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Last Updated: September 23, 2013  977 views

BBC World Top Ten Songs

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Top Ten SongsThis list is around 8 years old. Actually in November 2002, BBC World Service launched a poll to decide Top Ten Songs in World music, which was part of BBC World Service’s 70th anniversary celebrations and in that poll nearly 150,000 votes were received from 153 countries, nominating over 6,500 songs. Finally on the basis of this poll, BBC released the list of World’ Top Ten Songs. An Irish republican song, A Nation Once Again, was voted the world’s top song. The song, originally recorded in 1964, was written in the 1840s by Thomas Osbourne Davis to support the fight for an end to British rule. India’s patriotic song Vande Mataram got second place. It was a famous poem written by Bankim Chandra in 19th century. Let’s see the list of BBC World Top Ten Songs.t.gif

1. A nation once again, Wolfe Tones

2. Vande Mataram, Various artists

3. Dil Dil Pakistan, Vital Signs

4. Rakkamma Kaiya Thattu, llayaraaja

5. Poovum Nadakkuthu Pinchum Nadakkuthu, Thirumalai Chandran

6. Ana wa Laila, (Me and Laila) Kazem El Saher

7.Reetu haruma timi hariyali basant hau nadihruma timi pabitra ganga hau, Arun Thapa

8. Believe, Cher

9.Chaiyya Chaiyya, A R Rahman

10. Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen

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