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Last Updated: September 29, 2014  283 views

Phelps has become the most successful Olympian

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Michael_Phelps.jpg23-year-old American swimmer Michael Phelps has won two more gold and surpassed Mark Spitz and Carl Lewis to become the all-time most successful Olympian. Now he is winner of 11 Olympic Gold medals. He has already world record of winning maximum number of Gold medals in one Olympic games. He won 8 Gold medals in the Athens Olympics. Soviet gymnast Alexander Dityatin has also the same record of winning 8 Gold medals. Phelps has won thirteen Olympic medals overall (eleven gold, two bronze). Eight at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens (six gold, two bronze) and five at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games (all gold), which gave him the most gold medals of any Olympic athlete at 11. He was on third position in Time’s list of 100 Olympic Athletes to watch.


He does not come from a great background. He used to live in a broken home in Baltimore. His policeman father Fred and school teacher mother Debbie were separated when he was only seven. He has two Elder sisters, both are swimmers. So from his sisters, he got the inspiration to make swimming as the career.

It is very difficult to describe the success of Micheal Phelps in words. A single man winning 8 golds in Olympics itself speaks of his dedication to his game. Whereas see in India where the population is more than one billion, there is only one individual Gold medal winner.

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    There seem to be mistake in information. Phelp did not get 8 gold in athense. It was 6 in number other two were bronze i guess. Gltz had 7 in his single olympic…. No once got 8 so far and phel is trying to do that.

    Atul Ghate on August 14th, 2008
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    American does not have the heart when China woman Gymnastic Team won the gold.

    Especially the night time commentator of NCB (not the interviewer), he continues to question the age of China woman Team.

    Let me tell all of you,

    I am questioning Michael Phelps that he must have been taking enhancement drugs for his winnings.

    I do not think any human can break so many world record in such a short time.

    As for Michael, he has been breaking world records since Athens Olympics.

    Although I do not have statistics, I would say he broke around 50 or more world records as of today.

    Come on!!! Can regular sportman do that? I DONOT THINK SO.

    I am convinced that he is taking enhancement drugs.

    It is the same that Americans convinced that China woman team is under age.

    By the way, with all sort of techniques, medicines and many money, Michael Phelps can easily access the resource and avoid detection.

    Satz on August 15th, 2008
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    According to latest new, American Michael Phelps has won his eighth and final gold medal at the Beijing 2008 Olympics with a world record swim by the United States team in the Men’s 4 x 100m Medley Relay. The win brings Phelps’ 14th career Olympic gold, five more than any other athlete in Olympic history. This is indeed a great achievement for Phelps.

    Rohan on August 17th, 2008