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Last Updated: August 9, 2015  409 views

See the Eye of God

in: Hot Shot

hindu_god_ram.jpgHave you seen the Eye of God? No, no I am not joking. God’s eye is staring everyone. Actually, the image of Helix Nebula which is taken with a giant telescope at the European Southern Observatory, looks like Eye of God. This amazing object is a shell of gas and dust that has been blown off by a faint central star. The Helix is a sun-like star and is in its final explosion stage before it retires into a white dwarf. Even our solar system will have the same fate after 5 billion years.


So this is picture of the Helix planetary nebula, a giant shell of gas 700 light years given off by a star dying into a white dwarf. It has been given the name ‘The Eye of God’ by the scientists due to its strong resemblance to a giant eye peering out of space.