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Last Updated: September 27, 2014  23,824 views

5 Reasons why I hate Bangalore

in: Ideas and Thoughts,India

Bangalore-Traffic.gifAlmost 1 year completed for me in Bangalore. In this one year, I have learned a lot about Bangalore. It is called silicon valley of India by some people. Fortunately, it is true. The software production in Bangalore is comparable to the best in the world. Almost every good software company has its office in Bangalore. The industrial areas of Bangalore, Electronic city and ITPL contains almost every good software company. This soft revolution in Bangalore has changed the life of the people. Now they earn more, spend more thereby creating a flow of money which you can’t see in other parts of India.

Infosys-Bangalore.jpgThis economic change has some social implications which I want to share in this article. Before coming to Bangalore, I used to think why software companies chosed Bangalore, How Bangalore is different from other cities of India. The first and foremost reason is the climate of Bangalore. The climate is not too hot not too cool. It is moderate climate. This is one of the most important reasons behind the arrival of a large number of multinational companies in Bangalore. I have been living in Bangalore since July 2007, after joining a software company. In this period of 13 months I have seen almost every aspect of life in Bangalore, the so-called IT hub of India. But frankly speaking I don’t like Bangalore due to these five reasons.

  1. Bangalore is very expensive city to live in. (You have to give 10 months advance before taking any home for rent)
  2. Traffic Problem (Roads are too narrow to support increasing traffic)
  3. Language Problem (I know only English and Hindi)
  4. Different Culture
  5. Different Food

Bangalore-Auto.jpgHere you will see endless traffic jams, over-crowded buses, Auto-Rickshaws charging almost double money every time, a chaotic airport and railway station. The city is booming with malls, shops and offices of multinational companies but the city completely lacks the infrastructure to support this growth. Now due to infrastructure bottlenecks and rising price of real estate software companies have stopped expanding their business in Bangalore. Now they are looking for other small cities of India.

If you are new to Bangalore, then don’t ever think to trust the Auto-rickshaws Once they get the impression that you are new, they will charge you almost double price. I would suggest you to use your own transport in Bangalore, otherwise life will become miserable. The concept of night life is not there in Bangalore. All pubs, bars and restaurants get closed at 11 o’clock. During peak hours, roads are awesomely crowded with company buses, cars and motor cycles. Bengaluru International is located in Devanahalli, which is 40 km from the city. It replaced the old HAL Bangalore International Airport. And due to heavy traffic it takes same time for me to reach Pune to Bangalore through flight and then to my home in HSR Layout.

What do you think about Bangalore? Share your experiences.

  • 1

    man it suxs..i love my noida and hope NCR is some respect than Blr..though NCr has its own probs too..

    nature lover on September 15th, 2008
  • 2

    I love Bangalore to core … and if u hate u are free to leave … no one is stopping you

    Veresh Jain on September 16th, 2008
  • 3

    i treat my time in bangalore as penance for all the bad things i have done in my life… ๐Ÿ™‚ … as a guru once told his pupil… this too will pass my child

    OntapaRandoz on September 17th, 2008
  • 4

    no body is here in BLR by chioce its a complustion…..had it been in the hands of ppl to leave would have been isolated long before….

    this webmaster would have left it himself long ago….

    nature lover on September 17th, 2008
  • 5

    I agree if I had a choice I will never ever come back to this place.

    Bangalore does not believe in service with a SMILE!! Go to any shop..and you will see what I mean.

    All who come from outside are quite aware and shocked by the attitude of the autowalas. Nobody has any good words to say about them.

    All i would say is Bangalore just chill and SMILE. It dosent pay much to be hospitable to outsiders and it surely leaves a good impression about your place and people.

    sonia on September 19th, 2008
  • 6

    Lol! I’m sure this is just a one-sided story of a person who got conned one time too many. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I have lived in B’lore for the whole of my life and this is the best place to be, even with all the shortcomings!

    Manoj Sterex on September 19th, 2008
  • 7

    Lol..yes..U are right..I got conned many times here by many people. I wonder why..because this never happened to me in New Delhi which is supposed to be the most unsafe place. Infact I found the people there very helpful to the extent that once when I asked for directions, a decent man went out of his way to take to my destination. By far people are more approachable and friendly in Delhi or Mumbai.

    The autowlas there are always cheerful… never mind they charge u a bomb but atleast they are WILLING to go….

    I guess Bangalore has just not suited me or maybe I dont understand its pulse but I have found it very lethargic.From the local repairman to the maid, to the computer guy..they only say yes madam,..yes madam and when it comes to work…they have millions of excuses for not coming over….and worst part is they are not even willing to work even if you offer them double the amount.

    Now what do u call this?? Its damn frustarting….and to add to this the bone jerking, nerve shaking roads and not to mention the king sized potholes.

    But one thing is amazing about Bangalore..I see the locals dont complain about these things like us outsiders. Maybe they are used to all this so it dosent affect them anymore??
    I see them merrily ignoring the shrieking autos.The potholes are nicely manouvered…and life goes on..

    Amazing to see also that politicians give more emphasis on nightlife, dancing and drinking milk instead of alchohol. These are more important matters than the breaking, mayhem structure of the city.

    sonia on September 20th, 2008
  • 8

    It’s been close to two years since I am in Bangalore, still this city largely makes me feel like an outsider with its mostly hostile and unwelcoming crowd. Recently when I landed in Bangalore International Airport, at the ‘Baggage Claim’ counter I came across with these very ‘trying to be hospitable’ airport staff in ‘Red’ uniform. In spite of my reluctance, one of them pulled a luggage carrier for me and accompanied me till the exit. I was wandering that how can anyone behave so helpful here! No prizes for guessing, it all was for a ‘Tip’. I believe that even the Airport security personnel also have a share in this, as they all were behaving as if they have found a ‘scapegoat’ in me. I have never come across such a ridiculous thing in any airport ever.

    Invariably almost everyday I encounter a Cheating Autorikshaw driver, proudly running his tampered meter. Every time I religiously complain about them to the Auto Helpline numbers (080-22207750/22253500/22260554), I am pretty sure that no steps are being taken against a single auto driver. I believe many outsiders will agree with me on this. We face similar situations almost every time we deal with any local service provider. Things are even scarier for ladies, when they receive violent threats on protesting for anything wrong. We donโ€™t seem to get any help either.

    Call your city โ€˜Cosmopolitanโ€™ later; first change your mindset and your system. We are not earning here to feed anyone’s crooked and extractive intensions.

    Simreet on September 29th, 2008
  • 9

    Totally agree with Simreet.

    The whole system is just so corrupt, agree corruption is everywhere but it thrives here and its a boooming industry.

    And whats with the Electricity and water problems? Cant understand is this, the IT hub of India? Even the expats complain.
    Everyday life gets so damn frustarting. I hate the autowalas here. Mannerless, uneducated, rude people who are so frustrated in life that they take out their anger on the passengers.

    No wonder this place is not progressing with this kind of mindset here.

    Sonia on October 3rd, 2008
  • 10

    a. Pay 10 month advance rent.
    b. Very costly city. Everything is sold on MRP or more.
    c. Can’t get good sweets, and the once you get are very costly.
    d. Attitude of people towards other indians who come from north is shit.
    e. Want to leave this city ASAP.
    f. Highest road tax in country.
    g. I hope not to see any bangalorean landlord or autowallah, once i go back as it will be injurious to there health.

    Anubhav on January 23rd, 2009
  • 11

    In 70’s Bangalore was a beautiful city. Max. temp
    in summer was 26 degree c.. Silicon brought silica,bars,pubs, dance girls, arrogance
    ( of moneyed people). It became nude to few million/billion dollars. Natives became refugees.
    Money and money alone will not bring happiness.
    Some people think of night lives, millions and
    millions of Indians are without one meal per day.
    When Bombay was attacked, oh! one could see
    bravado and patriotism in full swing when
    correspondents of tv channels held mikes in
    front of them. Govts spend at least 6 to 8 lakh
    of public money to make an engineer.

    ssnarayan on January 31st, 2009
  • 12

    Well, I am a Bangalorean who has lived outside Bangalore in INDIA and outside INDIA. Those of you who are complaining ,well think who is the root cause of it..You guyz…there were no bad roads, no over crowded malls, no criminals , no traffic, rents were low,Bangalore had such wonderful weather until you guyz came in drowes and killed our Bangalore…Remember to be good guest, after all the locals have lots so much because of you….you guyz r complaining about Language, will you guyz respond to me in Kannada if I visited your city ? The roads in Bangalore were never designed to take so much traffic and load they always have been narrow,Every guy who works own a vehicle, can any city take that much load, the auto guyz are the same any place you go in INDIA,visited Chennai ??? atleast in Bangalore there is something called as “Meter” that works…
    How can you expect common/normal people to respond to you with a Smile when they cannot understand completely your language atleast they go out of their way to respond…Its very natural for every INDIAN to feel an outsider the moment he leaves his home state and enter another state…do u think A kannadiga will be made feel homely in a Northern INDIAN state…Believe me no where else in INDIA people will accept the way the Bangaloreans do….
    The least you can do is stop complaining…

    Deepak on February 19th, 2009
  • 13

    The some problems in bangalore that u have sited in your articles seems to be unfair on any metro city like bangalore.

    Traffic Problem (Roads are too narrow to support increasing traffic)
    ** Have you visited any other metro like chennai, hyderabad or even pune? U r bound to expect traffic in a city like these. It is not that Bangalore administration is just sitting and watching you to stuggle in traffic jams. It is doing whatever it can to decongest the city. Also people have a role to make any city confortable for travel. Have you not violated any traffice in your life time?

    Language Problem (I know only English and Hindi)
    * Which part of india you are from? And why do u expect autorickshawalla’s to speak english and hindi to you. If they could speak english they might have taken your software job. India is a vast country with vast culture and different languages. Go to chennai and see how many ppl talk hindi? See any hindi channels are being aired out there. Atleast you have those facilities in bangalore. When you cant learn simple words from local language to make your life easy why do u expect the locals to learn u r language?? This is utter shame on your demand.

    Different Culture
    Different Food
    ** Hahaha What can i say to this. You will have problems of the same kind wherever you go india expect your home. Learn to adapt to different culture and food if you want to earn big money and fame in life.
    Nothing is free in this world. Bend your back first.
    If good is your problem then why dont to cook yourself?
    You will get all ingredients to prepare what u like to eat. Also Bangalore has so many different kinds of hotels which cater all south indian variety food and also north indian food.

    This is my opinion on your article. Hope you take it in positive manner.

    Sathish on March 2nd, 2009
  • 14

    bangaloreans are not friendly …i cant believe this statement of yours… have you seen any north Indian mingle freely with a south Indian in Delhi or Chandigarh …Bangalore is the most friendly city to outsiders …coming to cost of living,wen u are getting paid high salary ,cost of living tends to go high …there is nothing strange in this …regarding auto Wallas ,,,please visit Chennai and see if there is any meter in any auto there ….now coming to language ,go to Chennai and speak in Hindi and see how many people respond to you ..try and adopt to the situation dude..if cost are high its high for local bangalorean as well ….i have had chance of living in many metros across India and found Bangalore to be the most friendly city …still u have problem in Bangalore …please leave ..tumbha santosha . …namaskara..right helu

    sai on March 24th, 2009
  • 15


    Got to your site while searching Bhopal on google, can understand the frustration of a Bhopali in Bangalore. Had almost similar feelings for my first one year in the city. However, over time, have realized a few benefits of the place too:

    1. Locals, like the stud above who ranted about outsiders expected to behave as “good guests” etc, don’t really have a strong voice here. Being a North Indian isn’t that big a disadvantage in Blore once you learn basic tricks of trade.

    2. Believe me, you still have a higher chance of being conned in Delhi and Bombay than in Bangalore.

    3. The weather here rocks. Easily the best amongst the metros.

    4. If you are in tech line, the opportunities in this City are not matched by any other in India. Infact taking into account recession and all, this place might have the best jobs in world for all you know!

    5. Foodwise, you’ll find anything you want here. Besides, the local cuisine (Idly-Dosa) is definitely a lot healthier than Vada-pav or aloo paratha with 2 spoons amul butter.

    6. Atleast I found a lot more school/college friends settling in Bangalore than in any other city. Once you
    live through for the first 2-3 years, you’re here for a long haul ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sam on April 7th, 2009
  • 16

    Pensionerโ€™s paradise is now chaos capital

    Swapnil Diwan on April 11th, 2009
  • 17

    Dude, you say you are a software enginner, by profession. So obviously, you are quite well-educated. In that case, Im surprised by your insensitivity and thoughtlessness. You need to be very careful & balanced when writing publically about such sensitive issues, else they result in a flame war; unless that was your VERY intention in the first place.
    Having said that, lemme address your complaints…Firstly, lemme say thta the majority of the issues that u whine about(traffic, bad roads, looting autorickshaw-wallas) are present throughout India. They r certainly not unique to Bangalore..U must’ve faced them back in ur hometown too…But, then, one tends to see one’s own hometown wid rose-tinted glasses, just as u’ve observed that the loccals in B’lore dont complain as much as “outsiders”. I could have understood ur complaining abt infrastructure problems if u had been born & brought up in a developed country.

    Ravi on May 13th, 2009
  • 18

    Dude, staying there u might not’ve noticed, but lemme bring it to ur attention that North Indian states are some of the very WORST states in India when it comes to infrastructure & development. As fro the law&order scene in ur state, the less said the better. In B’lore the worst thing tat can happen to you is overcharging by auto-wallah or rude language by waiters, servants, etc. In places like Bihar, UP, or even Delhi & NCR I will most probably be dead….Frankly speaking the law & order situation in these states is very pathetic.
    then , u say, different culture & different food. This is laughable..U r only revealing ttat u r an ignorant, uncouth villager who is scared of the world outisde his tiny remote village. Dude, outside of ur homestate, u will naturally find that the food & culture is different..And guess wat, u r the type of gut who will not have this complaint when u go to the US, even though their food & culture is a 100 times different..In fact, u will happily accept their food & culture and start ghating ur own food, culture & even language!! Talk of hypocrisy!!
    And as for Hindi, dude.. the above logic applies to Hindi too…Hindi is the national language only on paper…

    Ravi on May 13th, 2009
  • 19

    Backward backward backward…..I came from New York City and this place, oh my god!
    I don’t know how anyone gets anything done here at all.
    The ‘work culture’is a joke. Talk about caught up in Bureaucracy for the simple fact of needing to jockey in some wee position in a company while completly ignoring the ‘larger picture’ of what the hell you are doing there in the first place.
    The roads are impossible with traffic and with NO STREET SIGNS. Decide if you want to have a country village or a city, pick one!
    Garbage abounds everywhere. It is disease waiting to happen on the grand scale and yet since the swine flu outbreak they will quarantine anyone with ‘fever symptoms’.
    The caste system is alive and well and don’t pretend like any respect is afforded to the poorer folks here.
    I don’t even deal with auto rickshaw drivers , I take the bus!
    Could people stare any harder at me when I walk down the street?
    The less educated don’t really speak english here. The Times of India has a laughable amount of misprints, typos, grammer errors, you name it , daily.
    And no, I do not make a billion dollars a year so quit trying to hit me up for more cash.
    My point is when people come to New York, you can get around town easily, won’t be asked a million personal questions, won’t be stared at, and you will work somewhere where you are expected to be a professional and get things done. And you won’t have to ‘know anyone’ to get recognized for it. There’s obviously a reason everyone is jumping from here to go to the U.S.
    I won’t even comment on the ‘night life’ situation.
    Bangkok is also in Southeast Asia and there’s never a power outage, there’s plenty of good shopping, friendly people to foreigners, a night life, and all this without most people speaking a word of english.
    Evict your government and start over!

    GREG on May 27th, 2009
  • 20

    This is for all outsiders of Bangalore who hate this beautiful city.
    U want all the money that this city generates, yet u dont have common sense that U need to blend with the local customs and environment. U talk abt infrastructure and nightlife as though u come from some worldclass city like new york or hongkong. Compare it with the village u came from, u’ll realise infrastructure is way better here. Besides, nobody asked u to come here.Ur greed for money made u come here, U dont give a damn abt what happens to the city. U’re trying to make a living at the cost of locals(by making the city unlivable, though by indirect means, by increasing rent, traffic,pollution etc).So why should the locals not live at the cost of an outsider???

    Vivek on June 12th, 2009
  • 21

    Let us all get the pinch of reality, every city has its own problems and issues,budget constraints and negative ugly side. Yes as one of the people above pointed out Bangalore was a peaceful city, a great city to raise kids and still has the best things to offer. Traffic is a mess, come on @ Greg do you take your Hummer in NYC to work. Ohh yeah just step off the subway station in the bronx or drive into newark at nidnight you will get the real taste of comfort.
    See if you feel Bangalore cant offer you anything better please leave no one is asking your complaining whining presence,@ Greg – try getting your drivers permit across the border north of buffalo, that will give you a real taste of bueracracy with the snow flakes and the black ice.
    looks like the guy who started the thread comes from a village and is the only educated guy there and everyone reveres him there, Have you been to TCS campus in Kochi or Bhuwnshwar you will see how they treat you like crap out there.
    The exodus of people has made people greedy and ask for more, come on go and live in any city abroad you will feel the diffrence, you will always pay a premium to stay in a place where jobs are easy to find. Half of the people whom you categeorize as Bangaloreans are from neighbouring town and villages like the guy who started the thread but unlike him lack the education and think that people are here to give them freebies.
    Guys get it straight “Life is Hard” noting comes in a platter. Like my professor told me there is no free lunch in this world you have to earn it so is respect and gratitude.


    Roshan on June 18th, 2009
  • 22

    I will tell you the reason why many people especially software engineers hate Bangalore.

    Way Back in 1986, Rajiv Gandhi declared that the future of Indian economy lies in computers. Now

    today we can easily say that he was right. The software boom has completely changed the destiny of

    India. TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Satyam, Patni, Tech Mahindra, Cognizant, IBM, CapeGemeni and many more

    are providing job opportunities to millions of Indians. Now you need to just complete the

    engineering degree or any computer course like BCA or MCA, you will easily find job in software

    industry. Hold, on dear friends I am not going to describe the software boom in this comment but I

    will tell you the implications or rather say the impact of software on Indian society especially in

    Bangalore. Life becomes miserbale when you have to write hundreds of lines of codes in a day sitting infront of TFT screen for more than 12 hours. We all know that timings are not fixed in software industry. IT companies are just explioting the young generation of India. That is why most of the software engineers hate Bangalore.

    Rishab Jain on July 10th, 2009
  • 23

    you got it right bro. Everything you said about Bangalore is 100% true BUT i can understand how the locals feel after reading your article, no one can stay quite when someone is pointing finger on their home.

    Someone said that human behavior is totally depend on our experiences & on the environment in currently we are living.

    We can not blame anybody because who knows, if we were there, we could be just like theme.

    anyway…You are Right ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Harshal on July 23rd, 2009
  • 24

    I seriously Didnt like the comment about the Bangalore in the first post. See If you are facing problem Goto your native and work there. If you have come here because of your company promotion then Leave that company

    Pro on August 22nd, 2009
  • 25

    I think there are two groups here and believe both are right on their part. I have just got a trasfer order to bangalore, and the only thing i don’t like there is 10 months rent advance. It makes sense to take 2 months or even 3 months advance but 10 months is far too much. The problem is everybody pays it and that is why landlords maintain it.

    Apart from that: traffic, food, culture, language are all fine as it is different everywhere in India.

    Vikas on September 16th, 2009
  • 26

    This city is best for who can earn more than 30k/mnth ….other wise waste of leaving here there s no saving no satisfaction, mainly the response from these guys this(i hate this traffic police of bangalore
    ) traffic police they wont leave u without charging ..every time……im looking to get hell out of this city….as soon as possible… case of food bachelors can’t survive unless he shud be a son of other state M.P or M.L.A .

    Rahul on October 16th, 2009
  • 27

    Well this is one of the most anti bangalore post I have ever seen.. You have been here only for a year and you think you can judge Bangalore ?

    In no other state I guess an average person can talk in so many language.. Here most people know

    Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and English. If you haven’t seen them then I doubt you have ever really communicated with anyone here..

    People moving from north are eating up all that we deserve..
    Who takes our Jobs ? You guys..
    Who takes our Education Seats ? You Guys..
    Who makes the city costlier ? You Guys..

    It is all for Job and Education you guys come over here and stick over here and make the whole city a mess. I am not a frog inside the well who hasn’t seen outside..
    I have been in Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai.. nothing comes closer to Bangalore..
    It has given me everything.. Education, Job, a house to live. Learn to respect that!! else you are most welcome to leave…
    It is a fact.. take it or leave.. but at least stop crying about it!!

    Tojo on October 17th, 2009
  • 28

    Abolish the unproductive Hindi language from the whole South India and also Maharashtra.

    English is the gateway to the world and respect the local languages.

    stinky_Hindi on October 25th, 2009
  • 29

    It is true happened to me

    I am riding my bike in BTM road, two guys walking near the road and my hand touched slightly when i try to give space for another bus in trafic. But those guys beaten me like anything by schoulding in kannada, and i don’t know kannada(new to bangalore) i tried to explain them. But they broken my head and i went to nearby police station to complain.

    What happen you know, the police joint with locals and they are trying to book “hit and run” case on me. And i told police that i have not done anything and i argued with them. But police are not listening to me and they asked Money from me to book a case on that guys. I have given 1000 rs for police but case is not registered.

    The guys beaten me are reading newspapers in police station. I went to private hospital for treatment.

    This is what happening to outsiders in bangalore. Dont argue with local kannadigas, they never like outsiders.

    I am ready to spent money for justice. Is it i will get it here. Now my parents are worried lot to live here.

    Amith on October 27th, 2009
  • 30

    bullshit city, crapy people, no sence on how to talk.. every comment above discussed about the why we should speak in hindi… the answer to this is , hindi is our National language…. idiots…
    Auto drivers are bastereds.. i never give them extra money and if thre is any problem .. i fuck them even though they are localites…
    I am not disagreeing that the city is good but the people here is fuckin idiots… they don’t even know the hospitality…. (especially auto drivers)
    my problem is against only these bastered auto drivers..

    we outsiders (thats the work you guys used) will be happy , if you localites do something for these auto drivers…. we will ready to adjust for anything else…

    and for your Kind info .. except these south cities in India , no auto driver will ask you extra moneyyy..

    If you are fighting , then do someting good to you home(bangalore) first and then talk…

    sam on November 26th, 2009
  • 31

    This is my reponse to the 12th comment written.I can see the anger of a guy-a native of Bangalore,who shows atmost anger against the outsiders in Bangalore.He blames the outsiders for making Bangalore life miserable.Let me tell you onething my dear Friend.All of us including you wanna work and earn money for our living.Its true that just for making our living and earn money ,we the outsiders came to Bangalore.That doesnt mean that we should suffer all the roudism n misbehavour of autowallas here.I have lived in Hyderabad and Mumbai before coming to Bangalore.Bangalore has many positive points,i accept that.BMTC volvo services are excellent.Local people can understand kannada,tamil,hindi,english well.You can find numerous north indian n south indian restuarants here.But only thing which made my life miserable is autowallas and local police.i have never seen such cruel rowdy autodrivers even in hydarabd or in Mumbai.Eevn if we complaint police will take side of local ppl.Coz they treat ousiders as enemies.One night to travel 1.5 kms the autowalla asked us 60 rupess!!!When we questioned him,all the drivers came in union and they started using very abusive language,even tried to beat my husband.Luckily we escaped from that situation.IT companies came to Bangalore only because of its pleasant climate and not seeing the local kannadiga’s educational strength or talent.If you people treat the outsiders as enemies,y did your goverment allowed to open these many IT companies in Bangalore???

    G3 on November 30th, 2009
  • 32

    Hello All,

    I’m pure Andhraite and lived in Gurgaon,Noida, Hyderabad and BLR. But my unbiased opinio is BLR is best in welcoming outsiders.They try to talk outsiders lang to make/feel them comfortable. But if you come to HYD (hyd ppl may speak bad hindi) or Chennai, you wil have great festival of foreign langs.

    Cost of living in BLR may be high… but the ppl are very friendly(bus conductors are so genuine).

    Though i’m living in Hyd currently, I always prefer to be in BLR.

    NCR is the worst place to live in… fighting everyday with transporation, climate, electricity problems, cost of living… what not… all problems are there in NCR.

    Jay ho BANGALORE…….

    Vikas on December 4th, 2009
  • 33

    Dude, stop complaining! Seemingly you are from Pune, which, and if true, that puts me in a sound positiion to counter you having walked the same path earlier.

    Of course, you will feel outsider at first – because you are! The more you try to assimilate within the new environment, the better it will resonate to you. Bangalore is sure expensive, but aren’t you in a position to sustain yourself?

    I have been in IT, and you would agree that IT professionals are indeed overpaid. Why would you care complaining Bangalore being expensive while the same city helps you fill in your pockets with some extra money?

    And you must be kidding when cursing Bangalore traffic- Pune traffic is epitome of hell! Bangalore ‘roads’ are in comparison way better – the problem is not with roads-it’s with the volume of traffic.

    Different language/food/culture (?) – dude, seriously, grow up! 1000 kms away from your home- and what do you expect – marathi, vadapav and vatapournima? You would feel satiated if you go out and seek to learn some kannada, devour some idli and see yourself how Ugadi gels in equally with Gudhipadwa.

    You see, I am insanely in love with Bangalore – for all the right reasons. You have written this stuff an year ago. I sincerely wish at least last year has revealed some of awesomeness Bangalore offers to everyone.

    Pratham on December 4th, 2009
  • 34







    Raaj on December 10th, 2009
  • 35

    Excellent Pratham adn Raaj…these ppl are coming to BLR , earning lakhs of money and again complaining about food, culture, traffic and other problem as if they hailed from Paris and Newyork.

    I lived in Delhi for 2 years and we call it as Hell on the earth. BLR is heaven for all. If you ppl find any problems in BLR go back to ur wasteful cities and die. why are you making our life trouble?

    Vikas on December 11th, 2009
  • 36

    Bangalore is a living hell. If there was a vote for the rudest, meanest people on earth – bangaluru will win hands down. You can easily see how people surround you menacingly on roads if you meet with an accident and they find out you are an outsider.

    Tarnk on February 4th, 2010
  • 37

    Yes I agree with you. I ran away from Bangalore. Peoples are really selfish there no one help when ever require.

    Yash on February 25th, 2010
  • 38


    This looks like a huge and pretty controversial discussion. As a non-bangalorean, here are my few cents on UPs n DOWNs,


    1) People are friendly and they speak sensible n sufficient number of languages. Please do not expect French, German, Gujarathi, Marati etc, to be spoken ๐Ÿ˜›
    2) The climate here is good compared to other metros
    3) In terms of infrastructure now its improving. For a smaller city like bangalore, you cant expect a ready made city. Madivala in 2000 was the outskirts of Bangalore, but now you can see how it has been established. No one expected Bangalore to boom this fast thereby late plans on infrastructure.

    1) Autorickshaw n Police men. These people are one and the same across the country. Never n ever can help this.
    2) Regionalists are very high here. They don’t like north indians, tamilians, malloos. It’s all cos we come here to grab their oppurtunities. So its obvious. If the same is the situation in your place defn you also will be a regionalist for safe gaurding and retaining your place.


    “Life is a lesson, learn it on your full”.

    Just stick to this point and start exploring the UP, DOWNs, adventures, thrills & bad times too as a part of the life.

    Ethical_King on March 11th, 2010
  • 39

    I’d just like to point out that I am white and from the USA and I have traveled all over the world. Bangalore is my favorite city in India hands-down. I am moving there after many business trips and stays.

    I find the people much nicer then in the north, and the whole ‘conning’ thing, come on. It is called business and marketing, and some of the best I have encountered have NO education and are from lower castes.

    At least when you laugh at the price they quote and you give them a more appropriate price they smile and say “ok boss”. In Delhi I actually thought people were going to rob me by force at times, in Bangalore they just try to get a good price and then cave. No bad looks, no threats, no cussing at me in Hindi (or Kannada for that matter)

    This is one foreigner who really likes Bangalore. To hell with the trash and dirt roads, that has nothing to do with happiness. people do

    James on April 11th, 2010
  • 40

    Bangalore sucks Big time in Professionalism at LOCAL level. When we compare cities like Mumbai with Bangalore at again Local Level, Bangalore is sleeping. Still I rate Bangalore as a better place overall city-wise in almost all aspects in comparison with Metro Cities (Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta and Delhi) or B Grade Cities (Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Jaipur etc.)

    Cheers to Bangalore!!

    Best Regards

    Deepak Prabhu on June 11th, 2010
  • 41

    @Raaj – I agree with u except for “BANGALORE IS THE BEST CITY IN INDIA AFTER MYSORE” Mysore was a best place once open a time may be 10 years back. Right now Mysore is the dirtiest place in all aspects (Cleanliness in the city – poor, Hub of terrorism – Rich, Unnecessary Hype – Because most of Karnataka Politicians and Film actors belong to Mysore or somehow connected to Mysore)

    I would say @Karnataka Bangalore is the best city, followed by Mangalore – Prove me wrong if you can.

    Deepak Prabhu on June 11th, 2010
  • 42

    @Deepak – In response to your Post No 12 and North Indians who crib about auto rickshaws I would like to add and remind all u north Indians what exactly u do for local commuting in North India?? Bus??? its a joke…Except for Delhi..U travel by cycle Rickshaw in towns like Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Noida, Ghaziabad, Lucknow or Kanpur wherein u treat a person who pulls cycle rickshaw as slaves….First think about infrastructure development in your own hometown and then think of improving city like bangalore!!! Got it?

    Deepak Prabhu on June 11th, 2010
  • 43

    Bangalore sucks! People do not cooperate. I don’t like living here.

    Krishnan on August 12th, 2010
  • 44

    am i agree all point except “Language Problem” here the peoples adjusting like if u know Telugu,Hindi or Tamil they r giving reply like that only…..+As a localite i Hate Bangalore police Rude Behaviour they need to change a lot

    vivek on August 14th, 2010
  • 45

    Clearly the author above and many others have provoked me enough to say this, but India cannot be one country. Sorry boss. The northies just demand too much from the south. You want to work in our land, snatch local employment, pollute and dirty our cities, treat us like shit, make fun of our dark skin, disrespect our languages, and still want us to be polite to you! I have lived in the north, and trust me if bangaloreans had treated you similarly, you wouldn’t have the balls left to post this. I live in mumbai and i’m astonished at how badly maharastrians are treated here. You bloody northies deserve raj thackeray since you set up your filthy slums everywhere. Go to your homes and try setting up businesses there without being kidnapped or raped. Kindly do us a favor and leave bangalore in peace. It can do without the likes of you very well. Else, you will stoke more chaos, and the south will become the next kashmir of india.

    Jay on August 22nd, 2010
  • 46

    Guys, do you even think that we should respond to these North Indians? Increased crime rates, cost of living, pathetic roads are all because of whom? Because of these Northies who come in our beautiful city. They have least respect to localities. Most of the goons, pick-pocketers, drug peddlers arrested here are either from Bihar or from some North Indian City. Whatever malls or big show rooms which this guy mentioned is occupied by these fair colored brats who are anti social to the core. Most of the pubs in Bangalore are FULL cuz of same old buggers who wants fun and nothing else. If you can’t live in our city just make your way out of here. Don’t make to lose our patience else this will be one more Mumbai just like the real Mumbaikar’s revolted.

    Chandu on October 2nd, 2010
  • 47

    *******Spread Peace if you can******
    People don’t care about each other and always most of us feel that one who is not like us is either idiot or *****….**** :p.
    The author wrote his/her feelings, its no debate, politely people could have replied, but no, we are human beings and would behave this way only!
    Thoughts you put at others come back to you with even more aggression.
    Off course not all regions are same we all know.
    And stop saying “in my city this happens and in your that thing happens”, you don’t own any city you were only born there. “Leave the city if you don’t like and all” , this is my country and no one can tell me what to do and what not to do, first we divide the world then the countries. Don’t we know a huge number of south Indians are there in mid and north part too.
    And different people think different about them like they are loyal only to other south Indians and all, even I have seen that, but thats the perspective of some individuals. And Delhi people are arrogant and all, huh.
    People don’t go here and there on there own, its the job or their destiny , and there’s nothing good at any cities’ people (as we can see our mentality), its only that companies are located there, so don’t say leave out my city.
    “India can’t be one ” and all that crap , same, the Kashmir people think , some of them neither want to be in India nor in Pakistan, they want their own country, now whats that ?
    And don’t support people like r** thaak***, those people don’t want people from other states in their state, and I don’t want such people to live in my country or in my world. People are not stealing jobs, its the survival of the fittest, the debate can go towards reservation too, then to corruption too… ,it can go on and on. Mumbai is it because of the Hindi Film industry not because mar**** or other people live there, and one language must be supported so that an Indian can freely survive in his country and freely move everywhere, don’t want our national language, then its ok but do come up with some language some medium, life is not about born and die in the same state/place(though we all want to be at home place). Don’t blame for languages.Join together to make places better to live.Help out!
    Just care about others and others would do the same, or just wait for 2012 ๐Ÿ˜› , after all theres no meaning in fighting like this, right ?
    Everyone has his/her perspective.

    Spread love.
    Sorry for all that I have written but the hatred I saw in the comments pushed me, I am not empty yet, actually just started. Nevermind!

    Mr. Nobody on November 22nd, 2010
  • 48

    I am not in Bangalore by my choice infact I am forced to stay in Bangalore by my company. The reason is that major IT firms has their offices in bangalore. But major Indian IT firms like Infosys and Wipro are headed by non kannadigas. I hate bangalore to it’s core and I love my company. The day my company transfers me to some other place, I would happily accept that. I graduated form IIT and was directly pushed to this city.

    Samuel on December 20th, 2010
  • 49

    Hi All,

    I am happy to see people complaining about IT Capital of INDIA.

    Being a kannadiga(but first Indian) i welcome thier complaints and feel that it was unfortunate what they came accross.

    every city grows with problems and with problems the challenges and with challenges the oppturnities and with oppturnities the life style and with life style the personna.

    I dont want to compare banglore with any other city as every city is unique with bad and good qualities.

    the only suggestion i want to give to non bangaloriens(I dont want to call them outsiders) is please bare with the bad qualities of the city because this citty is equally yours as other city of these Great country.

    luckily no one behaves here like austrailians.

    If i speak about Autorickshaw valas, please mind to catch a auto, who can assure you a good service, you have a choice to use the auto or to say no.

    well banglore is facilited with good bus transpotation, Use it.

    About Narrow roads, yes i too feel it but i am sure about karnataka state(i dont want others to belive it) govt, the metro rail project is doing good, the progress is slow but by another 3 years you will see full fedged metro roots in the city.

    yes about 10 months advance for rented home depends upon the area you choose to live in banglore, so be wise while choosing house because in banglore the house rents and advance differs as per the areas.

    If you speak about language, We too respect hindi as our national language. So i dont ask u to learn kannada but equally dont expect everyone to know hindi in banglore as hindi is not our mother tongue and neither kannada is yours.

    atlast i want too conclude that, we people of karnataka are happy to see you people working with us, We are not perfect and we dont expect you to be so.

    But yes we are happy of our growth and as every city we are working on our challanges and very postive about our future.

    We are happy to see bangalore growing with entire world attention and hope rest of the country will support us as they have done earlier because without INDIA and INDIANS no part of the country is complete and so bangalore.

    sunil on February 6th, 2011
  • 50

    I don’t know about anything else but the food that I found in the city is not upto the mark.I am not just talking about the north Indian food I am talking about south Indian food as well. Most locals in Bangalore are helpful but autowalas are a force to be reckoned with.Any where you have to go you have to pay atleast a 100 bucks. City is expensive as hell and the fact that all the bus signs are in kannada and no other language doesn’t help us a lot.I don’t know if I hate the city, I just don’t like being here. And yea I would leave the first chance I get.

    Ncik on February 11th, 2011
  • 51

    # 49 th comment sounds great

    Vish on February 25th, 2011
  • 52

    Dude, I am not agreed with you. Bangalore might be an expensive city but there are other things which you won’t find in other cities.

    1. Climate: It is uncomparable to any other part of India. Bangalore is much better than boiling heat of Delhi/NCR, humid climate of Chennai/Mumbai.
    2. Education: I found one of the best schools in India here. You can get quality education here.

    You mentioned the following problems:

    1.Bangalore is very expensive city to live in. – Bangalore cost of living index is almost equal to Mumbai, Delhi, Pune. Somewhat more than NCR,Hyderabad, Chennai.
    2.Traffic Problem (Roads are too narrow to support increasing traffic)- I think you wrote this article long back in 2008. But now lot of flyovers have come up. Infrastructural developement rate is more than any other city except Delhi.
    3.Language Problem (I know only English and Hindi)- I am also from North India but I picked up Kannada, started speaking few words and now I can even understand Kannada and speak very well. That too in just 10 months. Its not that difficult my friend.
    4.Different Culture – Mix up with culture. Start enjoying the local festivels etc. I am sure you will love it.
    5.Different Food – Goto any part of India, the food will be different. If you want the food from home then you can cook at home.

    Akash on March 9th, 2011
  • 53

    to all of you who have great problems in staying in Bangalore, please go back to your villages from where u come from.

    At least population of bangalore will reduce by few thousands..


    All what u earn courtesy comes from Bangalore…GO BACK AND SEE…

    Poornima on March 11th, 2011
  • 54

    Bangalore city is only for poor beggar politics.Politics can make Bangalore Singapore but not Karnataka.
    Most of the Politics and Officers do nothing for other cities in Karnataka.They give more importance to Bangalore than other cities.They come out of Bangalore city once in every 5 years to beg their vote.Note that not even 5% of the public vote in Bangalore.We,are the fools who vote this beggar politics and spoil our city.
    What we pay tax in our cities goes to Bangalore for development.
    Lastly,Bangalore will be no more in next years.The reason is secret,I will not tell you.

    NITIN on April 3rd, 2011
  • 55

    crowded, polluted, rude people, unhygienic, filthy, dirty, smells and unplanned city,, sucks to the core, am never coming back to this shitty place,

    riyu on May 5th, 2011
  • 56

    All you outsiders you dont have any rights to talk about banglore.If you have so much complaints just stay in your states why the hell u come here in spite of knowing problems outsides are ruining everything here. The only thing that frustates me that they dont have any respect to our language, culture and our people and they come here utilize everything and finally blame us.

    Girish on May 6th, 2011
  • 57

    post reply to 45,45:Well said brother

    Girish on May 6th, 2011
  • 58

    I am frm Chennai, i lived in Mumbai,Delhi and Guwhati. first of all i appretiate Bangaloreans for the languages they known. late 70’s only BLR start develop as a city, ppl here didn’t expect the growth, thats the reason for the narrow roads.
    The things i don’t like here are Police & Drivers. I’ve 2 pay them whether i’m having ‘all the papers’or not.
    Drivers here are very slow. its good thing they r turnin off the engine at signal, But before gettin green they are not startin it.
    i’m telling u because of the drivers only the traffic became terrific here. i’m not praisin Chennai, but there once the signal turns green a big crowd of vehicles will pass through in time.
    Apart frm that i like BLR climate, people,etc…
    Please don’t complained like a child for food, culture and language that will be diff once u come out of ur home.

    frank on May 18th, 2011
  • 59

    I am from West Bengal, living in Bangalore for the last 10 years.
    Local Bangaloreans are extremely cooperative people. In fact, the Kannadigas are amongst the most soft-spoken lingual group in India.
    We (the guys from outside Bangalore) expect that we can misbehave with anybody and nobody is going to protest. I think it is high time we rectify our attitude.
    As far as Autowallahs are concerned, they are a race by themselves anywhere in India. I haven’t heard any good comment about any auto driver from the localites anywhere in India. So, why single out Bangalore?
    Respect the localites and they will respect us.
    If we show them disrespect, what do we expect in return?

    AC on May 30th, 2011
  • 60

    Its high time bangalore is declared a karnataka safe zone and all north indianswho dont have the courtesy to learn our language kicked out..This is why I like the attitude of chennai people coz they dont give a shit to these north indians!! If you dont like it leave it, why are you fucking complaining, you spineless gut

    Bangaloire_rox on June 11th, 2011
  • 61

    I have lived in many cities including Bangalore and Pune.
    I mentioned these two because they have something to do with the points I am going to make.

    I agree with many people on this forum. I found Bangalore an okay place.
    But, my question is *have* you been to Pune.
    Pune is said to be one of the IT hub, but the problems you speak are in much more sinister form in this place.
    The usual suspects Autowallahs, local police are bad (which is very soft word for them). People know hindi, but still won’t talk, will treat you like an outsider and charge high fares.
    The politics abound, although guys in IT won’t feel it, but it’s still there. IT guys, if your company is in Pune, count the number of Marathi managers in your company. The marathi Manoos factor is in much sinister form there.
    The worst part, there are no standard companies, no ground breaking work, just bullshit and nonsense abounds. The houses are over-priced in areas like Aundh and Baner. There is *no* good local transportation to speak of.

    Vidur on June 25th, 2011
  • 62

    I have lived in many cities including Bangalore and Pune.
    I mentioned these two because they have something to do with the points I am going to make.

    I agree with many people on this forum. I found Bangalore an okay place.
    But, my question is *have* you been to Pune.
    Pune is said to be one of the IT hub, but the problems you speak are in much more sinister form in this place.
    The usual suspects Autowallahs, local police are bad (which is very soft word for them). People know hindi, but still won’t talk, will treat you like an outsider and charge high fares.
    The politics abound, although guys in IT won’t feel it, but it’s still there. IT guys, if your company is in Pune, count the number of Marathi managers in your company. The marathi Manoos factor is in much sinister form there.
    The worst part, there are no standard companies, no ground breaking work, just bullshit and nonsense abounds. The houses are over-priced in areas like Aundh and Baner. There is *no* good local transportation to speak of.

    Bangalore is *much* better IMHO.

    Vidur on June 25th, 2011
  • 63

    “AYyyyyy!!!!!!”this is the way ppl start a conversation in kannada here!Hailing frm Mangalore, i know the language too.In my honest opinion i feel there is a more polite form of this language (which i’ve encountered).Here in B’lore this language is spoken with no respect for one another.Indeed a shame.Proabaly this is the case elsewhere but i’m more focused on B’lore coz this is simply my state capital.Ppl here talk abut the so called outsiders forgetting the fact that they simply use words borrowed frm other languages like tamil etc.They all know to curse in hindi,tamil,telgu etc so language is defnitely not a barrier in this part of the world.Thats Great!!!!
    The root cause for the problems in this city is ‘people’be it the autodrivers or poliicians.(Comments made by me are just what my senses hav perceived)
    I’ve been living in this city since 2007 nd studied at BMS college of Engg.Since the time i got down from the bus autodrivers have been exploiting me.Its simple,the first time i got into an auto, the guy literally begged me to travel in his ride.then he demands exorbitant rates forgetting the fact that it wud be cheaper to travel by a taxi at that price!!!
    Now thats just the beginning!
    These ppl have no respect for fellow B’loreans let alone the so called outsiders.If you want to question me on this,just notice the number to ppl trying to hepl an injured victim of an accident or receive help for the services yo’ve paid for.north indian or south indian,we just have one thing in common “temper”.Recently i realised tht knowing the magical language ‘kannada’ is an undersatement.You need to speak(accent),look nd even behave like the locals which is absurd!I got a death threat frm an autowallah for hailing frm M’lore nd he frm Hanumanthanagar (supposedly a rowdy suburb)for simple reason – i didnt have change.There is no point being just doesnt work that way!!!
    Next stop politics.Now that doesnt need any argument!! Its the same the world over.
    All i have is a simple question for the so called Bangaloreans (half of the population of B’lore apart frm north indians is frm TN,AP etc all south indian states whom pple dont refer to as outsiders and have no problems with them)Dont you want to change all the shorcomings of this beautiful city?
    If so Why dont you make your voice heard??
    Now thats definitely not the case in north india or chennai.
    Everything in else in this city is simply amazing.Even though Bangalore has no cuisine of its own,food is impeccable ;thats of course if you can pay for it.
    Cost of living is high; so that makes this place all the more at attractive coz you know for sure that educated ppl live here.
    Bangalore is definitely an awesome place if not for you rude localites.Everyones not the same.You pple cannot generalise outsiders as rude and unfriendly simply on the basis of domestic boundaries,culture and language barriers.If someones rude nd spoiling your heritage then catch him by the throat;but pls dont victimize anyone nd everyone who come your way.This is your land nd yo have every right to rule over it but your policies are backfiring.

    Kudla on July 31st, 2011
  • 64

    I would like to got central india or north india.
    It will be very good if I can find IT job in Faridabad itself .

    vimal on August 5th, 2011
  • 65

    u dint mention which part of india u r frm..i wudv ripped u apart…having lived around india…i have seen how the rest of the places r….u cannot compare blore to anyof em…guess u need ppl like Raj thackrey here to teach u about acceptance…huh!…if u r so not satisfied here, plz go back to ur backward town…this city is expensive bcoz u have the power to spend…guess u r a baniya…who wants to earn more but dont want to spend…there is a sayin’ in english..when in Rome act like romans…

    Namma Bengaluru on August 12th, 2011
  • 66

    Live for 1 year in hyd and come to bnglr., then u will know the betterness of bnglr ๐Ÿ™‚

    Truthteller on August 21st, 2011
  • 67

    comparing anything to Chandigarh is joke here lol…any way i like bangalore its climate is awesome and even ppl are very helpful except auto wala but that is ok becoz i dont think you will find good auto walla any where so its ok..ya only big problem is traffic but that is also there in every city’s in india except well planned citys like chandiagarh who have the largest ratio of cars as per area but still there we dont see any traffic jams…but that credit goes to Le corbusier..also if you thinnk bangalore is costly well i think its not that costly at least you can think of buying a home here if you go to my home town chandigarh where flat is minimum 8-9k per squre feet and independent from 18-25k square feet you will know wat is expensive seriously that is too much…all in all bangalore is awesome ppl are awesome i loove this city and if anyone have any issues they sholud leave IMO…

    Jassd on August 29th, 2011
  • 68

    for all those who hate bangalore u guys r jackass…

    anubhav pandey on September 3rd, 2011
  • 69

    hello ppl those who have problem with bangalore ,leave and go to your native place,this is the only city in INDIA which welcomes other state ppl whole heartedly if not u would have not been here and survived so long !!!!!!!!!!

    navya on September 13th, 2011
  • 70

    I read some saying if you need help, people don’t help here in bangalore. It’s all north Indian you find and your own native states won’t help you. If you read paper. only 24% kannadiga’s live here since no won’t get job cuz of outsider here… of course they have to migrate to village and inside places.

    You people made this city as garbage city from garden city. If your state cannot provide opportunity then talk about how to improve your state trather than cribbing abt place than gives you bread and butter,

    Are shut your mouth and get lost from this place.

    If you crib about house rent, traffic… etc
    I am born here. There were no malls, no life style like pubs or high rent

    You people can wear shots and do all kind of fun staying away.. you cheap culture less people.. act decent in your native and spoil other place by your outward behavior.

    I have seen N number of north indian – they do all sort of activity here and they act so decent when they go back native.

    First clean your home before you point dirt anywhere

    Bangalore on October 10th, 2011
  • 71

    I have been in bangalore ONCE for 10 dez only..and made d most hectic road journeys..which s Roadies have also not done.
    Devoid of mall culture and high storeyed buildings..the city has nothing
    It doesny believe in diversity-if u know kannad u get xtra discount on items(shops in kormangla say dat)…..i mean where are they living…
    Except few all the so called stylish girls luk like Sluts…some really ahve gud dressing sense..others end up luking Slutty and by behaviour they prove that too
    places like jalahalli,malleswaram are a eye soother with the greenery… i said its a Developing city with UnDeveloped minded people…
    Malls..Style..Booze..wont give u any acclaim…learn to accept others

    sree on November 27th, 2011
  • 72

    “different language, different culture, different food”.

    Boss, how does YOUR inability to adapt to a place make Bangalore a bad place to live in? Bangalore doesn’t give a shit if someone can’t adapt to it. I could say the same thing about your hometown. But my wisdom bids me not to.

    Bangalore is one place where most people can speak in excess of 3 languages. Not that I’m beating my chest at this point, but you ought to appreciate the fact that we are as people are welcoming in nature.

    And a medal for the native Bangaloreans who have put up with the reckless and unplanned growth of their beloved heaven of a home so as to allow people from all over to swoop down on the city, make fat money for themselves and their family back home and rape the legendary tranquility of Bangalore. I wonder if these people even appreciate or respect that Bangalore and its original people have an identity.

    vaibhav on December 19th, 2011
  • 73

    to the so called natives…
    1. we will not leave Bangalore – it’s not “YOUR Bangalore”, you just happen to live here
    2. Hindi is the national language of India – we won’t adapt you will have to – this is not your personal paradise.
    3. 10 years since the IT boom here – has your infrastructure developed – NO. who is to blame – your government or you?
    4. the only thing which has gone up are the costs of living in this city, 10xrent as deposit, greedy auto drivers, expensive malls and shops, lack of quality but you are asked for premium prices. fact of the matter – natives are greedy

    Suresh on January 26th, 2012
  • 74

    I completely agree with Vaibhav.. no one is stopping you from leaving.. Its ‘OUR’ Bangalore which used to be heaven just around 12 years back.. greedy buggers from all over the country has rammed into the place as though something out here is given out for free.. Desperation could be the driving factor :).. By the way we just didnt happen to live here particularly if its generations.. if that was the case.. even Suresh would have just happened to live in this planet called earth.. you can for sure disssappear and no one would even notice..!!! And for the point being Hindi the national language, please get your records straight and refer to August 2007 Gujarat High Court Verdict on a Soft Drink Add which didnt have a Hindi Description of contents and the Petition by one of the guys like you was dismissed that Hindi was never a declared national language and it was just a widely spoken language…Infrastructure not improving, Blame you cos where havent you reached in the city that there aint left no place for even stretching…10Xrent always existed and it surely need to exist with all the outsiders encroaching the city…Greedy Auto Drivers– live with it cos you are in the city for the same reason else you could have been bck in the place you belong.. Natives are rulers and oneday you will have the face the music for the dirty attitude you carry into this beautiful lovely city of OURS…

    Arun on February 6th, 2012
  • 75

    It’s in the constitution, Arun.Hindi,whether it gives you a tumour or not, is the official language in tandem with english.

    All this bickering over who ruined the city is pointless.How do you prove something like this in a fair and informed manner?
    Prices have gone up everywhere.There are blogs that hate every major metro.So?It’s nice to see someone defend their homestate/city for what it was,but that is not a solution.Hell, if you feel that strongly about it ,break the constitution and rewrite it by petitioning your local government.

    grimm on February 8th, 2012
  • 76

    dear friends
    i got to this post and was alarmed to know how bangalore has boomed in the last decade. The same is the case with any other city in india. I love india and every city in india. Bangalore comes first and then the others as i criscross bangalore every day for work education etc. From my side my apologies for your inconvenience for undergoing hardships here. Let us not point a finger on what we hate but let us come together bangaloreans and non bangaloreans and make this city safe for every kid, elderly ppl, women and professionals who are striving for improving ones life. Let us make india a hub for integrity instead. Others will just follow. It will not be very far when auto walla wud not help u. Afterall i have seen many a graduates eking out a living driving the three wheel monsters. In my 100% usage of the auto for various activities they have helped me 90% and the remaining 10% still needs improvement. food is excellent and its a place which helps one to find people from all walks of life. Metro is adding color which shortly wud improve congestion:)

    vikas kf on March 6th, 2012
  • 77

    Yes Bangalore is the city in India where people are looted like anything and its official here.
    Mostly the non it people here are very jealous and greedy of it people’s pay and growth and so its very common that House Owners, Auto Rickhaw Drivers etc. all have just one motive to loot as much as possible here in bangalore.

    Whatever is illegal in rest of India is all legal in bangalore.

    The US companies are fooled like anything and given over exxagarated view of Bangalore and brought here in Bangalore.
    But now they have also started learning the city and now moving out.

    Rupesh KP on March 14th, 2012
  • 78

    The whole issue about Kannada language is absolutely unnecessary. It is a well known fact that regionalism and cunningness is in the blood of South Indians. Having stayed in Bangalore for more than 1 year, I can say that Kannadigas are somewhat better than the rest of 3 states communities (although these people are known to carry attacks on Tamil cinema theatres and some other communities).

    Kannadigas should understand that people from other states came in Bangalore for professional jobs only (mainly IT sector). This “migration” started may be a decade back. Before that no person from “North Indian states” even thought of coming to any of these four South Indian states, forget settling down! People just travelled South India as tourists! On the contrary South Indians have continuously influxed in other states for past several decades (for jobs as well as settling down permanently) in hundreds, thousands, and lakhs. These people have also migrated in Middle East and other Western countries. At work places these people are always ‘united’ like forming a union and usually block other people from coming in! Their ‘friendly acts’ are actually back stabbing tactics which are now known to almost entire world!

    Coming to the point, Kannadigas should realise that people have come in Bangalore for jobs and not learning their language! The usual comment is that Hindi language is forced on us. This is not the fact at all. In fact, South Indians are known to force their language on others! Why anybody should learn Kannada when it is not their mother tongue? Who decides which language anybody should speak? By the way, which languages Kannadigas speak in other states?

    Kannadigas should have no issues with outsiders unless people are minding their jobs/businesses. If these people want to press their languages on outsiders, sorry to say it will not work!

    If the IT sector is out of Bangalore, what will be the scenraio of Bangalore? Even now, IT people is like a floating population. Most of the people tend to fly back on weekends or holidays… So guys grow up….

    Rajesh on March 15th, 2012
  • 79

    Bangalore sucks .. i belive it would say everything..

    sachin on March 18th, 2012
  • 80

    how come you guys comment on karnataka and kannada ? dont you guys have some manners ? you are living in karnataka , so its your duty to learn kannada , how can you expect us to converse with ur mother tongues ? dont you guys have shame on yourself ? you came here for stomach ,karnataka giving food,shelter for you . its ur duty to respect to the place where you are living in . dont you have some courtesy for the state you are living in ? even if IT is not here in Bangalore , we have a job . Bangalore is not only dependent on IT . if you dont like to leave here in bangalore, then please go back to your states, we have not invited you guys .

    manju on March 23rd, 2012
  • 81

    Hello boss, dont comment anything abt banglr, its such a good place in the india. get lost to ur home town.

    PARSHU on March 28th, 2012
  • 82

    So Good to see people talking about this city so openly, I hate it to the core but have to put up with it. I have lived in many cities of India but have never come across such x-ray eyes of men as I have here. If there is any issue with any one they seem to suddenly start speaking in Kannada, the same people who were speaking in Hindi a minute before.

    Deep on April 6th, 2012
  • 83

    First of all the non-IT people in Bangalore (All those damn houseowners, shopowners, auto wallas) does not know the value of Money. They all got richer overnight just because of IT boom. I’m kannadiga from Bangalore and witnessed every step of Bangalore’s growth. I’m certain no one had expected that this city would grow what has been it now. I did remember the days of 80’s and early 90’s where the people here go either to Mumbai or Chennai for their living. That’s why we call them Metropolitan – a city which has various roots of business (Majority of Bangaloreans income come out of IT).
    Also I’ve witnessed and even some times heard the local non-IT people used abusive languages to curse the heavliy paid IT people. Even the small shops and road side bakeries started looting people (For instance I’ve saw a IT lady who had purchased for almost Rs.800 worth commodities in a grocery shop and never verified the manual bill;not even asked for it. I knew the shop had cheated that lady atleast 50 rs.)
    The bangalore’s recent growth is huge and good sign of improving economy – but my friends remember the uncontrolled growth of only one part of your body – leads to cancer. The same thing should not happen. The politicians here should put some effort to migrate the growth to the rest of karnataka.

    I hate bangalore on April 8th, 2012
  • 84

    I am a northindian staying in bangalore from 11 years, And i love Bangaluru… ๐Ÿ™‚ Namma City.. It has very good bus service , malls , we get food of all types.It is the best Place to stay in India or world you can say. The kannadigas are very welcoming and humble and treat everyone alike. it is the people from other south indian states who are spoiling the name of bangalore. And people who come from north,please try to learn some local language here. its not so tuf guys. You should put an effort thats it.. ๐Ÿ™‚ And in every part of india there s a outsider feeling , but bangalore is very nice i will say.. Jay karnataka.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    SAtish on April 16th, 2012
  • 85

    City of ass lickers. Stop wathcing and acting like your movie stars do. This is not a different country. Its one of the states of Indias. Try being an Indian first and @Mr. You take our jobs…

    They are MNCs. i.e multinational companies, not Govt of karnataka companies. do you think that it was establish for people of karnataka. I mean, seriously, have you given a thought for that. People are moving to bangalore not to the gold mines here, in that case they would have been stealing your jobs. Its just the company they follow, Dont even start about the monopoly in the college education system.

    Rent, half of my salary is your rent, as though I ‘m working for you. (but thats ok, I get to spend more than I earn anyways so doesnt matter).

    Shopkeepers. Learn to smile. we arent here for your kidneys

    Autowallas:- Why do they even have a meter if they are allowed to charge the way they want? Once they know that you are an outsider, they start abusing you cause you dont understand language

    Parshu.manju Bangaloire_rox Poornima and guys asking us to go back:- did we come to your place(Home or house) to eat food cooked for you. I pay rent, taxes. what else you want?

    you have no prob to tamil and telagu, but cant speak hindi, too tough is it? wish times were different and you people understood the essence

    I do understand Kannada, Understand how people interact with each other. (Like they do in hindi, we use “aap” as oppose to tum. Here even they’ve met him for the first time, they started using tum or tu, ‘neenu’)

    A$$ lickers , before independence and even after Independence.

    learn to respect who leave their homes, they dont like it either its fate.
    I don’t stay in a Village but ended up here, Would love to get the Hell out of this place.

    Bangalore is nice, but some bangaloreans arent

    Time will tell , or now . another 365 days for me atleast. see guys, thanks a lot bangalore. you gave me more reasons to go back else where. Will miss so many people. good bad.

    Indian on April 17th, 2012
  • 86

    Its high time that in next one decade , central and karnataka state govt policies encourage other industry like automobile , FMCG , Small scale industries , whole sale spare part business , agro products , food processing industry , beverages , Primary EMS learning , textile , cotton , agriculture , power , hydroelectric , cement , construction to setup full base in bangalore. Because only one economy called IT can feed only one generation for 2 decades maximum. Whole next generation cannot be employed in IT industry. IT industry has a complete dependency on developed first world nations. Its only develop nation like US , UK , europe economy that rules bangalore economy. Once diversified economy will be established in bangalore like DELHI , MUMBAI , CHENNAI , economy of bangalore will be very stable like MUMBAI , DELHI , CHENNAI in a very diverisfied way . Economist stats shows any city in world which has complete IT dependency will have more inflation because IT economy is volatile . A diverisfied economy can only bring a century duration security , stability and state of permanancy like MUMBAI ( its one of leading financial economies in WORLD because of it huge diversity in industry , consumption , investment and production and tats bring most highest and accurate level of time to market and timelines to acheive business targets at all level in MUMBAI) . If diversified economy comes to BANGALORE , bangalore will become more COSMO (outside corporates) , more stable in feeding next generation , more diversified in consumptions , ppl from all industry sector will be consumers , hence inflation will be under control , for every one branded shop , there will 3 local shops to feed all industry consumer and economy of scale principle will do wonders for bangalore economy. IT is just a part of complete commerece and business. IT is just industry . Currently bangalore has imports than exports of goods related to automobile , FMCG , Small scale industries , whole sale spare part business , agro products , food processing industry , beverages , Primary EMS learning , textile , cotton , agriculture , power , hydroelectric , cement , construction . THIS HIGH TIME MINISTRY OF COMMERCE AT STATE AND CENTRE , KARNATAKA CHAMBERS TO INDUSTRY JOIN HANDS and do highest level of other industry development in bangalore. bangalore has good skilled manpower to materialize this , bangalore just need a very development focus governance like MUMBAI and GUJURAT( power generations , DIAMOND , textile , small scale indus , OIL REFENRIES , PORTs , scalbilbity of economy in all sectors)

    Amit Pandey on April 24th, 2012
  • 87

    AS INDIANS , DONT FIGHT AMONGST EACH OTHER staying in BANGALORE . UNDERSTAND how through a proactive and mature goveranance , we can bring diverisfied economy and industry in BANGALORE. all small things over which u guys are blaming ppl and city , understand BANGALORE is PART of karnataka and karnataka is an integral part of united states of INDIA. Way USA – united state of america is ruling asia pacific economy and majaority of world’s economy think as indians , how can BANGALORE and hence INDIA become a super power with self sustainbility in all sectors of economy , have more self manufacturing units like CHINA , JAPAN. have exports then imports. We are so educated BE, MBAs , IAS , PHDs , we should utilize our skills in goveranace , bueruracy , Civil services, Municipal corps , civic adminstrations , industry policing , export import polcies , RBI polciies , national security policies , Transport polcies at national level , labor laws , Intelligence rather than feeding are knowledge to only US and european IT companies and becoming a dependent economy and encouraging ABSOLUTE CAPATILISM in IT. now IT industry is all about ppl slogging for money and psoition , nobody slogging for better city , state and country goverannace and countries economic policies ( RBI , SEBI , MOC , FM s )

    Amit Pandey on April 24th, 2012
  • 88

    comments 86 and 87 are very key to foundation of a economical development of any city , state and nation. MUMBAI , DELHI , BEIJING , SINGAPORE , TOYOKO , NEW YORK , LONDON these cities feed N number of generations over centuries and create a state of permanancy becuase of very DIVERISFIED ECONOMY . Communism of KOLKATA , IT of bangalore , TEXTILE of COIMBIATORE , Tourism of GOA cannot bring state of permanancy as it supports only one generation starting mid of 90s to mid of 2020’s.
    World economic survey says by 2030 DELHI and MUMBAI will be top 5 leading economies bigger than BEIJING , TOKIYO , LONDON due to its high business scability and diversified economy.

    Amit Pandey on April 24th, 2012
  • 89

    I agree with some of the comments, if you hate Bangalore then please leave. We don’t need people like you in this city.
    The reason the attitude towards northerners is so bad is this:
    When I go to the north no one will bother speaking in anything but Hindi, so I have to learn Hindi.
    When you northerners come to Bangalore you don’t bother learning Kannada do you? You just sit there and expect everyone to learn Hindi. No it is not our national language. It may be the official language, but not national.
    Plus most north Indians don’t really seem patient or polite in my experience. Common courtesy doesn’t seem to exist. It shows simply in this post that you have writhen, a blatant lack of respect for anything “different”. Having Different food and Different culture in the South is not something you can call a fault in Bangalore.
    What did you think? That this culture would be the same as where you come from? Don’t be an idiot, of course it will be different! LIke i said before, if you can’t adapt, then leave.

    sucheta on May 1st, 2012
  • 90

    And P.S. THANK GOD our culture is different from yours!

    sucheta on May 1st, 2012
  • 91

    Also, it is “OUR” Bangalore because we embrace this city. The good and the bad. You’re telling me that your hometown is PERFECT?! I highly doubt it. No place on earth is perfect. Please grow some balls and stop complaining. Like everyone keeps saying, no one is forcing you to stay here, you can leave if you hate it so much, but quit complaining. Whiners like you make me sick.

    sucheta on May 1st, 2012
  • 92

    @Sucheta, the question of leaving Bangalore solely depends on us. You did not bother about that. As said in earlier comments, IT people have come here not to open local shops nor they go to anybody’s home to eat free food! The problem with Bangalore is the cunningness of South Indians! Everybody agrees that there as many languages as many states in India. But South Indians change their language like a ’tissue paper’!

    Pls. just see comments no. 78, 79, 83. They will provide all answers to your question.

    And Sucheta, it is better you ask all Kannadigas to return back to your home state who have influxed (NOT MIGRATED) in other states in hundreds, thousands and lakhs. It will lessen a big burden on other states!

    Ravi on May 2nd, 2012
  • 93

    Mr.Ravi , with your comments it clearly shows ur THANKLESS character .Y dont u mingle with the KANNADIGAS and live happy here ? your words shows ur culture . Remeber ,you came from ur state in search of food ,not to provide. Yes i agreed,many kannadigas are migrated to other states ,we respect the local culture and adopt for it .not like you people ,keep on expecting the whole world should be according to ur hometown though it may be the worst place to live . Respect the culture ,place where u r getting food .Mingle with the locals ,then see how happy BENGALURU will be for you .

    manju on May 10th, 2012
  • 94

    Hi friend,
    Which you mentionetd 5 reason. that is the positive reason to live in Bangalore. So, i came before 12 years on that time i know only tamil but now my son and myself speak 5 launge. Please under stand.
    Thanking you

    Vetri Vadivel on May 29th, 2012
  • 95

    Hi Bangalore culture has been spoiled by north indian girls before 1995-1996 bangalore was having good culture no girls wears T-shirts people use their traditional dresses. now all north indians girkls are exposing in bangalore.becauase if teen age girl start exposing her chest and all people either kidanap or raped in most of the north indian states.since they could nt wear western dresses in their states, they are wearing here and visiting pubs bars etc. If go to any pubs most of the girls are from north indians and all are well educated I HATE NORTH INDIAN CULTURE AND FOOD

    Bagaan on May 29th, 2012
  • 96

    He is sharing only his experiences with other people, he is not saying that you also hate that city, if you hate his post then dont read it, no one is forcing to you read!

    Kedarnath joshi on June 3rd, 2012
  • 97

    here in kolkata, many people from your state, all kannadigas, they dont speck & understand the local language. they do not respect the bengali culture. so give your advice to your own kannadiga people.

    Govind chatterjee on June 3rd, 2012
  • 98


    Someone stolen my mobile in City bus near BTM,,,, I asked conductor to stop bus and check all passengers pockets, but conductor was simply smiling. He didn’t stop bus neither anybody stood up to help me….
    What do u say about this.


    JOY on June 20th, 2012
  • 99

    Govind chatterjee ,
    In that case ask them to learn bengali ,and adopt to your culture . It is very rare case that kannadigas not learning local language in other states . Its your duty to make them to learn and adopt to your culture .In the same case , we expect others to learn Kannada and its culture if they are staying here .

    manju on June 22nd, 2012
  • 100


    SADIST on June 23rd, 2012
  • 101

    To manjuji,
    one of them Mr. m.p.konnur, from ur state who live in our apt. said that, he is not bengali then there is no need to learn it. india is democratic conuntry & no one can force him to adopt regional culture,language. our national language is hindi & hindi must be the communication language within the india like English in the world. other mr.halemani said ‘it is pure nonsence that learn & adopt local culture,lang. where u live’.
    now what u will say on these toughts of great ppl. from ur state?.

    Govind chatterjee on June 30th, 2012
  • 102

    North-Indians. Leave. We don’t like you. We don’t care how much you like or hate this city. You are here because you want to be here. We did not ask you to come here and don’t want you here. So either suck it up and learn to behave like humans AKA South-Indians, we might learn to tolerate you, which I think is highly impossible. You are most definitely welcome to go to which ever amazing city you came from and please… tell your story walking. Go away.. Please..Go. Go.GOOOO. Get lost. You haven’t gone yet???? GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Shoo.

    kannadada maga on July 3rd, 2012
  • 103

    To all Kannada linguistic hypocrites,

    First Kannadigas should go away from all other states (except may be four South Indian states). To my knowledge, South Indians are influxing in other states (not migrating for professional jobs) – influxing for permanent settlement almost every day. As said in many comments, IT people are working in private/professional companies. So, they do not bother about Kannada language. It is a complete hypocracy of South Indians to force their language on others! Surprisingly many South Indians who are born and bought in ‘North Indian States’ openly say that these are the complete BLACK DEEDS of their community! Nothing to say more…

    Arvind on July 8th, 2012
  • 104

    Friends, we are all Indias. Let’s respect each other..

    somesh dutta on July 12th, 2012
  • 105

    north or south no one dares to challenge our mothertongue Hindi!

    Jamil giyazuddin hakkani on July 12th, 2012
  • 106

    for all the people who hate bangalore,plz plz plz go to chennai and stay for 1 year especially if u r a north indian..And you will know what is HELL..
    I am a north indian who did the biggest mistake of taking IIT chennai for studies….I knw how sucked and screwed is chennai…now i m in Bangalore…man!it feels heaven..
    Chennai’c climate sucks..
    People suck…
    and its sooo expensive…
    And auto walas are goons..
    Landlords are ultra reserved…
    Forget about the stinky and dirty booze shops..

    Cumon man!…bangalore is much better in those aspects….if i compare to the KING OF HELL..CHENNAI..
    Thanks God i m not in chennai…May got never do this to anybody of sending him to chennai…trust me guys on this…

    akaash on July 16th, 2012
  • 107

    Let me tell you guys…Kannadigas are relatively better people than tamilians or other states.

    akaash on July 16th, 2012
  • 108

    Still we all discuss about which part of the country we belong, North, south east or west. Why cant we all grow up and be Indians first.

    My parents are from Andhra but was born and brought up in Gujarat, got married to a person from east and I am staying in Bangalore.

    Coming to Bangalore, I found this city to be the most pleasant experience. I have been here for more than 7 years and I am in love in this city. It is definitely costly and a bit higher than other cities,but which metro is not.

    People here are quite friendly, and i have safely gone out alone at times in need to buy medicines for my kids even after 9:30-10.Are other cities safe for women folk?

    Language will be barrier if you make it, its your choice and food is much better and hygienic compared to many cities. I happily speak with shopkeepers in Hindi, Telugu and yes few words in Kannada. I traveled at lengths in buses and the conductors were very cooperative and guided me to correct stops.

    It was very childish and very sensitive on the part of the person who started this post by branding Bangalore and Bangaloreans.Beautiful city, spoilt by people with callous attitude of native and outsiders.

    Pallavi on July 17th, 2012
  • 109

    hellow…. brothers… dnt show u r software attitudes here… if IT companies are closed here… ready to pack up… we all r human beings… do adjust…do understand… do your work… dnt think more about unless things… pls dnt talk about bangalore… u came for money.. not for blr…

    dev (agriculture) bannerghta.. blr on July 18th, 2012
  • 110

    our mothertongue is Hindi

    Sayyad momin parvez pathan on July 22nd, 2012
  • 111

    Couple of points repeatedly made by north indians here
    1. South indians migrate in large number to north india
    May be true earlier because india had a planned economy. A planned swindling by north/delhi politicians who built railroads to infra to everything in north india and south got nothing. After 1990s it is market economy and many MNCs, private investments are coming to deserving place ie to all southern states except kerala. So basically we are seeing a large influx of north indian coming down to south and creating law and order problem to traffic jams and what not. When south indians migrated they never created chaos, law and order situation in any other part of the country. On the other hand bangalore crime peaked because of northies.

    2. Kannadigas are rude
    Dude kannadigas are one of the most polite variety (I am a tamil). Try talking such non sense in Mumbai or chennai and see what happens. In my opinion people from haryana, punjab, UP, Bihar are rudest and most uncivilised.

    venkat on July 25th, 2012
  • 112

    Bangalore is one of the most unplanned cities in India. The system is slow and corrupt.

    – Highly expensive and real estate is awful

    – Strange to observe fast growth inspite of corrupt governance

    – Outsiders ask for address as the areas are confusing and unorganized (except a couple of them)

    – Good to stay only for a few years due to climate (the only reason) and this climate will not lost forever

    – Shops owners think they are great just because they own a business

    – government officials are filled with cheap lies, confusion and blame games

    – Last but not the least never ending traffic. Spending hours on the road and putting up with errant Auto rickshaws

    IT should slowly shift to other cities with better infrastructure

    Avi on August 11th, 2012
  • 113

    Kannadiga people are most friendly people ….Not like dirty north Indians and their culture….If you don’t like our place don’t come here …. Bangalore was a safe place …until people like you have made unsafe…
    every metropolitan city is expensive …. If you want to stay you have to pay ….

    RAJU on October 18th, 2012
  • 114

    ok … alrite…. NORTH INDIAN ALERT !!!! yet another north indian talking abt a south indian city…..
    these guys talk as if they have come from newyork or london…… from the villages they come from BANGALORE is 1000 times better. heres a tip…. actually not a tip here wat north indians shd exactly follow:

    1) wen u leave ur filthy home state, remember that nobody cares for ur hindi. even then if u find a guy replying to u in hindi….. u must be thankfull to him for the rest of ur lives.
    2) ull stop criticising the place u live in. if u don like it… please LEAVE the place… no body is stopping u.
    3) learn the language of the state as soon as possible. u have to… n surely u shd if u plan to settle there.
    4) stop calling the language of the state “local language” or “regional language” . it is and was and will be the language of the land and is one of the many languages that is spoken in india that includes hindi.
    5) please get this thing out of ur mind: HINDI IS NOT THE NATIONAL LANGUAGE. neither practically nor legally. n it is not going to change irrespective of watever. please do not beat ur chest n say “NOBODY SPEAKS HINDI HERE”.
    6)it wud jus b better if u don come to south or the west for that matter. u have a;ready spoiled the east. pls stop spoiling the rest of the country.

    mvh on November 13th, 2012
  • 115

    While liking and disliking a place, food, culture is a personal opinion and you have every right to air your views and I do not want to argue over that.
    However, I would like to point that when we migrate to an alien city, you cannot expect home cooked food or the culture that you grew up with and we need to adjust with what we get.(Btw, Bangalore has a good variety of eateries catering to almost every ones need)

    I am a Banglorean and have lived in this city for 35 years. I have also seen how it transformed from a sleepy town to a bustling city what it is today. While the locals claim that there were no malls, traffic jams, pubs etc is true, this kind of a transformation is seen in every city , town and village in the world but Bangalore saw a much faster growth attributing to its climate, superior employment and educational opportunities.

    I do not blame the outsiders alone for all the ills that Bangalore faces today. Who gave permission for these malls and pubs to come up? Who is responsible for the potholes in the roads and not ensuring a good public transport and not containing the auto goons? Who permitted the illegal buildings and encroachments that dot the city? Who is responsible for high rentals and 10 months advance? Who has mismanaged the growth of the city by permitting illegal apartments and pathetic roads and encroached pavements and every other issue that Bangalore faces?
    The answer for all of the above : WE (insider and outsider included) and OUR politicians.

    The IT boom has not just benefited the ones who migrate. Many farmers in the outskirts of Bangalore sold their farmlands to the realtors for a good money. The realtors hand in glove with the politicians and babus too did not wait for exploiting the golden opportunity they got. Many Bangalore locals too let out their house for high rentals. IT boom has lead to the creation of many secondary and tertiary jobs like catering, transport, house keeping, real estate etc and unfortunately our politicians and city planners who also got the share of the pie never worked towards improving the living conditions in the city.

    Instead of complaining about our adopted land/migrants/locals let us live and adjust with each other. I am sure every individual migrating (North, south, Bangalore, Delhi or wherever) to a new culture will find it difficult initially with a lot of factors, but what matters is how well can we adapt to an alien land, mix with the local culture and people. (This applies to Bangloreans who migrate to Delhi also).

    Prashanth on November 23rd, 2012
  • 116

    @mvh, As Hindi is not a national language, so are none of the South Indian languages! In fact, Kannada, Malyalam, Telugu, Tamil are exclusive regional languages. And moreover these communities and people are also radical, ethnic. So, you/your people should also remember that when you influx in other states, you DO NOT speak in your language!

    Shailesh on November 30th, 2012
  • 117


    NISHANT on December 6th, 2012
  • 118

    For all those brilliant studs who jump to defend Bangalore and have a singel standard replay- leave if you dont like, for them i say this: Make hay while the sun shines. B’lore had nothing 20yrs back and it is due to IT and outsiders the sity has become so vibrant and financially strong. But the attitude of the native population is filled with ego without realisation of reality. None of this is sustainable if today IT shifts or leverages to other cheaper tier 1/2/3 towns and cities. You all will be left licking your fingers and would like to see how you keep singing the same chauvinistic tune. Bangalore is rapidly out-pricing itseld in every respect, ridiculous rent, mad landlords and high real estate cost. Things are getting cheaper for companies in Phillipines and other south east Asian countries ofr those who outsource. How long do you think companies can bear the high cost of staffing and real estate. The day the exodus starts, the native population will be back to square one. The person who started this blog is freely entitled to his opinion. There can be no contention, that everyone id free to talk and criticise in a free country. Try to take it in your stride !

    Nil on December 7th, 2012
  • 119

    I spent the considerable amount of time in these cities.
    Bangalore ,Mumbai ,Delhi, Chennai.

    some of things I didn’t liked in bangalore.

    1. Very High Rent ( seriously dude now a 2bhk in kormangala,hsr will cost you 25K.)

    2. Auto walas, (And this is the only city I know which has no concept of shared auto)

    3. 10 month rent deposite (and owner will deduct atleast 10K on the name of painting etc at the time of vacating the house, this is robbery)

    4. those who think Bus is good here. Bus is definetely costly here than mumbai ,delhi,and chennai. also frequency is good for few roots only. and no easy way to know that which bus will take you to where.

    Codebug on January 30th, 2013
  • 120

    The city sucks!, the inferiority complex of Bangalore people will eat them. Abusing people who do not speak Hindi being a national language & what’s with the attitude of people ‘if you don’t like it here go back to your hometown’. In my home town I have came across thousands of south Indians we have never asked you guys why have you settled here and go back to your hometown. If I am not mistaking Karnataka comes in India, & we as Indians have full right to live anywhere in India.
    The infrastructure problem, roads, water, abusing north India, north east Indians and fighting with your neighbours like Tamils and Kerala, where will this all take you guys? Any answer?
    smiling cost nothing, its the best you can do for anybody.
    misbehaving with women is intolerable.
    If you remember Bangalore was nothing, thanks to IT the city is developing.

    There is a difference in breathing and being alive.

    for those who needs to argue me on this let me tell you, I have lived in Singapore, Malaysia, Shanghai, Delhi & Mumbai.

    There is and there will always be a difference between educated person and literate, if you say the autorikshaw are illiterate atleast they are educated to behave in a civil manner.Same goes for the citizens/localites of Bangalore.

    arpit on January 30th, 2013
  • 121

    From cell, ignore typos

    arpit on January 30th, 2013
  • 122

    I am a kannadiga born and bought up in bangalore. i love the city which was there before 2000 with lot of grennerys and less traffic with cold climate. Now the bangalore which i see is worst fully polluted and no rain from 1 and half year and my god traffic is worse. The reason for bangalore going worst is because of north indians. i am a computer service engineer i go all over bangalore for service the apartments where ever i go i will see 90% of north indians. They come from all over india and pollute my bangalore. where ever they construct a new apartment the first booking will be of north indian. They are destroying the trees and building only apartments. The tamil and telugu people at least they will try to speak kannada within one year they will learn pure kannada. but this north indians they stay for 10 years they dont learn kannada and they expect us to speak in english and hindi if i ask them from 10 years ur here then why you dont know kannada they will tell why they should learn as bangalore is a IT city. IT CITY we developed. some north indians had spoked bad about kannada in front of me i had banged them in the centre of the road i think they ran away to there home town.

    Madhu on February 13th, 2013
  • 123

    I am a kannadiga born and bought up in bangalore. i love the city which was there before 2000 with lot of grennerys and less traffic with cold climate. Now the bangalore which i see is worst fully polluted and no rain from 1 and half year and my god traffic is worse. The reason for bangalore going worst is because of north indians. i am a computer service engineer i go all over bangalore for service the apartments where ever i go i will see 90% of north indians. They come from all over india and pollute my bangalore. where ever they construct a new apartment the first booking will be of north indian. They are destroying the trees and building only apartments. The tamil and telugu people at least they will try to speak kannada within one year they will learn pure kannada. but this north indians they stay for 10 years they dont learn kannada and they expect us to speak in english and hindi if i ask them from 10 years ur here then why you dont know kannada they will tell why they should learn as bangalore is a IT city. IT CITY we developed. some north indians had spoken bad about kannada in front of kannada peoples i had seen them banged in the centre of the road i think they ran away to there home town. Please leave our locals alive go to your home towns and try to develop your states.

    Kannadiga on February 14th, 2013
  • 124

    I hate Bangalore to the core

    Shradda on February 18th, 2013
  • 125

    Hi All, This Friday morning when I suppose to enter Our RMZ office primised two North Indians approched me that their parents are in hospital need to go back urgently and they wish to sell their Apple laptop worth 55k (showed the bill) requesting 35K I thought to purchase negotiated and finalized for 31K they taken me to ATM and I draw the amount but at the last movement they did a drama that they will give it for 40K, when I suppose go back to office they give the laptop bag and grab my money and went away with their Bajaj Scooter in fraction of seconds when I open the bag I saw a brick in that I will say now north indians are cheaters loafers they are misusing our land our trust -finaly freinds please aware of these 420’s

    Basavaraju M on February 21st, 2013
  • 126

    hi all,

    it’s my 2nd official year in Bhenkalore ooh sorry is bangalore, i dont know how to speek with kanjaad ppl ooh sorry again ita kannada ppl, bcoz i dont know kannada, that bcoz our state and our govt had not put in our course book but in bangalore ppl has hindi in thr course but still idly is idly….

    these ppl just developed in past 10yrs, they dont know how to drive , they know only coconut, they love to put fingure in every matter thats how they make vada with hole they put fingure in that too..

    they say we should go back if we dont like this state, correct we hate bangalore thats y we r here,

    i just hv word with my coulouge i.e if all north ppl go bk that what will happen…? my local kannada colouge replied : “it will be peaceful free roads and nice place to stay,” then suddenly he relies-ed that if all NORTH INDIAN will go back that companies will also not invest other than main office branches only,,then bangalore ppl will wait for tourist and sell coconut. see how intelligent he is.

    companies came just because of 26 degree temp but now its 36 degree thanks to GOD i wish i should cross 40 by this 2013 and lowest rain in bangalore.

    if they hate to much NORTH INDIAN then y they offer North Indian Food..?

    once we will go then they all will sufer ,,,,,

    10 months advance MAD and greedy

    auto ppl are illitrate thats y they are auto man

    its ghanta karnataka..

    we ppl survived in ur state and had u food,, if u ppl have dare then come to our state and live like us then we can say the u r metro ppl.

    in my office all a kannada ppl but i survived with them but sm of them keep putting prussure on mee but tamil ppl are good i like thm in my office but kannada ppl ………………?

    i wish that day should cm when bangalore value go down ..

    silicon city should turn in to scrap city and sm other city take over…..

    more things r there will share sm true story next time

    any ways i am leaving bangalore very soon……

    jim on February 25th, 2013
  • 127

    hi all,

    it’s my 2nd official year in Bhenkalore ooh sorry is bangalore, i dont know how to speek with kanjaad ppl ooh sorry again ita kannada ppl, bcoz i dont know kannada, that bcoz our state and our govt had not put in our course book but in bangalore ppl has hindi in thr course but still idly is idly….

    these ppl just developed in past 10yrs, they dont know how to drive , they know only coconut, they love to put fingure in every matter thats how they make vada with hole they put fingure in that too..

    they say we should go back if we dont like this state, correct we hate bangalore thats y we r here,

    i just hv word with my coulouge i.e if all north ppl go bk that what will happen…? my local kannada colouge replied : “it will be peaceful free roads and nice place to stay,” then suddenly he relies-ed that if all NORTH INDIAN will go back that companies will also not invest other than main office branches only,,then bangalore ppl will wait for tourist and sell coconut. see how intelligent he is.

    companies came just because of 26 degree temp but now its 36 degree thanks to GOD i wish i should cross 40 by this 2013 and lowest rain in bangalore.

    if they hate to much NORTH INDIAN then y they offer North Indian Food..?

    once we will go then they all will sufer ,,,,,

    10 months advance MAD and greedy

    auto ppl are illitrate thats y they are auto man

    its ghanta karnataka..

    we ppl survived in ur state and had u food,, if u ppl have dare then come to our state and live like us then we can say the u r metro ppl.

    in my office all a kannada ppl but i survived with them but sm of them keep putting prussure on mee but tamil ppl are good i like thm in my office but kannada ppl ………………?

    i wish that day should cm when bangalore value go down ..

    silicon city should turn in to scrap city and sm other city take over…..

    more things r there will share sm true story next time

    any ways i am leaving bangalore very soon…… .

    jim on February 25th, 2013
  • 128

    kannada ppl never talk or solve the matter if they hv sm problem with NORTH INDIAN they just ready to fight and beat us..

    which is shame full

    , in my college in New Delhi there were 3 south INDIAN ppl and believe me they enjoyed with us without any problem and i respect them but after placement when i came to bangalore and i contacted then via fb and call and what to hang aroung bcoz was new and they were thr only ppl whom i know they just simply ignored me,

    i feel bad…..

    jim on February 25th, 2013
  • 129

    i posted 4 time but my article deleted i think this is kannada guy forum ……….

    jim on February 25th, 2013
  • 130

    where is my post…?

    jim on March 1st, 2013
  • 131

    no updatee………?

    jim on March 4th, 2013
  • 132

    Hello Mr arpit , grow up dude , Hindi is not national language of India . Don’t spread false facts here , First learn the local language ,give respect to land where u live . First correct urself before judging local people . You are here just for ur needs which is from this land .

    manju on March 12th, 2013
  • 133

    Bangalore truly sucks to the core. It does not matter whether it sucks due to the influx of people from other states, or any other reason.
    The fact is that it sucks. PERIOD.

    The following reasons explain why. . .
    1. There is no work life balance. Even if you leave office at 5, you still reach home at 8.
    2. Beer, food, tea, everything is overpriced.
    3. Roads are totally crowded. As soon as there is an open stretch of road, cab drivers, bus drivers, auto drivers everyone rips their vehicles and brakes right on top of the next speed bump. No wonder so many people meet their end on bangalore’s metalled roads.
    4.Yenglish, Yindi Illa? Just utter one hindi gali. “Aaaey, kisko gali deta hai be. . .”
    5. Uncooperative locals who want to mooch off of you as much as they can. So much for culture, it seems to be customary for drunks and beggers to sleep at the steps of every temple at dusk.
    6. The local guys do not seem to get any love from their women. They ogle all north indian girls here, and even approach them and talk to them in Yindi. I am fed up of all the chimpanzees who approach and line maro my GF.

    BOTTOMLINE: If you want a good career, work life balance, maintain some standard of living and still save money, then go to Pune, Mumbai, Noida, NCR, Chennai – any place but bangalore.

    John on April 20th, 2013
  • 134

    Then Mr.John why you are here ? You can free to go the places which you like .
    * Without knowing the local language what can you understand the local culture ?
    *Yes , Bangalore is overcrowded , because it accepts all people .
    * Yes , prices may be overpriced compared to other cities * Its overpriced because of you people .
    * You are talking about local culture ? What kind of culture you represent ? You even can’t try to understand the local culture ?
    * Why you blaming local guys ? If some guys behaves like that , why you blame whole local guys? Don’t be red-eyed .

    Mr.John , You are here for your needs . Don’t expect your native environment here . Bangalore is even better than all other cities in INDIA . Learn local language ,so that you can be one among of us .Its easy to blame . First correct yourself before blaming Bengaluru .

    manju on May 25th, 2013
  • 135

    Bangalore is hell..fuck off…good for nothing

    pawan on July 26th, 2013
  • 136

    For North indians its difficult to be in south india due to language…they should stay in North India..

    kumar on September 21st, 2013
  • 137

    to my dear south Indians,

    don’t c0ome in north u south Indian ..else u know……………..;u willl ……….

    jim on September 24th, 2013
  • 138

    i stay in mumbai.
    many friends who are from north india had their education in bangalore. they moved to mumbai for mba. i had herd bangalore horror stories from them. they say mumbai is the best city to live in to enjoy night life. people in mumbai are cooperative and talk politely.
    BTW THEY DONT KNOW MARATHI and we mumnikars understand that and speak in hindi and english with them.
    they also say that people in bangalore think that hindi is not our national language. dont know y but its sad.
    guys who ever hate bangalore come to mumbai. i can garuntee you its the best city to live.
    n we talk our national language HINDI.

    pk on October 28th, 2013
  • 139

    1. It’s a city, so…
    2. Better than other cities.
    3. Even Rickshaw drivers know English.
    4. Nobody asked you to talk about culture. Keep it to yourself.
    5. So,?

    Hindi is not the national language, it’s just another unscientific language, and the region that speaks it is underdeveloped. The NCR is the least developed region of India.


    Monkey Donkey on December 12th, 2013
  • 140

    Bangalore sucks
    I had better experience in chennai even though people make chennai sound so bad…
    Local people here r so bad and annoying..
    Traffic wtf
    Without own vehicle its hellish to travel from one point to another

    Auto wallas are cheaters left me stranded in no where at wrong place at 11pm
    That son of a btch
    I would rather live in chennai then here
    Cant wait to leave bangalore forever

    rohit arora on September 5th, 2014
  • 141

    . Bangalore what should i say? such a beautiful city, wonderful people, rich culture, superb weather. I left the city for about 5 years now, been to and stayed in different parts of the world but still cant find a vibrant city even close to blore. I will be visiting blore in two months time, Wow i feel really great. want to revisit all the place i been to and too close to my heart CCDs especially on the mysore highway, a two wheeler ride through blore university campus, gandhi bazaar idily shop, nandi hills, bannerghatta, lalbagh, majestic,Mg road,Brigade road, Commercial street,sangam,sivasamundra,chunchi falls,ramnagaram,doddalpett, my college, and many many more places and yeah how could i miss the iconic “The FORUM Mall ” where i spend a lot of time jst checking out stuffs watching movies,reading books at landmark and yeah at the end a swim in National games village (NGV) or at Jayanagar pool.

    manu on November 17th, 2014
  • 142

    Bangalore was once like a hill station- serene, beautiful and inviting. Back in the 80s and even early 90s when the city was not quite the boom town that it is today, one could walk endlessly in the shade of magnificent trees and breathe fresh air. That was then.

    The IT boom happened and the city grew like there was no tomorrow. People started pouring in from all corners of India and with money came greed, arrogance and indifference. What did not come though is planning for the future.
    The city grew beyond its old boundaries and continues to grow in its unplanned chaotic frenzy. The only ones that have benefited are the politicians and their cronies (also called the land mafia) The powers that run Bangalore stuck their collective heads firmly in sand and pretended that somehow all the problems of rapid urbanization would vanish, would take care of themselves and did nothing. And the city started suffocating on its own success….

    Bangalore is a classic case of what happens when unplanned growth is allowed without development of the basic infrastructure. God save Bangalore.

    Thinking Monkey on January 8th, 2015
  • 143

    bangalore is worst the worst part out of it is traffic. no planning. people are not cooperative . even pune is better than this city

    unknown on January 10th, 2015
  • 144

    I don’t think Bangalore is all that different than other metros in India. You wanna talk about hospitality? I have lived in Delhi and in Mumbai and in Pune, its just the same there as is here. I agree on the autowallahs point who point you to get an autowallah from your own village, at the drop of a hat. Also, this city is very costly. But isn’t Delhi or Mumbai costly? Infact how costly a place is, is a direct deduction of how much economic activity goes on in that place. Bangalore is not as costly as Mumbai for sure. As far as language goes, please my northie friends, sop being blind and demanding all of India to speak back to you in Hindi, I have lived in the north all along and I am comfortable in Hindi, but going by your definitions, I wonder why no one talked to me in Bengali back then. We all are a part of a society here that is predominantly Kannadiga and an individual has to adjust. Hindi is not our national language and even if it were, its not mandate on the people to learn it. Any individual who goes to a new place has to live according to the local ways and try to gel in and thus infuse their ways into the prevalent system. Please don’t be so bad at adjusting.

    However, if you really want to rank city as per city comforts and etiquettes, surely Bangalore isn’t at the top of the ladder, but ask your immigrant friend in your city, is yours any better?

    Abhik on January 13th, 2015
  • 145

    I was reading each and every blog and came to a conclusion that people are basically sharing their personal experiences. I have been to Bangalore in year 2011 and left in 2014. What I experienced there was local people are too much insecured by acquiring Bangalore in recent times. Every Autowala thinks that every person who is working in IT sector earns 1Lakh per month.WHat can be done when the protagonists of South India will make movies on heroisms of South Indian Autowala, we have to suffer all this. The landlords are very keen to take 10 months advance but when its the time for returning they want to take a sword fight with you. I want to ask the north indians who are blogging out her, how many of you be returned the exact amount of money promised while making the agreement.The traffic system is pathetic. People are too arrogant. Many people will defend that illetrate are always rude but thats also in UP, then why you blame these state. I am not complaining about the food part b’coz its the part of culture but I just wanted to know how can a person eat Ragi Ball and spend all the day, u must need balls to do that. At least bangaloreans grow up with taste. Just by opening cuisines doesnt means that you people are very fond of good food. Most of those places are acquired by North Indians. I can’t beleive that despite of the fact that 60-70% of economy of Karnataka is dependednt on North Indians as they are working , studing, staying then y u take them as burden on your soil. Pray to god that due to them your autowalaz are maintaining a good life that no other state’s autowala does. B’coz they are such scoundrels that people give money insted of banging their head off. Everytime u sit on auto get ready for a Yenna Fight. Why people of Kanartaka expect North Indian to lEarn Kannada , Why the hell we do? I bought a bike on the very next day when I got to know bangaloreans mentality. They are insecured, boastful only about weather. I want to say if u don’t have space in your heart , weather and other things are immaterial. I am in Delhi and i regret why I chose Bangalore to waste my time and money. I hope this content if help any one of us like me, then It would be worth of wasting time in writing this.

    Paul on February 20th, 2015
  • 146

    i have been to different places worked in different metros, but Bangalore is the Worst city to live. It might be the best place to get a job, but its worst for living.
    A city where basic things are not there. 1. Roads 2.Electricity 3. Water. 4.Dust 5.Heavy Pollution
    1. Virtually no ROADS.
    2. if there are Roads, but those are decorated with Pot holes.
    3. Roads are too narrow.
    This is a city, for Rich People. Pay 30K monthly rent for a 2BHK posh apartment , you wud get 24hrs water, power backup. Have a car, u wont feel the dust in the road.

    Lastly this is a city without a City Planner. The PWD engineers sud get Excellence award for their construction of flyovers. From which college they got the degrees.????

    AK on February 27th, 2015
  • 147

    i have lived in bangalore for 10 years now.its safer for women compared to any other place.i feel comfortable far as the local language goes , anywhere we go v should try to pick up the native language.v cant expect every1 to follow whichever language v speak.if the ppl know hindi they do try to speak.nobody bothers anybody .every1 is busy with their own life. its really cool here.????

    swagata on March 23rd, 2015
  • 148

    South Indian manager only takes people from his region. I was working in Bangalore for almost 2 years and I know this true for other important IT locations such as Chennai, Hyderabad.

    Shailesh Marathi on March 24th, 2015
  • 149

    Bangalore sucks we should ignite all people who are not Kannadigas in main road that will happen very soon…

    Sooraja on March 25th, 2015
  • 150

    Different culture and food??
    Culture obliviously varies geographically and not much to comment on that narrow point of yours. As far as different food is concerned, I suggest your mom to open a restaurant here!!
    Grow up!

    Hilarious on April 15th, 2015
  • 151

    Sorry to say this. I am a South Indian leaving in Hyderabad. You UP Bihar North Indians always complain about the city you live in. You virtually had to beg if you hadn’t shifted to the south Indian cities and Mumbai. You always find one or the other issue and complain about the place which is giving you all the wealth for survival. I have seen you getting thrashed by Shiv sena for creating non sense in Mumbai, I have heard your complaints on Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

    Karthik on May 5th, 2015
  • 152

    A week before I got an opportunity to work in a very prestigious core s/w development company. Location is obviously silicon valley of India i.e. Bangalore. I had a lot of expectations from the city. I picture lavish homes, nice and kind people, good public commute [I hate driving in India] and economic and good vegetarian food. My dreams got shattered when I stepped in.

    Out of Airport on Sunday, it was a very nice and cozy morning. Cannot compare with any other place, specially where I stay [Chennai]. I was delighted. My hindi speaking cabbie was very kind and gentle. So far so good. I reached to my destination.

    I started interacting with local crowd but I hardly found anybody local there. No Kannadiga in this IT area. Not all shops were open at 11 AM; people were not out in a dull and lazy morning. Went out to shop some necessities and I was surprised to see the masses of people on any shop. Shopkeeper went berserk and pompous looking at them. It felt like they don’t need the customers but it is the customer who needs them. They were RUDE.

    Food – Don’t ask about Quality. I had a lot better until a day before. I think it is a better choice to donate half to solicitors and buy raw veggies and eat them rather than going to a food place and eat there. A bunch of mediocre people opened eating places just to make some good bucks rather than making customers delight. Needless to say that you will find nothing but waiting and lots of people.

    Ok, now is the part which all people complain about – Traffic Jams and commute time. Well, it is good in a way that I can read 50 pages of my novel or catch 2 hrs nice sleep in an AC volvo bus by just paying 80 bucks. Good deal!!!

    People – Locals are nice, I had nice experience with them but immigrants have no clue what is going on. They don’t want to gel in, and just living their forced life. You will not find any help from people there because accessibility of things is very poor and nobody got time to share for your issues. They are all busy in earning quick bucks. Religious places are not in vicinity and what you would find are just apartments and People and lots of People.

    Cost of living is at higher side of all metros. I was paying 30,000 for a shabby 3bhk on outer ring road 100% appreciation from Chennai. You have to pay apartment charges for anything you want [no bargaining even if you want a screw hole to drilled]. I felt like Gandhi’s face has lost its all value here.

    Well folks this is my experience of Bangalore but I hope you must have a better story to share. Thanks.

    jingizoo on May 5th, 2015
  • 153

    Bangalore’s is not friendly at all .. They can’t even smile, they are not warm. I’m from Mumbai n I spend few years in Delhi but i never saw ppl like ur smiling at them n they will be like plastic without any expression. I don’t expect to have chat like Mumbai where two strangers connect so easily but atleast smile. And the water is again a big problem in blr. It’s extremely hard water no wonder there r more bald population here

    Vinanti on May 18th, 2015
  • 154

    If you don’t like Bangalore, then please catch a return ticket to the village you are from.

    There you will feel at home with the sweaty heat. I personally feel blessed for the Bangalore weather.

    Traffic is the only drawback I see otherwise it is paradise.

    Jeevan on May 29th, 2015
  • 155

    Bro you all guys have no rights to say a particular city is bad or good. Each and every city has its own unique features. I stayed almost 6 years in Bangalore and i never felt that Bangalore is not good. Its a very good city,beautiful and clean city. No city has such a good weather like Bangalore.It is very good in terms of employment,traveling,cost of living and even traffic.Food is also nice. I love this city and wanted to come back again. If anyone has any problem then better go to your hometown and relax.

    anand prakash on May 29th, 2015
  • 156

    I agree.. These bloddy Auto rickshawalas are real bloodsucking. Sambar drinking Dosa Fuckers. I hate them. Bangalore sucks my dick!!! The only reason bangalore is hyped is because of IT industry and the climate, otherwise it is another dump hole.

    Zack on June 3rd, 2015
  • 157

    I agree.. These bloody Auto rickshawalas are real bloodsucking. Sambar drinking Dosa Fuckers. I hate them. Bangalore sucks my dick!!! The only reason bangalore is hyped is because of IT industry and the climate, otherwise it is another dump hole.

    Zack on June 3rd, 2015
  • 158

    138th comment…..
    Kindly check in google,Hindi is not our national language

    anu on July 17th, 2015
  • 159

    You’re an idiot.Did you expect Bangalore culture to change in order to accommodate you? K

    KD on August 4th, 2015
  • 160

    bangalore is a very mordern city.
    i fell it is the best place to live in .
    though it is now called the garbage city .
    i have a lot of fun here

    vishalrishika on August 24th, 2015
  • 161

    North Indians,especially from Delhi and Mumbai always complain about south Indian cities….even if they say that Bangalore is the cleanist capital,they disagree…even if Mumbai is the most expensive city in India to live in they say Bangalore is just overly priced

    And it is with India we know our languages… What the fuck should we people do learning some Bengali or Hindi while living in Bangalore…do you people learn Kannada or Tamil when you live in Karnataka or Tamil nadu? And you have to say you have a long prob?well,that just your problems and even I would have the same prob if I would live in north India without know Hindi.

    shan on September 16th, 2015
  • 162

    Only reason I would give for you to stay away from some parts of Bangalore would be the ridiculous power cuts that take place every friggin day. If you can manage to get yourself and invertor, than you’ll be set.
    Yes the cost to get a place is high, traffic might be crazy (that can be found in most states), there’ll be a lot of dogs living in your neighborhood that bark like crazy at 1 or 2 early in the morning, you might have a language problem (again, that is seen everywhere) but at the most, you will still enjoy living here. Where I live, I can walk to places like malls, parks, cinemas without the need for transport. It just took me a little while getting used to the power cuts.

    Mark Sushil on October 12th, 2015
  • 163

    These North Indians who complain about Bangalore should go back to the rat holes they came from wherever they came from UP , Delhi …etc where I have seen the culture is very low . If they can live, work , eat and drink here , they better learn the language here . We didn’t ask them to come here firstly . The fact they settled here shows they didn’t like their shitty cities firstly

    I have noticed they are loud, rude, arrogant and spoil the decor of any place they go to . If South Indians go to Delhi won’t they speak Hindi somehow ?

    Harsha on October 26th, 2015
  • 164

    I found bangalore as one of the dirty city of India with very poor roads with lots of speed breakers. Drinking water need to be purchased and prices r so high. Lots of tax on any purchase. It seems like i came to a big village.

    Shrawan on December 5th, 2015
  • 165

    All bull shit . You have sell your total property to live here. Lots and lots of money flow of IT and rich community. In that no value for money herepeople here are highly introvert and highly cultured dangerously cultured so they don’t even Express their feelings also openlythe roads in Bangalore RAR wide and cleaned enough but there are many miserable story is happening in the house of Bangalorethe house owners will suck you to return your money after you make it in the house they will make you roam around himguys kindly stay away from Bangaloreonly money speaks year nothing else go back to your towns and live happily the living standard CR or not even minimum the landlords construct housesto save space and they don’t even provide enough insulation during winter inductor makes you hot during summerBangalore is like and iPhone which is highly costly and also have many defects but looks flashy and expensive but other places like Hyderabad are other cities are like Micromax phones there you can get anything for less price and alsoclean enough but they are available

    Siva on January 12th, 2016
  • 166

    i find blore to b d worst city of india. by heritage almost all bangalorians r illiterates excpt outsiders. ppl here kno only to cheat n snatch money from north indians bcuz they r quite confident on their illiteracy dat dey cannot acquire a job in a reputed mnc.

    lopa on January 24th, 2016
  • 167

    Hey, I am a South Indian. I am a mysorian, mysore is the heaven on earth. It is equivalent to jaipur. It is well built and an awesome city, I’m very happy that IT companies did not choose mysore. If they had then you people would have had the same complaints while killing the city. I love India and if you’re a patriot then please try a do something instead of complaining. People who come from other states should adjust to the bangalore culture and not the other way round, your self esteem is so low guys. All these problems are because of uncontrolled floating population in bangalore. You guys, as someone mentioned already, did leave your place to have a better life. What did you expect? A heaven made ready for you, yeah it was but now it’s nearing a hell hole due to joy guys. Other states are rich with fertile land, instead of farming which is our treasure you guys came here for onsite, you sucky loosers, don’t say no. You want USA and Germany and not India but you don wanna do anything. You know how the authorities of bangalore are suffering to get things right here. You guys don’t even know the local corporator name. Please leave and let live.

    Karthik Nadig on February 22nd, 2016
  • 168

    I too agree. I just came back from Bangalore after my two days visit. I had a very good impression about the city but unfortunately everything lost. No life. No culture.

    firos on February 27th, 2016
  • 169

    I am about to complete my one year in Bangalore. Just came across this site, where the threads of discussion started from 2008. The city, in this year 2016 is facing one of the worst summer. It is really painful to see such a beautiful city being charred by the sun. But, the point is rather than blaming each other, we can ourselves take some initiatives possible on our individual level to improve the situation in Bangalore. For eg. if we follow the traffic rules strictly, we do not litter everywhere, tend to live near our workplaces to avoid travel as well as vehicles. Once we are strict, we can raise our voices for the mistakes of others, or we can report those matters. People in authority, or in service or the wrongdoers are among us only. Why should our differences, our mistakes, our selfishness harm the poor and innocent nature, and make the city ugly.

    sonali on April 14th, 2016
  • 170

    Well Said !!

    rashmivenkatesh on April 19th, 2016
  • 171

    who all said they hate bengaluru…if u have a guts & really if u r belonging to the same gender as u r now… leave namma bengaluru & go back to ur place & develop urs…its good for us also as well as for u…commenting our city u assholes look at ur places, is that developed? if yes go & leave in ur cities or else also go back & develop ur cities first..nan makla…person who don’t have guts will blame our city..still if u r commenting anything on our bengaluru.. give ur name & number, i vl cme & talk directly….

    Bengaluriga on May 4th, 2016
  • 172


    Humanity is very important.Many people in bangalore especially KANNADAS fail in humanity. Kannadas fails in behaving good to others especially with hindi speaking people …they enjoy in hurting hindi speaking people by MANY ways……and hurting a human being is not a good thing ……KANNADAS LACK IN MANNERS……..

    : )
    then why should north indians be worried about the behaviour of kannadas …..they r hurting north indians they are doing sins…… : ) ALLAH IS THERE TO ANSWER THEM

    sunny on May 25th, 2016
  • 173

    So why you came to here, go and leave in your home k
    for each country they ve one official language, i think you know
    official language of Bangalore is Kannada,if you dont know about kannada language thats your problem k
    write now im leaving in Bangalore from fast 1 and half year working as a software Engineer
    I got a good carrier
    compare to other city you will got a god jobs in IT sectors,financial like that i think you know
    In metropolitan city’s you ll always suffer from Traffic problems
    other think u must now
    Bangalore is not only a IT sectors city,Its also called it as
    Garden city,Good cultural city,because peoples are very humbled,talented.
    that why u peoples are come to bangalore to build your carrier
    compare to other citys Bangalore peoples are able to speak in English,Hindi than why you suffer language problem haa?
    Before writing these nonsense words think it yourself k

    M R Raghavendra on May 28th, 2016
  • 174

    Living in Bangalore is like living in Kalapani….It is horrible to be surrounded 24×7 by so many sociopaths at a time. I request all startups and IT companies run by non-Karnataka region people to not to open offices here and not also recruit people from here. Bangalore is a fake mirage just like their fake ‘culture’ of caste based villages and occult religion.

    Ram on May 31st, 2016
  • 175

    Dont Dare crib about Bangalore or Hindi…will tear you apart…love and respect…

    Gaurav on June 6th, 2016
  • 176

    Lol, we Bengalureans are not illiterate we r far more intelligent and more civilized than u ppl (northies), Bengaluru is spoiled because of u ppl coming to work here. IT and BT spoiled our culture
    Learn to respect the city which gave u better life that’s y u preferred to live here than ur hometown.

    Puneeth on June 19th, 2016
  • 177


    AMIT on July 18th, 2016
  • 178

    Well, if somebody asks me” what constitute the worst phase of my life? ” i Will simply say.. Its the stay in bangalore.. I just want to go back to my place.. Delhi and NCR.. Just waiting when this bad dream would get over.

    Abhishek Bose on August 15th, 2016
  • 179

    never ever stay here for long,

    Nishant B. on August 21st, 2016
  • 180


    Sheela on August 24th, 2016
  • 181

    You are so right friend. It’s really people speak such cumbersome language. I am from Uttarakhand, I liked Bangalore and Pune the best cities in India. The people are soft spoken. Loving, culture is best. Good food. I do not know why people coming for building up there career talk such rubbish thing. Haven’t they have seen there state, cities
    The climate is worse. Hot minded people. Crime rate is on the top. Girls and ladies can’t move out after 8 pm
    They can’t move freely during day time. So what they want. If they do not like let them go back and live there own life. They should not heart others religion, cultures, traditions.

    Devendra on August 28th, 2016
  • 182

    All you opportunist talking bad about Bangalore gotta remember one thing first. You hometown sucks! it’s a sh*thole that couldn’t provide a better life for you. Which is why you came here. You talking about Bangaloreans not being,hospitable?, I’d like to see how you northies handle a million of South Indians coming to the north, speak in Kannada to you, act arrogant and have no respect for the city that’s giving you life, n putting food on your tables, I have nothing personal against north indians, you too are our country people n together we are a great nation. But when we generalise you folks and your attitudes, I’d like to kick y’all on your as*es back to the sh*thole y’all call a home. If you don’t like Bangalore get the F’ out, if you do like bamgalore, still get F’ out, we have enough of you ppl settled here, calling themselves Bangaloreans, damn phonies.

    Clifford on September 5th, 2016
  • 183

    All you opportunist talking bad about Bangalore gotta remember one thing first. You hometown sucks! it’s a sh*thole that couldn’t provide a better life for you. Which is why you came here. You talking about Bangaloreans not being,hospitable?, I’d like to see how you northies handle a million of South Indians coming to the north, speak in Kannada to you, act arrogant and have no respect for the city that’s giving you life, n putting food on your tables, I have nothing personal against north indians, you too are our country people n together we are a great nation. But when we generalise you folks and your attitudes, I’d like to kick y’all on your as*es back to the sh*thole y’all call a home. If you don’t like Bangalore get the F’ out, if you do like bamgalore, still get F’ out, we have enough of you ppl settled here, calling themselves Bangaloreans, damn phonies. And I also saw some say Hindi is our mother tongue, please go and check out Article 343 of the Indian Constitution, Hindi is not, sorry to break that to you. Although it’s the official language, you still gotta respect the rest of the states bu learning their language,. Especially if you are living there.. if Kannadigas were rude, you northies would’ve had a bad time here, even though Bangalore is so peaceful you call this hell? Try Tamil nadu or Andhra , you’ll know what rude is.

    Clifford on September 5th, 2016
  • 184

    People saying Bangaloreans are not friendly,.there is only one reason for that. Bangaloreans don’t like arrogant people, who think you’re better than us. You come here for a job, a better life. Do u see us come to the north for anything, even if we do , do u think the ppl in the north will treat us well? So be happy that we are still so hospitable, even though you have raped Bangalore. And also to mention,you have also ruined our weather, so many ppl populating one region,tend to pollute that region and turn make health issues are a result, so do you realise what you’ve done, the IT sector was started for us south Indians to benefit from, instead you guys from the north come here for jobs and you have the audacity to complain about things, even your beggars n street vendors have not spared Bangalore, even they are here and we all know why. You Northies need a lesson in manners and humility.

    Southern Man on September 5th, 2016
  • 185

    I don’t get why people who come from wherever have so much to complain about the only city in the country which is so tolerant to all the ignorant fucks who come here to get away from their pathetic lives.
    People have so much to complain about the cost of living – sorry to say – this isn’t the village you guys are from. This is a BIG city which needs to accommodate ignorant assholes like you.
    How about you guys try living in Tamil Nadu and try and figure out what each billboard says. Nothing is in in English or Hindi. When Bangalore gives you barely any reason to complain , there is really no reason to make a hate page.
    The reason you find our roads crowded is probably because it’s filled with selfish assholes such as yourself.
    Growing up, we have seen how Bangalore has changed from what it was to what it’s become, which is a northie infested land. So your complaint should be towards your people. Not us.
    Bangalore was and is the most chilled out city and maybe if you find it so hard to live here, I suggest everyone to fuck off to where they came from and let us revive our city to what it was.

    Sanjana on September 9th, 2016
  • 186

    Please catch the first flight to whichever place you came from. That’s one less annoying idiot in Bangalore now #SolvingProblems

    Pragun on September 9th, 2016
  • 187

    Hi Sunny, I think you should focus on work and stop complaining like a pansy idiot. We south at least don’t start raping girls the minute they walk out of their house . #GoBackToNorth
    We consider you people as a friend, please don’t consider us to “like” you idiots.

    Pragun on September 9th, 2016
  • 188

    Truth is bitter to accept for you people.. you are really making us feel ashamed.. it’s true we don’t treat ppl well here.. you are another example.. even kannadigas are every where in globe don’t forget.. my cousin is staying in Germany from 4 years and his colleagues to but they can’t speak German now also try to understand.. even if you get better opportunity in eastern countries or even in other part of India you will move to that place…

    Sreehari N on September 10th, 2016
  • 189

    I don’t understand why you people are asking to respect our language and city.. if we are so good to them they would definitely loved our language and city.. I don’t really like something about my fellow kannadigas even if we are good to outsiders in front of outsiders the other side of the story is different my fellow kannadigas didn’t let a Tamil guy to get promoted in a office where I work. always favorable to our own ppl(irrespective of talent).. my friends are from different parts of india they say they are not treated well here.. name sake we say we welcome people, we are kind hearted etc etc in reality they are all masks you are wearing.. please remove that and be good to the people from outside. make them feel better then there own place. Coming to movies watching other language movies is a sin in Bangalore if some one talks about other language movies why we discourage them its just same as reading a sherlock holmes book or some other book for that matter why are we forcing them.. what’s language is there to do with business (movies). If you want to support then please promote our poets, great books written by our legends provide translated version to them to understand and love our language and culture. I am very confident about this if some one say that they are not happy here with racist ppl it means we are not good to them.. in all most all posts our ppl are telling them to move to there place instead making them comfortable.. if you ppl do that their impression would have been different . Don’t force any one for any reason who are we to force others to learn what they don’t want to.. one of my colleague left job and went back to Mumbai because of racism with full of hard feeling about us.. I am feeling very bad that they had a bitter experience just because of our attitude and ego. Remember every state is rich in culture and they feel the same about there language and state just like us, don’t criticise them.. after all we are humans.

    Sreehari on September 10th, 2016
  • 190

    Reading the comments proves one thing..bangaloreans have become very smug of their city’s success. They are the personification of arrogance.The only reason companies chose this place is the climate and climate is a natures gift,its not something they worked and earned. They are regionalistic and unemployable. look at the lamguage they use..anyone who works and earns his money is not a begger and these idiots call anyone who visits their place for work as beggers. kannadiga manager will only help other kannadiga get promoted yet they sit and crib outsiders are stealing their jobs.. They are no.1 racists. I dont get why kannadigas are getting so much positive press.. they are the most arrogant of indians. look at the comments disrespecting north indians..if these people come to north we respect them yet we dont get it down here. i get what their plan is.. they want to to drive out all non-kannadigas and steal the jobs for their useless selfish..

    aneesha on September 21st, 2016
  • 191

    The Whole of India is perverted,no state or UT is good bcoz of corrupt politicians and their chamchas,even the common people are no good.they are shameless hypocrites who fix a rule for others but do not follow people raise a hue & cry about rape but will anybody marry a rape victim(how many people dare come forward for fear of social ortracisation) the whole of India is a sick,feudal minded,perverted and selfish society.God only save this country.

    Vijay on October 7th, 2016
  • 192

    lo anna ninige ista idre iru guru, illa andre ninna native ge neenu hogu yake sumne bangalore sari illa anthi, firstu nevvu sari iri, amele bangalore bagge matadri. nimage maja modoke bengaluru beku alwa.
    nan bardirido arta aglilla andre arhta madko.

    bengaluru on October 9th, 2016
  • 193

    Chennai is the greatest place for IT and many hi -tech industries. Bangalore is bull shit place. In Chennai, Many people talk Hindi and nightlife is superb. Bangalore is pretty lousy and IT industry quality is very very lousy.. In Chennai, you have superb startup and all kind of IT industries..

    R Sridhar on October 12th, 2016
  • 194

    i know lot of people here commented about that they really love Bangalore. i too until yesterday event happened to me.. after staying here for around 10 years, i feel that this is really a place which will not welcome North Indians.and they call us outsider. i would like to ask them, where where you when we were ruled by Britishers, if you are so patriotic about your land almost every house would have a freedom fighter. forget about freedom fighter, when US companies come here, why do you lick their ass?? kick them out or you think those American companies are kannadigas??
    yesterday i rowdy guy shouting at me that i dont know kannada. i thought he should be well behaved was in Hundai Verna (KA04 J XXXX). he almost wanted to hit me because i dont know kannada. he was gathering people. he started shouting in kanna and the moment i said “kannada nahin aata” he was like about to kill me.. and that me me realize that kanadiga really loved white ass.
    i am not sure what govt is really doing.. if you are worried that North Indians are stealing jobs.. i dont know how ?? you have the capability get it.. there is absolutely no reservation for North Indians put in hard work.. anyone gets job because of his hardwork.. you want to relax and get the job as well… wooo.. even those MNC will not give you..

    so stop licking start working..

    Shishir on October 18th, 2016
  • 195

    Please go back, this minute.

    Bangalorean on October 23rd, 2016
  • 196

    People are using ‘I am Indian’ as a tool to escape from their states never to return ever again. They never want to go back to their Criminal and Poverty infested regions. They are happy doing the ‘I am Indian’ drama here. They show their true colours after seeing some Prosperity in their lives. They get happiness by abusing Kannada language, people and culture.

    chandras on October 28th, 2016
  • 197

    I completely echo the post by GREG on May 27th, 2009 – Every word what has been stated is true !.

    Not sure why people are so egoistic about their culture and language. Forcing Kannada on everyone (even to the extent that cab drivers refuse to play Hindi or English songs) does not make the language great -It only de-grades the language. Nothing comes by force after-all.

    It is also true that people ask a million personal questions purely based on one’s last name. Infact, if any one introduces himself / herself with their full name, they are first asked about their family, native, religion even without bothering to know the person independent of these details. People are purely narrow minded and linguistic !.

    Hindi is indeed the official language of the country. This fact does not change just because it is not forced (the way Kannada is forced). It is funny that a Kannadiga is unwilling to accept the fact that Bangalore is within India and so Hindi should be the common language of communication.

    I truly hate Kannada to the core due to the attitude of people at Bangalore.

    Jyothi on November 9th, 2016
  • 198

    People without talent always blames other one’s (Bangalore)….
    If u hรขte Bangalore just pack up your dirty things and live in garbage it doesn’t cost u much it is free of cost…….and more over u can’t alternate your home fully just like roads in Bangalore…..I have a saying for people (illiterates) who hate Bangalore
    “If u try to correct a fool he fell angry on u… But if u try to correct a wise he appreciates u”
    So u understand what u are?
    #Love Bangalore

    Bangalore on November 12th, 2016
  • 199

    If you don’t like u are free get the hell outta here, don’t insult our city. When you are living in karnataka for a year and you still don’t know kannada is a big shame.

    Genesis on November 17th, 2016
  • 200

    Idiot, you have no clue how many Kannada people work outside

    Ajit on December 24th, 2016
  • 201

    As rightly pointed out by the original writer, food sucks in bangalore. It is so unhygienic in so called famous hotels like sukh sagar and shanti sagar that after having it, u cannot stop puking or shitting. And the autos and buses drivers who have no regard for fellow drivers on who keep racing haphazardly in the traffic. Who wanted to come to this city for a living.. it is sheer out of compulsion..Had the government invested setting up IT firms in smaller towns n villages in every state, no one i am sure would have dreamt of coming to this horrible city. I have been here for 10 years and had i been an uneducated guy, i would have left the software company job and left this city for good. Now i am really stuck. The Indian govt and politicians need to be blamed for this situation.Indian administration has gone to the dogs. India is a racist country and each person is suited to live in his own land. Migrating to other states for job or other reasons is definitely going to leave one frustrated. I would suggest the govt sets up IT firms to accomodate jobs for every educated person in their own home state so that people don’t have to experience such shit. Why do we have to come to other regions in India and have to learn other cultures, language , bullshit etc. My language and culture is important to me. Anyways this is not a foreign country where u can expect citizens to be well mannered and cultured. Almost all Indians are an uncultured, rude, ill-mannered, uncouth lot. Spitting in public, urinating, no regard for fellow citizens and the list goes on and how long will the politicians also cheat the common lot by their rhetoric and saying India is a developing country even after 70 years. It is better to live in other Asian countries than India.

    Ergo on January 8th, 2017
  • 202

    We are Indian. Please lets stop this. But once go through the history of bangalore, who developed bangalore, You will find all the north indian names n english names. Tipu sultan, shivaginagar, whitefield, dindayal mukherjee flyover, gandhi nagar, electronic city. These names are example but all outsiders developed bangalore. Just go to any college and ask how they die for north students, north people pay you money. History is proof. Leaders, who lead you r so intalligent that they dont know national anthem, english blah blah, Compare your self in intelligence, hardwork, talent, physic, beauty n achievement. Lol

    Baba on January 8th, 2017
  • 203

    Lol sure. Which beautiful city are you from Mr/Ms nature lover.

    Shriram K on January 12th, 2017
  • 204

    Lol. Agreed man. These people just talk trash about Bangalore. They don’t know the scenes in Tamilnadu and Andra.

    Shriram K on January 12th, 2017
  • 205

    Bangalore is a good city no doubt but local people are not friendly and there is also a lot of problems regarding language and food.Attitude of the locals is not good towards north indians. They scold north indians like anythine I really hate Bangalore.Auto ricksha drivers will take u for granted and charge double money. why they charge double money.i hate kannadigas. I wish never to visit this place again and i will also tell my friends and relatives that do not visit this city.

    aman on January 29th, 2017
  • 206

    Just came back from 5 day trip from Bangalore. I have mixed feelings and mostly not good but yes, These feelings are bound to happen.
    Best part was Climate. Was amazing, dunno was it the time of the year or it does stay like that throughout the year but was great. Lots of greenery, I could see unlike other Metros. Lots of Trees. Liked that too.

    Dislikes: Only thing I could see were shops n malls n shops for clothing !!!! Damn, whats wrong with the earning people? I mean this reciprocates with the sense that the shops r due to people or people want these shops, Vice versa. Point is people are earning money and just putting it back in the market. I mean zillions of Stores for clothes, thats all !!!
    Food items: None to few. That is the reason we have only MNC or western branded eateries all across the place and none to few local cuisine. I was searching for a simple place that speaks of local cuisine, but cudnt find. I m sure there would be but very few I guess.
    Exorbitant prices: I wont get into more details, 1 single fruit of guava was being sold for 50/- !!! I was like thats it, its time to leave Bangalore !!!
    I mean in what holy ways you can explain a price of a normal guava to be 50 RS !!!!! Want more, 1 cucumber sliced into paper thin lengthwise strips, each strip for 10/-
    cucumber Kilo costs 10-15 at max !!!
    No Chai shop or place to have chai n snacks as we have in almost everywhere in India. Here either go to branded shops or look for again semi branded local outlets again thats hefty. Simple example, come to Hydbad, every corner you will have a Irani Hotel with distinct items that speaks for Hyhdbad. Now similar stuff is there in major Metros as well, that doesnt mean you only SELL CCD or Other branded stuff. Thats pure wrong evil n sad.

    People interaction: I guess I didnt interact with much people so I cant say much, but they looked approachable n fine to me.

    I was so sad to see the people of Bangalore were spending so much of there lives on ROAD !!! I mean literally on road to commute to there destinations. So many hours spent in traffic. Now this point is nothing in there hands as its a viscous cycle, Indian cities were never planned and never meant to have this sudden Boom due to the IT, and hence we now end up paying the chaos on roads, so this aspect cannot be blamed on the bangoloreans. ITs similar in most metros. But yes, its very hectic and govt should find a way to make it lil better for people in terms of air they breathe and the time they spend on roads or else there is nothing much left in life.

    I felt that the real Bangalore is loosing its sheen and its value due to the same reason thats bringing Bangalore its prosperity. Once again a viscous cycle. Bangalore got IT, they got money, money brings shits and thats what is happening. I mean its just a BIG MALL out there with the authentic and local presence almost lost. I didnt see any genuine or authentic Karnataka shop that might cater to sweets or cuisine or dress or anything specific to Karnataka.
    All I saw was NIKE STEVE MADDEN CCD, DOMINOS, and so on so forth, you think of a brand its there. But again, whats the point???

    Talked to the local auto guys and drivers, they were clear in saying there its nothing left in Bangalore anymore, Nothing to do nor to see only SHOPS n MALLS. Pardon my language, but There is a freaking limit for these flashy items. And the amount of money they charge for a simple meal or dish is again unrealistic. So who is at loss?

    Very Less Theaters !!! I agree I come from Hydbad where we have the highest number of screens in India, but still, the choice for movies were very limited in Bangalore.

    The most imp reason I read above about the hatred and stuff about people, I think I have the reason. and Its my perspective so dont judge but I feel its true. The most imp reason is: I will give scenarios to explain this and then you will figure it better.
    When I went to Goa, as we all have a mindset and visual of goa how it will be. Booze, party, babes, n stuff… and its there to some extent. But the creepy part, In my 2 visits, I realized a few things. the local people or the local goan people girls or boys are not at all as the goa is pictured to be. Its the entire rest of india or abroad crowd that has taken the liberty to some extent and given the impression of goa as we have in our minds. I saw local kids, girls, parents uncles aunties very much cultured, reserved and homely just like most Indians are.
    Cut to Bangalore
    Since it became IT hub, we have scours of people from all sectors n places coming to bangalore to make a living and this has drastically changed the place it used to be. And this is inevitable as it will happen as I gave the Goa example. In bangalore, ppl say its happening place, booze, babes, parties pubs so on so forth… its there once again very very less by local guys n girls, mostly outsiders from all parts. Now how does that impact, consumerism has a great deal of it into it. Since this trend started, market has been taken over by corporate to SELL SELL SELL and SELL. This overshadowed the local stuff and slowly we see thats phasing out. This brings difference in peoples mindset as well. And please its completely natural to happen. Its not blaming a community or cast or creed. This phenomenon is deep. So eventually when time passes, ppl start getting stereotypes abt places n people.
    This mindset runs in both sides, outsiders and locals. Cant help it but still people forget most imp thing, outsiders are cming here to make money and they are pouring in huge numbers and soon outnumber the local culture. And this is what exactly is happening happened every where and that sure leaves a scar on local people. its natural. So this is a simple layout or reasoning we have for the hatred as I could see from the messages above. Now the best part, I dont see the hatred on face as no one does, online forums are bet place to show all that ๐Ÿ™‚

    Local people still hate all that traffic, chaos, western culture and everything that it has brought along with it, but cant do much as even they are getting better salaries n stuff so its like a paradox. And to be frank, its going to hurt in long run and it is seen already as I have mentioned the reasons I didnt like what I saw. Consumerism/Corporates overpowering the local stuff and kills all authenticity about that particular place.

    To sum it up, I didnt see anything karnatic in Karnataka, only MALLS, SHOPS n Branded STORES !!! Thats not we really want in our cities? Do we?

    I hope something is done sooner, so that we dont see BANGALORE SHOPPING CENTER as the name of the Metro. I really wanted to like the city but its getting crushed under its own weight.

    Sudhir Rout on January 30th, 2017
  • 207

    Very well said.

    Anonymous on February 3rd, 2017
  • 208

    Talk about Bangalore, this city is even worse than a village. When i came i was expecting a decent ambiance but all I got was uncivilized fighting beasts who know nothing but cursing north indian. I mean I personally had no hatred before I stepped onto your paradise but after staying here for few months that i can count on my fingers I now hate for the reason very obvious. The kinda treatment that you give, kinda partiality you do. How many times did you feel you are being given a biased treatment if at all you happen to be in north. Learn from northies how to greet people, how to mingle with them, how to respect them. I never saw any south indian given a biased treatment in north. But when you come to these paradise cities in south occupied by fellow indians who would love to divide Indians into southies and northies you realise the difference.

    Cmon you expecting fair treament from foreigners when you cant even treat your fellow indians and feel this intense pleasure to categorise them as northies rather than citizens of the same country of which i suppose your so called paradise is also a part of.

    I have seen so many comments of people talkin abt crimes and all which haunts cities in north. May i ask you this question do you know about each and every crime that takes place in your esteemed city that might have not gotten into limelight jus bcz unlike Delhi your city is not surrounded by news channels every second lane. For your kind information i have got more teasing here in your so called native language than in Delhi.

    I have been in Pune, mumbai even those cities are far better.
    And now few words for those who are asking people to leave their esteemed city.
    See nobody is dying to live in this hell surrounded by some inferiority complex driven people, but the reason people migrate is to explore and btw who are you asking to leave. Are you the CEO of MNC that had employed us who give a damn to your culture or Some big shot.

    I have read one comment in which one of the person commenting that we are adjusting with you dont expect us to be friendly. Bah so funny as if u are the last person on this earth people are dying to get befriended with. Even animals give a better connect than hatred driven people like you.

    PS instead of giving this kind of treatment to the outsiders had you been friendly, people may have a fond memory once they step out of your paradise but thanks for your consistent cruel treatment. Keep making consistent efforts.

    Anonymous on February 4th, 2017
  • 209

    Wish I had read this article earlier. My friend sent me this link and asked me to go thru since I was feeling really low.

    Since the time I’ve joined, I’ve made friends and lot of them are localites. One thing what I noticed is comparison and I’ve no clue why.

    I was born and raised in Punjab. Did my higher studies in Orissa. And stayed in Kolkata for a while but never ever I came across thru any incident where I was asked not to use Hindi while communicating. Most of the people called me you Hindi people. I’ve tried clarifying saying my regional language is not Hindi but most of the states learn to communicate with people from other states. But I never got into any kind of discussion because I feel we should explain to someone who is ready to listen to you.

    Yesterday something happened that was shocking for me. It was Friday and I was quite excited to push off. After coming back to floor, i saw all my colleagues were having discussion in local language inside the office enclosure. And I just said “ok fine guys, I’ll not be kabab mein haddi when you all classmates are together” since most of them studied together. While I turned back, one of them called me and said we are all kannadigas(still have no clue on that). I responded back saying “not all here are kannadigas”. And you won’t be surprised when I say their reply was “we all are south Indians”. I thought it’s better to get out that place and one person told me “you people” can’t even say “Kannada” instead you pronounce “kannad”(still trying to connect the dots). Finally I thought I should take them on which I did in a professional way. I’ve reported this incident to my seniors and will be getting in touch with ombuds.
    When I reached home, I lost control and had tears in my eyes. I am strong but it’s just that I never thought I’ll have such kind experience. Few other people immediately came to meet me(including few locals) and they too have seen what happened. They admitted what happened was not right but still don’t understand if they knew that wasn’t right why didn’t they stood up?? I don’t blame them as it’s individuals choice. Finally I’ve decided of moving on. Still I would say we can’t generalise based on this incident.

    R@j on March 19th, 2017
  • 210

    i agree with the first 2 reasons.
    But 3. Do you find ppl in Delhi speak Kannada? or in Mumbai? So why the fuck should people in karnataka speak Hindi? Stupid? Learn Kannada. Cause i learnt Hindi to talk to stupid fuckers like you here.
    4. Yes, of course we have a different culture, can’t expect all cultures to be the same in a county right?
    5. Same with food.

    dendi on April 3rd, 2017
  • 211

    Post by Aneesha? i was born and brought up in Bangalore, I’m a tamil-kannadiga.
    I hate my city’s success. Economically, yes, Bangalore succeeded, but i liked it better before all this silicon valley crap. why? cause it’s caused major migration from the North, leading to overpopulation. Damn the malls are crowded. Secondly, i couldn’t speak Hindi but, with all these Northies here, i had to teach myself Hindi cause these days everyone thinks I’m a Northy just cause I look like one. Wtf. I wish companies never chose Bangalore. It was a beauty when i was in school, something that y’all can never talk about here. i don’t accuse anyone of stealing jobs or call them beggars, they are mostly young people who come here is search of making a living for their family back home, which is understandable. IDC about the jobs but i hate living in a crowded city. Im regionalistic and unemployable? are you mad? infant, A LOT OF (Not all) ppl from the north who come here can’t even speak fluent English, lol.
    Lol who said ppl in the north are nice? those white northies hate ppl with dark skin. my friend has even been called a ‘madrasi’ by a bunch of assholes in Delhi. Infant Aneesha, you are the one being arrogant, you call us useless and then consider yourself to be nice? fucking delusional you are. Aneesha? as a true Bangalorean, i wish all these companies, with their stupid north employees fuck off from here. we don’t need y’all. though we were economically lower before the silicon shit, life was sweet, peaceful and non-chaotic here. Please FUCK OFF ALL OF YOU, Including the companies.

    dendi on April 3rd, 2017
  • 212

    bangalore has got to be the shittiest city in India , by some distance…

    bunglore on April 3rd, 2017
  • 213

    We all r citizen of India so nobody can stop any one in any state look USA , western countries people change your mind and don’t talk rubbish

    Citizen of India on April 15th, 2017
  • 214

    Just to add/emphasize a few more points.
    1. Hard to find public toilets. And when u finally find one, ha ha it doesn’t work. Btw this city is what usually an outsider visits for business purposes. Now when THEY find out this fact they say “ah so thats why indian shits on streets”. Yup thats how we showcase our india. Thanks to govt.

    2. When u go to doctor about sneezing, some of them will laugh on you and say “man its Bangalore u gotta live with it” and in the end all they would give u is anti-histamine which works only for one day and good luck with side effects.

    3. Food. Two aspects
    3.1 vegetarian vs non vegetarian.
    Depends on area but great if u find vegetarian food guess what then u gotta choose between south indian vs north indian unless u wanna live on idli and dosa coz south indian restaurant are easy to find but north … haha. Alright lets say u found a few north Indian or mixed restaur. Guess what. Good taste vs bad taste. Yuck they way they make curry and think that potato is the only vegetable that north indian eats. But lets say u deal with it as well. Now its good quality vs bad quality. Hahahaha good luck telling them :” dude you DONT put onions in everything”. And finally after all this its not cheap. Its hella expensive.

    3.2 seasonal vegetables/fruits vs stored ones. Good luck finding fresh :p

    4. Real estate: well this is the weirdest scam i have ever seen. Its always a mystery to find “why the heck are you charging so much” and “how can this be so inexpensive”. And when u find out its too late.

    5. People on streets: selfish, filled with ego and what not. In short: customer satisfaction is something alien to them.

    People have already said other things but yeah i have felt these myself in Bangalore. Been 2 years. Its just a living hell that people sign up for.

    Raj on April 17th, 2017
  • 215

    Very true!! I feel the same too…

    Sani Thomas on May 26th, 2017
  • 216

    Have been in Bangalore for past 10 years , always felt alienated not because of people or city, its just that my home is home. But can say it for sure that Bangalore has lost its charm. While its basic necessity for some to be here but for many of us, its just a matter of pride and luxury living in Bangalore.
    Now that i am confident i can earn my living anywhere, took a conscious decision to leave Bangalore.
    I have many of my colleagues owning 1-2 flats worth millions, some of them even flew to US leaving the flats either vacant/charging heavy rents, Irony is they are not basically from Bangalore so not sure if they would ever return.
    Its all Greed that’s causing this havoc and as usual the Young and poor suffer. I am worried what good we could give to our future generations if we ourselves seem to have forgotten our values, running day and night for more and more: be it money, pleasure etc etc. Dear friends, all i can say is WAKE UP!!!

    Me on June 12th, 2017
  • 217

    For me I see in secured life here, as I was living in veerasandra near electronic city with my family. Some local idiots use to tease us and I was not having any hope to fight back. Day to Day life becomes hell and still unable get out of those things which was happened in past. Also reported to police but did not get any help..

    Feeling insecured ๐Ÿ™

    kumar on July 26th, 2017