about the fact that I have lost money, I just don’t want this disease to spread further.

    Some of the questers will call me failure, they are right I have failed in fooling others, my conscience cant permit me to do that. Yes questers I am real failure in your business of fooling and exploiting friends and relatives and even strangers.

    All the active questers will have to pay a heavy price for fooling and continuing the business. Public awarenees program will continue even if it is at the loss of my business. Police crackdown similar to what happened in Chennai, Warangal and Bangalore is what needed in each and vry city of India. Kick out quest from India.


    tit4tat on June 25th, 2008
  • 102

    Moderator can I know why the contact details of various Cyber Police station have been remove

    tit4tat on June 25th, 2008
  • 103

    Ramesh, Bhushan
    why r u guys running away from discussion (I still believe both of you are not behind bars for promoting quest)

    tit4tat on June 26th, 2008
  • 104

    questers or quiters haaaaa…hhhaaaa

    tit4tat on June 26th, 2008
  • 105

    all the quest morons are miising…..may be they are to find new business to fool next batch of generation

    tit4tat on June 26th, 2008
  • 106

    Hi guys…

    Iam one of the victim in questnet…unknowingly i made my blood relation and close friends enter into this. When leaders said…iam helping out them…i beleived…strongly that iam helping…just 2 weeks around 10 people joined my network…most hard is duplicating our downlines…people entered think i should introduce and make them rich when they failed toget persons and also doesnot want to spend time on it.when the downlines fail…bad image created on me…out of 100 persons 10 came into the business….where can i go for more persons…?

    Also my friend who introduced me went abroad…we both met all the downlines and and no one interested…some showed their bad face…still no one wanted to work…i told my friend not to tell anyone that she is moving…and as she came from india within 5 months this questnet scam occured…Her introducers including me know that family situation made her move…but downlines started telling that my friend knows that this is going to happen and she flew away…hahaha.. Is there any possibilty that can be know…how foolish …and greedy…and now wants her to refund the money back….I ask a simple question if these people earn 1000 s and 1000s of rupees …will they give her…back all the money they earned to the introducer.
    We have to accept…who ever failed …became bakras…so dont put blame on introducers, if they are genuine….no one is going to cheat own blood or friends…introducers(iam referring who did ethical business) beleived thats questnet is a genuine business..made beleive others also without knowing its illegal…

    Also can anyone tell…if complaint given…will the introducers( made join few peolpe..who did not earn much as well and stopped longtime before) be affected.

    Hassina on June 28th, 2008
  • 107

    Dear hassina….

    So is the case with our team…even iam confused. Here one more higlight…leaders 1st said if registered …nothing can be done…and I paid my credit card for my friend for purchasing after registering…he didnot pay back. If leaders have told that after registration…if not purchased ..that will not affect the previous person…I would have stopped 3 persons fall prey to this quuestnet…but leader cheated…I have became a bakra…I know no one will believe if I say so…apart from my money loss…I made my friends suffer…i lost my peace…iam not speaking to them…still i feel hard…Yes its a graveyard to our friendship…even i have not earned…lost around 1 lakh…lost my good name…downlines given complaints…dont know will these complaint affect me…
    FYI just 9 persons i introduced…

    Thinking of persons who introduced more…

    well wisher on June 28th, 2008
  • 108

    tit4tat ,

    Get lost.. dont try to Threaten people here…. Go and ask the govt first why they are deducting tax from the commision??????? if it is illegal business??? do u have brain???? If somebody complains police that u beat them up ofcourse police will come and arrest u first.. then u do the defence ,, do u understand. Same way in quest people who are not making money complained to police.. that is it.. let court decide.. not u,me,police or press.

    Ramesh on July 1st, 2008
  • 109

    Ramesh put up ur contact details and ur next presentaion venue details .. Many would be interested in attending ur presentation …
    And as u said nobody is goin to make any decision on their own and there is a system which decides it ..

    Come on boy .. furnish it….

    Bond on July 2nd, 2008
  • 110


    Chor Ki dadi me tinka

    tit4tat on July 2nd, 2008
  • 111

    Aaaj Ki taja Khabar,
    Guys, all Quest Kranti-karis / revolutionaries (second handers, looters)are planning Jail Bharo movement as mark of their protest against the arrest of Pushpam and for not being allowed to loot. Unconfirmed reports also state that , questers are demanding special reservation for them since they were prevented from destroying national econmomy and are currently Jobless. Also there are reports of groupism among questes, the group of full time questers is again demanding that they should b given priority because they have nothing to survive.

    There was special representation to Prime Minster from the downlines who haven’t recieved their first cheque, they demanded that they should be allowed to loot for some more time till they recover their money which they have invested.

    tit4tat on July 2nd, 2008
  • 112

    No one has given evidence about that vijay easwaran getting the award.

    Was it all bullshit, lies?

    If not, post link
    I dare you

    interested guy on July 2nd, 2008
  • 113

    Otherwise I will come to the conclusion that quest is a fake, with people just lying on its behalf
    Prove it!

    interested guy on July 2nd, 2008
  • 114

    Hows is the big shit data or dato doing .. Is he in jail?

    hahaha on July 3rd, 2008
  • 115

    Hi friends,

    My friends aunt is hospitalized as she had parlytic stroke as she was unable bear the pressure from downlines

    John Galt on July 3rd, 2008
  • 116

    My aunt (distant relative) collapsed few hours back friends, She was from Chennai. Look at the dirty business quest is into. It’s killing. I will not allow this company to do fraud in India.

    John Galt on July 3rd, 2008
  • 117

    Ramesh i really want to attend your presentation along with a few friends of mine .. Please put up your contact details and the presentation venue…
    And hows the data dato datuk doin?

    Bond on July 3rd, 2008
  • 118


    Ramesh will not give his Number, I know him, he is a shrewe marwari thug either from Jodhput (Rajastan) or from UP

    John Galt-Will destroy the looters on July 4th, 2008
  • 119

    My close relative made me buy triple header because I trusted him, today I am not even talking to him. The company has shut the doors, I am unable sign anyone because of the bad publicity. My Uncle is telling that I have to believe the company and still continue the sign ups. He has spoiled all the relationship with me. I Just hate him for bringing me into this business. He Just told me you come and Join then I will give u the sign ups. He showed his true colours after I signed up. He started avoiding my calls.

    Life bacame hell there after, no week ends and no enjoyment. I am quiting this business, where I was exploited and forced to cheat and exploit others. I will send the person who introduced me into this business behind bars if he came to me again, I don’t care even if he is my relative.

    Daroowala Mumbai on July 4th, 2008
  • 120

    Ramesh………showing guts………Na…Na Yeah sab quest walo ka kaam nahin hain.

    Aristotal on July 4th, 2008
  • 121

    Intersted guy,

    Have no doubts..Quest is… Questers are ….

    Aristotal on July 4th, 2008
  • 122

    News updates :

    Marwari Thug from Bangalore has Joined hands with a Bihari Thug to loot Bihar and UP. Bihari thug is having close contacts with local Bahubalis. Bhirai thug has strategised that it is easy to fool innocent bhaiya public as they unable to do it in Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Maharastra and Kerala. They are planning first round of recruitment drive in Patna.

    John Galt on July 5th, 2008
  • 123

    Can someone please tell me when will Pushpam come out on bail ? There are lot of questnet people who didn’t get their last cheque since pushpan was arrested.poor upliners. they want to run away once they get their last cheque

    John Galt on July 7th, 2008
  • 124

    She is in jail under Gunda act, she could be there for another 2 years without trial.

    Quest Pandit on July 7th, 2008
  • 125

    Hi Questers

    how was V-Malaysia. you would have learnt lot of new tricks . hahahaha .. but you can’t implement those now. wait for your time. you will be able to fool more people. hahaha …..

    Osama Bin Laden on July 7th, 2008
  • Osama Bin Laden on July 7th, 2008
  • 127

    Answer for 124

    Wow !!
    that is good news. but why should only Pushpam be in the jail ? there are a whole lot of people who have swindled innocent public’s money. did you notice something .. it is mentioned in the article that an agent got arrested. it is a good sign. hope to see more arrests in the coming days.

    Brahma datt on July 7th, 2008
  • 128

    HYDERABAD: After the Gold Quest case, it appears to be the turn of Quest Net to come under the legal scanner.
    Several persons connected with Quest Net multilevel marketing chain all over the state are making a beeline before thejudiciary, praying it to restrain the police from arresting them under the provisions of the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Scheme (Banning) Act 1978 or any other law concerned.

    These persons are known as independent representatives of the company. P Harikumar Raju and several other representatives of Quest Net from West Godavari district filed a writ petition in the state high court on Tuesday, praying that the police be restrained from arresting them.

    They claimed that they were innocent. “Following the arrests of some of our representatives in Guntur district and the statements made by West Godavari police, we are apprehending our arrests as well,” Harikumar Raju said in his petition. “Our counterparts from Warangal have already approached the HC and obtained anticipatory bails,” he said and added that some more representatives of Quest Net had approached the Andhra Pradesh Human Rights Commission which had issued interim orders to the police not to arrest these representatives.

    Maintaining that multilevel marketing was a valid trade practice across the globe, Raju explained in his petition that this concept would avoid all the tiers of wholesalers between manufacturer and the consumer. The consumer would get the benefit in this process because the benefits that were going to the intermediaries earlier were now being passed on to him, he pointed out.

    Alolf Hitlar on July 14th, 2008
  • 129

    Your story is all bullshit…wat the hell u know about networking…ur all loosers fit for nothing, blaming others or quest, you guys will never come up in life..Cheques are not fake and i have got cheques…Quest is Great…

    sunil on July 14th, 2008
  • 130

    Haaaa..ha .haaa

    Sunil went to Himalaya did great pooja paath. Some ghost of the person who died because of quest scam appeared and asked sunil… what do you want and sunil said I want my loot cheque. Ghost said thatastu…and sunil got the cheque.

    Very funny story… some quest morons are still telling that they are getting cheques. Guys be careful.

    Sunil.. in real sense you are fit for nothing thats the reason you are doing quest. If had an option you kicked the guy who got you into this usiness and moved on.

    People like you who call otheres as loosers are the people who live like parasites (to your downline) because they loosers. Continue your quest bhajan till one fine day Cops contact you either for a signup or to put behind bars.

    Alolf Hitlar on July 16th, 2008
  • 131

    Hi Quest walo,

    Why dont you ask your upline when is Bangalore office opening? its closed since March 2008. And there are signs of Bangalore office opening. What all those international lawyers are doing? with just 2000 complaints office is losed for last 4 months , imagine what will happen with twenty thousand complaints from Tamilnadu, Andhra and karnataka. The Scam explosion in Pune which is likely happen soon will be even at much bigger scale. Already Pune IRs are fuming and its only a matter of tome before Pune Dhamaka happens.

    Chatrapati Shivaji on July 16th, 2008
  • 132

    When are u giving ur next presentation of ur genuine business..
    Care to put the venue details here….
    I challenge u

    bond on July 16th, 2008
  • 133


    You are a fool only capability you have is to fool others and nothing else, thats what you upline teaches you in the usiness.

    Changez Khan on July 16th, 2008
  • 134


    You mean Times of India story is fake….
    Why dont you get your head examined?

    And dear, I challenge you to show your cheque for last 3 or 4 weeks, as cheques have stopped coming.

    smartsurfer on July 16th, 2008
  • 135

    And you can go on and on about how your money is being credited to your quest account and blah blah, but you cannot withdraw that money

    You can only take evouchers and sell them to another bakra….
    which means no bakra, no money

    Also, company claims that tt facility will be started… where is that facility?
    Why have cheques stopped?

    At signup, I was told cheques will come to your doorstep.
    I was not told you will have to continuously hunt for bakras to ensure your payments.

    Duplication … what shit!

    You have to keep searching for bakras to ensure your payment is released.

    smartsurfer on July 16th, 2008
  • 136


    I went through your article on QuestNet. I appreciate your concern for others for not to be cheated. But without having proper knowledge about the matter, one should not go to do so. Half knowledge is dangerous than no knowledge or complete knowledge. I think it is better if you study about the company and its reputation. Many people worldwide are earning theri bred through this company and fulfilled their dreams through company. Many people used this company as platform to earn the money legally. The cheques that you had shown is not the bogus ones. Many are getting the cheques for their effort in network business. If you can also do the network and succeed, you will also get the cheque. Just for purchasing the product from the company, one cannot earn the money. For having invested, you got the valuable product. Income will come if you put little bit effort. Of course some bad incidences happened in Chennai and Bangalore. But the company is legally fighting against the anti-publicity and actions and come out with clean draft. And the company is shortly resuming its network business wit so many other specialized products. The day will come for you for repenting for having mis concept of the company and to earn lots of money, provided you have to some efforts. All the best.

    Pukram on September 6th, 2008
  • 137

    Dear Abhishek,

    I wanted to invest money in share market a long back. But I don’t want to take any risk. Can you assure me?I will invest through you? I studied one thing “in the sphere of silence” written by Vijay Eswaran.

    Then I questioned myself.

    1.The money what I put into bank earns me maximum interest of 8% return. How come bank does not produce any product can grow my money 8%? Answer was bank collectively will use my money and gives to business people who will pay high rate of interest which is enough to pay salary to its employees and management+bank is making profit also. I am frustrated.
    The banking system itself is scam ? Why dont you stop
    banking system yaar ?

    I think you are very very intelligent.
    I think you want to help people by educating them through this web site. Good keep it up. You are aslo getting lot of advertise on this website and making lot of money?
    If I am true, you are very intelligent. Keep it up.
    If I am not true you are a fool who waste your time and energy on this website.

    Which one of the above is true ? Don’t fool yourself. If you are a reformer. Tell your vision and mission. I will come and work with you. Just because you could not succeed in this business, you have wasted enough time and effort in this process. But I understand your frustration of loosing money because of lack of knowledge about the business and industry.

    For your knowledge… just type “Company name + fraud”
    you will find lot of reformers wants to change systems.

    If your interest was to vent your frustration, keep it up. I am also one of the person who lost investments in MLM because I was neither ready to learn nor ready to work hard.

    I shall pray God to calm down you and give energy to think only positive. What you learnt by investing in Questnet ? You are not fit candidate for networking and but very much fit to visit my site.

    I am not getting any money for any visit. If some one is ready to give, I may think of accepting.

    Best of luck.

    Well wisher.

    Well wisher on September 21st, 2008
  • 138

    Guys, if horses were dreams, everyone would ride it.
    There is nothing called as “Free Lunch” in this world.
    So, work ethically and morally, the money will follow.

    Dear Abishek, thank you for highlighting.
    But the question is, WHO EARNS ?? In your case, the 4 friends didn’t earn anything either. So its the bank which earns.

    Damian on October 7th, 2008
  • 139

    Hi I am Nilesh from Mumbai. I startd qust biz a year ago.But was not happy with customer service that quest provides in mumbai. For the last few months I am very angry because i brought 6-7 friends in this biz but they never received their product till date since the company is almost shut in india. They all are in indian plan .I think we all have lost money and Company is not strong enough to fight with Govt or arrange for new products for these people through other channels.GOD PLZ FORGIVE ME.

    Nilesh on October 10th, 2008
  • 140

    Well Wisher, you are a pukka bhikari 🙂

    smartsurfer on October 12th, 2008
  • 141

    Guys, the other day there was a Quest net presentation in Dubai in a mediocre hotel. And guess what, the members had to pay Aed.15.00 (Rs.190) as admin fees. Guests ie.first time bakras were free.
    And that’s not all, the higher uplines force the members to attend almost all presentations, and express their frustrations, if the member was not seen during the previous presentation.

    The presentor starts with saying, “During the course of presentation, if you have any questions, please ask the member who brought you.”
    How stupid, a presentation without a Q&A session. And I had only questions, but no one to ask.

    Next they invite a higher upline, and the introduction of that higher upline is so ‘flash’, so ‘flash’, that even a Bollywood star does not get this flash introduction.
    Then he starts off talking about his own childhood story, how he left his frustrating job, and how successful he is now. Just last week he was in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc, etc.
    And how he was able to make his mother/father happy by giving them what they never dreamt off. Waste of time.

    I was so much tempted to ask his passport.
    But then, 90% of audience are members. So the voice of the non-members gets silenced, and even if a question is asked, he is told to refer to the member who brought you.

    Quest Net guys, My question is a simple one:
    Has or can any of Quest Net guys pull up his actual bank transactions on the Internet, displaying the cheques which are getting credited on a regular basis, and show it to a non-member.
    Because I too want to earn $700K an annum.

    Damian on October 15th, 2008
  • 142

    Sorry the presentation was not in a hotel. It was an apartment. If the uplines are so filthy rich, why are the presentations not held in proper decent hotels, with decent soft drinks, etc.
    After all, for them its peanuts, isn’t.
    Any why money is collected from members. The one higher upline should be able to sponsor it all.

    Damian on October 15th, 2008
  • 143

    @ Damian,
    Its Problem of people, why you have to curse a company?? See buddy, problem lies within ourselves and within society. Its upto you to decide, no one has forced you to join. Even comapny has not told them to promote in that way, I feel sorry for people there and leaders promoting in such un ethical way.

    ravi on October 16th, 2008