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June 28th, 2008 at 2:05 am  14 views

Custom admissions essays for graduate schools

in: BookMarks,Tips and Tricks

Graduate_Essays.jpgDo you know each year, the top graduate schools accept less than 20% of their highly qualified applicants. Actually the graduate school Admissions Committees want to make sure that applicants have the necessary personal background to succeed in their school or college. Other admissions factors involve concerns whether applicants will contribute to the program’s unique mix of personalities, intellectual criticism, personal experiences, and aptitudes. While your GPA and GRE score can be quantified, can you put a number on your intellectual criticism, attention to detail, and ability to entertain and work with opposing ideas? The graduate school personal statement or admission essay is the best option to highlight your accomplishments, experiences, and true potential. Your personal statement distinguishes yourself from other applicants with similar scores and backgrounds.

In the graduate school admission essay, the student has to write about career aspirations, academics, strengths and weaknesses, past experiences or jobs, and reasons for applying to that college. On internet there are many services available that provide support and guidance in completing your admission essays but I like due to their good reputation and highly supportive customer care. They generally offer two type of services :: 1. Model Essay Development. Their experienced writers will gather all your personal facts and details, and turn them into a completely unique and world class admission essay. 2. Essay Critique / Analysis / Revision. If you have already drafted your admission essay then their experts can provide constructive criticism and detailed analysis on improving the essay. So if you are in search of good admission essays then just try for better results.

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