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Last Updated: January 1, 2010  70 views

Top 10 iPhone Applications

in: Technology

Apple iPhoneiPhone is the most popular internet and multimedia enabled smartphone in the world. The iPhone can work as a camera phone, a portable media player, and an Internet client with facilities like e-mail, web browsing, and Wi-Fi connectivity. In 2007, Apple announced that the iPhone would support third-party “web applications” written in Ajax that share the look and feel of the iPhone interface. Today we have thousands of third party iPhone apps.

Moreover, there are lots of new iPhone applications coming every day and some of them are really very popular. Recently, TIME Magazine has published the list of the hottest application for an Apple iPhone. This list includes the applications which have been popular throughout the year 2009.

1. Tweetie 2
2. Yelp
3. Slacker
4. FlightTrack Pro
5. Mint
6. SlingPlayer Mobile
7. The Small Chair (McSweeney’s)
8. RunKeeper
9. Mobile
10. Locavore

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    Would be better if you could mention in detail what these articles do. Please add their details also.

    sonu on January 3rd, 2010