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June 16th, 2007 at 6:09 am  11 views

Google Video is now Search Engine

in: Google,Technology,YouTube

Goologo_video.jpggle Video has become a video search engine with an index of video from sites across the world wide web, it has interface quite similar to the company’s image search engine. According to Google website, this is the world’s first open online video marketplace, where you can search for, watch and even buy an ever-growing collection of TV shows, movies, music videos, documentaries, personal productions and more.

On Google Videos, users will now be able to watch videos from various websites via a web crawl or we can say “video crawl“. Clicking on an item in the Google Video search results now brings up a frame with your selection and related videos at the top of the window, with the video displayed in its original context below.

Just type in your search term or do a more advanced search and google videos will search their archive for relevant results. You can watch brief previews by clicking the “play” icon in the image thumbnail. Clicking on a thumbnail image will take you to a playback page, where you can watch the preview or, for free content, the video itself. In addition to viewing free content, you can also purchase or rent premium content at the Google Video store using your Google Account.

However for most of the keywords search results are dominated by youtube videos. I think Google should take care of this drawback.

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