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My last class in MANIT Bhopal

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memoirs.jpgManitOn 20th April 2007, I attended my last lecture in MANIT Bhopal. The day was quite memorable and sentimental for the whole computer science class of 2003-2007. In our college there is a tradition of writing short messages on the shirts of others as a farewell. Thus on my t-shirt almost everyone has written some short messages. It is not possible for me to keep that shirt for a long time that’s why I have decided to post all those messages on my blog so as to always remember what are the opinion of my class-mates about me. So let’s begin 🙂

Piyoosh Hemnani, Arvind — Baap bara na bhaiya Sabse bada rupaiya.(It means money is most important thing for you)
rupaiya(Indian Currency) refers to my web portal )

Akshay Bhatt — Website Guru ! Pentium 5

Madhur Gupta — Abe fenkaa kam kar…. Bihari Sher.. but always helping best of luck for Wipro

Ajay Pathak — Web Developer Abhishek (We were in College website team)

Sarthak Jain — Great Blogger

Neelotpal Kumar — Think once more before your speak

Abhishek Sonane — Best of Luck, always work hard like this.

Priyanka Raj — Website Specialist

Meetali — Hope you will make 1 million dollar by 100rupees. all the best

Nanad — Abhishek will be the most successful site ever made.

Sudipto –The Guru Teck. Missing U

Manish — Bakar Samrat (Bakar mean excessive talk and samart means king)

Ragini — My permanent laby jisne mera bahut sar khaya(caused a number of problems). She also wrote something more but now it can’t be found on the shirt.

Abhiram — Kabhi to copy band kar Abhi rocks

Arshad — Muzaffarpur ka ser(tiger)

Sandeeep — kab banaoge ? (When will you launch

Srninivas — Very Straightforward, very friendly. Keep Smiling

Rahul Moghe — Page rank 3 hone par party dena. Best of Luck.

Bhupendra — Abhishek You are great

Anamika — 4 saal mein bhi nahi badle waise hi blank luk dete Mr. phodu.. Good luck. keep Smiling. With love.

Ashish Khatri — Hacker of CSE MANIT

Nishant — Kabhi Kabhi Naha liya kar, Mast ho Yaar, aur thoda insaan ban jaa (actually Nishant lives next to my room)

Riju — Mast ho yaar Bihari Ji

Vivek — Most Confident Person

Abhishek Kumar

Deepti — Lucky & intelligent guy. May you always find person like Ragini in front of you. Good luck

K.S Praveena — Best Wishes 4 ur Hope u achieve everything in life

Atul Jain (Panna) Powered by

Ravindra — Long life for my brother

Piyush — Honey, Always fill your pocket with money.

Arghya — PampaSur( I created Pampa Puran ), BakarSamrat

lastclass.jpg                  The Last Supper

CSE Manit except me                  Photo Session close up

Other friends of mine like Siddhartha, Shivam, Ravitesh, Gagan and my juniors vivek, abhishek and many others also wrote some messages.

Siddhartha — luv u yaar

Shivam — I luv u Keep Smiling

Gagan — Best Guy

Ravitesh –U r nice, Cool, Suttebaaz luv u boom…..

Vivek — Aaj to propose kar do, Bear Chicken ki Treat kab de rahe ho, Sutta powered by

Abhishek Pradhan — Guruji Don’t forget us and Cigg

I am unable to find out the name of persons who wrote some nice messages, too. Those messages are

  • Best work done in college, akele khud ke dum par.
  • Bakar No. 1 Thoda Kam Phenka Kar.
  • Abhishek Kumar from Muzaffarpur
  • Bihari Topper
  • Abhe chalo naa GT hai

I have tried my best to find out most of the messages on my shirt. Rest messages are completely invisible.


  • 1

    Hey, Abhishek you are not only good blogger but also a popular guy in your college… keep blogging. I love your articles especially on Open Source technolgoies and SEO marketing.. 🙂

    Shivangi Dutt on April 23rd, 2007
  • 2

    boss.. apke baree main kya kahun…(it will be as if cascading a inducion motor with nanomotor)… really done gr8 things for college… may u reach unscalable heights in corporate world….

    Bipin kumar on May 14th, 2007
  • 3

    hello friends.
    now the final day has come. we all enjoy a lot this 4 year. i hope that we all are in touch always with each other.

    all the best for my all class mates

    Ajay Pathak on May 14th, 2007
  • 4

    Hi abhishek how you manage to run such a nice blog during college time..

    Sandhya Jain on September 15th, 2007
  • 5

    Hi abhishek
    I m really very very much glad after reading ur blogs……… keep it up………..

    Alok Rai on March 20th, 2009
  • 6

    Hello Sir,

    Just read this post 10th time always remind me the last day of our collage.By the way where is my opinion i always searching hopefully you add my opinion soon

    Narendra Kumar on June 2nd, 2010
  • 7

    It is not there. Sorry Yaar. But what was your opinion? You can post in comment form. I will update the list.

    abhishek on June 2nd, 2010