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  1. Jai Iyer
    March 18, 2009

    Neat post,thanks. Some amazing memories buried in there !
    No beer for you, but. A bottle of Goldspot – the zing thing , perhaps ?

  2. Manoj
    May 6, 2009

    Great Job & Big Help.

  3. Ketan
    June 20, 2009

    Hello, I am trying to find one English comedy show which was on India TV during early 80s which was named like ….comedy show..I don’t remeber it’s name neither I can find it on your list. Please could you find out and tell me?

    That show was better then even charlie chaplin. Please let me know it’s name.

    Many Thanks

  4. Vanitha
    June 29, 2009

    Hello Friend,

    I am looking to shop for “Captain Vyom” that used to come on Sunday 10 AM and “school days” at Sunday 11:30 AM. if anyone knows any details please let me know. I would surely appreciate it.


  5. Hrishikesh
    July 1, 2009

    There was cartoon serial Taro – Dragon Ka Beta.
    It use to be in evening time on saturday or sunday.
    It is missing from your List.

  6. jp
    July 8, 2009

    i think ketan is talkin about Didi’s comedy show.

  7. Mak
    July 16, 2009

    U certainly have done a job that sure deserves a beer….will offer mine soon.

  8. Harsh
    July 28, 2009

    Hey Abhi,
    I want to know d name serial wich came on doordarshan featuring Aman Verma smwhere with london in d background of whole tele nd in itz starting credits d playback song was sung by palash sen.

  9. ranjit
    August 11, 2009

    hey there used to be a serial called treasure island sort of a mini series….i used to love to watch that as a kid….does anyone remember it the one with the still pictures and the text being read over it

  10. arun
    August 13, 2009

    in 1995, a serial “PARAMVEER CHAKRA” was shown on doordarshan,i want to have its title song “SHAAN TERI KABHI KAM NA HO”
    can u help me please

  11. Suhas
    August 15, 2009

    There was a travalouge Pradakshina – A journey down the Ganges.

    As idea where it could be sourced


  12. rashmi
    August 16, 2009

    Can you give me the exact year of the serials you have listed? I am doing a reasearch and it would be of great help to me if you could provide any information about the year and the important serials that were telecast during that year.

  13. David Mende
    August 20, 2009

    Wow!!! Thanks for this list…these neat and clean serials reminds me of my childhood.

  14. Wasim Ahmad
    August 23, 2009

    Thanx a lot
    Well i have a blurred memory of an English serial ( not sure it is Agatha Christie’s Poirot ) which im not able to figure out.
    Only thing i remember about it is something pertaining to royal english family and that casting silver horse and something Anglo……im curious to watch it again.

  15. Vishwamitra tv serrial
    August 25, 2009

    kripya aap sai prathna hai ki humko Vishwamitra
    ka serrial bhaiut aacha laga tha please ies serial ko dubara dekho aor net per youtube may bhi dekho please.

  16. Amit singh gahlot
    August 26, 2009

    please some episode of school days

  17. Amit singh gahlot
    August 26, 2009

    even i was do acting in this serial but i dont have tape so pls………..

  18. Bahadur Shah Zafar & Tamas
    August 30, 2009

    I am interested for buying the copy of Bahadur Shah Zafar & Tamas doordarshan serials DVD. Each serial costs how much rupees & DVDs. Procedure for payments & by which meens to send. Please reply.

  19. nadeem
    September 5, 2009


  20. Hemant
    September 14, 2009

    Anyone remembers a show starring Madan Jain and (I think) Anang Desai…. I think it was called Deepak Ka Rahasya. Concept was that Jain finds a magic lamp of which comes out a Genie – Desai who fulfills his wishes. Plot was about how Jain turns from a boy next door to a selfish no-gooder and how he loses his girl friend, happiness, everything in the process.

  21. anil
    September 17, 2009

    just check it out in u tube

  22. devendra
    September 27, 2009

    kay aap me se koi mujjhe akbar the great ka title song de sakta hai kisi bhi form me audio or text.
    and weldone for your job

  23. Divaks
    October 2, 2009

    Great JOb!!

    but i don remember the name of the serial, which am searching for..

    It used to have small size humans(like toys) lost somewhere.. there were just 2 men who are really short like toys..

    if any1 cud find it.. pls let me know.. i think its a english serial…

  24. sameer
    October 6, 2009

    Hi guys….lovely to go back in time,black and white televisions,everyone waiting so eagerly for their favourite serials (wel they were all good or may be we didnt had any choice or option )but they all were great and super ,I am looking for one particular serial MULLAH NASEERUDDIN which was made by Doordarshan in collaboration with Russians or Tajikistan ? with RAGHUVIR YADAV as the main character.If anyone knows about any link or may be sites who are selling the DVDs,PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know…..

  25. Namit
    October 7, 2009

    To Ketan

    It was called “Didi’s Comedy Show”

  26. om namah shivay t.v. serial all edisode
    October 23, 2009

    any one who has this serials episode plese inform me

    my mobile no 0-9329-385-123
    land line 07412-240065

  27. Manu Kumar
    October 24, 2009

    Hi, does someone remember the name of the telefilm where a man is inspired by seeing a relative go abroad, so he studies well and gets a job oversees. He has a wife and 2 boys (the older boy is a good study also). The mother is rather disturbed. Finally the boy realizes that it is futile to be ‘bada adami’..(so does his father). And does not connect well when the father returns..

  28. vikas
    October 29, 2009

    hey abhi….
    kya tum mujhe daya sagar,paramveerchakra aur samandar ki
    title song manaje kar do na plz…
    weldon for ur job abhi…..

    November 10, 2009


  30. SHIVA
    November 12, 2009

    I just want the title songs of the two great serials UDAAN AND PARAMVEER CHAKRA. Would be very very helpful if i can atleast have a responce on it. Kindly help me in this please…

    Best regards

  31. Manish
    November 15, 2009

    Does anybody remember the name a cartoon series showing the histor of human evelolution. The opening shot of this series was a money starting to walk and then became full man during his walk. It showed how men invented various tool, fire, wheel etc.
    If anybody could help please.

  32. Rajnish
    November 19, 2009

    Can anyone tell me whre kud i get all d episodes of kachchi dhoop serial telecast in 1987 in doordarshan? also, i dont no d name of one serial. The story was sumthin like a diamond a child was having and if he rubs it three times , his wish gets fulfilled. can anyone tell me the name of dat serial.

  33. Sandip kaur
    November 20, 2009

    Dear sir/madam,
    I want to request u that plz start serial “jai hanumaan,shri krishna,om nam shivay” again on dd1.since my childhood to now(doing m.tech),i m a daily ‘darshak’ of dd1.but now no more religious progam is running on it.i request u.plz start it.i shall be very very grateful to you.
    sandip kaur

  34. Sandip kaur
    November 20, 2009

    I want to request u that plz start serial “jai hanumaan,shri krishna,om nam shivay” again on dd1.since my childhood to now(doing m.tech),i m a daily ‘darshak’ of dd1.but now no more religious progam is running on it.i request u.plz start it.i shall be very very grateful to you.

  35. Pranab Paul
    November 21, 2009

    Hi, i will be happy if somebody tell me where will i get some of dd serials mentioned in this list.
    ados pados, dekh bhai dekh, dekho magar pyar se and lot more… this are the serials of my childhood…


  36. sameer tadvi
    November 30, 2009

    Hiiiiiiiiiii This is sameer!!!!!
    Plz help me out for “School Days Serial” from Doordarshan.PlZZZZZZZZZZZZz help me. It my best days in my life. plzzzzzzzz help me out.

  37. Irfan Syed
    December 1, 2009

    Hi Abhi! First of all, thanks for a comprehensive list of serials from our childhood. It was as if you took a trip down memory lane to retrive these gems from obscurity. I’m looking for DVD’s of serials like Katha Sagar, Khazana (DD’s in ’86) – serials based on short stories by famous Indian & foreign writers and Faerie tale theatre. Can anyone help me???.

  38. School Days
    December 4, 2009

    Dear Sir,
    My name is Bhownesh and I want’s School Days (Doordarshan Serial) How Much Rupees Please!

  39. mahesh
    December 7, 2009

    does anyone know the name of Om Puri’s show regarding Indian history. and where i can get “Eks ke Hum Waris”

  40. vinod
    December 10, 2009

    sir, i want to purchase om namah shivay old tv serial
    plese inform on my mobile 0-9329-385-123 and land line 07412-240065 thanking you

  41. Rajnikant
    December 16, 2009

    I am eagerly Searching two TV Serial Title Songs, (1) Param Veer Chakra “Shaan Teri Kabhi Kam Na Ho”, (2) Dipti Naval’s Thoda sa Aasman “Thoda sa aasman”.
    My Cell no is. 09825434925. I will be very thankfull if anybody gives me this two songs. I really love it to hear. Still now i can cherish it in my mind.

  42. Anurag
    December 17, 2009

    Hi Abhi! well done !!!!!,after along time i am listening the names of serielas or TV programmes of my school time. thanks for a comprehensive list of serials from our childhood. It was as if you took a trip down memory lane to retrive these gems from obscurity.

  43. Anurag
    December 17, 2009

    hello rajnikant! with ref to ur comment on dated 16th dec.09 u will b glad to know that i have TV Serial Title Songs,Param Veer Chakra “Shaan Teri Kabhi Kam Na Ho”, but yaar actually i have recorded it in my audio cassitte( in 1989-90), if u want that i can try to convert it in mp3 format and can send it to you . u may contact me by my mail “anurag.jain@indiamail.com”
    all the best

  44. Anurag
    December 17, 2009

    with ref to post22 Mr. hemant u forget the name of that serial it was not deepak ka rahasya but it was “AASHCHARYA DEEPAK”.

  45. Riffy
    December 25, 2009

    Plz can any one tell me where can i get title song of DD serial Phir wahi Talash.i really love to get this song in mp3 format

  46. Aditi
    December 26, 2009

    Any body wants to take Ramayan and Mahabharat DVD can contact aditi_lapam@yahoo.com But I want DVDs of Om Namah Shivay and Shri Krishna.

  47. bhavesh
    January 2, 2010

    Thanks and well done. we are missing all this doordarshan series. no channel can beat doordarshan. Thanks for refreshing our memories.

  48. Sunit
    January 6, 2010

    Hi Abhi:

    You have not included “History of the World” cartoon series televised on DD-2 in mid-80s. The list you have compiled is superb. Could you by any chance know and give me some details on the above cartoon series as I have not been able to locate it on the net. Thanks in advance.

    Great Job!

  49. khurram
    January 8, 2010

    I want to know the name of a movie based in rajasthani desert.The protagonist of the movie is a child, he is a shepherd. I think Habib Tanveer also acted in this movie.This movie was shown on Doordarshan sometime in 80s.

    January 8, 2010

    Can I have VCD for these Hindi serials
    1. Hum Paanch
    2. Yeh hai o zindagi
    3. Idhar udhar
    4. Mr or Mrs.
    5. surabhi

  51. Pankaj Srivastava
    January 12, 2010

    Hi Abhi,
    Nice to see that there are people who do rember baba papa and Giant robot. well I want to know the name of a very Humorous English movie (perhaps black and white) telecasted some time between 1987-1989 when i was in class 7th, 8th or 9th in which lots of planes were shown flying in a race in late night series on Friday or Saturday which was having a bit of of adult content rating at that time. Today the ‘A’ rating has progressed a lot and i would now rate it U and like to arrange a copy of that movie for my kids. Any body who might have happen to see that movie and just rembers name may just mail me the name of the movie at my email id zoompankaj@gmail.com.



  52. Bhuvanesh
    January 19, 2010

    Hi guys, Very very thanks for posting this list, i’m really very happy, it’ll remember my childhood day’s when i seen this list.. each and every program is unbeliveble… if any need any help regard this please mail me… my id. bhuvanex_nex@yahoo.co.in. bye guys.

  53. Bhuvanex
    January 20, 2010

    This is the title track for Jungle Book. dis is video for all those luv mogli

  54. Irfan Syed
    January 27, 2010

    Dear Mr. Pankaj Shrivastavji, Hi! I share the same taste in classic movies. The name you asked Mr. Abhi about planes is – “Those magnificent men in theri flying machines.” Hope it helps.

    Thanks, Irfan

  55. anwar
    January 27, 2010

    I am looking for the serial “school days”? anybody can help me?

  56. Ashok Shankaram
    January 30, 2010

    I would like to know/see the all episode of Aankhon Dekhi by Smt. Nalini Singh, Journalist, telecasted on DD.
    Please provide me the link so that I could be able to see vedio of the programme.

  57. Saurabh
    January 30, 2010

    I am looking for the “Tenali Rama” Episodes in hindi .
    can anyboudy help me please…

  58. dinesh
    January 31, 2010

    I am looking for the “Dance programe” Episodes in hindi .
    on date 30 Jan. 2010, at 4:00PM. can anyboudy help me please…

  59. himanshu
    January 31, 2010

    hello friends
    i am very keen to watch old time serial chekhov ki duniya. but i am not able to find any access to it. if anyone can help me in that then i will be very thankful to him


  60. Vikram
    February 1, 2010

    am trying to remember the name of serial starring sachin pilgaonkar, with divorced/dead wife and two kids, one boy and one girl and a specs wearing strict bosss…….

    was a nice comedy used to come on sat afternoon on dd1….

    i just cant remember the name of the seril :(

  61. Udai
    February 6, 2010

    Abhi, thats very cool!! Thanks for the compilation of those oldies. They are refreshing memories. Great job!!
    You definitely deserve a refreshing drink… if not beer go get a mug of “Ras ki rachana hai RASNA”
    Kudos to you.

    February 8, 2010

    Hi,please upload or give me the source of Ji mantri Ji.i love to watch this serial in my past days.please please please help me out to find the serial.i want all the episodes of ji mantri ji.

  63. k.r.magarde
    February 9, 2010

    i want down load old tv serial parakh,mrignaini,raag darbari,nirmala,chadrakanta . how can i get it

  64. Preeti Sharma
    February 10, 2010


    Please upload or give me the source of A Short serial “VED VYAS KE POTE.”

  65. P.Kalaivanan
    February 14, 2010

    The efforts to keep track of the all the doordarshan serails and publish the same is highly appreciated.
    by any chance anyone having the videos of these serials, especially LIFE LINE.
    Thanks in advance

  66. atharv nandra
    February 15, 2010

    i am atharv n i want d serial “nani kahe kahani “…can anyone plz help me find dat

  67. kavya
    February 18, 2010


    i am kavya’s mother.i want to show him the kids serial coming in doordarshan.i didn’t the name of that serial but the song came in this was “chal meri dholak thumak thuma” based on serial of bakri and memna. in this he went on his nani’s home.and faced many problems in jungle.please tell me the serial name .

    thanks by heart if you tell me.

  68. AKASH
    February 20, 2010


  69. nikhil
    February 24, 2010

    miss those golden daysssss

  70. Hemant
    February 25, 2010

    Really thanx…..

    For a while I went in my past, those golden day…

    thanx again…..

  71. Rahul K
    February 26, 2010

    WOW…This list is amazing…Brilliant Work!!!
    All kiddos progs frm d list are my fav. like Fraggle Rock, Potli Baba ki, Telematch, Sinbaad…n many more

    For a quick recap on Cartoons broadcasted during the years 90s and beyond on all TV channels of India visit my blog http://reverberations-of-life.blogspot.com/2010/02/have-you-seen-these-cartoons.html

  72. nirma
    March 1, 2010

    Hi there,

    i want to buy the tv serial hum paanch all the episodes pn vcd or dvd is it possible. please let me know


  73. Saurabh
    March 2, 2010

    Hi Abhi,
    I visited your site lately and had a question to ask you. Maybe you can help me. U posted an article on March 9, 2009 listing all the old doordarshan TV shows .. I’m looking for a dvd of the Alice in Wonderland show that used to air on doordarshan, but am having a hard time finding it as there are countless versions of alice in wonderland made. Could you give me any additional info on it so i can have a better luck searching for it?

  74. almas
    March 3, 2010


  75. sameer
    March 10, 2010

    hi saurabh i have tenali rama episodes if you need them call me at 9422414269

  76. JAB
    March 11, 2010

    please anyone can tell me the title of the movie that have this song???

  77. sagar
    March 18, 2010

    please tell me from where can i purchase the serial om namha shivaya in india directed by dhiraj kumar

  78. Anand
    March 23, 2010

    Plz give a link where to listen the title song of a tv serial “Mission Fateh” aired on Sahara channel
    I would be thankful to you if you send this link to me at sustain2you@gmail.com

  79. Tarun Aggarwal
    April 8, 2010

    Hi All,
    I was really love to watch fantasy DD tv shows like, Vikram aur Baital, Dada Dadi ki Kahaniya, Singhasan Batisi, Panch Tantra were the fantasy stories has been telecast.So golden momeries with these shows i love to watch again n again in my life.No matter weither i was 50 or 60 years of age..If someone do me a favour where i found these DVD’s.PLease do reply ASAP………At tarun.venturistic@gmail.com or tarun.aggarwal26@gmail.com.

  80. sadanand nagvekar
    April 12, 2010

    if anyone knows the serial than pls give me bharat ek khoj, malgudi days, and star trek full vcd my ctc no.9224455464

  81. sanjna
    April 20, 2010

    Hello sir,

    I am looing for a hindi song RESHMI KALAIYON ME CHAMKEGI CHAM CHAM-CHAM CHAM HARE KANCH KI CHUDIYAN. I dont know the movie name but the movie i saw on dd metro director cuts movies. the dd metro used to show daily 4 movies at that time.

    Awaiting for your reply.

  82. rahul
    April 24, 2010

    thats a grt job

  83. sunil kumar
    May 4, 2010

    I want to know the link reach to watch “meri baat”
    programme comes on dd bharti for the month of february 2010.

    Can I have the links for recorded video of related programme.

    I would be thankfull, plz send me on suneel1601@gmail.com

  84. smeea
    May 6, 2010

    please, PLEASE, i have been looking for these tv serials to buy or watch again for YEARS. if anyone knows where i can do that for the tv serials listed below, PLEASE email me at smeea3590@gmail.com THANK YOU SOO MUCH!

    hum paanch
    dil dariya
    doosra keval
    duck tales

  85. Nityanand Sharma
    May 7, 2010


    Can I see the Old Doordarshn Serial Kashish(Cast-Malvika Tiwari & sudesh Berry)on Internet or is any CD/DVD availbale in the Market if yes then from where can i get this.
    from Delhi

  86. Nityanand Sharma
    May 7, 2010


    Can I see the Old Doordarshn Serial Kashish(Cast-Malvika Tiwari & sudesh Berry)on Internet or is any CD/DVD availbale in the Market if yes then from where can i get this.

    from Delhi

  87. Ashish Prajapat
    May 7, 2010

    i m looking for “VO HUYE NE HAMARE”serial telecasted on dd1 some yrs ago ….can anyone tell me abt them……

  88. satvinder
    May 7, 2010

    Hi friends,do any of u have the link where i can watch old dd serial kashish starring sudesh berry n malivika tiwari…i just loved that serial n also farmaan(the one with kanwaljeet n deepika deshpande).
    can someone let me know abt the link to watch old dd serial farmaan.
    pls provide me links that is absolute free if it possible

  89. vidya
    May 14, 2010

    can you please send me the details of Mr.Prakash Menon who has given the emu bird harvesting? The program is present in old episodes of Krishi Darshan in DD Malayalam.. please send its urgent

  90. vidya
    May 14, 2010

    i want the details of Mr.Prakash Menon who has given the emu bird harvesting which is present in the old episodes of Krishi Darshan in DD malayalam… its very urgent.. if you got the phone no of Mr Prakash menon its well and fine.. and phone no of that program’s director.. contact Mr. Manoharan phone no- 09902323337 or email- vidya_valsan23@yahoo.com

  91. aliasger
    May 16, 2010

    Can I see the old doordarshan TV serials Indradhanush & Karamchand, I want CD/DVD available in the market so from where can I get this

  92. Dinesh
    May 18, 2010

    I am looing for a hindi song RESHMI KALAIYON ME CHAMKEGI CHAM CHAM-CHAM CHAM HARE KANCH KI CHUDIYAN. I dont know the movie name but the movie i saw on dd metro director cuts movies. the dd metro used to show daily 4 movies at that time.

  93. Dinesh Kumar Pareek
    May 18, 2010

    I am looing for a hindi song RESHMI KALAIYON ME CHAMKEGI CHAM CHAM-CHAM CHAM HARE KANCH KI CHUDIYAN.plz send me any friends this song – this id dk.jhalika@gmail.com

  94. rimpy
    May 18, 2010

    hi can u please start the serial farmaan again

  95. aliasger
    May 23, 2010

    I want to see the old doordarshan TV serials Indradhanush, Karamchand,Rajni. I want CD/DVD available in the market so from where can I get this

  96. Amit Raut
    May 23, 2010

    Hello, I am after one particular episode of Katha Sagar – towards teh finish of the series. How can I find it? Any idea?

  97. Arun
    May 30, 2010

    Pleeeeease …………..
    if any one know about this cartoon, then please let me know… There was a girl who will talk at special occassions(i clearly dnt know abt it.) there was a witch in this cartoon, a bird which is a boy who is actually related to the girl,…. at the end of the serial(i think) the witch tease the girl with a needle at her feet for her to speak,.. but she wont because the boy will be a bird forever… she also has the habit of sewing dresses……. If anybody knows about this toon give me the name of it pleaseeee… arun58658@gmail.com

  98. usha
    May 31, 2010

    i would like to c karamchand.

  99. pratik sinha
    June 14, 2010

    i want chandrakanta title song.please! i like most that song.

  100. Amit Shah
    June 14, 2010

    Sir, My name is Amit Shah and Im looking for the serials Stone Boy and Karamchand. Please tell me how I can get these serials. Please guide me. My email is amitshah@skmsteels.com and rahajay@hotmail.com

    Thank You.

  101. pk
    June 15, 2010

    i want old serials title song if any body have it then plzs…. contact me my email id is prak_mi@ymail.com
    thank you
    to abhisays

  102. get2jit
    June 16, 2010

    Does anyone have the song for apna apna aasman serial from doordarshan, i will be grateful been looking for this for about a year now…..

  103. pramod
    June 21, 2010

    i am searching the serial Talash DD1 channel in 90s i like it very much the song meri manzilen abhi door hai mujhe rasto ki talash hai

  104. Abhishek
    June 25, 2010

    Can it possible to see the old tv serials.
    i am missing the old moments of my life….
    they r unforgettable moments.
    I want to add those on my blog

  105. Oindrilla Sengupta
    June 25, 2010

    Hello, I’m looking for the serial School Days. Can u please tell me how I can get this serial,by providing some kind of link. My email is oin.piyu@gmail.com

  106. piyush
    June 30, 2010

    i am looking for that title song RESHMI KALAIYON ME CHAMKEGI CHAM CHAM-CHAM CHAM HARE KANCH KI CHUDIYAN. Can any one tell where can i get this song

  107. akansha
    July 5, 2010

    Sir, My name is akansha and I m looking for the serial honee anhonee. Please tell me how I can get this serial. Please guide me. My email is akanshaakku.2010@rediffmail.com
    Thank You.

  108. gopal
    July 6, 2010

    am looking for a serial broadcast every Sunday, it was kind of like prehistoric about adam and the tribal people who lived those days, how he connects with a voice divine from the skies , apologize for this kind of a vague description, but even if you could tell me what am talking about i will be glad and grateful.

  109. vikas
    July 8, 2010

    i want to know the name of that serial which broadcase on friday night at 11 pm…that serial have 3 girls story..its a adult serial …i remember that time i m in 9th std ( 1993 ) …it stops suddenly because some one complaints again it in doordarshan and then new series a mouthfull of sky starts…i remember that serial name contain doll in his name…can u tell me the name of serial …

  110. jheel
    July 9, 2010

    i would like to know if you can give the list of serials in zee tv, sony tv n the others of the 90’s.
    i was trying to remember the name of a serial which would telecast in the evenings, and it was a foreign series, dubbed in hindi… i think it was a love story thing.
    i’m interested to know which one it really was, b’cos i still have flashes of the serial in my memory :)

  111. Smitha
    July 14, 2010


    Can i have the info about the cartoon series Life History of Man . It used to be telecast in early 80’s.

  112. shuchi
    July 14, 2010

    hi i am looking for a serial based on a young girl who turn bald due to serious depression and then she proceeds her life wearing a wig.

  113. dolly
    July 15, 2010

    hi,i just luv this site..nice to hear frm people abt different memories abt old serials..u dont hv aarohan,natkhat rani badi sayani,alice in wonderland,rumbas ka island,gammy bears,anandi gopal,famous five n many such serials in ur list…Hey jheel the name of the serials u r luking for at sony tv is bewitched,different strokes n nanny…there ws 1 more serial will let u knw soon..

  114. bhupendra
    July 16, 2010

    good work

  115. sumit
    July 17, 2010

    In olden days there was a telifilm’s song “hare kanch ki chudiya phanugi jab banugi teri dhulan” plz send the song to me.if anybuddies have?

  116. Suraj pal
    July 18, 2010

    DD serails are live in my heart.I cannot forget that wonderfull serial which entertain us very much.

  117. asif
    July 18, 2010

    a seial was aired on sundays evening yeh ishq nahi aasan starring om puri and the title song sung by jagjit singh.Does any body have any knowledge about it.

  118. Jigar
    July 20, 2010

    Thumbs Up!

  119. Rajiv
    July 20, 2010


    Good work! There was also a detective type serial called ” Yeh adaalat hai ” made by Dheeraj Kumar. He also played the lead role in each episode. Please update your list with the name of the serial.


  120. dollydolly
    July 21, 2010

    hey frndz,many people r luking 4 hare kanch ki churia..it is available at u tube…search it dere…

  121. prithvi9111
    July 24, 2010

    love dd1 all time big fan nostalgic year

  122. prithvi9111
    July 24, 2010

    hum paanch
    rajni etc
    till date I love them

  123. Meeran
    July 25, 2010

    truly outstanding i recall my childhood i suppose to watch DUCK TALES etc., its a golden era of all serials thanks for posting such memoriable thing

  124. rakesh vij
    July 28, 2010

    i dont remember if i had missed even a single episode of Ramayan, I liked the serials most honi anhoni, appu aur pappu 9am on sunday (stories of frinedship of an elephant(pappu) and appu,intejar(Friday at 9 pm)buniad tuesday & saturday Saptahiki on saturday Hindi feature film at 5.45 on sunday some of movies i remembered are Namkeen,Safed Hathi,Bobby, many others

  125. rakesh vij
    July 28, 2010

    hey friends !
    jab bhi hum doordarshan ki baat karten hain hume amara bachapan yaad aa jata hai . Jab hamara bachapan beet raha tha tab shayad kisi ne socha bhi na hoga ki is tarah se hum ise yaad karenge. Sach mein doordashan kaal ek sunehra kaal tha, aaj bhalle hi hazaron chanel aa gaye hon, har roj 10 movies aa rahi hon lekin jo exictment sunday 5.45 ki movie ke intejar mein hoti thi voh aaj kahan? DD1 ke bina humara bachapan kaise hota? DD1 is the best channel of my life i can say. I love dd1, I love all the programmes & missed all the programme if u feel so kindly talk to me as uner :- Rakeshvij.accounts@g.mail.com

  126. rakesh vij
    July 28, 2010

    i have given wrong mail i d my id as rakeshvij.accounts@gmail.com

  127. sagar
    July 28, 2010

    movie name is hare kaanch ki chudiyan

    plz plz some give me this song


  128. abhijeet
    August 1, 2010

    than……………………kkkkkkk…………………s…………………. so much……………….. of national…………………………………………. tv…………because its cartoon is very ….. funny………….and intersting

    thans………….. in advance
    my self abhi………………..wright.

  129. Suman Ghosh
    August 8, 2010

    Hi, This blog is really great, really nostalgic!!! I came here looking for a title song of an English Crime Serial. I can’t remember the name of the serial, most likely “A Serial of Crime” or something. The lyrics went this way “Love can break the heart of stone..” as far as I can remember. Since then I am looking for this song, but can’t find it anywhere.

    Does anyone still remember this serial? If so, please do mail me at callsuman@hotmail.com


  130. Abhishek
    August 8, 2010

    I got it..

    Only love can break the hearts of stone…”
    Or so was the theme song of a German TV serial, broadcast by Doordarshan (DD) in 1989. The serial was about computer crime and it used to come on Sunday’s at 4:30pm. The opening sequence showed a dog running towards the screen.


    August 15, 2010

    Rangoli is the 1 of the great programe hava i seen ever

  132. joginder mann
    August 19, 2010

    let me know the date on which krishi darshan program was launched. pl tell me the date and how can i get the program recording.

  133. nilu
    August 25, 2010

    dear ser medam plese give me doordarshan serial chandrakanta and ved viys ke pote and alif lail episode. and give me plese hare kanch ki suriya serial titale song plese.

  134. Pannaga
    August 25, 2010

    Hi All,

    Like Pramod said, I’d love to get hold of “meri manzilen abhi door hai mujhe rasto ki talash hai” from Talash … that was really a class act

  135. gajanan parab
    September 1, 2010

    please give the name of teleflim in which the boy mother is getting sick and always remain on bed while the boy father gets married with other women and bring her at home.but the boy always get anger with his dada for getting another mother to him. one day mother was going to die she sing a song before she dies to his son , the song was chotisi hain meri kagaz ki naav kagaaz ki nav. she makes a paper boat to him before she dies. so pls give me this information pls all of u of 1990s DD SERIAL LOVERS. THANK YOU.

  136. sunny
    September 1, 2010

    does any one hve samandar serial title song

  137. Akhilesh
    September 2, 2010

    Recalled good old days , when we use to watch these serials in groups with friends , relatives, family and use to daily talk when friends meet. These serials had a soul and jo kehete hai ek “Ras tha inme” . We were very thirsty to drink it’s liquidity. Indeed great collection and good work.

  138. keshu
    September 4, 2010

    heyyyyy im desperately trying to look for the title of a hindi serial….

    infact i live in Mauritius…and the hindi show used to be broadcast during the 1990s….

    there used to be a host…he used to introduce either a girl or a boy, who was hidden by a curtain drom 3 boys or girls….then the person introduced by the host used to ask questions to the 3 girls/ boys…..@ the end the girl/ boy used to choose 1 boy/girl from the 3 contestants…..

    what show was it? i also know the host is an actor who used to play in hindi serials and films….i remember his face but his name escapes me…..pliz plizzzzz plizzzz…hope i can get an answer!!

  139. rohit
    September 4, 2010

    i want to know more about the serials upasana. virendra singh & navani parihaar acted in this serial.i want to watch this serial. please send me link related this serial. i also want know about the who produced this serial.

  140. Ritesh patil
    September 5, 2010


  141. sonal
    September 5, 2010

    Thanks for the list.I m looking for the serial “Aarohan”.
    If anyone can provide me that wud be very helpful.

  142. Anirudh Zala
    September 6, 2010

    I think if we all get together and start a campaign to air old serials and shows on DD again, it will work. Instead of finding these shows somewhere on internet and watching them in low quality videos, it would be better to request DD to air them again on any one of the DD groups of channels.

  143. Manoj
    September 6, 2010


  144. Vimal
    September 8, 2010

    hey,DDN idon’t know what the name of this program but i wanna have the video of the program based on “a boy with his grandpa” and somewhere discussed as ‘pencil’.
    i saw it when i was 9 years old….
    plz check it & reply me on my e-mailid

  145. vaikunthamurti das
    September 11, 2010

    I need to purchase the following dvds.
    42 dvds of om namah shivaya by dhiraj kumar,zuby kuchhur
    14 dvds of mahabharat by sanjaya khan
    12 dvds of ramayan by b.r.chopra

    all above are tv serials

  146. Namit
    September 12, 2010

    was searching for something and found this website. Really gud work, those were really good days:(

  147. dev
    September 13, 2010

    dear freind, ek cartoon serial raat ko 9 baje ke aas paas aata tha. jo hindi comics par aadharit tha. jisme ek episode ka naam tha chudel or tau ji ka jadui danda

    please tell me what is name of that serial

  148. gaurav
    September 15, 2010

    hi to all
    i m seeking all the director’s cut short movies of dd metro
    all of them
    can any 1 please help me out with this
    at least all names of the short movies
    please guys i need your help

  149. raj
    September 16, 2010

    there was a program DIRECTOR CUT in dd metro. It showed a program known as ”HARE KAANCH KI CHUDIYAN” .n i love it title song (RESHMI KALAIYON MEIN CHAMKEGI CHAM CHAM;CHAM CHAM _ HARE KAANCH KI CHUDIYAN PEHENUNGI JAB MAI BANUNGI TERI DULHAN). N if anyone have idea where to get the song please inform me.
    :-) thanks

  150. HUSSAIN
    September 17, 2010

    Hello, KETAN I HOPE YOU ARE AVAILABLE ON 20/JUNE/2009 YOU HAVE WRITTEN THAT YOU ARE trying to find one English comedy show which was on India TV during early 80s THE NAME OF THAT SHOW IS D.D. COMMEDY SHOW

  151. guddi
    September 17, 2010

    hey @raj
    even i used to like director’s cut(reshmi kalaiyon…….) i remember the tune, nice one..

  152. BASAB
    September 24, 2010

    hello Raaj Guddi

    i am also looking for this HARE KAACH KI CHUDIYAN song yaar!!, even i liked the film most.It was aired on 16th january, 2000, most probably on DD METRO .Please let me know if u people get any success on this.I have searched net manier time without any success.

  153. Subodh
    September 30, 2010

    Hi Friends,

    If you could remember there was an show/serial named “Wild America” in 90’s if anyone could get that starting music.

  154. Pushpa Bhati
    October 1, 2010

    Anyone remember non stop non sense!!!

    October 6, 2010

    Sir, My name is RAJ and I m looking for the serial DVDs of Om Namah Shivay . Please tell me how I can get this serial. Please guide me. My email is RAJPRATAP_259@REDIFF.COM OR JAIN.SANU083@GMAIL.COM
    Thank You.

  156. monu jaiswal
    October 6, 2010

    dear frndz, plz tell me dwnload link for “guchhae,gayab aaya,stoneboy,taro-dragon ka beta” i love to watch this collection in my past days

    my email-jaiswal.56568@gmail.com


    -monu jaiswal(rourkela)

  157. Durgesh Nandini Das
    October 6, 2010

    Can u plz give any info about the serial ‘SHAKTI'(characters: Inder and Siya)? it is not mentioned in d list.

  158. jose_inigo
    October 11, 2010

    hey this is really nice, took into a lot of shows that reminds me old times.

    is there any one who have video links to Captain Vyom serious…

    is so mail me the link @joseinigo_w@yahoo.co.in

  159. MANISH
    October 17, 2010


    October 19, 2010

    Hello Abhi,
    There used to a show(cartoon) on DD metro in which two detectives with hightec gadgets were behind a Hightec women thiek named Carmen( in red dress).
    telecasted 4:00 or 4:30 pm at wednesdays around year 2000, Plese help me to know its name.mail me(CHITRANSHKUMARSHARMA@GMAIL.COM) if you kmow or find somehow.I’ll be grateful

  161. monu
    October 20, 2010

    mujhe ek english serial pata karna hai jo rat ko 11.30 pe aata tha three dolls aisa karke naam tha uska…

  162. ajay
    October 21, 2010

    hello everyone who are in touch with DD National. All the programme of old time were very good, i used to see them, now after a long time when any old serial start on DD Natonal i regular see it. coz too many memories are attaiche with them,

  163. malay
    October 22, 2010

    i want 54 episode of bomkesh bakshi
    ph (033)25772384


  164. malay
    October 22, 2010

    i want 54 episode of bomkesh bakshi tv serial.please inform how i can get total 54 episode and how much its price
    please contact-> malay_gh@yahoo.com
    ph (033)25772384

  165. Puneet Makhija
    October 25, 2010

    Hi , I m trying to find a very old hindi movie of 2 kids where they go to science lab and find two drinks one in red color and one in green color. When they drink the red color they get shink and become kids and when they drink green color they become adults.

    please help

  166. Mayank Saini
    October 25, 2010

    the movie name was kayakalp

  167. Pangseng
    October 27, 2010

    Im seeking the documentary advertisement on “Railway Crossing” which was act by the Mr.Aman Yatan Verma please include this in the old indian commercial on the net.

    Pangseng Rigol

  168. Syed Irshad
    November 1, 2010

    Please send me Title song of Old Doordarshan TV serial UDAAN on my e-mail ID syed1irshad@yahoo.com



    November 9, 2010

    plz tell how i downe load dd 1old seriols in dvds

  170. deepti
    November 9, 2010

    hi i am looking for a hindi cartoon series in which there was a story named 12(barah) mahiney in hindi only. in which a orphan girl is insulted by her step mom and sisters and for the princess of tht state these people send her in search for a precious flower which blooms only for a perticular month to the jungle alone…
    plz tell me smethng wre i can find it.
    thnx a ton

  171. Suraj
    November 12, 2010

    Hello, I like the actress neha whose real name shabana raza who acted the films like
    *Kareeb :: 1998
    *Hogi Pyaar Ki Jeet :: 1999
    *Fiza :: 2000
    *Rahul :: 2001
    *Ehsaas: The Feeling :: 2001
    *Kranti :: 2002
    *Muskaan :: 2004
    *Karam :: 2005
    *Koi Mere Dil Mein Hai :: 2005
    *Aatma :: 2006
    *Alli Thandha Vaanam(tamil):: 2001
    she alo anchor TV shows like DD Metro’s filmi roadshow, Public Choice etc..
    I dont know the others. But i want to see these TV shows & films how can i get it?? I have been searched for torrent and i didn’t get. please help me!!!
    And i also expecting more informations about her please mail me…
    one thing i know that she is actor manoj bajpayee’s wife.

    frnds if you read this and know any thing please!!!!!!!!! mail me…..my mail-ID surajt43@gmail.com

  172. sakina husain
    November 17, 2010

    please send me all episode of series SHRIKANT on my email.


  173. smarajit
    November 18, 2010

    there is serial called derek and old fox these are detective serials.

  174. surender
    November 19, 2010

    yaar “hare kanch ki chudiyaan or ghunghat ke pat khol movie dhond 2 ke thak chuka hu par milti hi nahi h yaar , ye dd metro par 9 gold , Director Cut me aati thi raat ko 8 baje. bit toorent par mili par vo paid service h yaar muje vaha se down load karni nahi aati kisi ko aati ho to yaar pls. down load kar ke YOu tube par dal do, @ priya & raj apni id to update kar dete yaar

  175. surender
    November 19, 2010

    if any find it pls. contect me at sunder.singhpnp@gmail.com

  176. surender
    November 24, 2010

    milla nahi kya kisi ko b yaar

  177. Ankur
    November 27, 2010

    Hey Sanjana, Surender ,Basab, Guddi, Piyush. Same is d case wid me. I too loved dat Series of HARE KAANCH KI CHOODIYAAN & GHOONGHAT KE PAT KHOL. Those 2 were my favouritests of DIRECTOR’s CUT on 9 GOLD. Main bhi dhoond dhoond ke thak gya hoon! Plz. kahin miley toh plz. YouTube par upload kr dena yaar; & do inform me at
    neo_matrix2009@hotmail.com ”. I shall be grateful.

  178. Deepak
    December 1, 2010

    Hi, I used to watch late night movies of Friday…. Many times English/Local language/foreign language …. I am writing some of the names, I remember…. can someone please add on this list

    1)Dial M for Murder
    2)Wait untill dark
    3)Private benjimin
    4)Khan’s Glory
    6)Nun & the Bandits

  179. surender
    December 2, 2010

    ankur bhai kahi se cd nahi mil sakti kya inki jagah bta de tu bas. m jald hi you tube par upload kar dunga fir to sab k liye sunder.singhpnp@gmail.com

  180. Deepak Taneja
    December 4, 2010

    Hi,thanks for a comprehensive list of serials from our childhood. I’m looking for the following DVD’s or VCD’s of serials. Can anyone help me please?

    Aisa Bhi Hota Hai
    Bharat Ek Khoj
    Byomkesh Bakshi
    Daane Anaar Ke
    Dada Dadi Ki Kahaniyaan
    Didi’s Comedy Show
    Different Strokes
    Ek Se Badhkar Ek
    Hum Log
    Ji Mantriji
    Mr. Yogi
    Saanjha Chulha
    Wagle Ki Duniya

  181. sarah
    December 5, 2010

    hi there
    lovers of tamas it is there on google vidoes.
    tehkikaat is there on youtube

  182. Shankar Choudhary
    December 8, 2010

    I Want mehar Serial.

    December 14, 2010


  184. vikram jat
    December 14, 2010

    i need all songs of serial daya sagar 1.ye dev lok ke putro ki sukumar charan hai ye dharti par-mohd.aziz 2.mere baat hai bilkul khari khari is duniya mey bhawan nahi-mohd.aziz. who ever will send these songs o me i will be very greatfull to him and my christ praise him.mobile no.9329656178 jabalpur,kanjar mohalla

  185. Radheyshyam Sharma
    December 15, 2010

    I want time & names of serial from 1st Septemer 1986 to 1st december 1986 Becuse My son Born day was 25sept.1986 time after shrikant serial end and after 20-25 Minates. so I want times and Names of that days all serial and starting & end times, so I gas fix Born time.
    Radheyshyam Sharma

  186. anand
    December 15, 2010

    Hi all,

    some of serials/movies are missing in the list that i have seen in olden days on DD
    Shah Rukh Khan – 2 serials (CIRCUS, etc)

  187. Sudhir Thakur
    December 15, 2010

    Dear Friends

    It bring much pleasure for me to announce that the UDAAN serial is now available on DVD for many of you it will be treat to your eyes and satisfaction to your senses.

    Today within 12 hours of its release by Reliance Big Video, I had a copy of the same in my hands and was happy to say that this serial now adds to the list of Doordarshan serial that now I proudly own.

    Reliance BIG Home Video has just released 1990-’91 TV serial, Udaan on DVD

    For all of you who would like to bring back those nostalgic memories,

    Udaan (Flight) was the name of a popular Hindi TV serial that aired on the Indian Television channel DD National in 1990 – 91. The serial was written and directed by Kavita Choudhary who was also the main lead of the serial. It also starred Shekhar Kapur in a cameo. It was probably the first Indian television show on women empowerment. The serial is inspired by true story of Kavita Choudhary’s elder sister Kanchan Choudhary who after several hardships went to become the first female Director General of Police.

    Udaan is available as a 5-DVD set and is priced at Rs.499

    Yours Nostalgic Soul
    Sudhir Thakur

  188. Mister NYC
    December 17, 2010

    I wished they had the old Doordarshan TV Serials “HUM LOG” and “BUNIYAAD”

    Anyone knows where to find them?

  189. Mister NYC
    December 17, 2010

    I wished they had the old Doordarshan TV Serials “HUM LOG” and “BUNIYAAD”

    Anyone knows where to find them?

    Please email me MisterNYC@yahoo.com

  190. Rajes choudhary
    December 19, 2010

    sir ji plzzzzzzzzzzzz restart all these old serials on dd national again.really no one can beat dd national.
    dosto plz sabhi recmmend karo ki ye old serial wapis national par aaye taki hum apne bachpan ki yaade taza kar sake.
    un main ek sadgi hai ,meaning hai sanskar hai apne so plzzzzzzzzzzzzphir se suru karo taki ab ki generation bhi kuch sikh sake.thanks
    Rajesh choudhary-hamirwas,jhunjhunu,rajasthan

  191. Dr Puneet Saxena
    December 20, 2010

    Mashoor Mahal ,Mirza Ghalib can also be added in this list

  192. Hussein Garg
    January 1, 2011
  193. Madhavi R
    January 2, 2011

    this site is great! but i was looking for the old meerabai serial, that came in late 1990’s on doordarshan. how can i find it?.. Please help.. it is not listed in this website

  194. pankaj malakar
    January 7, 2011

    dire sir, my names pankaj malakar

    im graphic design

    contact no. 9669574846

    please send me all episode of series SHRIKANT on my email.

    pankaj malakar

  195. varadraj
    January 9, 2011


    I am searching for faster fene’s review. In any case can you be able to provide it. or do you know where i can see the potage of it..

  196. ahmed
    January 13, 2011

    this site is really great and has refreshed the old memories but still there is somethng missing in the serials can u please upload 1.Ek Do Teen Char serial
    2.Appu Aur Pappu and ‘U’ Just Wait… hope will b done sooon.byee………

  197. priyankarosemary
    January 14, 2011

    please start the serial aarohan

  198. jasbir kaur
    January 15, 2011

    Der r 3serials dey r not der in d list 1st is Bewitched 2nd is Jenny I didn’t remember d name even d 3rd 1 i dont know d name der was a black small boy who hair’s was curly he was d leading character. Diz serials was amazing.. I use 2 watch diz wen i was small in summer vacations… Plz gimme me d 2nd n 3rd serials name if ny 1 knows it.. Will b very much thanks full…

  199. jasbir kaur
    January 15, 2011

    Yup i cum 2 know d 2nd 1 its I dream of Jeannie

  200. amit swapnil
    January 15, 2011

    thanks brother/ purani yaden taza karane ke liye…. idiot box ke in serial ke naam padker hi sidhe bachapan me lout gaya aur aanken bhig gaye…. kya issa nahin ho sakata ke dobara vahi purane din fir se jeene mil jaye…
    baharal mujhe himalay darshan, ye jo hai jindagi, nukaad, sarkas, intazaar, manoranjan, hamlog, buniyad, bharat iaak khoj, daane anar ke, guldasta, ki dvd chahiye thi…. kisi sajjan ko agar iss sambandh me kuch pata ho to bataiyega… meharbaani hogi… mera mail id hai— afunmaker@gmail.com
    ok dear abhi lots of thanks… biti khoobsuran yadon ko fir se jinda karane ke liye…
    thanks… amit

  201. abhi
    January 16, 2011

    Nice thing done
    I just wanted to know
    List of all the stories in Katha Sagar

    Jusr names of the srories

    Thanks and good luck

  202. priyankarosemary
    January 17, 2011

    im still looking for it the aarohan

  203. priyankarosemary
    January 17, 2011

    does anyone remember oshin about a serial about a cute japaneese girl

  204. priyankarosemary
    January 17, 2011

    does anyone remember oshin a serial about a cute japaneese girl

  205. raj singh
    January 18, 2011

    plz send me aa bail muje maar serial .

  206. Old TV Show Admirer
    January 19, 2011

    I see many people leaving their email address and requesting episodes for various tv shows. Has anyone received links for the tv show they were requesting? I am looking for episodes from the tv show “Kashish”. I see a lot of other people have expressed interest in this show.

  207. Rocky
    January 20, 2011

    @jasbir kaur

    black small boy who hair’s was curly he was d leading character

    “Diff’rent Strokes” – Hindi dubbed on SONY TV

    black small boy is so much funny.. 😀

    here the list of SONY TV hindi dubbed shows..

    1) The Three Stooges (english)
    2) Dennis the Menace ( hindi dub)
    3) Raven ( hindi dub)
    4) Who’s the boss ( hindi dub)
    5) Diff’rent Strokes (Hindi Dub)
    6) I dream of jeannie ( hindi dub)
    7) Bewitched ( hindi dub)
    8) Ware wolf ( hindi dub)
    9) Gilligan’s Island (hindi dub)
    10)ALF (hindi dub)

  208. HOME TV – Kungfu drama HINDI series
    January 20, 2011

    do u guys remember Old Chinese Kung Fu Drama Serials On indian channel “Home Tv”?? ( in 1996-9
    they all were in hindi dub …gr8 series… very popular show in india

    i am a huge fan of kungfu series, Home tv…

    The Zu mountain saga ( rocky, aadam khor ,Kala jadugar, ghumati khopdi.santoman,

    Brother under the skin ( Do Bhai)

    The blood stained intrigue (story of red and blue swords)

    “Land of the Condors” ( fong waai, mercury.)

    The Other Side of The Horizon (sheetal chandra vidhya, dahekti suraj vidhya)

    Legend of the Condor Heroes(ajagar athrah haath)

    The Hunters Prey

    do u miss them? do u want to see them?

  209. Rocky
    January 20, 2011

    @jasbir kaur
    “Diff’rent Strokes” – Hindi dubbed on SONY TV
    Black small boy is so funny… hahahhaa 😀

  210. Abhinob
    January 21, 2011

    can anyone pls help me with the name of serial..in which there is a family,in which the children faces hardship..the title song was like thiis ‘kacche rang utar jaayenge,mausam hai badal jaayenge,

  211. daniel
    January 23, 2011

    Wow…my school days r back..DD metro is the greatest..who could ever forget those tv shows..good job..thank u for this..god s great…

  212. rocky
    January 24, 2011

    @jasbir kaur

    “Diff’rent Strokes”

  213. raj
    January 24, 2011

    Some other late night movies that were shown…..

    * The marriage of Ms Maria Braun
    * Swann in Love

  214. Vineet
    January 27, 2011

    sony tv used to air some songs in the morning around 7am without any visual on screen or some static picture. I don’t rememebr the year….may be around 1990. Can anyone list the songs.


  215. sandy
    January 28, 2011

    if any bdy found audio or video of serial ‘YUG’ plz upload it to youtube…or just send me the link of dat particular site on ” internalcries82@gmail.com

  216. amol
    January 29, 2011

    Can any one tell where can we see old doordarshan serial of PAintel named JAG HANSE KHUD ROYE

  217. hell dude
    January 30, 2011

    Hey guys i m looking for tv serial name Jeevan ke rand & sahara on DD. Can any1 plz tell me where i can get these serial on net??? plz help me…thanks in advance..

  218. hell dude
    January 30, 2011

    Sorry guys it’s Jeevan ke rang….sorry for my mistake of the alphabet ‘D’….I m so sorry…plz tell me where i can get this both serials…plz help me…

  219. gitesh gupta
    January 30, 2011

    koi mujha us cartoon flim ka naam bta sakta ha jis ma hamari sarishti ki utpati sa la kar aaj tak ki amination bani ha. yha telicast dehli dordarsan par 1978 sa 1990 ka bich hua tha.

  220. arvind rajani
    February 2, 2011

    i wish to know if there was a tv serial on kabir—i faintly remember it was there in which annu kapoor—probably acted—dont remember the name of serial and year when it was broadcast. can u help me? is it available on cd/dvd anywhere?

  221. sharad
    February 5, 2011


    I found some old doordarshan Tv serials dvds/ vcds on webmallindia.com.
    i bought the dvd sets of

    a> Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi

    b> RAMAYAN by Ramanand Sagar – T V SERIAL

    i got the delivery within 4 days.

    Very Good Service.

  222. So many? rare videos!!
    February 6, 2011

    hey guys. found some rare tv serials video..
    check this..


    Wagle ki duniya

    Circus (shahrukh khan TV serial)

    Umeed (shahrukh khan TV serial)

    Kal Ki Taaza Khabar -1995

    some more old tv serials.. click here..

  223. Robin Singal
    February 9, 2011

    DD1 Serial bike stunt pls tell anybody name of this serial

  224. Rach
    February 10, 2011

    Hi everyone,

    This is a fabulous platform when hunting for an old serial of the 80’s-90’s but i am unable get hold of a particular serial named ‘Campus'(i believe that is the name)…..as the name suggests it was based on a bunch of guys living in a hostel…

    Could someone please direct me to where it’ll be possible to get hold of atleast a few videos of this serial…

    Thank You.

  225. Bhabesh
    February 11, 2011

    guyz do anyone remember there was a serial of a magic pencil like shakalaka boom boom… am not saying about the show of star plus… but there was a show in DD1… please please inform me about that… please

  226. sonu
    February 13, 2011

    plz. upload the talefilm azadi ki aur (monkey movie 1986).


  227. ravi_t
    February 16, 2011

    i try to see the old telefilm ‘buddhu ka kanta’ in the volume of KATHA SARITA but there was not found so anyone know about that so plz inform. thanks

  228. ravi_t
    February 16, 2011

    there was a bhopal doordarshan presentetion film

  229. Ramesh
    February 16, 2011

    Hi This is Ramesh.. I need the all episodes of “Hum oanchi ek daal ke” old DD TV serial.. Please give the link..

    I vl much thankful to you…


  230. archana guleria
    February 19, 2011

    muuuuah…………….. lov u all………….
    m realy happy after reading ur comments….
    miss those days………..

  231. Ranveer
    February 21, 2011

    Hey rach i think that name of that serial was ‘neev’ .

  232. Ankita Dixit
    February 21, 2011

    hello All, i remeber, i was in 11th or 12th class when i saw Director’s cut – “Hare kaanch ki chudiyan” telefilm. It touched me so deeply that i wrote that song in my copy. So, here is the complete song for you all –

    “Reshami kalaiyon mein, chankengi chan-chan chan-chan chan-chan, hare kaanch ki chudiyan – 2…

    Laya hun main sajani nishani ye suhaag ki, Naya rang laaegi kahani ye pyaar ki, tutne na degi kabhi pyaar ka ye bhandan, hare kaanch ki chudiyan – 2…

    Naino mein piya jo tere nain ghul jaaenge, Gumsum hooth kuch keh ne na paaenge, Samjhengi tere mere pyaar ki ye dhadkan, hare kaanch ki chudiyan – 2…

    Bund-bund lahu ki sajna tune bahai hai, Desh ke liye tune jaan apni gavaai hai, Rakhungi main dil se laga ke saara jeevan, hare kaanch ki chudiyan – 2…”

  233. sanjay sharma
    February 24, 2011

    hi friends kisi ko pata hai Director’s cut episode (Hare kaanch ke chooriyan) ka title song kaha milega plz tell me

  234. raj
    February 24, 2011

    hey, any one tell me where I can find d tittle track of hare kanch ki chudiyan (telefilm).
    if someone knws it plz tell me…

  235. surinder
    February 25, 2011

    Hi all, I required the title music of doordarshan serial “LIFE LINE”. Could any one help me please???

  236. Ajit Karmakar, Agartala
    February 27, 2011

    Dear Sir,
    Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz restart the old TV serial “Brikram aur Betaal”. This serial was my favourite one. And please replace with an old title song (picturised with indian map)of DD news, because that theme song was carried the indian culture & tradition.
    Another one request is- in this competetion market there are several cable channel is available. So some of the viewers of Dordarshan is removed there eyes and Dordarshan is the one media which can be aware to the people. I want telecast better serial & showing atleast one or two MOVIES in every day.
    And we are very thanksfull to you if re-installed DD “Metro” channel.

    e-mail- sanju.karmakar2009@gmail.com

  237. ALOK
    February 28, 2011

    Ye director’s cut banane wale kahan gaye? Ek songs nahin send kar sakate hain. (Hare kaanch ki choddiyan) song mila kya? send karo na plz

  238. sunder singh
    February 28, 2011

    pata nahi sanjay bhai thak gya hu dundte 2 nahi mill raha h………

  239. parvathy
    March 2, 2011

    school days and seahawks wr my fav seials

  240. Ravi K Parcha
    March 3, 2011

    Its really a good n gr8 effort to recollect and summarize the lost glory of Doordarshan, the Real Idiot Box stuff we grown up with. My heart still felt for those genuine entertaining serials of Doordarshan. Notthing could beat it ever. Itself a legendry experience. Hats of to compiler….Thanx !!

  241. Rico
    March 3, 2011

    I want the theme song of tv serial GHUTAN, sang by Talat Aziz

  242. Rico
    March 3, 2011

    Plese anybody send it to me

  243. vinay
    March 4, 2011

    what is the real name of balram in ramanand sagar’s shree krishna?

  244. Pushpa
    March 5, 2011

    can any one email me title song of DD serial dayasagar sung by s.p.balsubramanium @ my email id

  245. lipsa
    March 9, 2011

    can you please tell from where i can get the serial Amrapali?

  246. masood
    March 10, 2011

    hi , i would like to know where i could watch the serial Suraag which casts sudesh berry as CID officer please if possible send me the location or link where i can watch this serial.
    thank you.

  247. Sunita Rani
    March 14, 2011

    can u plz tell me from where i can get the serial spiderman?

  248. Raman
    March 15, 2011

    hiya everyone, do anyone know from where one can get ehc cd/dvd etc of the telefilm named “Hare Kaanch Ki Choodiyan” broadcasted in director’s cut serial of DD Metro. The beutiful film is directed by “Amitabh Bhattacharya”.

    please send your reply to my email id is raman.hira@hotmail.com.

  249. Nilutpol
    March 18, 2011

    Does anyone know the name of the program on doordarshan which was about a group of people travelling from kashmir to kucch to kanyakumari to manipur on maruti gypsy etc and documenting about the local culture and meeting locals.
    I would be very thankful if you can reply me with some clue.

  250. RATAN
    March 19, 2011

    DD is a all time favorite channel..it had the best serials ever lik CHADRAKANTA,JUNGLE BOOKS,.ETC……..all time best……..

  251. Noufal
    March 19, 2011

    really nostalgic.:-(((((((((((((

  252. rahul
    March 19, 2011

    can anyone send me the english movies name which was shown on dd chanel

  253. Juhi
    March 21, 2011

    Dear Abhi…

    Thanks and well-done for creating such a wonderful site. It really helped me reconnect with my childhood days.

    I have a small but important request. Do you, or anybody else, recall a dubbed western serial about a maid working in some rich home and falling in love with her employer’s son?

    The opening song of the serial was something like…
    “Jaaneman, ye pyaar hai.. iss pyar ko humne kahin kho diya hai.. kho diya hai.”

    I would be grateful to anyone who gives me a clue about this serial/song. My id is juhipy9@gmail.com. It would be A LIFE-CHANGING ANSWER to me.. I’ll wait..


  254. Santhosh Mohan
    March 22, 2011

    Hi All

    Glad to see that you are interested in my collection.

    I have attached the updated list of my collection of TV series and documentaries for your reference.

    Go through the lists, and let me know what all you want. Your requirement will be burned on to DVDs and couriered to you. I will charge nominally for my services…in order to cover the costs of the blank DVDs, courier charges, packing material and a marginal compensation for my efforts that I have taken in order to build and maintain this collection for over the last two years!

    I do not do this on a commercial scale…I do not depend on income from this for my livelihood. The main reason for me to charge for this is (a) As a minor return for all the time, money and efforts I have put into building up this collection (b) The more important reason – I have invested close to Rs. 10,000 on hard disks to store my collection…so trying to break even on this front by charging nominal amounts when I distribute my collection.

    Do let me know if I can help you out.

  255. Santhosh Mohan
    March 22, 2011

    1. Bharat ek Khoj (full series)
    2. Bodyline (full series)
    3. Byomkesh Bakshi (Episodes 7 to 32)
    4. Chanakya (full series)
    5. Chip ‘n’ Dale – The Rescue Rangers (full series)
    6. Dekh Bhai Dekh
    7. Duck Tales (full series)
    8. Fauji (full series)
    9. Flop Show (full series)
    10. He Man (full series)
    11. Johnny Sokko & his Flying Robot (full series)
    12. Mahabharat (full series)
    13. Malgudi Days – Hindi (full series)
    14. Malgudi Days – English (episodes 1 to 7 & 10)
    15. Street Hawk (full series)
    16. The Jungle Book (full series)
    17. Vikram aur Betaal (full series)
    18. Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi – season 1
    19. Some Old Advertisements
    20. Some Doordarshan Theme Music
    21. Title Tracks of Few Serials
    22. Wonder Years – All 6 seasons (Star World)
    23. Dexter – 3 seasons (Star World)
    24. Two and a half Men – seasons 2 to 7 (Star World)
    25. Many Old Print Ads
    26. Alif Laila (full seres)
    27. Talespin (full series)
    28. Ramayan (full series)
    29. Superhuman Samurai (full series)
    30. Remington Steele – All 5 Seasons
    31. Crystal Maze – Seasons 1 & 2
    32. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody – 3 Seasons
    33. Friends (Complete Collection)
    34. Frasier (Seasons 1,2 & 3)
    35. Prison Break (full series)
    36. Lost
    37. Drake & Josh (Seasons 2, 3 & 4)
    38. That 70’s Show
    39. I Dream of Jeannie (full series)
    40. 24
    41. Home Improvement
    42. Heroes
    43. Hannah Montana (Seasons 1 – 3)
    44. Courage: The Cowardly Dog
    45. Sex & the City
    46. Xena (full series)
    47. Ally McBeal (full series)
    48. Third Rock From the Sun (full series)
    49. Full House
    50. Fresh Prince of Bel Air (full series)
    51. Charles In Charge (full series)
    52. Clippings of few Famous Sporting Achievements
    53. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (full series)
    54. The Adventures of Tintin
    55. Darkwing Duck
    56. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai
    57. Shriman Shrimati (18 Episodes)
    58. Desperate Housewives (Seasons 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6)
    59. How I Met Your Mother (Seasons 1 – 5)
    60. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (full series)
    61. Doogie Howser M.D (Seasons 1 – 3)
    62. Knight Rider 1982 (Seasons 2 & 3)
    63. Knight Rider 2008 (Season 1)
    64. Man vs Wild (Seasons 1 – 5)
    65. The Big Bang theory (Seasons 1 – 3)
    66. The Practice (full series)
    67. The X Files (full series)
    68. Poirot (Season 1)
    69. The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
    70. Donald Duck Vintage Cartoon Collection
    71. Tom & Jerry
    72. Popeye
    73. Zabaan Sambhalke – All 4 Seasons
    74. Udaan
    75. Tehkikaat

    If any one is interested in the above serials, u can mail me at santhoshcool@gmail.com

  256. Santhosh Mohan
    March 22, 2011

    1. Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Bangash
    2. Area 51 – Beyond Top Secret
    3. Arsenal – The Official History
    4. Pandit Bhimsen Joshi
    5. Bodyline – It’s Just Not Cricket
    6. Einstein & the World’s Most Famous Equation: E = mc2
    7. Nargis
    8. Pandit Ravishankar
    9. The Six Billion Dollar Experiment (BBC)
    10. Tiananmen Square
    11. Walking with Lions (NGC)
    12. Zeitgeist
    13. Da Vinci Declassified – A Five Part Series
    14. Deadliest Warrior
    i. Gladiator vs Apache
    ii. Viking vs Samurai
    iii. Spartan vs Ninja
    iv. Pirate vs Knight
    v. Yahuza vs Mafia
    vi. Green Beret vs Spetsnaz
    vii. Shaolin Monk vs Maori
    viii. William Wallace vs Shaka Zulu
    ix. IRA vs Taliban
    15. 5th Dimension Secrets:
    i. Secrets of Supernatural Exorcism
    ii. Secrets of Supernatural Ghosts
    iii. Secrets of Supernatural Reincarnation
    16. A Science Odyssey (PBS)
    i. Episode 1 – Origins: Part 1
    ii. Episode 2 – Origins: Part 2
    iii. Episode 3 – Mysteries of the Universe: Part 1
    iv. Episode 4 – Mysteries of the Universe: Part 2
    v. Episode 5 – In Search of Ourselves
    vi. Episode 8 – Matters of Life & Death
    vii. Episode 9 – Bigger, Better, Faster
    17. Ancient Rome: Rise & Fall of an Empire
    i. Episode 1 – Caesar
    ii. Episode 2 – Nero
    iii. Episode 3 – Rebellion
    iv. Episode 4 – Revolution
    v. Episode 5 – Constantine
    vi. Episode 6 – The Fall of Rome
    18. Building the Impossible – Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: A Two Part Series
    19. Decoding the Past – The Templars: A Two Part Series
    20. Earth Story (BBC)
    i. Episode 1 – The Time Travellers
    ii. Episode 2 – The Deep
    iii. Episode 3 – Ring of Fire
    iv. Episode 4 – Journey to the Centre of the Earth
    v. Episode 5 – The Roof of the World
    vi. Episode 6 – The Big Freeze
    vii. Episode 7 – The Living Earth
    viii. Episode 8 – A World Apart
    21. Engineering an Empire (History Channel)
    i. Episode 3 – Greece
    ii. Episode 6 – Carthage
    iii. Episode 7 – The Maya: Death Empire
    iv. Episode 8 – Russia
    v. Episode 9 – Britain: Blood & Steel
    vi. Episode 10 – The Persians
    vii. Episode 11 – China
    viii. Episode 13 – Byzantines
    22. Eternal Enemies: Lions & Hyenas – A Two Part Series
    23. Extraordinary People
    i. The Boy Who Lived Before
    ii. The Seven Year Old Surgeon
    24. Firepower (Discovery Channel) – Episode 3: Battle Tanks
    25. Future Weapons (Discovery Channel): A Five Part Series
    26. Galapagos Islands: A Three Part Series
    27. Global Warming: An Inconvenient Truth (Al Gore) – A Two Part Series
    28. Hiroshima (BBC)
    i. Hiroshima
    ii. Hiroshima – A Tale of Two Cities
    iii. Hiroshima – Enola Gay Newsreel Interview
    iv. Hiroshima – Paul Wilmhurst Interview
    29. Hitler – The Movie: A Two Part Series
    30. Hitler – The Rise of Evil: A Two Part Series
    31. India – Land of the Tiger
    i. Part 1 – The Tiger’s Domain
    ii. Part 2 – Sacred Waters
    iii. Part 3 – Unknown Seas
    iv. Part 4 – Desert Kingdom
    v. Part 5 – Mountain of the Gods
    vi. Part 6 – Monsoon Forests
    32. Islam – Empire of Faith: A Three Part Series
    33. Jesus – The Real Story
    i. The Early Years
    ii. The Rivals of Jesus
    iii. Did Jesus Die on the Cross?
    34. Massive Nature
    i. Episode 1 – The Deep
    ii. Episode 2 – The Trap
    iii. Episode 3 – The Crossing
    iv. Episode 4 – The Falls
    v. Episode 5 – The Edge
    vi. Episode 6 – The Exodus
    35. Nomads of the North
    36. Oceans (BBC)
    i. Episode 1 – Sea of Cortez
    ii. Episode 2 – Southern Sea
    iii. Episode 3 – Red Sea
    iv. Episode 4 – Atlantic Ocean
    v. Episode 5 – Indian Ocean
    vi. Episode 6 – Indian Ocean Coastal Waters
    vii. Episode 7 – Mediterranean Sea
    viii. Episode 8 – Arctic Ocean
    37. Seven Wonders of the Industrial World
    i. Episode 2 – The Brooklyn Bridge
    ii. Episode 3 – The Bell Rock
    iii. Episode 4 – The Sewer King
    iv. Episode 6 – The Line
    v. Episode 7 – The Hoover Dam
    38. Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets – A Two Part Series
    39. Space Race: The Untold Story – A Two Part Series
    40. Superhuman (BBC)
    i. Episode 1 – Trauma
    ii. Episode 2 – Spare Parts
    iii. Episode 3 – Self Repair
    iv. Episode 4 – The Enemy Within
    v. Episode 5 – Killers into Cures
    vi. Episode 6 – The Baby Builders
    41. The Future is Wild – Ice World
    i. Part 2 – Return of the Ice
    ii. Part 3 – The Vanished Sea
    iii. Part 4 – Prairies of Amazonia
    42. The Human Body (BBC)
    i. Episode 1 – Life Story
    ii. Episode 2 – An Everyday Miracle
    iii. Episode 3 – First Steps
    iv. Episode 4 – Raging Teens
    v. Episode 5 – Brain Power
    vi. Episode 6 – As Time Goes By
    vii. Episode 7 – The End of Life
    43. The Life of Birds (BBC)
    i. Mastery of Flight
    ii. To Fly or not to Fly
    44. Tiger: Spy in the Jungle – A Three Part Series
    45. Ancient Chinese Inventions
    46. Ants – Nature’s Secret Power
    47. Battle to Save the Tiger (BBC)
    48. Birth of The Solar System (NGC)
    49. Born into Brothels
    50. Building the Great Pyramid (BBC)
    51. Can Animals Predict Disaster
    52. Crash Science – Airplanes
    53. David Copperfield – Flying
    54. Decoding the Past – Secrets of the Koran
    55. Dino Death Trap (NGC)
    56. Egypt
    57. Einstein’s Big Idea
    58. Extreme Engineering – Hong Kong Airport (Discovery Channel)
    59. Ghosts of the Abyss
    60. Global Dimming (BBC)
    61. Global Warming – What You Need To Know (Discovery Channel)
    62. Google Behind the Screen
    63. Great Natural Wonders of the World (BBC)
    64. How To Improve Your Memory
    65. I Shouldn’t Be Alive – Episode 18: Blood in the Water
    66. Illuminating Angels & Demons
    67. In America (A Movie Regarding Problems of Immigrants)
    68. In the Womb (NGC)
    69. In The Womb Multiples (NGC)
    70. Inside Mecca
    71. Inside The Da Vinci Code
    72. Secrets – Inside the Forbidden City (NGC)
    73. Inside the Taliban
    74. Inside the Vatican
    75. Iraq for Sale
    76. Jesus Camp
    77. JFK II – The Bush Connection
    78. Killer Asteroids (Discovery Channel)
    79. Lions of Darkness (NGC)
    80. Mahatma Gandhi – Pilgrim of Peace
    81. Mystery of the Megavolcano
    82. Mystery of The Milky Way
    83. Mystery of the Nile River
    84. Mystery of the Taj Mahal
    85. NASA Conspiracy
    86. Nostradamus 2012
    87. Nostradamus Effect
    88. Occupation 101
    89. Predators at War
    90. Raj Kapoor
    91. Religulous
    92. Revealing Mars (Discovery Channel)
    93. Seconds from Death Tragedy at Bhopal (NGC)
    94. Secrets of the Great Wall (China)
    95. Sherlock Holmes – The True Story (Discovery Channel)
    96. Solar Blast (NGC)
    97. Space – Are We Alone? (BBC)
    98. Space Station & Beyond (Discovery Channel)
    99. Stalin – Inside the Terror
    100. Supermassive Black Holes (Discovery Channel)
    101. Superstructures – Eurotunnel (Discovery Channel)
    102. The Bermuda Triangle (NGC)
    103. The Bible Code (BBC Horizon)
    104. The Bible Debunked – Who Really Killed Jesus?
    105. The Crusades
    106. The Downfall (Der Untergang)
    107. The Dynasty: The Nehru – Gandhi Story :- Part 1 (PBS)
    108. The End of Suburbia
    109. The Final Report – Osama’s Escape (History Channel)
    110. The Ghost in your Genes
    111. The Ghost Particle (PBS)
    112. The God Who Wasn’t There (Movie)
    113. The Great Global Warming Swindle
    114. The Last Lions of India (BBC)
    115. The Lost Tomb of Jesus (Discovery Channel)
    116. The Satellite Story (BBC)
    117. The Secrets of Sleep
    118. The Tigers of Ranthambore – John Ross
    119. The Ultimate Guide: Human Body (Discovery Health)
    120. The Ultimate Guide: Pregnancy (Discovery Health)
    121. The World’s First Time Machine (Discovery Science)
    122. Tiger (BBC Wildlife)
    123. Tigers of the Swamp
    124. Trinity & Beyond
    125. Tsunami Killer Wave (NGC)
    126. UFOs in the Bible
    127. We Love Cigarettes (BBC)
    128. World Trade Center (Movie)
    129. India Questions His Holiness The Dalai Lama (NDTV 24 x 7)
    130. Miep Gies Interview – Remembering Anne Frank
    131. Animals are Beautiful People
    132. Charlie Rose Interviews His Holiness
    133. Holocaust
    134. Mein Kampf
    135. My Shocking Story – Half Man Half Tree
    136. President – elect Barack Obama’s Victory Speech
    137. Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture – Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
    138. Tears of Tibet
    139. Terror in Mumbai – Dispatches
    140. The Auschwitz Experience – Museum of Holocausts
    141. Tibet – Story of a Tragedy
    142. Why Ancient Egypt Fell (Discovery Channel)
    143. General Idi Amin Dada: A Self Portrait (1974)
    144. Ustad Allah Rakha Quraishi
    145. Ustad Ahmad Jan Thirakwa
    146. Naushad
    147. 1000 Places to See Before You Die – India (Travel & Living)
    148. The True Story of Che Guevara
    149. Shogun – The Supreme Samurai (History Channel)
    150. Bill Gates – How a Geek Changed the World (BBC)
    151. Partition – The Day India Burned (BBC)
    152. 1984 – A Sikh Story
    153. The Story of India (BBC)
    i. Part 1 – Beginnings
    ii. Part 2 – The Power of Ideas
    iii. Part 3 – Spice Routes & Silk Roads
    iv. Part 4 – Ages of Gold
    v. Part 5 – The Meeting of Two Oceans
    vi. Part 6 – Freedom
    154. The First World War
    i. Part 1 – To Arms (1914)
    ii. Part 2 – Under the Eagle (1914 to 1915)
    iii. Part 3 – Global War (1914 to 1916)
    iv. Part 4 – Jihad (1914 to 1916)
    v. Part 5 – Shackled to a Corpse (1914 to 1916)
    vi. Part 6 – Breaking the Deadlock (1914 to 1916)
    vii. Part 7 – Blockage (1916 to 1917)
    viii. Part 8 – Revolution (1917)
    ix. Part 9 – Germany’s Last Gamble (1918)
    x. Part 10 – War Without End
    155. World War II – The Complete History A Thirteen Part Series
    156. The Great Indian Railway – A Three Part Series
    157. The Most Evil Men in History
    i. Attila The Hun
    ii. Bad King John
    iii. Francisco Pizarro
    iv. Hitler
    v. Idi Amin
    vi. Ivan The Terrible
    vii. Joseph Stalin
    viii. Nero
    ix. Pol Pot
    x. Rasputin
    xi. Torquemada
    xii. Vlad The Impaler
    158. The Conquerors
    i. Part 1 – William The Conqueror
    ii. Part 2 – General William Howe: The Conqueror of Nevada
    iii. Part 3 – Andrew Jackson: Conqueror of Florida
    iv. Part 4 – Cortes – Conqueror of Mexico
    v. Part 5 – John G. Freemont: Conqueror of California
    vi. Part 6 – El Cid
    vii. Part 7 – Marshall Zhukov: WW II Conqueror of Ber
    viii. Part 8 – Sherman’s March to the Sea
    ix. Part 9 – Cromwell: Conqueror of Ireland
    x. Part 10 – King David
    xi. Part 11 – Napoleon’s Greatest Victory
    xii. Part 12 – Caesar: Conqueror of Gaul
    159. A History of Great Britain
    i. Part 1 – The Beginnings
    ii. Part 2 – Conquest
    iii. Part 3 – Dynasty
    iv. Part 4 – Nations
    v. Part 5 – King Death
    vi. Part 6 – Burning Conviction
    vii. Part 7 – The Body of The Queen
    viii. Part 8 – The British Wars
    ix. Part 9 – Revolutions
    x. Part 10 – Britannia Incorporated
    160. BBC Wildlife Specials
    i. Grizzly
    ii. Leopard
    iii. Lion
    iv. Polar Bear
    v. Tiger
    161. Clash of Worlds (BBC)
    i. Part 1 – Mutiny
    ii. Part 2 – Sudan
    iii. Part 3 – Palestine
    162. Hannibal
    163. Fahrenheit 9–11 – A Two Part Series
    164. Warrior Empire: Mughals of India (History Channel)
    165. Battle Stations: HMS Victory (History Channel)
    166. Lost Worlds: Part 1 – Braveheart’s Scotland (History Channel)
    167. The Strangest Viking (History Channel)
    168. Samurai (History Channel)
    169. Tibet’s Hidden Kingdom (History Channel)
    170. Barbarians (History Channel)
    i. The Goths
    ii. The Huns
    iii. The Mongols
    171. Lost Treasures of The Ancient World
    i. Episode 4 – India
    ii. The Seven Wonders
    172. The American Presidents
    i. 1789 to 1825: Washington to Monroe
    ii. 1825 to 1849: John Q Adams to Polk
    iii. 1849 to 1869: Taylor to Lincoln
    iv. 1869 to 1885: Andrew Johnson to Arthur
    v. 1885 to 1913: Cleveland to Taft
    vi. 1913 to 1945: Wilson to Franklin D. Roosevelt
    vii. 1945 to 1977: Truman to Ford
    viii. 1977 to 2008: Carter to George W. Bush
    173. Ancient Warriors (Discovery Channel)
    i. Volume 1:
    a. Episode 1 – The Assyrians: Masters of War
    b. Episode 2 – Celts
    c. Episode 3 – Normans
    d. Episode 4 – Legions of Rome
    e. Episode 5 – Macedonians
    f. Episode 6 – Soldiers of the Pharaoh
    g. Episode 7 – Spartans
    ii. Volume 2:
    a. Episode 8 – Janissaries
    b. Episode 9 –Huns
    c. Episode 10 – Knights of the Templar
    d. Episode 11 – Vikings
    e. Episode 12 – Highlanders
    f. Episode 13 – Irish: Warriors of the Emerald Isle
    g. Episode 14 – Maurya: Warriors of the Elephant
    iii. Volume 3:
    a. Episode 15 – Aztecs
    b. Episode 16 – Samurais
    c. Episode 17 – Shaolin Monks
    d. Episode 18 – Hawaiians: The Warriors of Paradise
    e. Episode 19 – Ninja: Warriors of the Night
    f. Episode 20 – Sioux
    174. The Cold War (CNN) – A Twelve Part, Twenty Four Episode Series
    i. Part 1:
    a. Episode 1: Comrades (1917 to 1945)
    b. Episode 2: Iron Curtain (1945 to 1947)
    ii. Part 2:
    a. Episode 1: Marshall Plan (1947 to 1952)
    b. Episode 2: Berlin (1948 to 1949)
    iii. Part 3:
    a. Episode 1: Korea (1949 to 1953)
    b. Episode 2: Reds (1947 to 1953)
    iv. Part 4:
    a. Episode 1: After Stalin (1953 to 1956)
    b. Episode 2: Sputnik (1949 to 1961)
    v. Part 5:
    a. Episode 1: The Wall (1958 to 1963)
    b. Episode 2: Cuba (1959 to 1962)
    vi. Part 6:
    a. Episode 1: Vietnam (1954 to 1968)
    b. Episode 2: MAD (1960 to 1972)
    vii. Part 7:
    a. Episode 1: Make Love Not War (The Sixties)
    b. Episode 2: Red Spring (The Sixties)
    viii. Part 8:
    a. Episode 1: China (1949 to 1972)
    b. Episode 2: Detente (1969 to 1975)
    ix. Part 9:
    a. Episode 1: Good Guys, Bad Guys (1967 to 1978)
    b. Episode 2: Backyard (1954 to 1990)
    x. Part 10:
    a. Episode 1: Freeze (1977 to 1981)
    b. Episode 2: Soldiers Of God (1975 to 1988)
    xi. Part 11:
    a. Episode 1: Spies (1944 to 1994)
    b. Episode 2: Star Wars (1980 to 1988)
    xii. Part 12:
    a. Episode 1: The Wall Comes Down (1989)
    b. Episode 2: Conclusions (1989 to 1991)
    175. BBC Life
    i. Part 1: Challenges of Life
    ii. Part 2: Reptiles & Amphibians
    iii. Part 3: Mammals
    iv. Part 4: Fish
    v. Part 6: Insects
    vi. Part 7: Hunters & Hunted
    vii. Part 8: Creatures of the Deep
    viii. Part 9: Plants
    ix. Part 10: Primates

  257. Santhosh Mohan
    March 22, 2011

    Hi All
    Glad to see that you are interested in my collection.
    I have attached the updated list of my collection of TV series and documentaries for your reference.
    Go through the lists, and let me know what all you want. Your requirement will be burned on to DVDs and couriered to you. I will charge nominally for my services…in order to cover the costs of the blank DVDs, courier charges, packing material and a marginal compensation for my efforts that I have taken in order to build and maintain this collection for over the last two years!
    I do not do this on a commercial scale…I do not depend on income from this for my livelihood. The main reason for me to charge for this is (a) As a minor return for all the time, money and efforts I have put into building up this collection (b) The more important reason – I have invested close to Rs. 10,000 on hard disks to store my collection…so trying to break even on this front by charging nominal amounts when I distribute my collection.
    Do let me know if I can help you out.

  258. Anand Balodhi
    March 24, 2011

    I want TV Serial Samander CD for all apesodes
    Could you please help me for down loading or etc

  259. Raghavendra
    March 25, 2011

    something is in life which is attacthed with some movements,trhose movements get back to know the relationship which i lost sometimes back but to remember thos things which is really feling happines in life.These all serials which is coonect to each special movements and special person.i like those serials like malgudi days,stone boy,dek bhai dek,vikram aur vetal,surabhi,kilhe ka rahasya,telspin,ramayana,chandrakanta,shri krishna,alif laila,ek do teen char,potli baba ki,vyomkesh Bakshi,nuukkad,wagle ki duniya,taro,superman,spiderman,He-man,chitrahaar,chayageet,rangoli,flop show,circus,fouji,vikram asur vetal,many moe which i just think tnat those golden days never comeback and may it cameback but that enjoyment is not anymore………………….miss u alll………..those who knows me and my memries which is the great era in my life………….

  260. anamika
    March 25, 2011

    aaj to old days ki yaaden taaza ho gaye. ek aurat hone ke naate i m always feelin ki jis tarh se DD ke serials aurat ko potray karte they aaj ke serial to uske pasang bhi nahi hai. muje apne bacpan ke din yaad aa gaye. Nirmala, palash ke phool, srikant ki RAAJlaxmi, muzrim haazir ke kaliganj ki bahu, surbala, udaan ki kalyaani or na jaane kitni, ye aaj ki tulsi, parvati, kusum, or najane kya inka kabhi bhi muqabla nahi karsakti.

    thanx 1nce again 4 reveal the golden days of indian TV

  261. Wasim Shaikh
    March 28, 2011


    I would like to buy DVD of complete series of Nukkad by aziz mirza which showed on doordarshan time ago. I want dvd of the same.

    Please if possible send me the location in pune or maharashtra.

    Thank you

  262. solomon
    March 28, 2011

    Suraag – The Clue. iwant to see this seerial plz help me . iam at saudi arebia

  263. mamta
    April 1, 2011

    thank u so much for all old serial list and its save my time to search

    please don’t remove it many people use ur work its amazing

  264. aditya
    April 4, 2011

    hey ,plz help me i want to know about a cartoon serial of a bear pilot who drive a plane, timing of serial was around 5:30PM in evening , i don’t remember exactly what’s the name of that serial.

  265. Amit
    April 6, 2011

    I want copies of Neev and Kshitij Yeh Nahin. can you tell me how to proceed? Charges/method, etc.?

  266. naveen
    April 7, 2011

    I love dordarshan old serials
    They r really unforgetable.I am searching for the serials:
    Director’s cut
    Captain vyom
    Please someone upload these on youtube

  267. monalisa
    April 10, 2011

    “AArohan ” would u plz show this serial.

  268. Anup
    April 12, 2011

    hello sir!
    i am great fan of dd national title songs
    can i have that serial title song( the serial based on kashmir and Danny(actor) played a tererist role in that)
    i unable to remember the name of Serial.so i request you to send the name of serial asap.
    thank you sir

  269. Manish patel
    April 12, 2011

    Im just visit yr site & fortunatly byomkesh bakshi will started on dd .wot a those days…good job

  270. himanshu
    April 14, 2011

    hi everyone…
    really feeling nostalgic…
    wanna know about a telefilm aired on dd about a bunch of school kids…
    d hero was a nice guy whose father had passed away.. and he was always helping others… dere was also scene of d school bus.. and he was shown running after d bus… and rising after falling…
    btw the uniform of school was green blazer..
    any information on this will be really appreciated…
    thanks everyone…

  271. nishant tanwar
    April 21, 2011

    hi this is nishant tanwar,,,,kindly send me the link of first 6 episodes of KAL HALMARA HAI 2008, DD1,,,,i’ll be very thank ful to u thankx

  272. r j
    April 21, 2011

    looking for old serials like wah janaab, subah (televised on wednesday evenings at 2100 hrs) & trishna.

    any idea where to find these?


    r j

  273. vaibhav patel
    April 22, 2011

    I want to buy DVD for old DD serial Param Vir Chakra How can I get ? what are the rates for the same? let me know

    April 26, 2011

    DThanks Abhi. Your list is indeed excellent. I am too a big fan of old TV serials especially the ones that were telecasted on DD.

    Please note that the following serials are now available on original DVD/VCDs:-

    1.) Malgudi Days
    2.) Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi
    3.) Dekh Bhai Dekh
    4.) Ramayan
    5.) Mahabharat
    6.) Vikram Betal
    7.) Sri Krishna
    8.) Office Office
    9.) Tekhikaat
    10.) Kachhi Dhoop
    11.) Udaan
    12.) Tenali Rama
    13.) Akbar Aur Birbal
    14.) Jungle Book
    15.) Mirza Ghalib
    16.) Flop Show
    17.) Kabhi Idhar Kabhi Udhar
    18.) Zamana Badal Gaya Hai
    19.) Zabhan Sambhal Ke
    20.) Fauji

    By God’s grace I have purchased all the above and now need your help to know which others are available in the market. Please email me on pranabsaxena@yahoo.com



  275. meenakshi
    April 26, 2011

    hi abhay i want a name of a serial used to come on sony tv casting actress karishma tanna and one more girl dont no her name based on their friendshipit was of ektaa kapoor serial

  276. kriya
    April 26, 2011

    does anyone know about arohan show featuring pallavi ghoshi.it was about navy.

    April 28, 2011

    Please furnish the details about the serial “DAYASAGAR”.
    It is better to Re-Telecast the serial “DAYASAGAR” in Doordarshan or in any other TV Channels which is required for this Generation. As Most of the TV serials are produced only on the various conflicts of family memebers, which are unnecessary and harmful. The Greatest Historical Stories especially “DAYASAGAR” are very much Useful.
    Thank You for listing out the serials of Doordarshan. Is there a DVD available of “DAYASAGAR”? If so please give the details.

  278. Anand kshirsagar
    May 1, 2011

    Hi frnds im also darshak of durdarshan channel i want the dvd of MAHARATHI KARNA if any 1 knw ab that plz contact me

  279. Nandkishor
    May 2, 2011

    Hi.I am searching a hindi telefilm “Main Sundar Hoon”.
    Plz help me to search this movie .Thank You.

    May 2, 2011


  281. karthiga
    May 3, 2011

    hi.i need “school days” serial of Doordarshan,which made me to see tv serial, if any one had it link please send it to me please. thank you

  282. Ranjeet Kumar
    May 10, 2011

    Hey! can anybody tell me that what was the Board name of those programs/movie (For Kids)Which used to come in 90s I could explain you something exactly what I am looking for, When a kids program used to started, First it used to come the Board name, where a few cartoon character used to come, dance and then jump together and raised their hands in air (it was just shadow type of the cartoon character)..the name of the board was like …NFC.. I don’t remember exactly…If someone can tell me the exam board name then I could find it, actually I need the music of the clip…
    Thanks in Advance!

  283. Ranjeet Kumar
    May 10, 2011

    Hey! can anybody tell me that what was the Board name of those programs/movie (For Kids)Which used to come in 90s I could explain you something exactly what I am looking for, When a kids program used to started, First it used to come the Board name, where a few cartoon character used to come, dance and then jump together and raised their hands in air (it was just shadow type of the cartoon character)..the name of the board was like …NFC.. I don’t remember exactly…If someone can tell me the board name then I could find it, actually I need the music of the clip…

  284. Bond007
    May 11, 2011

    Ha Ha Ha……. 😆

    Poori list taiyar karke rakhe ho Abhi ji! :bravo:


  285. harry
    May 12, 2011

    hello i dont remember exactly but there was a serial of a sea plane landing on sea an english serial…..i just remember the sea plane…………PLZ PLZ PLZ
    tell me the name of serial….

  286. Arjun
    May 12, 2011

    Is there someone who can help me out to search one of my favourite old TV serial Katha Sagar. I would be very pleased and obliged.

  287. balvant singh
    May 15, 2011

    sir,,,,, i want to know the name of the program related to the space science,which was broadcasted before some years on doordarshan national channel(dd1)………please help me………

  288. sumeet
    May 16, 2011

    just awesome!

    I think you’ve missed one serial:

    Dheeraj Kumar’s ADALAT

  289. sumeet
    May 16, 2011

    also was there a serial called “NAQAB”?

  290. sumeet
    May 16, 2011

    and how about “Super Hit Muqabala”?

  291. sumeet
    May 16, 2011

    not sure if there was a serial called:

    “Tasveer Ka Dusra Rukh”

  292. sumeet
    May 16, 2011

    and one more serial:

    “Rath Chakradasha”

  293. sumeet
    May 16, 2011

    ok here’s one more:


  294. sumeet
    May 16, 2011

    remembered one more:


  295. sumeet
    May 16, 2011

    and what about:

    “The Flying Sikh”?

  296. sumeet
    May 16, 2011

    just remembered one more:


  297. sumeet
    May 16, 2011

    i think I don’t remember clearly but was there a serial called:


  298. sumeet
    May 16, 2011

    DOORDARSHAN acually reflected the true picture and culture of India.

    I think the quality of programmes on Doordarshan was excellent until the advent of “Chandrakanta”

    also with the advent of Cable TV in 1992 the middle class couldn’t quite relate to serials that mostly appealed to masses from the higher social class

  299. ahmad
    May 22, 2011

    i see a drama named sam desilva on dd national. it was a horror drama. i want to see that from where i can get that.

  300. Himanshu
    May 23, 2011

    Nice work Abhi

    Can any one tell me starting time of Sunday Hindi movie (I remember it was after 4 pm) .. I need the information for some project work. Thanks :)

  301. sumeet
    May 24, 2011

    there was one more comedy that you’ve missed:

    aired on Sundays – “Bhim Bhawani” (Ahsok Kumar & Anup Kumar)

  302. Hiren
    May 24, 2011


    dikhao pe mat jao apni akkal lagao

    good information

    i remember one more “CHAHAT OR NAFRAT”

  303. satish
    May 24, 2011

    plz help me to get the series school days.

  304. Sameer
    May 26, 2011

    Very good nice work

  305. Sandip
    May 26, 2011

    Please mail me the link of the whole series or any episode of school days @ sarkar.sandip83@gmail.com

  306. rupinder
    May 29, 2011

    dear all
    hello any one have dvds of chanderkanta tele serials telecast on dd1 in mid 90s or some one guide to purchase cds of same please inform me at rupi@live.in

  307. ambarish kumar mishra
    May 31, 2011

    pls purane serials phir se shuru kijiyelike *mein dilli hoon* *maharana pratap* and many of them.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  308. D Singh
    June 2, 2011

    Pound Puppies(1991-2), Sunday mornings I guess. CAR BATUNI – NOBODY REMEMBERS THIS and I must tell you it had a car that spoke! lol.. Distant memory tells me that it was a Premier Padmini.. Could have been a Beetle. Googling ‘car batuni’ didnt return any results though. :-( Sad. I was born and brought up till 11 in New Delhi and moved to Hyderabad. Couldn’t like Hyderabad till now.. will eventually settle back in Delhi again! Somehow, living in Delhi, chaste Hindi and Doordarshan have some common connection in my mind. For the command I developed in English, I always had a patriotic following for chaste Hindi and well.. where did those DD1 Female news presenters go? I wanted to marry couple of them as a kid! hahahahaaaa…. I remember the yellow street lights in East Patel Nagar and life seemed so mysterious, magical.. Like every stone on the road had an incredible story beneath it. :-) Of all the shows, I had a particular liking for Tandoori Nights.. the dazzling lights of London and the Indians in it.. the show seemed like a cross between Indian and western sitcoms. Fatchar, Karamchand, Dekh Bhai Dekh and Zabaan Sambhal Ke.. God! someone return my childhood to me, I feel so damned and claustrophobic in today’s era! And yes, Girls back home were pretty too! :-)

  309. vinaypandit
    June 2, 2011

    nice but i miss baba ki potly sunday 11 am.

  310. Poonam Jain
    June 2, 2011

    can any1 help me with the ‘School Days’serial you tube.

  311. Rajrupa
    June 3, 2011

    Hey this is a great stuff …. I really loved your clean way of presentation ….. i just wanted to tell you hat you have missed out on a couple of foreign (English)series that were aired then #1. The Investigator I used to be huge fan of it #2. Street Hawk (The guy with the bike :)) and of course my all time favpurite #3 Johnny Soko and his Flying Robot please include these too :) great work keep going

  312. Neeta Singh
    June 3, 2011

    hello all,
    i am looking for this serial Director’s Cut (all Episodes). if anyone has it.. please let me know… my id is

    thanks in advance!

  313. harinder
    June 6, 2011

    aaj ke serial jo bante hain usmein sirf hi class ko hi present kiya jata hai aur sara episode ek kamre mein hi poora ho jata hai lekin dd ke jo purane serial hote thee bo masses ki zindgi ko present karte thee isliye log aaj bi unko psand karte the ek serial dd par aata tha stone boy jo aap ki list mein nahin hai.sabhi serial muje psand hain jo main bachpan mein dekhta tha.

  314. Shenoy
    June 9, 2011

    I want to recollect the soothing fution music of Sri RAvishankar and party, which was part of Indo- Soviet cultural festival, held in earstwhile USSR during late 80s. Can anyone guide me how to get it, or have any information about it.

  315. Shenoy
    June 9, 2011

    I am searching for the melodious classical fusion music rendered by Bharath Ratna Sri Ravishankar and party, during the Indo-Soviet cultural festival held at earstwhile USSR, during late 80s, and relayed by Doordarshan at that time. can any one guide me where I can get it or tune to it ?

  316. priyankarosemary
    June 14, 2011

    hi friends all those who are a fan of aarohan can u tell me are there more than 15 episodes of the serial please abhi add the serial to ur list

  317. jagriti
    June 15, 2011

    dear friend, you forgot 1serial – kaal kothri. Plz upload its name.it is a kind request.

  318. mayank
    June 16, 2011

    please i want potli waale baba all episodes please it is urgent

  319. mayank
    June 16, 2011

    sorry sorry potli baba ki i want all those episodes

  320. Sagar Singh
    June 18, 2011

    Aapne mujhe mere bachpan ki yaad dila di, jab main chota tha to mujhe malgudi days, shaktimaan pasand the, meri ek muslim friend thi jisko alif laila bahut pasand tha.

  321. Surajit
    June 18, 2011

    I am searching for a late night movie shown in dd national or dd metro. I don’t know the year but in this movie a spaceship is landed or fallen into the earth. During that time people used to live in forts or small huts also there are knights who wear full body armour. A boy sees the spaceship and then what happened I don’t know but after that boy get into the fort and fight with the knights with his saber sword similar to the jedi knights sword given by the aliens. It is the last scene I remember therefore I like to know the name of that movie.

  322. soham
    June 19, 2011

    could u please guide me to any available torrent for the comedy tv show ‘NUKKAD’?

  323. Husain
    June 20, 2011

    Hello, i am trying to search one hindi tv serial which was telecast by DD national may be in early 80s. I don’t the name of serial but in that one music teacher come to teach a lady and lady fall in love with him.

    please help to get as earliest as possible


  324. Husain
    June 20, 2011

    Hi, I like to find english songs – programs name – HOT TRACKS. i like to see once agains online, so, pls give me link


  325. asad
    June 24, 2011

    yarr mae ankhaen drama daekhna chahta hoon agr pata hai to help karoo jo doordarshan pae lagta tha

  326. ?????
    June 24, 2011

    like RANGOLI

  327. Chakravarthy
    June 24, 2011

    Hi Guyz,
    Could you please help me in finding a program which I am searching for. I remember only a scene from it. A ball moves along the path and eats every thing on its way and moves as it likes. In that scene, it moves over a carrot fallen on the road and that part of carrot is cut as if the ball has eaten part of the carrot. I guess it is an English Series but I am not fully sure. If any body remembers this program please update.

    Thanks in advance….

  328. gaurav sinha
    June 28, 2011

    plz send me captain vyom doordarshan serial link……to watch

  329. Sachin
    June 29, 2011

    Please, anybody give me the link for NEEV episodes, the one which was based on school life….Mail me at er.sachin.agl@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance

  330. om prakash
    July 2, 2011

    can u provide me old TV serial like chunaiti & intzaar.

  331. bhupisidhu
    July 3, 2011

    plz send me captain vyom doordarshan serial link……to watch

  332. aami
    July 6, 2011

    hi look i was looking madly for ‘thoda sa aasman’ serial but i couldn’t find this. plz plz plz plz send me on my email if u have any information about it. i shall be very thankful to u.

    with ragards

  333. Anjan Rami
    July 7, 2011

    plz send me ” SURAAG THE CLUE ” doordarshan serial link……to watch

  334. sandhya rani
    July 8, 2011

    i want the chandrakantha serial of dd1 of old serial please again retelecast this serial

  335. sandhya rani
    July 8, 2011

    also i want rangoli program in dd1 in evening time please think abt it it’s my request……….!

  336. sandhya rani
    July 8, 2011

    i like rangoli very much………………………….

  337. Ranjeet Solanki
    July 8, 2011

    Hy all my near and dear friends now a days i am very sad because my olden day have touch my heart and mind i want those my days back only if dear u all help me there was one serial which i get touch most i did not recognise serials name but i remember the tone of that serial it was like………ta naa….na na na na na na na na naaaaa aaaaaaa ta na na na na na na na na na naaaaaaa ta na na na na na na na na na naaaaaaaa ta naaa na na na na naaaaa………..pleeeease help me my contact no is +919870704423

  338. narender
    July 14, 2011

    i wanted the dvd of byomkesh bakshi and name of teh serial in which pankaj kapoor was a detective

  339. shubha
    July 14, 2011

    ABHI its a fabulous job u have done here ,,,cheers ma,,,and thanks alot….
    @Ranjeet,i think it is malgudi days…
    can neone help me to get captain vyom serial episodes….i liked them a lot…

  340. Harimohan
    July 21, 2011

    Hi there,
    What was the name of the science quiz programme(serial)
    telecast by Calcutta Doordarsan in the Eighties or late Seventies?
    Thank You

  341. DHRUV
    July 23, 2011

    can someone please tell me about an old telefilm that was aired on doordarshan sometime during 1990s? It featured some college students, nice landscape at musoorie/deradun and a nice song which i still remember.. The song went like this..”umeeden payenge har kadam… har dam….dekho re jag uthi duniya, dekho re mast rang raliya.pucho na ye kaise bebasi hai.. koi sapna dal par nahi hai. I don’t remember anything more on this…It would be a great favour if someone can conjure up some old memories and throw light on this..

  342. alok
    July 24, 2011

    hi Anand,
    i need the tv serial “NEEV”. i am ready to pay. plz contact me or let me know how to contact you. thanx.

  343. kumar
    July 28, 2011

    hi abhi,

    i want dd serial dvds like “Santhi” and “Swabhimaan”, let me know how can i acquire those. Plz let me know this details as soon as possible

  344. neha
    July 28, 2011

    HI… there used to be a dubbed serial ( chinese or japanese or korean am not sure but some eastern country serial) on DD national (if am not mistaken on weekends).Its about a girl ( she will be trained to work as a cook in kings palace and if am not mistaken she is an orphan).. I need the name of that serial.. Its more about like ancient culture of that country..

  345. khusromirza
    August 1, 2011

    plz provide me the process to get rag darbari serial.thanks.-khusro

  346. Manojh
    August 2, 2011

    do any one aware of serial named kandhan in 1984, staring Mohan Bandari.

  347. Amit Gandhi
    August 3, 2011

    I want to see old doordarshan serial for children zigma and Ek do Teen Chaar. Please upload

  348. ravichandra.G
    August 4, 2011

    Hi Neha,
    The serial name is oshin and its a japanese serial. One Of the best serials from Asian continent.

  349. Prakash Bhat
    August 6, 2011

    I really liked to see “Hakke Bakke”,”Honi Anhoni”,”Himalay Darsan”,”Karma Bhumi” etc.
    Really remembering all those wonderful days now
    which will not come back again. really missing

  350. Rajeev bn
    August 7, 2011

    i want to know the title of the cartoon serial telecast in doordarshan relating to history of man.like to purchase it,where can i find,please let me know.

  351. srikanth
    August 7, 2011

    hi friend,

    i could not remember the serial name in hindi,
    it was traslated in tamil called as “anbai therdi”.
    the title song starts with “sinthithu paar.. kalam oduthu vellamai…”

    in this serial anupam kher is the father of two daugher.
    rest of the story cannot remeber.

    i like the title song very.

    if any one can quess the tile, pl tell us.

    advanced thanks

  352. Aniket
    August 11, 2011

    There is one serial “Humse Bachake rehna re “( kids serial
    ).It’s a good serial but doordarshan only showed 5 or 6 part of that.It had an awesome title song like” nile aakash ke niche.hun daud hawa ke piche………

  353. abhishek
    August 18, 2011

    Hey abhi it would be a great and real pleasure if you could pleeeeeeeease help me out in getting the video theme of a show named “CAPTIAN VYOM”.I was really a big time fan of it,hav searched the whole wrold for it but couldnt grab it.If alteast i get the Mp3 Version of it its worth the effort..hope you could realy something about it..thank you so very much!!

    August 19, 2011




  355. Dnyanesh
    August 21, 2011

    Hi Abhi…,
    You forgot the One serial. That was ‘Kasam’.
    I Need the Title song of ‘Kasam’ serial.
    The song is..,” Kasam khai hai kasam se……! Kasam tute na humse…! Meri palkon ki aansuka ek rishta hai tumse….!….., Kasam khai hai kasam se……!”

  356. tulika khandelwal
    August 23, 2011

    hi abhi,
    i am looking for video/pics of the serial THE STONE BOY. Where can i get it??

  357. Sania
    August 24, 2011

    Please. I really want to watch Kabhi sauthen kabhi sahelli, Smriit, & Dushman tv show. Somebody plz upload these serials online or youtube. I would be really gr8ful to you.

  358. Panditjii
    August 25, 2011

    The historical serial The Great Maratha, Based on the life history of “”Shreenath Mahadji Shinde” is the best t.v. show i have watched ever.
    Each character looks like the original one.
    Music by khayyam is superb.
    I wonder why do we not have a Hindi/ Marathi/ English film based on Shreenath Mahadji Shinde’s heroic life – (Great son of our Nation), till now. This nobelman deserves a big budget movie like hollywood. Only filmmakers of west can justify a movie of his class acts.

    TV Serials like Mahabharat, Ramayan & Om Namah Shivay were pillers of Doordarshan. Which one still wants to watch.
    Street Hawk, Reporter, Alladin and Duck Tales were few more TV Shows of different patterns that were capable of attracting public.

    No one can forget Varsha Usgaonkar’s role in Jhansi ki Rani Laxmibai and Uttara (Mahabharat). Shekhar Suman’s role in Reporter and Dekh bhai Dekh. Arun Govil, Deepika Chikhaliya, Mukesh Khanna and Nitish Bhardwaj all were stalwarts in their own fashion.

    – Neelesh I.

  359. Paramveer
    August 26, 2011

    DD1 is west

  360. mee
    August 27, 2011

    i want to know the name of kungfu (like Japanese or Chinese fighting with big magical sword)show which was broadcasted in year 1998 to 2003 at evening

  361. Rakesh Dsouza
    August 28, 2011

    Hi friends,
    serials like Shoestring(english),Project UFO(english) and Star Trek are missing in the list provided above.

  362. anita
    August 28, 2011

    I am searching for the Trishna, hindi serial based on Pride and Prejudice. Really loved it and can’t seems to find it….
    Can anyone put up the link for that?

  363. raj sahrma
    August 28, 2011

    hi t all i am searching for hare kanch ki chudiya it was brodcast on televison in golden hour that run in night 9:00 onwards i think it was for 2hr there was a programe named director’s cut in this program i had seen hare kanch ki chudiya i want to get the title song of dis film ,so please ifanybody have any idea help me my e mail id is rajalwayz4u@gmail.com
    for better idea i tell u some another movies in director’s cut that was my other favorite “ghungaht”, “o meri ma” 1st was “jaal” and many other so please help

  364. Rakesh Dsouza
    August 29, 2011

    Tasveer ka doosra rukh and Fairy Tales!

  365. asif
    August 30, 2011

    i am looking for the name of serial whose title song was sung by jagjit singh “yeh ishq nahi aasan bas itna samajh’
    can anyone help.

  366. harshali raut
    September 5, 2011


  367. jay singh
    September 5, 2011

    Hello, I am trying to find gunior-g so can’t u told me

  368. Shreya
    September 5, 2011

    Asif, the name of the tv serial whose title song was sung by jagjit singh “yeh ishq nahi aasan bas itna samajh” is most likely Mirza Ghalib (1988).

  369. Rudranil Dhar
    September 8, 2011

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    The objective behind drafting this letter is to trace out the name of a Horror Movie shown in English as Friday Night Movie during the year between 1991 to 1994.

    For your reference I am narrating you the story line in brief as follows:

    That was the story of a Lady who used to impress both sex towards her through her looks & postures & finally used to assassinate them by her sudden horrible bite through her hidden teeth.

    She used to inhale poison directly from snake.

    Persons who get her victim never died but get converted like her.

    She used to worship a huge anaconda by addressing as ” Diyonene”who used to reside inside a well.

    Finally that lady got executed by a person by putting her directly before the mouth of that great Anaconda.

    All I need is the name of that Horror Movie.

    Hope to get your valued co-operation in this regard at the earliest.

    Please submit your suggestions in my Email ID : dharrudranil82@gmail.com

    Rudranil Dhar
    A/53, Purbadiganta,
    Santoshpur, P.S. : East Jadavpur
    West Bengal

  370. satish kotian
    September 9, 2011

    Hi! I am digging to find songs from a Tele Serial (not exactly a serial but a one time telecast..perhaps) called “Amrita” where the songs of Pt. Jaishankar Prasad were sung by Bhupendra. Songs like – “Beeti Vibhavari Jaag Ri…”, “Ve Kuch Din Kitne Sunder The..”, etc. Please, please get in touch….

  371. satish kotian
    September 9, 2011

    Sorry! Get in touch at kotsat12@gmail.com (Comment 446)

  372. rampy
    September 12, 2011

    iam seraching the song of AASHIAANA wich is new serial pls tag this song this site plssssssssssssss plssssssssssssss plssssssssssssssssssssss

  373. parminder
    September 13, 2011


  374. Neha
    September 13, 2011

    Can anyone can tell me the serial name in which there was one black car. Name something like ninetrayda !

  375. Naveen Singh Rawat
    September 13, 2011

    I am looking for old doordashan show “Param Vir Chakra” It was one of my best show. I was only 9yr when i watch that show.. Can u plz upload its episodes video on ‘you tube’…?? Thank you, Plz reply….,,”

  376. Gomathi
    September 14, 2011

    Can I know where I can get the full version of serial “Farmaan”

  377. Vaibhav Kumar
    September 19, 2011


    I am looking for the Name of a Black and White Horror Movie shown in during 1991 – 1995 ( not sure) on a Saturday..
    Maybe on DD-II ( dont recall as its been a long-time)

    This movie had 4-5 different horror stories and begins with in a train compartment.

    Does anyone where I can get the list of all english movies hown on doordarshan?


  378. Ashok sankhla
    September 23, 2011

    Jai ho..Bahut salo ki ichha thi ki koi mujhe purana dino ke serial ke bare me batain.aaj achanak hi site khuli too………are wah…abhi to dekh raha hun..jooordar thanks de raha hun…

  379. jagdeep singh
    September 23, 2011

    Hi i want to see neev serial which is popular among the childrens any body kindly upload please please————

  380. Pooja
    September 24, 2011

    Can I get the title songs for Doordarshan serials like Meher and all others.If yes,then where I should get it?
    Can I get the link?

  381. Nandan
    September 26, 2011

    I am looking for DD-II serials “GEET GOVINDA”(2001-2003 not sure) and “MEERABAI” (1995-1997 not sure). Please let me know how can I buy DVDS OR CD of these serials on my id sknandan.sb@gmail.com.


  382. Rajendra Dive
    September 29, 2011

    hello sir , please tell me where can i get the cd or dvd of mind blowing and all time superhit doordarshan tv serial CHANDRAKANTA pease help me , pliz give me some hint i will be thankful to you for life , i am really dying to see this serial time and again. PLEASE REPLY THANK YOU

  383. rahul
    September 29, 2011

    i ant to know the names of movies which comes every Sunday nights at 11:30 pm

  384. rahul
    September 29, 2011

    i want to know the names of movies which comes every Sunday nights at 11:30 pm on dd1 channel

  385. mukesh
    September 30, 2011

    this msg for doordarshan,if doorsharn replace all new daily soaps with these serials the Trm of dooordarshan will we maximum among all tv channels thank u please please let them back …………….

  386. Dibakar roy
    October 1, 2011

    Can any body can tell me what was the name of the movie which was shown once in Delhi Doordarshan as Hindi Documentary film based on a girl and her family & in which she can become a tree loaded with flowers which after she sells on market.

  387. aliasgar
    October 10, 2011

    Please tell from where can I get dvd’s for old doordarshan tv serials like Indradhanush and Karamchand. How can I get this and for how much cost ?

  388. Ashok Shukla
    October 14, 2011

    Hi abhi
    frnds realy is page n bachpan ki yad diladi. Realy tht was great day n sweet memories of life. ‘koi lotade vo pyare pyare din’ kash koi lotade. Dosto byomkesh bakshi serial kisi channel par telecast ho raha hai 1 month pehle mene uska episod dekha bt me channel name mis hogya hu plz kisi ko pata ho to batao plz. Aur ha in serials k sath un purani adds ko mat bhulo old spice’s music, gagan gagan raho magan n rabbit of lijat papad he ha ha, also goldspot, i m complain boy little asha n shahid, dhara dhara shudh dhara, deepika ji of nirma washing powder, evr one yar. Thanks for a great joy n happy esa laga mano bachpan lot aya i m 30 year old.
    Thanks abhi for great job.

  389. Deepak
    November 2, 2011

    Could you please send me the name of the actor & actress who is presenting the ad “Dard Mukti oil” on TV(Telebrands) these days

    They used to act in old Hindi serials aired in Doordarshan.

  390. Neelam
    November 5, 2011


  391. Vijay
    November 5, 2011

    Looking for stage show by Samantha Fox at Delhi which was live telecasted on Doordarshan on two nights. Any informaton/ program CDs etc available?


  392. Thiyagarajan
    November 6, 2011

    I am looking for Sinbaad the sailor cartoon serial hindi theme song which was telecasted during 90’s in Doordarshan
    Any information please revert


  393. rahul
    November 12, 2011

    i m searching for a telefilm, i can’t remember

  394. rahul
    November 12, 2011

    can anyone tell me the list of telefims and director’s cut of doordarshan and dd metro

  395. Rajneesh
    November 17, 2011

    I m looking for one typical doordarshan telefilm, based upon school life, they had one song too in the telefilm, tht the central character(a guy) plays, when their school goes for picnic.., ‘Dekho re jaag gayi khusiyaan, sab dil manae rang raliyaan, dekho na kyun ye bebasi hai, hai samma bhi yae rangella’
    may b i wud hv mixed up the words, bt i m looking for that telefilm, dnt remember the name, thts y..

    Pls help.. :)
    THANKS in advance :)

  396. Suman Sourabh
    November 17, 2011

    Hello Friends,

    I am searching for the episodes of “Mitti Ke Rang”.
    If any one has any link or DVD?CD please do contact me at sumansourabhcse gmail com


  397. jeet
    November 24, 2011

    hey i am searching for the episodes for ” aur ek kahani”……..kindly mail me the link on jeet67maton@gmail.com,,,,,,,,,thanks

  398. srinivasa
    November 25, 2011

    that serial name is Mind your language….comedy serial telecasted in 80’s

  399. Toufique
    December 1, 2011

    hello sir,
    can anyone tell me the cartoon series name
    in which the house used to fly
    i dont remember the name

  400. Pratap joshi
    December 2, 2011

    Hello Sir,

    I want to buy “THE GREAT MARATHA” serials cd’s or dvd’s can you please help me.
    Please reply to pratapkavekar@gmail.com.

  401. shubhashish
    December 4, 2011

    i am in search of few serial’s like: Unka bachpan , Sambandh(telefilm directed by anant mahadevan)

  402. Pravin
    December 5, 2011

    Thanx you take me to my childhood. For a while forgot present i feel like i m a child n livin in my sweet memories.
    Thank you very much…

  403. sushant
    December 5, 2011

    where can i find telefilm “school bus”

  404. devendra
    December 5, 2011

    DD metro me jo 10-10 minute ke 5p.m ko episode ate the unke baare me kuch batiye….
    ki wo kha milengee.

  405. devendra
    December 5, 2011

    DD metro me jo 10-10 minute ke 5p.m ko cartoon episode ate the unke baare me kuch batiye….
    ki wo kha milengee.

  406. Mohan
    December 5, 2011

    Please let me know how can I get the DVD`s of old DD serial ” UPASANA”

  407. lidhish
    December 8, 2011

    Hi , I’m looking for a serial which is related to wild animal’s i think its Wild America ,seems it was shown in DD2 .

  408. sangam
    December 9, 2011

    I guess there is one more Amrapali other than Hema malini’s serial .. I ran for some episodes and later vanished ..

  409. rnsachdev
    December 11, 2011

    80s me serial BIBI NATIOO WALI aur har sunday subha TASVIR KE DO PEHLU aur har tuesday ko sham 7:00 bajye natak aya karta tha.

  410. anc
    December 11, 2011

    hello sir,

    I’m searching for a serials which is characterized on the basis of mugal history. which contains the story of NOORJAHAAN, AKBAR, USAF SHAH CHUCK(emperor of kashmeer,and was cheated by AKBAR,)and ZOONY( wife of USAF SHAH CHUK). i think dis serial is broadcasted 10 or 12 ago. i watched it in DD KERALA or DD NATIONAL,I watched its Malayalam dubbing .if you have the details please send the details, and help me to get its copy…

  411. ancjob
    December 12, 2011


    anyone who has recorded the “Musikladen Eurotops TV Series [Eurotops]” it used to broadcast on DD Metro in the night 11.00 pm onwards [1989-1990] sometimes one episode or two episodes back to back…DD aired the 13 episode series of the German Euro-Disco featuring some of the best of all time great Euro-Disco from Germany….fabulous videos and fabulous songs.

    if anybody has the FULL 13 episodes or more recorded on VHS/DVD plz contact me here : anc_job1@yahoo.co.uk so that i can you trade with you – i need those videos desperately…..please !

  412. ancjob
    December 12, 2011


    anyone who has recorded the “Musikladen Eurotops TV Series [Eurotops]” it used to broadcast on DD Metro in the night 11.00 pm onwards [1989-1990] sometimes one episode or two episodes back to back…DD aired the 13 episode series of the German Euro-Disco featuring some of the best of all time great Euro-Disco from Germany….fabulous videos and fabulous songs.

    if anybody has the FULL 13 episodes or more recorded on VHS/DVD plz contact me here : anc_job@yahoo.com so that i can you trade with you – i need those videos desperately…..please !

  413. MOHAN
    December 18, 2011

    Hai If anybody have the CD`s of OLD DD serial “UPASANA” please let me know

  414. Akanksha
    December 19, 2011

    hello plz help me out with this.. how can i see the serial ALIF LAILA..
    i want the tital track of the dd1 tv show mera dil deewana…

  415. sushmita
    December 22, 2011

    can anyone tell what are names of the serials that used to telecast in channel doordarshan during 80’s

    December 28, 2011

    would appreciate any information on the above!!!


  417. DHIRAK
    December 28, 2011

    i need the full episode of directorskut ghoonghat ke pat khol plz help me out

  418. A.T.K
    December 30, 2011

    Does anyone remember this song ” Bharat Bharat Hum Iski Santan” someone ,plz post the link,thank you :)

  419. Winny
    December 31, 2011

    I was searching for one series for a long time. And today I got lucky. Its actually a movie and here is the link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ed34efI8qsE GLITTERBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  420. Winny
    December 31, 2011

    Now help me find one more, where there was this silver colored UFO chained to ground in some military base and some kid helps it to get out. he travels in it and UFO does time travel. Sorry don remember the story completely….. :(

  421. Winny
    December 31, 2011

    Critters is one movie which I first watched on Doordarshan. Enjoy this alien

  422. Winny
    December 31, 2011

    @ Chakravarthy on June 24th, 2011, thats ‘The Glitterball’ :) Link I have posted already

  423. Winny
    December 31, 2011

    @priyankarosemary on January 17th, 2011 Are you lookin for oshin?

  424. kamal
    January 3, 2012

    i want to see kal kothari back again.

  425. avinash
    January 4, 2012

    i want yug serial in hindi, please mail me how to purchase .

  426. sushil singh
    January 4, 2012

    i remember a show name was FUN TIME telecasted on wednesday @ 6:30. ON “DD METRO”
    very very funny show
    the caracter in that show were
    bachchu(rabbit) n lampat (dog)
    i want to see the show
    my lot of memories r relted to it
    i thank u so much if u could find it for me……

  427. HARI
    January 6, 2012

    nice list.. thanks for sharnig..

  428. Vishal
    January 7, 2012

    hare kanch ki chudiyaan

    ghunghat ke pat khol

    bhai ye dono upload kar diye hai dekh lena

  429. atul
    January 10, 2012

    Apna Apna Aasman– i need title song of this ,please guys help me out,,,,,,plsplspls./

    hoping for best,,

  430. vinay
    January 10, 2012

    can any one tell me details of serial name kaaun whcih was showing in 2001

  431. Sanjeev
    January 11, 2012

    Pease give me information about SEA HAWKS serial.
    If you can provide CD/DVD for payent Please let me know
    Thanking you.

  432. sanjay
    January 12, 2012

    Hi Fiends

    Jise bhi ye song mile hare kanch ki chudiyaan mile to meri

    id–sanju.khanag@gmail.com par send karde song ka link


  433. shahid
    January 15, 2012

    Its such as you read my mind! You appear to understand so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I feel that you just could do with some percent to pressure the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is great blog. A fantastic read. I’ll certainly be back.

  434. neenu
    January 17, 2012

    hey sanjay this title song is in youtube…..

  435. pravallika
    January 20, 2012

    i need circus serial episodes.plz say where it will found

    • abhishek
      January 23, 2012

      search on youtube.com

  436. guitar
    January 22, 2012

    Hi, i think that i saw you visited my site thus i got here to ?return the choose?.I am attempting to find things to enhance my site!I guess its adequate to use some of your concepts!!

  437. rupali
    January 26, 2012

    I loved “The Zu Mountain Saga”. Where can I watch the hindi dubbed version?

  438. viren
    January 29, 2012

    Hey guys ……..If anyone has the link to this song ” HARE KAANCH KI CHOODIYAN ” please please send me link on my id virendersai@gmail.com It was the soundtrack of a telefilm series on DD metro called Directors Cut. Please anybody who has the link send me.

  439. Neeraj
    January 29, 2012

    Plz anybody remember this movie telecast in doordarshan in 1.30pm slot about a person who knows that he is going die and a jyotis give him two person life to live and at end he takes the life of a criminal and kill his own wife.
    Rohini hattangidi may present in that movie as That person’s wife.Rameshwari as her daughter in law.

  440. Heena
    January 31, 2012

    Hi all

    If anyone has episodes of Captain Vyom or knows any library/website from where I can shop it, kindly let me know. I am really a great fan of captain vyom.
    Thanking all in anticipation!

  441. Heena
    January 31, 2012

    Hi all
    If anyone has episodes of Captain Vyom or knows any library/website from where I can shop it, kindly let me know. My email ID is heena24691@gmail.com. I am really a great fan of captain vyom.
    Thanking all in anticipation!

  442. Rajkumar
    February 2, 2012


    I am looking for the name of the serial that was aired in the year 1993. The plot revolves around a poor boy and rich girl. Its a love story. If I am not wrong, I think it used to come on thursday at 9 pm or 10 pm. If some one knows the name pls share.

  443. bala
    February 2, 2012

    Can anybody tell me what is the name of the serial in which a boy has a magical ring…

  444. Ajay
    February 3, 2012

    hello abhi and hii every1…

    I’m crazly looking for 9 Golden Hours of DD Metro’s telefilm song- Hare Kanch Ki Chudiyan..

    Owesum title both male and female ver..but i like the male1- hare kanch ki chudiyan pehneygi jab tu banege meri dulhan….Just Feel The Love! Feel The Love :)

  445. bharathi
    February 8, 2012

    hi abhi

    i like presently ongoing serial”yaha k hum sikandar”,
    cant i see dat serial on youtube.

  446. danny
    February 9, 2012

    hello sir im looking for a serial called love stories its an old hindi serial can u pls tell me if i can watch those serials again on you tube or ?
    thanx a lot

  447. Anil
    February 9, 2012


    can somebody tell me the name of serial of telecasted in 1997 or 1999. In the Monday night 9.30 …….. i forgot the name of it


  448. vishnu
    February 9, 2012

    how can i participate in dd serial as actor

  449. Rajiv Sewak
    February 9, 2012

    Us jamane ke serial me jo baat thi wo aaj ke serial me kaha

  450. KAL
    February 11, 2012

    Can I see the Old Doordarshn Serial Kashish(Cast-Malvika Tiwari & sudesh Berry)on Internet or is any CD/DVD availbale in the Market if yes then from where can i get this

  451. Amit Patel
    February 12, 2012

    Plz anybody remember this movie telecast in doordarshan in 1.30pm slot about a person who knows that he is going die and a jyotis give him two person life to live and at end he takes the life of a criminal and kill his own wife.
    Rohini hattangidi may present in that movie as That person’s wife.Rameshwari as her daughter in law.

    neeraj, i remember tht film. it had amrish puri as the main lead. nd it wasnt a jyotish, actually, it was “death” itself tht gave him the choice, to let others die in his place. i think the name of the film was “Trikaal”. i remember it well coz it had a very dark n gloomy feel to it.

  452. Amit Patel
    February 12, 2012

    and ofcourse, great list, great job, great programs. kudos

  453. Neha
    February 16, 2012

    Hats off to a very good effort. Brings back so many childhood memories. Was trying to recall the tune of Fireball XL5 and amazingly enough, found it on youtube. Could anyone help me remember the name of the English detective serial (i think it was a dubbed one) which has an old inspector solving crimes.

  454. soni
    February 17, 2012

    Could any one please provide the e-mail address of RANGOLI show on doordarshan. I want to send a request to play a song for my parents on their silver jubilee.

  455. sneha
    February 17, 2012

    i want the link for serial “dil hai ki manta nahi” one of the old serials of sony .plzzzzzzzzzzz help. I hv tried a lot but i cldn’t find it.

  456. ishal nilav 2008
    February 19, 2012

    i want ur one eid program at 2008 or 2009 in vatakara town hall ,because i had participate in that program in kolkali troup ,but i didint saw ur brocast

  457. Hemant
    February 22, 2012

    Needs genuine links for all the episodes of Duck Tales in hindi as they have become a huge hit with my son and Bheem is now a old story.

  458. TEJAS
    February 26, 2012

    Hi all
    If anyone has episodes of Captain Vyom or knows any library/website from where I can shop it, kindly let me know. My email ID is tej111991@gmail.com. I am really a great fan of captain vyom i despirately want that.
    Thanking all in anticipation!

  459. chaman
    March 2, 2012

    If anyone has the link to this song ” HARE KAANCH KI CHOODIYAN ” please please send me link on my id mail2chaman@gmail.com It was the soundtrack of a telefilm series on DD metro called Directors Cut. Please anybody who has the link send me.
    i lika this song

  460. Basavaraj
    March 3, 2012

    I want the CD for the TV serial Junnon can any body help where can buy this.
    Thanks and regards

  461. Gurpreet Singh
    March 8, 2012

    i want CD or DVD Bharat ek khoj can u tell me where i approach

  462. hrishikesh
    March 8, 2012

    still i remember there used to be super six detective serial at 4 pm on saturdays in 92 or 93.there used to another serial called london nights on saturday at 10 pm
    in evening in which saeed jafeery and sushma seth acted
    it was totally english serial.

  463. hrishikesh
    March 8, 2012

    there used to another serial called “idhar udhar”.in evening

  464. prakash
    March 8, 2012

    thanks yaar 1990 era will never comeback in life…

  465. hema pinani
    March 11, 2012

    hi to all
    In dd1 directors cut a serial in which telefilm hare kanch ki choodiyan was came i love its title song very lovely song

    hey anyone who has the link of this song please mail me at hema1989sharma@gmail.com

  466. rahul
    March 14, 2012

    please email me anything on natkhat raani badi sayani serial.


  467. Nagaraj
    March 14, 2012

    Kya Joint Robot ko koi dekha hai?

  468. Pritam Singh Pitlehra
    March 17, 2012

    Mahabharat is my best serial on Doordarshan. Please repeat it again.

  469. aanjay
    March 18, 2012

    i want to detail of all saterday nights hindi films
    1988 to 1989 with hero & heroien names full vedio
    so plz help me for find this details

  470. aanjay
    March 18, 2012

    i want to detail of all saterday nights hindi films on
    the dd national channels 1988 to 1989 with hero &
    heroien names full vedio
    so plz help me for find this details

  471. Suchit
    March 20, 2012

    I want Hare Kaanch Ki Chudiyaan Video from Director’s Cut 9 gold Metro Series of Mini movies.. I am trying to find it n net from several years…
    Please if anyone have it plz send me the link or any information where i can buy this telefilm.
    Please mail me on such_it4487@yahoo.com

  472. arru
    March 25, 2012

    who play the role of princess Ambika in itihaas serial in doordarshan

  473. shivani
    March 25, 2012

    aaj ki naari bhi nahi hai.. :( jo mostly 3 k around aata tha din me :(

  474. bindia
    March 27, 2012

    i want to see the serial mai bnungi miss india …..plzzz tell me at which site i can see this serial .

  475. bindia
    March 27, 2012

    my email ID is bindia9@gmail.com

  476. Ajit Singh
    March 28, 2012

    Went in flashback for a while…
    If anyone has the serial Fatichar please let me know

  477. heerendar
    April 2, 2012

    I’m looking for a Serial named “Dil apna or preet paraai”
    in which Chandrika(charecter name) is the mail lead of the serial

  478. Jita D
    April 4, 2012

    I would like to know the name & contact number of the person who runs a child adoption centre in kolkata.
    There was a programme on DD-CALCUTTA called “aiyen adalat” & discussion was with Advocate Sachin Halder 3RD APRIL, 8PM.

    Please help me with the contact name & no. of the lady who was speaking to advocate Halder.thanks

  479. Jita D
    April 4, 2012

    I would like to know the name & contact number of the person who runs a child adoption centre in kolkata.
    There was a programme on DD-CALCUTTA called “aiyen adalat” & discussion was with Advocate Sachin Halder 3RD APRIL, 2012 8PM.

    Please help me with the contact name & no. of the lady who was speaking to advocate Halder.thanks

  480. Kavya
    April 8, 2012

    I have a vague memory of a white animated skeleton in a red backdrop dancing to a funny tune. It used to come in the early nineties on sundays around 10-12 pm when there used to be cartoons. I guess this was played after The Jungle Book. Please let me know if anyone remembers the cartoon.I think the skeleton dance was the title song.

  481. garima
    April 12, 2012

    well tere was a serial which is science based and it was based on time machine babloo mukherji was in the serial .i am not getting the name of the serial can you pls tell me the name please

  482. Arun
    April 13, 2012

    Hi anyone remember a telefilm in DD, a shy highschool boy who potential is known at the very end. His father is from airforce. But the 90% is on school. I cant remember its name anyone, help me.

  483. Devaleena
    April 25, 2012

    Nostalgia! The X Files…Yug, Shanti, Dekh bhai dekh, Bewitched, Malgudi days, Bomkesh Bakshi does anybody remember ‘Turning point’, and Potli baba and ‘Mogli..jungle jungle pata chala hai, chaddi pehenke phool khila hai..??’ and so many more…Star Trek and He-Man. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3 😀 arre ek tha na jisme wo bachhe space-time travel karte hai aur karte hue lessons seekhte hai ..?aur ek tha 'superbook', hmmm aur 'disney hour' kaha aata tha?

  484. Devaleena
    April 25, 2012

    and and..Alice in wonderland, ..and..Oh God. this makes me happy

  485. Hardeep
    April 28, 2012

    Required a song,that play during P.v Narsimha rao govt.
    “dekho aayi hai sadi ikksiavi”

    Please help.

  486. Shree
    May 1, 2012

    Hemant on September 14th, 2009 asked about the Serial, my mother also asked so i searche in net, it the serial name is “Ascharya Deepak”, searching the link for the same if i get i will share

  487. Shahid
    May 3, 2012

    Hi anyone can please upload the Basera TV serial Song. Which was broadcasting by DD1 in 1990’s series.

  488. mishal
    May 7, 2012

    dur darshan old series ye hawayien note available

  489. Saumyeta
    May 7, 2012

    please can you tell me the name of that 5 min show which use to come at 2:55 pm till 3:am…it was all about individuals working in their villages on any major issue for the upliftment of the comman people…..i will be highly thankful..

  490. prasanna
    May 10, 2012

    anyone know about premchand stories which was directed by gulzar i think.. can i get it sumwer.. i saw a touch of satyajitray in dose telefilms.. wil doordarshan has a set of telefilm CD/DVDs????..

  491. varad
    May 11, 2012

    can please some one send videos of serial aisa hi hota hai at varadchutani@rocketmail.com………..or tell the site from where i can find them ..it used to come at doordarshan

  492. Vipin Dahiya
    May 15, 2012

    hey i am looking for a video tele film named “ghungat ke pat khol”

    If any one know about that please inform me on vipindahiya@rediffmail.com please……………..

  493. mansingh meena
    May 16, 2012

    Dear sir/madam,
    I want to request u that plz tell me how can i get serial ANKHEN (by RAMANAND SAGAR on Doordarshan)i request u all plz please tell me about it .i shall be very very grateful to you.
    sandip kaur

  494. mansingh meena
    May 16, 2012

    Dear sir/madam,
    I want to request u that plz tell me how can i get serial ANKHEN (by RAMANAND SAGAR on Doordarshan)i request u all plz please tell me about it .i shall be very very grateful to you.
    mansingh meena

  495. Ramesh
    May 18, 2012

    Does anyone remember a Hindi comedy serial that used to be telecast in the afternoons on DD which told the story of a Malayali elderly man and a North Indian lady who are neighbors (could also be houseowner and tenant) and are always at loggerheads with each other and fighting. I think it was telecast in the early 90s.

  496. m.anitha
    May 19, 2012

    hey iam looking one telugu tele film nishkruti relay from hyderabad doordarshan , directed by s.n.rao.if any
    one know this tele film please inform me .


  497. saket
    May 20, 2012

    Nice job.
    Well, I was looking for a cartoon ,cant remember the name bt plot goes like this:
    A man named ‘maanav’ used to fight with diffrent demons like dukh,nirasha,etc.
    Also i remember animation series with i think jesus christ n there used to be small children.

    U have already done a fanta. Job. It wud b vry nice of you if u cud send names of above serials to- saketnalegaonkar@gmail.com . N thanx again.

  498. Lovish
    May 20, 2012

    Hey Buddy….

    Yaar i could not find Karamati serial i used to watch in my childhood. It was an awesome serial with anu kapoor acting in it. I can’t find it anywhere, can you please help me search it. Thnx

  499. Piyush Joshi
    June 1, 2012


    I can’t tell u how i feel after reading this list. Reminds me of golden days of my childhood.

    Great compilation……..


  500. Piyush Joshi
    June 1, 2012

    My favourites

    Fairy Tales Theatre
    Dada Dadi ki kahaniyaan
    Vikram Betaal
    Bharat ek khoj
    Honi Anhoni
    Mungeri Lal ki haseen sapne
    Mulla Naseeruddin
    Mr Yogi..
    Stone Boy
    Really missing those days


  501. Piyush Joshi
    June 1, 2012

    I bet if doordarshan retelecasts all these serials people will definitely forget to watch all those stupid saas bahu serials running on star plus, zee tv & sony and once again golden era of television will come.

  502. Amit
    June 3, 2012

    Hi Abhi

    Thanks for the list. Anyone who knows the name of the comedy TV serial which featured chaar chatur. The concept was that these chaar chatur (who are actually very dumb) are given some task by their guru and they used to make a mess of it.
    Please reply if anyone knows about this TV serial.


  503. angad
    June 6, 2012

    hi, anybody know the name of serial on dd in which therewere 5to6 kids in which their mother died and they were left alone and didnt tell any body about their mothers death………. this show featured a song ;; kacchey rang utar jaane do

  504. Ajay
    June 9, 2012

    Can anyone have whole list of Enlgish movies shown on DD metro from 1996 till 2000?

  505. devendra singh mangroliya
    June 10, 2012

    Hiiiii frend i just want all the episodes of jasoos vijay season 2 plzzzzzz suggest me or guide me the link or any way to get them its an humble request plzzzzzzzzzzz.

  506. nirav
    June 11, 2012

    required Please,

    Please, if any one know about Gujarati tv show which name is ” SAHIYAR ” for the women. any episode , or any portion of show will be helpful to me.i have find just one clip on youtube about it.
    link is – http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=IN&v=3qTM6yJzYwQ

    hope some will help.

    my email is – madhav-computers@in.com

    very happy to see all this.thank you.

  507. rohit rajput
    June 16, 2012

    i wna knw de name of a small movie dat was shown on doordarshan wen i was small the story is about three boys who goes on a trip to see the india this movie also casted actor such as “dara singh”,”om prakesh” in the lead role……
    pls tel me de name of de short movie………….

  508. rohit rajput
    June 16, 2012

    i wna knw de name of a small movie dat was shown on doordarshan wen i was small the story is about three boys who goes on a trip to see the india this movie also casted actor such as “dara singh”,”om prakesh” in the lead role……
    pls tel me de name of de short movie @ rajput_rohit29@yahoo.com………….

  509. riya gupta
    June 17, 2012

    can plzz any1 tell me who played character of siya…in shakti serial…on dd1…1997 with vishal puri as her co’star (inder-character)…plzzz reply…..can mail ur reply at riya.gupta1013@gmail.com

  510. Itihaas serial on DD1
    June 18, 2012

    i want to see this serial episodes, but i cant find,, can anyone help me…..main lead role was a lady name was AMBIKA……….in serial……..

  511. Itihaas serial on DD1
    June 18, 2012

    i want to see ITIHAAS serial episodes, but i cant find,, can anyone help me…..main lead role was a lady name was AMBIKA……….in serial……..

  512. M2k
    June 20, 2012

    are tum muze 9 p.m. Ko lagne vali serial ka naam bata sakte ho? 7-8 saal pahle lagti thi.

    • abhishek
      June 20, 2012

      kya aap suraag ki baat kar rahe hain.. inspector bharat usme the.. sudesh beri ne mukhya kirdaar nibhaya tha.

  513. abhishek
    June 21, 2012

    Are you talking about Tarramtu ….katori and all

  514. abhijeet
    June 22, 2012

    hey they have forgot many names like robin hood cartoon which used to come every summer vacation ..dekh bhai dekh n sunday short films used to come..plz anyone can help me with robin hood cartoon

  515. Suniel Kumar
    June 24, 2012

    thank you very much…………….
    i miss these days…i love all dd1 serials…
    Rangoli,chikarhaar,ducktales,he-men,ramayana,pingu,all the best,superhit muqabala,shrimaan shirimati etc.

  516. Nithya
    June 24, 2012

    Im looking for a serial telecasted in dd national. It was a chinese or japanese one, i dont know its name. If any one knows please help

  517. Laky
    June 26, 2012

    Hi, I’m trying to find out one of the oldest English Comedy Show which was brought from BBC, The Lucy Show, I really miss that show, can u help me vid that.

  518. shalini
    July 8, 2012

    i want 2 dwnload d serial directo’s cut on dd metro…hare kanch ki chudiyaan……what 2 do?

  519. jade
    July 20, 2012

    i really liked dieter hallervorden’s non stop nonsense comedy,can find it on youtube, its the best.

  520. yashobant
    July 23, 2012

    Good research for finding DD1 serials. I would like to know the Tehkikaat episode number and name for the ghost one. If anybody knows can mail meat dbbsr17@gmail.com
    my skype is yashobant.naha

  521. jade
    July 23, 2012

    hey the japanese serial was oshin, can anyone tell where i can watch mulla nasruddin on the net?

  522. Sunil
    July 29, 2012

    Actually hallervorden’s non stop nonsense was what DD used to call DiDi’s comedy show. DD never telecast a few of the serials due to its so called adult content.

    I am lookin for mulla nasruddin too… plz post the link if anyone finds it.

  523. Aditi
    August 15, 2012

    can someone tell me which tv serial this is. It’s not shaktiman, but the main character is a guy who wears a red costume. I guess it’s a children’s show or something (maybe ran between 1990s to 2000s)
    …in it there was a lady with long parted hair – half the parted hair was white and other half dark…the hero’s love interest is a girl whose name is Nina i think and she is a professor/scientist’s daughter…i remember an episode wher an alien named Poli or something comes to visit…another episode where a dinosaur attacks the hero(the dino is created by the scientist i think)…there are two villains – two guys with long hair…this is all i remember…I think the hero’s name starts with R or B – not sure…the serial’s name has something to do with his name…I guess it’s a fanatsy-genre…pls help

  524. Girish
    August 23, 2012

    Can anyone tell me what was last night’s (Aug 22nd) question in program “Bioscope” please.

  525. rishi
    August 23, 2012

    hey there, here is something missing serials in this list like…13 numberi (a boy who got 13 numbers in class), Betaal pachisi (starred by Shehbaaz khan), virat, vilayati baboo (starred by shekhar suman)

  526. asutosh
    August 23, 2012

    may anyone pls tell me the name (and title song also if possible)of serial which was telecasted on dd1, with the title song lute hai hum rehbaron ki khatir hame na……………… anjuman(not remember exactly) if any body knows kindly let me know. that would be of great help

  527. Bijan Mistry
    August 23, 2012

    I am Bijan. I was participate your famous detective show “HELLO INSPECTOR” competition on DD METRO channel & I am the winner any of that competition. But my prize did not reach on my hand. Please give the detail me through the e-mail. I will waiting for your mail.

  528. vineet
    August 26, 2012

    i am searching the serial Talash DD1 channel in 90s i like it very much the song meri manzilen abhi door hai mujhe rasto ki talash hai

    pramod on June 21st, 2010

    Pramod, pannaga, riffy even i am searching the song past 10yrs, pl mail me the song or link if you r successful vinweb@gmail.com

  529. Sagar Patil
    August 27, 2012

    Dear friends,
    When i was child, i used to watch an animated serial of one girl, who is a messenger of god and who tries to spread peace in the world. It was an animated series which used to be telecasted daily i suppose.. It was in Hindi language and the girl always used to refer to the word ”PAVITRA AATMA”. I dont remember the name of this serial.. But it was one of my favourate doordarshan serial.

    Can anyone please tell me the name of this serial? Waiting for the reply

  530. swati
    August 27, 2012

    i am searching for the program chithaar timing in nov
    1989 .can you let me know about the timming of the chithaar.

  531. Ankur Goyal
    August 31, 2012

    hi abhi
    i want to see Inderdhanush & Sigma ..hw to see this…
    plz tell me by mail

    thank you

  532. anjali
    September 7, 2012

    can any body help me in finding a cartoon series from the 80s named MAN MAKES HISTOTY…PLEASE HELP..Please.please .please..i will do any thing for it.

  533. Neeraj jha
    September 13, 2012

    any one have Captain vyom serail video or link plz give me.or any idea from where can i buy this DVD ?
    my id is neerajvayu123@gmail.com


  534. Somya
    September 17, 2012

    Jo charitraheen serial dekhna chahte hai .wah aaj sep.17,2012 ko DD BHARTI 8 p.m. Ko telecast hua.katha sagar u tube par hai.b bakshi bhi dd par repeat hua tha kai mahine pahle aur u tube par hai. Bharat ek khoj surfing karte huye dd loksabha par dekha tha.

    September 19, 2012

    ek tv serial kay opening theme song kii khoj kar raha hoon… uski lyrics ya mp3 kuch bhi mile to accha hai… Serial kaa naam hai “kinare milte nahi” jo DD metro par aati thi… ek website say pata chala uske details…
    is website par serial kay baar e mein jo jaankaari mili wo is prakaar hai..(dated 31st march 2003 time 5:30 pm)
    Kinare Milte Nahin, a family drama with a romantic twist , is about two lovers, individuals who have distinct points of view. They choose to follow different paths, as a result of which their lives run on parallel tracks. The soap stars Shahbaaz Khan, Sudha Chandran, Bhairavi Raichuria and Nishigandha Wad, to name a few. It airs Tuesdays to Thursdays at 9:30 pm.

    agar aapko mile to notify kijiye…

  536. Amit Kr Singh
    September 20, 2012

    Purani yaaden tazi ho gaye… Thnx for update.

  537. pravin pandey
    September 27, 2012

    Hi abhi can you tell me that from where i will get the title song of purab aur paschim , it showed on
    DD 1……..

  538. stuti
    October 1, 2012

    Brilliant list, tks :)
    DD/Prasar Bharati has a stall now at Dilli Haat. They have archived Audio/VCDs/DVDs. Bharat Ek Khoj available there. Malgudi Days and Tamas, they said, will follow soon.

    • abhishek
      October 2, 2012

      That’s a great news. I always recommend original CDs and DVDs. Thanks for sharing this information.

  539. ayaz
    October 3, 2012

    the best serial is aurat how can we see this old serial aurat

  540. rajendra kumar
    October 3, 2012

    i want serial like ek do teen char, sigma ,stone boy,hony anhony, giant robot, aashcharya deepak, and jantar mantar so anyone have any link for downloading these serials pls help to get it or upload it on you tube. If anyone have the video of these serial pls be imforemed me on my e-mail id is (1)jadavrakesh20@yahoo.co.in (2)rkjadav009@gmail.com

    rajendrakuamar ahmedabad

  541. Pushpa
    October 5, 2012

    Hi… I need the video’s of aankhen tv serial doordarshan, plz update it.

  542. rahul
    October 5, 2012

    i want telefilm- hare kaanch ki chudiya which is shown on dd metro, mukul dev & anita hassanandani the main star in this 2 episode telefilm which is shown in 1999. pls give me…

  543. M.S.Jegan
    October 17, 2012

    Please telecast, chandrakantha,Alif laila,All the best,Junoon,Hindhustani, in Chennai TV(in tamil)

  544. srinivas
    October 17, 2012

    Where is Ashok Kumar-Anup Kumar serial called Bheem Bhavani? Also Ranjit Malik Savyasachi Mukherjee serial Aashcharya Deepak!

  545. Satyajit
    October 19, 2012

    Any one remember the name of a series on south Indian classical music where a family( father mother, daughter son) goes to some forest place.they meet a foreigner Guy and girl………..in the end credit there are pictures of naked sages/saints playing various indian musical instruments………….like veena /tabla/mridangam etc??

  546. vikas nehra
    October 25, 2012

    plz start chanderkanta plz

  547. salmankazmi
    October 30, 2012

    u r forgetting one japanese serial in early 80s the name was the jiant robot

  548. abs
    October 31, 2012

    dear sir,

    am staying in kuwait after my graduation in 1988.
    am looking everywhere for a serial in which a comedy character forces GOD to change his profession in every episode cause he is not satisfied with his Job. he becomes a conductor, lawyer, police etc but regrets all and comes back to the original.

    please anyone can let me know its name…thank you all

  549. Satyajit
    November 4, 2012

    @ Salmankazmi…….Was there any Serial named Giant Robot??When I was in school one of my friends in school used to tell stories about Giant Robot…….May it was not in doordrashan….I could never see that serial and always felt like a fool in school……the memories of friends talking about the adventures of Giant Robot have gone hazy…but u suddenly reminded me of those lost days…….

  550. Dhiraj
    November 5, 2012

    about 1980-85 jab mai bahut chota tha to ek baccho ka serial aata tha jiska naam tha “James Robot”. Plz koi meri help kare mai ise dubara dekhna chahta hoo.


  551. Dhiraj
    November 5, 2012

    about 1980-85 jab mai bahut chota tha to ek baccho ka serial aata tha jiska naam tha “James Robot”. Plz koi meri help kare mai ise dubara dekhna chahta hoo.



  552. amit chauhan
    November 5, 2012

    i want hare kanch ki chudiya telefilm title song.

  553. Vinod
    November 5, 2012

    Fantastic serials like,
    1. Secrets of the sea (1985-86, Sun 11: A.M).
    2. Ek Kahaani (1984, Thu 9:00 P.M)
    3. Akhir kaun (1989,Tue, 9:00 P.M),
    4. Satyajit ray presents (1985, Thu 9:00 P.M).
    5. Apane aap. (1985, sun 10:30 A.M)
    6. Rishte Naate. (1985, Fri 9:50 p.m) *ing Navin Nishchol.
    7. Ratha Chakra (1989, Fri 9:00 P.M) *ing Rohini Hattangadi.
    8. Telefun (1987, Wed 6:00 P.M)
    9. Manzil (1990, Wed 9:00 P.M) *ing Anju Mahendroo.
    10. Ghar Jamaai (1985, Tue, 9:00 P.M) *ing Anant mahadevan.
    11. Bhim Bhavani (1989, Sun 11:30. A.M) * Anup kumar.
    12. Raaj se Swaraj, (1995-96, Sat. 9:00 P.M)
    13. Krishna avatar (1984, Tue 9:00 P.M).
    14. Meghadootam (1990, daily Morning 7:30 A.M)
    15. Gaao Sachi Bani (1987-89, Sun 8:30 A.M)
    are missing.

  554. Vinod
    November 5, 2012

    Another gem Chode Bade (1985, tue 9:00 A.M) by Sai Paranjpe.

  555. Vinod
    November 5, 2012

    Sorry Typo error, I meant Chote Bade.

  556. pratibha
    November 10, 2012

    i want to watch serial aarohan directed by pallavi josh.
    if it is possible then let me knoe how can i watch or get cd of that show

  557. T. R. Ranganath
    November 12, 2012

    I didn’ t find the serial ‘ Mahatma'(I hope the title is correct)in the list. Where can I get the CD / DVD

  558. ravikant
    November 13, 2012

    sir, please upload the song of air hostess dd national serial(dhadkan meri tu sada de…..)

  559. chandanbr
    November 19, 2012

    i wanna about a chinese show about pirates it was aired around 2006 i think on sundays morning . if somebody knows please tell me ……..prathapchandan11@gmail.com ……..mail me

  560. vinod
    November 22, 2012

    Other very interesting serials,

    1. Sara Jahaan Hamara (1990-91, Tue 9:00 P.M) – *ing Girish Karnad, Firdaus dadi (as Pratima), Farida Jalal.There were other two young boys playing roles of Raghu and Vicky – I do not remember their real names.
    2. Jimmy and the magic torch, (1986-87, Tue 6:30 P.M)
    3. Castle stone, (1984-85, Sat 3:30 P.M) – different stories played by wool toys.
    4. Puraskaar(1989-90, sun 10:30 A.M) – featuring stories on bravery by young kids.
    5. India Quiz (1988-89 and 1990, Sundays 9:00 P.M)- hosted by siddaratha basu.
    6. Jeevan Sandhya (1990-91, wed 3:30 P.M) – encouraging stories based programe for aged.

    There were some other more fantastic serial I am unable to recollect the name,

    1. It was Parikshit sahani as doctor not taking fees from ailing patients. His wife Rohini hattangadi opposing his modesty and comparing him to neighbours who were growing rich by leaps and bounds.
    2. there was as serial for improving knowledge it had a very peculiar title song …rather title drama,
    Kya Hukm hai mere aaka,
    chal mere chora khol de gyan ka bora,
    lekin husoor-e-ala is par to laga hai tala,
    kya cheez hai re tereliye itni se ye tala,
    Jor lagake tod me mere lala,
    Hmmm……. ” the guy falls down

  561. vinod
    November 22, 2012

    1. Dhamaal (1987-88, Tue 8:00 P.M, Later 1989-90 Mon 8:15. A.M)) – * Satish Shah. Very Very Funny.

    2. Gaploo aur banta (1989-90, Tue 8:00 A.M) – * ing Rakesh bedi.
    3. Shaher Chala Kasbe Ko (1989-90, Wed 8:15 A.M)
    4. Mamaji – (1988-89, Wed 9:00 P.M)- Funny title song
    5. Trishna – (1986-87, Tue 9:50 P.M)

    There was another serial of Rajendernath on Friday Mornings I do not remember its name. His character was POPATLAL in which he gets anxieted once he hears the word POPAT. This serial for the first time (as far as my memory goes)featured the concept of spectacles with wipers (quite obviously, it was worn by POPATLAL).

  562. Pavaman
    November 23, 2012

    Hi, I am in search of Hindi serial named Maya broadcasted in DD2 at early 90’s Please find the title track if possible

  563. sandeep
    November 25, 2012

    guys plz help me with skipped last few ep cuz of xams till nw m lukin for those nthn helpd me ,searched evrywhere flipkart , youtube,stores its nowhere
    if anybdy havin any clue where to find it plz post the details……T/s

  564. sandeep
    November 25, 2012

    the name of erial i AAROHAN

  565. Meenu Meshram
    November 26, 2012

    very interesting website for old doordarshan serial lovers,including me…

  566. Meenu Meshram
    November 26, 2012

    1983 se 1990 ke beech ek comedi serial aata jiske ek character ka nam “dhondu” tha kya koi us serial ka nam janta hai? kya kisi ke pas uske bare me koi information hai?? please tel me…

  567. daljinder singh
    November 27, 2012

    sir ,i am very pleased to se all old serials of 1997 of dd national ..one program i want to know about”shakti” and “desshiyen”. i not found these serials ..please send me where i got it…thanks

  568. anshumaan
    November 27, 2012

    i am searching for atv serial in which the two indian brides are exchanged at railway station and goes to others home and at finally they fall in love with that one.please tell me thank you..

  569. Sudhir S. Hiwale
    December 4, 2012

    Not easy to say which one is best.

  570. rashmi gupta
    December 8, 2012

    hiii…since last year i am trying to find the song of a cartoon ….which was telecasted on doordarshan SINDBAD, and the title of song was, AGAR MAGAR DOLE NAIYYA BHAWAR BHAWAR JAYE RE PANI,NEELA SAMANDER HAI AKASH PYARI ,DUBE NA DUBE NA MERA JAHAJI,DOOBE NA MERA JAHAJI….PLEASE FIND THE SONG…..

  571. Pradeep
    December 11, 2012

    To Winny on Dec 31 2011

    The movie u searched is “Flight of the Navigator”

  572. VIJAY
    December 13, 2012

    I am trying to find irrfan’s SATYA which used aired on DD metro channel. still remember in one case he defend for oppent since he was innocent and withdraw from case judge warns him that if he don’t defend for client he will losses his lawyer certificate. and GIANT ROBOT which air NATIONAL channel those days channel has limited timing airing these days channel airing 24hrs,

  573. prakash
    December 14, 2012

    i miss

  574. rpsamy
    December 19, 2012

    sir, plz play the serials for jai hanuman,shakthimaan,suraag(the clue),Mahabharat

  575. tvfreak
    December 23, 2012

    i want to know d name jisme sun mei ekchhota bcha bna aata tha..ncute se cartooon hte they.. N valley area rehta tha.. Diffrnt color bhaithey

  576. sunil nair
    December 27, 2012

    during my child hood i remember seeing a cartoon programme named the history of man. can you get that programme for my daughter.

  577. Pal
    December 27, 2012

    Hi… Can any one tell me the name of this cartoon which was telecasted on dd 1…. The title song goes something like this… Chipkali ki nana hai… Danu… Danosur….” And also there was this serial which used to come in nine gold called ” kuch ret kuch paani” I would like to get the title song… I know it starts something like this… ” kuch ret kuch paani hai… Khaamoshiyoon ki zubani hai… Har Lamha kud me kahaani hai… Waqt ki Lehere aati hai… Aake kinaaro pe rehe jaati hai…. And something something… Jab bichade mite hai….” And also this serial…. ” Jaane Anjaane”..the title track was really good….

  578. Pal
    December 27, 2012

    And also a serial called ” Nyay” I hope I got the spelling right…. That was a very good serial… But unfortunately it was stopped in the middle…

    January 14, 2013

    hi….i m searching for the serial “TIGER”on DD in 90s….

  580. rahul
    January 23, 2013

    old English detective serial on doordarshan.
    old English detective serial on doordarshan India.

    Name is Agatha Christie’s Poirot.
    url: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poirot_Investigates
    video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CoEdLeu_yc

  581. rahul
    January 23, 2013

    old English detective serial on DD.
    old English detective serial on DD India.

    Name is Agatha Christie’s Poirot.
    url: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poirot_Investigates
    video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CoEdLeu_yc


  582. ravinder singh
    January 23, 2013

    there is missing episode is KHOJ

  583. ravinder singh
    January 23, 2013

    i am missing my old days

  584. Megha Kulkarni Karnam
    January 30, 2013

    Hi Team,

    Execellent!!!!!!!!!!!! job done guys….. i m searching the Serial of Dara Singh name “PT Master” in 1994. This serial is very spl for me because my Husband is in this serial at his childhood. So plz guys let me know where i can get the videos of this serial and where i can get this serial…………….

    Plz Plz Plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks and Regards,
    Megha kulkarni Karnam

  585. Arindam
    January 31, 2013

    Please can anyone upload the link of “hare kaanch ki chudiyaan” from “Director’s Cut” which was aired in DD metro in 2000 . Another song in the same name is there in you tube which has been aired in 2005 ( i think) , but i cant find the “Director’s Cut” episodes anywhere. If anyone is aware please mail me on arindam.chakraborty008@gmail.com

  586. vaibhav gupta
    February 3, 2013

    thanks abhi.great job
    I’am searching for a serial by Bedi brothers on environment conservation.It was on air nearly 3 years ago.
    please mail me at vaibhavgupta116@gmail.com if anyone knows its name………

  587. Hansraj
    February 15, 2013

    I have been looking for “History of the World” Cartoon series. This was shown on DD sometime in the early eighties. Anyone with info contact me on hansrajn@gmail.com

  588. priya soni
    February 20, 2013

    kya aap mujhe bata sakte h k 1987 me sunday ko hindi feature film kis time pr aati thi? yadi aap me se kisi ko pata ho to pls mujhe bataiye.

  589. Vinod Jain
    February 20, 2013

    Please suggest how can I see online, a very old TV serial RAAG DARBAARI.


  590. Sanju
    February 25, 2013

    i am looking for that title song RESHMI KALAIYON ME CHAMKEGI CHAM CHAM-CHAM CHAM HARE KANCH KI CHUDIYAN. Can any one tell where can i get this song

  591. Dr.Sanjay Upadhye
    February 26, 2013

    I am in search of a Special show on Ramnavmi performed on National doordarshan (I think produced by Mumbai Doordarshan for National Telecast)and the participants where Suresh Wadkar, Ashwini Bhide- Deshpande, Shrikant Pargavkar.
    It was a Bhajan Show . Three Bhajans were of Sanit Kabir, Saint Tulsidas, Samarth Ramdas amd the firth one was written by me. Shridhar Phadke was a Music Director. I think Episode telecasted in the year 1995 to 2000.
    where can i get that? I am in desperate need of my sonh.

    March 21, 2013

    i am looking for serial EK PITA EKAS KE HUM BAREEK
    The serial was based on the sakhiyan of Guru Nanak dev ji, Kawaljeet Singh, Om Shivpuri also played a role in that serial, te serial was telecasted in 1989 to 1993, please help me to get this serial

    Harpreet SingH Hora

    March 21, 2013

    two serials are missing in the list
    1) LENA DENA

  594. TCP
    March 22, 2013

    There used to be a serial ..where kids are in a back of house they go on adventures ..its a foreign serial translated in local languages….
    more like hardy boys style….
    I remember it came on Wednesdays ….
    its more like backyard adventures….
    any idea on what name that is …

  595. Ravi
    March 25, 2013

    My favoutires were Sherlock holmes, Hercule piorot, Yes minister, Karamchand, Are you being served, Sorry, Jeeves and wooster, Old fox, Lucy show, Yeh jo hai zindagi ( 30 years ka experience hai… dailouge) , Byomkesh bakshi and One of my personal favourite is Airhostess with Kitu gidwani as the lead…. lost my heart. Doordarshan should rerun all these serials again.

  596. Aditi
    March 28, 2013

    I am looking for a stage show on Meera done by Hema Malini many years ago. It was broad cased on DD1, not sure but may be written by gulzar. I ll be very thank full if any body can tell me about it. (I am not talking about Meera movie, its a different stage show)

  597. Arun
    April 5, 2013

    Hello abhi,

    I am looking for title song of “Kashish” serial of suresh bedi.If you can provide me information how can i get this ,please let me know.


  598. Arun
    April 5, 2013

    Hello abhi,

    I am looking for title song of “Kashish” serial of suresh bedi.If you can provide me information how can i get this ,please let me know.

    Please contact me on julwania.arun@gmail.com

  599. zaid
    April 8, 2013

    i have a question or i just wanna know in early 80s there was a serial which starting song was lik…is kiley me mat aana bhool ke bhi mat aana kind of thriller shot series plz let me know the name could be soo nice..thanks mail is zaidfaridi9386@gmail.com

  600. Brijesh Kumar
    April 12, 2013


    Wo Serial kon sa tha jisme teen ladies ped ban jati hai aur log un par pathar marte hai aur wo ghyal ho jati hai lekin jab wo ladies ban jati hai tab wo ghayal ho jati hai

    pls let me know about that Serial I m waiting ur rply????????? pls Help Me?????????

  601. aryan
    April 18, 2013

    i am looking for the song hare kanch ki chudiyan pehnungi jab main banungi teri dulhan. this song is from serial dd metro or national…plz help me to find this song

  602. jeet singh
    May 2, 2013

    looking all over for
    i watched that when i was a kid n still remember the serial and want to see again and keep it 4ever .plz find that.

    Jeet Singh
    New Zealand

  603. Aniket
    May 5, 2013

    thanx 4 d list my frnd, but can u tell me where i can watch or buy ***CAPTAIN VYOM***…..its my most fav TV show…..i’ve searched everywhere for d show, but to no avail, plz let me know as soon as u find out.

  604. veena
    May 7, 2013

    hi abhi good job one more serieal u misses is stree.

  605. krishna
    May 7, 2013

    Grihdaah. Aur. Ek serial tha. Dil apna aur PREET parai (may be ) both serial are gud

  606. Aniket
    May 16, 2013

    You should add TELETUBBIE to this list….

    Which was most popular serial at my time…..

  607. tweety
    May 16, 2013


    is anyne have Amravati Ki Kahaniyan videos i love them to watch tried in all ways bt cudnt find

    thank u

  608. murali
    May 24, 2013

    Iwant vichitra kaasi majili kathalu in telugu all episodes which are telicostedb by dooradarshan, please tell me the sourse to find

  609. suresh
    May 29, 2013

    In summer vacation there use to be serial aired on dd1 called chuti chuti it’s title track was(aa aa ee ee hogayi chuti(2) lastly I saw years back in 1999 or 2000

  610. siraj
    May 30, 2013

    I have researched a lot but unable to find a single episode on internet for serial “Betaal Pachisi”.

    My most favourite serial.

    If anyone have videos or the website address atleast hosting this serial.

    Any help would be truely appreciated with money.

  611. Abhay
    June 4, 2013

    Kaash DD National in programs ki DVDs relese kar de.

  612. Bunty Boss
    June 22, 2013

    doordarshan par ek bhut purana kid serial chalta tha….usme ek gaana tha “Mujhe ghar jana ha”
    mujhe us serial ka name aur song download ke bare main pata chal sakta hai…wo 1990 to 1995 ke beech main data the…

  613. Anna
    June 27, 2013


    Does anybody remember the serial that use to come on Doordarshan based on paranormal activities for which they use to give scientific reason at the end of the eipsode.
    There was a team who use to work on it & find the scientific reason for the supernatural or paranormal activity.Unfortunately I do not remember the name of the serial

  614. MONU
    June 28, 2013

    hi, i’m looking for the serial “SAT VACHAN SAT PHERE”. can yo please provide it to me on- randhirvashistha19@gmail.com

  615. rajeev
    June 30, 2013

    Dear all

    ek serial jo door darshan pe sunday morning ko aata tha jisme kuchh bachhe purane time mein chale jaate hai kabhi apne mata pita ke time mein kabhi Gandhi ji ke satyagrah ke time mein mujhe uss serial ka naam yaad nahi aa raha agar aap mein se kisi ko yaad hai to kripya baayein I would love to see it again

    my email id \; rajeev_senior2006@yahoo.co.in

    mobile \; 098725-11844

    July 1, 2013

    hello Abhishek,there was a serial at 8.30pm daily , based on the NATIONAL RURAL HEALTH MISSION PROGRAMMES.. it was wonderful, being informative as well as entertaining ..one of the charachtr THAKUR is now playing the role of SAJJAN SINGH in the starplus serial PRATIGYA.. i cant remember the name of this serial.. plz help ..

  617. rajeev
    July 7, 2013

    yaar upar comment 622 ka serial name batao pl

  618. chandan singh panwar
    July 22, 2013

    Hello doodershan employeeser I like your t.v. chennal and my best t.v. programmes a ramayan and sakteman all serial …it was wonder, being informative as well as enteraining..i cant remember the name of this serial sakteman plz help..plz my request..

  619. sree
    August 6, 2013

    i am looking for a program in Doordarshan which used to show different story in each episode…like a telefilm..
    i guess it was in ‘golden hours’…not sure about this…
    anyone knows anything about this.??

  620. krishna
    August 6, 2013

    You have missed a famous serial “kunwar sahab” in this list might be telecast on sunday morning. A person came to Delhi from village to his aunty’s home.

  621. Anup Dighe
    August 9, 2013

    Hello all. There was a serial called Aankhen old DD1 serial.I loved the show. I want to watch the show again.Can anyone help me with links where i can find the episodes on web or even a link for purchase will do good to me.Please can anyone fullfill my request???

  622. Amar
    August 13, 2013

    can you pls pass on title song of old DD serial ‘Kuch Khoya Kuch Paya’ if you have? Thanks.

  623. roshan
    August 25, 2013

    please load the old serial ye hawaaye title song

  624. ronil
    August 26, 2013

    hi friends,have anyone remembered the serial name in dorrdarshan telecasted around 8-9 years before the leads name was indar and siya

  625. subrata
    September 15, 2013

    hi friends can you tell a english serial name based on computer with thriller and detective stories which telecast around 20-25 years before

  626. razique khan
    October 4, 2013


  627. razique khan
    October 4, 2013


  628. sajeev
    October 6, 2013

    the serial name was ‘shakti’in which siya and indar are the leading cheracters

  629. Meera
    October 7, 2013


    One of the most popular Comedy serials of the 80’s. Telecast Sat 3:30 P.M. This replaces Aa bail mujhe maar.

  630. shweta
    October 27, 2013

    I’m looking for a serial which used to show short stories based on supernatural…….
    I dont know the name but the title song was something like sab kuch hai aur kuch bhi nahi, kaisi ye baatein hai
    aawazoon ke baazaron mein khamosh aawazein hai…
    few words can be wrong

  631. shweta
    October 30, 2013

    HI All
    i am looking for a show i dont remember the name but it was based on small supernatural stories. The title song was something like ” sab kuch hai par kuch bhi nahi kaisi ye baatein hai, aawazon ke bazaaron mein khamosh aawazein hai”. I really used to like that show

    if anyone knows the name pls tell me!!!

  632. SJ
    November 15, 2013

    Cherishing our childhood golden days!!

    can i get to see the program of 90/91 “Sport light” series which was presented every sunday noon. background voice by Tom Alter n sanjana kapoor. plzzz

  633. Dhanya
    November 29, 2013

    Serial name was shakthi leading characters indar and siya

  634. Dhanya
    November 29, 2013

    Hi I’m looking for Serial shakthi leading characters indar and siya.

  635. NK
    December 4, 2013

    I am looking for the show ‘Isi Bahane’.Can anyone tell me where I can buy it?

  636. Melbourne
    December 14, 2013

    Do any one know the name of the sci fi serial which was based on time machine through which a scientist with his two grandchildren calls famous personalities like einstein,newton from the past ???

    pls replay….

  637. Ankit
    December 17, 2013

    There was s tele-film with song “Hare kkach ki choodiya pehnungi jab mein bahungi teri dulhan “. What was the name
    of that tele-film ? Can i get more info about it ?

  638. LEKHA
    December 22, 2013

    Can u send me the link where i can download all episodes of aarohan a pallavi joshi serial or pls inform where i can get the DVD of this serial broadcasted in DD2 (I think).

  639. Janardan Singh
    December 22, 2013

    kya aap bta sakte hai ki DDi pr jo “AAP BITI” serial ata tha kya wo real accident based tha ya nai?

  640. PSP
    December 25, 2013


    Anybody knows the serial name of which title song was kamyabi usko milti hai.

    Please share serial name, it was broadcasted in Doordarshan in 1998-99.

  641. Sunny
    December 30, 2013

    I want to get heart touching serial “Life Line”
    Help me for my Search.

  642. shazia
    January 2, 2014

    respected sir/mam,

    i want to know about a movie. it was a hindi dubbed movie of any movie may be(tamil/bangali) or in any other language.i dnt know it’s name ,director name etc, because i was very little at that time.i only know about it’s story.story is.

    ek ladki thi jisko kisi khas tarah ka phool ka ped ban ne ka vardan mila hua tha. uski shadi ho jati hai. and ek din ladki se phool ka ped bante hue use uske pati ki behan dekh leti hai.

    uske zid karne par wo dobara ped bnti hai.but us ped ko bacche tod dete hai.or ped ko kat diya jata hai bad me us ladki ka husban kate hue ped ko ekattha karta hai. or usko wapas ladki banata hai.

    please please send me this movie name and it’s dvd or vcd or tell me how can i get this movie.

    please if anybody knows about this, then please inform me.

  643. Vijay kumar
    January 5, 2014

    Can someone tell me the name of the serial:

    Lot of people have got struck in rains and they take shelter in a house. They fear that someone is sinful in the building, therefore the god is angry with them. To find out who is sinful, they go out one by one and come back and finally they drive away a young boy who is followed by his mother. Suddenly the lightening strikes the building where all others had gathered.

    Can someone give the name

  644. Sandip
    January 8, 2014

    I want TV Serial Karamchand CD for all apesodes
    Could you please help me.

  645. Sandip
    January 8, 2014

    I want TV Serial “Karamchand” CD for all episodes
    Could you please help me.

  646. sashi
    January 11, 2014

    pls let me hv the details of serial : kalyani shown during year2005and 2006 actectress ritu as heroine

  647. kuldeep
    January 17, 2014

    plz some one just send me some link of old tv show of dd1 “Sanskritinama” i need its theme urgent..plz plzzz plzzzz

  648. vishwas
    January 19, 2014

    In 1995 farz seriel was start.will u provide me it ?

  649. Nidhee
    February 2, 2014

    Hi, can anyone tell me the name of the serial in which there was story of a little girl sara who was left in a boarding school by her father who was in army and later worked hard at the same boarding school as an orphan. I know it was an adaptation of famous film little princess sarah but cant remember the name. it was dubbed in Hindi.

  650. Nidhee
    February 2, 2014

    This serial about life of sara was animated

  651. Rajesh Kedar
    February 21, 2014

    Really ,I lot off miss my school days in my childhood & that serails which aired by DD1 , I always remember that sweet, golden momories in my mine ever.
    can’t forgot it . still I am looking forward to see it again on DD1 ie (1980’s era).

  652. kooch
    February 26, 2014

    Hi .. once there was a program which comes just for half an hour before jai hanuman serial on saturdays/friday(not sure about day).

    the serial is like someone dies and becomes ghost and takes revenge.

    it even dubbed in to regional language telugu along with jai hanuman.

    the music for this serial was very nice.

    could u please help me in finding it’s name.


  653. A Ramkrishna
    April 1, 2014

    Can u please tell that ENGLISH serial which used to come on DOORDARSHAN in afternoon after SHANTI serial in 1993,94. It shows big mansion type house, white buiding office, swimming pool at home, english wife………it was something of a family program that i remember

  654. Rajan
    April 8, 2014


    please any one can give me a videos of old dd serial emperor of the sea (samudra ka badshah). please…….

  655. prem chudasama
    April 9, 2014

    I want aap beeti and suraag how can i get ,?

  656. bharathi
    April 9, 2014

    kooch its APPBITHI

  657. bharathi
    April 9, 2014


  658. bharathi
    April 9, 2014


  659. zahid saifi
    April 24, 2014

    kiya tum mujhe (ajnabi) serials ka titel songs mere mail id par bhej sakte ho..

  660. zahid saifi
    April 24, 2014

    kiya tum mujhe ajnabi serials ka titel songs mere mail id par bhej sakte ho..

  661. Yash
    May 20, 2014

    I want to know about that 4 colorful cartoons had shown on DD…. I don’t remember that name… so please give a name of that cartoon series…

  662. pradip
    May 22, 2014

    RESHMI KALAIYON ME CHAMKEGI CHAM CHAM-CHAM CHAM HARE KANCH KI CHUDIYAN i want this song in mp3 from director’s cut on


    please if any 1 can help me…

  663. ahmed
    June 1, 2014

    can anyone tell me the name of that serial telecasted between 2008 to 2011 evening timing between 7:00pm to 9:00pm. it is based on one nartaki’s paizeb and one couple found that in one old house someone told him not to sold this precious paizeb you keep with yourself you will become a richest in the world but he sold out that paizeb. he thought when i will become a rich it is too late if i sell this precious stones paizeb in market i will definately become a rich. can any one tell me the name of that serial please please please.
    thanks thanks thanks.

  664. Harinder Singh
    June 11, 2014

    I am looking for a telefilm on college where in there is a boy who studies very hard to fullfill his mother wish and sings a song on picnic ..”sapns koi daal par nahi hai”it was a nice telefilm can some body tell md thd name of the telegilm please help

  665. ek coat ki kahani jisme se coin nikalte the use serial ka naam kya hai ple.bataye
    June 12, 2014

    jis coat me se coins niklte the us serial ya movie ka naam kya tha i want to watch that ple.tell me how can i watch that

  666. Jatin verma
    June 16, 2014

    Realy i miss my school life,
    when i m 9 yrs old, going to watch TV show NUKARD
    Please start this show onces again in Doordarshan

  667. Anup
    June 18, 2014

    Hey Guys, If u remember ‘Super Human Samurai’ on DD during 93-94s. & if u have any link to watch online. plz plz plz mail me on anup_kmishra@yahoo.com

  668. zara
    June 19, 2014

    do u know about a telefilm kahani shajahaan baad ki… i searched it but cant find… director was Mr Herbans Grewal… and producer was Abida Begam.. wife of Mr Faqruddin Ali Ahmad, Indian president..

  669. maninder
    June 21, 2014

    hi,please anyone can give me the old serial ‘FIRDAUS’ based on Kashmir issue.Acted by Zakir Hussain.

  670. maninder
    June 21, 2014

    hi,please anyone can give me the videos of old serial ‘FIRDAUS’ based on Kashmir issue.Acted by Zakir Hussain.

  671. maninder
    June 21, 2014

    hii NITHYA the serial which u are looking telecasted in dd national was OCEAN or Oceen, the story is about japanese girl.

  672. Maninder Singh Kohli
    June 22, 2014

    I want TV Serial ‘FIRDAUS’ CD for all apesodes
    Could you please help me.


  673. sunil bajaj
    July 4, 2014

    Niice work
    Me jabse paida hua hu tab se hi sirf doordarshan dekha hai
    Kya aap mujhe ramayan ka full version provide kra sakte hai

  674. Sajeev
    July 5, 2014

    sir, I want to purchase FARMAAN the old tv serial
    please inform me…

  675. Monika
    July 18, 2014

    miss my childhood serials a lot.This list reminds me of my childhood days when there was no fight regarding remote to change the TV channels with my brother………….
    miss uuuu DD

  676. aashiqui
    July 24, 2014

    sir,i want the serial that must be telecasted in between 2000 and 2005.the serial story is like in this way,heroine and villan lady must be look like same…the hero will dead..later another hero will entrance…then the heroine will be potray the villan role as per characters were changed in the scene..
    pls inform me….

  677. Manish
    July 28, 2014

    Please Provide me All the best doordarshan tv episodes

  678. Raghvendra Verma
    August 10, 2014

    Kudos to the admin. Need help on a telefilm about a boarding school at nanital where an orphan joins. He is very smart, plays guitar and gets a scholarship. He has only his mother and stays at his uncle’s place. He sings well and at a picnic sings: koi patta dal pur nahin hain… Pocho naa kyuon yeah bebasi hain….. Any help would be appreciated. Please reach out to me at raghvendranathverma@yahoo.com

  679. Raghvendra Verma
    August 10, 2014

    Also, do u all remember Natkhat Narad.. I guess Asrani was the lead actor. Also, there was an animated cartoon called MOLU.. It had no dialogues but actions speak louder than words :)… Himalaya darshan was another good one

  680. hero
    August 13, 2014

    Thanks for the list Abhi. Fortunately I have watched all the serials and telefilms on dd1 in those days. But Levedev Ki Nayika is missing in your list. Thanks.

  681. Atul
    August 18, 2014

    We could not find the old tv serial Trishna. (tarun dhanrajgi and snageeta handa) Pl upload on youtube.

  682. Monika Jain
    August 26, 2014

    Hi All,
    Can anyone please tell me the name of the series from 90’s on America??
    i dont know the name of it but was kind of a documentry on America.
    The series depicts American culture whenre a south indian old age man visits his son and daughter in-law in America and explains about the American culture by visiting various places. The entire series was in English only.

    Can anyone please give me the name of that series??


  683. Srinivas
    August 28, 2014

    Hi Does anyone know thw name of the TV English serial which came in 90’s.


    There used to be a foot ball which is home of a small table tennis ball. this tennins ball is made of radium and it damages or hurts people.

  684. Nikhil b
    September 12, 2014

    Hi abhi,

    I am trying to remember the name of marathi serial in which a boy was talking to his toy robot, some alien arrival on earth, etc story.. I dont remember it clearly. Please help if you know it
    Thank you

  685. V.BALA
    September 13, 2014

    I am searching for the German detective television serial ” DERRICK” which was earlier relayed on DD in english version. If any one having the DVD’s in english version of the “DERRICK” please inform me I am interested to buy. Please tell where I can get the full episodes in english version.



  686. gaurav kumar
    September 14, 2014

    i want to know about some program name which is broadcasted by dd patna during 2006 on Saturday or Sunday at 5-6 pm
    this is related to some what queses..
    please tel me !!!

  687. sumit chaurasiya
    September 27, 2014

    I am looking for a cartoon series broadcast on national, in which a bee(charecter) tell story of some great invention. If any one know, plese let me know in my mail powerofsam853@gmail.com

  688. Pooja
    September 30, 2014

    I am looking for a hindi documentary “Main Sundar Hoon”. Please tell me where can I get it.

  689. anamika
    October 1, 2014

    i want to see the serial AAROHAN (20 years ago approx. )again . Please ………

  690. Anoop
    October 2, 2014

    hey one series missing in this list series name is virat this my fevrt show. ye sunday ko ata tha

  691. Aman
    October 7, 2014

    I am looking for for serial based on Guru Nanak Dev ji, but i don’t remember name of that serial. Please tell me where can I get it.

  692. Vikram
    October 10, 2014

    Anyone know where mp3 file or video of Himalya Darshan’s opening music can be found?

  693. Rakesh Jain
    October 10, 2014

    1970 old tv programe anchored by miss madhu raja for bacho ke liye

  694. Shamim
    October 10, 2014

    Dear All, I’m a serious fan of lata mangeshkar. I’m looking for rare bhajan songs of her that was broadcasted by doordarshan. Smita patil was conducted this programme. This programme also broadcasted by Bangladesh Television during the first SAARC Summit/any SAARC summit that was held in Dhaka. I’m absolutely sure that programme was broadcasted before 90’s. Two songs of this programme are available in the internet. One of the songs of this programme was very favourite to me. In this song “sangeet mere” words played several times by lataji. Can any one help me to find this song/lyrics. I’m grateful to this guy.

  695. Shamim
    October 10, 2014
  696. ugesh
    October 12, 2014

    some shows of yesteryear’s are truly immortal.
    they live on in your memory, wish we could get them,as if like some loved one.

  697. Vicky Choudhary
    October 13, 2014

    Dear All,

    There was a movie shown on either 26th January or 15th August, where in the end it is shown during heavy rains a pair of all animals remain. eg. Cows, cats, small Bulldogs etc. could some one please share the name of that movie.

  698. dr prem bhalla
    October 17, 2014

    since so long time i have been searching one documentary film shown on DoorDhashan in 1991 to 1996 on adoption female child , shooed at MY Hospital IN Delhi ,in which i worked as doctor,that adopted child later became big officer shown in film ,it was sponsor by some trishul pheniyal company . name may be likely aachal ki chaav mai ,please if you get me send me y tube link
    Dr Bhalla

  699. ritesh
    October 20, 2014

    any body can explain me that mauritus based tv serials which is shown on doordarsan. I think a actor swapnil joshi or sreyas talpade are worked on that serials. I dont know their name.
    will you please tell me that tv serials name.
    my mail id is riteshraj83@gmail.com

  700. Samiran Gupta
    October 23, 2014

    I would like to buy CDs of all episodes of Himalaya darshan and Byomkesh Bakshi,Can you tell me what is the procedure to have these and how much i have to pay?

  701. Amit Parashar
    October 24, 2014

    Post 32 : Rajnish, I think you are talking about ‘Raju aur udan Tashtari’.

  702. owais shaikh
    October 28, 2014

    I couldn’t found TV serial jannat on old doordarshan.

  703. Biju
    October 30, 2014

    Hi Friends,

    There was a vintage English movie shown in 90’s. It was a full time comedy movie. The story was about loosing a lottery ticket in the train. Could some one please share the name of that movie.

  704. sharvari
    November 1, 2014

    i don’t remember the serial or movie name but it’s horror ..in which female character name chandrika..
    that lady die and one panditji say if we not burn her body before 12 her evil spirit will come..and exactly happen liked that only and ….if anyone remembering which serial it is..plz let me know

  705. ric ri
    November 2, 2014

    thanks abhi for the list…

    but in this list “jasoos vijay season 3 ” and “aarohan” serial is missing… please if possible then upload these two serials in your official youtube website.. thank you :)

  706. jogender
    November 7, 2014

    I don’t know the name of serial
    But I think RANI KETKI KI KAHANI lines were in its title song. Can somebody tell me the name of serial?? ? pplzzzz

  707. Aman
    November 7, 2014

    I m unable to find “karma – mayavi nagari”. A show of yash tonk
    I still remember his famous dialogue that “chinta mat karo ab karma aagya hai”

  708. jugnu
    November 10, 2014

    please tell me what serial title song ends with.la re re la la le re re la la le re la la le la….than hun..hun hun huunnn huunnnn.

  709. nitin
    November 13, 2014

    Can you plz tell me how to find serial Chekov Kee Duniya.and name of actor died whonactwd in one of the story

  710. K.L.KOUL
    November 13, 2014

    Sir I wish to know about a cartoon animated series GUCHAY which is based on Sindbad the sailor and his invention of treasure .

  711. K.L.KOUL
    November 13, 2014


  712. chethan
    November 21, 2014

    can you tell me where i can have the SHAKTI serial…

  713. Ashish Swami
    November 21, 2014

    Hi all,

    I am living in Nairobi kenya and searching for Anti superstition wing(Lekin woh sach tha) serial telecast on doordarshan in 98/99 lead role performed by Salil Ankola
    Please help me to find it.

  714. nalin
    November 26, 2014

    Hi i am searching for old doordarshan serial song ” hare kaanch ki choodiyan”..i am not getting it anywhere..help me to get this song plzz..

  715. KSS
    December 8, 2014

    Hi, I am looking for TV serial which aired on Doordashan. It was talk cum game show participated by husband and wife. Not able to recollect show name and anchor.

  716. A doordarshan viewer .
    December 9, 2014

    Hi . l’m searching for an Old doordarsham shortfilm about consequences of forest fire. A little girl , a small bird and the little girl’s father are the main characters . it is so nostalgic. I have searched a lot and l’m not getting it anywhere. Kindly provide it in internet / Mail Me .

  717. sakshi
    December 13, 2014

    I wanna know broadcasting time of serial daria dil telecasted on national tv near about 1989 if anybody know pls pls help me

  718. sakshi
    December 13, 2014

    I wanna know broadcasting time of serial daria dil telecasted on national tv near about 1989 if anybody know pls pls help me

    My id.is khattar.sakshi8@gmail.com

  719. sunita
    December 19, 2014

    Thankx for d great job u have done.I am searching for d title songs of old T.V. serials like chunouti and subah.

  720. Doordarshan viewer
    December 20, 2014

    l’m searching for an Old doordarshan Shortfilm about Forest fire. A girl , a small bird, and the girl’s father are the main characters. The theme of shortfilm is environmental protection. To save our forests from forestfire. That shortfilm is so nostalgic and a touching storey. I have searched a lot. but it seems to be unavailable. No vedios i could find in youtube . Kindly provide it dr Doordarshan ..

  721. Chandrashekhar
    December 25, 2014

    I am seeking unmanned railway crossing safty telefilm by Indian Rail which was having dialogue Fark to padta hai… Bina phatak wale raiway crossing pe hamesha savdhani bartiye… I think actor was Satish Shah who comes in different roles…. Hilarious and very educating telefilm… Pls help…

  722. Yasodhara Bapatla
    January 4, 2015

    Hi, Iam looking for classical program done by bhaktharamadasu music college in 1999…..i want tht video…..it wud be gr8 if u provide it.

    January 7, 2015

    hi .thanku for giving us an box of happinss
    i have prblm for searching some serials that are
    byomkesh bakshi.yahake hum sikandar.noori,aapbiti,chitrhaar.dam dama dam,and so many more
    start doordarshan from beginning please
    please please please give us an sourse of happyness which work as our breath

  724. babu
    January 7, 2015

    1984 tamil serial actress manorama en kudumbam en kanavan en kulandai serial was superb I want whole serial to see again what to do please give suggestion

  725. Aditya Sharma
    January 10, 2015

    I am searching for a serial..used to be broadcasted on Sunday (not sure).
    But I remember the song of it. Please let me know the serial name. It is animated one.

    “Khel rahe the hum
    Aankh micholi sang
    Phir achanak hi mausam ne….badl a rang
    Darr se gaye the him
    Phir baarish ka bhada sitam
    Dhoonde na nahin Ye ghar
    Woh suhana manzar….”

  726. swayam prakash
    February 2, 2015

    please send shaktimaan on 226 episode in hindi languge on internet

  727. amol
    February 3, 2015

    i want katha sagar serial.
    anybody having information pls send

  728. nitin tailor
    February 4, 2015

    Dear sir / madam
    Plz. Give me old serial name 100 hindi serial
    online video

    (One 00 ) the hindi serial name

    nitin tailor

  729. mukesh sojitra
    February 4, 2015

    Hello Friend,
    I am looking to shop for “Captain Vyom”. if anyone knows any details please let me know. I would surely appreciate it.

  730. Raj
    February 5, 2015


    I can say, lots of people loved that directors cut with Sameer Soni and Bhagyashree( maine pyar kia fame). Hare Kaanch ki chudia, for those who don’t know was the story of a blind girl who marries a self concious guy who has a scar below his eye which cant be treated. He doesn’t want her to see him but she loves him alot. She without telling him gets operated and becomes a witnes for the case where her husband is implicated on murder charges. Eventually she saves him.

    Those days were really amazing..directors cut and other stuff on metro was amazing..sorry guys dont knw if you can get the song.

  731. RAKESH
    February 7, 2015

    I am searching for one doordarshan telefilm during 1990-95,i dont remember exactly the name,it was of two brothers,one went missed & other find him out at the end,he struggle a lot,crossed many places,went thru jungles,crosses rivers….can any one help me out for the same.

  732. swati
    February 19, 2015

    please tell me the name of the serial by Jayanti Kriplani in which the boy used to be at home and the girl used to work.

  733. swati
    February 19, 2015

    I think the answer for query No 660 is Swabhimaan

  734. lucky
    February 19, 2015

    looking for serial herapheri on doordarshan 1999. please guide me. thank you

  735. Divya Pathak
    March 2, 2015

    i am searching for one dd national’s show during 2004-2010 . i dont remember the name of the serial but that was a korea’s serial. in the serial the main actress’s name was jangma and she was a Royal cook. If anyone get the name of the serial, Plz tell me.

  736. Divya Pathak
    March 2, 2015


    i am searching for one dd national’s show during 2004-2010 . i dont remember the name of the serial but that was a korea’s serial. in the serial the main actress’s name was jangma and she was a Royal cook. If anyone get the name of the serial, Plz tell me.

  737. mannan hameed
    March 14, 2015

    i was looking for title of “phir wahi talaash” for years and i remembered the name of this serial as “talaash” but it turned out to be another serial, today i decided to search that song of serial finally found your paging consisting of all serial names of that time. . . . and finally i got that song after years. . . it felt like the time has come back . . . . thank you very much boss. . . .it is a great job you have done.. . . . ..

  738. chandu
    March 16, 2015

    hai guys

    thanks for putting a great effort in gathering all the information.

    i am searching for a tribal animated series (dubbed in to TELUGU) which played in doordarshan, i that serial the lead charecter name is ‘KESARI’. he goes out on adventerous tour and grabs something to give to their god. i really like that cartoon. could you please help in finding that. and mail me the information at kingchandu69@gmail . thank you appreciate it

  739. Sanjog R. Gharat
    March 19, 2015

    I want to purchase vcds of different strokes tv serial which was on sony tv

  740. umesh
    March 23, 2015

    Thanks for memorised golden time. For diamonds of doordarshan. Thanks for the list of old serials.

  741. Ashish
    April 5, 2015

    Hi all, Doordarshan broadcasted an English serial or a mini series about one prisoner escaping from the prison after a lot of hardwork. He slowly moves his way out of the layered prison, moving through one wall after the another only with limited resources, sometimes only his hands. I do not remember the name of the series at all. It was broadcasted in the late 1980s. If anyone can remember the name of the series, please share.

  742. manish
    April 7, 2015

    divya u r looking for the Ghar ka chirag.
    it was nice Korean serial

  743. Parwin Mards
    April 13, 2015

    Hello !!!!

    thank you for such an effort to provide a list of old (gold) DD1 shows…
    but am disappointed a little because my favorite show was Crown communications’ “KAR BHALA SOCH BHALA” aired WEEKLY at 1.30 in the afternoon.in about summer 2007..
    Plz help me getting it ..


    Parwin Mards

    April 14, 2015

    I am looking for CAPTAIN VYOM : THE SKY WARRIOR for last two years.No DVDs and VCds available neither available on internet.
    Pls tell me from where i can download or purchase it.

  745. Sid Adhikari
    April 27, 2015

    Hi Abhi. I am looking for a telefilm shown on Doordarshan called “Vijaya” based on Sharat Chandra Chatterjee’s story “Bijoya or Datta”. I do not remember the year but it was sometime in the 90s only. Can you help get me this particular telefilm.. it will be of immense help..

  746. Gagan
    April 29, 2015

    HI all,
    doordarshan broadcasted a serial based on the withering heights, in which pooja bhatt was also there. Does anyone know the name of that serial ?

  747. Manoj
    April 30, 2015

    Hello Sir,
    i have been hunting for ‘KILE KA RAHASYA’ the 1989 horror serial of doordarshan all over the internet… but in vain. could you please help me where i can see the same online… or buy DVDs of the same.. I loved that serial and it was very shot written for that time..

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